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TO BUILD OR NOT TO BUILD One Couple’s Quest for Their Southwest Florida Dream Home

with Kingon Homes and Remodeling written by channing spano

A common dilemma faced when delving into the real estate market is

three remaining undeveloped lots in Pelican Landing was for sale. “While

deciding between building a house or purchasing an existing resale. While

I liked the location of this lot I was concerned about the size and the

there are many wonderful homes on the market, for some people it can be

fact that it was between two homes that were 10-15 years old. I though

difficult to find exactly what they are looking for in a house another family

it would sit on the market forever,” Jim explains. The Allens continued

built. That was the exact issue Jim and Laura Allen faced as they began the

the search for an existing home only to be met with properties that didn’t

search for their main residence in Southwest Florida. They had a vision, but

match their desires. Knowing they needed to build a house, they decided

found the homes they were looking at didn’t match that vision.

to take a second look at the property and discovered that because it would

“We started with two main wants - a two story home in a specific community,” begins Laura. “We had really grown to love Pelican Landing

only accommodate a two story home, a prior deal had just fallen through. “We got this lot through luck and timing!” laughs Laura.

so it was important for us to find something in the community. We

Once the lot was purchased, the Allens began the task of finding a

looked at a few homes in the area and just weren’t finding what we

builder who could execute their vision. “I was looking for a home in the

wanted.” Becoming concerned the right home didn’t exist, they began

area in the early 2000s and remembered seeing listings stating the home

to discuss building a new home. At that time, Jim discovered one of the

had been built by Kingon Homes and Remodeling. That stood out to


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