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Marathon man Running – something we only do when late for the bus (with both hilarious and disastrous consequences). So when we heard about what James Richardson had achieved, we were amazed and a little jealous. One day James decided to set himself the challenge of running 26.6 miles, across three events, in under three hours and twenty minutes (as you do). His aim was to raise £800 for charities York Against Cancer and York Lollipop, but being the champion athlete he is, James smashed that target with a total of £1069! He proudly completed all three races with just 75 seconds to spare, but still had breath left over to thank everyone who sponsored him. Well done James. Now, what time is our bus? Oh no…!

Hi-ya! When it comes to martial arts, here at Your Local Link we are all black belts. There’s chocolate finger aikido, judo bouts over the last Pringle and we all suddenly disappear like ninjas when the bin needs emptying. So to hear about someone achieving a black belt in a real martial art impressed us. Holly Bamford from Haxby Shotokan Karate Club has been awarded her Black Belt, which she has been working towards since 2007, at the tender age of 13! Holly has therefore become the youngest black belt at the club and is probably more than a match for any of our chocolate-fingered attacks. n If you or your children would like to follow in Holly’s footsteps and become a black belt visit

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Social Media: Used or Abused? I’m thinking of using Facebook to promote my business but I am worried it might get abused by my employees. How can I prevent this? Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) can be a great business tool when used correctly, but it is vital that a clear message is sent to all employees about what is and what isn’t permitted. The best way to achieve this is to put in place a social media policy and train your employees. Ensure your policy deals with what is permitted inside and outside the work place e.g. are employees allowed to use social media at all during working hours, or at lunch times only? Consider blocking certain sites if you are worried about employees accessing them at work. You need to also consider employees using their own mobile phones to access sites and your social media policy should state that it applies regardless of whether the social media is accessed using company IT facilities or equipment belonging to members of staff, such as mobile telephones. Your policy should also cover any comments or postings made by employees on a social media site outside of working hours. It is essential that your policy is linked to your disciplinary procedure and your employees are aware that breaches of the social medial policy could result in disciplinary action being taken. A member of staff has received some malicious comments via a social media site from another employee. These comments were made in the evening, online and not during working hours. Do I need to deal with this? The short answer is yes. Bullying and harassment via a social media site should be treated in exactly the same way as it would if it was happening face to face. Whilst this happened outside working hours and online, that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. You will need to treat this complaint seriously and carry out an investigation as you normally would before coming to a decision. An investigation would broadly involve meeting with the employee who raised the complaint to take more details and then interviewing the person against whom the complaint has been made. You should refer to any policies you have in place such as your social media policy, anti-harassment and bullying policy and disciplinary procedure when investigating this matter. If you are unsure as to the best way forward you should seek legal advice.

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