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DOW & DOOR REPAIRS Replacement:WINDOW & DOOR REPAIRS • Misted glass replaced Replacement: Free • Door locks replaced • Misted glass replaced compost • Window locks/hinges • Door locks replaced • Garage Doors • Window locks/hinges alert! • High security door cylinders Doors Don’t forget, City of York Council and Graham from Pond Planet offers hints and tips on helping • Garage No call out charge! • High security door cylinders Yorwaste are giving York residents free your pond, and the fish who call it home, to thrive. compost this summer! If you want to No call out charge!

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get some growbag goodness, head parts with pond water, not tap water, so as not to damage Water temperatures are now high enough o to feedb summer M i l e: 07971 865573 Tel: down 01937 to the 557999 Yorwaste Harewood thea beneficial whichw live within your filter. growth foods. Choose a quality, high protein foodw. to w w a nbacteria ds in d oMobile: wWhin s. c o .uk 07971 865573 site on Tinker Lane off Wetherby improve the condition and size of your fish. Look out of Strong, excessive growth of pond plants can occur due Road on 8th July between 9.30amfoods with added Spirulina which is a proven natural colour high nutrient conditions which can lead to unruly surface 2.30pm. Bring a shovel and bags enhancer. growth and extensive root systems. This leaves little or or containers with you to take your no open areas for your fish, so cut back these plants to The increased feeding due to warmer weather increases compost home in, and dig in and help provide vital swimming space. High nutrient conditions can the burden on your pond filter. During this period the filters yourself! For further information visit be reduced by undertaking a partial water change of up to fulfil an important function by biologically breaking down the 20%. chemical waste your fish produce. Filters should be checked and cleaned regularly at this time of year. Make sure to take n For more information, call Pond Planet on 01347 811897 the time to thoroughly wash mechanical and biological filter

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Windows • Doors • Conservatories • Roofline Local family firm • Local family firm Full Repair Service • Full Repair Service Car Ports • Car Ports Timber Range • Timber Range Sash Windows • Sash Windows Folding Sliding Doors • Folding Sliding Doors Garage Doors • Garage Doors Composite Doors • Composite Doors Replacement conservatory • Replacement roofs conservatory roofs All A Rated • All A Rated

Telephone: 01937 557999 Mobile: 07971 865573 Telephone: 01937 557999 w w w. a a n d s w i n d o w s.c o .865573 uk Mobile: 07971 82

Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012