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Let’s Talk About... with Jane Tai

Work / Love Balance Do You Love What You Do For A Living? Most people don’t. Most people go to work to support their lifestyle, or just to pay the bills. Work is just a drag that you have to do. To ease the tedium and stress of work, we try to find a good work/life balance, where we get to spend some time doing the things that we really enjoy, our hobbies, sports, spending time our families and friends, relaxing. But then on Monday morning we have to drag ourselves back to work for another week.

If you’re over 50 and in need of some gentle and social exercise, then perhaps Pilates is the activity for you. It’s is a fantastic way for both men and women to take low-impact exercise in a fun and friendly environment. Not only can it help improve balance and core stability, but it’s great for your posture – all of which can help a person to live longer. The great news is that City of York Council have added extra Pilates classes due to popular demand, so it’s now even easier to get fit and active. There is even a programme specifically run for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Sessions run every Tuesday and also on Saturday for the arthritis class. For more information call 552424.

Village Life York Sport Village, a new £9 million sports facility near the Grimston Bar Park and Ride, will open to the public next month. The centrepiece of the development, which is funded jointly by the University of York and City of York Council with support from Sport England, is a competition-standard eight lane 25-metre pool. In addition, the venue will feature a learner pool, a fitness suite, three studios that will host dance, spin and aerobics sessions, a full size 3G astroturf pitch and three further five-a-side pitches. Plus there’s a sauna, steam rooms and a cafeteria to enjoy. There’ll be a forum for feedback from users, too, so you can ensure your opinion on the facilities gets heard! The activities and facilities are open to both members and non-members at competitive prices, and you can register interest now at

What If Work Was Play? What if you loved what you did for a living so much that it actually felt like play? What if you loved your work so much that you almost felt you should be paying to go and do it! What if time just sped by when you were working and you felt disappointed at the end of the day when it was time to stop? Wouldn’t that be great? Balancing out the work element completely by loving what you do, instead of trying to anaesthetise it with work/life balance! What Would You Do? Just imagine for a moment, that you could get paid whatever you need to do anything at all….what would you chose to do? You can go anywhere, do anything, there are no limitations. What would you love to do?

To ease the tedium and stress of work, we try to find a good work/life balance

What’s Stopping You? For most people it’s fear. Are you afraid that you couldn’t make enough money doing it? That you wouldn’t be good enough? You wouldn’t know where to start? Are you worried about what other people would think? How your family would react? Are you afraid of having to move to a smaller home, or a different area? That you wouldn’t be able to provide the things that you do now for your family? What Would Have to Happen? For you to get work/love balance, instead of settling for work/life balance? How can you start to make those things happen? Make a list of all the things that would have to happen or that you would have to do. That’s the elephant. You don’t eat an elephant whole, you just start. You Can Make A Living Or Design A Life Want to know more about how to do the work you’d love to do and make a living doing it? Give me a call on Freephone 0800 083 1681 and let’s talk! Jane Tai (GHR Registered) – Oxford graduate and former highflying lawyer, who knows what it’s like to stop working to live and start living to work. “My mission is to help people who are stuck in some area of their life to break out of old patterns, fears and habits, get unstuck fast and learn how to stop the struggle with life and thrive. If you want to change your habits, transform your life, be radiantly happy, full of energy and enthusiasm then call me now on FREEPHONE 0800 083 1681 and get ready to re-create your life.” Call Jane Tai on FREEPHONE 0800 083 1681 Find more on my blog



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