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Accessories to the Fact | 8 The look at new ways to make your kitchen more functional

Leather’s Timeless Appeal | 12

Differences to consider when choosing leather furniture

Protecting Your Home | 14 Courtesy of Kukk Architecture & Design

How window film can protect your home furnishings and more


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Designer Q&A | 18

Nationally syndicated writer Rosie Sadez Friedmann answers decorating questions

Right Choices in Patio Furniture | 20

Types and styles of quality patio furniture that stand up to the elements

Garage Makeovers | 22

The latest innovations to organize your garage

The Art of Hanging Art | 26 Do’s and don’ts of hanging art and accessories in your home

Glass Shines in Shower Design | 28

Glass that gives your shower bling

Savory Recipes | 30 Italian favorites from Ed Magel’s Big Mary’s Kitchen!

Real Estate | 32

Don’t under value your home

Marketplace | 33

Great products and designer accessories for your home

Your Home Magazine | 3

Pool Design Primer Trends in custom pools


he ancient Roman emperors constantly tried to outdo each other with their baths and fountains and water features. There’s still plenty of interest in creating the ideal pool and deck, and the only limits on what you can do is your imagination and your budget.

4 | Your Home Magazine

Designing the right pool for your home can depend on multiple factors, but most of all the existing outdoor space. Generally in South Florida we don’t have to worry about elevation of the property, but the size and shape of the lot can change the design drastically – the more space to work with, the better.

Every new pool begins with a consultation with a pool designer to discuss your individual taste, such as whether you prefer freeform or rectilinear shapes. Looking at images from a portfolio is a good starting point. Taking a little from here and a little from their, the pool designer will customize a design for you.

your home’s style is Mediterranean, contemporary or Coastal Chic, the form and the decorative details, such as edging and tiling, need to match.

Using 3D software, like PoolStudio, your designer will then mock up an image of the pool design, providing you a realistic look of your finished pool. The photo quality images created by the software are vastly superior to the hand-drawn landscape drawings of years gone by. Another advantage is the design can be tweaked on the fly, saving you time and the inconvenience of having to wait for revised drawings. Beyond the setting and grounds, the motif of the house will also dictate the style and shape of the pool and its finishes. Whether Your Home Magazine | 5

The fastest growing style for pools is the modern minimalist look. These designs reduce the pool and deck to water and stone, often forgoing the coping to make an almost seamless transition between surfaces. These decks can be constructed from stone, marble or aggregate. In many cases, the visual interest in a minimalist pool comes in the form of lighting.

rock formations, stone steps, grottos and rock garden, creating a veritable backyard oasis. However, this style suits some houses better than others. Contemporary style homes, for example, have much stronger architectural lines, and they are better suited to more geometric shaped or minimalist pools. The natural pool looks best with a Tuscan or Mediterranean style home.

Zero edge or infinity edge pools, popularized by resort hotels, continue to be an exciting area for pool innovation. This engineering marvel makes the pool appear as though it is disappearing into the horizon, often making it difficult to see where the pool ends and the deck begins. Infinity edge pools work especially well with water front homes, where the water of the pools visually integrates into the water beyond.

Gaining in popularity are open pools, with no screening. Insects are controlled with systems that mist a natural repellant made from chrysanthemums. However, most Florida homeowners prefer to screen in their pools to avoid pests and wind blown debris. Screened-in enclosures can be attached to the house or freestanding and can work with any style of architecture.

Ever popular are organic shaped pools with cascading waterfalls, 6 | Your Home Magazine

Landscaping plays some role in dictating the shape and size of a pool. Most often, the landscaping will be redesigned to

accommodate the addition of a pool, but occasionally what’s already there will demand a specific solution. If there’s a prized tree in the yard, your designer would try to work around it. Planters can be built into the pool itself to integrate with the yard. Many homeowners are investing in self-cleaning pools. This option can cost between $2,500 to $3,000, but it can cut heating and chemical costs over time and save you a lot of work. The bottom line in pool construction is that an experienced pool expert can anticipate most design challenges and solve them creatively to seamlessly integrate your new pool with its surroundings. Written by Elisa Ludwig Photos courtesy of Nassau Pools Construction Your Home Magazine | 7

Accessories to the Fact Making your kitchen more functional


itchen cabinetry is evolving all the time with an eye toward convenience and efficiency. Designers and customers alike are always looking beyond style, to accessorizing kitchens to function better. Some of the best kitchen accessories are so intuitive and functional, it makes you want to ask, “why didn’t someone think of that before?” 8 | Your Home Magazine

While rollout drawers are not a new addition to kitchens, they continue to get more specific in their shapes and function. One such invention is the in-drawer baking center. This rollout provides easy access with built-in areas for canisters that hold flour, cornmeal, baking powder and sugar. Topped off with a marble countertop and storage for the mixer nearby and the

home cook has everything they need for a cake within reach. Utensil drawers are getting ever more savvy with double layers for extra organization and an increased amount of storage for flatware. In-drawer knife blocks help preserve expensive cutlery and keep it from cluttering the countertop. Knife blocks can be flat or vertical, depending on the kitchen layout and space usage. Pot lids, the bane of organized cooks who like to stack their pots and pans, are finding new homes as well. Some pullouts come with a shallower, separate area for lid storage that sits on top of the pots and pans layer. These can be designed so that the lids lie flat or are separated by dividers for upright positioning.

Even the Lazy Susan, the staple of the corner cabinet, has been improved with a blind kidney shape that makes it easier to pull out and grab stored items while eliminating unused space. And topping the list of impressive gadgets are the German-engineered “magic corner� cabinets that pull out and away toward the user. If you have the budget, it’s a great use for a dead corner. Spice drawers are ever more sophisticated with tiered rows on which the jars can sit at an angle that makes it easy to discern the cardamom from the nutmeg. Inner cabinet doors can also be outfitted to hold shallow racks for spices. Another great solution for spices are the tiny spaces on mantle hoods or behind

Your Home Magazine | 9

decorative pilasters that can now be used as pullouts, as recent innovations allow even these smallest flourishes of the cabinetry to serve a functional purpose. Pop-up S-boxes that emerge from the countertop are yet another place to stash spice jars, keys, iPod docking stations, knives, wines and spirits, scales and measuring spoons or even electrical outlets. These contraptions are actually mechanized by counterbalanced weight—not motorized—and look like something out of a Bond film. Appliance garages are more sophisticated than ever. Homeowners are requesting coffee centers that can store not only coffee pots and espresso machines, but cups and saucers, grinders, K-cups and sugar canisters, or breakfast areas replete with toaster ovens

10 | Your Home Magazine

and juicers. Hidden behind a backsplash, tambour doors, flipper doors that slide back across the underside of cabinet above, or strato doors that lift up parallel with the above cabinet door are all options for making a garage fit smoothly into the cabinetry design. Technology continues to drive the way people cook and organize their lives. Some customers are requesting ‘garages’ for their electronic devices. These hideaway areas have charging stations for computer tablets and smart phones. And it’s not just limited to the higher end – everyone enjoys technology. Also popular are brackets underneath cabinets that can hold an iPad. This way, a home cook can use it for a recipe, but keep it safely out of harms way. The brackets swing down or can fold away when not in use.

For today’s taller kitchens reaching the top shelves can be a challenge. A simple and convenient solution is to have a step stool right at hand (or foot) in a pull-out drawer in the toe kick of a base cabinet. There’s a continuous drive for space efficiency, convenience, and for simplicity. For most of us the kitchen is the most important part of the home, and these innovations are making it even better.

Written by Elisa Ludwig Photos courtesy of Naples Kitchen and Bath Your Home Magazine | 11

Leather’s Timeless Appeal

Selecting quality leather furniture


ut of the clubhouse and into the family room: The timeless appeal of leather furniture is unquestionable. Leather doesn’t belong to any particular interior style and its strength and comfort make it a versatile and enduring choice for homeowners. More resistant to fire, scratching and tearing than other upholstery fabrics, leather is a low maintenance solution that lasts for decades. Even so, when it comes to choosing leather furniture, a little bit of homework can go a long way. Because of its lasting value,

12 | Your Home Magazine

homeowners should think of leather furniture as an investment and as with all investments, you get what you pay for. When choosing a leather piece, keep in mind that before it’s used to cover a sofa or chair, real leather has been worn as animal hide, and its natural features — wrinkles, insect bites, scars and stretch marks — are part of its charm. Processes and finishes added to “corrected” or “protected” leather can lower the price point but also plasticize the product and eradicate its unique qualities and native texture. A better choice is 100 percent “top-grain” or pure aniline leather, which is derived from the outermost layer of the

cowhide. Top grain is minimally processed and softer than its corrected or protected counterparts. Its natural oils make it water repellent and its un-retouched color becomes still more beautiful and subtly weathered with age.

sunlight, and use a lukewarm damp rag to dust once a week. With a little planning and care, the right leather sofa can become today’s stylish addition and tomorrow’s family heirloom.

For the best quality, avoid “split” leather, which is made by literally splitting a piece of hide in half, thus removing the natural surface and strength of top-grain; “leather-match,” which is a hybridized use of leather plus vinyl or other artificial materials on an upholstered piece; and any bonded or bicast leathers — these are actually plastic. Choose upholstery with zippered seat cushions. The leather may last for many years, but chances are the seat cushions will eventually need to be replaced before the leather. For proper care, rotate cushions every month or so, protect leather from direct

For more information on fine leather furnishings visit: Written by Elisa Ludwig Photos courtesy of Hjellegjerde Your Home Magazine | 13

Protecting Your Home Standing up to the elements


ne of the benefits of living in Florida is the year round sunshine. We’ve all heard about the damage the UV rays can do to your skin but have you thought about the damage the sun can do to your home? If you’ve remodeled, redecorated, or otherwise updated your home, you’ve taken

14 | Your Home Magazine

great care in selecting the colors—but UV rays passing through windows can cause colors of nearby surfaces to fade. One tell-tale sign of fading is the discoloration of your hardwood floors and carpets. Window film can help control fading while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

Left to its own devices, the sun will find a way to put its imprint on home décor, damaging not only hardwood floors & carpets, but curtains, furniture, art, antiques and other expensive items. While light-filled rooms are the ideal of homebuyers everywhere ordinary windows offer no protection from destructive UV rays. Curtains, blinds, shutters and other window coverings will limit UV rays but they will also block light and desirable views. Window film, however, allows light to pass through windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays. By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, window film offers UV protection for your home. Think of it as the residential equivalent to SPF 30.

According to LLumar, one of the nation’s leading window film manufacturers, there is no one-hundred percent fix for fading. All material will fade from sunlight in time, whether it’s caused by exposure to intensive sunlight for a short period or a long exposure to weaker sunlight. Yet severe fading can be minimized with the use of solar control film, enabling most fabrics and furnishings to look fresh and vibrant for years to come. Getting set up with window film starts with a free in-home evaluation to talk about your concerns and needs. There are a variety of shades to choose from depending on your preference. Window film can also reduce up to 87% of the glare, making it Your Home Magazine | 15

easier for you to watch television or work on a computer. Not only will the window film be protecting your furnishings from fading but it will also offer a specific heat rejection, which overtime will lower your cooling costs. Excessive energy use is costly and who doesn’t want to save money? Windows play an important role in regulating the temperature and energy in your home. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, approximately 50% of an average home’s utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows. Window films can lower cooling expenses by as much as 40% by rejecting solar heat from the outside. Other benefits of window film include aesthetic upgrades and privacy – window film can change the look of the glass through attractive colors and subtle patterns. Safety and security – glass can be a real hazard in the home when broken from accidents, storms, or break-ins. Window film helps you defend against the unexpected. No matter what the goal, adding a film to existing windows is much easier and far less expensive than replacing windows. What’s more, the installation process is quick with little disruption. Installing films for an entire home typically takes no more than a day or two. There aren’t many tools involved except for a ladder, squeegee and spray bottle, and the work is neither noisy nor messy and completely unobtrusive. Once installation is complete window film is easy to clean 16 | Your Home Magazine

and virtually maintenance free and comes with a factory-backed warranty against fading, bubbling or peeling. When it comes to window films, it doesn’t pay to go the DIY route. While some films are available at big box stores, there’s a definite art and science to proper installation, particularly in avoiding bubbles and creases. The store-bought films are generally cheaper but they don’t come with a warranty and you’re not going to have as many choices. Window film is an energy-efficient, affordable alternative to new windows, and is a transparent upgrade to your

existing windows that allows you to see nature’s beauty instead of higher cooling bills. Your home is your largest investment. Window film can help you protect that investment by giving you control over the things that matter most.

For more information on window films visit, Written by Elisa Ludwig Photos courtesy of Distinctive Window Tinting Your Home Magazine | 17




with Rosie Sadez Friedmann Designer and Syndicated Columnist Answers Your Design Questions Often I am asked if hiring an interior designer is the right thing to do. Below are some common questions that come across my desk. QUESTION: I am pretty creative but am afraid to take on the entire interior designing of my new home. Please tell me, do I really need an interior designer for my project? ANSWER: Well, that is a great question. The truth is that only you can decide whether or not you need an interior designer. Proper planning eliminates costly re-work, so with that said, there is more value due to experience than is due to inexperience. Have you done major designing or decorating before? Is this your dream home you are planning? Are your friends and family members going to be a help or a hindrance? Interior designers have worked on many projects and can provide solutions to things that many not have occurred to you. They can offer guidance and help. They can simply be a bouncing board to try ideas and concepts before diving into the purchase of things that might or might not be the right solution to your needs. The right interior designer is really worth his or her weight in gold. The right interior design, not just any designer is valuable, so interview a few to find one that is compatible with you. 18 | Your Home Magazine

QUESTION: Interior designers are expensive, right? They make a commission on me so can’t I just purchase items on my own without the added expense of the commission? In other words, can I really afford an interior designer? ANSWER: Yes, a designer gets a commission. Don’t you get paid for work you do? But the commission usually comes as a discount to the designer’s purchase so you really aren’t paying any more for the purchased items than you would have paid if you’d purchased on your own. Another way a designer works is on an hourly basis where you pay them and the designer gives you the discount on purchases that are given to them. So you see that without any added expense, you have the expertise of a professional. When you consider the experience and education of a professional interior designer, you actually save money by eliminating costly errors. An experienced designer can also save you time hunting for the right products for your particular needs. Considering all that, hiring an interior designer will actually save you money.

Courtesy of Collins & Dupont Interiors

QUESTION: Is there really a difference in the verbiage? I mean what is the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?

Hopefully this has been a help to you in deciding on whether to hire or not hire a professional designer to help you with your home.

ANSWER: An interior decorator needs no education as a requirement for stating “interior decorator”, though they may have some education. Their focus is on selecting products based on aesthetics and that in itself is a talent, so don’t discount interior decorators. They certainly may have a flair or a knack for design and for creating a very pleasant setting. But decorators might not be familiar with building and life safety codes. Interior designers are trained in many things including the technicalities of design, in spatial relation, in efficiency and in building and life safety codes. They are also trained in furniture layouts, lighting and electrical requirements, color psychology and acoustics. Their education doesn’t end with a certificate from school. Licensed interior designers must complete continuing education classes each year in order to be up to date on codes and to maintain their professional license.

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann is a licensed interior designer and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) who has been published in Barron’s Who’s Who in Interior Design, and has been featured as a weekly columnist in the Naples Daily News since 1998. Her column appears in more than 200 newspapers across the country. Your Home Magazine | 19

Right Choices in Patio Furniture Standing up to the elements


Having the aluminum frame under the resin wicker guarantees a rust-free product. The resin coating makes the weave more durable than natural fiber wicker, able to stand up to the Florida heat.

Resin wicker outdoor furniture with aluminum frames has long been a local favorite. It tends to be popular because it sets an elegantly casual motif and is very adaptable to virtually any decor.

Gone are the days when wicker meant fussy Victorian looks. Today’s resin wicker furniture comes in more streamlined modern

hen selecting a frame for outdoor furniture, it’s all about choosing a quality product that looks beautiful, but will stand the rigors of Florida’s sunny climate.

20 | Your Home Magazine

and transitional styles. But be aware of the lesser products out there. Some big-box stores will carry resin wicker groups wrapped over a steel frame which are prone to rust. Another benefit of buying a quality frame that will last for years, is with a simple cushion change you get what seems like a complete new set of furniture. Another great choice for hot, humid temperatures is cast aluminum. It has the look of cast iron, but won’t rust. Quality aluminum furniture is heavy enough to feel substantial, but not nearly as cumbersome as it’s cast iron counterparts. It is very decorative, available in every imaginable style, from ornate to minimalistic, and it can be used with or without cushions.

Instead, coastal homeowners are reaching for poly lumber pieces, which are the new “green” alternative to natural wood. Made from 97 percent post-consumer materials—recycled milk jugs, most typically, poly lumber goes the distance where wood furniture doesn’t. They carry a lifetime warranty against cracking, splintering, chipping, peeling, rotting and pest infestation. Like the wood it mimics, poly lumber makes an ideal base for the classic Adirondack chair. Out these days? PVC pipe furniture. It is extremely durable, easy to care for, and it was very commonly used in the ’80s and ’90s. But today it’s just not that popular, particularly in high-end homes and condos.

Teak furniture, which is very beautiful, is not terribly practical in a humid climate where it absorbs so much moisture. And wood has to be restained and refinished to keep it from looking weathered and old.

Written by Elisa Ludwig Photos courtesy of Palm Casual Your Home Magazine | 21

Garage Makeovers Ways to organize your garage


arage improvements are often overlooked in favor of other areas of the home. A few simple changes can update and elevate the appearance and function of the garage. If you haven’t kept abreast of the latest, high-tech innovations in garage design, you’ll be surprised at what’s available. Experts say there are three major areas that can transform your garage from cluttered to cool in no time. Flooring The hottest and most functional product in garage makeovers today is a revolutionary flooring product called Polyaspartic Polyurea. Despite its complicated name, this durable flooring is designed to ensure years of simple, carefree enjoyment. Made by 22 | Your Home Magazine

the American company Citadel, it comes with a 20-year warranty against hot tire pickup, cracking and flaking, as well as a lifetime warranty against color fading. It is a completely non-skid product, even when wet, and resistant to gas, solvents, oil and salt. Simple clean-up with soap and water is all that’s required to keep this flooring looking beautiful for years to come. Cabinetry Cabinetry is another way to add form and function to the design of your garage. Using fully customizable garage cabinetry, a homeowner can create a plan from the simple to the elaborate, depending on their own personal needs. Doors, drawers, baskets, wall hook storage and numerous other accessories can be added

to make sure that everything has its place in an organized fashion. 3-D design software takes all the guesswork out of your design. It allows you to see exactly what your project will look like when it’s done. Overhead Garage Storage Still don’t have enough storage space? Then the addition of extra overhead storage may be for you. Affixed firmly to the ceiling of the garage, Hyloft Overhead Garage Storage Systems are 4-feet by 8-feet and capable of holding up to 600 pounds. Best suited for garages with 10-foot ceilings, this product allows you to use

wasted ceiling space to your advantage. It provides the perfect place to stow coolers, cushions, Christmas decorations and other items that you don’t need on a daily basis. The Hyloft Overhead Storage System is made of durable steel with a scratch resistant white finish and does not interfere with garage doors or openers. With a price tag of under $400, overhead storage systems are a very affordable way to get an additional 32 square-feet of storage up and out of your way. Design Trends Today’s savvy shopper is always looking for the latest and greatest Your Home Magazine | 23

design trends to make life a little easier. Here are some of the most popular garage-enhancing items requested by homeowners: Die cut tool racks – These units add a rugged visual appeal, as well as the practicality of additional storage. Each homeowner can customize their garage to accommodate their own particular needs and hobbies. Recycling cabinets - With more people dedicated to helping

24 | Your Home Magazine

the environment by recycling their trash, it’s no wonder that recycling cabinets have come into vogue. With three separate sections equipped with special front openings for glass, paper and plastic, these stylish cabinets allow for closer proximity than your oversized trash can. Magnetic tool holder - This is a straight, flat bar that mounts to the wall of the garage that can magnetically hold your most

commonly used tools, saving you from having to dig through your toolbox for a screwdriver or wrench when you really need it.

you. With today’s technology and a little imagination, there really is no limit to what you can create.

The days of your father’s garage are gone. No longer do you have to step around stacks, or slip on that old, builder-grade epoxy flooring of yesteryear. New innovation and organization awaits

For more information on organizing your garage visit: Written by Marci Wise All Photos Courtesy of © ORG Your Home Magazine | 25

The Art of Hanging Art Do’s, don’ts, and tips

Courtesy of Freestyle Interiors


room isn’t complete until the bare walls are adorned. Here are a few ideas to help you master the art of hanging art:

above should occupy about 2/3 of the width of the furniture below. Even if your art is over the 2/3 rule, never overlap the piece of furniture.

Look at each wall individually as well as collectively with the other walls in the room. The objective is to achieve balance. If you have a grouping with multiple smaller objects on one wall, consider one large picture on the opposing wall. This will keep the room from being too busy.

Hang art in pairs or groupings. A pair of pictures or a collection of art has much more impact than a single piece floating on the wall by itself, except for the case of large paintings that have enough presence to “carry” the wall.

Hang art that is proper scale to your furniture. What’s hanging

There are no rules as to what you can have on your walls. It’s

26 | Your Home Magazine

When creating a grouping, make sure the components relate to one another, either by subject, styling or color. Make sure you consider the entire grouping as one piece. Don’t hang things too high. The average person’s eye-height is 57”, so the general rule of thumb is to hang the center of your art between 56” and 58”. This is the height art galleries and museums use. By hanging art at a consistent height throughout your home, you will create a harmony from room to room. The exception is art hung over a piece of furniture. Artwork placed over furniture, such as a sofa, should be no higher than 6” to 9” over the furniture. You may hang it lower if it is visually light. At this height, the art and the furniture will visually integrate. Properly light your art. Illuminating artwork gives it importance. Track lighting may be installed above, or a table lamp strategically placed below can do the job. Tips:

Courtesy of Collins & Dupont Interiors

Choose smaller pictures for narrow walls and larger pictures or groupings for big wall spaces.

Courtesy of Agostino’s Design Group

Courtesy of Agostino’s Design Group

ok to mix art, mirrors, photos, plates, hats, baskets, wall reliefs, shelves, and sconces. If you love it you can hang it.

3. Hold the picture up by the wire and measure from the wire to the top of your picture. 4. Subtract the distance from the wire to the top of the picture, from half the picture’s height. 5. Add that number to 57” to find the height of the hook. Example: 24” picture divided by 2 = a 12” center. Taught wire is 2” from top of picture. 12” - 2” = 10” 57” + 10” = 67”, where your hook would go. Working with a grouping: If you are going to hang several items in a grouping, you will want to play with positioning. A simple trick is to make paper cutouts of each item by tracing them on construction paper and making a cut-out to the exact shape and size. Then using painter’s tape, position each item on the wall. Move and re-move until you find just the right placement. Determine the wire height on the actual item to be hung and poke a small hole in the paper where the hook should go. Then lightly mark the wall for a perfect installation every time. Note: When hanging a group, use the center of the grouping to determine your hanging heights.

To hang your art at 57”: 1. Find the center of where your picture will hang and measure up 57” from the floor. Make a light mark on the wall. 2. Measure the height of your picture or grouping and divide by 2.

Written by John Taylor For the best in home and design visit, Your Home Magazine | 27

Glass Shines in Shower Design Give your shower bling

Courtesy of Martin Shower Door


nnovative shower heads, ergonomic faucets, and, of course, gorgeous tile – these are the standard ingredients in a great shower. But what’s the best way to guarantee a wow factor? Think glass. Think open, airy, and sleek, with natural light reflecting from every surface. According to industry experts, large, airy showers are all the 28 | Your Home Magazine

rage and the trend is expected to continue with an even greater emphasis on minimalist and contemporary glass systems. Frameless doors with clear glass are the leading choice by a wide margin. They’re clean and modern and make the most of any size space. Plus, glass allows all the beautiful tile and stunning hardware to be seen. It’s the finishing touch –  the icing on a beautiful design.

Courtesy Home & Design Magazine

Courtesy of Martin Shower Door

Courtesy Shower Door City Courtesy Shower Door City

One of the hottest new things in shower doors is the Euro Slider, a sleek, clear glass panel system that slides on an industrial roller track. It’s the ultimate in form and function. This system can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where an unobtrusive yet elegant space divider is needed. Courtesy of Vitrealspecchi

Although most homeowners choose clear glass, frosted glass is an option that is useful for both the privacy it provides and its decorative potential. A strategically placed frosted panel can separate one area in the bathroom from another or simply obscure a specific spot, such as the shower bench. An interesting new alternative in the frosted category is Starphire glass, which is whiter in appearance due to its low iron content. The greenish hue found in all glass comes from iron. By reducing the iron level, designers are able to delicately manipulate its tone.

varying finished products first hand. Visiting a showroom of a reliable shower door company with so many options will surely have you saying, “Wow”

For a consistently smoother, less powdery appearance choose acid-etching over traditional sand blasting to create a design pattern. With so many new choices, nothing beats actually seeing the

Written by Sarah Adams Your Home Magazine | 29

Fresh Ricotta with Caramelized Onions and Cracked Black Pepper INGREDIENTS 2 cups full fat ricotta cheese (best quality you can find or make your own) ½ cup caramelized onions, roughly chopped (see below) 1 very generous pinch of freshly grated nutmeg 3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3/4 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon roughly cracked fresh black pepper 2 teaspoons parsley, chopped Country bread sliced and toasted with olive oil Caramelized Onions:

Photo courtesy of Ed Magel

1 1/4 pounds yellow, white or sweet onions (4 cups when sliced) 2 Tablespoons olive or vegetable oil 1 pinch of salt 2 Tablespoons water Yields 1/2 cup Clean and peel onions. Slice onions in half from top to root end.  Slice thinly. Heat a large skillet, at least 10-12 inches in diameter, over medium high heat. When heated add oil then add sliced onions and mix well in the skillet. Keep sautéing the onions and stirring them for a few minutes. Add salt. When onions have collapsed and begun to turn translucent, lower heat to mediumlow a stir from time to time, every 3 or 4 minutes for between 20-30 minutes. At first you’ll notice the onions turning a little golden here and there, then they will all take on a blond hue, then light brown, then tan and finally deep brown. With each step the volume will shrink. When the onions are deep brown, raise heat and stir in a tablespoon or two of water and scrape the bottom of the pan to deglaze the fond (brown sticky stuff on the bottom

30 | Your Home Magazine

of the pan) and then turn off heat once water has evaporated. Remove from pan, cool and cherish. PREPARATION Combine ricotta, onions, nutmeg, olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in a bowl and garnish with parsley if desired. Serve with crostini or pita toasts. Recipes courtesy of Big Mary’s Kitchen

Spaghetti with Roasted Cauliflower and Pine Nuts

Photo courtesy of Ed Magel



2 yellow onions, extra large, sliced thinly (about 2 lbs. total)

Make caramelized onions (see preceding recipe) but deglaze pan with vermouth or white wine instead of water. Cook for a minute and the remove from heat and set aside.

3 Tablespoons olive oil ½  cup dry white vermouth (or dry white wine) ½  large head cauliflower, cut into small florets 2   Tablespoons olive oil ½  cup pine nuts, toasted in oven 12  ounces spaghetti ½  cup (or to taste) parmesan reggiano cheese, freshly grated Salt, freshly ground pepper Freshly chopped parsley (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lay pine nuts on a baking sheet and toast in oven for 3-5 minutes. They should be golden and aromatic. Remove from oven and cool. Raise oven temperature to 450 degrees.  Toss cauliflower with 2 Tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper and lay out on a baking sheet. Don’t crowd the florets. When oven is preheated, roast until lightly browned and cooked.  Remove from oven and set aside. Cook spaghetti until al dente. As spaghetti is cooking, return onions in their pan to low heat. Add cauliflower. When spaghetti is one minute from being ready, drain (reserving some cooking water) and add to onion cauliflower mix. Raise heat, add about 1/3 cup of the cooking water and mix pasta together. Adjust seasonings, add toasted pine nuts and Parmesan, and toss again. Serve garnished with parmesan cheese, freshly ground black pepper and parsley. Your Home Magazine | 31

Don’t Undervalue Your Home account differences between the sold properties and the home being valued, they make price adjustments to compensate for those differences. For example, if a unit sold in your building, but had one less bedroom, an amount equal to the value of that bedroom would be added to that unit’s sales price. This would better reflect what the sales price would have been with the extra bedroom. Another common adjustment is for a pool. If a comparable home sold in your neighborhood with a pool, but your home doesn’t have one, the market value of the pool would be deducted from the sold price.


ricing your home for sale has always been tricky. Underpriced, it sells quickly, but you are out of pocket thousands of dollars. Overpriced, it sits unsold costing you time, monthly expenses, and of course the inability to move forward with your plans. As the market continues to improve, it is more difficult than ever to make sure you’re pricing your home properly. A recent national telephone survey of homeowner’s with mortgages by the Rasmussen Company showed that thirty-nine percent of those interviewed believe their home is not worth more than what they owe on their mortgage. However, based on data from CoreLogic, only 10.8 million residential properties, or a little over twenty-two percent, had mortgages higher than their property’s value. That means about one out of eight homeowners with mortgages think their home is worth less than it actually is. This is probably due to a lack of accurate data and market knowledge on the part of homeowners. The best way to establish the current market value of a home is to compare it to similar properties that have sold in your area. Real estate professionals do this by searching current market data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Then, taking into 32 | Your Home Magazine

Comparing your home to several similar sold properties in this way, a professional can arrive at a very close approximation as to what your home should be worth, with one other very important consideration – time. How long ago were the comparable homes sold. It takes a professional with a keen sense of the local market to be able to further adjust for time. In many segments of the Florida market, prices have been rising rapidly. So a home that sold just nine months ago could be worth 10-15% more today. Since establishing a reliable market valuation for your home requires accurate data and a sense of the market, you shouldn’t tackle this yourself. If you would like to know your home’s current market value, call the Realtor® that sent you this magazine for a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Using the MLS and other sources, your Realtor® will generate a list of homes that have recently sold in your area and make the appropriate adjustments. And since this Realtor® specializes in your area, he or she knows what’s currently available for sale (the competition) and will have a real sense of where prices are headed. The service is free and a great way to meet a real estate professional that intimately knows your area.

Written By John Taylor

Marketplace Great Products and Designer Accessories for Your Home

Photo courtesy of JAMAH

Loloi Rugs is a designer and manufacturer of fine area rugs, perfect for your Florida home. The Baxter Collection features rugs in various sizes that were handtufted in India of 100% wool with strategically exposed cotton canvas backing. This allows the raised wool pattern to really pop against the contrastingly low canvas backing, ultimately creating a heightened sense of dimension. The Baxter Collection rugs are beautifully colored, featuring a range of ivory, beige, blue, sage, and rust tones that complement today’s interiors. The 5x8 Baxter rug pictured here is priced at $509. Available at

Photo courtesy of Bocci

Bocci, committed to fostering designers, craftspeople, technicians and manufacturers, with the goal of creating striking consumer goods of the highest quality, has an eclectic lighting collection now grown to include custom chandeliers and cutting edge electrical components. Bocci 38, pictured here, is a re-exploration of a glass-making technique whereby air is pushed in and out of glass that is intermittently heated and cooled. Large glass spheres are blown and a multitude of white cavities are introduced, several of them deep enough to contain succulent and cacti plantings. There are also two or three lighting elements per large sphere. Electricity and suspension are achieved using stiff copper tubing, which is allowed to tangle and crinkle, seemingly without regard for gravity. Price $3,000-$5,000. Available at

JAMAH Pillow Cases JAMAH is a luxury leather goods line of particularly popular with A-list celebrities. In the same classic aesthetic as JAMAH’s handbags are its home accessories, suitable for both rustic and modern tastes. Handcrafted and proudly made-toorder in the USA, every piece in the JAMAH Home Collection is a truly unique addition to any furnished space. The Home Collection includes these fabulous Pillow Cases that may be used to update an existing accent pillow. One seam running vertically and another horizontally create four distinctive quadrants of the same luxurious lightweight Italian lambskin and signature “bark” leather from an Italian tannery. Prices range from $400 to $1,500. Available at

Photo courtesy of American Leather

Leading health and wellness experts agree on the wide-ranging benefits of infrared saunas. When used for detoxification, the average person in a conventional sauna sweats out 3% toxins and 97% water. In a Sunlighten sauna, they sweat out 20% toxins, can burn 600 calories in a 40 minute session and heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate are all boosted. Unlike conventional saunas that use hot rocks or steam heat, Sunlighten uses Solocarbon® far infrared heat—the same healing energy that is released naturally by the sun. Infrared is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum of light that has the ability to penetrate the human tissue.  It heats the body directly increasing the core body temperature for a much deeper sweat. Sunlighten’s units range from $1,899 to $10,499. Available at 

Photo courtesy of Loloi Rugs

Photo courtesy of Sunlighten

Sunlighten Infared Sauna

Baxter Collection by Loloi Rugs

Bocci 38 Chandelier

Grant Sectional Sofa American Leather is a Dallas-based manufacturer of high-end leather and fabric upholstery. Everything is manufactured and shipped from Dallas, Texas, so they are a truly a “made in America” supplier of fine home furnishings. All of American Leather’s products are available in numerous configurations, and can be upholstered in the hundreds of leather and fabric choices. Customer’s customized furniture design is shipped to their home within 30 days. Grant, the sectional design pictured, is a blend of the iconic tufted Chesterfield design with modern dimensions and influences. Gorgeous in either leather or a bold fabric, as shown in teal fabric, it is priced at $14,500. Retailers listed at

Your Home Magazine | 33

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is a magnificent 7” high-resolution graphic touchscreen control panel that functions as an integrated security system keypad, home controller, camera viewer and digital picture frame. It provides homeowners with the easiest way to automate and control heating and cooling, door locks, shades, lighting, security and more, from one system. Using wireless technology, homeowners can control their Tuxedo Touch anywhere in their home and view live video on up to four local cameras per screen on an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Internet TV or any compatible wireless mobile device. Homeowners can even utilize the digital picture frame feature with the simple insertion of an SD card, letting them create cinema-quality slideshows right at the Tuxedo Touch display. The product is available in white or silver/black blend. Pricing will vary. Available at

Kohler’s Sensate Kitchen Faucet Photo courtesy of Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni Professional Series 30-inch Double Stainless Steel Oven

34 | Your Home Magazine

Superior Italian oven manufacturer, Bertazzoni, marries expert Italian engineering with modern design in their full-suite of built-in and freestanding products. New to the line-up this year is the 2013 XV Professional line, an all-stainless steel single and double oven with a flush design. Featuring a dual diagonal convection system, plus 9 cooking modes and 4 heating elements in each cavity and a flush stainless steel front. MSPR $3,999. For dealers, visit

Kashgar Suzani Cube Chair Meadow Cremation Urn It’s a challenge finding a designer cremation urn that not only befits the persona of the loved one, but inspires through its beauty. Cremation Urns by Legacy designs beautiful artist-signed urns and keepsakes for creating an uplifting memorial that also enhances the home’s décor. This enchanting cremation urn is hand-blown in art glass, and depicts a field of wildflowers in full raucous summer bloom. The upper sphere is meant to contain mementos such as a wedding ring, lock of hair, poem, photo or letter. Price of $1,225 includes shipping and in-transit insurance. Available at

Photo courtesy of Cremation Urns by Legacy

A stylish sanctuary for your favorite furry companion. Woven of sturdy natural rattan, this divinely chic dog bed has a comfy foam cushion with a durable cotton canvas cover that removes for easy washing. Available in three sizes. Priced from $99.95 to $178.95. Available at www.

A fusion of sleek design and workhouse functionality, the Kohler Sensate kitchen faucet’s touchless technology delivers intuitive use and premium performance. To equip the Sensate faucet with superior touchless capability, Kohler developed Resonse™ technology with a state-of-the-art sensor to respond in 20 milliseconds for consistent and reliable on/off operation. The innovative coup brings a new level of convenience to the kitchen, allowing users to flow through tasks—even the dirty ones—without pausing to turn the faucet handle on and off, and without worrying about spreading the mess of germs to the rest of the kitchen. Sensate’s transitional design means the sophisticated solution can belong in a range of décor styles, from traditional to modern. Prices for Polished Chrome $535, Stainless Steel $630. Available at

Photo courtesy of Suzani Collection

Photo courtesy of Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings Wicker Dog Bed

Photo courtesy of Kohler

Photo courtesy of Honeywell Security Group

Tuxedo Touch Security & Home Controller System

Highlighting vibrant vintage Suzani tapestries hand-woven by mother-daughter teams in Uzbekistan, the Suzani Collection includes a range of seating pieces that uniquely combine the fabrics against frames of varying design periods. The line also includes an accessories selection of pillows and the tapestries themselves. All furnishings were selected, envisioned and repurposed by ASID and IIDA award-winning designer Bea Pila. No two-pieces are alike and make a unique, compelling addition to any style of home. Furthermore proceeds from every item in this collection benefit the KIVA Foundation, which provides business loans to aspiring entrepreneurs in impoverished areas around the globe.  Pictured here is the Kashgar Suzani Cube Chair.  This 1970’s swivel cube chair balances high contrast while appearing effortlessly chic. The vibrant and intricate Suzani fabric dating 1973 has been paired with clean and simple off-white linen and complimented with a black cotton welt. This chair is elegant, yet edgy and embodies the beauty of differences. Price $2,230. Available at

PRSRT STD US Postage PAID Jacksonville, FL Permit No. 1363 

Bibi-Ann Allard, Realtor® |

Downtown, Waterfront, and Gulf Beaches | Rivo Downtown Sarasota

Corner unit #704 1735 square feet MLS # A3969261


Le Chateau Waterfront Downtown Sarasota

37 Sunset Dr. #53-54 Featuring 4 bedrooms + office, 4 baths Adjacent to the Ritz Carlton MLS# A3959980


Superb complex on the Bay front Estate owned – beautiful unit MLS # A3972082


Fairway Woods Palmer Ranch

Totally remodeled Maintenance free Villa 2700 square feet MLS # A3969091


941-685-0422 |

Spectacular Penthouse Downtown Sarasota

750 N. Tamiami Trail, PH-12 Fabulous water views, 2160 sq.ft including the terraces MLS # A3973197


1350 Main Street Downtown Sarasota Under Contract

Unit #908 – Bay views 2 bedrooms, 2 baths MLS # A3971801


Penthouse - Longboat Key The Islander Club Beach Complex

Penthouse S-5 Volume ceilings Totally remodeled, offered with all new Furniture, 2 Brms – 2 Baths

MLS # A3968394 $749,000

Phillippi Landings Unit #202 WATERFRONT offered TK furnished 2 Brms + office, 2 baths MLS # A3968670


1801 Main Street, Sarasota, Florida 34236 | 941-951-6660 |

Your Home Magazine | Volume 2, Issue 2  

Volume 2, Issue 2 of Your Home Magazine

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