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Plus there’s the first aid kit. My husband says there are paramedics driving around motorways who are less well prepared than me for emergencies. Which is blatantly an exaggeration, since I’m not allowed to take my defibrillator on the plane. But I do have a fairly extensive selection of plasters, creams, ointments, plus three different types of painkillers. I also have over the counter treatments for almost every ailment known to man (and probably some medical science hasn’t yet stumbled across).

According to Donna... There’s no better barometer on what’s hot and what’s not than our Donna. Here, she shares her thoughts on what’s in or out in her own unique style!


“Be honest,” my husband asked, “what are the chances of either of us getting cystitis or ringworm on holiday?”

Summer holidays. Don’t you just love them? Not if you’re a working parent with kids to entertain for six weeks, maybe. But at least it means I can get on the bus to Haxby without having to listen to the collected works of Pitbull on some schoolkid’s iPhone. Bliss!

Put like that, probably slim. But you never know, do you? And you can’t be too careful.


My sister has the right idea. She came over from Canada to visit recently. Despite travelling halfway around the world, she breezed into Arrivals with just a small pull-along suitcase. “Where are the rest of your clothes?” I asked, lost in admiration. “In your wardrobe,” she replied. I expect she’ll be wanting to get her hands on my three different painkillers, too…

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People who let their dogs bound up to you in the street. “But he’s very friendly,” they say, as the dog – which is usually about the size of a Fiat Punto – pins you to a wall. I actually don’t care if it’s got more friends than Lady Gaga’s Facebook page, I still don’t want to get up close and personal with it, ok?


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