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CONSUMER CHAMPION Matthew Todd, from Herbert Todd & Son, explains how to make the most of the upcoming sporting events when watching at home.

Come on England!

As I write this England are warming up for the first of their group games at Euro 2012 – with a bit of luck, as you read this they will be preparing for the final. Whether they make it or not the summer of 2012 will be packed with sporting action for you to enjoy with Wimbledon, cricket, The Open and all that the Olympics has to offer just around the corner. To maximise your enjoyment I’ve come up with a few tips you can implement in your own home to make viewing as pleasurable as possible.

Modern televisions are packed with electronic goodness, making them capable of all sorts of image enhancements, filters and picture aids. However sometimes these may not work in your favour, particularly when watching fast paced sporting action. You may notice, for example, that a fast moving football or tennis ball stutters around the screen – this can often be down


to your TV simply not keeping up with the action. The likely cause is over-processing (the TV is trying to carry out too many tasks at once) and can be remedied by turning off all the enhancements within your TV’s picture menu. In the picture menu you may see things like ‘noise reduction’, ‘sharpness’, and a host of other systems dependent upon the manufacturer. Turn them all down or off and see if it improves the action. You can then gradually turn them

back on until you find a compromise you are comfortable with. Secondly it may sound obvious but if you have bought a TV in the last year it will most likely have a Freeview high definition (HD) tuner inside. Because a lot of the sporting action is available on BBC1 or ITV1 you will find HD versions of these on your television guide. Turn to these for a picture with far more detail and a better sound to boot. Finally, to make your sporting

experience as involving as possible you will want to turn the volume up! One downside of many modern TVs is that with the trend towards slimmer and more compact designs the sound your TV is able to produce on its own can suffer. It could be time to upgrade to a better sound system to make whatever you watch as involving as possible. Freeview HD is often broadcast with full surround sound, but you can’t hear this extra detail unless you have a speaker system to match. These needn’t break the bank and will bring all the action to life. If you need any assistance with your TV or would like to see what a huge difference the latest technology can make please drop in to either of our stores, we’re here to help. Enjoy your summer of sport! n To contact Matthew, pop in to Herbert Todd & Son on Percy’s Lane, call 628676 or visit

Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012