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tank with water at least three days before putting the goldfish in. Try not to overfeed the goldfish as it can lead to the water becoming stale quickly which will require more frequent cleaning. Q. I have two male dwarf hamsters in the same cage – if I buy a female dwarf hamster can I add it to the same cage? Firstly I would stress that adding a female to a male environment will lead to mating and multiple babies in a very short time! Because they are quite territorial the best possible way is to move them

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PET TALK in association with MINSTER VETS into different cages so they don’t have anything to protect against. Introduce them one to one for a short period of time to begin with, placing them next to each other so they can see each other. Be aware that Dwarf hamsters can fight and cause quite serious damage to each other so try swapping the feeding and water bowls to allow them to smell each other’s scent before putting them both in together.

Courses for horses Pigs – the great enigma of the farmyard. Chickens – what are they really up to? Whether you own or care for a smallholding of animals, or if you’ve ever hoped to, then these are questions that will play on your mind. Fortunately Minster Vets have the answers and are very keen to share them. Their smallholder courses are running throughout July and August and offer expert advice on such topics as poultry diseases, pig handling, breeding and practical techniques for catching and restraining live stock – all held at Askham Bryan College. If you think you could benefit from Minster Vets’ years of experience then book your place now. n Call 709007 or visit for dates and times.

Give us a home...

Some friends of ours are looking for home. Could you offer them the love and care they need? Gracie is a sweet Labrador girl when she gets to know you. She can be slightly worried around people she has never met before so a quiet patient home is a must, but also someone who can give her the exercise she needs. Please find it in your heart to offer this lovely dog a new home.

Sonny is a Parson Jack Russell who has the sweetest nature. He needs to be with someone who is at home most of the time as he struggles to be on his own. Sonny is very sad in kennels and desperately wants to be part of a loving home. n If you could give any of these dogs a home call: 01904 654 949 or visit RSPCA, Landing Lane, York Corynn is a friendly puss whose owner’s children were allergic to her. Despite this run of bad luck Corynn has kept in good spirits. She’s an affectionate young cat and can’t wait to get back into a proper home environment. Fred is a little bit shy but when he finally summons up enough courage to properly make your acquaintance you’ll have a friend for life. Like many cats, Fred’s owners had to move and were not allowed pets in their new house. Why not give this splendid chap a chance? n If you’re interested in finding out more about these adorable moggies, or any of the cats at York Cats Protection, call 760356.


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