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Welcome to the first of our MONTHLY issues! With a glimmer of spring now, it’s an easier time to take new initiatives with your health and diet.

You can commit to helping a stressed out tummy with our features on IBS and alkalising recipes that give your insides a break, or read the wellbeing pages for help with a heart friendly diet and the right minerals for bone health. Or if you want to address ageing or problem skin through the right foods and supplements, see our beauty pages for excerpts from a fantastically helpful new skin diet book with tips from Dr Mark Atkinson.



I’m also happy this month that we’re featuring Carly Thorton, a top UK fitness model who is ahead of what I hope will be a growing trend of aspiring to a body that’s fit rather than thin. And if you’re wondering why the glamorous super model Cindy Crawford is on this month’s cover, well we discovered she has a surprisingly healthy and down to earth approach to life, including her diet and fitness habits. Our popular Giveaways page (p42) is bursting with more than the usual offers – £1,700+ worth – and look out for the April issue of Your Healthy Living, which will have extra fantastic prizes you can win.




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Thanks to our contributors this issue: Elizabeth Wells, Helen Gestwicki & Julie Penfold

30 Get down to the bones – just what minerals and vits do your bones need?

36 Cover: Rest your overworked intestines with these simple tasty meals

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14  Cover: Behind the glamour, Cindy Crawford isn’t afraid of hard work or pain!

24 Body makeover: Meet Carly Thornton, role model for fitness instead of thinness

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you r health y l i v i ng

Veggies give a better tan New research suggests eating certain foods – such as carrots, tomatoes, plums and peppers – will give you a more attractive skin colour than tanning. Nottingham University based researcher Dr Ian Stephen, found people who eat more portions of these fruit and vegetables per day have a more golden skin colour, thanks to substances called carotenoids, and that when tested, other people find this more attractive than faces tanned by the sun. Carotenoids are antioxidants that help soak up damaging compounds produced by the stresses and strains of everyday living, especially when the body is combating disease. Responsible for the red colouring in fruit and vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, carotenoids are important for our immune and reproductive systems. Dr Stephen said: “We found that, given the choice between skin colour caused by suntan and skin colour caused by carotenoids, people preferred the carotenoid skin colour, so if you want a healthier and more attractive skin colour, you are better off eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables than lying in the sun.” Healthier than a sun bed tan too!

Goats’ milk saves bride's day A bride who suffered from eczema has had her big day saved – by goats! Melissa Gauge found drinking goats’ milk instead of cows’ milk really helped her condition. Her new husband Tom says: “Melissa has always suffered from eczema. However, following the switch from cows’ milk to St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk before our wedding, it cleared up completely in time for our big day.” Angus Wielkopolski from St Helen’s Farm says the company often receives good news stories and even requests from customers to appear on the milk cartons, adding: “Goats’ milk not only tastes great but has many health benefits compared to cows’ milk.”

Herbal Helper “I am going through a particularly stressful period at the moment and am having difficulty sleeping. This is made worse by my legs feeling restless. What would you suggest?” Jacqueline Newson BSc (Hons), Higher Nature Nutritional Therapist, writes: Stress and anxiety can make you very tense, affecting the quality of your sleep. A deficiency in magnesium, often brought about by stress, can include symptoms such as restless legs, irritability and insomnia. Relaxing in a hot bath in the evening with some Dead Sea salts added may help to relax the muscles, as these salts contain many minerals including magnesium, which the body can utilise where needed. You might also consider taking a magnesium supplement one to two hours before bedtime to help relax the muscles and aid sleep. Most importantly, you could try the herb valerian. This has been known for its calming effect since Hippocratic times and is now used to promote a good night’s sleep naturally. It may also provide relief from the symptoms of mild anxiety, which might help you through your stressful period. As well as these wonderful natural remedies, it is also important that you maintain a good routine. This includes only using your bedroom to sleep; not to read or watch television, as this may stimulate the brain, promoting wakefulness. Ensure your curtains or blinds are dark enough to cut out the light completely. Try to exercise for 30 minutes every day, which will help to reduce stress and improve mental health. However, do not exercise too close to bedtime as this may also keep you awake. Finally, avoid late night stimulants, such as caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks and sugary foods, to ensure some peaceful sleep. Valerian Sleep Aid is available in all good independent health stores.


Trying to conceive? Folic acid’s a must


Go Folic! is a new national campaign from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus to increase awareness of how taking a folic acid supplement can help protect future babies from serious birth defects. Neural tube defects (NTDs) such as spina bifida can cause multiple disabilities and the fatal condition anencephaly. NHS guidelines are that every woman who might be pregnant should take folic acid supplements as a precaution. Following this simple advice could prevent up to 72% of NTDs, which currently affect around 900 pregnancies in the UK annually, leading to traumatic late abortions and around 130 babies born with complex disabilities. NTDS develop in the first 28 days of pregnancy, often before most women know they are pregnant, so taking folic acid at the right dosage prior to conception is vital.

Cherry fuelled marine gets world record Commando Sam Sheriff has climbed the height of three Eiffel Towers, setting a World Record. Sam, a sergeant with Royal Marine 45 Commando, climbed 3,000ft in 100 climbs on a gym rope in 10 hours and 57 minutes – to raise money for a Royal Marine memorial garden in Arbroath. He was helped on the way by drinking shots of CherryActive during training. Made from Montmorency cherries, which have very high levels of anthocyanin antioxidants, CherryActive is also used by England Rugby and other top football and rugby teams. Said Sam: “CherryActive helped me immensely throughout the course of this challenge… helping me recover faster with less muscle soreness, allowing me to train at a higher intensity consistently. I wouldn’t have been able to perform at this level without it.” n See and to support Sam’s effort for Woodlands Garden Trust visit V2/100ropes

Did you know? All under-fives should take vitamin D pills to avoid rickets, the government's health chief has suggested. Prof Dame Sally Davies said all children aged six months to five years should take vitamin D supplements to prevent rickets, because their indoor lifestyles means they are not getting enough sun to make sufficient vitamin D themselves. Cases of rickets, in which bones become soft, deformed and liable to break, have been on the increase in recent years; Southampton General Hospital recently found signs of rickets in 20% of children they tested.



Herb Cor

NEWS r: Arnica for muscle pain & strains ne Arnica is familiar to many people for its use in

bruising but did you know that this herb can also help to relieve pain in muscles, stiffness and joint strains? Muscular pains, such as a stiff neck or stiff shoulder, are commonly experienced by many people in the UK. Arnica gel can be applied to any area of the body so long as the skin is not broken. It can be used up to 4 times daily. Arnica has a colourful past, being used for everything from protection against lightning to, more practically, sprains and swellings. It became so popular that wild stocks are now protected in many areas. While it is difficult to cultivate Arnica, this can be achieved if you get exactly the right soil and conditions – something that A.Vogel accomplished for the herbs used in their Arnica gel product. Visit

Are we nutrient deficient as a nation? A recent report conducted by independent nutrition experts suggests that despite the many government messages and initiatives on healthy eating, a large proportion of Britons are at risk of nutrient deficiency – which research shows could increase the chances of chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. The report, for the Health Supplements Information Service, suggests that as many as 50% of adults and 97% of the elderly have inadequate intakes of key nutrients. Fifty per cent of women were shown to be deficient in the antioxidant selenium, with a significant number being low in iron and magnesium. More than a third of people asked said they had no idea what nutrition they required. Report co-author Dr Carrie Ruxton said: “In an ideal world, we would all be eating a balanced diet that would provide optimal amounts of nutrients. Unfortunately this is not the case for many Brits… a significant group of people have a poor iron status, and lack nutrients that are crucial for maintaining normal bone health, cognitive function, immune function and growth.” While agreeing that messages about healthy eating should remain the bedrock of advice to the public, Dr Ruxton said we should recognise that dietary supplements can play a vital role in boosting nutritional intake to recommended levels.

Did you know? Drinking green tea could help protect your brain against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Newcastle University research has found that green tea’s polyphenol compounds break down in the body and bind themselves to two unhealthy compounds, beta-amyloid and hydrogen peroxide, which play a part in the development of dementia. 6 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

I’m passionate about... advocating natural health Mark McCarty is MD of World Foods Brand Management Why are you so passionate about your job of supplying natural health products? Because I come across so many people who are dissatisfied with many of the medications they are given by their doctor. In many cases they feel it’s the drugs that have made their condition worse, or led to taking a cocktail of other medications to counteract the side-effects of the original one! That’s why I’m passionate about sourcing and supplying products that can assist people in maintaining good health. Do you think certain prescription drugs are prescribed unnecessarily? It does seem to me that too often chemical drugs are prescribed for life, with a fear instilled in the patient that if they stop taking them, even when the reason they originally took them has passed, it could lead to a dangerous rebound effect. I think this is particularly the case with drugs for anxiety or depression. Do you worry about the nation's health in future? Despite some improvements in the availability of healthier food in schools and on the high street, the alarming increase in childhood obesity is a ticking time bomb and leading us into future increases in diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. What does your company specialise in? Finding new natural supplements and products from around the world. These are often from small companies who simply don't have the money to promote just how good their products are for health. We have brands like Ginger People confectionary and Capsipure chilli capsules; unique and innovative natural products. So what health supplements can’t you live without? I take a high quality fish oil supplement every day, along with my daily dose of Bio-Strath. I’ve supplied shops with Bio-Strath for a number of years now and the amount of positive feedback we get from people using it constantly amazes me. What is it? Bio-Strath is a unique natural herbal supplement which strengthens the immune system when the body is under attack from viruses or weakened by everyday pressures of physical and emotional stress.

n For World Food Brands Management innovative products visit



‘Spiderman’ goes oil out for climbing record


Dean Potter is a well oiled machine. One of the world’s most renowned climbers and multiple world record holder, Dean has been reaching new heights in the six months since he started taking Udo’s Oil – a fish-free and organic essential fatty acids supplement with an ideal 2:1 ratio of Omega 3 & 6. Two months ago Dean and his climbing partner Sean Leary set the speed climbing record on the nose of the iconic ‘El Capitan’ in Yosemite National Park. Climbing the 3,593 feet of sheer cliff in just 2 hours 36 minutes and 45 seconds – it usually takes good climbers one to two days! (Videos of his ascent are on YouTube). Dean attributed some of his success to Udo’s. “Udo's Oil has changed my reality. Images existing only in my mind are now becoming possible. Physical limitations are dissolving away through enhanced recovery, heightened awareness and an inner sense of well-being.“ n More on Udo’s Oil and Dean Potter’s other world records at

3 steps to no GMO

With the UK government generally supportive of GM foods, which now look likely to include GM chickens and GM salmon, here’s three things you can do if you want to say no to Genetically Modified Organisms: Avoid unconsciously eating GM foods or supporting the GM industry by buying certified organic foods, as these are guaranteed GM-free. Avoid non-organic soya and corn based foods as these are the most commonly genetically modified – but not labelled as such. Write to your MP asking for meat and dairy products from animals given GM feed to be labelled, so we consumers know what we’re buying.


Did you know?

Results of a poll of 2,000 Britons by the Stroke Association, found that one in five women and one in 10 men feel their stress levels are out of control.

Good looks before health? Revealing research from Benenden Healthcare Society has unveiled a worrying trend – four in 10 British women are more concerned with their looks than the state of their health. The study of women aged 18-65 found that some of us are prepared to spend more money on instant products which help give the impression of health and youthfulness, such as cosmetics and tanning, rather than buying healthy products such as vitamins, supplements and fitness activities which do make a long-lasting difference. Nearly 19% of the women quizzed admitted to crash dieting, while one in 20 confessed they have resorted to laxatives to get into tightfitting fashionwear. Ladies, health first please. YOUR HEALTHY LIVING



Now’s the time to... mon tues wed thurs Eat Provamel’s new soya desserts…




Editor's choice

…especially if you’re on a gluten or wheat free diet. Provamel’s improved chocolate and vanilla soya desserts are their creamiest and tastiest yet. Made with nutrientrich organic soya beans for good protein, soluble fibre and vitamins, they are dairy as well as gluten free. Very moorish!

Think about a career change…

….as a clinical hypnother apist. We love the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy cou rses (in London, Birming ham, Leeds, Manchester, Exeter and Glasgow) as the qualific ations are university accredited and you can do the courses at weekends. Visit or tel 0207 402 9037 for cou rses starting this spring.

Feel the love…

Hold a tea party…

…for all things organic with the Organic Trade Board’s ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign. You could feature on the new website showcasing the benefits of organic food, news and recipes. Visit and sign up.

…at your home, school, work or group, for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month ( to help raise money for The Eve Appeal, a gynaecology cancer research charity. Every year, around 6,600 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the UK and 4,400 die from the disease. Get a free Make Time for Tea fundraising pack to get you started by calling 0207 299 4430 or visiting You can also win afternoon tea with Lorraine Kelly!

Read up on the colours… …as the Food Standards Agency has recently updated its list of foods and drinks that don’t contain the six food colours – sunset yellow, quinoline yellow, carmoisine, allura red, tartrazine and ponceau – associated with possible hyperactivity in young children. Check out http:// newsarchive/2011/jan/colours

Get vegan & fitness tips... …from shows such as Vegfest, with vegan and veggie food delights; vegan beauty and fashion; family orientated magic shows and kids cookery classes. In Brighton on 19 March and entry is free – Or for a girls’ day out try Vitality (24-27 March) at London’s Earls Court; a health, beauty and fitness oriented event with celebrity cooks and nutritional experts. Advance tickets £14.50/£7.50 students & seniors – see www.vitalitylive.


YHL promotion

Want to be in a good mood?


a mo n new Mth’s supp Patric ood Foo ly of d& k's Facto Feel Good r See p book. age 4 2

With the right nutrients you can help your brain produce more ‘feel good’ chemicals Patrick Holford, the best-selling health author and one of Britain’s leading experts on nutrition, has come up with a new food supplement you’ll want to know about! Patrick has combined the best known ‘feel good’ nutrients into a new and improved daily formulation called Mood Food®. It provides the optimum levels of nutrients to help maintain normal brain function and help support nervous system activity. What’s in it? A powerful combination of Vitamin D, Chromium, 5-HTP, Folic acid and B vitamins, designed to support the body’s production of Serotonin, one of the main ‘feel good’ chemicals. It’s the first supplement of its kind available and is especially useful as we come out of winter, when the body makes less Vitamin D and Serotonin as the skin is exposed to less sunshine. Other nutrients in this formula include:

 5-HTP, the amino acid needed to

 Chromium, a valuable mineral.  Tyrosine and DL-phenylalanine (DLPA) essential amino acids, which when combined with Vitamin B6, produce phenylethylamine, the stimulating ‘love drug’ found in chocolate.

 Amino acid Trimethyglycine (TMG), which helps support the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

 The B Vitamins which help neurotransmitter production and balance; Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, B12 and Folic Acid. New improved Mood Food® is available at all good health stores and online at www.totallynourish. com priced £23.75 for 60 capsules. It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Take two capsules once or twice daily on an empty stomach or with a starchy meal or snack.

To hear Patrick speak on The Feel Good Factor, turn to page 2 for his UK seminar dates.

make Serotonin.

Patrick Holford is widely regarded as one of Britain’s leading experts on nutrition and author of books such as The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan. NEW Mood Food® is part of the new Mind Food range developed by Patrick, which includes Brain Food® with supportive brain nutrients; Chill Food® for when under pressure; and Awake Food®, to help maintain mental alertness and energy.

Patrick Holford’s new book ‘The Feel Good Factor – 10 Proven Ways To Boost Your Mood and Motivate Yourself’ is out now, priced £12.99 from YOUR HEALTHY LIVING


heroes G re at B u y s at y ou r H e alt h S t o re

Must try: Balancing Blooms Confidence!® and Balancing Blooms Get Up & Go!® What are they? Balancing Blooms®

(£5.99 for 20ml) are convenient, ready mixed to use flower essences made to the instructions of herbalist Edward Bach who discovered them in the 1930s When would I use? Balancing Bloom’s Confidence® is ideal for challenging situations and Get Up & Go® is the perfect pick up for this time of year Available: From leading independent health stores and chemists (ask them to stock if not at your local store), (email or selected Boots the Chemists Hair need rescuing? Try Tints of Nature’s Reconstructing Treatment from hair care professionals, Herb UK. It’s a salon-standard intense moisturising treatment, with certified organic ingredients, to replenish natural moisture levels in your hair Any good? Very good! It can restore your hair to soft, smooth, shiny and UV protected. Especially after damage and dryness from plastic sprays, setting lotions, heat styling equipment, not to mention humidity and sun! Good for grey? Yes, use it as a pre-colour treatment to help the colour’s ability to cover grey How much? £8.99 for 150ml Available from: Independent health food stores and selected department stores. See or call 01590 613490

Do try: Lakeland Willow Water from Willow Water Ltd Why? Because a new objective study showed drinking water is good for the skin – and drinking Willow Water is even better! Anti-ageing? This natural water from the Lake District, which has a distinctive smooth taste, reduced the appearance of wrinkles by an average of 24% in women aged 24-43, compared to only 19% drinking normal water Where do I buy? Independent health food stores. For info visit www. or email


Looking for yummy treats? Try new Goody Good Stuff gummy sweets in 8 different


Free from? Yes, these all natural alternatives to traditional gummy sweets are meat and allergen free, based on Goody Good Stuff’s unique vegetable based gelling agent, which is combined with natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create truly delicious allergen free treats How much? From 99p to £1.49 for 100g Available from: Health stores, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods Market, Amazon and Booths Supermarkets. See or email

Want tasty snacks? Try new Nakd bars from Natural Balance Foods Any good? Maybe the ultimate taste sensation! Everyone’s raving about these new tasty wholefood bars; Nakd Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Delight and Berry Delight How much? RRP 72p (35g) Tell me more! No nasty added sugar or syrups, 100% natural, made from only the highest quality fruits and nuts, and delivering 1 of your 5-a-day (not to mention gluten, wheat and dairy free) How do I try? Independent health food shops plus other select retailers; online at or email sales@

Snoring a problem? Tried other gizmos, sprays and gadgets? Well try the Good

Night Anti-Snoring Ring

How’s it work? It uses proven ancient Chinese acupressure therapy. Simply place the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring on your little finger at night before you go to sleep, and – hey presto – no more snoring! Tell me more! The ring works on two acupressure points on your little finger. The ring’s two acu-activators work to free up your breathing passages and your natural bio rhythms to give a snore-free restful night’s sleep for you and your partner How much? £29.99 Available from? Selected Boots stores or online at

Want superb chocolate? Taste Feeding Your Imagination’s delicious new ‘traditional’ range of organic chocolate bars – Milk, Secret and Dark Yum! Tell me more: Chocolate therapist Paul Da Costa Greaves developed them to celebrate the era of the first solid eating chocolate, made in Bristol in 1847. Priced £1.99 for 85g, the quality cocoa speaks for itself. UK made and gluten and wheat free – the Dark bar is also suitable for vegans Where do I buy? From approved Feeding Your Imagination health stores and other retailers (trade distributors are Tree of Life and The Health Store). Gift packs of the “Original” and “Traditional” ranges from Email

Have you heard about: Lepicol from The Healthy Bowels Company Ltd – it helps regulate the bowels in a natural way How so? Lepicol has a unique combination of gentle fibre and probiotics which help to bring about bowel stability in a comfortable, natural way. This is because the gentle fibre provides a protective environment for the good bacteria to flourish Suitable for? Because of the way it works, Lepicol is suitable for both sluggish and sensitive bowels Where from? Independent health food stores nationwide. Visit or call freephone 0500 127 249

Want a healthy alternative to cheese? Dairy Free Speciality from Le Sojami is it! Made from the lacto-fermentation of soya milk, this is certified organic and free from lactose, eggs or dairy; making it suitable for vegans too Added health benefits? Loads! Dairy Free Speciality contains beneficial probiotic bacteria, is rich in protein and Omega 3s, free from palm oil and cholesterol and gluten and maybe best of all, is low in calories Does it taste like cheese? It tastes like fresh cheese – creamy and moreish – and has no added flavourings or preservatives Where can I buy? Independent health food shops; retailing from £2.28 (125g). For info visit or email le.sojami@free.france


| 11

heroes G r eat B uy s at y ou r H e a lt h S tore

Want a new tea? Try tasty Licorice infusion from Higher Living What’s it like? The story of this brand is summed up in the name, Higher Living. A world of tea that’s better, brighter and bolder because of the unbeatable taste and uplifting qualities of Higher Living teas Organic? Yes, made with finest quality organic ingredients. The Licorice naturally sweet caffeine-free infusion combines Licorice root, Cinnamon, Ginger & Cloves Available from: Independent health food stores. See or call 01903 740530 for stockists

What ‘s this? Cocofina Coconut Water in 300ml Can and 750ml Tetra How So? Award winning Cocofina is 100% coconut water, the clear liquid found within green coconuts. Coconut water is natural, isotonic and enjoyed by professional athletes and even Hollywood superstars. It shares the exact pH and electrolyte balance as human blood and is zero in fat – to stimulate your taste buds and your health! How much? RRP £1.52 for the Can, £3.79 for the Tetra pack Available from: Independent health stores, Holland & Barrett, GNC and Julian Graves.

A good buy: Bodyspec Platinum Range from

Essential Lifestyles

What are they? The Bodyspec Platinum range is a unique range of Organic Superfruit drinks, sourced from various places throughout the world. They are Organic, Kosher and Halal certified that they are free from pesticides and preservatives, professionally processed and double batch tested to ensure that the benefits can be appreciated as nature intended Available from: Independent Health Food Stores and Tree of Life. Visit or call 01335 370820

Must try: Green MagmaTM Organic

Green Barley Grass Juice Extract from Rio Trading Company

What for? To energise and detox from within– because Green Magma is an organic extract of Green Barley Grass juice. It contains more than 70 bio-available vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes and is also rich in Chlorophyll Why’s that significant? You can use it to easily obtain many of the nutrients found in fresh vegetables How much? £6.19 for 10 x 3g Sachets plus a free shaker Available from: Most good independent health food shops. More info from or email


Want a healthier munch? Try Gluten Free Cassava Crisps from Hale & Hearty Foods Yummy? Cassava Crisps are delicious and a healthy alternative to potato crisps – they’ve won 3 Gold Great Taste awards What’s Cassava? A tropical (and very tasty!) root vegetable; rich in fibre and nutrients, with no MSG. Available as Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free flavourings: Perfectly Peppered, Beautifully Barbecued and Superbly Spiced How much? 79p for a 30g pack Where do I buy? From leading Independent Health Food Stores and Planet Organic, and wholesaler Tree of Life. Visit or call 0207 616 8427

What’s this? Brilliant Germ-a-CLENZ, chemical free oregano spray, from Tigon Why brilliant? It’s a safe and powerful anti-microbial spray for anywhere, including around children and pets. Hundreds of uses around the house, workplace, for travel, personally – put it on your chopping board, door handles, toothbrush(!) (kills germs), in your shoes (kills odours), bedding (kills dust mites), door handles, you get the idea How’s it work? Germ-a-CLENZ is made of oregano phenols and natural spice extracts in purified water; a natural germicide for 97% of household germs How much? £7.85 for 60ml pump spray bottle Where do I buy? Independent health stores. Visit or call 01664 485001

Shona Wilkinson RDip CNHC MBANT, is a qualified nutritional therapist with an alternative health practice in West Sussex

For beauty from within Silica is nature’s second most abundant mineral and is found in the body wherever strength and flexibility are essential – including nails, hair and skin. After age 20 the body starts to lose its ability to store Silica and this can lead to less vibrant skin, thinning hair and brittle nails. Silicea provides a unique pure form of Silica in one a day capsule. It’s an easily absorbed liquid which has been proven in trials to benefit hair, skin and nails.

Natural health news & hot reviews Too hot to handle! New research has shown that eating Capsicum from Chillis can increase calorie burning during exercise. Capsipure contains high levels of Capsicum in a patented form which doesn’t cause gastric disturbance.

BPA plastic ban for babies The European Commission has announced a ban on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles from this month. BPAs are found in many plastic drinking bottles. The question is, says Kerplunk, makers of a range of BPA free stainless steel eco bottles, why is a chemical unsafe for children seen as safe for adults?

Q&As I catch so many colds! I suffer with more than my share of colds throughout the year and these can leave me drained for weeks. I want to avoid taking antibiotics. So what else can I do?

Shona says: It sounds like you have a weakened immune system which ironically can often be further weakened by the regular use of antibiotics. I would recommend a regular dose of BioStrath elixir or tablets, shown to strengthen the immune system and increase general vitality. See or call 01782 564512.

Help for my son’s travel sickness? My son suffers terribly with travel sickness which blights our holiday plans to France each year. I have given him various travel sickness pills from the chemist but they tend to make him drowsy.

Shona says: New research into the effects of Ginger has shown that it can be as effective as drug treatments. The recent research identified the importance of taking ginger 3 days before you want to see the benefits. I would recommend any of the Ginger People’s ginger sweets as they contain no nasties and plenty of fresh ginger. See

The products featured on this page can be found in your local independent health food store


Cindy'smotto: eat

80% 80%

healthy of the time

CINDY CRAWFORD, 45 year-old super healthy model, prefers homeopathy to therapy, home births to hospitals, and hiking to meditation.


Are you happy with your look these days?

I feel pretty good when I look in the mirror. Part of that started when I had my kids… I had them both at home – in Brentwood back then – without drugs. And man, when you can do that, you’re in your body and you’re strong. You feel really powerful as a woman… It hurt! I did it twice with a midwife. I owned my own strength in a way that changed my life... I think taking care of my body – exercising – knowing how strong I am, it’s just very grounding as I get into my forties.


How often do you work out?


Do you have to work harder than you did?

My goal is three times a week. When we moved to Malibu we built a gym out here… I’ll do a half hour of cardio on the treadmill – mixed up with other things – 15 minutes on the treadmill and then we’ll do a circuit including the power plate, which people think you just stand on and does all the work for you. But it’s not. You do pushups and lunges and squats and steps – on the power plate.

I’m not measuring myself to look the same because if I did, that would be deeply frustrating at best. I do my workouts to feel good. Before I had kids I could do a two hour workout and I might be a puddle for the rest of the night but now I have my whole day in front of 14 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

me and I have kids. Workouts have to energize me. Every year I try to get more stretching, yoga-type work in… because I can’t cheat anymore. I also try to go hiking once a week with a friend.


What's a typical day for you?

I don’t really have one. I get up between six and six thirty. I’m a morning person and I really like having that half hour to collect myself before the craziness starts. And have a cup of tea. In my head, get my day in alignment. Try to figure out where I have a little room. The kids usually get up around seven. I don’t do meditation. I usually take a Jacuzzi in the morning… that’s usually my gratitude moment. I’m in Malibu on the beach in my Jacuzzi. Life is definitely not bad. With my cup of green tea, I’m very happy. But nothing formal. And believe me, you need that strength when the kids aren’t babies anymore. Some days we’re in perfect sync. Other times, you got this thing of ‘get dressed!’ ‘brush your teeth!’ 15 times and they’re still not listening. The days you need them to listen, they don’t. But what I’ve noticed is, it’s probably true for every mother, if I’m not in their face they’ll do it.


Do you find it hard juggling work and being a mum?

I’m the perfect amount of busy right now. My husband (Rande Gerber) says don’t fill up the time. I have a tendency to fill up every second whether it’s going to get acupuncture or a facial; it’s crazy but

I would say I’m as busy as I’ve ever been. But you always are. You just fill it with different things.


What are you up to work wise?


What else do you do to keep in shape?

I still have my skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, and that’s not just a modelling gig. It’s not just showing up. I look at new layouts for the web page and Facebook and twitter. I started twitter on my own last year… I’ll tweet if I have something interesting to say and it’s fun.

Once a year I go to this ashram in Calabasas ( What they put you through and (you) pay money for, just so they kick your b*tt, it’s ridiculous. But what I’ve discovered is that your body will follow your mind’s lead. One of the hikes we do, the first two hours is uphill. What? You think you can’t do it. But your mind comes around if you let it… Getting out of your comfort zone, that’s really powerful for me. And in addition to that, just taking care of my body and my skin… I can see the changes as I get older. What’s that expression? You have to choose your a*s or your face and it’s really true. If I get too thin my face suffers but if I put on a few pounds it goes straight to my a*s. I risk the picture in the National Enquirer with the headline ‘Cindy does Cellulite’. Well, I do have cellulite but I like to stay looking good.


Every year I try to get more stretching, yogatype work in… because I can’t cheat anymore


Do you ever long for lost youth?


I don’t long to be anywhere other than where I am… Sure there are things I’d wish weren’t part of ageing, like saggier skin and brittle hair, but what you gain on a deep level is much more than you’re giving up. I think that’s what happens as you get older… I don’t think you come into your own until you’re 35 or so. By 40 you’re really starting to get it.


Have you ever been to therapy?

It’s funny because I go to the homeopathic doctor and he’s just a great friend… I walk in and he says, how happy are you on a scale from 1 to 10 and I say to him, Jim, my goal in life is not to be happy. I don’t need to be happy all the time. I need to feel. First of all, you can’t be happy all the time. So if that’s your goal, you’re going to fail. I just want to be present in whatever it is. Even if it’s the bad stuff. I’m not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and talk. It’s more challenging for my husband… in his family, it was, hey if it’s not pleasant, why talk about it? And I’m like, no I want to talk about it. I want to engage with whatever it is, good or bad. I don’t measure success by happiness or by things. I measure it by whether I was there… I have friends who just want everything to be okay all the time and I think that’s setting yourself up for a fall… I think our society is afraid of pain. It hurts to have a baby. We do everything we can to not feel the pain, but when you’re not feeling pain, you’re not feeling. That’s kind of my deep thoughts!


What are your guilty pleasures?

I’ve learned to fake it. With chocolate, you eat dark chocolate and it’s okay. Even with pizza, I use an Ezekial crust so it’s healthy. If you can eat 80% healthy 80% of the time, it gives you a little elbow room. If you feel deprived, it’s going to crush you. That’s the thing about diets and weight plans. Instead, if you choose to be healthy, you’ll sustain it. I never dieted but I’d go off white food – no pasta, rice, sugar, flour for three days. Now I just eat that way more often than not. Mostly Mediterranean diet. I’m running around with kids and volunteering at school, I can’t be bothered with complicated diets and weight plans. Interview by David Hochman, Hotfeatures YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

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The skin diet:

Natural ways to improve anti-ageing and acne Here are a few excerpts from the fantastic new skin health book from Holly Taylor and Dr Mark Atkinson… The Anti-ageing Diet In the skin, most of the age-related changes occur in the dermis. The collagen fibres decrease in number, stiffen and break apart, while the elastic fibres thicken into clumps and fray. This results in a loss of skin strength and elasticity, which can manifest as reduced tone and increased susceptibility to trauma. Since collagen also supports blood vessels, this weakening process can mean that the tiny blood vessels in the skin start to show up as broken thread veins. The hallmark wrinkles of ageing come about from a combination of the

changes in the fibre structure within the skin and a natural thinning of the dermis and subcutaneous fat. As these underlying structures degrade, the skin begins to lose its plump appearance, as well as becoming furrowed and less supple. During ageing, the sebaceous glands also decrease in size, so the delivery of vitamin E and oils to the skin decline, causing the skin to become dry, easily broken and prone to free radical damage and infection. The key to slowing age-related changes in the skin is to boost antioxidant defences, support the structural health of the skin and aid skin hydration with water and beneficial fats. There are some foods that are just so good for the skin that they are considered ‘skin superfoods’: Dark berries – such as blueberries, blackberries and blackcurrants are rich in skinsupporting antioxidants called anthocyanidins. They also help to reduce inflammation and support blood vessel strength. Oily fish – this is one of the best food sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which helps keep your skin supple and moisturised. Salmon also contains selenium, a mineral that protects the skin from sun damage, while sardines provide one of the few food sources of the powerful antioxidant CoQ10.

Top tip


If inclu basis se ding all these take an ems daunting foods on a reg ,y u a powe ntioxidant fo ou might lik lar and alp rful, plant-der rmula containe to while y ha lipoic acid ived ingredien ing o fo ts Look o u work on imp r a few month from grut for one con roving your d s, turmer ape seed, gr taining extra iet. ic e c alongsid, oregano and en tea, bilberr ts y, broccoli e nutrie n sp ts rou su lutein a nd asta ch as lycopene ts, xanthin , .

Leafy green vegetables – vegetables such as spinach, kale and spring greens are rich in B vitamins and vitamins C and E, as well as the minerals potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. They’re also loaded with blood-cleansing chlorophyll and the important antioxidant lutein, which supports both healthy skin and eyes. Pumpkin seeds – these pale green seeds are one of the best vegetarian sources of zinc – a vital mineral for skin cell renewal and repair. They’re also an excellent source of vitamin E and beneficial omega fats. Tomatoes – these are the best source of the anti-ageing antioxidant lycopene. Surprisingly, lycopene in tomatoes is more easily absorbed by your body when it is cooked or processed. Walnuts – packed with omega 3 and vitamin E, walnuts help to keep skin smooth, supple and glowing. Grab a handful as a snack, drizzle your salad or vegetables with walnut oil or try walnut butter as a smoothie ingredient or spread. Acerola cherries – these are one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants and vitamin C – an important vitamin to keep Continued over ➜


Wise skin buy: Golden Silk Oil from Gentle

Beauty Ltd

Nice name – what is it? 100% Natural Camellia Oil enhanced with natural Vitamin E. It’s highly moisturising and quickly absorbed, leaving no residue. What’s the secret? It’s 85% Oleic Acid, very similar to human sebum. So it’s especially good for allergy prone skin, can be applied to broken skin and doesn’t block pores Tell me more! Golden Silk Oil helps restore the skin’s moisture balance, is anti-oxidant and antiinflammatory and suitable for all skin types – brilliant! Where do I buy? Independent Health stores and For more info call 0203 072 1000


Want affordable skincare? Purity is a hero line of effective and affordable organic skincare – all under £10 Pure as it’s name? Absolutely! Purity has an organic certification from Ecocert and you can trust the ingredients, which are pure and simple and let your skin’s own natural processes work optimally. There are seven products in the range, all fragrance free and effective on sensitive skin Fans? Yes, Purity is award winning and has a large fan base including skincare professionals, make-up artists and celebs, plus many testimonials from people whose skin health has improved after using the range Available from: Independent retailers or

G reat Bu ys at you r Healt h S tore


Want a ‘beauty’ tea? Then choose Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify infusion Why so good? Created by the leading ethnobotanist Dr Malcolm Stuart as a beautifying herbal infusion – with calming red clover, nettle and dandelion leaves to give your skin a treat What’s unique? Skin Purify is made from active botanicals, ensuring the herbs are very high in the essential oils and making for an extraordinary tea Available from: Independent health food stores. For more info visit or email


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The Anti-Ageing Diet skin firm and help prevent wrinkles. Fresh cherries make a tasty snack, while the juice concentrate can add a healthful tang to smoothies. Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and orange and yellow peppers – orange vegetables are packed with beta carotene, an important antioxidant for protection against sun damage. Avocados – these are a great source of potassium, fibre, B vitamins and vitamins

C and E. They’re also high in beneficial monounsaturated fats, which aid the uptake of fat soluble antioxidants, such as lutein, lycopene and beta carotene, as well as helping to support vascular health. Green tea – this is a great tonic, which is crammed with antioxidants and other nutrients that support skin health. It helps to reduce inflammation and redness, as well as promoting detoxification. For best results, swap your normal caffeinated drinks for green tea and aim to include one to three cups per day.

The Acne Diet Acne is a very common skin disorder that typically affects young people in early puberty. Usually it’s a mild condition, although in about 15% of cases it can become severe, generally reaching a peak in the late teens. For most people, acne tends to go away by the time they reach their mid-20s but in certain individuals symptoms can persist or develop in later life. The best diet for acne is a lowGL, dairy-free diet, abundant in alkalising vegetables and cleansing fluids. Love Lemons Starting the day with a cup of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice is an excellent way to help cleanse the body and flush out toxins. Lemons also aid digestion and support liver function, as well as helping to alkalise the body and combat excess acidity.

Avoid Grains Even the wholegrain versions of grains are quite acid-forming, as well as being one of the food groups most likely to cause an insulin peak. By cutting out all grains for one month, you give your skin the best chance of recovery. After this time, you can start to slowly reintroduce wholegrain products, up to a maximum of two small portions a day. Up Omega 3 Aim to include either three portions of oily fish each week or six omega 3 eggs, or one to two tablespoons of flax seed oil daily. All these foods are rich in inflammation-fighting and hormonebalancing omega 3 fats.

Dr Mark Atkinson says: Consider Light-Based Therapy Light therapy works by destroying the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is known to contribute to the skin inflammation experienced by acne sufferers. Several studies have shown that laser and other light-based therapies are safe and may, when used in conjunction with other approaches, support the healing of acne. In a study, in which 45 patients with mild-to-moderate acne were treated with high intensity pure blue light (two 20-minute treatments per week, for four to eight weeks), 50% were highly satisfied with the treatment, 20% had complete clearing at eight weeks, and no side-effects were reported. For the full acne and Skin Diet plan, and accompanying supplement recommendations and therapy resources, read Nutrition Solutions for Optimising Skin Health.

Dr Mark Atkinson says: Practice gratitude The inner glow and level of well-being that comes from a healthy mental and emotional state is as important to prevent premature ageing as a balanced physical state of health. One of the most effective (and often quickest) ways to shift the way you feel, lift your mood and enhance your emotional well-being is to practice gratitude. ✱K  eep a gratitude journal. I get my patients to view their day by writing down two things for which they are grateful and two things that they appreciate about themselves. The key is to allow yourself to ‘feel’ the gratitude. ✱ T hroughout your day, take a moment to count your blessings. ✱ E xpress gratitude to the people around you. Share the positive aspects of your life. Following the Skin Diet plan, supplement and other recommendations in Nutrition Solutions for Optimising Skin Health will provide a complete anti-ageing protocol.

Top acne tip! Include Phytoestrogens

If you’re female, you may also like to include five portions of phytoestrogen-rich foods each day. Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring substances that have a modulating effect on female hormone levels. Phytoestrogens are present in almost all fruits, vegetables and cereals, but the foods with the highest amounts include legumes, lentils, beans and soya. The most beneficial forms of soya to include in your diet are the fermented soya foods such as tempeh, miso, natto and tamari, along with a moderate intake of foods made from the whole soya bean, such as tofu and edamame beans. Plain live soya yoghurt is also beneficial in moderation, as the friendly bacteria it contains can help to activate the phytoestrogens in the gut.

Nutrition Solutions for Optimising Skin Health by Holly Taylor with Dr Mark Atkinson (Another Country Publishing, £5.99) is available from independent health stores (call 01435 884 661 for local stockists).

heroes Gr e at Buy s at y o ur H e a lt h S t o r e

FOR your heart

Good buy: Natures Aid Ubiquinol, the ‘active’ form of Coenzyme Q10, the heart protective antioxidant The advantage? CoQ10 supplements aren’t new but this patented stabilized form of ubiquinol is, called Kaneka QH™ Explain more: Until recently the only way to increase levels of active ubiquinol in the body was to convert it from ubiquinone – a process that research has shown gets more difficult with age – plus it was extremely difficult to produce ubiquinol as a supplement, but not now! How much? RRP £15.30 for 30 x 50mg Softgel capsules, a month’s supply Where do I buy? Independent health food stores. For stockists and info see or email

Do read: Put Your Heart in Your Mouth, the exciting new book from

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

Why exciting? Because it’s controversial! It debunks lots of myths about ‘bad’ cholesterol and gives the facts about preventing heart problems, including practical diet advice and recipes Tell me more! The book’s written by a leading UK nutritionist and researcher who has collated hundreds of studies by eminent scientists that point to just how wrong commonly given heart diet advice is – Dr Natasha says our heart needs cholesterol and it’s okay to eat saturated fat! Available from: Independent Health and Book stores, or call 0207 323 2382. Cover price £12.99 (176pp)

Try this! Take good care of your heart with HeartMaxTM from


How’s it help? The heart is the key organ in the circulatory system. As a hollow, muscular pump, its main function is to propel blood throughout the body. If its function is in any way impaired this can affect the performance of the whole body What’s in it? The special formulation combines the benefits of Omega-3 EPA/DHA with Garlic, Amino Acids and powerful Antioxidants; to help maintain a healthy heart, circulation and cholesterol balance How much: HeartMaxTM retails at £20.49 for 60 capsules Available? Contact HealthAid® on 020 8426 3400 for purchase and stockist information or visit




The way to your heart is through your stomach The low-down on heart-friendly diets, by nutritionist Helen Gestwicki… The Heart-friendly diet

eart disease is the UK's biggest killer, accounting for over a third of all deaths. It may surprise you to know that women are three times more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer. Risk factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high homocysteine, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking and diabetes are associated with the development of cardiovascular problems such as coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, heart attacks and angina. Introducing some simple heart-friendly diet changes can help keep your blood vessels and circulation working well and improve your chances of living a longer, more active life.

Preventive health is about including beneficial foods rather than simply avoiding harmful ones. Start by increasing the following: Omega 3 oils from oily fish, eggs and nuts help reduce cholesterol levels, support healthy arteries and blood flow and a normal heart rhythm. Eat oily fish (herring, mackerel, sardines, salmon) twice a week and include walnuts, linseeds and eggs regularly in your diet. Food supplements of omega oils are widely available but be sure to buy one with good quality and strength. Antioxidants are vital for maintaining a healthy heart, blood flow and cholesterol levels. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, E, Coenzyme Q10 and bioflavonoids are found in brightly coloured fruit and

vegetables, so aim to get your 5-a-day including some orange, yellow and green coloured vegetables and fruit such as kiwi fruit, berries and red grapes. Pycnogenol and Olive leaf are examples of strong antioxidants that can be found in supplement form. B vitamins, especially B12, B6 and B2, found in wholegrains, fish and vegetables for example, have been found to help maintain healthy homocysteine levels by deactivating this natural chemical which is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and deep vein thrombosis. Vitamin K is vital for normal blood clotting and research has shown that the K2 form of this nutrient may help to support healthy blood circulation. Natto, made from Continued over ➜

The cherry heart of health The key to a strong, healthy heart is a good diet and active lifestyle – meaning regular exercise and a balanced diet of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important phenolic compounds). Antioxidants can be helpful because free radicals cause oxidative damage at the cellular level, which can play a part in the weakening and hardening of artery walls and reducing the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Free radicals are produced naturally from normal bodily functions such as breathing and digestion, but also from eating burnt/


over-cooked food, sun/other radiation and exposure to smoke and pollution. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals and can help protective the heart and cardiovascular system. Some antioxidants are more potent than others and those such as anthocyanins and other phenolic and flavonoid compounds, including quercetin, have powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. One of the best sources of these strong antioxidants is Montmorency cherries, such as those found in CherryActive Concentrate and Capsules, which are recommended by many healthcare professionals. You can mix the sugar free Concentrate with water to

make a tasty cherry juice or add a shot to a smoothie, fruit juice or natural yoghurt. Another option is CherryActive Capsules, made using the nutrient-rich skins of Montmorency cherries, which are freezedried to protect the important compounds from heat damage.



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The heart diet fermented soy beans, is high in Vitamin K2, but to get therapeutic levels, you may wish to take K2 as a food supplement. Soluble fibre found in beans, lentils, barley, oats, fruit and vegetables helps to lower cholesterol levels so eat these foods daily. Try adding a tablespoon of ground flax seeds to porridge for a heart-friendly breakfast. Garlic is a heart 'superfood'. Research shows that it reduces 'bad' LDL cholesterol and increases the 'good' HDL cholesterol, whilst also lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots. Wholegrains found in oats, wholewheat, rice, rye and millet are rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin E and fibre, and have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by 30% when eaten regularly. Swap white bread, pasta and rice for brown versions, and eat 3-4 portions of wholegrains daily. Get some nuts! Research shows that eating a small quantity of nuts such as walnuts and almonds daily could protect your heart and circulation, probably due to their high omega 3, magnesium, vitamin

E and plant sterol content. Try using cold pressed oils of walnut, hemp or flaxseed over food or in salad dressings.

Cut down on... Unhealthy fats – Hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fats found in processed foods and many margarines are linked to heart disease and are now banned in some countries. Saturated fats from beef, pork, lamb, processed meats, cheese and cream can be swapped for healthier alternatives like fish, soya protein, beans and pulses. Salt and sugar – high intakes are linked to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so try to snack on oat cakes, raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds instead. Alcohol – regular drinking of one or two small glasses of red wine can have positive effects on the cardiovascular system due to its antioxidant content. However, more than this raises blood pressure and increases your chance of developing heart disease! Caffeine is also linked with high blood pressure, so swap coffee and tea for the occasional cup of green tea (high in antioxidants) and herbal teas such as hawthorn or lime flowers, both traditionally used to protect the heart and arteries.

The new heart vitamin There’s growing insight about the benefits of vitamin K2 in the reduction of heart disease. Professor Cees Vermeer, associate professor of biochemistry at Vitak BV, Maastricht University, has conducted research which he believes could be a real breakthrough in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. A number of population-based studies have shown a reduction of around 50% in cardiovascular mortality in elderly people with the highest dietary intake of K2 compared to those with the lowest. It’s been discovered that K2 activates a protein called MGP, which Prof Vermeer describes as not only, “the most powerful inhibitor of tissue calcification presently known”, but “the only defence mechanism the vessel wall has against artery calcification”. Although the benefits of K2 are not yet conclusively proved, Prof Vermeer told Your Healthy Living that, “the evidence we have assembled thus far is, in my view, overwhelming”. A typical western diet is not likely to have a sufficient intake of this vitamin to fully activate MGP and Prof Vermeer says: “It would be an enormous benefit for public health in general if vitamin K2 consumption goes up, either by supplement or by fortified foods.”


Heart-friendly Herbs Herbal remedies also have a place in maintaining a cardiovascular system. Ginger helps to improve circulation and is easy to take as a herb tea or as a food supplement. Rosemary has antioxidant properties and is traditionally used to improve circulation. Use it fresh or dried in cooking. Red Rice Yeast helps stop the production of cholesterol in the liver and can be taken as a food supplement, and fenugreek seeds contain compounds that inhibit both cholesterol absorption and cholesterol production in the body. Remember to check with a qualified s health practitioner before using nutritional or herbal supplements if you are taking any medication.

The Contributor Helen Gestwicki Bsc (Hons), MCPP, MBANT is a qualified Medical Herbalist and Nutritional Therapist specialising in women's health, and tutor for the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Are bad fats good for us? Could eating a low-fat diet actually increase the risk of heart disease? Most medical professionals blame atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, on ‘bad’ cholesterol and advise cutting down saturated fats. But author and nutritionist Dr Natasha CampbellMcBride, who runs the Cambridge Nutrition Clinic, says such natural fats and cholesterol are in fact essential to health. They help protect the blood cells that work to repair the walls of damaged arteries. “If the anti-fat message was correct then we should by now be seeing a reduction in the level of heart disease, when in reality we're not“, says Dr Natasha. ”The so-called bad type of cholesterol, LDL, is specifically sent to the wound by the liver and this is why patients with heart disease are seen to have high levels in their bodies. “Unfortunately, because LDL is found at the 'crime scene', the cholesterol is mistakenly blamed for the heart condition when in fact it is nature's way of trying to combat it.” Put Your Heart in Your Mouth by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is £12.95 from Amazon.




Get fit not thin! Carly Thornton has transformed herself through diet and exercise into one of Britain’s top fitness models – the healthy alternative to size zero oo many women aspire to, or even thrive on, being thin. But lack of food and vital nutrients can lead to so many problems, from hormone imbalances, brittle hair and bad skin – not an attractive look, ladies! – to introversion and unhappiness and eating disorders. Aspiring to a healthy fit lifestyle only brings positives. You feel fantastic about yourself, meet great people, maybe even a partner (men love a women with curves) and what could be more appealing than knowing you look good naked and not just in certain clothes! Fitness models like me lead a fit and healthy lifestyle by prioritising healthy diet and exercise. Their figures are far more achievable and healthy than the size zero and a much more positive image for younger females, who can be especially vulnerable to media pressure to be thin.

Body training Exercise decreases the stress hormone and increases endorphins, the body's natural feel good chemical, and boosts your metabolism – which actually means you burn more calories! Don’t shy away from weights. They not only tone up the whole body but rev up your metabolism, which means more calories are burnt. I started training at the gym eight years ago at age 21. I started off as a ‘cardio bunny’, mostly using the cardio equipment. As I lost some weight I started reading fitness magazines and discovered I had a huge passion for weight training, because I loved seeing my body change. You will too! After about four years of training, with encouragement from other people I decided to compete as a bodybuilder. I love every part of competing and seeing my body changing through each phase of my 12 week training and diet plan. I’ve been placed second at the British Championships, an achievement I never thought possible when I started. Although there are still a lot of negative views on female bodybuilding, the bodybuilding and bodyfitness scene in the UK is getting more popular. I’ve started competing in the Bikini class, as I feel my body type Continued over ➜



Carly before she took up training and healthy eating


Carly today, leading UK fitness model


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is more suited to the category and it's just such fun! The girls still have muscle, just not ripped, which is also a more attainable look. In future I want to compete in the UKBFF Bikini category and represent the UK in the US one day. And I want to do another TV workout series – on Sky Active 281 − to further inspire and motivate other women.

Body food First of all, don’t starve yourself. Eat 5-6 small meals a day: think like a cow and graze! And don’t be wary of protein: it’s in your muscles, hair, nails, skin and eyes. And in the cells that make up the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, nerves, brain – and your sex glands! A varied diet is the key, and a mixture of these food groups are your building blocks to a healthy body: Complex carbs such as oats, brown rice and sweet potato.


Proteins such as fish and chicken and protein supplements such as Isopure (zero carb, fat free and lactose free) – fantastic when on the go, or if like me you have a sweet tooth. Healthy fats such as fresh nuts (this means unsalted, unroasted) and Udo’s Choice Oil. Plus fruit and veg – these are your source of fibrous carbs. When I’m training for a competition, I increase my cardio, depending on the way I’m looking, and I do like to eat more and do more cardio! Eggs, oats, rice, chicken, fish, turkey, veg and Udo’s Choice Oil are the main components of my competition diet. Transforming your body is very attainable. It's encouraging we're seeing more athletic, toned women in the media and I hope this trend continues. It’s such a good thing for women to see healthy fit ladies; with the extremely positive message to go for a healthy lifestyle rather than the unhealthy size zero! n Follow Carly’s figure transformation at

Carly’s vitamin tips There are a lot of fantastic vitamins and superfoods which can help your daily health and wellbeing:

★ Vitamin C is essential for the healing of wounds, and for the repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. ★ Udo’s Choice Oil is a healthy fat that will provide you with an excellent source of unprocessed, Omega 3 & 6, which are vital for health and life. ★ Green tea, an powerful antioxidant that helps you burn more calories. ★ Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens is an amazing natural superfood for energy, maintaining health, weight loss and detox programmes, which can also help with cellulite!

Here to help

Independent health store advice on minimising symptoms of IBS Stress Dealing with stress factors in your life can really help with IBS. I always recommend my customers and patients take up some type of aerobic exercise because it will help to normalise the function of the adrenal cortex. The adrenal glands are very important for the adaptive bodily mechanisms towards stress and by undertaking regular exercise you will not only improve their function but also help to remove stress in the body. Additionally, exercise releases endorphins which will increase your sense of wellbeing. Try some relaxation techniques such as tai chi, yoga or meditative abdominal breathing exercises. Once you start to breathe through the abdomen, and use your full lung capacity, this can actually help to massage the digestive system and help to relax the bowel.

Herbal relief Lavender (Lavandula officinalis or Lavandula angustifolia) is a key plant to take internally as a tea or tincture, as it is very effective at helping to relax the nervous system. I also recommend Cramp Bark to my patients with digestive problems as it helps to relax the abdominal area while soothing and minimising spasms and cramping, which are so common with IBS. Birdsfoot Trefoil and Lemon Balm are also herbs I would recommend as they are both highly effective anti-spasmodic herbs. 28 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING

My advice for IBS sufferers would be to move towards anti-spasmodic herbs for natural relief. The herbs work best in a tincture form, or made up as part of a combination by a herbalist, and will help to immediately relax the abdominal area. German Chamomile strain is a safe, highly soothing option for the digestive area and is known as the mother of the gut. For an effective chamomile treatment, this would need to be provided by a specialist health store or herbalist as the tea bag form of chamomile is not strong enough to combat IBS symptoms.

Digestive support From a dietary perspective, avoiding spicy, processed and sugar-based foods can help to remove the most common triggers. Use Turmeric when cooking as it is a brilliant anti-inflammatory. If the IBS sufferer’s symptoms are diarrhoea-prevalent, try eating vegetables that are steamed or cooked. For constipation-dominant symptoms, I would recommend eating vegetables raw or just slightly cooked as this will provide a higher fibre content. The Ayurvedic herb Triphala is an excellent source of digestive support, particularly for those prone to constipation. Triphala is a mix of three fruits and is used to improve the function of the colon to help food transit properly through the digestive system. It is also effective at cleansing the intestines. A good quality

This issue’s in-store adviser is medical herbalist Paul Michael of Health Matters, High Barnet in London

daily probiotic is an excellent addition to your diet too; though seek advice from your local independent health store first on the best one for your symptoms.

Health Matters

ealth Matters is a bustling one stop • Hcentre with a complementary health clinic, a herbal pharmacy which can dispense herbal medicine, a takeaway bar and aisles of health foods & supplements.

he expert team offering advice and • Thelp is headed up by Paul Michael, who is a BA, BSc, MCPP and NAHS registered.

urther information and mail order • F(including herbal medicine) is available by calling 0208 441 8335 or online via

an of Your Healthy Living because: • F“Customers enjoy picking up the

magazine as they can take it away and read good helpful information and come back to the store and buy products or ask for further advice and recommendations from us. The content of the magazine is insightful and varied and is well suited to our customers.”

Interview by Julie Penfold


Getting down to the bones Which minerals and vitamins do your bones need to stay healthy? Elizabeth Wells explains‌ lthough most people tend to assume that osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, only affects the elderly, the foundations of bone health are established early, as bone density peaks in our twenties. Currently, three million people in the UK suffer from osteoporosis, 22% of whom are women over the age of 50. On the basis of current trends, hip fracture rates in the UK are set to more than double from 46,000 in 1985 to117,000 in 2016. Some have called osteoporosis a silent epidemic, since most people aren't aware of being affected until they break a bone.

Conventional diet wisdom emphasises calcium intake as the key to building strong bones. But in fact, bone is a reservoir for minerals including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, boron and sulphur, and constantly help ferry nutrients, hormones and waste in and out of the blood and lymph. Just like other cells, bone cells require hydration and a range of absorbable nutrients. In general, calcium is more abundant in the diet than magnesium, which is depleted in soils and through food processing, stress, sugar, alcohol, some diuretics and antibiotics. This often-overlooked mineral governs

the ways in which calcium is used in the body, so if you're taking a supplement, it's a good rule of thumb to take twice as much magnesium as calcium. Avoid taking inorganic forms such as dolomite or carbonate, however: this chalky substance can alter stomach pH, cause constipation and even contribute to the calcification of soft tissues and arteries. Other crucial co-factors are vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus for strong bone matrix, and vitamins A and K. Vitamin K plays an important role in bone metabolism. Studies show that Continued over ➜


WELLBEING ➜ Continued from page 30

Bone health vitamin K in leafy vegetables is better absorbed when butter is added – saturated fat may actually play a protective role: people living on traditional tropical diets containing palm and coconut oils experience relatively little osteoporosis. Vitamin A is required for calcium and protein assimilation and hormone balancing, which is important in menopause-related osteoporosis. Small oily fish such as sardines are a good source of vitamins A and D, and eating these whole, with the bones, will provides all the trace minerals which support the bone matrix. Fruits such as apples, nuts and grains supply the important bone mineral, boron – needed to convert vitamin D to its active form. However, grains and nuts should ideally be soaked overnight in warm water containing lemon juice or cider vinegar to neutralise the compounds that can block mineral uptake. Vitamin C in fresh fruits and vegetables supports the formation of collagen, a protein that strengthens the bones and connective tissue. Milk and cheese do contain substantial amounts of calcium but not the other co-factors, and pasteurised dairy with its heat-treated proteins is linked to allergies such as eczema, asthma, and intestinal distress. Certain groups may be more vulnerable to diet-related bone loss. Dieters should take note that underweight individuals are more prone to osteoporosis because low-fat diets prevent nutrients from being absorbed. The International Osteoporosis Society found a positive correlation between

protein intake and bone mass in children, suggesting that low-protein diets reduce the action of a growth factor responsbile for enhancing intestinal absorption of the bone minerals calcium and phosphate. Since the current generation of young people in general tend to eat more refined, nutrientpoor foods that will weaken their bones over time, they are one of the biggest risk group. Hormonal balance also plays a vital role in the way calcium is regulated. The female hormone progesterone has a greater role to play in bone formation than is often thought: levels start to decline in women in their thirties when ovulation becomes less regular. At menopause, oestrogen production also diminishes, so it is important to pay attention to those aspects of the diet that put stress on the ability of the parathyroid glands to regulate calcium balance (see below). If the body demands more minerals than it receives – to regulate blood sugar or transmit stress signals – then the parathyroids will pull these from the bones. The good news is that bone is living connective tissue and is constantly being renewed, so it's never too late to take up weight-bearing exercise such as walking. Menopausal women who walk every day for an hour have 65% less risk of hip fracture than those who don't, demonstrating that good health doesn't always have to cost money!

Bone hazards n Too much sugar upsets the delicate ratio of calcium to phosphorus, causing calcium to be excreted in the urine, and the formation of abnormal deposits such as gall stones. n Phosphoric acid in fizzy drinks binds to minerals such as calcium and magnesium, forming insoluble salts. n Alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium. n Excessive amounts of caffeine causes calcium loss through the urine. n Eating too many high-fibre grain foods, high in phytates, interferes with mineral absorption in the gut. n Aluminium from tins, cans and cooking utensils, and lead from pollution, displace calcium from bones.


we love… Seagreens organic wrack seaweed capsules, sustainably harvested from the Scottish outer Hebrides, is a handy way to get all the minerals, trace elements and micro nutrients your bones need, or try new Seagreens The Mineral Salt condiment – a tasty way to replace unhealthy sodium chloride with 50% tasty sea salt from Cornwall and 50% seaweed. Springfield Menacalcin is a new patented calcium supplement in an alkaline form which helps the body buffer excess acid to help maintain strong bones. It’s also full of magnesium, potassium, vitamin D3 and a healthy dose of vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7). Solgar’s Ultimate Bone Support has the 8 key bone health nutrients, and the minerals in this supplement are in an easy to absorb chelated form.

The Contributor Elizabeth Wells is a qualified natural nutritionist practising in Manchester. Visit www.

heroes G r e at B u y s at y o u r H e a lt h S t o r e


Want healthy joints? Try Collagen Plus, the acclaimed 3-in-1 nutritional drink (equivalent to 18 tablets per serving) with three key ingredients: Collagen 7500mg, Glucosamine 1000mg and Chondroitin 800mg What’s it do? Helps to rebuild and maintain the cartilage, bone strength and flexibility in joints – a recent study showed Collagen can ‘reduce pain, stiffness and immobility associated with arthritis’ Where from? Arthrovite Ltd, the leading UK Collagen specialists,, on 0800 0181 282 and in all good health stores

Want happy bones? Choose award-winning The Mineral Salt table condiment from Seagreens How so? It replaces table salt with 50% organic wrack seaweed – sustainably harvested from the Scottish Outer Hebrides – and 50% soil association certified unrefined sea salt, from the Lizard peninsula, Cornwall Sounds good! It is good. A tasty and easy way to feed your bones the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and micro nutrients they need to maintain good health – widely endorsed by nutritionists and medical practitioners How much? The 100g glass jar with a shaker screw cap is £4.95 Where do I buy!? Available from all good natural food stores and delicatessens. For your nearest stockist enter ‘stockists’ in the search box at www.seagreens. or call 0845 064 0040

Try: Mason’s Dog Oil Why buy: Dog Oil has an ideal viscosity for massage from its mineral and vegetable oils ingredients. It’s odourless, free from drugs and GMOs and not tested on animals Who’s it for? People! Though it was used therapeutically on racing dogs in the 1920s, hence the name. Still made by the same family too From? All good health food shops. or call 01706 379817 for local stockists


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Recipe sponsored by

Scrummy Pancakes Try this delicious Blueberry Pancake recipe on Shrove Tuesday (8 March) or for a special breakfast any day. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup or honey and a handful of fresh blueberries. This Doves Farm recipe makes about 8 pancakes the size of a drop scone.

Blueberry pancakes Makes 8 125g Doves Farm Organic Self Raising Flour (white or wholemeal) OR 125g Doves Farm Gluten free Self Raising Flour Blend 1 Organic or free range egg 150g Organic milk 25g Melted butter or spread 75g Blueberries 15ml oil 1tsp Doves Farm Baking Powder Maple syrup or honey to serve 25g Blueberries to serve

1  Mix together the flour and baking powder. 2 A dd the egg then stir in the milk a little at a time. a smooth batter. If using Gluten Free Flour, 3  Baddeatanto extra 2 tsp of liquid. 4 Stir in the melted butter and blueberries. 5  Heat a little oil in a frying pan until very hot. Put spoonfuls of batter into the pan to make 6  small rounds. Cook small bubbles start to appear on 7 the topuntilof the pancakes. 8 Turn the pancakes over and cook on the other side. warm, drizzled with maple syrup and 9  Serve fresh blueberries.




Recipes to give your tummy a holiday! Give your overworked insides a break with these delicious, nutritious and easy to digest recipes from Viva Mayr spa. It’s healthy to give your stomach and intestines a rest and if you don’t want to fast, eating mild, vegetable based foods are ideal. These are also good examples of recipes that help your body maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, by avoiding foods that create too much acid, such as meat and fish, and including lots of alkalising vegetables.

Millet casserole with broccoli puree and fresh basil oil Serves 4 150g millet 250g celeriac (or other vegetables) washed and cubed 2 organic eggs Rock salt Fresh basil and parsley Ground nutmeg 350g broccoli, washed and chopped Basil oil

Millet casserole

ash millet and simmer until tender and drain 1 W(do not rinse it with water). Braise celeriac in a little water until tender. Mash in a food processor, add millet. Add 2 egg yolks and chopped herbs and season with rock salt and ground nutmeg.

eat the egg white and gently fold into millet 2 Bmixture. rease a casserole and fill 3-4cm high with the 3 Gmixture. Bake for 25 minutes in a preheated oven 170°C.

Broccoli puree Boil the broccoli in a small saucepan with little water until tender. Blend in a food processor until very fine. If the puree is too thick, add a bit of water or leftover broccoli water. Season with rock salt.

Serve: Divide millet into equal slices and serve on a plate, decorate with broccoli puree. Sprinkle with a few drops basil oil.


These recipes can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge for two to three days, and are ideal for a gluten or fructose-free diet. They are cooked rather than raw, to further help rest your digestive system. Also, try to relax when you eat, chew thoroughly and make the evening meal the smallest of the day. Did you know if you crave something sweet after you've eaten, it could be a sign that you have eaten so much or so quickly that your body is asking for more energy to help digest it!

Buckwheat blinis with vegetable cubes Serves 4 400g mealy potatoes (boil with skins on) 4 organic eggs 100g very fine buckwheat flour 125ml cream Rock salt

eel the boiled potatoes and press 1 Pthrough ricer or knead with your hands. Add all ingredients and beat with a whisk. If potato mixture is too fluid, add some buckwheat flour. Form blinis/ patties.

lowly heat a non-stick frying pan with a 2 Sfew drops of olive oil. Fry blinis on both sides over medium heat for 4 minutes.

Ground nutmeg

Vegetable cubes 1 courgette 1 aubergine 1 cabbage-turnip 1 small celeriac

ash, peel and chop all vegetables into small cubes. Heat a non-stick wok 1 Wvery with a few drops of olive oil, add vegetable cubes and 125ml organic vegetable stock.

ook until crisp and tender. Add fresh 2 Cherbs such as basil, parsley, coriander and season with rock salt.

Recipes from the Viva Mayr Diet – 14 days to a flatter stomach, by Dr Harald Stossier & Helena Frith Powell (HarperCollins, £7.99). Dr Harald is one of Europe’s top natural health diet experts and founder of the renowned Viva Mayr spa clinic in Austria. See



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Kallo minis – a big help for healthy snacking When packing a lunch for you or your child, it’s all too easy to grab a packet of crisps to go with the sandwiches. Why not choose the healthy option and reach for Kallo flavoured mini rice cakes instead. Kallo mini rice cakes come in three fantastic 100% natural flavours:

✽ Sea Salt & Balsamic vinegar ✽ Mature Cheese & Chive ✽ Hint of Chilli ✽ Mature Cheese & Chive As well as being 100% natural they also contain less than 5% fat and less than 100 calories per bag. Kallo mini flavoured rice cakes are ideal for children and adults alike, equally at home in a lunch box or as a snack on the move. Kallo mini flavoured rice cakes will be available soon in a convenient 4 pack multipack so all the family can enjoy Kallo mini rice cakes.

Kallo Flavoured Rice Cakes are also available in Jumbo variety, as a healthy, low fat accompaniment to a meal or topped with your favourite ingredients as a tasty alternative to a sandwich. 38 | YOUR HEALTHY LIVING


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DreamfielDs Pasta Dreamfields pasta has only 5 grams of digestible carbs per 56g serving and a 65% lower Glycemic Index than regular pasta, releasing energy slowly to help you manage your weight and feel fuller for longer. Like regular pasta, Dreamfields’ Spaghetti, Penne Rigate and Rotini are made from premium durum wheat semolina but have twice the fibre of regular pasta with a special ‘matrix’ within the semolina that stops most of the carbohydrates being digested.

Dreamfields pasta advantages ✓ 65% lower glycemic index than regular pasta ✓ Only 5g of digestible carbs per 56g serving ✓ Twice the fibre of regular pasta ✓ Great taste and texture


| 39


Eco-wise habits

Here’s a few not so obvious ways to a more sustainable lifestyle… Electrify your transport

Say bye bye to the plastic

We know that cutting down CO2 emissions is a good idea, yet commuting to work by bike might seem impractical and arriving at the office sweating not so appealing. But recent developments in electrical bikes mean no great exertion and no sweat. It’s even been shown that, if you are travelling a short distance in urban traffic, with inevitable stop/start conditions, an electric bike can be faster than a car. So it could save you time and effort, as well as money. Most importantly, no emissions. Some electric bikes have a range of at least 70km before needing to be recharged. Read Electric Bicycles – The Complete Guide, by David Henshaw and Richard Peace (Excellent Books, £12.99) for tips and help choosing the right bike.

Meanwhile by your kitchen sink there is probably a small plastic scourer. You might not have considered this everyday item has much ecological significance; yet collectively, every year we discard plastic washing up brushes and scourers in a volume of rubbish equivalent to 150 double-decker buses. More alarmingly they take about 1,000 years to biodegrade. Compare this against Michael’s Original Washing-Up Luffa Pad, a fairtrade product made from the luffa plant, which is not only 100% biodegradable, but the production process from seed to finished product uses no chemicals. They also last up to a year, making them an economical as well as ethical choice. As Lois Clark of Natural Eco Trading, distributor of Michael’s Original, says: “Consumers are rejecting plastic bags; now it’s time to throw away the plastic sponge/scourers found in every kitchen.”

Get bags of style And what about those inevitable plastic bags that have found their way into your home despite your best efforts not to use them? One option is to cut them into thin strips and then knit yourself a strong and re-useable shopping bag! You don’t fancy knitting with plastic? Then why not invest in an environmentally friendly reusable shopping bag. Not the sort you throw in the boot and pull out to use at the supermarket, but one that looks beautiful and gives you discounts for shopping locally and ethically. Bags of Change stylish bags ( are made from ethical materials including organic cotton and hemp and award discounts on local, sustainable, organic and fairtrade goods. Director Faith Simpson says: “Buying one of our bags not only saves on plastic, you are encouraged to shop more ethically. If you take your bag into participating ethical and organic high street stores you get up to 10% discount on your purchases.” So one good eco habit helps you develop another.


Mimic the ‘Green family’ And if your eco habits are pretty impressive, you could aim to emulate the Strauss family from Gloucestershire. Named ‘the Green family’ by the Daily Mail, they show what we could do if we took sustainable living seriously. By various means such as not choosing prepacked foods and finding the best ways to recycle or compost whatever waste they accumulate, they have managed to reduce their rubbish disposal to a tiny average 2oz per week. Mrs Strauss explained that in order to reduce the number of crisp packets, for instance, her daughter now buys one large packet for the week and stores the crisps in an airtight container. They also collected and sent 3,000 crisp bags (not all their own!) to the Philippines to be made into bags and pencil-cases. It just shows you what’s possible with some thought, planning and commitment to sustainable living.

You gotta buy: Bags of Change, beautiful organic cotton bags with coconut shell buttons Why so special? They are much more than beautiful re-usable bags. Bags of Change innovatively offer shoppers discounts of up to 10% in 70+ organic and Fairtrade shops across the UK and Eire. Visit www.bagsofchange. to see the wonderful stores that save you money on ethical products. Shops can join up online too or you can recommend a shop in your area Where do I buy? From Independent health food, organic and Fairtrade shops across the UK and Eire – see www. – or online from www.bagsofchange., email

Must try: Washing up without plastic using a Washing-Up Luffa Pad from Michael’s


Why so good? Because you can say goodbye to your plastic sponge/scourer pad and switch to this biodegradable alternative – an ingenious green way to wash-up What’s the story? Hand-made in the Philippines from organically grown luffa plants, these fairly traded, 100% biodegradable washing-up pads are economical too, lasting up to 12 months (then put in the compost). Immerse in water for a flexible, versatile pad and hang up to dry after use from its string loop. Amazing! Where from? Selected health food stores. For more information visit or call 01892 616871

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FOR the environment

Wise washing buy: Ecover Non Bio Powder & Bio Powder, Ecover Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid and Ecover Fabric Softener – Amongst the Flowers & Under the Sun Tell me more! Ecover’s new range of laundry products have been engineered using powerful plant based and mineral ingredient formulas giving you excellent cleaning whilst remaining supremely ecological Low temperatures? Yes! Ecover’s new washing powders works brilliantly even at 30ºC and their new concentrated formulation means your pennies work harder and your clothes are even cleaner! How much? From £1.83 to £5.06 for 750g to 750ml Available from: All good independent health food stores. Also see or call 08451 302230


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Help to maintain healthy hair

Strong, healthy hair is something that many people take for granted but sometimes our bodies don’t get sufficient nutrients to keep it that way. A.Vogel Hair Complex contains extracts of millet seed and stinging nettle (urtica) to help maintain healthy hair. Eight winners will each receive a jar of 60 tablets (RRP £12.80).

Ten lucky readers can win a double feel-good prize! A copy of Patrick Holford’s new book, The Feel Good Factor – 10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Mood and Feel Good About Yourself (£12.99), AND a month’s supply of Patrick Holford’s new improved Mood Food – see page 9 – which retails for £23.75 (60 capsules). To attend Patrick’s book tour, turn to page 2. FREE DRAW CODE: MOOD FOOD


Win a basket of bee goodies worth over £100 from UnBEElievable Health, makers of ethical and award winning BEE Prepared immune support, with bee propolis, elderberry, olive leaf & beta glucans – it’s Veg Society approved and helps raise awareness of the decline of bees. The basket also includes delicious white truffle honey, Burt’s Bees skincare, honey soap, The Vanishing of the Bees film and more.



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Win! Win! Ecover laundry – the lot! Ecover’s new range of laundry products have been engineered using powerful plant based and mineral ingredient formulas giving you excellent cleaning while remaining supremely ecological. Ecover’s new concentrated washing powders work brilliantly, even at 30ºC. Two lucky readers will win one each of the complete Ecover Laundry Range, worth over £25, including Fabric Softeners, Stain Removers, Laundry Liquids and Powders. FREE DRAW CODE: ECOVER LAUNDRY



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Blockbuster AllClear combines 16 scientifically researched super nutrients, including serrapeptase, nattokinase, digestive enzyme complex, acerola, amla, protease olive leaf, grapeseed extract & more! A bestselling all in one supplement which helps support the lungs, heart, blood pressure and cardiovascular system. Good Health Naturally has 6 pots (120 caps) for us to give away, RRP £35.70 each.



A fantastic basket of bee goodies


How to Eat Right for Your Type


50 Diet B

ooks Y

Win a copy of Eat Right for Your Metabolic Type, to find out your metabolic type (Thyroid, Adrenal, Pituitary or Thyroid-Adrenal) and follow a diet plan based on balancing your endocrine system. Dr Cass Igram is one of the world’s leading nutritional authors, with over 20 books to his name. Tigon GB, distributors of Oreganol wild oregano, are generously offering 50 readers a copy (RRP £17.95, 330pp) to support weight loss, low energy, stress and more. FREE DRAW CODE: TIGON BOOK

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