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MAY 2012



TERRY MORRIS FORD Photo by Rich Lannon, Watersong Art Gallery


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A message from When you look at our cover what do you see? I see a beautiful Mom with her children in the prime of her life. Her name is Michelle and she is a 34 year old married mother of two gorgeous kids. Michelle is Paul's niece, a Mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife. For several months she had been dealing with some health issues, her stomach didn't feel right, she was constipated, pains in her belly, felt full when she didn't eat much. She went to her Dr. and described what was going on but since she was a busy 34 year old working Mom the Dr. assumed it was stress and maybe poor eating habits. But Michelle wasn't satisfied with the answers; her intuition told her something was wrong. She had a family history of cancer and she wanted further testing. Getting an MRI or Colonoscopy at 34 is almost unheard of, but her persistence to get tested will save her life. Michelle Gordon was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Over the past several weeks she has gone through several tests, intensive surgery, and has currently begun aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Radiation treatments will follow after another round of tests to evaluate her progress. Michelle's battle will continue for several more months as she fights her way from cancer patient to cancer survivor. The message here is no matter your age if you feel something wrong, be persistent. Be your own health advocate. The healthcare system is bogged down with legislation; prescription companies making huge campaign donations. Your Dr. is jumping through hoops you don't even know about to meet compliance rules. Unless you insist on receiving testing regardless of whether it is age appropriate or reach out to specialist beyond your primary you may never know if your health is threatened. Our Dr's are tied to job descriptions and insurance regulations. It's sad but it is true. Cancer comes in many forms, not colors. Pink for breast cancer, blue for colon cancer, gold for childhood cancer, orange for kidney cancer; blend them all together and you get a rainbow of cancer. As Michelle says; I Will not be afraid of Cancer....It simply stands for....Yes I Can Sir! Michelle has made her mission for all the colors to come together and represent one cause, beating cancer in all forms. Needless to say this has taken a toll on this young family. There will be a Benefit at the Beukendal Fire Department on Sacandaga Rd on Saturday June 2 starting at 1 am. Details are just to the right of our column. Please do not hesitate in contacting or or us if you have any questions or ideas. Guess this goes without saying; don't forget to tell your family you love them. Special thanks to Rich Lannon for once again giving us a beautiful cover shot!

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Bridal Shower • Rehearsal Dinner • Intimate Couture Wedding Whether you are looking for elegant and sophisticated or casual and comfortable our beautifully decorated restaurant will be the picture perfect venue for your special occasion! Customize our exceptional menu to fit your taste and style, prepared to suit the most discriminating palate by Chef Paul Persico.

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INNOVATION I get asked all the time; what it is that sets CMK apart? Is it our marketing or our advertising strategies? Maybe our attitudes and work ethic? While all those things are important and do shape our company, it all boils down to one thing: innovation. I started in Real Estate as an Appraiser in 2003 then became a Broker in 2008. I have seen the good, bad and ugly of Real Estate. While 2008 ended up being the start of one of the worst Real Estate markets in history, it was the birth of CMK & Associates. Our sales in 2008 were just under 1 million dollars in volume. We grew to a team of 3 agents by the end of 2008 despite the downward spiral in the market. In 2009 our innovation started being noticed. By the end of 2009 we had sold 8.5 million dollars in volume and grew our team to 5 agents by the end of the year. 2010 began with the expansion of a second office and continued growth. By the end of 2010 we had sold 17.8 million dollars in volume, doubling our sales from the year before. 2011 was the biggest year yet for CMK. We sold 26 million dollars in volume and opened a third office. Since then, we have increased our team to 24 agents, and have opened a fourth office. CMK is on track to sell 40 million dollars in volume in 2012. These increasing numbers demonstrate undeniably that CMK delivers results to our Buyers and Sellers. So what is the Innovation I mention that sets us apart? By definition innovation is the introduction of new ideas and methods. It is no secret that the Real Estate world has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The internet alone can be accredited as the principal factor of change in our industry. But a flashy website and a few marketing gimmicks doesn’t sell a home. PEOPLE DO. CMK’s team balances new innovation with a solid work ethic, customer service and adaptation to the quickly changing world that we live in. These principles are the core of our mission. Why we are where we are today; and how we will continue to be a leader in the Real Estate industry long into the future. If you are considering selling your property or looking to make a purchase call CMK. Our experienced agents are ready to serve you and give you the professional service you need. Call today and make an appointment with one of our team. Buying or Selling, CMK will walk you through the process, freeing up your time to do what you need to do. While we do our job. CMK and Associates Real Estate Christian C. Klueg, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker and NYS Certified Residential Appraiser 518.332.0218 • 818 Saratoga Rd. (Rt. 50) Burnt Hills



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Town of Glenville

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Incorporated 1821 • State of New York From the Desk of the Town Supervisor... Christopher Koetzle, Town Supervisor

From the Highway Department... Tom Coppola, Highway Superintendent The Glenville Highway Department would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to the town's residents. The cooperation with vehicles not parked on town roadways made for a very efficient and successful winter plowing season. Not having a lot of snow helped as well! Spring brings yard clean up. For pick up of yard waste and bagged grass, etc., residents should contact their waste hauler for details on pick up. As a resident of Schenectady County, residents may also dispose of and recycle many items at the Schenectady Soil and Water Conservation District on Hetcheltown Rd (County Farm). For their hours and permitting requirements, please contact them at 399-6980. We are currently working on our 2012 Paving Plan. With joint funding from the Highway Budget and State funding (CHIPs), we plan to complete paving from last year below Mohawk Avenue.

From the Town Clerk’s Office... Linda Neals, Town Clerk FREE RABIES VACCINATION CLINIC Take advantage of the free rabies vaccination clinics to be held on Saturday, June 23, at Central Park Pavilion, Schenectady; Saturday, August 18, at the Glenville Senior Citizens Center, 32 Worden Rd., Glenville and October Date TBA. Cats and ferrets will be vaccinated from 10 to 11 a.m., dogs from 11:00 a.m. - 12 noon. Bring previous rabies vaccination certificates. Dogs must be leashed; cats and ferrets must be in carriers. A cash donation will be appreciated. Reminder: Seniors 65+ receive a discount on the dog licensing fees. RECYCLING INFORMATION Hazardous Waste Disposal dates and recycling information for 2012 are available in the Clerk's Office or by visiting Visit our website at or call (518) 688-1200 ext 402

From the Building Department... Paul Borisenko, Building Inspector It's spring time and for the Building Department that means the beginning of pool season. A swimming pool is regulated by the Building Code, and requires a permit if it is designed to hold at least 24” of water. All pools are required to have a 48” barrier to protect against potential drowning by restricting access to swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. If you are thinking about getting a pool, or if you have a pool and you are not sure if you are in compliance, please check out the town's web site for applications and additional information. As always please make sure to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and make sure your house numbers are visible from the road. Have a safe and enjoyable spring!

First, let me wish you all a happy spring and a safe and fun summer. Although we had a mild winter, it's nice to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. These past few months have been busy around the town. As you'll read in this edition, we held a public referendum and eliminated the elected position of Receiver of Taxes (which will save us money each year), we will successfully run the bulk pick up program again in May, and we stepped up our efforts to bring more economic development to the town just to name a few items. Regarding economic development, we recently held an economic summit with developers, business owners, and community leaders to showcase the empty spaces in Glenville. It was a well attended event with over 120 participants. Of particular note, two high profile projects were announced at the event. First, Bill Socha announced that he will invest $9 million in a commercial building on Route 50 next to Socha Plaza. This project is very exciting, so watch for more details to come soon. The second project announced was for an upscale hotel to be added to the Water's Edge Lighthouse property. This will further upgrade the entrance to Glenville and provide us with a great place for guests to stay as they visit. We're pleased and encouraged by both projects and we are looking forward to working with the owners. In similar news, we are also moving along on creating a new lighting and sidewalk district in the Town Center so that we can upgrade our lighting to something more attractive than our current out-dated poles and fixtures, and we can continue with the town's plan for sidewalks in our commercial district. Watch for more on this soon. With Target's construction, the new retail space to be built next to it, and the projects mentioned above, there has been a lot of good news in Glenville. Perhaps, however, the best news came in March when Moody's upgraded the town's bond rating from “good” to “strong”. This is significant news since it will save the town well over $600,000 over the next 16 years because we were able to refinance some current bonds and cut our interest rate from 5% to 2.3% on $3.3 million, and we'll save more money on future borrowing if needed. It, however, also affirms many of the decisions over the past three years to cut spending, reduce our dependency on the use of the fund balance, and stabilize our tax base. In fact, Moody's noted that “financial operations have consistently demonstrated strong reserves…due in part to conservative budgetary practices.” Further, they noted that ”the town has drawn modestly on reserves over the past three years,” and “the favorable operating reserves helps offset the vulnerability of reliance on an economically sensitive revenue.” The Board and I wish to thank the staff, management and our volunteers for helping us make this possible. Finally, with so much going on across the town, I encourage residents to stay engaged on what's happening in Glenville. As always, our website is a great place to get information, check Board and Committee minutes, and even watch the town board meetings. You can sign up for our email distribution list so that you can stay informed on news and events across the town. I also encourage residents to get a copy of our annual strategic plan (also online), which spells out the Board's plans and vision for the coming years. Of course, you can always contact me at town hall or by e-mail with any questions or comments. Again, enjoy the season and please look forward to hearing about our continued progress.

From the Assessor’s Office... Our online 'Assessment Information Program' offers the ability to view parcel information on ALL property in the Town of Glenville. Using our system, you will be able to search either by owner name or by property address. Simply go to the town's website, and then to the Assessor's page and follow the link for Schenectady County Assessment Records. Key dates to remember: • Exemptions: must be filed by March 1st • Taxable Status: March 1st • Tentative Roll: May 1st • Grievance Day: 4th Tuesday in May • Final Roll: July 1st • Deadline for filing Small Claims: 30 days after Final Roll • STAR application form( The town's current Equalization Rate: 92% Grievance Day to be Held On Tuesday, May 22nd On Tuesday, May 22nd, the Glenville Board of Assessment Review will meet to review all complaints received for Real Property Assessments. Hours are from 9am to 9pm and it is necessary to make an appointment. Please contact Town of Glenville Tax Assessor's Office at 688-1200 Ext. 403 for information. Each property will need form RP-524 to be filled out in its entirety, or it could be considered incomplete. To confirm your eligibility, your assessor will ask you to provide information about your income. You can also go to or the town website Assessor's page for any forms or information you maybe looking for.

Elected Receiver of Taxes Abolished

Last month the Board held a public referendum to abolish the elected Receiver of Taxes position in a continuing effort to streamline town hall functions. The referendum passed by a 2.5 to 1 margin, 247 to 107. Councilman Ramotar, board liaison to the Receiver's office, noted that this move, along with other staffing changes, will save the town about $100,000 in 2012 and will continue to save the town about $30,000 every year going forward. "This allows the town more flexibility in that office and we will now be able to fund a part-time position, saving us health insurance and pension costs." The town is also looking to outsource some of the Receiver's functions to a local bank that may enhance services by offering Saturday hours, drive thru services, and electronic payments. Payments will still be accepted at town hall by acting Receiver, Pat Aragosa. There will be a special election this November to finish the elected term through 2013, at which time the position will become a parttime appointment.

There's a New Business in Town -

Palmer's Press, located at 123 Saratoga Rd.

Then and Now on Glenridge Road

Recent work on the Glenridge Road reconstruction process revealed the former trolley tunnels that run through the B&M Railroad embankment. These tunnels were filled in with dirt when the trolley from Schenectady to Ballston ceased operation in 1940, and remained out of sight until project work again revealed their existence. They will be re-filled with a structural fill, and a new RR embankment will again hide them from sight. Pictured (courtesy of Don Rittner), a trolley in operation and tunnel work in progress.

Glenridge Road Reconstruction Update

Works progresses nicely on the major Glenridge Road reconstruction project. One major change in schedule has occurred, with the planned 72-day closure to perform bridge work slated for the summer of 2012 now rescheduled to 2013. If utility and bridge work goes as planned, the roundabout at Maple and Glenridge may be constructed in the fall of 2012. NYS DOT provides the following additional information. An estimate on the scheduled detours is as follows: •Maximum 7-day closure B&M RR (Bruce Dr) to Bradt, Aug 2012 •Weekend closure, intersection of Glenridge/Maple Ave, late October 2012 •72-day closure (starting the day after school gets out) Bruce Dr. to Hetcheltown Rd., June 2013 Please note that many variables can affect this schedule, including weather, utility work, etc.

Following Too Closely Keep a Space Between Vehicles

There always seems to be something hindering our pace while driving. "Come on, let's get going," while we crowd a slower vehicle. Crowding the vehicle in front of you, or following too closely (tailgating) is an attempt to intimidate motorists to increase their pace. Driving too closely to the vehicle ahead does not provide adequate distance needed to react to an unexpected event. The space between vehicles provides the needed time to perceive a hazard and to react. What is too close? Engineers have concluded that vehicles should be separated by at least 2 1/2 seconds to see a problem and apply the brakes. Additional time is needed for the vehicle to come to a stop. While driving, maintain a safe following distance of three seconds. Select a fixed object along the road ahead such as a sign, tree or overpass. When the vehicle ahead of you passes the object, slowly count "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three." If you reach the object before completing "one thousand three," slow down to increase the distance between vehicles. It's easy - one thousand thousand thousand three. It's the law - and the right thing to do for you, your passengers, and others on the highway.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving A new print shop opened in Glenville in February, Palmer's Press, located in Socha Plaza on Rt. 50. A ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by the Chamber of Schenectady County. Pictured, L-R Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle, Assemblyman James Tedisco, owner Keith Palmer, controller Rich Palmer, County Legislator Cathy Gatta and Chamber ribbon-cutting sponsor McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams' representative Bruce Sowalski.

New York State has recently become one of 34 states that ban texting while driving, adding to the existing prohibition of driving while conversing on a cell phone. Specifically, New York law bans the use of a “hand held device” while driving. This offense is considered a “primary offense” under the law. This means that a police officer does not need to observe any other traffic violation to pull a driver of a vehicle over, if that driver is using a hand held device while driving.

While getting a ticket can be a problem in and of itself, those that do talk and/or text while driving should really worry about their own safety and the safety of those who share the road. Drivers who use hand held devices are four times more likely to become involved in a personal injury accident. The phrase “distracted driving” is actually far broader than using a cell phone to talk or text while driving, but the focus is typically on those actions since they are specifically prohibited by law. Plus they are the most obvious - just look around at the drivers of other vehicles while you are stopped at a red light some time. It is hard not to see people on their phones. The dangers of distracted driving, however, involve three broader categories of distraction. The first is visual and involves a driver taking their eyes off the road. The second is manual and occurs when a driver takes their hand(s) off the wheel to do something. The final is cognitive, which occurs when you are not concentrating on driving and are focusing on other things. Yes, this would include using a Bluetooth headset to carry on a conversation, or using “Siri” on an IPhone, or another similar hands free function. While this is technically not illegal in New York State, it is still a distraction. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed in the U.S. and approximately 448,000 more were injured in motor vehicle crashes due to distracted driving. The ultimate goal of any police enforcement of the vehicle and traffic law is to make the roads safer. The people who drive while distracted are not just placing themselves at risk. Many innocent occupants of vehicles can be the victims of such drivers. AT&T has developed an informative 10 minute video that parents should watch with their children and it can be found at: ; or by searching for “AT&T Don't Text While Driving”. Additional information can also be found at Some of the facts cited in this article came from this website.

Town Parks Updates Maalwyck Park An archaeological investigation will begin shortly to kick off the development project at Maalwyck Park. Planned improvements include a roadway, parking, water, sewer, restroom facilities, a pavilion and a western entrance. The park fared well through the flooding of 2011. Highland Soccer Club bore the brunt of the restoration which included cleaning out water damaged items from the storage building, goal repairs and replacement, overseeding of certain field areas, and general cleanup. Thank you Highland Soccer volunteers for all of your work to keep Maalwyck Park looking good. If you haven't seen Maalwyck park recently, the landscape changed dramatically following the 2011 flooding. The Canal Corporation has done extensive work there to restore the land that was washed away in the floods, but it certainly looks different now. Indian Meadows Park The new BH-BL Girls Softball field is looking good, with the backstop up, grading and seeding having occurred, and infield dirt in place. This badly needed second field will serve the girls' softball players for many years to come. Special thanks to Scott Emerle for his extensive efforts to make this happen. The 5k running course is nearly complete with minor drainage work one of the final items. The Glenville Rotary, which assisted financially on this project, will conduct their second annual Muddy Sneakers 5k on Saturday, August 25th on the new course, and the public will begin to enjoy using it within a few weeks. Thanks to the Rotary and Eagle Scout Chris Lacoss for their efforts.

Speaking of efforts, the Glenville Highway Department has been performing badly needed drainage work in the park, restoring much of the original drainage from the park's inception in the 1970's. All the fields and trails will be more usable and less muddy as a result of this work. Kudos and thanks to the Highway “guys” for a job well done. BH-BL Junior Baseball will be again holding a statewide championship at Indian Meadows, this time hosting the 15 year-old NYS Babe Ruth finals at the end of July. The 2011 NYS High School Championship Boys Baseball team from BH-BL demonstrates what a high quality program is in place. Congratulations to all involved in the Junior Baseball program at the park and to the championship High School team. Glenville Parks lost a good friend recently with the passing of James Ferrante. Jim, of Jim's Raking and Grading, had helped the Baseball and Soccer leagues with any number of projects and maintenance needs over many years. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Oktoberfest Returns in September Glenville's 3rd annual Oktoberfest will be held on September 29th from 12-9PM at the Schenectady County Airport (pending approval) and Richmor Aviation. The same activities as in the past will occur, including the Biergarten, harvest area, kids' activities, food court, live music, car/motorcycle Cruise-in, static Fire and Military equipment displays and more. An Oktoberfest in September you ask? As it turns out, the traditional German Oktoberfest in the old Country have also gravitated to September to take advantage of more seasonable weather. A brief history, compliments of Wiki… Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Bavaria on October 12, 1810. The citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates to celebrate the happy royal event. Horse races in the presence of the Royal Family marked the close of the event that was celebrated as a festival for the whole of Bavaria. The decision to repeat the horse races in the subsequent year gave rise to the tradition of the Oktoberfest. "The festival was eventually prolonged and moved ahead to September to allow for better weather conditions. Today, the last day of the festival is the first Sunday in October. Mark your calendars!

Glenville Senior Center - Did you know?

• We offer transportation for Glenville Residents to locations within the Town of Glenville for a small donation. Dr. visits excluded, but we will take you to run errands, visit friends, grocery shop, get your hair done, and visit the senior center and more. • We offer over 15 different exercise classes for you to participate in. Most have a nominal fee and we offer levels from chair exercise to more vigorous classes such as Zumba Gold for seniors. • Membership for Glenville Residents is only $15 yearly. Have friends who don't live in Glenville? No problem, they may join for $25 yearly. • Want computer lessons? They are free for members. Bring your own laptop or use ours. • Ready to get out of town? Take a trip with us - we do one day trips and for those who really like to travel - cruises. • Read our newsletter online for more information. Simply go the Town of Glenville Website. Click on Town Departments, click on Senior Center, click on current newsletter. Call us Monday through Friday 9-4 for more information 374-0734. We would love to hear from you.

2011 Sign Grant Program a Success Additional Funding for 2012 In 2011, the Glenville Town Board budgeted $35,000 from its Revitalization and Economic Development Investment (REDI) program to be used as grant funding for town businesses looking to replace old and/or nonconforming signs. The grant program was structured to provide up to 50% of the cost of a new sign, up to a maximum of $3,000 per sign. The 2011 sign grant program was very successful, with 10 local businesses receiving funding for new signs. Businesses that were awarded funding included: La Moda Lisa/Upstate Laser Car Wash Bayou Café Elmo's Auto Body Bonded Roofing Wayside Village Apartments

Precision Glass and Aluminum Glenville Funeral Home Goldstock's Fogg's Automotive River Stone Manor

The sign program also had the benefit of directing business to three local sign companies: AJ Signs, Olson Signs and Pendleton Signs. Given that there still is interest in the program on the part of the local business community, the Town has set aside another $12,000 for funding for this program for 2012. Grant recipients for this round of funding will be announced in May.

Sign Survey Data

To date we have had 241 responses to our survey, 221 residents, 38 business owners and two sign companies. The same amount, about 18% felt we were either too restrictive, or not restrictive enough. When we asked how important signs were to your shopping decision the split was about even between not very much, only the first time and they do make a big difference. People felt strongly that every business should be able to have a sign but that two was an adequate number for each business. When it came to shopping centers the majority felt that we should regulate the size of the sign but not the number of businesses allowed advertising on it. The majority of people felt that we should allow sandwich board signs and flags and banners, but regulate them so they were not a hazard or unsafe distraction. When it came to setbacks and size most felt our ordinance was adequate. They thought we should allow message board signs and internal lighting with restrictions. The last two items on our survey were about regulating sign materials which was about an even split, and when a nonconforming sign should be replaced. The majority felt that a nonconforming sign should be brought in conformance when there was a substantial change.

Rental Space Available

Planning a Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Anniversary Party, fundraising Event, Club Meeting, Graduation Party, Etc? We have a place for you to hold your event. The GLENVILLE SENIOR CENTER 32 Worden Road is available to rent for any of the above and more. Rates are reasonable. Seating for over 200 with plenty of tables and chairs. full kitchen. Podium and speaker system. Ample parking. Call Cindy Amell, Senior Center Coordinator at 374-0734 for rental price and availability. Stop by during office hours Mon - Fri 9-4 to see the facility.

Target on Target By way of a brief update on the Target store currently under construction, everything is on schedule for an October 12th opening. Much of the building work will be wrapped up by mid-July, at which point installation of shelving and other improvements inside the store will commence. In addition to the 135,000 sq. ft. Target building, a 36,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant retail store will be constructed adjacent to the north side of the Target store. No tenants have been named yet for the 36,000 sq. ft. store, but Town officials have been told that this space will be broken up into 14+ individual retail spaces. The approved plans for the site also call for a stand-alone 3,000 sq. ft. drive-thru building near the Glenridge Road entrance to the site.

A Glance at the Town's Wellfield Protection Committee

In January of this year, the Town Board appointed the Town of Glenville Wellfield Protection Committee (WPC), a new committee given the assignment of recommending actions to minimize potential threats to the Town's water supply. Chaired by long-time Glenville resident and Union College biology professor emeritus Carl George, this sevenmember committee actually began meeting informally as a working group in the spring of 2011. Towards the end of 2011 the working group had refined their mission and goals, leading the Town Board to formally recognize the group as an ad-hoc committee. The WPC's mission and goals are as follows: Mission Statement To identify potential threats to the Town of Glenville water supply and to develop strategies and programs that can be applied to minimize or eliminate these threats. Goals • Identify, consolidate and make available relevant studies and data on the Town's water supply system. • Educate Glenville residents and property owners about the Town's water supply system and articulate what residents and property owners can do to minimize contamination of our water supply. • Develop a fruitful relationship with key landowners, stakeholders and decision-makers in an effort to minimize threats to the Town's drinking water. • Consider alternative water supply sources for the Town and identify options for intermunicipal connections. • Identify funding sources that can be tapped in order to pursue the Study Group's mission and goals. After several meetings of the Committee, it has become apparent that flooding of the Mohawk River represents the most pressing threat to the Town's water supply. This point was driven home last August when many communities along the River, including Glenville, witnessed significant flooding of the Mohawk River associated with tropical storms Lee and Irene. And while this double-whammy flood event didn't compromise the Town's water supply, flood water levels did get to within two feet of the Town's lowest elevation production well. The flooding also put much of the Water Treatment Plant's access road under water, making it impassable to vehicles for a period. As of late March the WPC has developed a “working paper” that outlines various recommendations to be considered by the Town Board. The Committee intends to wrap up their work no later than year's end. In the meantime, the Committee will continue to meet on the 3rd Monday of every month at 3:30 p.m. at the Town of Glenville Municipal Center. These meetings are open to the public. If you have any questions about the Wellfield Protection Committee, please feel free to contact the Town's Economic Development and Planning Department at 688-1200, ext. 407.

Glenville Town Offices

18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY 12302

DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE GREAT OUTDOORS Oh, thank goodness, spring is here! After living in the south for more than half my life, winter is way too long for me (even this past “mild” winter). When spring peeks its head up, I come out of hibernation and get ready for change. Mother nature provides a beautiful backdrop so with very little effort, you can have beautiful outdoor spaces that you will want to spend time in this summer. 1. Spruce up your old outdoor furniture with a new coat of stain, polyurethane or paint. Be sure to thoroughly clean each item, give it a light sanding if necessary and apply the coating. After they are completely dry (bring everything inside to dry overnight), put your “new” pieces outside and enjoy! 2. Add a little splash of color to your seating with bright, outdoor cushions, pillows and umbrellas. Target has some really cute, budget-friendly options this summer so be sure to check it out! Another way to add some color is with colorful planters, and of course, flowers. I see the nurseries are starting to fill their lots so get ready! 3. Like most spaces, outdoor spaces usually under-lit. Sitting outside with one bare bulb leaves something to be desired so bump up the wow-factor by adding strings of lights (again, check out Target for cute, budget-friendly options), lanterns with real or batteryoperated candles or have an electrician install recessed lights in your ceiling or wall lanterns for ambient lighting.

Scotia Village Offices

4 N. Ten Broeck Street, Scotia, NY 12302

4. Freshen up doors with a new coat of paint. Bright yellow, green, red and turquoise are great colors to brighten up just about any home for very little money. Paint every door on your home to keep it consistent. 5. Upgrade your outdoor fixtures and house numbers for a quick, pick-me-up. I was very impressed with the price and selection of light fixtures at Lowes recently, and I love Rejuvation for pretty much any hardware upgrade. What are your outdoor projects this summer? Adding a deck? An outdoor kitchen? Or a screened in porch? Give me a call today to talk about your projects and how to make them even better than you imagined. Isn't it time to Love Your Home Again? Locust Grove Design Dawn DiLorenzo • 222-9551

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William & Ann Brandt of Burnt Hills wish to announce their happiness about the wedding of their daughter Victoria to Evan Workstus. Victoria was a Burnt Hills resident her entire life and graduated from Russell Sage College in 2011.While at college she met Evan who graduated from RPI in 2008. The Feb 2012 wedding was held at Saratoga National Golf Club. The happy couple now reside in Kingston, NY.

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FOR YOUR BENEFIT… In this month's column we will address the important topic of your company's health insurance plan. We will explain in basic terms the different types of health insurance plans that are available, and what the possible advantages may be for you. HEALTH INSURANCE TYPES Health Insurance can be broken down into two broad categories; Traditional and Managed Care There are many variations and combinations of plan types: PPO's-Preferred Provider Organizations and EPO's-Exclusive Provider Organizations, POS-Point of Service, HMO's-Health Maintenance Organizations (and sometimes EPO's), HD Plans-High Deductible, Consumer Driven Health Plans (attached to HRA's or HSA's) All Managed Care Plans involve an arrangement between the insurer and a selected network of health care providers, and they offer policyholders significant financial incentive to use the providers in the network. There are usually explicit standards for selecting providers and a formal procedure to assure quality care. Preferred Provider Organizations-PPO's have made arrangements for lower fees with a network of health care providers, but a policyholder may go outside of the network if they so choose. PPO's give the policyholders a financial incentive to stay within a network. With a PPO, you can refer yourself to a specialist without getting approval and enjoy the same copay. Staying within the network means less money out of your pocket and less paperwork. Exclusive Provider Organization-EPO's are PPO's that look like HMO's. EPO's raise the financial stakes for staying in the network. If you choose a provider outside of the network, you are responsible for the entire cost of the visit and any needs for additional care that arise from it. Point of Service-POS- Point of Service Plans are similar to PPO's, but they introduce a “Gatekeeper” or Primary Care Physician (PCP).You chose your PCP from among the plan's network of doctors. As with the PPO, you can choose to go outside the network. Health Maintenance Organizations-HMO's-(closed panel)-The least flexible of the health plans, which require you to get care in-network to have any coverage. Consumer Driven Health Plans-CDHP- Consumer Driven Health Plans or High Deductible Health Plans, offer potential savings for both members and employers while still providing reliable coverage. These plans are customed designed to empower you to make educated decisions about your health care. High Deductible Plans are often combined with Health Funding Arrangement Plans such as HRA's (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) or HSA's (Health Savings Accounts), some of which are employer sponsored or funded by the individual. These accounts can offer either tax deductions or pre-tax dollar contributions. Also available are Group Medicare Advantage Plans for your retiree/age 65 and over person. These plans over excellent coverage and can save both the Employer and the Employee a significant amount of money as the monthly premiums are usually much lower than the monthly premiums of a regular group health insurance plan. If you have found the information presented in this month's addition of “For Your Benefit” to be both helpful and beneficial for you and your employees, and if your current broker or benefit specialist has not taken the time to share this essential type of information with you, we would like very much to hear from you. You can call us at 885-2910 and visit us on the web at Thanks for taking the time to read this month's column. If you have any employee benefit questions that you would like answered, please feel free to ask. Simply go to our website, click on the “Contact” page and write your question in the “comments” section at the bottom of the page and hit “submit”. Until next month… Rich Schultz, Financial Resources Company 58 Ford Street Ballston Spa 518-885-2910 Securities offered through Cadaret Grant & Co., Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC Cadaret Grant & Co. Branch Office One Lincoln Center, Syracuse, NY 13202 315-471-2191



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INTERNET DOOMSDAY! On November 8, the FBI arrested several cyber criminals in “Operation Ghost Click”. The criminals distributed DNS changing viruses. The criminals altered users DNS settings, pointing victims to malicious DNS in data centers in Estonia, New York, and Chicago. The malicious DNS servers would give fake, malicious answers, altering user searches, and promoting fake and dangerous products. Because every web search starts with DNS, the malware showed users an altered version of the Internet. Under a court order, expiring July 9, the Internet Systems Consortium is operating replacement DNS servers. The criminals, would direct the infected PC's to money for click sites, without the users knowledge, reaping many millions of dollars for themselves. Users may have been infected by the malware in the past, and may have removed it, but could still face problems on July 9 if they did not change their DNS settings, so it's important to remember that even if your anti-virus gives you a clean bill of health about malware infection, you might nevertheless still be affected by a lingering side-effect of the malware. This maintenance will finish on July 9, meaning computers still infected will face internet troubles, and may not be able to connect to the internet. If your computer is infected and you don't know will on July 9th! Cheap Geek can help you to find out if your PC is infected with the DNS changing virus and fix it by using our remote service. This can all be done from the convenience of your home, and an internet connection. We charge $30 for the service. Better to be safe then sorry! Call to make an appointment for the remote service M-F 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am to 3pm. Keep in kind, after July 9th, if you cannot connect to the internet, we cannot do a remote and then it will have to be brought to the shop to be fixed. Cheap Geek offers Complete Computer Sales and Service. Remember to check us first for new or used computer sales and repairs. We are a Dell Authorized Reseller. Prices starting at $399 for Dell Desktops with a 1year warranty! As always... safe computing!

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Customized Retaining Walls • Walkways and Patios Landscape Design and Installation Sprinkler Systems • Night Lighting Hydro-Seeding • Spring Cleanups Lawn Maintenance • Renovation

Pro-Cut Landscaping has been sprucing up lawns for 25 years!

Family owned - Kerby and Cindy Loukes

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FLOATERS Floaters are little "cobwebs" or specks that float about in your field of vision. They are small, dark, shadowy shapes that can look like spots, thread-like strands, or squiggly lines. They move as your eyes move and seem to dart away when you try to look at them directly. They do not follow your eye movements precisely, and usually drift when your eyes stop moving. Floaters occur when the vitreous, a gel-like substance that fills about 80 percent of the eye and helps it maintain a round shape, slowly shrinks. As the vitreous shrinks, it becomes somewhat stringy, and what you see is actually the shadows cast by clumps of vitreous gel when light shines past them onto the retina. In most cases, floaters are part of the natural aging process and simply an annoyance. They can be distracting at first, but eventually tend to "settle" at the bottom of the eye, becoming less bothersome. They usually settle below the line of sight and do not go away completely. Most people have floaters and learn to ignore them; they are usually not noticed until they become numerous or more prominent. Floaters can become apparent when looking at something bright, such as white paper or a blue sky. Sometimes a section of the vitreous pulls the fine fibers away from the retina all at once, rather than gradually, causing many new floaters to appear suddenly. This is called a vitreous detachment, which in most cases is not sight-threatening and requires no treatment. However, a sudden increase in floaters, possibly accompanied by light flashes or peripheral (side) vision loss, could indicate a retinal detachment. A retinal detachment occurs when any part of the retina, the eye's lightsensitive tissue, is lifted or pulled from its normal position at the back wall of the eye. A retinal detachment is a serious condition and should always be considered an emergency. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent visual impairment within two or three days or even blindness in the eye. Those who experience a sudden increase in floaters, flashes of light in peripheral vision, or a loss of peripheral vision should have an eye care professional examine their eyes as soon as possible. By looking in your eyes with special instruments, your optometrist can examine the health of your eyes and determine if what you are seeing is harmless or the symptom of a more serious problem that requires treatment. For more information contact Kristen Cameron, Burnt Hills Optical, 793 Rt. 50 Burnt Hills, 399-6130 or visit Summer Hours: May 25th-August 10th Monday 10-6 Tuesday 10-6 Wednesday 10-8 Thursday 10-6 Friday 10-3


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Answers can be found on page 34

I had heard during my C130 flight that the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville was acquiring three vintage fighter planes from the deck of the USS Intrepid to make room for the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The Ships designation is CV/CVA/CVS-11, an 872 foot Essex Class Aircraft Carrier known as the fighting “I “and harbored in New York City. Commissioned in August 1943 she served proudly in World War II then went on to serve as one of the primary recovery vessels for NASA and saw three tours of duty off Vietnam and provided submarine surveillance in the North Atlantic during the Cold War. Today she continues her service as a premiere educational center and a monument to all who have served our nation in uniform. Since 1982, the Intrepid has become a national icon and receives more than 915,000 visitors each year. The first plane off the barge that arrived in Glenville was the Supermarine Scimitar - the Scimitar was a twin-engine, single-seat strike fighter used by Great Britain's Fleet Air Arm aboard its aircraft carriers, which entered service in 1957. The Scimitar featured a swept wing, had a maximum speed of 736 mph, an armament of four 30mm cannon, and could carry 4,000 of air-to-ground ordinance. Only 76 Scimitars were manufactured, and suffered a high loss rate. The Scimitar being acquired by ESAM is one of only three surviving examples of this aircraft. The next plane to be slowly and carefully lifted onto the ground was the MiG-15, the first successful Soviet jet fighter, and an icon of the Korean War. A single-engine, single seat fighter, the MiG-15 entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1949 and over 12,000 were built, making it one the most prolifically built jet fighters in history. The MiG-15 was one of the first jet fighters to incorporate a swept wing, had a maximum speed of 668 mph, and featured an armament of three cannon. On remarkable observation is that the Mig-15 is an amazingly small aircraft when compared to what we are used to seeing and clearly not for the claustrophobic; strapping into that seat was not known for its legroom and comfort. The last plane to be lifted by the experienced crew at Burt Crane & Rigging was the Douglas F-3D Skynight - a two-seat, twin-engine fighter used by the U.S. Marine Corps, which entered service in 1952. The Skynight was equipped with one of the first airborne search radars, able to intercept enemy aircraft at night. While only 237 were manufactured, the F-3D achieved some success during the Korean War as a night fighter, frequently serving as an escort fighter for US bombers, and combating the MiG-15. The F-3D had a top speed of 600 mph, and was equipped with four 20 mm cannon. The Skynight being acquired by ESAM was actually flown from Schenectady Airport at the General Electric Flight Test Center (current site of ESAM), where it was used to test the airborne radar developed for the legendary Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter. If you want to see these planes in person, visit the Empire State Aerosciences Museum on Rt 50 in Glenville their website is where I accessed the planes historical information; you can see their ad in every issue of YOUR HOMETOWNE. How can you not be proud to live in an area that offers so much? it's alright here! Stay tuned.



1. Handguns 5. Effrontery 9. Arab chieftain 13. Beige 14. Assumed name 16. Bygone era 17. A Freudian stage 18. Bread from Heaven 19. God of love 20. Leases 22. Lying down 24. Sodium chloride 26. Style of interior furnishings 27. Catastrophic 30. Vacation destination 33. Gravure 35. Dweeb 37. Pair 38. Big name in computers 41. Missing In Action 42. Creepy 45. A small spoon 48. Generator 51. Bad-mouth 52. Skill 54. Fastens 55. Nerve-wracking 59. Step 62. Metal money 63. High, low and neap 65. Hairdo 66. Not legs 67. British biscuit 68. Fortitude 69. Tall woody plant 70. At one time (archaic) 71. If not

1. Equipment 2. Skin disease 3. Ephemeral 4. Seedless raisin 5. A leg (slang) 6. Winglike 7. Delineated 8. Cavalry member 9. Supercilium 10. Not less 11. Weightlifters pump this 12. A musical pause 15. Condiment 21. Plod along 23. The bulk 25. A city in western Russia 27. Liturgy 28. Not married 29. Take in slowly 31. Repentant 32. Threesomes 34. Choose 36. Piece of glass 39. Meadow 40. Where the sun rises 43. Infuriate 44. Hearing organs 46. Expectoration 47. Aristocracy 49. Sail supports 50. Bureau 53. House style 55. Leave in a hurry 56. Unit of pressure 57. Frost 58. Focusing glass 60. The products of human creativity 61. An amount of medicine 64. Collection


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Photo courtesy of Bill McGaffin Photography

The Your Hometowne sponsored #1M of Scotia, NY resident Mark Mortensen started the 2012 racing season on Saturday, April 7 at the annual Ice Jam event at the Track of Champions Fonda Speedway. On that day Fonda held a warm-up session for the 602 Sportsman division which Mark is running in again this year along with a Dash for Cash where he finished in the fourth position after starting eighth. Also on April 7 Mark attempted to qualify for the Ice Jam Modified feature event with his 602 Sportsman, missing the feature event by two positions after finishing two spots out of a qualifying spot in the consolation event. On Saturday, April 14th the 2012 regular season began at Fonda where Mark who was the 2011 602 Sportsman Track Champion began his quest to repeat as champion in 2012. Mark qualified fourth in qualifying heat race number four and was not part of the redraw process as only the top three finishers in each of the heat race events redrew for their starting positions in the 20-lap feature event. Without the benefit of the redraw Mark was placed 15th on the starting grid for the feature and at the drop of the green flag he immediately began his march to the front of the field. When the first of only two cautions came out on lap seven, Mark was already up to the 10th position and by lap 11 he moved into the top five in the fifth spot. After a two lap side by side battle with Brian Gleason, Mark moved into the fourth position which was where he would finish the event, a great way to start the 2012 season after starting so far back in the 26 car starting field. On Thursday, April 19 Mark and the rest of the Mortensen Motorsports Racing Team towed out to the Albany Saratoga Speedway for their season opener which was called “The Resurrection” as the track went through a transformation back to a dirt racing surface after spending the last two years as an asphalt track. It was Mark’s first ever visit to the track in a stock car although he did win the National Championship in a go-kart on the same track years ago, the first time that he ever raced in that class of a kart. In his qualifying heat race event on April 19 Mark failed to qualify after starting way back in the field so he went out in the consolation event where he fell two spots short of qualifying into the feature event. Mortensen Motorsports would like to thank all of their sponsors for their support in 2012 including Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive In of Scotia; 1st National Bank of Scotia; Benjamin Moore Paints; Mortensen Electric; Your Hometowne Paper; Countryside Stove & Chimney of Burnt Hills; Socha Plaza; Chris Kelley Carpentry of Galway; Associates of Glens Falls; Central Insurance Company of New York; Broadalbin Manufacturing; Bill Terry; Gabriele’s Supermarket of Scotia; Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; Schenectady Unit Parts NAPA; Meridian Construction Company of Scotia; Bill McGaffin Photography; BC Designs; Boyd’s Motorworks; Bobco Video; and would like to send out a warm welcome to our new sponsors for 2012 including Lenny Weiss Construction; Brent and Kelly Harvey; Howard Mack, Esquire; The Cooper Family; Tom Coughlin; the Best Bet Band; and Mike Crispin Power Equipment.

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"Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said couldn’t be done." - Sam Ewing



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Raised in the business with his dad Terry and mom Noella ; Charlie Morris, his sisters Terri-Jo and Maria learned early on how to treat people, both customers and other business people in the community. Their method was simple, treat people the way you want to be treated. Charlie's dad, Terry Morris was widely praised for his philanthropic work in this community, his business acumen and his public service “Terry Morris was a self-made businessman and dedicated public servant who truly represented the very best of what New York State has to offer, (Governor George Pataki). I see the same qualities in Charlie. His business is successful because he surrounds himself with people he trusts. In his own words, my father always said, “You're only as good as the team you've got with you.” That really highlights the importance of developing a

good team, to limit waste and counterproductivity-not eliminate it but limit it as much as you can. A lot of people have personnel that they can count on but don't immediately see where their talents lie and dismiss them. At Morris Ford, if we have a dedicated worker we find where they can be of the best use to the company. I have had several employees, or teammates, that have worked in different facets of our business. One gentleman had tried pretty much every position within the dealership. The key is to be able to recognize that you have somebody good and be able to move them around rather than removing them. Charlie is a hands on, visible leader. When I stop in I never know where I will find him. He could be at the service desk talking to a customer, in the parts department, body shop or across the street at his Used Car Sales Lot. His philosophy is never asking anyone to do anything that he wouldn't or couldn't do himself. That doesn't mean he is a technician or body man, it is about seeing the process, knowing it is safe for his people and doable. There's not a job in his dealership that he hasn't done. Charlie and Terri Jo both graduated from the National Auto Dealers Association Dealer Academy.

Charlie has spent 35 years of his life working at the dealership. At 8 years old his job was to mow the front lawn and keep the grounds clean. In his teens he began doing different jobs within the business and knew immediately that running the dealership was to be his career. Terri Jo also worked many facets of the dealership throughout the years. Noella is still very active in the business and coordinates the real estate end of it along with the accounting duties and whatever is needed. Their relationship is really special. I see it when I go into his office and Noella is there. She is kind and very bright and the mutual respect and love between Mother and Son is obvious.

Charlie supports the community in ways many of the residents do not see. His generous gift to co-fund the Flag Day Parade Fireworks for the past 2 years has allowed us to look up in the sky and see a great show with our families every June. Ford is the only one of the Big 3 American car companies that did not take bail out money from the government. Instead they went back to the drawing board, improved their brand and made changes to their product line to better serve their customers. Isn't that what being in business is supposed to be? You take a chance to succeed and if you get off track you change the way you are doing business. With the addition of Mike Rowe as their spokesperson, a new line of fuel efficient vehicles, the redesign of the Taurus and their traditional Tough Ford Trucks; Ford has turned their company around the old fashion way. Using innovation and hard work, not handouts. On behalf of the Morris family and Team they would like to thank the community for their continued support over the past 40 years and look forward to the next 40!

Morris Ford • 872 Saratoga Rd, Burnt Hills • 399.9188

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It’s Grilling Season and Garofalo's has the BEST lump charcoal you can buy along with this GREAT OFFER to make your next cook out easy to plan!

BBQ PACK FEED 4 FOR ONLY $25 Pork Spareribs with Maple Barbecue Sauce Try this with baked beans as well as coleslaw and biscuits or cornbread. 6 pounds pork spareribs from Garafalo's (about 3 whole racks) 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 medium onions, finely chopped 4 garlic cloves, minced 2 cups tomato puree 3/4 cup pure maple syrup 1/4 cup soy sauce Good Stuff Seasoning from Garafalo's Crushed dried red pepper flakes 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar

6 Links Italian Sausage Your Choice of Sweet or Hot 4 Beef patties 6 oz each 1 Full Rack Baby Back Ribs (2 halves) 4 Skinless and Boneless Chicken Breast Halves 1 Sample Pack Good Stuff Seasoning for your Ribs and Chicken


Place rack in center of oven and preheat to 400 degrees F. Sprinkle ribs with Good Stuff Seasoning OUR SIGNATURE Wrap each rib rack tightly in heavy-duty foil; set ITALIAN SAUSAGE SINCE 1904 on rimmed baking sheet. Bake ribs 45 minutes. Hot or Sweet; Rope style or Patties Cool slightly. Unwrap; drain juices. Cut into CUSTOM CUT BEEF individual ribs. Filet Mignon Meanwhile, heat oil in heavy medium saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and sauté until Rib Eye Steaks Choice tender, about 10 minutes. Add garlic and sauté NY Strip Steaks Choice 1 minute. Add tomato puree, maple syrup and PORK Soy sauce. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and Pork Chops Center Cut Bone in or Stuffed simmer until sauce thickens slightly, about 20 minutes. Stir in vinegar. Season sauce to taste Pork Tenderloins • Pulled Pork • Smoked Ribs with salt and pepper. POULTRY Line same baking sheet with foil. Brush ribs with Skinless boneless Chicken breasts sauce. Place ribs, meaty side up, on sheet. Roast Chicken Cutlets or Stuffed Chicken Breasts 15 minutes. Brush on more sauce. Roast until meat is very tender, about 20 minutes.

Barking Dogs Marie's husband Paul invented a great update on a chili dog. This is a Barking Dog* which is Garofalo's hot dogs topped with Garofalo's own pulled pork and lightly sauced with Sweet Baby Rays or kick it up a notch and mix the pork with any one of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Slathering Sauces. *The Bark refers to the outside crunchy part of good pulled pork and Garofalo's has the best. It's good to have a little of that bark mixed in with the rest of the pork to give it a good texture.

Garafalo's, the taste people travel for! Stop in and visit the 4th generation, serving QUALITY ITALIAN PRODUCTS since 1904.

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MAY SCHEDULE 518-399-8174 • The May meeting of the library board of trustees will be at 7PM on Wednesday, May 30th in the library community room. These meetings are open to the public and we'd love to see you there. COMPUTER CLASSES Email - 6-8PM on Monday, May 7 Introduction to Computers - 5-7PM on Tuesday, May 15 Excel 1 - 4-6PM on Monday, May 21 Excel 2 - 4-6PM on Tuesday, May 22 E-Books - Wednesday, May 23, Three sessions: Kindle 2-3PM / Nook 3-4PM / iPad 4-5PM PC LAB - 12-2PM Thursday, May 31 Classes are free unless otherwise noted. For a small printing fee, handouts may be available for patrons to retain for future reference. Registration is required and space is limited. To register, please stop by or call the library at 518-3998174. ext 2. Flyers are also available at the Library and online at Historian in Residence - Drop in for an informal chat about town history with Town of Ballston Historian Rick Reynolds at his Historian in Residence program at the library between 6:30PM and 8PM on Thursday, May 17. Library Book Club will be discussing Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian at 7PM on Monday, May 14th in the library community room. Social Knitting Group will meet from 7-9PM on Monday, May 21 in the library community room. All knitters and other fiber fanatics are welcome to join us but only knitting help is promised. Financial Planning Seminar - Free program at 6PM on Tuesday, May 29. Seminar topics will include: a general understanding of investing, strategies to limit risk in your retirement portfolio as well as techniques for generating income in retirement. Richard L. Lane is the Vice President-Investments and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® with Madison Wealth Managers. Please call 348-7770 ext 221 to register. CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS Baby Lap Time - Thursdays at 12PM on May 3, 10, 17, 24. Share interactive rhymes, songs and simple board books with the baby in your life. For infants under 14 months, not yet walking, accompanied by an adult. Toddler Time - Wednesdays & Fridays on 10:30AM May 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25. Read & sing with us to promote early literacy and social skills. Please stay and play with us after, for ages three and under accompanied by an adult. Preschool Story Time - Wednesdays at 1:30PM & Thursdays at 10:30AM May 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24. Enjoy books, songs, finger plays, and a craft with us, with playtime to follow. For three to six-year-old accompanied by a caregiver. Music with Miss Mona - Tuesdays at 10:30AM on May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 & June 5, 12, 19. Bring your preschooler to a family style sing-along! Then stay for playtime. 2, 3, 4 Book Club - May 24 at 5PM A theme book club for kids in grades 2, 3, & 4. Bring a friend and get ready to talk about your favorite books. Each month we’ll read different books of the same genre, talk about them, do a craft & play with Legos. Please sign up. Scribbles & Tales - May 10 at 4PM Listen to stories & do crafts! This is an inclusive program for children of all levels of ability in Grades K-5. Please sign up! TEEN PROGRAM - Hunger Games of Burnt Hills - May 18 at 1:30PM Represent your district! Compete in Hunger Games Trivia, create tribute costumes and decorate cookies in Peeta’s Bakery. For Grades 6 -12, please sign up. HOURS: M-Th 10AM-8PM / Fri 10AM-5PM / Sat 10AM-2PM ONLINE or YOUTH SERVICES • E-mail:

Did you know? The expression "the whole nine yards" comes from WWII aircraft whose ammunition belts were 27 feet long.When you used your entire ammo belt on a target, you exhausted "the whole nine yards.


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Answers from Crossword Puzzle on page 27

LIPSTICK & JEWELRY! It's nothing new for me to write about my son and our adventures. I do celebrate this day solely because of him. I could go on and on about him every month, my pride spilling onto these pages quiet easily. However for now, It is Mothers' Day and it's all about me and how I came to be. Here is a quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson; "Men are what their mothers made them." I find this true and I also believe that it works for women too. Let me tell you a little bit about my mom. The first things that comes to mind when I think of my mom is lipstick, jewelry and the softest skin I have ever felt. Lipstick: (Webster's official definition) a product that Pattie's mom will not leave the house without! She says, "I need to get gussied up a bit." It's usually a bold pink that brightens up her face. If you have a nice shade of lipstick on my mom would ask where you got it and looks forward to adding it to her collection. Jewelry: (again taken directly from Webster's dictionary) Pattie's moms' addiction! We all have a jewelry box on the dresser, maybe even two. My mom has a piece of furniture that holds, you guessed it, just jewelry. One or two boxes on the dresser would never be efficient to hold the massive collection. She treasures each piece, remembering where each came from, if I made it for her or if it was a gift from one of us at Christmas. Softest Skin Ever: (right out of the dictionary I swear) My mom is 82 and looks as though she is barely pushing 65! Her wrinkle free face is round and always has a smile adorning it. As I lean in to kiss her cheek, the smell of her powder and the softness of her skin makes me feel like a kid again. Her gentle nature and soft spoken voice just add to the love I feel for her. She is the smallest in stature of our entire family and yet has the biggest heart and the strongest spirit. She never speaks badly of anyone. She has loved us unconditionally, even when we weren't making the smartest decision. She stayed home and raised all 5 of us. She cooked, cleaned, hugged and yelled occasionally. I have learned much from my mom, and it takes us time to realize that. I do find that I don't leave the house without my lip gloss, nor would I ever think to go anywhere without at least one piece of jewelry on. And as for that softest skin, I can only hope that heredity and my bottle of Oil of Olay will be kind to me in the near future. Happy Mother's Day mom, thank you for all you have done for me to make me a better person. I love you today and every day! As always, I wish you peace, joy and gussied up day! Pattie Rakvica •

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A CREATIVE NURTURING APPROACH TO EDUCATION IN BURNT HILLS Kneel down. Peer into the eyes of your child. Hold their hands. Ask them what they would like to do today. There is no rush, there is no frustration. You are allowing your child to have a voice, the voice and independence that you are helping to develop as a parent. Your child is calm and happy because you are giving them a choice, the equality and respect that they deserve. At the Montessori School of Schenectady, this is the way we see our students everyday. They are individuals. They are valued for their traits and opinions. We share in the heritage of each other and our community.There is excellence is being different. Maria Montessori, the first female Doctor in Italy developed this educational model after years working with both typical and special needs children. She created an unrestricted, natural environment for them in which both sets of students flourished physically, emotionally and developmentally. “Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.�- Maria Montessori In the 100 year tradition of the Montessori Method, the Montessori School of Schenectady provides an alternative education dedicated to nurturing the needs of each individual child based on their inquisitive spirit and brain development. Their teachers help recognize these needs by providing a stimulating classroom environment in all subject matters including practical life, math, nature and ecology, language and sensory processing. Pouring water, gracefully holding a tea cup, manipulating wooden tools, and skillfully designing architectural structures using classroom materials are some of the lessons your child will choose. Your child will also refine their fine motor skills by use of small muscle control by using tweezers, droppers and chopsticks. They have a sense of accomplishment when they learn to write their name, help a friend with a lesson or recite the life cycle of a butterfly with enthusiasm. Montessori students explore their empathetic potential by embracing lessons on grace and courtesy and a respect of our environment. Our self-contained campus offers a herb garden for the children to cultivate, several species of plants to care for and a really amazing jungle gym. Students are given music, art and foreign language instruction within classroom time or as an after school elective. Our teachers are compassionate, experienced and invested in your child's needs. We come from various backgrounds and fields of study, giving us a diverse creative outlook on your child's education. In the 45 year tradition of our school, The Montessori School of Schenectady aims at providing affordable and competitive tuition rates, so that all children may experience the joy and outstanding potential within them. The Montessori School of Schenectady offers Toddler, Pre-K, Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment Programs and is located at 124 Lake Hill Road, Burnt Hills, NY. For more information call 518-384-0074.



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5 SIMPLE STEPS FOR ACHIEVING ANY GOAL If you're not happy with your body then your workouts have lost focus. If you don't have a goal ready then chances are your motivation is low and it has resulted in a lack of results. I know from firsthand experience that operating without a goal will get you nowhere. Sure, you may still be exercising regularly and eating mindfully but without that concrete goal your efforts will yield little results. 1. SETTING YOUR GOAL You want to be in "better shape" but that's so vague. Dig deeper. What specifically do you wish you had now that you don't? 2. DEFINE YOUR TIMELINE Now that you've determined exactly what part of your body isn't up to par, tie that goal within a specific timeline. When you have a timeline to measure your progress against, you'll find that achieving your goal becomes an easier process. 3. NAME YOUR PRIZE It's time to take your motivation to the next level. Now that your specific goal is set and your timeline is clearly defined, let's add a prize that you'll receive once you've accomplished your goal. 4. PICTURE IT Now spend time picturing your end goal. Find a comfortable, quiet corner, close your eyes and see a mental movie - starring yourself - enjoying your reward with your new and improved body. Play your mental success movie several times throughout the day. 5. RECIPE FOR SUCCESS The steps that you've taken above have prepared you to mentally take on the challenge of motivating yourself through this transformation process. All that remains is a solid exercise and nutrition plan to push you through to your new body. This is where I come in. I'm fanatical about propelling each and every one of my clients through their own personal body transformation. Call or email today and I'll get you started on a program that will make your goals a reality. Call 424-7878 or email to get started today with a free consultation.

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EVEN WITH LOW RATES, YOU CAN INVEST FOR INCOME Not long ago, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that it plans to keep short-term interest rates near zero until late 2014. The Fed initially pushed rates to that level in 2008, in an effort to stimulate economic growth. Clearly, low interest rates have a wide-ranging impact, but what effect will they have on you? If you need income from your investments, then continuing ultra-low interest rates may be a matter of some concern, particularly if you own certain types of fixed-income investments, such as certificates of deposit. While CDs are insured, offer return of principal at maturity and provide regular interest payments, they are not risk-free. With low interest rates, you risk losing purchasing power. Still, fixed-rate vehicles may well have a place in your portfolio. If you're even somewhat dependent on your investments for income, you may need to broaden your search. Here are a few ideas to consider: - Build a bond ladder. Long-term bonds, by their nature, are more subject to interest rate risk than shorter-term vehicles. In other words, interest rates are more likely to rise during the life span of a longer-term bond - and when rates go up, the prices of existing bonds will fall. To help lower this risk, you may want to build a “ladder” of bonds of varying maturities. Then, if market interest rates are low, you'll still have your long-term bonds earning higher rates, but if rates rise, you can take advantage of them by reinvesting the proceeds of your maturing short-term bonds. But remember to work with your financial advisor to evaluate whether a bond ladder and the securities held within it are consistent with your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial circumstances. - Dividend-paying stocks. You can find many high quality companies that have paid dividends for many consecutive years and in some cases, increased their dividend payout each year. In 2012, companies listed in the S&P 500 are on track to pay out more than $252 billion in dividends, a record amount, according to data compiled from Standard & Poor's. (Keep in mind that the S&P 500 is an unmanaged index and is not available for direct investment.) Of course, stock prices will fluctuate in value, and you may receive more or less than your original investment when you sell. Historically, dividend-paying stocks have been less volatile than non-dividend-paying stocks. Be aware that companies (like G.E. a couple of years ago) can lower or discontinue dividend payments at any time. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. - Refinance your mortgage. Today's low rates are good news for borrowers. With tougher standards in place, it may not be as easy to refinance a mortgage as it once was, but if you qualify, you may want to think about refinancing. You may be able to save quite a bit of money on your monthly payments - and lower payments can translate into a greater cash flow. Plus, if you don't need all the savings, you can put some of the money into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another retirement savings vehicles. - Pay-off debt. If you currently have a large cash savings account or CD maturing at very low interest, consider using a portion of that money to payoff a car loan, credit card, or home equity loan. You can “borrow” the money from yourself and repay your own savings account. You should continue to make the same payment, but you will be paying yourself back with interest, instead of paying that interest to a loan at the bank. Ultimately, an extended period of low interest rates is just one more factor to consider in creating and adjusting your investment strategy. Work with your financial advisor to help ensure low rates won't affect your income needs. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Christopher Nyhan runs the Edward Jones office in Burnt Hills, NY. He can be reached at 399-5087 or



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