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Your Local Magazine Stevenage

January 2011

Features: • Healthy You, Healthy Bank Balance : 7 top ways to save money while getting healthy. • Marymead Youth Project • Stevenage Hockey Club • Town Centre : Regeneration Plans

Welcome Welcome to January’s edition of Your Local, The Free local glossy magazine for the residents of Stevenage. Now that Christmas has Been and gone and another New Year is upon us, You may be thinking about getting fit and healthy so check out our feature Healthy you, Healthy bank balance with some tips on money saving ways of keeping healthy in the new year. Your Local is now into its 3rd month and we would like to thank everyone for the fantastic response we have had to our previous editions and look foward to continuing to build on this throughout 2011 If you are organising an event in or around Stevenage dont forget to get in touch so we can include your event in our events section. Finally we would once again like to thank everyone who has contributed to Your Local Magazine.

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Recipe of the month

8) Marymead Youth Project 10) Town Centre Regeneration Plans 12) Feature advert: Pensworth Dairy 14) Puzzles 16) Healthy you, healthy bank balance 17)Recipe: Lemon Chicken with Cashew Crunch

18) Stevenage Hockey Club 21) Stevenage Directory 23)

Directory of advertisers/puzzle solutions

Feature: Pensworth, The milk delivery company Your local offers affordable and effective advertising to local businesses. Delivered free of charge to 5000 homes in Stevenage every month. With advertising space starting from just ÂŁ10.00 and flexible payment terms why not give it a go call now on: 01438 358 576 or visit our website: for more information and to veiw our price list.

To advertise your business in this magazine call Glenn on 01438 358 576 We offer Low cost advertising with Fantastic discounts available if you take out a 3, 6 or 12 month advertising campaign Deadline for adverts in February’s edition of Your Local is Tuesday 1st February Call now or visit our website for further information. Local Events Call: 01438 362772 or 07958954981

Snowdrops A popular event when the gardens are carpeted in a spectacular display of snowdrops around the remains of the norman castle and surrounding moat. Where: Benington Lordship Gardens When: Daily from Satauday 5th to Sunday 27th February 12pm - 4pm Cost: Adults £4 (£4.50 on Sundays) , Under 16’s £2, Under 12’s Free January Christmas party For those who want to continue the christmas spirit into January Where: Ramada Cromwell Hotel When: 29th January 2011 Cost: £25 Book online at http:// events/11404776

January 2011

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It’s almost impossible to avoid getting spam into your email account. However a bit of prevention and dealing with it when it arrives will minimise the quantity.

Friendly Local Electrician

Some spammers use software to randomly generate email addresses for popular email providers e.g. Commonly called dictionary attacks, the software will guess the first part of an email address – for example So when creating your email address ensure you use special characters such as underscores or numbers. Some spammers use special software called email harvesters which scan webpages for email addresses. Common targets are message boards and social networking websites. So when including your email address on a webpage (for example when you use a message board) try to obscure it. For example, use john AT instead of using the @ symbol. SPAM emails will almost always invite you to unsubscribe from their mailing list. This is a way for them to confirm your email address is real. It will offer a link, or it will say something like ‘Reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject’. Only unsubscribe from mails you are certain you originally subscribed to.



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Marymead Youth Project The Marymead Youth Project is part of the Youth Connexions Hertfordshire service for young people and the activities it offers are intended to complement the wider range of facilities on offer either at other Stevenage projects such as Bowes Lyon Centre and Timebridge Youth Centre, or county-based projects like the Herts Young Mariners Base in Cheshunt. Marymead is open from 6-9pm every Tuesday in term time and may vary in the holidays, (so do check first). If the project is closed during holiday periods, young people are encouraged to take part in the other activities that the Stevenage Youth Connexions Team normally delivers. Please contact Tracy Lee for information at the Youth Connexions Office in Stevenage or search the ChannelMogo website for more information. Marymead Youth project is a small club and new members are always welcome. The club is open to all young people aged 13+ but currently the majority of members are aged 13-16 years. We ask for a 50p contribution to the weekly programme and when trips out from the project are arranged, every January 2011

effort is made to keep the price as low as possible (sometimes subsidised with club funds), so that money is not a barrier to anyone wishing to take part. The project has recently benefited by being part of a successful county wide Youth Opportunity Fund bid, which has enabled the installation of two computers with Internet access. The young people that attend take an active part (working with the staff team), to plan what activities the project will put into each termly programme. Activities that the members have tried in the past are; Community Day. Animation Art Photography Cooking Trips out – canoeing, climbing, theatre trips and bowling.

Your Local T: 01438 358 576

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As Marymead is a very small building with limited space, the members often make use of the local park in the summer months for sports, for example, kite flying, circus skills and football being typical of the local outdoor activities. During the summer holiday, members went to Wales for 4 days where the group camped, biked in a forest, canoed on a river, and visited local museums. The Marymead group have taken part in quite a range of adventurous activities over the years and the current membership is no different, however do not let that put you off if outdoor adventure is not for you. There are plenty of opportunities to explore less energetic activities.

The project will always welcome new young people and if you are unsure about coming along please feel free to get in touch and it may be possible to arrange for you and your parents/carers to look around first. (Just let me know by contacting me on the details below, this is the Youth Connexions office base where we work from, and the youth project itself is in Willow Link, just round the corner from the Co-op at Marymead shops). Please note that although the project is signposted, when the project is not open the front windows are protected by a shutter so it is not easy to see where the club is. Come along to get involved and then we can use your ideas too. Tracy Lee, Youth worker Youth connexions Hertfordshire, Farnham House, Six Hills way, Stevenage SG1 2FQ T: 01438 843340 Ext 53340 07720 805774

Information about youth projects accross Hertfordshire can be found at and search for things to do in Hertfordshire at W:


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Latest plans for the regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre Stevenage regeneration has recently submitted a revision of its planning application for the regeneration of Stevenage Town Centre. The revision builds on the plans contained in the original planning application, which was submitted to the council in November 2007. Who we are As a team both ING Real Estate Development UK Ltd and Stanhope plc have a strong track record in delivering complex mixed - use developments. In the past few years we have been responsiable for significant regeneration schemes in Bracknell, Hull, Tyneside, Enfield, Manchester and Croyden. We aim to create a town centre that residents and visitors will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Our plans aim to rejuvenate Stevenage and re-establish it as a successful retail, business and leisure destination. We are confident that our plans will also act as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of the area, bringing with them additional investment, new jobs and a healthier local community.

1. Shopping facilities will be improved significantly, with a new department store and wide selection of high street stores.

3.New public spaces will be created alongside the existing town square to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

4. Publi upgrade betwee station.

Have your say We have now submitted a revision to our planning application to the council, who will carefully review our proposals and then decide whether to grant planning consent. The council will consider any written comments made by members of the public when reaching its decision, so its your chance to have your say.

Public transport services will be graded, with a new bus station tween the town centre and train ation.

Written feedback about the scheme can be sent to: Head of planning and regeneration Stevenage Borough Council Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage SG1 1HN or online by visiting and clicking the ‘planning’ link. 2.pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from better access with a single level layout that incorporates new streets and cycle routes.

5.High quality leisure facilities, including a new multi screen cinema, a hotel and wide selection of cafes and restaurants will create a lively, vibarant town centre.

6. Upto 120 new homes will be provided to inject more life into the town centre.

The Milk Deliv

Units 1,2, and 3, Maxwells West Trading Estate,

For further information Who are we? Pensworth was started as a local, South Wiltshire dairy in 1975 by two traditional farming families the Bishops and the Jeffreys. The business has expanded rapidly from its humble origins and has been accompanied by an equivalent increase in the geographical spread of the supply area to include a significant section of Central and Southern England.  Pensworth aims to always utilise the latest technology throughout the company. This has resulted in the development of state of the art cold rooms, a new and reliable transport fleet, and a fully computerised and linked administration.  The company continues to maintain the qualities associated with its size and family owned origins – attention to detail, high levels of service and a flexible, can do approach.

Welcome to the CHESHUNT Branch Pensworth is a fast growing, UK milk supplier. it’s aim is to produce and supply the very finest British milk to Doorstep, Shops, and Catering Customers. Pensworth is a sales focused company whose main objective is to place the customer first within the decision making process. Located on the Great Cambridge Road, by the M25 offering superb access to Stevenage, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.


Our standard milk products are of the highest quality and are produced at our approved factory in Southampton. The milk is fresh from the farm and delivered in a non-standardised format, allowing the great taste of farm fresh milk to be retained. The milk is produced and processed under the best standards of hygiene, allowing the product to have a good shelf life. The product is always stored at the correct temperature throughout the chill chain.

Tel: 01992 645 020 Email:

livery Company

tate, Great Cambridge Road, Cheshunt, EN8 8XH

ion call 01992 645 020 Pensworth Milk - The Milk Delivery Company Pensworth aim to provide a first rate milk product with a first rate service to all our customers. We want to be the best and we always operate to the highest of standards. The Milk we supply comes from diary farmers in the Wiltshire / Hampshire area, we believe it is the best milk there is to drink. The milk has long been recognised for its good natural taste and freshness, and we believe there is good reason for this to be true.

Supports - Pensworth Cheshunt Branch proudly support Macmillan Cancer Support year on year with leaflets dropped on our customer doorsteps raising in excess of Ten Thousand Pounds. Pensworth Cheshunt are also proud to sponsor William Fitt Lions Football Club.

Products - MILK, BREAD, CHEESE, EGGS, POTATOES, ORANGE JUICE, CREAM, WATER, BACON, JUICES, YOGHURTS, GARDENING PRODUCTS, AND ORGANIC PRODUCTS. Mr. Clint West Manager of Cheshunt Dairy is more than happy to speak to bottle milk buyers regarding any business requirements you may have going forward throughout 2011 and beyond.

Tel: 01992 645 020 Email:


Cryptic Crossword 1














16 18


17 19







Across 7) Discover Afghanistan language at shop refurbishment (6) 8 ) A dweller perhaps in library could be very knowledgeable (4-4) 9) Maybe ran a silk trade from here, but spices & tea when Ceylon (3,5) 10) Managed police detectives to investigate something very disagreeable (6) 11) Rip then let fall one when upset (8) 12) Ninety nine in command before the French have frozen water drop (6) 13) Fashionable & fragrant perennial given to a bodily manifestation (11) 18) Church gives religious instruction to a Saint on the Son of God (6) 20) Annoyed and disturbed ones deep rest (8) 22) Trap with no where to go except round the junction perhaps (6) 23) Introduces the gifts by law the document in question (8) 24) I hear bad weather is forecast my love for one before sleigh (8) 25) Vegetable found in a flowerpot a toddler planted (6)


Your Local T: 01438 358 576

Down 1) Magic fliers found at the bottom of my garden or that is to say in fetes perhaps (7) 2) The wealthy loan in a way to support offspring (8) 3) Carpenter who could find supplementary work as a matchmaker (6) 4) Startle first one who causes others to panic (8) 5) Imported one French brie into a Borneo sultanate (6) 6) Staying in a villa an ice cream flavouring was discovered (7) 8) Sounds as if a news sheet for rhythmic music style is used to conceal the present (8,5) 14) Organised a treaty on a legally appointed representative (8) 15) To repeat this performance is classically light hearted music (8) 16) In common parlance it could be the gun and the person using it (7) 17) Get a set prepared for the development of offspring (7) 19) In the beginnings of baseball, one of nine turns at bat (6) 21) Choose one of the seven when feeling tired (6)

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Reliable people required to deliver Your Local Magazine in the Stevenage area. If you would like to earn some extra cash and can spare a few hours a month please get in touch, call 01438 358 576 or email:

Renault Megane 2001 (51 plate)

Small bump on back bumper and chipped number plate otherwise in excellent condition. 92000 miles electric windows Air conditioning Tax till May 2011 MOT till June 2011

ÂŁ800 (ONO)

Call : 07722716985

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January 2011

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Healthy you, healthy bank balance:

7 top ways to save money while getting healthy. Whilst spending on your health is going to accelerate your return to fitness after the Christmas excesses, there are many things you can do which either cost very little or which will even save you money while improving your general well being. •

Go to bed. Late nights, rich food, alcohol – all very well when you can have a lay in the next day. But if you are up early too, your body will start to suffer from both lack of sleep time and sleep quality. Not enough bedtime rest can lead to depression, anxiety and a general feeling of being run down.

Switch off. Just because you are in the living room, doesn’t mean you have to have the TV on. Try taking just five minutes a day in the house with no noise or only low volume soothing music in the background. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, shut your eyes, and focus your mind on your breathing. You will find this helps to cope with the stress of 21st century life.

Make your own beauty products. Whilst you are unlikely to completely abandon the beautifully packaged commercial products, you can occasionally use natural ingredients to make a fabulous organic product for small change. For example, cooled strong camomile tea (no milk) is great to give your hair a colour lift. Do some research on the internet for more ideas.

Go for a walk. Not only is a walk free and beneficial for your physical health, it’s also fantastic for your mental health giving you time away from chores and other people’s demands on your time. Take your partner with you and this gives you chance to talk about everyday life and future plans, so great for your relationship health too.

Don’t stew your vegetables. Cook your vegetables in as little water as possible and until they are just cooked. Not only does this mean that your cooking time will be shorter (saving you money) but the vegetables will keep more nutrients and be healthier.

January 2011

Kick the bad habits. Smoking, too much alcohol, sweet addiction: you already know that these aren’t good for you and that you should be giving them up. But if being a goody-two-shoes is still a way off for you, try to cut down. Plan in a ‘dry day’ a week – no ciggies, wine or chocolate for a full day each week – and you’ll find it improves your health, saves you money and might just give you the momentum to cut down even more.

Look after your teeth. If your gums bleed when you brush them then you have a problem and you should go to the dentist. This usually means that bacteria is getting into your bloodstream and could eventually lead to heart problems no matter how healthy you are. But even if they don’t bleed, good dental hygiene with twicea-day brushing, flossing, and chewing sugar-free gum, will ensure your teeth and gums are kept in top condition, which in turn will save you money when you do go to the dentist.

Your Local T: 01438 358 576

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Lemon Chicken with a Cashew Crunch Ingredients 1 tablespoon of olive oil 2 chicken breasts, sliced 1 clove of garlic, peeled and diced 1 onion, sliced 150g broccoli 1 large carrot, cut into sticks 1 red or yellow pepper, cut into strips 200ml chicken stock 1 tbsp cornflour 2 tbsp honey 1 lemon, grated rind and juice 75g cashew nuts A handful of beansprouts or white cabbage Chilli flakes (for an optional kick!) Brown rice or noodles to serve. Serves: 2 With Christmas gone and the new year started with healthy intentions, we didn’t think it fair to tempt hungry readers with something cream-filled or chocolate-dipped. But healthy doesn’t have to mean boring, so here’s a little something for those cold January nights that’s packed with colourful vegetables and full of flavour. Method Heat the oil in a large pan or wok and add the chicken. Stir fry for a few minutes until the chicken begins to turn gold, then set aside. In the same pan, cook the onion and garlic until they begin to brown, then add the broccoli and carrot and cook for about a minute. In a jug mix the stock, honey and cornflour together and pour into the pan. Return the chicken to the heat and stir until the sauce has thickened and the chicken is cooked through. Tip in the lemon rind, juice, cashews and a sprinkle of chilli flakes if desired and serve with brown rice or noodles - and a healthy conscience. Would you like to advertise your business in this magazine? We offer low cost advertising that really does work. Why not give us a call to discuss your advertising needs. Call Glenn on 01438 358 576 W:

Stevenage Borough FC - Fixtures Jan 15th 3pm - Chesterfield v Stevenage Jan 22nd 3pm - Stevenage v Morcambe Jan 25th 7:45pm - Stevenage v Rotherham Jan 29th 3pm - Oxford Utd v Stevenage Feb 1st 7:45 pm - Stevenage v Gillingham Feb 5th 3pm - Stevenage v Accrington Stanley


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Hockey is moving fast in Stevenage

Television viewers not familiar with the game who watched hockey at the Commonwealth Games will have been impressed with the ball speed and excitement of the matches, and by the passion shown for the sport in India. While not reaching the levels shown in Delhi the matches played at Nobel School on a Saturday afternoon are also fast, exciting and usually packed with goal-mouth incident, reflecting the changes that hockey has embraced over the past 20 years. Since Stevenage Hockey Club (SHC) was formed 65 years ago it has seen as big a transformation as the town itself. The size of the club has grown, the rules of the game have changed, the surface hockey is played on is very different, as is the mix of people playing it. Originally hockey was played on grass at Stevenage Cricket Club’s ground at Ditchmore Lane in the Old Town. The Club still retains close links with the Cricket Club - SCC skipper Gary Brown is also a star of the hockey team - and SHC uses the cricket clubhouse as a base and social centre as well as playing the occasional match on grass to keep that traditional alive. But league matches must all now be played on artificial surfaces and SHC uses the Astroturf pitches at Nobel and John January 2011

Henry Newman Schools. But if the move to artificial pitches is one of the main reasons hockey became the fast moving game it now is, the other is the changes to the rules. Gone is the obscure obstruction rule known as “turning”, the offside rule has been thrown out as well and, most recently, it is possible to “self pass” at a free hit. It all adds up to a game that has the emphasis on helping the attacking player, keeping the game moving and producing high scoring matches. Stevenage Men’s and Women’s Hockey Clubs merged a few years ago and the new SHC has six men’s and five women’s teams all playing league hockey. No longer is the main source of new players the hockey playing schools in the town, it is now young people coming to Stevenage to work for the larger companies, and friends and relatives of the Club’s 200 members who just “give hockey a go” and stick at it.

Jon Oliver, one of four Oliver brothers in the team, celebrates the goal that effectively clinched the title for Stevenage last season.

Your Local T: 01438 358 576

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Every Sunday morning at John Henry Newman School people of all ages – from 10 to 50 – are given the chance to pick up a hockey stick for the first time. It’s incredible how many take to it easily. The hallmarks of Stevenage Hockey Club are those of a sociable, family club welcoming players of all abilities and all ages. The current men’s first team includes four brothers and the men’s sixth team has six fathers whose sons have played for the club at first team level. Anne Graves plays for the women’s fifth team and is officially – confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records – the oldest lady regularly playing league hockey. But it’s not just about enjoying the

game and the après: Stevenage Hockey Club recognises that success on the pitch is most important, and that the club is judged by the results of its first teams. Although the women’s first team is playing in the same division as it’s counterparts in Hitchin and Letchworth, the men’s first team is currently lagging behind it’s local rivals. A step in the right direction was last season’s divisional title win and promotion to East League Division 2 South but Skipper John Mould knows more is needed in the 2010/11 which began in September. And the Club knows that in the long term this will come from introducing more Stevenage youngsters to hockey.

NEW TO HOCKEY? WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY? Come and try with Stevenage Hockey Club Sunday Mornings 10 – 11am At JHN Leisure Centre (on Astroturf). Suitable for all ages. All that is needed is sports wear, shin pads and a drink. Sticks can be provided if required. Astroturf boots and mouthguard are recommended but not essential. For more information contact: Geoff Trew 01438 350705 January 2011

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January 2011

Your Local T: 01438 358 576

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stevenage directory Doctors surgery’s

Police Station Stevenage Police Lytton way SG1 1HF 0845 330 0222

Bedwell Medical Centre Sinfield Close 01438 311 130


Canterbury Way Surgery 91a Cantabury Way 01438 316 646

(In an emergency call 999)

Chells Surgery 265 Chells Way 01438 313 001

The Lister Coreys Mill Lane SG1 4AB 01438 314333

Dr Wallis and Partners 5 Stanmore Road 01438 313 223

Childrens centres

King George Surgery 135 High Street Stevenage 01438 361 111 Manor House Surgery Emperors Gate Chells Manor 01438 742 639 Marymead Medical Practice 18 Spring Drive 01438218 000 Poplars Surgery Magpie Crescent 01438 351 519 Roebuck Surgery 114 Broadwater Crescent 01438 314 519 Shephall Way Surgery 29 Shephall Lane 01438 312 097 St Nicholas Health Centre Canterbury Way 01438 747 064 Symonds green Health Centre Filey Close 01438 364 488 W:


Shephall The Hyde Out 4 The Hyde Shephall Stevenage SG2 9SE 01438 729 466 Strawberry Fields (Graveley and Great Ashby) 01438 791 054 Chells and Chells Manor Timerbridge Community Centre Mobbsbury Way Stevenage SG2 0HT 01438 362 925

Council Housing / Council tax benefit Stevenage Borough Council Benefits Service Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage SG1 1HN T: 01438 242 440 Older peoples services Stevenage Borough Council Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage SG1 1HN T: 01438 242 712 or 01438 242 555 Council Tax Stevenage Borough Council Revenues Division P.O Box 65 Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage SG1 1HN T: 01438 242 875 Stevenage Homes Daneshill House Danestrete Stevenage SG1 1HN T: 01438 242 666

Broadwater Longmedow Primary School Oaks Cross Stevenage SG2 8LT 01438 230 444

Your local offers affordable and effective advertising to local businesses. Your Local is delivered free of charge to 5000 homes in Stevenage every month.

St Nicholas and Martins Wood The Oval Community Centre Vardon Road Stevenage SG1 5RD 01438 317 625

To advertise call us on : 01438 358 576 or visit our website: for more information & prices


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Toddler Groups Tiny Tykes Pin Green Community Centre Archer Road Thursday 9:45 - 11:15 T: 01438 355 734 Bedwell Bunnies Bedwell Community Centre Bedwell crescent Thursday 1:00 - 2:30 T: 01438 221 253 Little Miricles Salvation Army Centre Bedwell Crescent Monday and Tuesday 9:45 11:15 T: 01438 759 173 Thursday Club United Reformed Church Cuttys Lane Thursday 9:30 - 11:15 T: 07838 252 586

Toddlerific St Pauls Church Turpins Rise Monday and Thursday 9:00 - 11:00 T: 01438 314 314 Little Toads Hertford Road Community Centre Kenilworth Close Wednesday 9:45 - 11:30 T: 07736 302 988 Little Treasures Roebuck School St Margarets Tuesday 1:15 - 2:45 T: 077930 059 101 Boxfield Baby and Toddler Group Chells Manor Community Centre Emperors Gate Monday 10:00 - 11:30 T: 07968 366 330

Little Cherubs Camps Hill School Chells Way Wednesday 1:30 - 3:30 T: 01438 233 800 Pin Green Pandas Pin Green Play Centre Webb Rise Thursday 9:30 - 11:30 T: 07886 256 703 Tiddlers Baby and Toddler Group Chells Manor Community Centre Emperors Gate Wednesday 1:15 - 2:45 T: 01438 242 757 Little Rascals St Marys School St Margarets Tuesday 1:15 - 2:45 T: 07793 059 101

Reliable people needed to deliver Your Local Magazine in the Stevenage area. If you have a few hours to spare each month and would like to earn some extra cash email Glenn at:

Your Local offers affordable and effective advertising to local businesses. Delivered free of charge to 5000 homes in Stevenage every month. With advertising space starting from just ÂŁ10.00 and flexable payment terms why not give it a go, call now on 01438 358 576 or visit our website: for more information and to veiw our price list January 2011

Your Local T: 01438 358 576

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Directory of advertisers Motor Trade

Majestic Trading The Offices 134 Southdown Road AL5 1PU T: 01582 967 079 M: 07872 180 310

Business Opportunities

Earn extra cash now T: 01582 807 688 W:



Organic Cleaning T: 0800 389 9609 Laundromat 17 The Glebe Chells Way SG2 0DL T: 01438 362 772 M: 07958 954 981




Jazzercise T: 01480 216 090 W:

Property Matters T: 08432 890 923 W: E:

Marymead Youth Project T: 01438 843340 Ext 53340 07720 805774 Outset Herts T: 0800 0323 902 W:



Stevenage Hockey Club T: 01438 350 705 W:

Marriotts Sports College T: 01438 314 537 E: j.drackford@marriotts.herts.

Milk Delivery


Wernham Printers T: 0208 805 8026 W:

Pensworth:The milk delivery comp Units 1,2, and 3, Maxwells West Trading Estate, Great Cambridge Road, Cheshunt, EN8 8XH T: 01992 645 020



Premier Accountancy T: 01992 716 369

MG Electrical T: 07971807109

Puzzle solutions Cryptic Crossword Across: 7 Pashto, 8 Well-read, 9 Sri Lanka, 10 Rancid, 11 Teardrop, 12 Icicle, 13 Incarnation, 18 Christ, 20 Pestered, 22 Corner, 23 Presents, 24 Reindeer, 25 Potato. Down: 1 Fairies, 2 Children, 3 Joiner, 4 Alarmist, 5 Brunei, 6 Vanilla, 8 Wrapping paper, 14 Attorney, 15 Operetta, 16 Shooter, 17 Gestate, 19 Inning, 21 Sleepy.

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January issue  

The January issue of Your Local Magazine Stevenage