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- Meet the main arena demonstrators - What’s on in the Dodson & Horrell Arena - V isit the Your Horse Village - Win an Equi-Trek horsebox - Expert advice to improve your riding - Celebrity Q&A panels - The Breeds Village and shopping w w r hor se .c o.u k

Welcome 1 show, 2 arenas, over 70 talks and demonstrations, 300 exhibitors, and more top riders and trainers than you can count It can only be Your Horse Live!

What is it? The perfect horsey Where? Stoneleigh Park, weekend! This is your chance Warwickshire to watch, learn from (and How do I get tickets? Start at just meet!) the world’s A-list horsey Visit www.yourhorselive. £16.50 Adults celebs. Snap up a bargain at the or call the ticket hotline £8 Children 100s of trade stands selling tack, on 0844 581 0770 and quote rugs, clothing and everything in ‘EQ01’to receive a special between, visit the breeds village to advance discount. Plus check out our meet some unusual equines, and win new limited edition VIP tickets which some fantastic prizes – including an offer fast track queuing, guaranteed Equi-Trek Sonic lorry worth £28,700 seats to all main arena performances – in the Your Horse village. and other privileges – but there’s only When? 12 and 13 November 2011 a few left for Sunday, so hurry! Photos The Donkey Sanct uary


Give a donk a home… This year’s Your Horse Live nominated charity is The Donkey Sanctuary. Founded in 1969, the Sanctuary works to protect donkeys and mules and promote their welfare worldwide. It supports projects in 29 countries, including major projects in Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Mexico, where donkey welfare is improved through community education and veterinary work. “We’re thrilled The Donkey Sanctuary has been nominated Your Horse Live’s Charity of the Year,” says Dawn Vincent, the charity’s communications manager. “It’s a real privilege to be able to come and share our love of donkeys and mules at such a prestigious equine event. All over the developing world some of the poorest people and communities on the planet rely on donkeys for their survival. Donkeys work until they drop in terrible conditions to carry desperately needed water, transport huge loads to make their owners a living, or even work as school buses or ambulances.

We work hard to support these donkeys as well as the families who could not live without them. “In the UK we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of donkeys and mules coming into our care, some of whom have been rescued from neglect, mistreatment or abandonment. We currently have donkeys and mules looking for loving foster homes.” For more information visit

You can show your support by visiting the Donkey Sanctuary stand and by using the Shop and Drop facility at the show

Ticket hotline 0844 581 0770 (quote ‘EQ01’) or visit by Midnight 7th November 2011 w w r hor se .c o.u k


Geoff Billington Anna Ross-Davies & Oliver Townend & Roland Tong

Familiar faces to Your Horse Live Bringing humour and irreverence and back by popular demand to the dressage arena

Geoff Billington

Oliver Townend

Geoff: I wouldn’t be where I am today without It’s Otto [the dark bay gelding that took Geoff to two Olympic Games and a European and World Championship]. He took me to places I’d never dreamed of going. Oliver: I owe my success to my parents. They’ve always supported me over the years. They still come to watch me compete and they always ring me at the end of an event to see how I’ve done. Geoff: The worst thing is the travelling. Right now we’re on our way to a show in France – we’ll drive six hours before we park up for the night, and then it’s six hours on a ferry and two hours more driving on the other side. Of course the best thing is winning! Oliver: Yes –the travelling and also the financial pressures are the worst things. The best are obviously the horses, and the fantastic places we visit. Geoff: When things go wrong I analyse it – but then kick on forward! Things can go wrong a lot and I try to get my head down and not think too much about it.

Anna: Roland and I have Oliver: I haven’t yet found a known each other for 20 good way of dealing with years. The most difficult things going wrong! Even thing about working together when I win I’ll think about is we both want to be in what I did and how things charge – it’s a bit of a power could have gone better. struggle! We recently teamed When things go well with a up to ride a pas-de-deux and big win, we’ll throw a party. argued the whole way round Geoff: My one top tip to a – the judge almost had to novice show jumper is let come out and referee us! the fence come to you. Anna: I listen to all sorts of Oliver: And mine is be music to see if it might work positive and enjoy it! with the horses for dressage. Actually, the best advice I have a very bizarre CD I’ve ever been given is collection. I actually quite like not to worry about the listening to Classic FM, but I other competitors – also like a bit of Rhianna. concentrate on getting the Roland: I like listening to the best out of your horse rather Live Lounge on Radio 1 and than trying to beat the rest. also lots of clubby dance Geoff: It’s always a fantastic music. I think it’s better I crowd at Your Horse Live. appreciate dance music from I’m looking forward to my car than a club – if it having a bit of banter comes on in a club I look with them! around and realise I look Oliver: I hope people will really old compared to have fun and come away everyone else! from our demo feeling Anna: If I have a day off positive. Especially as from the horses I’m doing it with I like to cook. Geoff – after all, Roland: Ideally if someone of on my day off his size and ho’s I wouldn’t stature can To find out w the see a horse succeed, performing in hen, dw at all, but anyone can! main arena an w w. w go online to e. that never Sorry Geoff!

78 you r

hor se

Anna Ross-Davies

Timetable yourhorseliv

Roland Tong

happens! I also steer clear of shops – I’m the sort of person that can go into a tack shop and spend £700 – good for the economy but not for my relationship with my bank manager! Anna: A good teacher is always committed and enthusiastic. And a good pupil is someone who does what they’re told! Roland: To me a good teacher is personable and sympathetic. And a good pupil is someone who is open minded, and who has enough respect for the person teaching them to try it their way. How I do it and how Anna does it can be completely different, and yet I can have a lesson with Anna and still get the result I was looking for. Anna: I’m really looking forward to meeting people from lots of different disciplines at Your Horse Live. [Anna is taking part in the celebrity riders’ panel in the Q&A Live zone]. I hope people who see our demo will be entertained and inspired. Roland: I’m looking forward to it too. People can expect to be entertained by us – we’re like something out of X Factor!


Laura Bechtolsheimer Fresh from victory at the European Championships, with her sights firmly fixed on London 2012, Laura will give some fantastic demos at Your Horse Live. Here she spills the beans about Alf, ambition and a liking for soaps…


I wouldn’t be where I am today without Alf [Mistral Hojris, Laura’s 17hh chestnut gelding]. He’s my horse of a lifetime. I’d been to the World Championships before on Douglas Dorsey, but Alf has taken it to a new level, and has given me my biggest successes.


My philosophy is that enjoyment for both horse and rider should always come first. Ambition and taking things too seriously should never override that. You’ve got to be driven by your desire to train horses, not by pure ambition.


I tend to choose quite big horses to ride – for no particular reason it just always seems to happen that way! I prefer them a bit sharp – preferably on the too sharp side than the lazy side – and I like horses with a strong character. I do have a five-year-old homebred mare but my horses generally tend to be geldings. I’m not a massive fan of stallions – they can be a bit dull off the leg.


The first thing I do when I arrive on the yard each morning is walk down the row of stables and check that all the horses are happy and look normal. The last thing I do is write my list for the next day, so the girls know who I’m riding when.


Before I get on my horse at a competition I visualise myself riding my test – not just thinking about where I’ll be going, but actually properly visualising how I’m going to ride it. Once I’m on I do my warm up and then there’s nothing really left to do, just ride!


I event as well as do dressage. I didn’t this season because my horse had an injury but I bought a fun horse at the beginning of 2009 which I’ve evented two seasons on, just up to Novice level. I love going cross-country!

you r hor se


I try to turn pressure into a positive, rather than something scary. Pressure comes because you’ve done well, and so that should give you confidence. You wouldn’t be under pressure if you hadn’t done well in the past. And I won’t be changing anything in preparation for 2012. It’s a championship like any other so you do the same thing, same routine, same training, same shows…

8 9 10 11

If I have a day off I like to sleep in. I also enjoy going down to London and having a night out with some of my old uni friends, or playing tennis.

I couldn’t live without my iPod – I need music! I listen to all sorts of things – a lot of old school stuff, so 60s, 70s.

My guilty pleasure is Home and Away. And I could probably go through a packet of biscuits dunked in tea or coffee while watching it. My one tip for any aspiring dressage rider is ‘preparation’. The better prepared you are for the test and the more comfortable you and your horse are doing it at home, the more likely you are to be able to do it when out of your comfort zone.


A good teacher enables the rider to recreate results when the teacher isn’t with them. So you don’t just create a puppet, but someone who understands what they’re doing.


I don’t teach that many people, and I don’t do many lecture demos either, so I’m really looking forward to Your Horse Live. It will definitely be challenging teaching people and horses I don’t know, but that makes it more interesting. It’ll be good!

Laura and Alf at the 2008 Olympic Games

pic: Kit Houghton

My philosophy is that enjoyment for both horse and rider should always come first


from Rockin’ Horse

Their jaw-dropping stunts are responsible for much collective holding of breath at Your Horse Live. Charismatic frontman Guido Louis tells us what motivates him to risk life and limb to entertain


If I wasn’t a professional stunt rider, I’d like to have been a musician. I’ve always wished I could sing, but I’ve got no voice whatsoever – though I do play lousy drums!


I was 15 when I left home to join the Fear circus. My would mum said: be a “Look, if very bad that’s adviser in what you my job. want to We have do, you to try go and and stay do it. If it calm. doesn’t Having work out, said that, you can when I’m always come doing my back.” She stunts I’m often, of one stood by me, and well, not scared so orms perf o Guid his crowd-thrilling that gave me a lot of much, but worried, yes! stunts strength, because I But it’s more that you knew that OK, I can take worry before the show this plunge but it doesn’t mean than when you’re actually doing that I’m actually going to drown if it. When you’re doing it there’s not it all goes bad! So, I came back much time to be scared. home once or twice and then I left again, because at the end of the I’m motivated by doing day I couldn’t resist the calling. things that no one else can do. That’s why I go under the bellies of horses in our act or The best piece of advice I’ve take horses over a barrier that’s ever been given is “Don’t do been put on fire and stand on the it!” No, seriously, there is a back of three and take them over a saying that I really like. It goes: jump – no one else does that. I’m “May you be strengthened by always trying new things. yesterday’s rain, walk straight in tomorrow’s wind, and cherish each moment of the sun today.” If you come to our demo you Not my words but I try and live by can expect a good time! them and I’ve always made sure When I’m in there I don’t that I enjoy today just as much as I think about anything else. It’s all enjoy making plans for the future. about making the audience happy.

3 le Timetabho ’s

To find out w the performing in hen, w d an a main aren w w w. go online to e. liv se or yourh

around 15.1hh to 15.2hh – you want something that is fast and furious – but not too furious! I have one horse called Tosca and he is very, very fast, and he stops me from doing stuff like going under his belly – I couldn’t do it on him.


6 7


The first thing I look for in a potential stunt horse is a calm head, strong legs and good joints. Size, he would be


The ambience at Your Horse Live is amazing – it’s a fantastic arena to get the crowd involved in.

w w r hor se .c o.u k

Dodson & Horrell Arena


Understanding the problem horse

with Jason Webb and Charlie Unwin Whether dressage, jumping, Western or showing is your thing, we’ve got it covered in the Dodson & Horrell arena. Take a look at this year’s fantastic line up.


ustralian Jason Webb has made a name for himself by handling and starting young horses, and rehabilitating ‘problem’ horses, sympathetically and effectively. His philosophy is based on traditional Australian methods, but includes a hefty dose of common sense, as well as a sound understanding of horse psychology. From the Australian Horsemanship

inextricably linked. Jason will HQ in Kent, Jason and his be working with one lucky team start a number of Your Horse reader’s horse young horses under at the show, as well as saddle each year, and sitting on a youngster for also tackle common the very first time. Plus, ridden and behavioural Jason’s superstar problems such as polocrosse stallion Diesel loading, spookiness and will also be on hand to show bad manners. off some of his party tricks! Jason will be Charlie Unwin “I’m really excited to be working with sports demonstrating at Your Horse psychologist Charlie Live”, says Jason. “It will be a challenge Unwin to explore and – working with horses that I don’t know demonstrate how the really tests my skills as a trainer and behaviour of both horse and behaviourist, but that’s what I love handler about this job.” are

ble Timetaw ho’s

To find out the performing in ll re or H & n so od D hen, go arena and w w w. w to ne li on e. liv se or yourh

Jason Webb – looking forward to demonstrating how to help horses with problems

you r hor se

pic: NRH Photography

Going Western, with Lee Rutter If you’re intrigued by Western riding and want to find out more, then this is the demo for you


ee Rutter is one of the UK’s most respected Western riders and trainers. He began riding Westernstyle when he was just 10 years old, and went on to become part of the Bronze medal winning team at the FEI European Reining Championships in 2009. He was also part of the reining team that competed at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, finishing in fifteenth place in the Individual Final.

He’s currently British Reining Open champion. Now a full time trainer based at Oakridge Quarter Horses, Lee will be giving an introduction to Western riding, showing the precision, accuracy and responsiveness that are its hallmarks. “I’m really looking forward to showing Western riding to an audience who might not have encountered it before,” explains Lee. “It’s a way of riding that requires the horse to be relaxed but responsive and I hope to show how we achieve that.”


appearing in the Dodson & Horrell arena Top show judge Lucy Killingbeck will be working with some budding show riders to polish their ringcraft, and explain just what the judge is looking for.

Popular show jumping coach Carol Mailer (above) will demonstrate some fool-proof gymnastic jumping exercises that will help any horse and rider improve their timing, balance and accuracy.

Classical riding with Sylvia Loch

This demonstration of the tried and tested principles of classical riding is a delight to see


ylvia Loch is the UK’s greatest authority on classical riding, and has been spreading the word about the benefits to both horse and rider of the classical way for the last 35 years. She founded the Classical Riding Club in l995 in the hope of putting the emphasis back on better riding, worried that the traditional, classical ways and ethics were being by-passed in favour of quick-fix modern methods. Taking time out from her base in Scotland to return to Your Horse

Live this year, Sylvia will demonstrate how the same basic principles and concepts underpin classical, correct and humane riding at all levels, from beginner up to Grand Prix. “In particular I’m really looking forward to showing the correct aids at Your Horse Live,” explains Sylvia, “as so many people tell me that they are confused about this. “One person says this, another that, but in fact the classical way of riding can be easily demonstrated with minimum rein aids or fuss!”

And rider, trainer and author Claire Lilley (below) will be demonstrating how to effectively work your horse from the ground, including using long reining and lungeing to improve their way of going.

Ex-eventer and head trainer from the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre, Kath Pinington, will explain what goes into preparing ex-racers for a new career, and will show some practical exercises to help them adjust to life away from the track r hor se .c o.u k

Your Horse village Queues form to see Ellen Whit aker in 2010

The Your Horse Village – it’s the place to be!

Pay a visit to the Your Horse Village to meet your favourite celebrities, win some fantastic prizes, and take advantage of some special show offers. Here’s the round up of what’s in store…

Find your horse his perfect home at the stand If you’re looking to sell your horse (or buy a new one) then make sure you visit the Horse Deals stand. The Horse Deals ‘wall’ will be packed with adverts of horses for sale – just bring along a postcard-sized advert and pin it up, completely free of charge. With around 15,000 visitors expected over the weekend it’s a great way to advertise.

Plus ... for our subscribers If you’re a loyal subscriber to Your Horse then the subscribers’ lounge is our way of saying thank you. Put your feet up and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee while planning where to go next – just wear your special wristband for entry

Special shoow subscripti n offers!

clusive There’ll be ex tions ip cr deals on subs se and or H r u Yo to both blication our sister pu er the ov ls ea D Horse the Your weekend on and st se or H

Celebrity autograph signings

If you fancy saying hello to your favourite riders and getting their autograph, then make your way to the Your Horse stand. Over the weekend Oliver Townend, Geoff Billington, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Anna Ross-Davies, and Guido from Rockin’ Horse will all be popping by to sign autographs and meet fans. Check out the timetables at or pick up a free show guide on the day.

Our ‘Must Have’ products

There are certain horsey products that the Your Horse team just couldn’t live without – our ‘Must Haves’. Get us started talking about them and we can’t stop! We’re so keen to give others the chance to find out how great they are, that we’ve set up this fantastic competition. Dozens of our favourite Must Have products are up for grabs. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is hang on to your admission ticket stub and bring it along to the Your Horse stand. From feed to saddles, supplements to safety equipment, there are some fantastic prizes to be won. Good luck!

Thank you to all the sponsors who have made Your Horse Live 2011 possible: Baileys, Mountain Horse, Dodson & Horrell, Martin Collins, Dengie, Protexin, Green Mile

you r hor se

Win a horsebox


Win an horsebox worth £28,700! We’ve teamed up with Britain’s largest horsebox manufacturer, Equi-Trek, to bring you the chance to win a fantastic Equi-Trek Sonic horsebox worth an eye-watering £28,700!


he Sonic is a compact, easy-todrive box which carries two horses in complete comfort. There is a separate tack/changing room as well as additional storage over the cab, meaning there’s plenty of space for all you and your horse’s gear. Plus, Equi-Trek has generously added

the following extras to the competition prize vehicle: alloy wheels, mud flaps, head divider, corner seat with storage, CCTV camera, digital reversing camera, padded partition, padded walls, extra height partition and road tax until June 2012. One lucky winner and their horse will

certainly be taking to the road in style! For your chance to win, just visit the Your Horse stand in the Your Horse Village, where the lorry will be on display, and fill in the simple entry form. Good luck! For full terms and conditions visit

Find out more

rmation For more info rek i-T on the Equ eboxes, range of hors i-trek. qu go to w w w.e com r hor se .c o.u k

Q&A Live

There’s a packed timetable with loads of ex pert advice on all things eq uine


Sarah Lavelle-Bowden Saddle buying made simple


ould you like to be able to discuss a potential saddle purchase, or the fit of your existing saddle, with confidence? Sarah Lavelle-Bowden, the owner of Saddles Direct, will be giving talks each day in the Q&A Live zone, to give horse owners the knowledge they need to be able to make an informed purchase of a new or used saddle. As an

lso sharing their knowledge and answering your questions in the Q&A Live zone will be equine dental practitioner Jonathan Keen, who will explain the importance of dentistry for your horse’s comfort, and Nicky Jarvis MRCVS chief veterinary officer at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, who will talk about how best to care for a veteran.

Sarah will be giving advice on getting the best saddle for you and your horse


Sports psychologist Charlie Unwin will look at how to prepare mentally for competition, while The Horse Bit Shop explains the importance of the right bit for comfortable, effective communication with your horse. Hoof care specialist KC la Pierre will discuss alternatives to traditional farriery and Dena Schwartz will explain the benefits of aromatherapy for horses.

Q& A


I’m passionate about correctlyfitted saddles and enjoy nothing more than talking to people about horses and saddles

Ce le br ity

ti Iron out posi horse a ut ho it faults w the of e in sight, on on rs at to la u m si riding the show

W e in ’re th g s s o po e ivi fi me t w bus ng nd in y o i ou f t ll b es ou e h t w e O s, the w ho m o ly m it c h ’s st p h o an o n p ic , u ce r th es Wo r ce to e t ig r l l e q p a io d b u i ne u an r it z s l a s e d E y Q om nd ve ur & e A w n t s op p o f h e in e a a n t h n, th n el e b go e me s . es R t o sp o da e a t r w rt llis dy ide w . W ts t r s o w .y ha , an be and ou t w d p r h il w u t t r a o r l y in n o n in e s e ou e t r liv a rs he s e. sk? of co T .u o k

No horse? ! No problem on

independent supplier of quality used saddles, Sarah will explain what to look for when buying a saddle, and will give a basic understanding of how a saddle should fit. She will also give an independent opinion on how various brands differ, making some more suitable than others for horses of particular shapes and sizes. “I’m really excited about talking and exhibiting at Your Horse Live,” says Sarah. “I’m passionate about correctly-fitted saddles and enjoy nothing more than talking to people about horses and saddles!”

w w r hor se .c o.u k

t o is w is ho t h o n he n m ps T e ti ? t h g o p in n d r t id fi fo r r to g u e in yo lac ok ve p L o r o t he p im

ce vi ad rt pe Ex

Improve your riding


Pete Doherty Self hypnosis for sports people


f anxiety and a lack of confidence is getting in the way of you really enjoying your riding and achieving your potential, then pay a visit to the Improve Your Riding zone when Peter Doherty takes to the stage. Peter will explain how self hypnosis can help people manage and eliminate overwhelming anxieties, which can in turn help them become a better rider. A certified life coach as well as a trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Peter is also qualified in clinical hypnosis. “I work with sports people a lot, especially in the equestrian world,” explains Pete. “Helping people to ride with confidence allows them to have that special experience where the horse and the human develop a co-operative relationship. Without the intervention of hypnosis many people would simply never know that pleasure. I’m really looking forward to demonstrating this at Your Horse Live.”


lso on hand to help you Improve your Riding will be British Dressage Registered Trainer and EquipilatesTM founder Lindsay Wilcox-

Pete Doherty


Reid, and human and equine Bowen Therapy practitioner Beth Darrall. BHSII Ruth Dickens will talk about riding with confidence on the roads, while Jo Cooper

will show how neurolinguistic programming can help riders make positive changes to their performance. Russell Guire from Centaur Biomechanics

will look at how computerised rider analysis can shed light on position problems and Claire Lilley will show exercises to improve your riding at home!

w w r hor se .c o.u k

eq C at u c d a in h t ily es he B in a s e a re c e d ti m a s o n z in Pa in g ra t h de e

D m on is ’t s

Breeds & shopping

The tough Eriskay pony will be rubbing shoulders with the powerful Hanoverian in the Breeds Village

Marvel at the Icelandic ’s unique gaits, discover the Quar ter Horse, and watch the Mule prove it’s more than just a pack-hor se

More than just a one horse town... Do you know your Curly Coat from your Cleveland Bay, and your Mule from your Merens? Well if not, don’t fret – the Your Horse Live Breeds Village is your chance to get to know these unusual breeds


riginating high in the Pyrenean mountains of France, the Merens breed was very close to extinction in the late 1970s, but these hardy horses have now made a remarkable comeback. Meanwhile numbers of Cleveland Bays – England’s oldest breed of horse – are still critical, although the future is looking brighter for this versatile equine.

The Vikings’ horse, the Icelandic, will be showing off its unique gaits in the daily breeds parade. The Hanoverian is one of the most popular sports horse breeds, while the American Quarter Horse is quite simply the fastest equine around over short distances. The only breed of horse native to the Netherlands, the beautiful Friesian will

Don’t miss the chance to meet these wonderful equines face-to-face! be on show, as will the Curly Coat with its unusual, hypoallergenic hair. For something a little different, don’t miss the Mule – these tough equines are long-lived, and full of character!

you r hor se

unbeatable show discounts and bargains, treating yourself and your four-legged friends doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s all under cover, and when you need to take the weight off your feet and refuel there are plenty of refreshments available. Plus with the show’s Shop and Drop facility there’s no need to carry your purchases around with you – leave them safe and secure while you watch the arena performances. So what are you waiting for? – time to write that shopping list!

0 30


f there’s one thing we horse owners like even more than shopping for ourselves, it’s shopping for our horses. Whether it’s a new winter rug for him, a new winter coat for you, or the perfect Christmas gift for that pal at the yard who’s helped you through those horsey ups and downs, you’ll be sure to find it here, in one of the four halls dedicated to retail therapy. Over 300 exhibitors make Your Horse Live the UK’s premier equine shopping event. And with many top retailers offering

er ns Ov tio bi hi ex

Your Horse Live – your one stop shop for everything equine!

Your Horse Live 2011 - Showguide  

Find out what's going on this year at the UK's biggest equestrian event, Your Horse Live!

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