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THE WAY I SEE IT... The ups and downs of life as seen by our very own (very) Grumpy, (almost) Old Woman

Follow Donna on mixing and matching, etc etc. And I’m sure if I was Elle Macpherson I could probably get through a fortnight in Cabo with nothing more than a sarong and a pair of flip flops. But when you’re as accident-prone as me, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. What if, for instance, on the first day of your holiday you accidentally spilt suntan lotion all over the single pair of trousers you’d bought with you? Or what if you realised on day one that the pair of shoes you’d brought are as comfortable as a medieval torture method? It’s always good to have a back-up pair. Or, in my case – six.

There are some jobs around the house that count as Man’s Work. Like cooking on a barbecue, taking out the rubbish and, in our house, operating the central heating thermostat (I don’t know why I can’t get my head round it, but I just can’t). And packing. Like the thermostat, it’s not one of my skills. I can’t pack a single pair of shoes in an overnight bag without busting the zip. But fortunately my husband is a genius at packing. He approaches it like a puzzle, folding the pieces together so they fit neatly in the smallest space imaginable. No matter how many holiday clothes I pile up on the bed, he can somehow pack them. Once he even accidentally packed the duvet and still had space for an extra pair of shoes. It’s just as well he has this amazing skill, because there’s no way I can


pack light. Again, I wish I could. Kelly in the office was telling us how she happily goes off on holiday with little more than a bikini, a denim skirt and a mascara. Blimey, I pack more than that to go round the corner to the Co-op. Seriously, if Captain Scott and

his team had had the contents of my handbag with them on their trip to the Antarctic, they would never have come a cropper.

Be Prepared I know the theory of packing light. I know all about capsule wardrobes,

Plus there are the toiletries. Yes, I do know they sell shampoo in Spain, but it might not be the kind I like. And why should I waste euros that would be far better spent on a cocktail, when I can get three for two toiletries in Boots?

Your Local Link Magazine July 2012  
Your Local Link Magazine July 2012