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summer care guide

Essential summer horse care

Take a look inside for tips and advice on healthy digestion, looking after your horse’s skin, summer rugs, saddle ftting, feed balancers plus more!

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Welcome W

elcome to the 2013 Summer Care Guide. With longer, warmer days, summer is a great time to have a horse. To help you get the most out of the summer months and help your horse



stay healthy and happy we’ve put together our Summer Care Guide. Whether you need advice on choosing the right summer rug, are concerned about feeding or want help keeping his skin healthy, you’ll fnd it here.

We hope you enjoy reading it and it helps you have a great summer with your horse.

Allison Lowther Buyers’ Guide editor




Find out how Dengie’s Healthy Tummy feed can help with ulcers

Keep his skin glowing with health this summer

WeatherBeeta helps you choose the perfect rug for your horse



Discover the power of the green lipped mussel and its benefts

Advice on what to feed your horse if he’s kept at grass




Baileys Horse Feeds takes the confusion out of feeding a balancer

Find out more about the unique EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution saddles

Find out about the grooming products that’ll help keep your horse healthy




More vet practices have endoscopes long enough to view the horse’s stomach and see if he has ulcers

For a healthy, happy tummy

Find out how Dengie’s Healthy Tummy can help your horse have a healthy digestive system and stay ulcer-free


eeding your horse a high-fbre diet, as nature intended, can help to promote a healthy gut and provide plenty of energy in a form that’s far more sympathetic to his digestive system. Fibre takes much longer to chew than cereal-based feeds and increases saliva production – your horse’s natural way of regulating acidity in its stomach. If you’re regularly competing, some horses fnd that the training, preparation and travel involved can be extremely stressful, and take its toll on the health of the digestive system. This is where Dengie’s Healthy Tummy can help. Healthy Tummy is a complete fbre feed packed with the latest ingredients for optimum digestive health including alfalfa, known for its natural bufering

4 your horse suMMer care guide 2013

action and a unique blend of herbs, such as oregano, ginger and cinnamon. There’s also Protexin In-Feed formula, which has live yeast and prebiotics, and a high specifcation of vitamins and minerals, including a full range of B vitamins such as biotin. Special calcium and magnesium are added to give the feed’s bufering capabilities a

real boost. Healthy Tummy was developed by Dengie’s senior nutritionist, Katie Williams, MSc (Dist), in response to growing concerns about gastric health. “Research shows that 60% of

competition and 40% of leisure horses could be afected by Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome,” she says. “Horse owners are becoming increasingly aware of the problem of ulcers as we learn more about the ways in which the stresses of many horses’ lifestyles could be causing serious health issues such as gastric ulcers.”

What are gastric ulcers?

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) involves lesions of the tissue lining the stomach in the non-glandular area and the condition is thought to be related to diet, exercise and stress. Although ulcers might seem like a recent phenomenon, they’ve probably been afflicting horses for decades – it’s just that more lesions in the squam vets now have long ous mucosa, the upper enough endoscopes area of the horse’s stoma ch to view the horse’s w w r hor se .co.u k

Advertising feAture heAlthy digestion

top tips Try not to work your horse on an empty stomach. Fibre in the stomach acts as a barrier and helps to prevent the acid from being pushed up into vulnerable areas l Fibre and oil can easily meet the energy requirements of most horses working up to moderate levels. Healthy Tummy contains as much energy as a medium-energy mix l Protexin In-Feed Formula, included in Healthy Tummy, supplies prebiotics and live yeast which has been shown to alter the population of bacteria in the stomach, helping to l

stomach so they can see the ulcers. As more research has been carried out our understanding of the severity of the problem has increased.

What causes ulcers?

could my horse have ulcers? Not all horses show classic symptoms, but if he’s showing any of the following ask your vet to check him over: l Grumpy behaviour, particularly when tightening the girth l Stereotypical behaviour such as cribbing or wind-sucking l Poor condition l Weight loss l Sufering from repeated “gassy” colic after eating l Starting eating but continually stopping l A reluctance to eat

w w r hor se .co.u k

charlotte scott and oakley

restricted access to forage he can be vulnerable to ulcers. Feeding too much starch A recent study carried out in the United States showed that EGUS was the most frequent nutrition-related problem for event horses. A contributing factor could be the use of cereal-based feeds because researchers have suggested that one of the biggest risk factors for ulcers is feeding more than 2g per kg body weight of starch per day. This means that, if you’re feeding one-and-ahalf large Stubbs scoops per day of a medium energy (25 per cent starch) mix, you’re in the high-risk category! Exercise It’s thought that working at high intensity levels, particularly on an empty stomach, could cause acidic stomach contents to be pushed up into the non-glandular region. If intense exercise is repeated consistently, ulcers could occur. Stressed horses Even if your horse is turned out 24/7, if he’s a little anxious it could make him more vulnerable to ulcers.

feeding a high-fbrere tu diet, as na n help ca , d e d n te in a healthy to promote avoid d n a t u g stric equine ga me ro d n y s r ulce

There are several factors contributing to ulcers. A lack of fbre This is one of the major causes, as your horse’s natural trickle grazing would normally provide protection against ulcers. The presence of fbrous material in his stomach acts as a physical barrier, literally stopping the acid coming into contact with his stomach lining. In addition, constant chewing produces saliva that helps to neutralise acid produced in the stomach, therefore if your horse has

success stories

promote good gut health l Feed plenty of forage because it promotes chewing and naturally helps to regulate the level of acidity in the stomach. Feed low-calorie forages for good doers, such as Hi-Fi Lite, Hi-Fi GoodDoer or late-cut hay l Include alfalfa in the ration – independent research at Texas A&M University has shown that alfalfa is a natural bufer to acidity because of its protein and calcium content l Management is key – turn out as much as possible, with “friends”, to supply fbre, relaxation and avoid unnecessary stressful situations

for friendly dietary advice and more information on healthy tummy, telephone dengie’s feedline on 0845 345 5115 or visit

Charlotte Scott and Oakley “Oakley is my frst youngster, who’s been brilliant but has sufered severe periods of diarrhoea. On further veterinary examinations, no solution could be found. Then, my local feed store recommended Dengie’s Healthy Tummy. “Oakley is now holding his weight, has a super-shiny coat, better concentration when working and, more importantly, no diarrhoea! I now have a much happier, healthier horse – thank you, Dengie!” hannah esberger and vanita

Hannah Esberger and Vanita “Vanita is currently competing at Inter II and will be out at Grand Prix this year. He’s sensitive and can get a little tense at competitions and, when training, gets a little more demanding. “Feeding him Healthy Tummy gives me peace of mind – I know that he’s receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals, along with the slow-release energy needed to perform. He licks the feed bowl clean and looks and feels amazing!”

your horse suMMer care guide 2013 5


for ヌ段endly feeding advice contaツセ the Dengie feedline on 0845 345 5115

Lovely skin all year round He’ll

you for it!

If your horse has sensitive skin, or is prone to irritating skin reactions caused by: • • • • •

mud wet conditions insect bites heat a foodstuff

Feed Love the SKIN He’s In Skin Supplement as part of his daily diet. To complement it's support, care for his hair and skin with Love the SKIN He’s In Skin Wash, Spray and Salve. So use Love the SKIN He’s In range and help him love the skin he's in all year round.

For more details please go to your local NAF stockist or call our Freephone Advice Line: 0800 373 106 or email


Love his skin If your horse has sensitive skin, this new range of skin-care products from NAF could be the answer

support, designed to help deal with weak immune systems, which are often the cause of these conditions.

The products All products in the Love The SKIN range are totally natural and have been formulated to complement each other, working both externally and from the inside to address these skin conditions. They’ll leave your horse feeling happy and healthy, and looking on top form!

Love the SKIN Supplement This is a unique natural formula, rich in naturally sourced antioxidants, which helps fush excess toxins out of his system. A high level of MSM will boost the condition of his skin.

Love the SKIN Wash This is an efective wash that ofers gentle, yet efective cleansing to superfcially damaged skin, whichever of the following methods you choose: As a hot towel wash following

Looking Good & Feeling Great

Photography: E S Photography


ore and more horses are sufering from skin conditions, such as scabs, lumps under the skin, insect bites, itchy areas and unexplained rashes. To help owners care for their horses, NAF, leading British manufacturers of equine feed supplements and care applications, has developed a new collection, the Love The SKIN complete care range. As well as topical treatments, this exciting range includes nutritional

Sir MARK TODD, British based Olympic Event Rider with Campino Says Charlie, Head Groom for Mark Todd, “We have been amazed by the results of the Love the Skin Wash. After one week of using it any rashes have completely gone and the coats are much healthier.”

ADVERTISING FEATURE SKIN CARE clipping or for a deep clean A cold wash for a refreshing cleanse to lift sweat, grease and dust from his coat Applied directly in concentrated form to any afected areas of skin

Love the SKIN Spray

Emile Faurie, international British dressage rider and 2011 European Gold medalist, says: “I can’t sing the praises of ‘Love the Skin’ highly enough. One of my horse’s, Corbiere (Charlie) had a horrible reaction to clipper oil, so we used several Love The Skin products in combination. We treated his skin topically with Skin Wash and Skin Spray while feeding the Skin Supplement. “The products worked so well that within one month, his skin was soft and his coat had an amazing shine. I was able to ride him again and get him back out to competitions, where he looked and felt great. The results speak for themselves!”

ttle A 1 litre bo SKIN e th e v Lo of es with Wash com urious x lu E a FRE nsing Deep Clea Towel

A soothing spray which comforts and helps relieve irritation. Simply mist over areas of faky skin, lumps, bumps and rashes. The benefts will be felt by your horse almost immediately.

Love the SKIN Salve This light water-based salve is quickly absorbed into the skin helping to calm irritated areas of skin and heal minor abrasions.


Photography: Nigel Goddard

Photography: Sebastian Oakley


For more success stories and to fnd out more about how Love The SKIN could help your horse call the NAF Freephone Advice Line, 0800 373106 or go to

PAUL TAPNER, British based International Event Rider with Calicos

JAMES ADAMS, British International Event Rider with Pricewise

GEMMA TATTERSALL, British International Event Rider with Chico Bella P

EMILY BALDWIN, British International Event Rider with Rinwood Cooley

“The Love The Skin Wash has been a great addition to our wash room – we use it on the horses that are prone to sweat rashes or have sensitive skin. It has saved us using veterinary applications, which is the method we would have used in the past to prevent infection and possible re-activation of skin issues.”

“I wash all my horses after exercise at home and events with Love The Skin Wash. It's especially good after cross country as it removes all the sweat and dirt from the body leaving them feeling clean and refreshed without the need to rinse off. What's more my horses feel good and look amazing after using the wash as it leaves them with a dust free, shiny coat.”

“I have been using the Love The Skin Wash and have found it really useful after clipping as it lifts off all the hair and grease and leaves their coats shiny and soft. It’s also great if you have worked your horse hard and need to give him a nice relaxing wash especially as it helps to prevent any sweat rash and helps remove any grit or mud from the coat. I have found it a really useful addition to my washroom”

“Rinwood Cooley has had dreadful skin ever since I bought him and we have found the only way to keep the spots and flaky skin under control is by feeding him Love the Skin Supplement and rinsing him in the Love The Skin Wash every time I ride him. He's now got a fabulous shine on his coat and he's been double clear every time out this year. Great result!"

The new name in equine skin care. Love the SKIN he’s in brings you a premium range of totally natural products which have been formulated to compliment each other, and work from the inside and out to address skin issues such as lumps, bumps, rashes, irritations and reactions. Love the SKIN he’s in offers a skin care program that every horse deserves.

For more details please go to your local NAF stockist or call our Freephone Advice Line: 0800 373 106 or email

Try Love the SKIN he's in for FREE We are giving ten Your Horse readers the chance to trial a Love the SKIN he's in product for free. Just go to www.naf-equine/eu/uk/YHSKIN to enter. Full Terms and Conditions online.

summer care guide

Choose the right rug If you’re on the lookout for a new rug this summer, follow WeatherBeeta’s top tips to make sure you get the perfect one for your horse


he most popular rugs for summer use are lightweight turnouts to give everyday weather protection and mesh rugs to keep of biting insects and fies. The WeatherBeeta range provides a variety of features and fts to accommodate horses of all shapes and sizes with diferent styles to make sure your horse stays cool, protected and comfortable all summer long.

Turnout rugs All turnout rugs should be both waterproof and breathable, allowing moisture to pass through the outer shell keeping your horse comfortable and dry. For a long-lasting rug that will survive wear and tear, look for one with a high strength denier – the

higher the denier the tougher the rug will be. Rugs that are interwoven with a Ripstop weave have even more durability, as this adds reinforcement in a cross-hatch pattern, helping to control and limit tears. Some rugs are designed with a diamond weave that runs diagonally across the fabric for a more durable hardwearing fnish. All WeatherBeeta turnout rugs are waterproof, breathable and feature Ripstop technology. The outer fabric of the rug is treated with a water-resistant coating to help prevent rain saturating the rug. Freestyle system For a happy horse, total comfort is key and the WeatherBeeta Freestyle system

ofers unrivalled freedom of movement and comfort. Features in this system include a Forward Positioned Gusset allowing your horse’s leg to move fuidly through the gusset and a Cupped Shoulder Dart shaped to allow more room. The Freestyle Wither Relief Pad helps to prevent rubbing and the Full Wrap Tail Flap wraps around the horse’s quarters for protection from the wind and rain. The Freestyle 600D Standard Neck Lite provides the strongest protection in the WeatherBeeta range. Both waterproof and breathable, it features a Diamond Weave outer for extra strength and durability as well as all the features of the Freestyle system. It’s available in navy/red/white and royal plaid and prices start from £89.99. The WeatherBeeta Genero 600D Standard Neck Lite provides top quality at a great price. Waterproof and breathable, it’s brimming with quality features to keep your horse comfortable and dry throughout the summer. There’s a 600 denier Ripstop outer shell, full nylon lining to keep your

Make sure your horse’s rug fts correctly

The Weatherbeeta Freestyle 600D Standard Neck Lite

10 your horse suMMer care guide 2013

Whatever rug you choose, it must ft correctly so your horse is comfortable and safe. An ill-ftting rug can cause shoulder and wither rubs, and can actually endanger your horse, especially if it’s too big. Diferent models of rugs are cut diferently meaning ft will vary too – taking a few minutes to measure your horse will help you buy the right size for him. For more information on the correct way to do this follow the BETA ‘Guide to Purchasing your Outdoor Rug’,

w w r hor se .co.u k

ADverTiSiNg FeATure SuMMer rugS

The WeatherBeeta genero 600D Standard Neck Lite

The Weatherbeeta Airfow Combo with Freestyle Tail Flap

horse’s coat clean and shiny, twin adjustable chest straps, low cross surcingles and leg straps for a fexible ft, and a wither pad to prevent rubbing. It comes in grey/iris, red/navy and royal/black and costs only £42.99.

Fly rugs Fly rugs ofer great protection from biting midges and fies while keeping your horse cool and comfortable in the summer sun. They’re usually made from a close-knitted polyester weave, which creates a mesh protective barrier around your horse. If your horse is particularly susceptible to bites, look for fy rugs that provide full body protection ensuring his neck, belly and tail are covered. For added protection and your horse’s comfort, pick a rug with a fabric that’s been treated with a long-lasting insect repellent. WeatherBeeta’s fy rugs provide all-day peace of mind. The Airfow Combo with Freestyle Tail Flap is designed with a soft and durable lightweight polyester mesh, covering your horse’s neck, body and tail and includes a removable belly fap for full protection from the fies. In addition the Airfow Combo features the exclusive Freestyle Full Wrap Tail Flap for protection from the fies and a side w w r hor se .co.u k

The Weatherbeeta Supa Fly Detach-A-Neck

The Weatherbeeta Shield Sweet itch Combo

Sweet itch rugs If your horse sufers from sweet itch there are several options available to help keep him comfortable. The most important thing is to decrease his exposure to the Culicoides fy, a species of midge with potent saliva that some horses are sensitive to. The perfect solution to provide everyday protection is a sweet itch rug. The WeatherBeeta Shield Sweet Itch Combo ofers full body

protection from biting fies and UV rays with a Full Wrap Tail Flap, removable belly wrap and ear hood. Made from strong, lightweight Oxford Polyester fabric, it’s durable against rubbing, protects from biting insects and will keep your horse comfortably cool on hot days. The traditional side gusset allows him freedom of movement. This essential rug for sweet itch suferers comes in grey/blue and costs £79.99.

gusset for freedom of movement. It’s available in russet/honeysuckle and silver/navy/white and costs £59.99. The WeatherBeeta Supa Fly DetachA-Neck rug has a mesh fabric that’s been treated with Insect Shield Technology to provide long-lasting, efective insect protection against mosquitoes, ticks, feas and fies. It has quick clip front chest closures, a full wrap tail fap, a traditional side gusset for more leg movement and a removable belly fap. The Supa-Fly Detach-A-Neck with Insect Shield comes in white/royal and costs £89.99.

For more information on WeatherBeeta rugs, or to fnd your local stockist visit

your horse suMMer care guide 2013 11

Calm is...

The Weatherbeeta Genero Fly Rug Combo features a combo neck and tail flap for an all over protective mesh barrier from biting insects and flies to keep your horse cool and calm this summer. To view the full Weatherbeeta rug range and find your nearest stockist, visit our new look website at




Freestyle | Original | Genero




Easy mover Discover more about the key ingredient found in Maxavita’s products that help keep your horse’s joints in tip top condition


o matter what you do with your horse, at some stage his joints will be subjected to stresses and strains. There’s a large number of joint supplements all designed to help support your horse’s joints including MaxaFlex from Maxavita which uses the power of the green lipped mussel to help keep your horse moving freely.

What makes Maxavita products diferent?

Understanding green lipped mussels Perna canaliculus, the green lipped mussel (GLM), is most commonly known for being an ingredient in human and animal joint supplements, where it produces rapid and ine noticeable results. of all equ at ts n e m le GLM is packed full supp of chondroprotective www.max HGLM2013 cod liver oil, which are nutrients, including Use code: Y e use only often used to add essential glycosaminoglycans Valid for on mber 2013 ce De Expires 31 fatty acids into your horse’s (GAGS) and chondroitin diet. GLM also contains a sulphate which make up unique profle of Omega 3s, the building blocks of joint called eicosatetraenoic acids (ETAs), structure. As well as being which scientifc tests have shown to useful for joint care, the unique have an anti-infammatory efect. properties found in GLM provide a It can also help promote healthy variety of health benefts to the whole connective tissue for skin, coat and of your horse’s body. hoof health. The Omega 3s found in sunfower, linseed and cod liver oil High in Omega 3s are even stronger in GLM, which also GLM is a potent source of Omega 3 contains additional proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids including minerals essential for healthy hooves EPA and DHA. These Omega 3s have and skin. been linked to a wide range of health The link between Omega 3s and benefts including joint, heart, eyes, brain health has been rigorously skin, and brain health. EPA and DHA studied over the past few years. Various can be found in sunfower, linseed and studies in humans have suggested that Omega 3 DHA fatty acids may help to improve brain function and regulate About Maxavita mood levels. Maxavita is the only UK based manufacturer of green lipped mussel Where do GLMs come from? equine supplements. Their premium The green lipped mussel is native to quality extract SuPerna® is produced New Zealand and has been eaten by the using a patented process, unique to Maoris for hundreds of years. Today Maxavita. Maxavita’s equine range GLM farming is an important, ecoof GLM supplements includes the friendly, sustainable aquaculture industry. Maxa range and Pernamax Equine, The mussels are grown on hanging which are available from all good ropes, under strict guidelines, closely equestrian retailers. supervised by the NZ Marine Authority.

20 %


Using the best extraction process is crucial, as common processes such as freeze drying and cooking can reduce the level of fatty acids which make GLM so efective. Maxavita’s patented extract, SuPerna® is produced using a Rapid Cold Processing method which retains optimum concentrations of the active Omega 3s found in fresh Green Lipped Mussels. SuPerna® contains up to fve times more ETA-Omega 3s than a standard freeze dried extract.

The power of GLM As part of a dissertation, ‘The Efcacy of Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculus) Oral Joint Supplement on Equine Limb Kinematics’, Karen Beaumont studied the efects of Maxavita Pernamax, an oral GLM joint supplement, on the stride parameters of the horse in trot. Results showed that 80% of horses studied increased in stride length after supplementation.

For more information call 08450 752754 or visit







EQUINE JOINT HEALTH Find out more at or call us on 08450 752 754 Ask for MaxaFlex in your local equestrian retailer

equine health care

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Advertising feAture

Horses At grAss

Summer care guide

Is grass enough? Dr Derek Cuddeford, Dodson & Horrell nutritional consultant, explains what to feed a grass-kept horse


f your horse is spending most of his time turned out at grass, it can be difcult to know what additional feed he may need. You have to consider the quality of your grazing – is it mainly good grass or are there a lot of weeds? The main daily requirement for any horse is energy and he won’t get enough from weeds.

ional the tradit ing type of rid n be ca Club horse grass f o d e rk o w und 2kg and fed arote, such a tr n conce and as dodson ure st a P ll Horre ay Mix, per d

seasonal grass There’s usually a spring peak of grass growth followed by a dip in mid-summer when drought (wishful thinking perhaps!) may occur. Often, there’s another peak in autumn but the grass never has the same value as spring grass. When grass is actively growing, the quantity and quality available will depend on how well it’s managed. Assuming a reasonable level of grass management and a large enough paddock area, it’s easily possible for grass to supply all the energy and nutrient needs of most horses during summer. Of course, in some cases there’s

it’s possible for grass to supply your horse’s nutrient and energy needs in summer

Keeping watch

Keeping mum A pregnant Thoroughbred mare who is out during the day in the early part of the season and in during the night will be fed some concentrate (quantity adjusted to the stage of pregnancy) probably to a maximum of 50% of the ration at term. The provision of ad lib forage together with grass will meet

w w r hor se .co.u k

oversupply which brings with it the problem of having to limit the amount of grass he has access to. As the grazing season progresses and the grass supply declines, you’ll need to start providing additional forage. Horses will make up any shortfall in grazing by eating any forage you put out for them. You can adjust the quality of the forage by either using hays of diferent quality or, if you have real fatties, use straw and of course, you can always “mix and match” forages. This also allows them to adapt to their winter diet slowly.

her remaining needs. During spring and early summer when mares are lactating they’ll require to be fed concentrate until the grass really starts to grow. It can mean that Thoroughbred mares who foal early may have to be fed up to 70% of their daily ration as concentrate –- this can be reduced as more grass becomes available. At the height of grass growth, rapidly growing foals may be given a low volume feed such as Dodson & Horrell Suregrow, which will make sure they have enough minerals and vitamins to support adequate bone development.

Whatever the quality of your grazing and the amount of work your horse is doing the rule is to monitor his condition to check for any over- or undersupply of energy. The major conundrum facing most horse and pony owners out at grass is not how much to feed but rather, how to limit grass intake.

for advice on feeding your horse at grass, contact dodson & Horrell on 0845 345 2627 or visit

your horse PrePAre For suMMer 2013 15

summer care guide

Get the perfect ft After last year’s launch, we fnd out whether the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution has lived up to expectations


s riders, we’re becoming more aware of the importance of saddle ft for our horse’s wellbeing and comfort. Whether we’re serious competitors, or simply ride for pleasure, when it comes to choosing a saddle, we all agree – our horse’s comfort comes frst. There’s so much advice available, but for many achieving that ‘perfect ft’ remains an elusive goal. However, last year the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution was launched for Bates and Wintec saddles. This promised to be the revolution in saddle ftting we’ve all been waiting for, so now 12 months on, we fnd out what riders and saddle ftters think about it.

What’s the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution? It’s a total saddle-ftting solution which gives the greatest scope of adjustment available in saddles. For the frst time, not only is the tree adjustable, but the panel can be easily modifed too. All changes are measurable, symmetrical and totally reversible, making it extremely efective and easy to use with complete confdence. It’s made up of two separate systems. 1. The EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System: this allows the tree width to be selected for your horse’s individual shape and muscling. 2. The EASY-CHANGE® Riser System: this new innovation allows depth

16 your horse suMMer care guide 2013

w w r hor se .co.u k


Whatever his size or shape, the EASYCHANGE Fit Solution means your saddle will always be suitable

How do I get the EASYCHANGE® Fit Solution?

Whatver you enjoy doing with your horse,the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution means you and your horse will be comfortable

adjustments to be made within the actual saddle panel to help you achieve a perfectly balanced saddle.

What do riders think? The system gives riders peace of mind, knowing that their saddle can be easily adjusted if their horse changes shape. Here’s what two riders think about this new saddle ftting solution. “The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution just made so much sense to me. I always try to provide the best care for my horse, but like many riders, when I look back, I know that my saddle didn’t always ft as well as it should have. “I did my best with various pads under the saddle to compensate in advance of calling out my saddle ftter. Ultimately they suggested that my horse and my budget would be much better of with a new saddle with the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution. The best thing I ever did was to invest in my Wintec saddle!” Jo, North Devon. “I saved up and got my lovely new Bates GP Saddle at Christmas after seeing the range at Blenheim. It’s like a breath of fresh air now when my saddle ftter comes. We can talk through any w w r hor se .co.u k

Twelve months on from the launch of the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, it seems riders and saddle experts agree it’s caused a revolution in saddle ftting. Only available in Bates leather saddles and the easy-care synthetic Wintec saddles, the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution is a positive step forward in saddle design which ultimately

necessary adjustments together and I’m always amazed at the diference just small adjustments can make. “I know exactly what to watch out for should my horse lose condition after injury, which unfortunately happened earlier this year. It’s such a weight of my mind knowing that a quick visit from my saddle ftter will have us back in balance and comfortable again. I’ve told all my friends, once you’ve had a saddle with the Fit Solution, you’ll never look back.” Rachel, Berkshire.

What about saddle fitters? At its launch, retailers welcomed this new ftting solution, recognising not only the practical benefts, but also that it helped riders understand more about the importance of saddle ftting and gave them the confdence to ask their ftter questions. Kate Sheppard, of The Equine Warehouse, has become a real advocate, as she explains: “The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution enables me to ft horses in saddles that are completely balanced to the horse’s individual skeletal and muscular shape allowing the relative muscle groups under the saddle to work

benefts your horse’s welfare and comfort. It’s ushered in a new era in saddle design where, when it comes to the ft for your horses, you know that no matter what changes happen – even getting a new horse – your saddle has it covered. To watch some demonstration videos plus fnd out more about the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution, and your nearest stockist, visit

freely and without restriction. This system has proved to be an invaluable tool when ftting working horses with muscle atrophy, stress and tension.” Karen Jones, of Chaskits’ Horse and Rider, has found it an asset when it comes to ftting horses with conformational problems. “The Bates and Wintec ranges with the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution are now the most versatile and adjustable saddles currently available. The ftting systems allow me to both ft and sell with confdence and are particularly useful when faced with horses and riders who require remedial ftting.”

For more information visit www.easychangefitsolution. com

your horse suMMer care guide 2013 17

SCAN HERE to see why the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution ensures your horse’s absolute comfort.

Now there’s a total fitting solution! Select the optimal tree width for your horse’s current shape and muscling.


Make adjustments within the saddle panel for perfect saddle balance and optimal clearance.


The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution is the first total saddle fitting solution, combining the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System and EASY-CHANGE® Riser System to offer unparalleled scope of adjustment ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible ensuring total confidence in your saddle’s ability to be custom fitted to your horse’s changing shape. For more information visit NB: Whilst the innovative EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution offers unsurpassed flexibility in achieving an optimal fit, no one saddle can claim to fit every horse. It is recommended that you seek professional advice on selecting the best saddle and fit to meet the unique needs of each horse and rider combination. Global patents and design registrations apply.

The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution is exclusive to

the perfect high fibre diet Baileys Lo-Cal balancer & Light Chaff


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Low calorie, essential everyday nutrition fed with ad-lib hay/grass* Lo-Cal balancer v More worthwhile nutrition than a handful of cubes, mix or chaff v Supports hoof growth & muscle tone v Daily nutrition which is fed by the mug-ful all year round v Simple & cost effective Light Chaff v Delicious low calorie chaff with added mint - ideal fed alongside Lo-Cal for added bulk *Forage/grass intake may need restricĆ&#x;ng for the overweight or laminiĆ&#x;s prone

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Brush up on balancers Feeding a balancer has a number of benefts – Baileys Horse Feeds explains why they could help your horse look and feel better


alancers provide all the essential nutrients you’d fnd in a ‘traditional’ mix or cube, without the energy/calorie element. They’re formulated to be fed in small quantities alongside average quality forage (pasture, hay, haylage) which will provide varying levels of fbre and calories. The fbre element is particularly important for gut health so, even if forage intake has to be limited to control calories, you should never feed less than the equivalent, in weight, of 1% of your horse’s bodyweight.

What’s in them? Balancers contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals in carefully calculated ratios to meet your horse’s daily needs. Whichever you choose, the basics should all be there: nutrients to support healthy hoof growth, metabolism, tissue repair – all the body processes which are needed for a healthy horse. Their advantage over broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements is they contain quality protein supplying essential amino acids. These are important building blocks of all body tissues, including horn, hair, muscle and bone, but are often defcient in modern forages. Most balancers also contain one or more ‘digestive enhancers’, such as a yeast culture or prebiotic, which support gut efciency. Some balancers claim to contain special ‘supplements’ but this is just another way of saying they have all the nutrients necessary to support particular issues. It doesn’t mean that those that don’t use the term, don’t contain nutrients to target these areas just as well. Balancers provide essential nutrients for health and wellbeing


What do they do? Feeding the correct amount of balancer for your horse’s bodyweight and workload, alongside forage, will W W W.YOU R HOR SE .CO.U K

ADVERTISING FEATURE FEED BALANCERS give him a balanced diet, so you can be sure he receives all the nutrients he needs to help him feel as healthy as he can. Horses who aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals often feel lacklustre and lazy but, once given the right nutrients, their metabolism improves and it’s obvious they feel a lot better! Improving gut health, through the inclusion of digestive enhancers, can also make your horse feel more comfortable in himself and therefore less crabby or jumpy. The efects of a fully-balanced diet are visible in a soft supple skin and shiny coat, strong healthy hooves, great muscle tone and a topline to match the work you put in. You won’t necessarily see any weight gain because a balancer doesn’t contain signifcant calorie levels but you should see an overall improvement in condition. The yeast and prebiotics that balancers contain should mean that your horse is able to extract more from the forage and other elements of his diet. As a result you may see a little weight gain or, if you’re giving hard feed, you may be able to cut back on the amount once he’s looking and feeling well.

Grass is often lacking in certain nutrients


When should I feed one? Forage-only diets

Which balancer?

It’s now widely accepted that modern pasture and forage is defcient in a range of nutrients so, while your horse or pony may look ok on forage alone, he could be missing out. Feeding a balancer will give you peace of mind that this isn’t happening. It’s defnitely worth doing if he or she is healing, working/competing, pregnant or growing.

Adding to compound feeds If you don’t want to feed the full amount of a particular compound feed, for a fully balanced diet, either choose a lower energy feed that you are happier feeding at recommended levels, or add a balancer to the reduced amount of feed. If you’re feeding a cheaper feed brand or a lower spec feed than your horse requires for his workload, adding a balancer will bring the overall nutrient content of the diet up and ensure his requirements are met.

Adding to straights Straight cereals, like oats or barley, are great sources of extra carbohydrate calories but are defnitely lacking in other nutrients, which a balancer is designed to provide.

For good-doers If your main aim is to provide essential nutrition without additional calories or starch, any balancer will do! Don’t get hung up on starch levels; the amount of balancer you feed is so low that the actual amount of starch your horse receives is negligible.

For performance If your horse is working hard and/or competing then his requirements for quality protein and some other nutrients will be higher than for a horse who’s resting or in light work so choose a balancer formulated to meet these needs.

For breeding stock Growing youngsters or pregnant mares have elevated nutritional requirements, so the best option is specially-formulated stud balancers. A mare can be fed a balancer from conception on to ensure she gets all she needs for her own wellbeing and to grow the foetus inside her. Growing youngstock need the nutrients, supplied by a balancer, to build and grow tendon, muscle, bone and other tissues. Calorie intake can afect growth rates and feeding a balancer means that calorie levels can be regulated, to maintain even growth, while continuing to provide essential nutrition.

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A grooming revolution KBF99 is a revolution in horse care – fnd out more about its state-of the-art grooming technology which helps protect your horse from illness and disease


f somebody asked you why you groom your horse, it’s unlikely that you’d answer ‘to protect him from illness and disease’. But now thanks to revolutionary new technology, KBF99, grooming is no longer just about presentation and spending time with your horse, it’s a vital part of biosecurity and an efective method of killing harmful bacteria, fungus, mycotoxins and some viruses. Using a KBF99 grooming kit can help protect your horse from diseases such as strangles, ringworm and mud fever. KBF99 equipment is chemical free and has a surface coated with molecular strands (tiny spikes or swords). It’s also rich in 9 The KBf9 nitrogen molecules that carry is e iv it d d a ra a positive charge and attract effective fotwo f o m u the negatively charged minim all years and ture stands for Kills Bacteria membranes of bacteria, cts fea u d ro p Fungus 99%. fungi, algae and mycotoxins. re fo e a best b Dr Stephen Coupe, the The spikes then rupture the date Director at Coventry membrane, killing the cell. University Microbiological Consultancy (CUMC) explains: “As The research well as providing protection against the KBF99 Antibacterial Grooming Brushes spread of strangles, the KBF99 range is were launched last year following also efective against microsporum, the extensive scientifc research at Coventry causative agent of ringworm. In University. In tests KBF99 efectively laboratory trials, over nine times less killed 99% of the bacteria/fungus test ringworm growth was recorded on the culture (strangles, ringworm and E.coli), activated fbres compared to hence its name – KBF non-antimicrobial brush fbres. KBF99 products would reduce the risk of infection spread between animals if equipment was to be used on more than one animal.”

Grooming with KBf99 brushes can help protect your horse against disease

Dr Gracy Sailo Lebeau of CUMC added: “One of the chief benefts of the KBF99 range is in the level of protection against the accidental transfer of pathogens between horses. As animals may not show any sign of strangles infection before diagnosis takes place, a horse may be an unwitting source of infection for others, in the immediate area. KBF99 helps to quickly reduce the likelihood of transfer of pathogens by its efective antimicrobial action.” KBF99 brushes are ideal for all horses, especially those who travel frequently to shows (or live with horses that do) and are at a greater risk of picking up illness and disease. Not only do they help to prevent the spread of disease between horses, they actively kill pathogens, reduce coat scurf and improve coat shine. Participants in ongoing trials noticed a signifcant reduction in scurf when they used the product rt brushes daily over a two week prices sta nd 2a from just £ s period and they also noticed an ct u d pro improved shine to the coat. le b a il a are av of Continued use of the brushes in a range colours also appeared to prevent the return of coat scurf.

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Top riders Give Their approval

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Dressage rider Becky Moody says: “The KBF99 Twelve Piece Grooming Kit is excellent quality and the brushes defnitely remove scurf very efectively and improve coat shine.”

KBF99 is dedicated to raising awareness of skin disease and highlighting the importance of grooming. You can join the ‘Get Grooming’ campaign on Facebook now – scan the QR code here on your smartphone to log on

International event rider Jeanette Brakewell is also a fan. “KBF99 brushes ft the hand really well and are very comfortable to use. I use the brushes several times a day and as a result coats are less scurfy. The grooming brushes in my opinion are perfect – not too hard, not too soft. Their antibacterial properties give me peace of mind that the horses have extra protection against illness and disease.”

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