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We adore this cute watering can – it’s pretty in pink and holds four litres of water. We’re planning on getting a series of gardening accessories to match! Get yours for £15.99 from

I, Mow-bot *

Not So Sweet... We don’t know about you, but we like the fact that flowers smell nice. Apparently, though, the folk at Cornwall’s Eden Project disagree. The team has grown the world’s largest flower, which has reached a whopping eight feet five inches (ahhh) that emits a stench that smells like, well, rotting flesh (erm... urgh).


The titan arums typically grow for between seven and ten years and are a distant relative of the lily, which we find extremely difficult to believe. The disgusting scent apparently attracts insects, though we don’t think we’ll be planting one in the back garden in a bid to help boost the bee population.

It’s started, hasn’t it? At first we had them doing simple tasks like assembling cars. Then they were fighting each other on TV for our entertainment. Now the robots are in our gardens! RUN FOR THE HILLS! GET UPSTAIRS, THEY HATE STAIRS! But fear not dear readers, for these are happy horticultural robots and the only thing they want to exterminate is your overgrown lawn. Ambrogio Robotic Lawnmowers are the perfect gift for the lazy, gadget obsessed gardener. It’s so sophisticated it will even stop if there is an object or person in the way (quite unlike The Terminator) and has a battery life of five hours, so even the biggest of lawns should fear its mighty robotic blades. *Rejected titles: Ro-Mow Cop, Blade-runner.

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