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Welcome from the Managing Director Thank you for your interest in our innovative product. During the early years when I was developing Puncturesafe, my research revealed there was a need for a good quality puncture preventative for very high speed vehicles that would provide a permanent seal and also last for the lifetime of the tyre but at that time there was no such product available. I believed that the sealants on the market were only suitable for slow moving construction industry vehicles and large trucks because large wheeled, low speed vehicles do not generate heat, stress or centrifugal forces that will eventually cause most tyre sealants to break down, I still hold that belief to this day. We looked worldwide at the sealant industry that had developed over the years and after exhaustive testing we found that the large majority of the tyre sealants available did not work satisfactorily, indeed many caused other problems inside the tyre. We did not find a tyre sealant with the unique abilities and properties that we currently see in Puncturesafe but more alarmingly we discovered that many tyre sealants contained Ethylene Glycol as an anti-freeze which is lethal to humans and animals. Many tyre sealant manufacturers worldwide are still using old technology and out-dated polymers developed many years ago, still mixing their ingredients in a food industry mixer like a giant yogurt recipe without the application of heat. A good quality permanent puncture preventative with unique properties cannot be made without the application of heat and the principles of chemistry, for in order to incorporate all the attributes necessary to make a puncture preventative 100% successful, the ingredients cannot be mixed cold. I had worked extensively for several years with the many speciality polymers that were being developed for industry. As such my experience in the field of heat resistant polymers led me to believe that we could overcome the difficult task ahead to develop a UK manufactured permanent puncture prevention system that would be both fit for purpose and also able to survive the hostile environment inside a high speed tyre. We are a responsible company, conscious of health, safety and the welfare of all things living and therefore our puncture preventative would also have to be formulated with a non toxic anti-freeze that would be just as effective as a glycol. After many years of development and exhaustive testing we successfully managed to achieve all our goals. Using 21st century polymers and cutting edge chemistry, together with a proprietary process developed exclusively in the UK we now manufacture a premier permanent puncture preventative suitable for the hostile environment inside a high speed tyre. Our proprietary formulation has evolved far beyond that which is commonly known as a tyre sealant - Puncturesafe is a tyre safety system outstanding at permanently sealing punctures. The complexity of the formula, the specialised polymers needed and the highly specialised processing equipment required means that no other company has yet managed to get close to what we have accomplished. We manufacture 4 different grades which are packaged comprehensively for all markets. It has been the combination of an excellent product, consumer friendly packaging, informative point of sale material, and full back-up support and equipment that has given us so much success in the UK. Thanks to our success in the UK we are receiving numerous enquiries for Puncturesafe from all around the world. We have identified the worldwide markets and are now in the process of appointing licensed agents in every country. Any organisation or individual in a country where Puncturesafe is not established is invited to submit a proposal to join the Puncturesafe team as an International Distributor. As head of Research & Development and with very extensive knowledge of advanced polymer chemistry, I will ensure Puncturesafe remains the world’s “number one� permanent puncture prevention treatment for high and low speed vehicles well into the future.

The dynamometer above was used during the development stage to test Puncturesafe to the limit. It is now used to test each new batch to 5000 kilometres, prior to despatch to our customers. The wheels are capable of reaching speeds of over 200mph on the rollers, with high loadings to simulate any type of vehicle in use.

The Puncturesafe Research & Development team above in our laboratory.

The Company We have a unique world class product and as such our growth during the last decade has been phenomenal.

Our distribution warehouse (above) dispatches UK and international orders.

We welcome visitors to our office & factory complex based in Exeter, Devon.

We have a first class administration team (above) who give individual attention to all our customers.

We support our customers by exhibiting our entire product range at all the national trade and retail shows throughout the UK increasing product awareness.

Our Customer Promise • Outstanding service • Risk-free purchase • On-time delivery • Consistent high quality • Experienced support team • Specialist technical solutions • Fast response to all enquiries • A responsible partner

Assembling our manufacturing facility with process plant

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Owners of these prized possessions install Puncturesafe in the tyres after seeing the damage that is caused by punctures

Puncturesafe UK at the National Boat and Caravan Show NEC Birmingham (above) and the Caravan Show Earls Court London (right)

Because we understand all the problems a puncture can cause for a motorcyclist and the difficulties encountered whilst trying to change a wheel at the side of the road, the motorcycle sector is one of our busiest and fastest growing markets. Puncturesafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture, as apart from sealing all punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter, in the event of a larger area of damage Puncturesafe will provide protection from rapid deflation by giving a controlled deflation - possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle home, or away from a dangerous location. Owing to greatly improved heat transfer from the inner tread area to the wheel, because of sidewall coverage of Puncturesafe, the life of the tyre will be extended, probably one of the reasons tyre manufacturers do not recommend its use! Puncturesafe has the ability to virtually eliminate tyre pressure loss - even during long term storage. Most importantly, Puncturesafe does not repair a puncture in a tyre, it “seals” the puncture, which means that unlike the conventional patch, the tyre cannot fail owing to excessive heat! Some of the following comments and technical content are from an article published in the National BMW Motorcycle Club magazine by its technical officer Mike Fishwick, and is reproduced here with his permission.

MCN Superbike show, London After a puncture on a motorcycle, temporary repair sealants, such as the various aerosol packaged products are a quick way to become mobile again, but can only be used after coming to a stop. They are not suitable for prolonged use, and because they are solvent based, attach themselves tenaciously to the inside of the tyre casing, in most cases their composition is such that tyre specialists will refuse to repair a tyre which has been internally coated with these get you home products. International Motorcycle and Scooter show, NEC Birmingham

In the case of ultra-low profile tyres such as Z rated types found on many modern motorcycles a flat tyre could be a very expensive experience. The fitting of a vulcanised plug is not always possible if the puncture is close to the sidewall, and a limit of one repair per tyre is usually enforced. Many specialists will not even attempt to repair these tyres. Even a gentle stop from speed can cause severe damage to the sidewalls, not to mention the wheel rims. Even without a puncture it is possible to experience a rapid deflation if the motorcycle is run over a rock. Assuming that one manages to stop without injury or damage, there is the nightmare of recovery - often with additional delay because a motorcycle is involved, at horrendous cost. The recovery operation may itself cause damage to a motorcycle if it is badly secured to the spectacle type frame designed to support the front wheels of a car, and may only take you to the nearest garage or service area. It may then be found that the sidewalls and perhaps also the rims are damaged. Then there is the problem of finding a tyre specialist who will repair or change a tyre, not to mention the delay in obtaining a motorcycle tyre of the required size and type, particularly on a weekend.

Whilst we were promoting Puncturesafe at the annual motorcycle dealers show in Birmingham the British Dealer News girls picked the winner of our treasure chest draw for £1000 worth of free stock

Then comes the cost of the tyre itself, labour charges for fitting it, and also to remove and replace the rear wheel - Honda Goldwing owners weep at the thought of this. There is also the general hassle of being a motorcyclist in a system designed for car drivers. This can be expressed in terms of further damage to the rims, lack of dynamic balancing, and general bodging by those who are unused to the more specialised and delicate requirements of a motorcycle. A simple puncture could cost a motorcyclist a full day and from two to several hundred pounds. When one adds up the total cost of a simple puncture it can be a major problem.

Puncturesafe is a concentrated polymer gel, that is easy to apply through the tyre valve without removing any wheels and one bottle will do 2 or 3 tyres

•• •• ••

Control most blowouts Control under-inflation Improve fuel economy Extend tyre life Make the inner tyre cooler Preserve tyre casing Asingle Puncturesafe treatment will also: TM

Puncturesafe is a concentrated polymer gel that is “outstanding at sealing punctures” TM


Puncturesafe covers the whole of the inner tyre tread and shoulder areas for maximum protection

The liquid polymer gel covers the inner tyre just 3mm thick. When a puncture occurs, the centrifugal forces of the rotating tyre, combined with the internal air pressure and lubricants in the gel, helps expel the puncturing object. This process forces the gel into the puncture where it seals, and then cures to a flexible rubbery plug which is permanent.

Puncturesafe is always on guard, sealing punctures as they happen, in both tubed and tubeless tyres

Will only seal punctures that are safe to seal

“as they happen”

Conditions the inner tyre and helps extend tyre life

Puncturesafe UK, was formerly a supplier to Royal Mail, having three times been awarded either one or three year contracts that had run consecutively, to supply permanent puncture prevention for their fleet of 32,000 vehicles.


“The ultimate safety product.” Puncturesafes unique abilities, has made it the number one puncture prevention treatment for high speed vehicles Developed & manufactured in the UK, in a purpose built manufacturing facility, designed to produce unique 21st century polymers, using advanced chemistry required for a world class product

The former Royal Mail supply chain buyer (far right) congratulating the Puncturesafe UK representative for winning the tyre sealant contract.

It is not a foam or a “get you home product” It is applied “before the puncture occurs”


Puncturesafe is guaranteed to stop porosity leaks and punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter within the tread area for the legal lifetime of the tyre, providing there is no casing or structural damage, in which case the Puncturesafe formula has been designed to slowly bleed and give a controlled deflation, possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle away from a dangerous location on a soft tyre.

Contains 700 ML

Simon Chance competes with his classic Citroen in the “World Cup Rally” with Puncturesafe installed in the tyres wrote in 2 testimonials that his car is the only vehicle in the rally that does not get punctures, or does not change any tyres over the whole 8000 kms. He also stated that his tyres never suffer any loss of air pressure, which is testament to the success of Puncturesafe, with it’s ability to cover the whole of the inner tyre, thereby preventing porosity leaks. To date he has covered over 20,000 kms in 3 rallies, without getting punctures with the help of Puncturesafe.


Puncturesafe is a non toxic, environmentally friendly product that does not contain Ethylene Glycol

Puncturesafe UK Queensgate House 48 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3SR TM

The information published here is the copyright property of Puncturesafe UK, and as such any copying in part or in full is expressly forbidden.

Official launch at the Cycle & Outdoor Outdoor show, show, NEC Birmingham

The ultimate product for fleet users - added safety and reduced downtime

In every sector of the motor industry there are businesses that are benefiting from installing Puncturesafe. Car dealerships and many main dealerships are now offering Puncturesafe as an optional extra as part of a new or second-hand car sale. Many independent garages, car body shops, car valeters, independent motor mechanics, motorcycle and touring caravan dealers are installers of Puncturesafe. Gas centres that convert vehicles to run on LPG (and who remove the spare wheel to accommodate the gas tank) are avid users of Puncturesafe. Many new cars such as the Smart car do not have a spare wheel and that trend is becoming more the norm with many car manufacturers omitting the spare wheel from the vehicle’s specification. The AA and RAC report that 66% of all breakdowns are caused by tyre failure. Fleet operators need to keep their vehicles on the road, so installing Puncturesafe can help to prevent expensive downtime thereby saving companies huge amounts in both time and money. Puncturesafe UK have the ultimate tyre protection package for all high speed vehicles: available for individuals with one or two vehicles or for fleet users that have from just a few to many thousands of vehicles Fleet users who would benefit from the use of the Puncturesafe package include taxi companies, parcel deliveries, couriers, car rental, emergency services, motability, local government public services and large companies with their own fleet of cars or vans. The list of potential users is endless.

Our trade stand (above) at Brityrex - G-MEX, exhibition centre, Manchester, where Puncturesafe was launched to the tyre industry.

Demonstrating the benefits of Puncturesafe at the annual Automotive Industry Trade Show, which is held at the NEC Birmingham.

Puncturesafe UK, a former supplier to Royal Mail was three times awarded either one or three year contracts that ran consecutively, to supply Royal Mail with permanent puncture prevention for their fleet of 32,000 vehicles.

The former Royal Mail supply chain buyer (far right) congratulating the Puncturesafe UK representative for winning the contract to supply permanent puncture prevention to them.

During 2005 many companies supplied Royal Mail with their tyre sealant in small trial quantities for them to test, however at the conclusion of these trials Puncturesafe UK was awarded a contract to supply Royal Mail with permanent puncture prevention treatment throughout the UK and Northern Ireland - testament to both the consistently high performance and cost-effectiveness of Puncturesafe. Some companies had offered their tyre sealant at very low prices and Royal Mail experienced some major problems with one of these sealants supplied by another manufacturer who initially joined us in a dual supply contract. As problems occurred over time with the cheaper sealant, the dual supply contract was quickly changed to an “exclusive contract” for Puncturesafe UK. At the end of the initial first year contract it was proven to all concerned that cost cutting is not a wise option - in this day and age we only get what we pay for and indeed sometimes we don’t even get that. Our closely guarded manufacturing process produces a premier unique product, so Puncturesafe worked continuously and over time did not cause any issues in the very hot and hostile environment inside the tyres of Royal Mail’s high speed vehicles.

Puncturesafe’s ability and performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time In March 2007, the Royal Mail supply chain buyer informed us that Puncturesafe was very beneficial and successful because downtime from tyre related problems had been significantly reduced. He also stated that service levels from Puncturesafe UK had been excellent and very professional.

Value It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s also unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little, that is all. When you pay too little, you lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot, it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it’s well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.

John Ruskin 1819-1900 (Victorian philosopher)

Dear Sirs, We recently completed our second World Cup Rally in an old Citroen 2CV this time from Oxford to Athens. We routed across to Austria for hill climbs, Slovenia Croatia and Bosnia for some terrific off road racing on forest tracks. We then entered Albania, which has the roughest tarmac we have ever seen and then through mountain trails and sections of the Acropolis rally route in Greece. We then drove home through Italy and the French Alps to England. A round trip of some 8000 kilometres of which 5000 was under rally conditions. During this time we started with new standard Firestone 4 ply tyres with the Puncturesafe treatment and never changed one tyre, or suffered any loss of pressure. During last years event we changed 3 tyres and none of them were suitable for future use. This year we have 4 tyres, which can still be used! We think we were the only car on the Rally that didn’t have to change any tyres! We look forward to using Puncturesafe next year, as it seems to remove another hassle when you are competing against the clock in outlandish places. Well done. Yours faithfully,

Simon Chance. Director, Frome 2CV Centre Ltd, Grove Lane, Marston Trading Estate, Frome, Somerset.

Simon and Liz Chance

To Puncturesafe UK Queensgate House Exeter 9 May 2006 Dear Graham, Sorry to be so long letting you know how we got on in our latest exploit. In January we travelled 8000 kms from Brooklands in Surrey down to Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. Again we had no punctures when all around us others were struggling with punctures caused by the conditions of heat, sharp stones, very prickly bushes and general debris. That makes a total of over 20,000 kms completed with the help of Puncturesafe on 3 World Cup endurance rallies in our Citroen 2CV across most of North Africa, across Europe to Greece to West Africa. All credit to you and your product which makes our life so uncomplicated! Many thanks again. Yours faithfully Simon Chance

Puncturesafe’s Product Range

DIY bottle range, available in single and twin packs for cycle, motorcycle and cars. Also in a large 2 litre twin pack for off road vehicles, touring caravans and trailers. High pressure pumps to enable easy installation into any tyre with very little air loss. We offer a well engineered pump for continuous use, or an inexpensive version for infrequent use.

Stand for displaying car or motorcycle wheel and tyre.

5 litre container - complete with an inexpensive low pressure pump - usually for the cycle grade, however all grades can be supplied in this container,

20 page full colour information pack, A4 leaflets and A3 posters for every market. We subsidise all our promotional material, keeping it inexpensive and excellent value for money.

20 litre container, containing 720 units of Puncturesafe and can be supplied for:- Cycle grade - High speed grade - cars, motorcycles - Heavy duty high speed grade - HGVs - Extra heavy duty low speed grade for, farming, off road vehicles, ..touring caravans, horseboxes and trailers.

All grades can be supplied in 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers

The difference at a glance Will seal punctures permanently and for the life of the tyre. -------------------Will give you a controlled deflation if the integrity of the tyre has been compromised. -------------------Will evenly cover the whole of the inside of the tyre “at all speeds” to prevent porosity in the tyre and stop bead leaks - Requires advanced chemistry. -------------------Will not pile up in a narrow band down the centre of the crown area owing to centrifugal forces - This is a common problem with many sealants and the advanced chemistry required to prevent this is our closely guarded secret. -------------------Will seal punctures over “the whole of the crown area” owing to Puncturesafe’s “total inner tyre coverage.” -------------------Will not seal punctures in the thin & flexing sidewall, but will give a tell-tale sign with a controlled and slow deflation. -------------------Will help extend tyre life because of a much cooler inner tyre as heat build-up is removed by conduction away from the inner crown area, via the polymer gel covering the sidewall, to the wheel rim. Plus, cold tyres are less susceptible to punctures -------------------Will help extend tyre life as the coverage over the “whole inner tyre” eliminates porosity giving optimised tyre pressures, with the added benefit of improved fuel economy and safer vehicle handling. -------------------“Will be manufactured using heat” in an intricate process with a mix of over a dozen polymers giving a solids content of 80% with only 20% liquid - rather than 80% liquid and only 20% solids which is common with sealants mixed cold with as little as one or two polymers - You cannot achieve the qualities of a 1st class puncture preventative with only one or two polymers or without applying heat and the principles of chemistry in the manufacturing process. -------------------Will cure in the puncture to a firm and flexible rubbery plug, as opposed to something resembling flaky rice paper or a sticky adhesive and common with tyre sealants formulated with just one or two polymers. These cold formulated sealants initially seal punctures, but then fail as the polymer dries and shrinks because of heat. This is because inexpensive tyre sealants with a high water content that can bind fibre and rubber particles whilst still in their liquid state, will initially seal a puncture in a tyre but fail as the tyre sealant plug dries and shrinks. -------------------Will be water based for quick and easy clean out from the tyre. Will definitely not vapourise or steam in a warm tyre causing the tyre pressure to increase to a dangerous level - Requires advanced chemistry to achieve a complex azeotropic liquid base that increases the boiling point of water to prevent steaming. Similarly, water that binds the polymer chains via hydrogen bonding has an increased surface area, which causes the water to steam out of a polymer at the slightest increase in temperature. Our unique chemistry prevents this from happening. -------------------Will not over any length of time, break down or dry up inside a high speed tyre - Requires advanced chemistry applied with heat to achieve this. -------------------Will not over time lose any viscosity in the tyre. Requires advanced chemistry, applied with heat to achieve this When heat and stress is applied to water based polymers inside a high speed tyre, the polymers rapidly thin within a few thousand miles in a process called hydrolysis (decomposition of the polymer chains owing to a chemical reaction with water, during which molecules of water are split into hydrogen cations) -------------------Will not ball up inside the tyre. Owing to the large difference in specific density between the heavy liquid polymer and the significantly lighter fibre and rubber particle solids, centrifugal force will not cause these lighter solids to be forced in a reverse direction to collect on the inner surface of the polymer. -------------------Will not run to the bottom of the tyre in a stationary vehicle. -------------------Will be thermally stable at speeds of up to 150mph - Very rare. -------------------Will not rust or corrode rims. -------------------Will condition the inner tyre. -------------------Will not void tyre manufacturers’ warranties. -------------------Will not contain Ethylene Glycol, an extremely toxic anti-freeze. Will be non toxic - A result of years of Research & Development. -------------------Will not contain Propylene Glycol, a non toxic alternative anti-freeze used by the food industry, but a useless alternative in a tyre sealant. -------------------Will always comply with all Health and Safety regulations in Europe and the UK as defined by R.E.A.C.H.

The main safety features of Puncturesafe high speed grade Outstanding at sealing punctures Puncturesafe’s makeup is 80% polymer and 20% liquid which means it is a very high solids content and dries to a flexible rubbery plug in the puncture without any shrinkage. The polymer gel suspends a special mix of highly fibrillated fibres and granulated rubber fillers which contribute to Puncturesafe’s sealing abilities, so once the seal is in place it is permanent and will not fail at a later date.

Seals only the smaller, less harmful punctures Puncturesafe does not have any of the failings that are inherent in many previous and most of the current products available on the market today. Traditional tyre sealants contain large chunks of rubber particles that are incapable of sealing small holes in a tyre, yet they will readily seal a large and dangerous hole or gash. Conversely, Puncturesafe contains only small rubber granules and synthetic fibres that when interlocked in a puncture are extremely strong. Puncturesafe will only seal punctures in the tread area that are safe to seal and which have been caused by puncturing objects no larger than 6mm in diameter and only if the hole is shrinking in size because neither excessive tyre rubber has been lost or cord damage has occurred. These small punctures account for 90% of today’s punctures in high speed vehicles. Any larger puncture, either with or without cord damage and Puncturesafe will just slowly bleed through the hole giving a controlled deflation. In these circumstances air pressure loss in the tyre will either stop or slow down at the lower pressures of 10 to 15 PSI, dependent on the severity of the puncture. This slower loss of air pressure prevents damaged rims and enables the driver/rider to maintain control and possible continuation of the journey, thereby removing the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. Puncturesafe will not seal a puncture in the sidewall because the sidewall is much thinner and more flexible, therefore in the event of sidewall punctures a controlled deflation will usually occur.

Gives full, even coverage throughout the whole inner tyre Traditional tyre sealants do not give 100% crown coverage in a high-speed tyre - at best they usually only cover 60% which becomes less as the vehicle increases in speed, because more of the tyre sealant is driven to the centre of the crown area creating a mound that can cause vibration at the higher speeds. One of the components of Puncturesafe is a polymer gel which has an affinity to adhere to rubber even in a vehicle moving at very high speed. Although this polymer behaves like a glue and has properties similar to glue, it is not. When the lateral movement of a vehicle throws the excess Puncturesafe over the whole of the crown area and sideways up the inner sidewalls of the tyre, the adhesive properties of the polymer gel allows Puncturesafe to cling evenly over the whole inner tyre surface at any speed. This maintains crown and shoulder area coverage giving added heat dispersion to the rim via sidewall coverage due to conduction. Heat dispersion to the rim allows a cooler inner tyre and cool tyres are less susceptible to punctures. With the gel’s ability to seal porosity leaks over the whole inner tyre thereby maintaining tyre pressure, the tyre becomes safer with the added bonus of extended tyre life.

Withstands the heat and stress in a high speed tyre Unlike traditional tyre sealants, Puncturesafe’s concentrated polymer gel formulation containing over a dozen technically advanced polymers, rubber and fibre fillers, will not separate, ball up, or dry up - thereby withstanding the extreme heat and centrifugal forces that can be created in the hostile environment of a very high speed tyre. In a closely guarded proprietary process, Puncturesafe is manufactured to stay liquid in a high speed tyre for the entire lifetime of the tyre, irrespective of its use. Compared with traditional tyre sealants, the Thixotropic qualities of the Puncturesafe polymers allows change from a very viscous gel to a thin liquid when the vehicle is at speed, yet returning immediately to a viscous gel when the vehicle comes to rest, and it is this feature that helps stabilise the polymers from eventual breakdown. Many traditional tyre sealants pool on the bottom of a tyre in a stationary vehicle causing vibration with each forward movement, but Puncturesafe stays firmly coated over the whole inner tyre at all times. Puncturesafe’s ability and performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time.

These qualities alone put Puncturesafe in a league of its own

The key features of Puncturesafe Positive sealing capabilities:- A Puncturesafe seal is positive and secure thereby transforming any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. Puncturesafe is capable of sealing tread area punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter, as long as the puncturing object has not severely damaged or weakened the tyre's structural integrity. Puncturesafe cannot create a secure seal in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless of the puncturing object's diameter. The sealing capabilities of Puncturesafe are unequalled by any other tyre sealant, in the world. Eliminates most flats and blow-outs:- The majority of flats and blow-outs are a result of driver negligence. The number one cause being excessive heat generated from under-inflation as the overheated, under-inflated tyre becomes soft and can be easily punctured. However under inflation also creates additional problems such as tread and ply separations - all primarily caused by porosity (natural air migration) which exists in all tyres to some degree. Puncturesafe eliminates air migration and prevents the majority of damage caused by under inflation. Extends tyre life:- Puncturesafe helps maintain air pressure, reduces heat build-up and thereby increases the life of the tyre. The added conditioners also help to retard pre-ageing within the casing. Protects against under-inflation:- Puncturesafe has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage and allows the tyre to maintain proper air pressure. This in turn prevents rolling resistance and heat build-up which is the biggest cause of high fuel consumption and tyre failure. Heat reduction - the number one cause of damage to tyres:- Puncturesafe contains specific ingredients which, by transmitting additional heat to the rim (the tyre’s natural heat sink) aids in conducting heat away from the tyre. This results in a cooler running tyre for any type of vehicle or equipment - regardless of use. Safety factor:- Puncturesafe is specifically formulated to allow any serious and potentially dangerous puncture in a tyre to deflate slowly and in a controlled manner. This attribute provides additional safety and aids to alleviate the hazards usually associated with blow-outs. Irrespective of the diameter of the puncturing object, Puncturesafe will not create a secure seal in a tyre that has suffered major internal damage because Puncturesafe needs rubber recovery in order to work effectively. Cords play a vital part in rubber recovery, however Puncturesafe and air will bleed slowly out of a punctured tyre that has suffered damaged cords, giving the driver a controlled deflation. Lasts the life of the tyre:- Puncturesafe’s unique properties, manufactured in a proprietary process, protects the polymers against heat and provides the ability to overcome the centrifugal force of a rotating tyre. Puncturesafe’s ability & performance does not diminish with speed, distance or time. Protects the entire inner surface of the tyre:- Puncturesafe provides a coating of approximately 3 to 4mm thick that clings to the entire inner surface of the tyre, thereby providing protection at all times. The sidewall of a tyre is very thin and flexes considerably, therefore any puncture in this area will not be positively sealed by Puncturesafe and the tyre will deflate in a controlled manner thus maintaining stability. Water soluble:- In its liquid state Puncturesafe is completely water-soluble (for easy clean out) and when rinsed with water does not leave any residue, however once Puncturesafe has dried to a rubbery plug within a puncture it will not return to its liquid state. Standard repairing procedures can be utilised as normal. Protection against rust and corrosion:- Puncturesafe contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but will also protect steel belts in the tyre once a puncture has occurred. Puncturesafe prevents outside contaminants from leaching back into the puncture which would cause the steel belts to rust and the ply to separate. Will not void any tyre manufacturer’s warranty:- Puncturesafe’s unique polymer composition is completely compatible with every component in any tyre and therefore will not void any manufacturer’s warranty. Retards pre-ageing of tyre casing:- Because Puncturesafe contains specific conditioners it has the ability to inhibit ageing from within the tyre, thereby increasing the life of any tubeless tyre casing. Cannot create a balance problem:- When a tyre is treated with the recommended quantity of Puncturesafe there is no provision for an excessive amount of product to accumulate in the tread area. Owing to Puncturesafe’s ability to evenly coat the entire inner surfaces of a tyre subjected to normal centrifugal forces, the tyre is not subjected to a mass of substance that would create an imbalance. However if the vehicle’s suspension and steering joints are worn beyond their specified tolerance, or a tyre/rim assembly is neither balanced and/or true, then the abnormal centrifugal force generated will have enough gravitational force to pull Puncturesafe off the vertical surfaces to then collect in the problem area and thereby increasing the “existing” imbalance problem. If the problem is sufficiently severe the driver will feel a vibration, indicating that a problem pre-existed in the tyre assembly, suspension or steering joints prior to the installation of Puncturesafe. Puncturesafe UK recommends that the balance and trueness of a tyre assembly and/or the mechanical fitness of the front suspension and steering joints be in good condition prior to the installation of their product.

Introducing the tyre pressure monitor

• Tyre pressure status at a glance

• Easy to fit and replaces existing valve caps

• A visible warning of lost

tyre pressure • Screw on to activate then check visually • Available in tyre pressure sizes 26 psi to 80 psi When the tyre pressure monitor is firmly hand screwed onto the valve stem of a tyre that has the correct pressure, the transparent dome turns green.

When the tyre pressure drops 3psi to 6psi, the yellow indicator starts to become visible, it is now recommended that you top up the tyre with air.

When the tyre pressure drops more than 8psi the red indicator starts to become visible, this indicates a dangerously under-inflated tyre which should be re-inflated immediately.

Inexpensive and an absolute must for many types of vehicles


Puncturesafe catalogue