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lmost eighteen months ago I packed Yes, we did say the website would be up my things, travelled across the finished by the end of July but you know Indian Ocean and found myself how these things go. Just think of it as living in a little town on the tip of Africa. Chinese democracy (hopefully way cooler, I left my friends, family and loved ones to but we’ll let you be the judge of that). This try something new. I had spent the past month, we WILL be launching the new 4 years working in many facets of the website - more articles, more reviews, more Australian music industry. By no means everything! a veteran, I did however gain invaluable experience. I loved what I did and I loved the people 75 TIMES THIS COMPANY HAS BUSTED ITS around me, but I knew there was still more to see and do. BALLS AND FOUGHT AGAINST THE BANK

LMG introduced me to a thriving world of not just Capetonian and South African musicians, but photographers, videographers, writers, designers and everything in between. It is the artist that keeps this town kicking along; it is the artist that has kept LMG alive.

With that in mind, we give to you the 75th issue of LMG. 75 times this company (I use that term loosely) has busted its balls and fought against the bank balance to bring you the magazine you hold right now, all for the love of music and those who make it possible. Anyway, onwards and upwards we go; and by upwards I mean to the internet.



Until then, keep checking the gig guide and more importantly, get out there. There were so many great gigs and album launches happening in Cape Town last week that I (almost) wish I lived in Joburg just to make my life easier. The gig guide is also now so damned mobile friendly I sometimes check it just so I can peruse and press the pretty little buttons. If I don’t make it back from Oppikoppi, bury me at Make-out Creek.

Grietfest / The Brother Moves On / Bad Drugs / The Frown / Nomadic Orchestra / Park Acoustics

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O, Brother Where Art Thou? BY JON MONSOON

If the music you’re into is not challenging your perceptions of life, the universe and everything, while coaxing you to have copious amounts of have fun, then perhaps it’s time you moved on.


onsider all your orthodox views on everything you hold dear. And know that this band doesn’t agree with any of them (but they love you anyway). Being agreeable isn’t in the job description of any of the five members of Joburg’s hottestband-right-now but making music with a stage performance that grabs your attention while challenging you not to love them, maybe is. “People constantly want to put us in a box, I think to be able to better understand us,” asserts Raytheon Moorvan (a.k.a. “Raytheism”), guitarist/ keyboardist / vox in the shape-shifting band that is part theatre show, part art exhibition, part psychedelic drug freak out. “People will often tell us after a show (usually in somewhere like Pretoria) that while they don’t ‘get’ what we’re doing, they dig our energy, and that is just a part of it,” tells Ray. What is so fun about being understood anyway?

five guys from area codes that include Soweto, Rosebank, Vosloorus and Kempton Park. “We find different places to play in so as to not become complacent with where we are as a band,” says Ray. “It’s the same way we approach our songs. We don’t ever want to adhere to what you might call a ‘rock sensibility’ so we like to change things up…if for no other reason to show people that in music anything is possible.”


The band have, since their inception (“sometime between 2008 – 2010”) taken a sort of national pride in having lost their ‘How To Make It In The Music Industry” rule book a long time ago. Part of their deep-rooted anarchic mindset can be seen in their addiction to playing gigs in the kind of places (art galleries, museums , church halls, street corners, suburban living rooms), you’d least expect to find a band let alone


on the crowd barrier in front of the stage, splitting his skull open. He stood there, bleeding, shouting “I did this for you!” Watching the band play in Reunion at the Sakifo Festival recently, the response from an audience unfamiliar with them was every bit as fanatical (but less bloody!), the audience refusing to let the band leave the stage even after three encores. “Yes, we’ve set the bar pretty high up with this one,” tells Ray, “And that’s OK y’know, because we will never be better than ourselves.”


“We put a lot of work into our art for our fans. We like to involve them, we pull them in so that they’re not just standing there watching us go off in our tights (we insist that everyone we play with wears tights on stage!). And our fans are very fucking strange!” laughs Ray on the topic of the growing legion of TBMO supporters, both locally and spreading outwards across the African continent, who show up at every gig they play, some with an almost suicidal slant towards their devotion. “One guy at a show purposely smashed his face open

The Brother Moves on is Nkululeko Mthembu (costumes, performance artist, visuals), Siya Mthembu aka Mr.Gold (storyteller, lead vocalist, performance artist), Zelizwe Mthembu aka Makongela (vocalist, guitarist, flautist), Raytheon Moorvan aka Raytheism (vocalist, guitarist, synthesizer), Ayanda Zalekile (vocalist, bassist, multiinstrumentalist), Simphiwe Tshabalala (vocalist, drummer). Rob Scher occasionally joins them on sax.

Next event:

20 August The Brother Moves On are hosting a crowd funded event at the Slave Church in Long St, for details head to



Bad Drugs is...

goes off 10 kilo’s away.

Stephan Swart – Plays the pedals with a guitar, makes noises

Before a gig we usually...

Ariel Kapah – Creates bassline explosions Jacques Olwage – Beat machine, pulse master If you’ve never heard our music we rate we sound a little bit like...

Paddle out to the feeling After a gig we usually... Ride the wave. We think the SA music scene is severely lacking... In international plane tickets and phaser pedals.

The moment right after you start realising you’ve taken shitty drugs and they’ve started backfiring on you.

If our band ethos were a song it would be...

Our music will make you...

Our favourite venue to play at is...

Feel obscurely curious I guess, like when a bomb

Eye Pattern Blindness, by POND

Lion’s Head was dope.

You should come watch us because... We love you. And before we go we just wanted to say... God bless the Fresh Prince.

Next Gig:

13 August Aandklas, Stellies with The Dollfins and S(ons) O(f) S(ettlers)

ALBUM REVIEWS Nomadic Orchestra Move Your Things

The Frown Teenage Swim EP

The Frown is merely a pseudonym for front-woman Eve Rakow, right? Nope, the Frown are in fact a duo made up of Rakow and producer Klein Baas. Their sophomore EP Teenage Swim is minimalist laptop dance pop – think Crystal Castles but less 8-bit and more Witch house and perhaps even camp at times. Teenage Swim manages to incorporate distinctly South African house beats and voices such as Smiso Zwane AKA Okmalumkoolkat. Collaboration with Cape Town-based maestro Nicolaas Van Reenen (Bateleur/Fever Trails) is also notable. Rakow’s vocal acrobatics range from infantile purity to menacing screeches, providing a journey across alternative dance floors. Dark, dingy and perhaps lacking complexity at times, Teenage Swim show promise but unfortunately comes up short.

Sean Patrick Magner Album available iTunes for R55

It is very rare for me to listen to a release from start to finish. This time it was over far too soon as I bounced around my house to the Vaudevillian Balkan-Punk of Nomadic Orchestra, completely carefree. The energy of their live performance is flawlessly translated in this offering. Close your eyes and imagine you’re at a gig, you could almost reach out and touch them. Separately, each musician is astounding however the combination is simply lethal. Stand out tracks include ‘Mondays’ which makes you forget your disdain for the start of a week, while ‘Hell’ never sounded so enticing. Nomadic Orchestra is infectious, your things will move involuntarily – don’t be afraid, just dance. Angela Weickl Album available on iTunes for R70

More album reviews coming soon to our website

BITS & PIECES Women’s Day Special at Bluestown Bluestown (at Mercury Live) is running a very special Women’s Day edition (8th August) which sports a huge amount of local female talent. Sannie Fox (machineri), Janie Bay, Nhoza (Black South Easter),Megan Karma (When Karma Sleeps) and many, many more will be taking to the stage.

Tell your Grandma you already know what you want for Christmas this year, Fokofpolisiekar and Jack Parow have both released live DVD’s. FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY SUCK K*K – Fokofplisiekar – “For us it is all about portraying and channeling the energy of our music while performing. We actually have a name for it: The Spirit Of Fokof. It is a raw energy and connection that we have as great friends who have been playing together in band…”.

WELCOME TO PAROWDISE – Jack Parow – “Welcome to Parowdise is a journey through the last four years of my dangerous life. From Russia to Holland, England to Elsiesrivier; it’s all in here…”.

Manchester Orchestra Manchester Orchestra have been added to the bill at One Night In Cape Town. If ONICT isn’t really your thing, you can catch Oppikoppi touring act Finley Quaye at Mercury Live on the same night.

Lamb of God The Heavy Metal Gods have answered South Africa’s calling, the legendary Lamb of God are hitting our shores in January 2014. Tickets are on sale now through Computicket.

TOGETHERNESS This event happening on the 31st of August at the Blue Hall in Khayelitsha. It will be a diverse mix of Soul, Reggae and Hip-Hop. There’s a huge list of artists performing, head to Facebook for more details.

The Brother Moves On to CT Our Feature Artists (The Brother Moves On) are heading down to the Cape this month through Troubadour, South Africa’s first crowd funding platform designed specifically for live events. It flips the process of organising live events on its head by asking fans to pledge money in order for an event to take place. When enough fans pledge, the event is confirmed. If not enough fans pledge then everyone gets a full refund and the event is cancelled. For more information head to Acoustics on the road Park Acoustics have announced they are making their way to Cape Town! First up they have Desmond &The Tutus, The Dollfins, Diamond Thug, Bateleur and more on the 14th September.

ELECTRONIC BITS Drop The Lime Trouble & Bass label boss Drop The Lime has been announced as the headliner for the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast. This performance will form part of his South African Tour with more shows to be announced.

Red Bull Studios Cape Town The world-class studio based in the Mother City is in the process of relocating to a new, improved space. Catch sneak peeks of the action on Instagram.

On a Break Records Big changes at the Cape Town imprint. The arrival of new co-owner George Daniel in June 2013. A slew of quality releases and new office space. The next release, Melodik – Empire EP is scheduled for 20 August.

SLABOFMISUSE Production enigma Slabofmisuse is set to release his remix EP with naasMUSIC on 13 August. Featuring contributions from established as well as up-and-coming SA producers. A launch party is scheduled for 14 August at The Assembly.

Jumping Back Slash Cape Town-based “Afrotronical Space Music” producer JBS recently featured on UK producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur’s ‘Favourite Tracks’ list for The Guardian. Lookout for his impending release, NAMHLANJE EP scheduled for August and catch his performance on 10 August at Oppikoppi.

Felix Laband All but disappeared, Felix Laband seems to be back. Sporadic performances over the past few months included the PHFat album launch in Cape Town and the creation of alter-ego DJ Snakehips. Could this indicate that his 4th album, Deaf Safari, will see the light of day soon?

Shane Cooper / Card On Spokes Award winning Jazz musician Shane Cooper presents Oscillations, his full length Jazz album. A launch event will be held at The Mahogany Room on 22 August. His electronic production alter-ego, Card on Spokes has a new EP scheduled for release in the next few months.

Once Is Never Enough


It’s a one night stand that accidentally became true love. The never to be repeated GRIETFEST returns for it’s third installment in August 2013.


he culprit behind the annual alternative dance music bacchanalia is GRIET, an Artist Management and Event company run by Dominique Gawlowski and Johan Auriacombe. Based in Cape Town and Pretoria, these two business minded music fans have the underground scene on lockdown. Their passion for the music ensures an outstanding line up, while their business savvy guarantees a professional and well orchestrated event - every time. GRIET has built their reputation on supporting the underdog and showcasing talent just before they reach boiling point. They seek out key underground producers from around the world rather than flying in the radio hit must-haves. GRIET has recognized a gap, a hunger for future music and they aim to satiate your palate. The producer or artist you thought you’d never see on South African soil will more than likely end up playing at GRIETFEST.

Assembly in Cape Town. Both events will have multiple dancefloors with the best in local underground artists supporting four international guest artists. For dramatic effect, GRIETFEST has chosen to announce each international artist separately. Three have been announced thus far and the response has been emphatic.

This year’s main event will return to Newtown, incorporating Town Hall, Carfax and the alley between the two buildings with the outdoor stage under the bridge. A satellite event will be hosted by The


Etnik, the German Techno wunderkind, has been on Gawlowski’s playlist for some time but he piqued GRIET’s interest after Haezer played with him in Australia. Set to take the electronic world by storm in the next year, Etnik is at a now-or-never precipice that could not be ignored. Bart B More (NED) is the owner of Secure Records and a favourite on the European club and festival circuit. Achieving success without commercializing

At a glance...

30 August Venue: The Assembly, Cape Town Time: Doors open at 9PM Tickets: Available on Webtickets. Price: R80 pre-sold, R100 at the door.


PPORTING THE UNDERDOG AND Y REACH BOILING POINT...” his sound has earned him respect amongst peers and more importantly, his fans. When an artist of this calibre shows interest in South Africa, you invite him over and make him feel at home. The decision to invite The Upbeats (NZ) to play was courtesy of Science Frikshun and RudeOne. The Drum ‘n Bass brand and it’s owner have become taste-makers on the local scene, constantly hosting quality artists and events. A fourth

PHOTO BY PETER HUDSON international artist is yet to be announced, possibly saving the best for last. GRIETFEST’s ethos is simple. Throw a party for people who love music. Book artists who play for the love of music. Collaborate with people who eat, breathe and sleep to make the South African underground music scene inimitable. Inspired by their predecessors, they hope to inspire you with every party. The greatest compliment you could pay GRIET is to one day do it bigger and better, because of parties like GRIETFEST.



When words fail, pictures say it best. In the first of our series of Visual Reviews we asked Stephan Bester to give us insight into what a party looks like from his perspective.



&UNION 110 Bree St

DIZZY’S 41 The Drive, Camps Bay

RED HERRING Cnr Beach and Pine roads, Noordhoek

AANDKLAS 43a Bird St, Stellenbosch

DORPSTRAAT TEATER Summerhill Farm, The Shed, R44, Stellenbosch

R.O.A.R./GANDALFS 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory

FICTION 226 Long St

SWINGERS 1 Wetwyn Rd, near Wetton Station, Wynberg

ALEXANDER BAR 76 Strand St ALMA CAFE 20 Alma Rd, Rosebank ARTSCAPE THEATRE Cape Town City Centre THE ASSEMBLY Harrington St, District Six

THE JOLLY ROGER 155 Main Rd, Plumstead THE MAHOGANY ROOM 79 Buitenkant St MERCURY LIVE 43 De Villiers St, Zonnebloem

BERTIE’S MOORINGS The Boardwalk, Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay

THE NAMELESS PUB 101 Main Rd, Helderberg

BOHEMIA Cnr Andringa & Victoria Streets, Stellenbosch

OBVIOUZLY ARMCHAIR 135 Lower Main Rd, Observatory


ON A ROLL 78 Durban Rd, Little Mowbray

DESPERADO’S Observatory DIE BOER 6 Chenoweth St, Durbanville

THE CRYPT JAZZ RESTAURANT 1 Wale St THE WAITING ROOM 273 Long St TRINITY 15 Bennett St, Green Point TRUTH HQ 36 Buitenkant St BARLEYCORN MUSIC CLUB Villagers Rugby Club, 11 Lansdowne Rd, Claremont VILLA PASCAL 28 Van der Westhuizen St, Durbanville

PAKALOLO 10 Main Rd, Hout Bay

VIVA CAFE Studio 30 Somerset Sq, Highfield Rd, Greenpoint

THE RABBIT HOLE Scher St, Durbanville

To have your venue listed, please send event listings to by the 20th of every month.

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LMG 75 August 2013  
LMG 75 August 2013  

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