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NOT... Cream carpets. Yes, they look stunning, but avoid at all costs unless you a) have a full-time cleaner, b) have nothing better to do in life but vacuum or c) have no pets, children or friends and spend your entire life in slippers. Actually, that last bit pretty much describes us, but we still wouldn't go there. Shelving units. The ironic thing about shelving storage units is that they only look good when you don’t actually store anything on them. They look stylish in the shop with nothing more than a strategically placed vase and a couple of arty books. But fill them with your DVDs, computer games and other stuff and they just look messy. For a clutter free decor, it’s better to invest in a cupboard and hide it all away.

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Estate agents. Ok, they usually feature somewhere between tabloid journalists and septic tank cleaners on the popularity scale, but in these troubled times an estate agent can be a house hunter’s best friend. They can advise you on the best way to get a quick sale, tip you off when your dream property comes on the market, and even help track down an elusive mortgage. Old-fashioned conservatories. Or rather, they are hot. Too hot. Except from September onwards, when they’re Arctic cold. We spent all that cash on a conservatory, what a pity we can only use it for about three days a year. Thank heavens the new breed of conservatories are far more energyefficient for all year round comfort. Why not treat yourself to an upgrade – or even just some specialist insulated blinds to keep the weather at bay?


Breakfast bars. The kind you sit at that is, as opposed to the nutty cereal kind you buy to eat on the bus. Although both are pretty pointless, when you think about it. What’s wrong with a table, for heaven’s sake? Not to eat on the bus, obviously.


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Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012