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APRIL 2012




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The Freedom Z is designed for commercial and large estate use. Learn more about the outstanding features of the Freedom Z and how it can save you time while delivering professional results.

Let the experts at All Seasons help you find the power equipment to fit your needs! Celebrating 45 years of grooming the Capital District!

The Cheetah is the fastest cat in the Scag zero-turn rider lineup with speeds up to 16 mph! An Operator Suspension System delivers a smooth ride while cutting grass with either a 61" or 72" cutter deck. Your choice of air-cooled engine options up to 34hp.

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A message from As we start pruning our lawns and fixing up our homes let's not forget about the people who lost everything to Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee last fall. From the Schoharie Valley all the way into Vermont there are people who still do not have homes to go to. The Town of Prattsville was wiped off the map. Farmlands are devastated; the local economies are in dire straits. Right here in Scotia people lost their homes to the raging Mohawk River. The trickledown effect from this storm will loom for years. Many beloved pets ended up in shelters because their owners simply could not take care of them. Kids had to switch schools; people lost their jobs because the businesses were washed away. You all know by now that I believe in the human spirit and our ability to rise above disasters, it is what Americans do. Our neighbors need our help. If you get a few friends together with some gloves, shovels and rakes and take a ride to one of the affected areas you will have no problem finding someone who truly needs you. Even for a few hours. Of course donations are always welcomed but when you give your time it is priceless. The spiritual impact you can make on someone by giving them a couple hours of work will stay with them forever and help them heal mentally. If you are not able to do physical work then go and lend a smile, spend some money in the local diners and businesses. Share a story, hold someone's hand and look into their eyes. Take some of their pain away for a few minutes. You may find a new lifelong friend, but at the very least you will walk away a better person. For more information please see the contact information below. Paul and I have some very exciting news to tell you. As of May we will be publishing a paper in Colonie very similar to Your Hometowne called Our Towne Colonie. Since we do not live there, we have recruited a salesperson that grew up there and knows the area and the people. We have another salesperson that brings a solid newspaper background with her and the Colonie Chamber is helping support us as we get up and running. Karen Garrison, our artist extraordinaire will be building the book so the quality and the look will be consistent with YHT. We are revamping our website so you will be able to read both papers on-line. Please join us on Facebook if you haven't already done so. And don't forget to tell your family you love them! Schoharie Recovery, P.O. Box 111 Schoharie, NY 12157 518.390.8826

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ABOUT THE COVER... When you look up in the sky and see that big plane lumbering on the horizon understand the men and women on the C130 military plane our always preparing for military and humanitarian missions. From Aero Medical Evacuation or supply drops, to the ongoing support of the team in Antarctica; the men and woman of the 109th airlift wing bring a source of pride and honor to Glenville. Read all about it in our Stay Tuned article on page 36.

WHAT OUR EXPERTS ARE SAYING... Amy Aldrich, State Farm Insurance - Seven Strategies for Saving Burnt Hills Optical - Spring is in the Air Cheap Geek - Spring PC Tune-up Tips Chris Nyhan, Edward Jones - Put Time & Tax-Advantaged Investments on Your Side Financial Resources Company - Employee Benefits Company, Rich Shultz Locust Grove Designs - Welcome Spring with a Mini-Makeover Patti Rakvica - Laughter, Simply Fun! Precise Fitness - Is Your Slow Metabolism to Blame for Weight Gain?



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• Mercury Repower

& Warranty Center • Dockage Available

Located in Alplaus between the Rexford Bridge and the Schenectady Airport on the Mohawk River

47 Mohawk Avenue, Alplaus 12008

399-2719 •

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Men - Women - Teens

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SARATOGA MUSTANGS PREPARE FOR 7TH SEASON OF HIGH SCHOOL AGED RUGBY The 2012 season of Saratoga County Youth Rugby has begun. The Saratoga Mustangs U-19 Rugby team consists of players between the ages of 14-18 from Saratoga County, NY. The club features boys and girls teams, each participating in the Capital District Youth Rugby League. Practice began on March 13, 2012 and the games begin on April 6th for the boys and April 22nd for the girls. The Saratoga Mustangs play teams from Rensselaer, Schenectady, Albany, Berkshire, Kingston, Adirondack and the Southern Tier. The CDYR Championship games are scheduled for the weekend of May 19-20th, with the State Championships scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend. For more information go to (click on Youth Rugby) or email the coaching staff: or

& Dinner a Show

NOW THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT! April 16th & 17th Neil Simons THE SUNSHINE BOYS Presented by the Galway Little Theatre 5-6pm Meet & Greet Cocktail Hour 6pm Dinner • 7:30pm Curtain Call


745 Charlton Road, Charlton $12 Paid Show Ticket to Ensure Dinner Reservation Tickets available at The Tavern Menu and pricing available online

Join us and relax as we open windows and pair the spring air with our unique menu, originally conceived and authentically prepared by Chef Paul Persico Baby Showers • Bridal Showers • Weddings • Any Special Occasion


Our Americana Furniture and Spring Accessories will be sure to brighten any décor... Stop in for our spring shop and dine offer!

A $100 purchase from our selection of Country Designs and Furnishings gives you $20 towards your meal at the Tavern!

Open Daily 10-5pm • Closed Sunday & Monday

746 Charlton Road, Charlton, 399-8452

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Customized Retaining Walls • Walkways and Patios Landscape Design and Installation Sprinkler Systems • Night Lighting Hydro-Seeding • Spring Cleanups Lawn Maintenance • Renovation

Pro-Cut Landscaping has been sprucing up lawns for 25 years!

Family owned - Kerby and Cindy Loukes

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PUT TIME & TAX-ADVANTAGED INVESTMENTS ON YOUR SIDE If you’re relatively young, and you’ve been investing only a few years, you possess an asset that is invaluable and cannot be replaced: TIME. And the more time you spend contributing to tax-advantaged investments, the better off you may be. As an investor, time is your ally for two reasons. First, the more time you give to your growth-oriented investments, the greater their growth potential. And second, the effects of market volatility have tended to decrease over time, though as you no doubt have heard, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Clearly, it pays to put time on your side. And when you’re investing in taxadvantaged vehicles, time becomes an even more critical component of investment success, especially when you are young and have several decades ahead of you before you retire. Suppose, for example, that you put $200 per month into an investment on which you paid taxes every year. If you earned a hypothetical 7% return on this investment, you’d end up with about $324,000 after 40 years. But if you put that same $200 per month into a tax-deferred investment, such as a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and you earned that same 7% return, you’d wind up with about $513,000 after 40 years. Of course, once you starting taking withdrawals, presumably when you’re retired, you’ll have to pay taxes on your earnings, so your after-tax accumulation would be about $385,000, assuming you took your IRA in a lump sum (which most people don’t) and also assuming you were in the 25% tax bracket. However, by the time you retire, you may be in a lower bracket. Plus, you have some control over how much you withdraw each year, so you may be able to affect the taxes you’ll pay. Furthermore, depending on your income level, your contributions to a traditional IRA may be tax-deductible in the years in which you make the contributions. (Keep in mind that this hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent a specific investment or investment strategy.) While tax deferral is obviously a nice feature for an investment, tax-free may be even better. If you meet the income requirements, you might want to consider investing in a Roth IRA, which provides tax-free earnings withdrawals, provided you’ve held your account for at least five years and you don’t start taking withdrawals until you’re at least age 59∏. This means that, in the above example, you’d have accumulated that same $513,000 — but you won’t have to pay taxes on your withdrawals. Generally speaking, the Roth IRA may make more financial sense for those who are eligible, but if you think you’ll be in a lower tax bracket when you retire, and your income level permits you to deduct some of your contributions, you may want to consider a traditional IRA. Consult with your tax advisor for guidance on the most appropriate approach for your situation. When it comes to building resources for retirement, it’s almost impossible to save and invest “too much.” So take full advantage of both time and taxadvantaged investments. By putting these investments to work for you, and by keeping them at work, you’ll be putting time on your side as you work toward your financial goals. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Christopher Nyhan runs the Edward Jones office in Burnt Hills, NY. He can be reached at 399-5087 or



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IS YOUR SLOW METABOLISM TO BLAME FOR WEIGHT GAIN? You're working out and eating well, but just can't seem to lose weight. Could a slow metabolism be keeping you from your weight-loss goals? It just might. What is Metabolism? Metabolism is the complex, biochemical process in which your body takes what you eat and drink and converts it into energy. Your metabolism is constantly at work, even during rest and sleep when your body needs energy to breath, circulate blood, adjust hormones, repair cells, and grow new cells. Your basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories it takes for your body to perform its basic functions. It affects how much energy your body needs to do its job and helps determine the number of calories you'll burn each day. Many factors play a role in your basal metabolic rate. Larger people and those with more muscle mass burn more calories even while resting. This means overweight people usually have a faster metabolic rate than their thinner peers. Men generally have more muscle and less fat and therefore burn more calories, giving them the advantage when it comes to metabolic rate. The older you are, the less muscle you're likely to have. As a result, you burn calories slower. Besides your basal metabolic rate, the amount of physical activity you get and the way your body digests and processes food determines how many calories you burn. While many factors go into your metabolism, the most variable is physical activity. Exercise also makes the most difference in the number of calories you burn, so amp up your exercise and watch your metabolism rise as well. Slow Metabolism = Weight Gain? Contrary to popular belief, a slow metabolism rarely causes excess weight gain. While it would be easy to blame your weight on a slow metabolism, the most likely culprit behind those extra pounds is the amount of calories you consume versus the amount of calories you expend in physical activity. When you eat more calories than you expend, your body stores that away as fat. Your metabolism is a natural process, and your body balances your metabolism to meet your individual energy needs. This is made clear when folks jump into a starvation diet. When you don't eat, your body slows down the metabolizing processes to conserve calories and energy to survive. You don't have much control over your metabolism, but you can control the number of calories you burn during exercise. The more activity you perform, the more calories you burn. Having a slow metabolism is rare, and it usually doesn't cause obesity. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and Cushing's syndrome may slow metabolism and lead to weight gain. But for the most part, the factors that contribute to weight gain include consuming too many calories, genetics, family history, unhealthy habits such as too little sleep or not eating breakfast, and certain medications. Boost Your Metabolism? Trying to speed up your metabolism will likely have little effect on weight loss. Therefore, be skeptical of products, foods, and drinks that claim to do such a thing. They may have dangerous or undesirable side effects. If a magic pill is what you're waiting for, you may be waiting a long time. If you want to lose weight, nothing will get you there faster than a healthy diet and a consistent, challenging exercise program. If you want to kick-start your metabolism with challenging progressive workouts then call or email me to get started on your own effective exercise plan. Call 424-7878 or email to get started today with a free consultation.

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SEVEN STRATEGIES FOR SAVING Are you doing your best to save for your future? It can be very challenging to begin a savings program. After necessities such as food, clothing and housing, there can be little left to put aside for future goals. Unfortunately, failing to save could mean the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement and giving up some basic needs. Often it is a matter of making the decision to begin saving now in order to buy a new home or car later. The goals you set are important to you. Making changes to prepare for those goals can make a difference. For that reason, State Farm has taken a look at various ways to get a person's savings plan on track. We've come up with seven strategies that you can use today. 1. Don't splurge with your tax refund. Instead of spending your refund, use it wisely by paying down debt, funding an individual retirement account, or saving it for future financial goals. 2. Take full advantage of your employer's retirement contributions. Your employer may match a percentage of the contributions you make to your retirement savings plan. It's a good idea to do what it takes to get the matching limit. It's free money that can really help your bottom line during retirement. 3. Start small and stay steady. The first word is the most important start. You should begin as early as possible to get the most out of your savings plan. 4. Pay yourself first. Think of your savings or investments as a bill you must pay on a regular basis, much the same as a car or mortgage payment. Be disciplined and make the payments according to a set schedule. For better results, establish an automatic monthly deduction from your paycheck or checking account to fund an investment or savings account. 5. Create separate pots of savings for upcoming life stages. Retirement may be an important goal for which to begin saving, but other goals or events need as much or more preparation. Don't short-change other goals while concentrating on one thing. Whether it's a home, car or child's education, it is important to give appropriate attention to each. 6. If you have children, find the right education plan. You have a number of choices when it comes to saving for a child's education. Finding the one that makes sense for your situation takes planning and information. This takes us to the seventh and, quite possibly, the most important point‌ 7. Work with someone you know and trust. Everyone's needs and goals are unique. Just as you go through many changes during your lifetime, your financial goals may change. You should work with a professional who not only knows about various plans and strategies, but knows you and will stay with you through the long haul. Most people feel the best guidance they receive comes from a financial professional they know and trust. In the end, it all boils down to making a plan, getting started and staying the course. When you make the decision to finally start, contact a financial professional who knows you and understands your needs. Amy M. Aldrich 123 Saratoga Road Glenville, NY 12302 518-384-2692 •


Burnt Hills United Methodist Church is presenting a free program providing information and resources to assist those who are caring for an ill or disabled loved one.

Saturday, April 28th 9am-2pm Lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP to Glenda Hughes 384-0237



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APRIL SCHEDULE 518-399-8174 • The April meeting of the Town of Ballston Community Library Board of Trustees will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 7 PM in the library community room. Art Exhibit - The library will be hosting the Burnt Hills – Ballston Lake art exhibit featuring student art April 1st-21st. An art reception will be held on April 21st from 12-2PM. All are welcome. SPECIAL PROGRAMS Worried about Bullies? - Join us at this workshop for parents and kids in grades K-5 to talk about ways to prevent bullying and what to do if you are being bullied. Saturday, April 28th at 10:30AM. Please call 399-8174 ext. 2 to sign up. Historian in Residence - Town of Ballston Historian Rick Reynolds will be at the library on Wednesday, April 17, 2012 from 6:30-8PM to share town lore and historical materials. Drop in and chat with him. Memoir Writing Workshop - Join Mary Sanders Shartle for this 8 week workshop on memoir writing on the following Thursdays – April 5, 12, 19, and 26 and May 3, 10, 17, and 24. Please bring writing materials. This program is made possible by a donation from Fred Baum in memory of Helen Baum. Registration is required by calling 399-8174 ext. 2. Attention, Writers! - Want to get published? Two local companies - Open Door Publishers, Inc., of Malta, and The Troy Book Makers, of Troy - provide printing and publishing services. Come learn what they have to offer on Wednesday, April 4, at 6:30PM in the Community Room. Sponsored by the Children's Literature Connection. For more information or to RSVP, contact Heather Schwartz: 429-5168 or Social Knitting Group - Join us on April 30th at 7PM in the library community room. Crocheters and other fiber fanatics are always welcome. Knitting help is available. COMPUTER CLASSES Free, but please call 399-8174 ext 2 to register. For class descriptions please go to or pick up a schedule at the library. Microsoft Excel Level 1 - Thursday, April 5, 5-7PM File Management - Tuesday, April 3, 5-7PM Microsoft Excel Level 2 - Wednesday, April 4, 4-6PM Nook for ebooks - Monday, April 9, 1-2PM iPad for ebooks - Tuesday, April 10, 6-7PM Introduction to Computers for Absolute Beginners - Monday, April 9, 46PM Kindle for ebooks - Tuesday, April 10, 4:30-5:30PM Microsoft Word Level 3 - Monday, April 16, 2-5PM Microsoft Word Level 2 - Thursday, April 26, 5-7PM Computer Lab - Monday, April 30, 12-2PM Browsing on the Internet - Monday April 30, 4-6PM APRIL BREAK PROGRAMS Please pick up a program at the library or online at for details. Art & Movement - April 11 at 1:30PM – Drop in program for preschoolers accompanied by a caregiver. The World of Trees - April 11 at 1:30PM – Grades K-5. Registration Required. Recycled Books - April 11 at 1:30PM – For Grades 6-12. Registration required. Read to Casey - April 11 at 4PM – Drop in program for kids and families. HOURS: M-Th 10AM-8PM / Fri 10AM-5PM / Sat 10AM-2PM ONLINE or YOUTH SERVICES • E-mail:



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WELCOME SPRING Ah, spring… it is really almost here. We got a little tease a few weeks ago with the summer-like weather and it got me itching to put a little spring in my house! How about you? I've got a few tips to help you welcome spring, whenever it decides to come and stay a while. 1. Clear out the clutter. I know I say it all the time, but a deep cleaning and organizing can do wonders for your home, without spending a dime. If you want to spend a little bit, get some natural, beautifully scented cleaning products and give yourself a little treat while you're at it. Don't forget the windows - and really let the light shine in! 2. Lighten up. Clean off light bulbs and switch out your old, dusty lampshades with something fun. I love Target's spring shades! Take down your heavy winter curtains - yes, it's okay to leave your windows naked if you don't need the privacy, and if you do, pick up some inexpensive voile curtains or match-stick shades. Finally, replace your pillows and throw blankets with bright, spring patterns and fabrics. 3. Give your things a new home. Spring is a great time to “shop” your home and give things you already own a new place to live. Moving artwork and accessories from room to room gives your space a new look and is completely free! 4. Give your bath a mini-makeover. The bathroom rarely gets an update-once you do your bath, it tends to stay that way for a long time. Add bright towels, a new rug, maybe a brightly colored shower curtain to put a little spring in your bath, and make getting ready for work more fun! 5. Dress your tables. Spring is a great time to swap out winter-hued candles and bowls of potpourri and dress your dining and occasional tables with brightly colored displays of vases, bowls, decorative figurines and other accessories. Group by color and in odd numbers for the best effect. Spring is a great time to shake off the winter blahs and make your home feel fresh and new. Need inspiration? Drop by my Facebook page or check out my website for lots of great photos are articles! Happy spring! Locust Grove Design Dawn DiLorenzo • 222-9551

“Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger." - Franklin P. Jones

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"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - - Albert Einstein

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HELLO AND WELCOME… My name is Rich Schultz and I am the owner of Financial Resources Company. We're located in the Village of Ballston Spa. I've lived and worked in Saratoga County for over 40 years. I'm very excited about the opportunity to talk to you in the coming months, and give you some insight and knowledge regarding the complex world of Employee Benefits. In my business, one of the most important aspects of what we do for your clients would go under the heading of “problem solving”. By writing this column each month, our goal will be to help inform and simplify the complex world of Employee Benefits for you, by sharing our knowledge and expertise in this field. Who we are and what we do… Financial Resources Company specializes in the analysis, design, sale and service of Employee Benefit Plans in the Greater Capital District area. We understand the unique challenges that business owner's face when trying to meet their companys' needs. Your company may profit from our expertise with better benefits and lower costs, as we have the ability to select the best plans at the lowest cost in the marketplace. With over 25 years of experience in the field, our knowledge and expertise allows us to meet all of your Employee Benefit needs. At Financial Resources Company, we provide a complete analysis of your Employee Benefit Plans. Our in-depth and thorough examination is done on an individual basis and is designed and customized specifically for your company's' needs. In our analysis process we will examine your companys benefits, costs, current offerings, identify what your goals are, and make our professional recommendations as to the best way to proceed with both your company and your employees' best interests in mind. Among the Employee Benefit Plans that we offer are: • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Group Medicare Advantage Plans • Group Term Life, Group Long Term Disability, New York State Statutory Disability, Group Long Term Care • Qualified Pension Plans-401-k's, Simple IRA's, SEP's • Section 125- Cafeteria Plans, Premium Only Plans • HRA's, HSA's, FSA's-Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts • Business Continuation Planning / Buy-Sell Plans • Individual Disability Plans and Individual Long Term Care Plans In the coming months some of the topics that I will be talking to you about will include the following: The different types of health insurance plans that are available to you and your employees, Consumer Driven health insurance plans, what strategies can be implemented using Consumer Driven health plans along with the incorporation of either HRA's or HSA's and FSA's. Group Medicare Advantage Plans-what they are and how they can benefit you and your retiree's. The PPACA Heath Reform Law which impacts all of us. Also such important topics as COBRA, New York State Mini-COBRA, New York State sponsored health insurance plans like Healthy New York will all be discussed, as will such fundamental topics as your companys' Open Enrollment Period for your Group Plans, what are Qualifying Events, and Voluntary Employee Benefit Plans. Also we will talk about Qualified Pension Plans such as 401k's, Simple 401k's, Simple IRA's, and SEP's. Our company website address is: Please take the time to visit our website. There are five pages that you can access on our website, so feel free to take a look at all the pages. If you would like us to contact you regarding any Employee Benefit needs that you have via our website, simply go to the “contact” tab/page and fill out the online form. You can also ask any general questions you have regarding Employee Benefits by using this form on our website. To contact us directly by phone call 885-2910. Thanks for taking the time to read our initial column, and I hope we have peaked your interest. I do look forward to talking with you in the coming months. Enjoy the warm Spring weather !Till next month…

Rich Schultz, Financial Resources Company 58 Ford Street Ballston Spa 518-885-2910

Personal Water Craft (PWC) Safe Boating Certification Class Saturday, April 21st • 9am - 5pm Guan-Ho-Ha Banquet Hall In partnership with the United States Power Squadron the GuanHo-Ha Fish and Game Club will host a PWC and Boating certification course. Learn the fundamentals of safe boat handling and operation in one comprehensive classroom course. This course meets state specific and National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) requirements for operator certification. The class which is offered in a single day satisfies the NYS certification requirement for operators of Personal Water Craft and young boaters between the ages of 10 and 16. The class is open to everyone. Cost $50 per person, $70 for couples sharing the course textbook. The course fee includes an extensive course textbook. For more information and to register contact Armand Canestraro at (518) 372-7220.



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Since 1919, the Haraden family has built a reputation for quality automotive sales and service. Today, Jeff and Steve Haraden proudly operate Mohawk Honda’s state of the art dealership in Glenville. Built with an investment of over $7 million, the new 41,000+sq.-ft. the new Mohawk Honda dealership – on the site of the former Salisbury Chevrolet – was completed in early 2011. All Honda sales and service facilities are now housed in the new location. Their former State Street facility specializes in sales and service of all makes and models of pre-owned vehicles as Mohawk Auto Center, and houses the firm’s state-of-the-art Collision Repair Center. “Our family has been in the automotive business since our grandfather opened Mohawk Chevrolet in 1919, noted Jeff Haraden, president of Mohawk Honda. “The Mohawk Honda automotive dealership was opened in 1971 and has continued to win national awards for professionalism in sales and service.”

waiting room with two seating areas, a quiet nook for reading, adjacent restrooms with baby-changing stations, and a Kids’ Zone with educational toys, coloring books and computers offering age-appropriate games. A new Refreshment Center provides free Villa Italia coffee, tea and pastries as well as fresh fruit. In the service department, one of the nicest new features is the 3lane, 12-car receiving area which allows customers to stay out of

Earlier this year, Mohawk Honda received an award at their new dealership to mark 40 years as a Honda dealer. Pictured are (front l to r) Joseph Jenio, Honda New England Zone Sales Manager; Buzz Haraden; Jeff Leclair, Honda New England Zone Service and Parts Manager; (rear l to r) Jeff & Steve Haraden.

“With our new dealership in Glenville, our roots will go deeper into Schenectady County,” added Steve Haraden, vice president of Mohawk Honda and Jeff ’s brother. “We look forward to being as involved in our new community as we have been – and will continue to be – in Schenectady.” Mohawk Honda has long been a supporter of youth sports activities and is a strong advocate for animal rescue and adoption organizations. Recently, the dealership established a scholarship at Schenectady County Community College. Also, Mohawk Honda offers to make its boardroom available to civic organizations. “We’re happy to help the groups that make this community a better place to live.” The new location greatly expands the size of their showroom and parts/service departments. Customers will find every Honda model on display with podium-mounted iPads. For those waiting for service to be completed, Mohawk Honda has an open-concept

the elements. The award-winning Mohawk Honda technicians specialize in Hondas, but work on all makes, all models. The service area has 22 bays with four additional bays for detailing. The Haradens continued, “We spent a lot of time ensuring that the facility would be energy efficient. Fifty percent of the energy for the new complex comes from solar, and the service area features maximum glass for lighting to keep electrical use to a minimum. We even included an engine oil recycling program to assist in heating the structure.” Mohawk Honda is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 8 pm; Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Service is open an hour earlier each day. Mohawk Honda is located at 175 Freemans Bridge Road (at Route 50) in Glenville.

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SPRING PC TUNE-UP TIPS 1. Perform a Full Virus Scan and Spyware scan. 2. Clean Inside Components. I recommend having your Computer/Desktop cleaning performed by a trained professional. They will open the side cover and use compressed air to blow out any dust that has accumulated inside your computer. If you have owned your computer for a couple of years now, I suggest having it cleaned. The big issue here is the dust accumulation between the CPU and fan where the heat sink sits. The other issue is with the power supply, over time the dust can obstruct the intake/exhaust of air flow, causing you computer to run hot, overheat and shutdown unexpectedly. If your computer has not been cleaned in a long time, I suggest turning it off when it's not in use, allowing it to cool off. A computer should be cleaned at least once a year. The recommended is every three 3 month 3. Delete Browsing History. Open Internet Explorer. Click on tools, internet options, browsing history, delete. Delete temporary Internet files. 4. Upgrade Memory. Any Windows 7 system with less then 4 gigs of RAM can benefit from an upgrade. The good news is that RAM is pretty cheap these days. The bad news is that the system will have to be opened up to install the memory. Opening up a system that has been untouched for years can lead to some surprises; technicians have been known to find dust clogging up cooling fans and filters, or even worse – spider webs or mouse nests. So it's probably best to let a skilled tech do it for you. But, be careful with hardware upgrades, after all is said and done, a new low-end PC may prove to be a better performer and less expensive than upgrading a fouror five-year-old system. Cheap Geek now offers repairs on electronic car keys. Cheap Geek offers complete Computer Sales and Service. Check our prices 1st! New PC'S starting at $399 We're the friendly ones! As always... safe computing!

Cheap Geek Computer Services Maggie Faltskog • 399-8886

ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Rotary Club This traditional community event is being held on

Saturday, April 21st from 7AM to 11:30AM Burnt Hills United Methodist Church, 816 Route 50 The all-you-can eat meal includes pancakes, sausage, applesauce, juice and coffee for $6, just $5 for children under 12. Tickets are available at the door.



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It’s Grilling Season and Garofalo's has the BEST lump charcoal you can buy along with this GREAT OFFER to make your next cook out easy to plan!


Chicken Cordon Blue 4 large fresh chicken cutlets from Garofalo's 4 slices fresh Provolone cheese from Garofalo's 4 thin slices fresh prosciutto ham from Garofalo's 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 egg; beaten 1 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs from Garofalo's 2 tbsp olive oil (optional flavors available at Garofalo's) SAUCE RECIPE (optional) 1/2 cup chicken broth 1 cup whipping cream 1/4 cup white wine 1 tsp flour or cornstarch Salt Pepper Garlic cloves Oregano Sprinkle each chicken cutlet on both sides with salt and pepper. Place 1 cheese slice and 1 prosciutto slice on each breast. Roll up each breast using toothpicks to secure. Dredge (yes this is for YOU Joe Garahan) each in flour, shake off excess, then in egg and finally in bread crumbs. In oven proof skillet, heat olive oil. Gently sear chicken breasts on both sides. Place skillet in preheated 350 degree oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Top with sauce recipe or tomato sauce or even cream of mushroom soup. SAUCE While chicken is baking combine broth and whipping cream in a sauce pan. Season to taste with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano. Add white wine and flour or cornstarch (not both). Simmer on low stirring until thickened; Pour over chicken.

6 Links Italian Sausage Your Choice of Sweet or Hot 4 Beef patties 6 oz each 1 Full Rack Baby Back Ribs (2 halves) 4 Skinless and Boneless Chicken Breast halves 1 Sample Pack Good Stuff Seasoning for your ribs and chicken

OR CHOOSE 6 FOR $35! OUR SIGNATURE ITALIAN SAUSAGE SINCE 1904 Hot or Sweet; Rope style or Patties CUSTOM CUT BEEF Filet Mignon Rib eye steaks choice NY Strip Steaks choice PORK Pork Chops Center Cut Bone in or Stuffed* Pork Tenderloins POULTRY Skinless boneless Chicken breasts Chicken Cutlets or Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Spiced Pork Medallions Flavored ( your choice) olive oil from Garofalo's 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 1/2 cup well-drained sauerkraut 1 teaspoon garlic salt 1 1/2 teaspoons smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 (1lb.) pork tenderloin from Garofalo's , cut crosswise into 8 slices 1/3 cup light sour cream Heat oven to 375 degrees. Heat 1 teaspoon of the oil in large nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot. Cook onion 7 to 10 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. Place in small bowl; stir in sauerkraut. Reserve skillet. Meanwhile, combine garlic salt, 1 teaspoon of the smoked paprika and thyme in small bowl. With heel of hand, flatten pork slices into 3/4-inch-thick medallions. Sprinkle spice mixture over both sides of medallions. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in same skillet over mediumhigh heat until hot. Cook pork 4 to 6 minutes or until lightly browned, turning once. Place on small rimmed baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Top with onion mixture and sour cream; lightly sprinkle with remaining 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika. Bake 7 to 9 minutes or until pale pink in center. Drizzle with pan juices.

Garafalo's, the taste people travel for! Stop in and visit the 4th generation, serving QUALITY ITALIAN PRODUCTS since 1904.

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ONLY $3075 (Save up to $1500)

Includes: Up to 4 Implants and a 3-D Scan Mention this Ad to receive this price! BUT hurry the offer ends 4/30/12

CALL NOW! (518) 399-4696

ROY OYANGEN, DMD 399-4696 • Socha Plaza South • 113 Saratoga Road Glenville



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Answers can be found on page 29



1. Paper holder 5. Bicker 10. Coral barrier 14. Disabled 15. Showy flower 16. Ancient Peruvian 17. Restlessness 19. Fowl 20. Cry of disgust 21. Row of shrubs 22. Hard to pin down 23. False belief 25. Kingdom 27. Half of a pair 28. Norm 31. Creek 34. Look at with fixed eyes 35. Also 36. Lie in wait 37. Spot 38. Teller of untruths 39. Actress Lupino 40. Avowed 41. Condemn 42. Preference 44. Metric unit of area 45. Edge tool 46. An ardent early supporter 50. Defect 52. Four-wheeled toy cart 54. Be unwell 55. Savvy about 56. Controllable 58. A soft sheepskin leather 59. Give a speech 60. Smelting waste 61. Numerous 62. Donnybrook 63. Delicate

1. Precipice 2. Female demon 3. Drive forward 4. A leguminous plant 5. Each 6. Slender 7. Chime 8. Unsure 9. Center of a storm 10. Humorously vulgar 11. Puzzling 12. Beige 13. Disappear gradually 18. Express gratitude to 22. Windmill blade 24. Search 26. Acquire deservedly 28. Begin 29. Lion sound 30. Small boat 31. Radar signal 32. Boorish 33. Large long-armed ape 34. Ceramic ware 37. Booty 38. Dregs 40. Close 41. Pilotless plane 43. Settlement 44. Orbital high point 46. Marble 47. Small drum 48. Light purple 49. Mournful poem 50. A mold for setting concrete 51. Dwarf buffalo 53. A Freudian stage 56. Mother 57. American Sign Language

LAUGHTER, SIMPLY FUN! "Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life." - Hugh Sidey Just the other night, it was gorgeous out, great night for a barbecue. The grill was all cleaned off and ready to go. As the grill warmed up I set the patio table with drinks, fresh cut fruit and a plate ready to be adored with two huge grilled steaks. The new lawn chairs sat near the table beckoning our names. With the price tags still attached my boy and I 'lounged" out as the grill puffed out the smell of dinner. The warm fresh air made us a bit giddy. Talking about silly things that made no sense while we enjoyed our first delicious cookout of the season. With full bellies, my son was ready to "play" in the yard. He got out his homemade "potato canon". I videotaped him messing with it. My smile was from one ear to the other. Even at 15, he is excited about "playing" in the yard. He put in a little rubber football and launched that bad boy right over the house, right over the street and into the neighbors front yard. Appreciating the fact that it was their front yard and not their front window!! This spurred an array of different activities with the famed potato canon. He proceeded to practice his "drills" for color guard using the potato canon of course. He flung that PVC canon in the air and caught it again and again, spinning it in his hands as if it was his "gun" he uses for the guard. As we broke out in laughter after the performance he continued to think of things to do that I could video tape. After taping some cartwheels and a few more tries at the shooting the gun, we sat and watched the videos play back. Laughing harder and harder each time we watched. No surprise here that I will say it was a great night. Simple and fun. As the mosquitoes started to feast on us for their dinner we cleared the table and headed in. Still laughing that the football made it over the house and that my gangly teenager can still do a few good cartwheels! When we settled down for the night, we knew we would sleep well from all the fresh air, the laughter and the good time we shared. It went without saying that we both knew we had a grasp on the good life!! As always, I wish you peace, joy and life filled with laughter! Pattie Rakvica •

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR… For most us, the start of spring is welcomed by thoughts of warmer weather, beautiful flowers and picnics in the park. But, for the 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies, the early signs of spring more closely resemble sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes.



Allergic conjunctivitis, also called "allergic rhinoconjunctivitis," is the most common allergic eye disorder. The condition is usually seasonal and is associated with hay fever. The main cause is pollens, although indoor allergens such as dust mites, molds, and dander from household pets may affect the eyes year-round. Typical complaints include itching, redness, tearing, burning, watery discharge, and eyelid swelling. Rubbing itchy eyes is a natural response. However, rubbing usually worsens the allergic reaction due to the physical impact on the mast cells, which causes them to release more mediators of the immune response. Translation: Do not rub your eyes! To effectively treat and relieve the symptoms caused by eye allergies, patients should see their optometrist. In most cases, allergy-related conjunctivitis can be soothed with prescription or over-the-counter eye drops depending on the patient and his or her medical history. While eye allergies can affect anyone, the spring can be particularly hard on contact lens wearers. Extended wear time and infrequent lens replacement are two of the main reasons contact lens wearers face more severe symptoms. We recommend contact lens wearers consider the following to make the spring season more comfortable: • Reduce contact lens wearing time when possible. • Talk to your optometrist about changing your cleaning method or using daily disposable contact lenses. • Use eye drops as prescribed by a doctor of optometry. While eye allergies can be a nuisance and affect job performance, leisure and sporting activities, symptoms of allergies can be curtailed and prevented by following these recommendations: • Don't touch or rub your eyes. • Wash hands often with soap and water. • Wash bed linens and pillowcases in hot water and detergent to reduce allergens. • Avoid sharing, and in some cases, wearing eye makeup. • Never share contact lenses or contact lens cases with someone else. Beyond discussing allergy relief with your optometrist, the AOA also recommends adults age 60 and under have a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Adults over age 60 should have eye exams annually.

Answers from Crossword Puzzle on page 26

For more information contact Kristen Cameron, Burnt Hills Optical, 793 Rt. 50 Burnt Hills, 399-6130 or visit

Since the start of the New Year, 2011 Fonda Speedway 602 Sportsman Track Champion Mark Mortensen has been preparing the race car for the 2012 racing season which will once again see him competing in the 602 Sportsman division as he defends the 2011 track championship which he won at Fonda, a track known to all as the “Track of Champions” because of its rich history in the sport of stock car racing. The car was totally stripped and the chassis painted before it was reassembled again. Mark also designed the new paint scheme for the Your Hometowne sponsored #1M and did the painting of the body panels as well before Ricky Achzet of R3 Graphics lettered the car. The car with the new design paint scheme debuted at the Fonda Speedway car show at the Rotterdam Square Mall back on March 16-18 and the general consensus was that it was one of if not the nicest looking race cars that Mark has ever had. The first race for the car with the new paint scheme will be at the Fonda Speedway on Saturday, April 7 at 4:00 p.m. when the annual Ice Jam takes to the track for the modified division while the 602 Sportsman will be running a special Dash for Cash that day along with warm-ups for all other divisions as well. Sponsorship on the #1M car for the 2012 racing season will come from Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In of Scotia; 1st National Bank of Scotia; Benjamin Moore Paints; Mortensen Electric; Your Hometowne Paper; Countryside Stove & Chimney of Burnt Hills; Socha Plaza; Chris Kelley Carpentry of Galway; Associates of Glens Falls; Central Insurance Company of New York; Broadalbin Manufacturing; Bill Terry; Gabriele’s Supermarket of Scotia; Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; Schenectady Unit Parts NAPA; Meridian Construction Company of Scotia; Bill McGaffin Photography; BC Designs; Boyd’s Motorworks; and Bobco Video. For the 2012 racing season Mortensen Motorsports car owner Bonnie Mortensen and the entire racing team would also like to welcome to their new sponsors for 2012 including Lenny Weiss Construction; Brent and Kelly Harvey; Howard Mack, Esquire; The Cooper Family; Tom Coughlin; and the Best Bet Band. Thank you to everyone who made our bowling tournament a success in February! Whether you donated money, bowled, donated a raffle prize, bought raffle tickets, or just came to watch, the Mortensen Motorsports Racing Team would like to thank you for your support. A big thank you goes out to Bill Terry, friend of the family and a sponsor of the Mortensen Motorsports #1M race car for organizing the event as we couldn’t have done it without him.

"The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents." - Salvador Dali


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Starting in May - Our Towne Colonie will be published bi-monthly for the Residents and Businesses in Colonie! At 8am Saturday March 31st more than sixty Glenville residents including neighbors, relatives, friends and former classmates of Craig Frear assembled at the snow covered Maalwych Park along the Mohawk River. State Police have taken the investigative lead in the case of Craig Frear, who mysteriously vanished in late June 2004. At the park staging area, volunteers received direction from State Police Major Crimes Investigator Gloria Coppola regarding the search area. The goal of this search is to hopefully locate signs of missing people such as clothing, personal items, and unfortunately bones she told volunteer searchers. The NYS Canal Corporation has yet to close the dams and locks for the upcoming navigation season so the water remains at an all-time low right now she explained. While they searched this area previously (about 3 years ago) since the severe flooding resulting from storms Irene and Lee, the area of the Mohawk River has been somewhat uprooted. Investigator Coppola said they found a jaw bone very recently in the area that had once been searched, which escalated the need to have this area searched again. The bone found has been confirmed as not belonging to Craig Frear by the State Police forensic lab. The assembled volunteers separated into four groups and began searching both sides of the river bank between the Schenectady County Community College and Lock 10 in Cranesville, a distance of nearly fourteen miles. The search mainly concentrated in a six mile stretch of the river between locks 9 and 10 where the earlier discovery was made. This weekends search was organized and led by the NYS Police Investigator Coppola. She has been the lead investigator in the Craig Frear case. She told volunteers that they had boats out on the water in the designated area last Thursday and Friday and was hopeful that Saturday's foot search may provide more clues. While Craig was on all of our minds during our search, this search really is for all the families of missing people out there said his mother Veronica Frear. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact New York State Police at 518-630-1700.

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Air Conditioning Plus: Service, Repairs, Upgrades, Replacement and:

Serving the Capital District North Area for Over 30 Years


Fully Automatic Generators All Plumbing Services

Heating Radon Mitigation Systems



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5th Annual BLUE JEAN BALL In support of our sons and daughters currently serving our country... Saturday, May 12th Holiday Inn Express 400 Old Loudon Rd. Latham 5:30pm Welcome Reception 6:30pm Dinner Proudly presented by Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc Capital Region NY 2

Join us for Dinner, Dancing, Silent Auction and Fun - All for a Great Cause! $35 PER PERSON (OPEN SEATING) $375 (RESERVED TABLE OF 10) RSVP by May 4th BSM NY2, Attention: BJB, PO Box 243, Delmar, NY 12054 For more information: 518.731.2641 (evenings) or 518.429.4561


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STAY TUNED with Paul Hill THE DESIRE - Being a local guy growing up in Scotia and now living in Burnt Hills, the familiar sound of the C-130's from our local 109th Airlift Wing of the NY Air National Guard as they practice overhead is part of life, and to be honest I am awed by them. The C-130 albeit a 1950's era workhorse is 155,000 lbs fully loaded; netting 65,000 lbs of cargo and can cruise at 300mph! The LC-130 Skibird variants are built to land can also land on snow or ice and a variety of hostile environments. When they do, they may be assisted in the liftoff by JATO rockets that help boost the plane off the ground on short, unprepared runways and snowfields. Fully loaded, it can take off or land on only 3,000 feet of a gravel airstrip. The plane is manned by a crew of 5: pilot, copilot, engineer, navigator and loadmaster.These planes are maintained along with the other base operations by a team of 1,200 people; 450 of them full time and the rest are “traditional guardsman” who dedicate a weekend every month and serve anywhere from 2-8 weeks of active duty every year. With about 250 flyers, it's important to point out that the nearly 1,000 of the team are very dedicated maintenance, medical and other support personnel that is integral to the Unit's ongoing success. The Guardsmen have the same training requirements as the “full timers”, hence the rigors of a second job for them. This thriving airbase also drives almost 110 million dollars back into our community. I always wanted the privilege to ride along one of their Aeromedical Evacuation training flights and decided to approach one of our local businessmen and member of our Burnt Hills- Ballston Lake Business Professional Association, Kurt Bedore. Kurt is a man whose humility and low key approach reveals a dedicated airman who has over 4200 hours and holds the rank of Lt Col in the ANG.With 25 years of service to our country, Kurt rode a full scholarship as an ROTC Cadet; he served as an Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) on a B-52 before joining up on the C-130's as one of the first Navigators in anticipation of taking over the Operation Deep Freeze mission from the Navy in Antarctica in late 1995. Their unit typically hauls between 12 - 14M lbs of cargo / people / fuel in their shortened 4 month season (Oct - Feb) with over 95% mission success in spite of the frigid weather and other theater challenges (and no hangars for their maintenance troops!) Kurt served in theater for Operation Desert Storm I and Joint Forge (Bosnia) but it's the humanitarian nature of the C-130 skibird polar missions that Kurt is quick to point out in addition to the fact that his Unit is also contributing to Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He was part of the operation that rescued Dr. Gerry Nielson from Antarctica in 1999 and frequently returns to the “ice” as a navigator, bringing in the plane home, at times, in adverse weather by shooting celestial navigation or directing airborne radar approaches. He has pointed out that the magnetic compass is not reliable at the poles due to the nature of the magnetic fields at the ends of the earth and sometimes the same is true of the GPS systems. When he isn't serving with these highly professional military personnel who thrive on 'giving back” thru their service, he is hard at work as the Principal licensed Civil & Environmental Engineer at KB Engineering & Consulting (, a business that offers many services from infrastructure design, storm water management to environmental auditing and compliance and permitting services and more. PERMISSION GRANTED- I have to say that I didn't really expect the chance to experience this opportunity as a media representative, although I didn't expect to get a White House Press Corps Pass when President Obama came to GE; that said I was instructed to report to the facility 2 hours early for the preflight briefing. I wasn't alone on this flight as there were other business people & employers equally as excited as I was. What was common to all of us attendees was the desire to experience exactly what goes into the flight that we seem to take for granted in what is yet another “give back” to the community from our military, an up-close and personal observation of the finest military personnel you will ever see at work while cruising in the belly of a transport aircraft. The briefing began with a welcome from the base Commander Col. Timothy J. LaBarge who is responsible to the Governor of New York for the only LC-130 Airlift Wing in the world, an impressive start to an impressive afternoon for sure! The Base Chaplain spoke to us about the importance of his role in supporting not only the needs of those who practice their faith openly but the

protection of the rights of those who may choose to reflect in whatever way they deem fit without consequence or question. In addition to the spiritual support, mental and physical fitness professionals round out the team in providing everyone with quality support systems in a military environment. I was highly impressed with the depth into which this base drills down to in order to ensure the very best in resources for those who choose a military life including a representative from the VA who underscored the role they play for every military veteran who may require specific health needs that the VA resources embrace. There was one last presentation before we boarded the bus out to the tarmac and that was from the recruitment team. There is a real need for highly motivated, dedicated people who want to serve their country. The Air National Guard can fill that desire in a highly professional setting, as their website indicates you become part time Blue- full time You. Visit for all the details on recruitment possibilities in the ANG. THE FLIGHT- The Loadmaster greeted us on the bus and made sure we understood what was expected of us as we boarded the aircraft, from seating and securing the seatbelts on the nylon web seats to the oxygen masks that we would need to don in any depressurization emergency. On this flight, we were given the opportunity to witness the Unit's Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron on a training mission, one that requires a specific number of real time hours in flight simulating an emergency while being evaluated for their proficiency. The ride began with fitting our earplugs as this is not a quiet ride at any level, nor was it a smooth ascent on this windy afternoon. Once we broke above the clouds, it smoothed out and we were free to wander about and take turns gazing out the few windows. The cargo area is roughly 40 feet long and just under 10 feet wide and 9 feet tall and every bit of space is dedicated to some sort of securing device that allows not only rows of seating but breaks down and stows away for everything from utility helicopters and six-wheeled armored vehicles to standard palletized cargo. In an aerial delivery role, it can airdrop loads up to 42,000 pounds - this is one hefty aircraft. Our flight path took us downstate over NYC then up the coast over Long Island Sound out to Nantucket before turning back for the ride home over RI and MA to Albany at which point I was invited up to the flight deck behind the pilots next to Kurt as he navigated from his position. This was a once in a lifetime event and I will never forget it! Getting to watch the descent over the Helderberg Escarpment with the Corning Towers on the horizon is something that needs to be seen to grasp. It was only a minute after clearing the towers that I could see the airbase runway in Schenectady; bearing down on our final approach, I caught a glimpse of General Electric and Proctors Theatre as the Mohawk River flashed by. Within seconds, we were on the runway and the pilot reversed the pitch on the blades creating the familiar howl that accompanies each landing as a method of braking after an incredibly smooth touchdown. I am at a loss for words that express my sincere gratitude to the men and woman of the 109th ANG for allowing me the opportunity to fly along with them and see firsthand the level of professionalism and dedication that goes into each and every mission they undertake. God Bless our Troops.

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885-6861 15 Prospect Street Ballston Spa

Did you know? Honeybees have hair on their eyes.

NEW MENU! Everything is Fresh and Made to Order Monday-Thursday • $5 Lunch Specials 1/2 Sandwich and Homemade Soup of the Day

Dinner Special • Feed 4 for $19.99 Large Salad • 1 Dozen Wings/Regular or Boneless PLUS an 8 Cut Cheese Pizza

Build Your Own Pasta Dish starting at $9.99 Friday Fish Specials • Weekly Dinner Specials BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER • FULL SERVICE BAR CATERING • PRIVATE PARTIES


216 Mohawk Avenue, Scotia 12302 Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm •Sunday Breakfast 7am-Noon



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