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APRIL 2011

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This issue is bursting with health help again, and I do hope you enjoy your best free magazine. You’ll see we’re giving you the chance to read your own words in Your Healthy Living. We have a new letters page, Your Health, Your Say, with a choice of three excellent prizes (page 12) for the best read, and we’re delighted to launch a national short story competition. With so much stress, busyness and gadgets dominating living, we want to encourage more people to wind down for a healthy night’s sleep by reading a good story. And the relaxing story we read could be yours! Turn to page 6 for details. Do read, too, the first Your Experts feature; it’s all about gut health and is likely to take your understanding about this important topic to a whole new level. And we are still giving away hundreds of pounds value of prizes each issue – turn to page 46 for April’s free prize draws.


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PS Don’t forget to email me, your views, or write to me at the address below, if you want the chance to win your choice of a spa day, keep fit membership or beauty kit.

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your healthy living

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your health

Go with your gut feelings New research reveals that when it comes to making decisions about our relationships, 72% of Brits follow their gut instinct, over and above input from family, friends and the media. Almost a third of those surveyed by Yakult revealed they have a better relationship with family and friends because of it, while a further 30% claimed listening to their gut instincts has helped them to find their soul mate. When asked what the term ‘gut feeling’ actually means, only 17% believed it was a physical feeling, while others felt it was a spiritual thing and the rest were just unsure how to explain. But the conclusion is clear: just trust your gut!

Positive thinking makes you even better Researchers at Oxford and Cambridge universities have found our attitude to the supplement or medication we take can influence how well they work. If you have faith in what you are taking – be it vitamins, alternative remedies, over-the-counter or prescribed medication – your attitude can directly affect how well it works. For those with a cynical nature, a sceptical outlook can cause any ailments or symptoms to linger for longer according to the study. And a positive mind equals a healthier you!

Grow your own stir-fry Celebrities brewing up herbal tea sales boom

Want to grow your own veg but dont have a garden? Beansprouts, peppers, tomatoes, chilli and spinach are just some of the indoor veg that will grow on a sunny windowsill − and make a nice stir fry! Get your seed bundles and growing know-how from, which has 15 indoor varieties and 29 veggies, including beetroot and carrots, that will grow on a balcony.

Healthy-living celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell, both huge advocates of the wellbeing benefits of herbal teas such as green tea, are responsible for the trend in buying herbal tea which has seen sales rise by 60% in just over a year, according to Whittards of Chelsea. In the past two years, the number of customers buying teas ranging from peppermint to echinacea and rooibos has doubled. The theory is the growing percentage in sales is due to customers seeking more complex infusions with health-promoting, medicinal qualities.


| your healthy living

April 2011


Sing for health Singing can help your wellbeing in all sorts of ways, from developing selfconfidence to emotional stability and improved fitness, according to Debbie Hudson, singing teacher and author of Sing Your Heart Out (Schott Music), a fun little book of singing and breathing techniques for all would-be singers. Singing has been shown to help with dementia and depression, but it can also help you feel good about your body and enjoy wellbeing from the release of oxytocin and extra oxygen to the brain.

More than guidance needed for nursery school food! Are the 600,000 UK children attending nursery schools getting healthy food and drink? The answer seems to be yes in some places, definitely not in others. To find out more, the government commissioned a review of food and nutrition for under-fives, which concluded last month that there is a clear need for nutritional guidance for childcare providers − but the report stopped short of recommending mandatory measures to resolve the problem. The Better Nursery Food Now campaign by the Soil Association is urging such mandatory standards for the quality of food served to children in early years settings, because it’s such a critical time for their health and for healthy eating habits to be established. The Soil Association’s Emma Hockridge said: “The younger the child, the more vulnerable their health is to the effects of poor quality nutrition. Children’s eating habits are formed at this young age so the choices, tastes and nutritional quality of the food they eat have a far reaching impact on their food preferences and health later in life.” Almost one in four children are overweight or obese by the time they start school, making them more likely to develop serious health problems like heart disease or diabetes later in life. The Better Nursery Food Now campaign calls for better regulation, better inspection and better training in early years nutrition and cookery for nursery care and catering staff. To sign the campaign petition, visit

Did you know? The Department of Health says eating less red meat could reduce your bowel cancer risk, and that the maximum daily amount people should consume is 70g, the equivalent of 3 slices of beef.

April 2011

your healthy living

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Could you write a short story? Reading a relaxing story is a natural way to unwind at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep. And a short story is a perfect bedtime treat. That’s why A.Vogel Dormeasan and Your Healthy Living have teamed up to launch a national short story writing competition. So if you have ever written a short story but never had it published,or think you can write one but not yet put pen to paper, now is the time! There are four cash prizes − including £500 first prize − plus the chance to see your story in print! You choose the genre; for example a mystery, fantasy, adventure, scifi, detective or romance, and write between 1,500 to 3,000 words.

How to enter your story

Entry is free, and each month the judges will pick one of the best and publish an excerpt in Your Healthy Living – and the full story on the websites /story and So don’t wait until the deadline to submit your story! When the competition closes on 28 October 2011, the judges will draw up a shortlist from all entries and the winner and runners up will be announced in Your Healthy Living in early 2012. We're looking forward to reading your stories!

Sponsored by

Download an entry form from or and then email it with your story (as a Word document or pdf) to , or post your entry form together with two hard copies of your story to Your Healthy Living Short Story Competition, 15 Burton End, West Wickham, Cambridgeshire, CB214SD.


| your healthy living

The judges Ann Burnett has a Masters in Creative Writing, and her short stories, articles and children’s stories have been published frequently in UK magazines and abroad. Her novel, Loving Mother, is available on Amazon. Based in Ayr, Ann is an experienced creative writing tutor and her website is www.annburnett. You can read some of Ann’s articles at cfm/ann31266 Tracy Mcloughlin, Editor of Your Healthy Living, the UK’s widest read natural health magazine, has been a health journalist for more than 20 years. Although her working days are filled with facts rather than fiction, at the end of the day she enjoys reading a good story and is looking forward to reading your relaxing bedtime stories.

COMPETITION RULES 1. The A.Vogel Dormeasan ‘Write a Short Story for Bedtime’ competition 2011 will run from 28 March to 28 October 2011. Entries can be submitted any time during this period, but must be received no later than 28 October 2011.

2. Four prizes will be awarded – 1st prize £500; 2nd prize £300; and 2 x 3rd prizes £100 each. 3. Entry is free and is open to UK residents only. 4. Submitted entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and must never have been previously published. 5. Entries should be in English with a minimum length of 1,500 words; maximum 3,000 words. Apart from erotica, there is no restriction on subject matter.

Please read the full competition entry rules on or

April 2011


Antioxidants protect against Parkinson’s? Anthocyanin antioxidants, which give berries and other red fruits their colour, may help protect against Parkinson's disease. Harvard Medical School carried out a huge investigation involving over 50,000 men and 80,000 women. During the 20+ years of the study, 805 people developed Parkinson’s. The top 20% of men who consumed the most flavonoids, including anthrocyanins, were 30% less likely to develop the disease than those in the bottom 20% (who ate the least). For women the results were less distinct but regular consumption of anthocyanins was still associated with a lower risk of Parkinson’s.

GP herbal advice wanted A new campaign group has found 70% of people it surveyed would like to receive advice from their GP on herbal medicines for conditions such as PMS, cystitis, menopause or anxiety. Yet 64% have never received information on herbal medicines from their doctor. The Right To Choose Campaign is being spearheaded by Dr Pixie McKenna, the face of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies. Visit

Did you know? Most people love the sweet aroma of freshly squeezed oranges. But did you know that pressed orange essential oil has many beneficial properties? It has been used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and even a mild antidepressant. In addition, orange oil has excellent degreasing properties, making it an effective cleaner for the kitchen and around the home. Try Earth Friendly Products Orange Mate Concentrate or Ready to Use Cleaner, or fill your home with the fresh citrus smell of Unifresh Citrus Air Freshener. See April 2011

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Must try: Udo’s Choice Super 8 Probiotics Live? Oh yes! 30 billion active bacteria in every capsule, one of the largest counts in the UK, and formulated using 8 strains of bacteria − this compares to just 10 billion in a typical yoghurt drink, which contain only 1 to 3 strains Other benefits? Stomach acids kill off many of the beneficial bacteria we ingest but, unlike other probiotics, Udo’s Choice Super 8 has been developed and tested to reach the intestinal tract safely and at full potency Where from? Find them in the fridge at your local health store. For more info visit



Great Buys at your Health Store

Must try: Rabenhorst has all the health benefits of pomegranates in a convenient 100% pure Organic Pomegranate Juice Tell me more! Pomegranates are full of polyphenol antioxidants which can help strengthen the immune system, help joints and play an important role in the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. The juice is rich in Vitamins A, C and E and a good source of iron How much do I drink? Rabenhorst recommends 100ml juice every day, either pure or diluted, and it’s now available in a handy 330ml bottle as well as 750ml Where from? Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle retailers. Visit to find your local stockist or call 01782 567100

Want to go green AND save money? Choose Earth Friendly Products ECOS Laundry Liquid Any good? ECOS Laundry Liquid has impressive cleaning and eco credentials and a competitive price per wash – it’s the best selling green laundry liquid worldwide! Added value? Yes! Uniquely the superconcentrated liquid has a built-in coconut oil based fabric softener. Customers love its gentle essential oil aromas and care for their skin, clothes and planet How much? £7.50 for 1.48L 50 wash bottle, available in Magnolia and Lily, Organic Lavender, Organic Lemongrass, Fragrance Free and Baby Laundry – in 20, 50 and 100 wash bottles Where do I buy? Independent Health Food shops nationwide; visit or 01892 616871 8

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Wise buy: Essence of Eden 100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil Special? Definitely! Essence of Eden’s 100% Raw, Organic, Awardwinning Coconut Oil guarantees to turn any ordinary dish into something extraordinary. Recently shortlisted in the Free From Food Awards of 2011, this delicious centrifuged top oil retains all of its nutrients, which gives it a most exquisite flavour Available from: Independent Health Food Stores (wholesalers Tree of Life, Infinity Foods, ReVital; Marigold) or from email

Smoking locking you in? Finding it hard to quit because you’d miss the comfort and actions of smoking? Then buy: Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes and Smoking Mixtures! Tobacco-free, nicotine-free and non-addictive, they’re formulated to help you give up smoking Any good? Yes, very supportive. Made with specially blended herbs and natural flavours, and clinical trials have shown smoking Honeyrose herbal cigarettes has no adverse effects on heart rate or blood pressure Where from? Independent Health Stores, Holland & Barrett and, or 01473 467949

Want healthy joints? Try Collagen Plus, the acclaimed 3-in-1 nutritional drink (equivalent to 18 tablets per serving) with three key ingredients: Collagen 7500mg, Glucosamine 1000mg and Chondroitin 800mg What’s it do? Helps to rebuild and maintain the cartilage, bone strength and flexibility in joints – a recent study showed Collagen can ‘reduce pain, stiffness and immobility associated with arthritis’ Where from? Arthrovite Ltd, the leading UK Collagen specialists,, on 0800 0181 282 and in all good health stores April 2011

April 2011

your healthy living

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Great Buys at your Health Store

Wise buy: CherryActive Concentrate and Capsules Who for? Consumers serious about their health and fitness − recommended for joint mobility, muscle recovery, sleep patterns and for increasing antioxidant intake Why so good? CherryActive Concentrate and Capsules are made with 100% Montmorency cherries, using special techniques to optimise their powerful antioxidant nutrients Available from? Independent Health Food Stores. Call 08451 705 705 or visit

Want herbal help for a good night’s sleep? Try A.Vogel Dormeasan Valerian-Hops How’s it help? Made from extracts of fresh valerian root and hops. Research shows that it starts to work with the first dose! Dormeasan Valerian-Hops oral drops is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in the temporary relief of sleep disturbances caused by the symptoms of mild anxiety, exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Always read the leaflet. How much? £9.15 for 50ml Available from: Independent health stores. Find stockists from 0845 608 5858 or

Do try: GoGo Guaraná vegicaps from Rio Trading What is it? Energy for yourself and your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere Tell me more: GoGo Guaraná is a 100% natural energiser that helps you to increase your energy levels, improves your concentration and keeps you more alert. Now with a free emergency phone charger – energy for your mobile always at your side. Collect special codes from GoGo Guaraná capsules promotion packs and redeem at the website How much? £4.07 for 20 veggie caps, £9.18 for 60 veggie caps Where from? Most good independent health food stores. See or email

Want a natural hairspray? Then try Suncoat Hairspray: Fragrance and Chemical Free from Gentle Beauty Ltd Sounds good! Yes, fabulous Suncoat Hairspray imparts a natural and conditioning, medium/soft hold to hair and does it without relying on ANY synthetic chemicals, or fragrance Tell me more! Its non-canister pump allows you to protect the environment and the atmosphere whilst styling. Suncoat’s unique technology means we can groom with a conscience! How much? £9.10 for 210 ml Where do I buy? Good independent health stores and; for info email Want home highlights with professional results? Choose Tints of Nature Highlights and Lightener Kits Kinder to my hair? Yes! The first UK permanent highlights kit to be ammonia-free and they contain wheat protein to condition the hair. For whole head lightening or to touch up lightened roots use Tints of Nature Lightener kit, formulated with a natural blend of oils to protect the scalp How much? Tints of Nature Highlights £9.25; Lightener £9.25 Available from: Independent health stores. Call Herb UK on 01590 613490 or visit PS: Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colour range just won a Your Hair Magazine Best Buys 2011 Award

Snoring a problem? Tried other gizmos, sprays and gadgets? Well try the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring How’s it work? It uses proven ancient Chinese acupressure therapy. Simply place the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring on your little finger at night before you go to sleep, and – hey presto – no more snoring! Tell me more! The ring works on two acupressure points on your little finger. The ring’s two acuactivators work to free up your breathing passages and your natural bio rhythms to give a snore-free restful night’s sleep for you and your partner How much? £29.99 Available from? Selected Boots stores or online at


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April 2011

An update from Shona Wilkinson RDip CNHC MBANT, a qualified nutritional therapist with an alternative health practice in West Sussex

Music to your ears! Personal music players have received their fair share of criticism for putting children’s hearing at risk but a recent study showed that just one hour’s use can cause microorganisms to multiply dramatically. Keep your ears in tip top condition with Otosan ear cones and ear drops, which you can find in your local Health store or online at

Natural health news & gut reviews Help for IBS and constipation

Most of us are not comfortable with talking about our bathroom habits with other people, particularly if we are suffering from something such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome); however, IBS effects up to 20% of the population and can cause debilitating symptoms including abdominal cramps, constipation, diarrhoea, wind and bloating. Silicea Gastro-intestinal Gel contains natural Silica which has a unique bonding ability with pathogens and their toxins, so it can help reduce many of these IBS symptoms. For more info visit

Get ready for conception!


Fertility problems affect approximately 1 in 7 couples in the UK, with 30% of the possible cause being associated with the male and the same percentage associated with the woman’s fertility. So it’s equally important that the couple both maintain a healthy lifestyle, including stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients. German company Orthomol have developed two wide-spectrum nutritional supplements based on scientific knowledge to ensure men and women safeguard their nutritional needs before and during pregnancy. For more information visit

An alternative to HRT for my skin?

My daughter has stress migraines

Q: Many of my friends are using HRT and tell me their skin

Q: My daughter has been suffering with migraines which I think have been triggered by exam stress. She has found that painkillers are effective but I am worried that using them too regularly could be harmful.

has taken on a youthful appearance with increased elasticity and firmness; is there a more natural approach I can take?

Shona says: There is good evidence that HRT can increase skin thickness as it contains Estrogen receptors which can affect the skin’s ability to store water and synthesise Hyaluronic acid. If you are looking for a natural solution, why not try Phytosoya capsules and cream? These contain natural plant isoflavones which have been shown to benefit the physical and emotional symptoms associated with the menopause. Visit

Shona says: There are many effective treatments available from your doctor to treat migraine but they should be used with caution as they do come with potential health risks, especially if over-prescribed. There is a medically registered device on the market called Migrastick available from most Health stores which contains essential oils in a handy roller ball dispenser. Migrastick has been shown to be very effective at treating migraines and headaches, but remember, products containing essential oils should not be used by epileptics, children under 12 or if you are pregnant or lactating. Visit for more information on migraines.

The products featured on this page can be found in your local independent health food store


Your Health Your Say

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Tell us the natural health therapies Health campaigns Why you’re passionate and remedies that work for you… you’re involved in... about natural and organic…

“This helped my hayfever”

star letter

“A great granola recipe” Readers might like to try this quick and nutritious home-made granola: 60g whole unskinned almonds 40g brazil nuts 40g cashew nuts 300g whole rolled oats 60g pumpkin seeds 60g sunflower seeds

Syrup ¼ tsp salt 2 tbsp grapeseed oil 2 tbsp sunflower oil 120ml maple syrup 60ml honey

1. Preheat oven to 140˚C, Gas Mark 1. Roughly chop all nuts (or crack in mortar and pestle) keeping them reasonably chunky. Put in large mixing bowl, add the oats and seeds and set aside. 2. Mix together all syrup ingredients in small saucepan. Place over low heat and stir while syrup and honey heat and melt. When warm and liquid pour over seeds, nuts and oats and stir well with a wooden spoon. 3. Line baking tray with baking paper and spread granola over evenly, it shouldn’t be more than 1cm thick. Bake for 40 minutes turning and mixing granola 2-3 times. Don’t worry if it’s soft; it will turn crunchy when cool. Transfer to a sealed container. It will keep for up to two weeks. I find it’s best eaten with a few dollops of Yeo Valley or Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt, some fresh blueberries and slices of banana! Louisa Johnston, Naturopath & Massage Therapist Tonic Health, Edinburgh

Write in to win your choice of

1. Spa Day Experience – a day package for two including a Dead Sea salts floatation experience, lunch and refreshments at UK award-winning Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. Head there for tranquility with natural spring pools and pampering treatments. Visit

Until recently my hayfever was impacting heavily on my work. I’m a clarinettist in an orchestra, and there’s nothing worse than playing at a wedding, with itchy, crying eyes and sneezing at the wrong moments. All bunged up, like having a permanent cold. Many of the pills I tried made me quite drowsy and had quite big side-effects, so sometimes I didn’t know which was worse, the sideeffects or the hayfever! When I became pregnant I desperately needed something drugfree and one day my husband Karn brought home a little tub of HayMax. I’ve found it really helps and it’s great to use something as simple and natural as a pollen barrier, instead of popping pills. It’s very handy – I just stick it in my make-up bag − and I’ve recommended HayMax to all my pregnant friends! Frances Richmond, Huntingdon

“Impulse sweets can be stressful” I’m writing to let you know about our campaign. We did an online survey recently and found 87% of dieters or people considering dieting are stressed or disturbed by retailers displaying special offers on confectionary near checkouts. Using special offers on confectionary to make impulse sales is as detrimental to society as supermarkets selling alcohol cheaply. Retailers have long used chocolate bars and sweets near checkouts to encourage children to pressurise their parents into last minute sales but our survey of 1,000 people found it's very stressful to overweight adults. We are intending to bring this matter to the attention of the Coalition Government and we will be calling for legislation to move all confectionary back to the appropriate aisle and away from checkouts. Alison Wetton, CEO of All About Weight

2. Organic Almond Soothing Facial Care – from Weleda. Perfect if

3. Six months interactive fitness membership – puts you

you’ve developed skin sensitivities, allergies, dermatitis or dry skin. A range of five made with cold pressed organic almond oil, and NaTrue certified free from synthetics. See

through your paces online. Create your own personal training programme with HD video workouts from top celebrity trainers – you can even post your workout results on Facebook. Visit

You choose: email or write to: Your Health Your Say, 15 Burton End, West Wickham, Cambridgeshire CB21 4SD. Mark your letter prize 1, 2 or 3. Full terms & conditions on We reserve the right to edit or shorten letters. Views expressed on this page are not necessarily shared by Your Healthy Living.


| your healthy living

April 2011


Boosting fertility: the right nutrition can help conception Research shows making changes in your diet and lifestyle can boost fertility and reduce the risk of miscarriage, writes Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD s infertility rates continue to climb, more and more experts are looking at nutritional deficiencies as a potential cause of delayed conception. Environmental toxins are also being reviewed as a possible cause. An accumulation of modern day issues are linked to lowered fertility, including pesticides, plastics, petrochemical by-products and other synthetic oestrogen and oestrogen imitators. Add to that the excess of hormones and hormone-like compounds we consume in everyday food, and humankind is suddenly on toxic overload This toxic overload can affect ovulation in women, and can lower sperm count, sperm motility and the amount of seminal fluid produced in men. I have found that if a couple embark upon a fertility boosting diet and lifestyle plan for three months before trying for a baby, then their chances of getting pregnant faster increase significantly. The operative word here is ‘couple’. Both the 14

| your healthy living

man and woman must make the changes. Both need to participate fully and take all the steps to change their diet and lifestyle.

Why three months? Three months is the recommended period of time for preconception care because it takes approximately three months for the follicles on the ovaries to develop before one is mature enough to release an egg at ovulation. Women are born with their store of eggs and although it is not possible to change the number of eggs, it is possible to change the quality. By improving the quality of your eggs, you are giving yourself the best chance of conceiving naturally and also preventing a miscarriage. With men, it also takes at least three months for a new batch of sperm cells to mature, ready to be ejaculated. Men produce sperm all their lives so it is always possible to not only improve the quality but also the quantity of sperm by making certain lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Fertility boosting action plan Although it goes without saying that a healthy diet is crucial to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby, many people are unaware of the fact that diet may affect the ability to conceive. The following are recommended: ✱ Plenty of fruit and vegetables ✱ Complex carbohydrates – wholegrains like brown rice, oats and wholemeal bread ✱ Organic foods where possible ✱ Oily foods such as fish, nuts, seeds and oils ✱ Reduced intake of saturated fats from dairy products etc ✱ Increased intake of fibre ✱ Avoid additives, preservatives and chemicals, such as artificial sweeteners ✱ Avoid sugar, both on its own and hidden in food Continued over ➜ April 2011

YOURHEALTH ➜ Continued from page 14

Avoid the three main fertility busters: Caffeine, alcohol and smoking, as they have all been linked to an increased risk of infertility in men and women.

Food supplements There is now a great deal of scientific knowledge about the use of nutritional supplements and their beneficial effects on both male and female fertility. Supplements are necessary because even with the best intentions, it is not easy to get sufficient nutrients from just the diet. Folic Acid It is now known that folic acid can prevent spina bifida. Folic acid is undoubtedly important, but it is just part of the very important B-complex family of vitamins that are necessary to produce the genetic material's DNA and RNA. Together with vitamin B12, folic acid works to ensure that the baby’s genetic codes are intact. Zinc Zinc is the most widely studied nutrient in terms of fertility for both men and women. It is an essential component of genetic material and a zinc deficiency can cause chromosome changes in either men or women, leading to reduced fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage. Zinc is found in high concentrations in the sperm and is needed to make the outer layer and tail of the sperm and is, therefore, essential for the health of sperm. Selenium Selenium is an antioxidant that helps to protect the body from highly reactive chemical fragments called free radicals. For this reason, selenium can prevent chromosome breakage, which is known to be a cause of birth defects and miscarriages. Good levels of selenium are also essential to maximise sperm formation. Blood selenium levels have been found to be lower in men with low sperm counts.

Weight matters Women are most fertile when they are neither too thin nor too heavy. They need at least 18% body fat to ovulate and the best chance of conceiving is when 20-25% of the body mass is fat tissue. On the other hand, the menstrual cycle can be disrupted by too much fat, which affects oestrogen levels. Being 25% over the ideal weight can stop ovulation. It’s important for the man to keep his eye on his weight too as there is an increased risk of infertility or poor sperm quality and quantity in men who are overweight or obese.

Essential Fatty Acids These essential fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds have a profound effect on every system of the body, including the reproductive system and they are crucial for healthy hormone functioning. For men essential fatty acid supplementation is important because the semen is rich in prostaglandins, which are produced from these fats. Men with poor sperm quality, abnormal sperm, poor motility or low count, can have inadequate levels of these beneficial prostaglandins. Vitamin E Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant and has been shown to increase fertility when given to both men and women. With men, vitamin E helps to increase fertilisation rate. If a woman over the age of 35 is told that her fertility problems are caused by her age, then it is likely that she could benefit from taking both vitamins E and C. These antioxidants have been shown to significantly reduce age-related ovulation decline.

Bouncing babies from bump to birth Pregnazon Complete® from HealthAid has been carefully developed by experts. Its unique formulation contains 20 essential nutrients including Omega 3 which is rich in EPA/ DHA. It has the added benefit of Beta carotene and Folic Acid, essential for the healthy growth of baby including, skeletal, eyes, heart and immune system. HealthAid Ltd Pregnazon Complete is £12.49 for 60 capsules and available from Independent pharmacies and Health food stores. For more info call 0208 426 3400 or visit


| your healthy living

Vitamin C Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, and studies show that vitamin C enhances sperm quality and also seems to stop the sperm from clumping together (agglutination), making them more motile. One study has shown that women taking the drug clomiphene to stimulate ovulation will have a better chance of ovulating if vitamin C is taken alongside the drug. L-Arginine This is an amino acid found in many foods and the head of the sperm contains an exceptional amount of this nutrient, which is essential for sperm production. Supplementing with L-Arginine can help to increase both the sperm count and quality. People who have herpes attacks (either cold sores or genital herpes) should not supplement arginine because it stimulates the virus. L-Carnitine This amino acid is essential for normal functioning of sperm cells. According to research, it appears that the higher the levels of L-Carnitine in the sperm cells, the better the sperm count and motility.

De-stress Stress can cause irregular ovulation or even cause amenorrhoea – it can also lower sperm count. To minimise stress, the recommendations are to eat a healthy diet which keeps blood sugar in balance, exercise regularly and get at least eight hours sleep a night. Yoga or meditation can also be helpful and well as seeing a counsellor as infertility is itself stressful.

The contributor Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. A registered nutritionist, Dr Marilyn is the author of several internationally best selling books including Getting Pregnant Faster. Dr Marilyn works in gynaecology clinics in London and also in Kent (for consultations call 0870 5329244 or email For more information see Dr Marilyn Glenville’s own formulations, Fertility Plus for Women and Fertility Plus for Men, are available from most good health food stores and from

April 2011


April 2011

your healthy living

| 17


This month the editor recommends

Tiana Fresh Coconut TLC −

Tried after an attack of skin dryness. It’s fantastic for restoring moisture (and smoothing fine lines) and surprising good at healing the odd spot too! Because it’s fresh and cold pressed coconut oil, Tiana TLC is full of skin restoring natural vits. RRP £24 and lasts for months!

Dry skin solutions The new North African beauty oil − Argan nut oil is a brilliant dry skin beauty aid. It’s derived from a tree that’s native to the dry deserts of Morocco. Rich in essential fatty acids, it has been shown to greatly improve skin, which is why it has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to protect their skin from the harsh desert environment. Regular use of products containing this luxury skin oil can also diminish the appearance of fine lines, reduce scars and stretch marks, and improve skin elasticity. Try new Earth•Line Argan Organic Skin Oil to nourish and protect ageing skin.

Feed your skin omega 7 oils from sea buckthorn berries Healthy skin needs a balance of the omega oils, as Marianne Tregoning from Beyond Organic Skincare explains: “Using natural, cold-pressed and organic oils containing natural lipids and high levels of key fatty acids helps to maintain healthy skin condition and combat inflammatory skin disorders. This balance also helps with firmness, elasticity, skin smoothness; reduction in wrinkle depth and UV irritated redness.” Marianne’s top skincare ingredient recommendation is sea buckthorn oil, because the berries contain fatty acids from omega 3, 6, and 9 and the less well known Omega 7, (palmitoleic acid). This is rarely found in the plant kingdom but rich in natural antioxidants; tocopherols, tocotrienols, carotenoids and plant sterols. Sea buckthorn oil is ideal for anyone with very dry skin, including post-menopausal women and those with eczema and dermatitis.

When to moisturise

We asked natural beauty expert, Marian Bourne, fou nder of Celgenics natural skincare range, for moisturising tip s: “M

oisturise while your ski n is warm and moist. Wa rm water splashed on to your face helps to condition and hydrate the ski n – it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells so that your skin can bre ath e – then pat your skin lightly with a towel and apply your moistu rise r wit hin three to five minutes of washing to loc k moisture into your ski n. “On the subject of water , if you can drink 6-8 gla sses of water per day, it helps to hydrate your skin plus helps your bo dy remove toxins and waste; this then helps yo ur skin to look clearer an d fresher.”


| your healthy living

April 2011

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Introducing New Infusions from Heath & Heather Try these new infusions which expertly combine a range of fruit & herbs, available at your local health store

Red Berries This infusion delivers a revitalising burst of fruity flavour. If your tea break could do with a lift, grab this berry medley and give your taste buds a treat.

Make a pot of Red Berries infusion and allow to cool. Add to a jug along with an equal measure of sparkling water, crushed ice, lemon slices and fresh mint. Serve as a refreshing drink at any time of day.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Prefer your tea without the caffeine? Choose Heath & Heather’s Decaffeinated Green Tea which is suitable for any time, day or night.

Make a cup of Decaffeinated Green Tea and apply the lukewarm bags as a compress to cool and soothe spotty or irritated skin.


Redbush Heath & Heather’s refreshing Redbush infusion is a healthy, naturally caffeinefree alternative to tea and coffee, giving you the power to kick the caffeine habit.

For a refreshing alternative to traditional iced tea, add a slice of lemon and chill in the fridge for a cooling, caffeine-free drink.

Heath & Heather’s Slim-Maté delivers a refreshing kick that can also support a healthy diet. Fragrant and invigorating, SlimMaté is a great choice for health conscious people who need to stay on the move.

Slim-Maté makes a delicious cooling pick me up after exercise. Simply add two or three bags to a jug of sparkling water, add lemon slices, ice-cubes and serve.

Echinacea & Cranberry This is a zesty, warming infusion expertly combining echinacea root and cranberry pieces. Perfect for perking you up and helping you get your zing back!

For a herbal twist to the traditional hot toddy, add a measure of whiskey to a glass of hot Echinacea & Cranberry and add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten. Drink while wrapped up warmly, or even in a hot bath. The descriptions and tips above have been provided by a National Institute of Medical Herbalists Practitioner. The information is not intended to treat any medical problems and if you have any questions, please contact a qualified NIMH Practitoner. To find a registered NIMH practitioner call 01392 426 022 or visit their website

To contact Heath & Heather Customer Relations Team please call 0800 633 5650 Alternatively visit


Emma Forbes:

Blending broadcasting with healthy living Emma Forbes is one of the nation’s best loved broadcasters and personalities, with a popular online lifestyle destination Forbes Style, which includes recipes, health and beauty tips as well as daily musings on life...


Emma, how important is a healthy lifestyle to you?

Really important. I think healthy living is so necessary, especially as you get older, as what you put into your body counts even more.


Do you balance out the odd indulgences with a strict regime the following day – or are you a believer in being happy in yourself and enjoying life? I do think that everything in moderation is fine – not to beat yourself up if you have a day where you pig out on chocolate – life is too short to not enjoy yourself too!! A little of what you fancy does you good!


Following problems with your back you were given a yoga prescription with practitioner Shiuli Subaya, how would you say this practice has affected your overall health and lifestyle? Yoga has truly helped me – in so many ways, not just for my back, but for relaxing and taking time out: I find it really beneficial. It works for me – and it’s really helped my back and back ‘maintenance’.


As a busy woman, do you have a natural get-up-and-go attitude to life or do you rely on certain foods, vitamins or health regimes? I do have a good attitude which I think helps… but I do believe in adding a few supplements as and when you need it – zinc in the winter, fish oils, and exercise, and eating healthy is the key too – keeping the ‘balance’ I guess is what I try to do… doing what is required at the time – in the summer eating more salads, fruits, and getting outside... and in the winter, more hot soups, zinc and echinacea!!


| your healthy living


What favourite health and fitness tips can you pass on to Your Healthy Living readers? Substitute caffeine for green tea or jasmine tea, or particularly at night for lemon in hot water… and also power walking – get out in the open air and stomp; brilliant exercise and good for stress!!


What is your favourite meal for a happy stomach and favourite beauty product for happy skin? I love products from Murad – really great range that suits all skin types and you can mix and match – love their serums and day creams. Makes my skin happy. I have a make-up artist I use called Christian Vermaak who is always recommending the best products to me. He also does Dannii Minogue – whose skin always looks amazing! My meal for a happy stomach is brown rice and vegetables. It fills me up and you can throw in a little soya sauce… or you can’t beat comfort food – macaroni cheese is always good on a day when you need to fill a tummy up! I have lots of comfort food recipes on Forbes Style – perfect for those long winter months – and I will also be adding perfect spring salads and recipes for summer on Forbes Style TV.

longing for the day to come back where women (and men) can age gracefully. My mother has never had anything done and looks far better than women half her age who have had endless treatments! I just think long term it’s not a good move and I personally would be too scared. That said, it’s so hard not to bow to peer pressure and media pressure, which is constant. I feel sad sometimes too as I have a teenage daughter and she is bombarded with pictures of skeletal models and endless diets and regimes on a daily basis… I think we have gone a bit ‘mad’ in that department! A healthy, natural look is to me the best. Interview by Meryl Cubley


You talk about ‘nurgery’ on Forbes Style (non-surgical treatments for ageing). Would you say that you are an advocate of the growing-old-gracefully school of thought – and if so – how can women avoid the pressures of the media to bow to a perceived idea of female perfection? I talk about nurgery as I am passionate about non-surgical procedures and April 2011


I feel sad sometimes too as I have a teenage daughter and she is bombarded with pictures of skeletal models and endless diets and regimes on a daily basis… I think we have gone a bit ‘mad’ in that department! A healthy, natural look is to me the best.

April 2011

your healthy living

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Poor health? This is what's missing! You've tried all the vitamins and diets but still have all the symptoms: the aching joints and bones, inflammation, fatigue, skin problems… then read on…


hat you may well have been missing is the connection with these unpleasant symptoms and your body’s acid-alkaline balance. What’s more it’s simple to find out if this is the problem, and easy to put right or improve symptoms if it is. Naturopaths have known it for years and the medical community are starting to acknowledge it: the balance between acid and alkaline substances in our body can have a huge impact on your health. While the optimal pH level for our blood and major organs is slightly alkaline, stressful lifestyles and diets rich in meat, dairy products, wheat, alcohol and sugar are all acid forming. And so many of us have too much of one or more of these! What you probably don’t realise is this pH imbalance leads to ‘metabolic acidosis’, a key contributing factor in osteoporosis, stiff muscles, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, migraine and other skin problems. The research has been done and shows that reducing acid levels helps protect and strengthen bones and reduces inflammation. Taking a pH-balancing supplement simply neutralises the acid. It’s so important to maintain a pH within a strict range. Beyond a certain point it’s critical for our survival as our


| your healthy living

blood, which delivers oxygen to tissues, can only operate within a pH of 7.4. To maintain this balance, the blood uses bicarbonate and minerals such as calcium to ‘buffer’ excess acidity. With too much acid we’re in a state of metabolic acidosis, constantly asking the body to buffer beyond its capacity. It then begins storing excess acid in connective tissues such as muscle, causing aches and stiffness. The body also starts using up emergency ‘buffering deposits’ in the bones. Indeed, there is now substantial evidence to suggest that osteoporosis is less a disease of calcium deficiency and more an illness related to chronic acidity. Acids attach to proteins in connective tissue until they can be neutralised and over time this can cause tightening, inflammation and the build-up of toxins. The result can be stiffness, pain and conditions such as arthritis.

What can you do? First you need to see if you are prone to excess acid, by assessing your diet and lifestyle with the Hyperacidity Test (opposite). If you are, test your acid-alkaline levels for FREE with a Litmus test available through participating independent health food stores or by visiting

If this at-home quick urine test shows an imbalance, get the right pH-balancing supplement – also available for your health store (the pH supplement and test are available together or separately) and start taking it. The pH-balancing powder supplement is taken as just one teaspoon a day, dissolved in water, so that it’s absorbed across the gut and into the blood and tissues, helping to neutralise the excess acid. After six weeks, re-test your levels with another Litmus paper, to see how your acid-alkaline levels have changed and note how your energy and pain levels are. In a German trial on 350 patients who had both health problems and metabolic acidosis, 78% showed a normalisation of pH in just three days when they took a pH-balancing supplement every day. They also reported significant improvements in symptoms. In Germany, pH-balancing salts are prescribed for a range of conditions from asthma and arthritis to fatigue and eczema. For fitness enthusiasts, pH-balancing supplementation can help prevent muscular tightness and the risk of injury by reducing the build-up of acid in muscles and connective tissue. There is also a tendency to recover faster after physical exertion.

Free Acidity Test for Every Reader* Take the acidity risk test now

10 ACID ALERTS  You’re racing against deadlines and there’s no time to wind down – adrenaline leads to acid formation in the body which will build up the longer stress lasts.

 You have cellulite. This is an inflammatory condition of the connective tissue, and a sign you may have a build-up of acid in your body.  That pounding headache has come back and your muscles feel tense. A sign of stress, tight muscles indicate acid build-up in your connective tissue.  You count cheese, meat and pizza among your favourite foods. Vegetables are just for decoration.  You drink or smoke or both – this is a recipe for the creation of acidic waste products. Give them up or better still take a pH-balancing supplement.  You’re taking antibiotics or antihypertensive medication – these medicines increase metabolic acidity in your body, so up your intake of alkalizing foods and consider a pH-balancing supplement.

 Since splitting up from your partner, you have been feeling stressed and depressed – emotional problems create biological stress in the body and that’s acid forming.  The idea of chilling out and doing nothing bores you. Needing action and stimulation at all time is exciting, but all the adrenaline driving your life is likely leave your body in a state of mild acidosis. *While stocks last. Offer limited to one test kit per person, posted to UK addresses only.

If you ticked yes to 2 or 3 of these ‘acid alerts,’ then your risk of hyperacidity is high and you need to get tested. 1. Go to the store where you got this article and get your FREE Litmus test or 2. Go online to order your FREE test kit today.

Take action!

 Find out wha t your pH leve l is! Ask your local independent he alth store for your FREE Litmus te st , available with certain pH-bal ancing supplements, to get a clear pi cture of your acid-a lkaline levels.  If your level is around 7 – id eally 7.4, keep up th e good work an d retest in 6-12 m onths or after an y major lifestyle or diet changes.  If your free Litmus test show s you are either too acid (< 6.8), or to o alkaline (>7.7) , consider taki ng a pH-balancing supplement, av ailable from your loca l independent he alth store or visit w ww.phstrip.c for stockists.

 You’re pregnant. Metabolic rate and temperature changes during pregnancy can lead to mild acidosis.  That allergy is aggravating you again. Allergic and inflammatory states such as eczema, psoriasis and asthma are linked to metabolic acidosis.

Help your health today! If you eat much wheat, dairy, red meat and sugar, or drink alcohol regularly, you’d be wise to try pH-balancing supplementation. It’s the missing link in many people’s health. You’ll be helping your body help itself by maintaining its optimal pH level of 7.4. New pH-balancing supplements are available in independent health stores, with a FREE pH Litmus test which enables you to monitor your body’s pH before and during supplementation. If your metabolism is too acid, you can then take the supplement and, with further Litmus urine tests, see the difference the supplement is making. People often report an improvement in health issues or energy levels after taking pH-balancing supplements for around six weeks.

Take this article into your local independent health store and request your FREE Litmus test Or visit your healthy living

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Now’s the time to... mon tues wed thurs

ur head t yo e ar g aw f o nd r od ou

... visit your local independent health store for tasty dairy and glutenfree chocolate and carob treats. Some have no added sugar and you’ll find varieties that both adults and children will love this Easter.

There are spring workshops across the UK from raw food experts, for example on 9 April in Bristol; Bideford, north Devon: Manchester and London. See tasty raw food recipes demonstrated, ask practical foodsourcing and equipment questions and meet other raw-curious folk. Details on

…be IBS aware It’s International Irritable Bowel Awareness Month – probably a whole month not a week because IBS is such a common condition these days. It affects around one third of the population at some point in their lives and about one in 10 people experience symptoms severe enough to seek help from their GP! For more info on IBS symptoms visit

© 9bar ultra race series

…get fit for a good cause The charity race season is on, with something for us all. The Virgin London Marathon on April 17 is the big event but if you’re more of a walker than jogger, try getting fit and helping save lives by participating in the Bowel Cancer Awareness 5k Spring Step sponsored walks, taking place at Hyde Park, London on Saturday 2 April and the Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh on Saturday 30 April. For more info/to register visit If you’re fit for a big challenge how about ultra running? It’s the ultimate endurance sport, longer than marathons and run over any terrain − the harder the better. The 9bar UK ULTRArace series 2011 is under way with the Cardiff Ultra 50M on 22 May, or sit back and be amazed at the 16 runners in the JOGLE ULTRA 2011, covering 55+ miles PER day for 15 consecutive days, across the open roads of Scotland, England and Wales. Extreme! Visit and

april|2011 26 your healthy living




Editor's choice

…try healthy table sugar! XyloSweet® is something special − a totally natural xylitol sweetener that has the same sweetness as cane sugar but 40% fewer calories. We love the fact that it’s a naturally occurring sugar from fruits and veg and has a low GI. XyloSweet actually helps prevent tooth decay, because most bacteria and yeast in the mouth can’t make use of xylitol in the way they can sorbitol, fructose and glucose. Sweet and healthy – now that’s a great product!

…book your organic brea k

Track down a rural hideaw ay with the So Association’s il UK Holiday O rganic web di The names sa rectory. y it all − Nut meg Cottage The Fossil... St , Honeypin, ay in a worki ng organic fa or campsite rm cottage as the settin g for a fab ru Explore the op st ic retreat. tions around the UK at th Take Action e section of w ww.soilassoc

April 2011

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Devil’s Claw: Cultivating with a conscience You may know the herbal remedy but do you know how it’s made? erbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular, but some herbs can become victims of their own success. Our demand for them means careful and sustainable cultivation is necessary to protect the survival, and quality, of some medicinal plants. Unsustainable exploitation of wild herbs is now said to be threatening populations of remedies such as goldenseal, echinacea, American ginseng and black cohosh among others. The answer is sustainable, managed cultivation, but this isn’t easy; it requires experimentation, planning, time and investment. In the 1950s Alfred Vogel, a Swiss naturopath, came across the herb Harpagophytum, commonly known as Devil’s Claw, being harvested by the Ovampo people in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. He was struck by the beauty of the trumpet-like flower produced by the plant. But underneath the surface of the desert is the mother tuber and the deep-lying secondary tubers used to store water to enable the plant to survive desert conditions. It is these secondary tubers of Devil’s Claw that Vogel discovered are valued for their medicinal qualities and used for rheumatic, joint and muscular aches and pains. Vogel started a company to cultivate herbs and produce fresh tinctures in the fertile region of Roggwil, Switzerland, and later, when the threat to Devil’s Claw became apparent in the 1990s, the company began researching sustainable growing methods. 28

| your healthy living

The popularity of Devil’s Claw meant it was being harvested in the wild to such an extent that in one year alone 15 million plants were dug up for export. The indigenous people, displaced from their lands by diamond miners, were and still are paid very poorly by merchants for the Devil’s Claw tubers, incentivizing them to take as much as possible from each plant, rather than harvesting a few secondary tubers and leaving the mother tuber to re-grow. The issue was not only a matter of possible extinction, however, but also of quality, as Devil’s Claw was typically being harvested in such a way that there was no guarantee that the secondary tubers, with the medicinal properties, were being used. The company A,Vogel, along with a professor from Munich university and some

local farmers, set up a special farm in the Kalahari Desert to cultivate Devil’s Claw, so it didn’t have to be harvested from the wild for the tincture which goes into Atrosan Devil's Claw tablets. Since that time, the plants have been grown according to an organic protocol, with the roots being harvested by hand every four years. That’s the time it takes for the tubers to grow back sufficiently. After harvesting, the mother plant is carefully replanted and not harvested for another four years. Herbal medicine companies have a responsibility to ensure the herbs they use are sustainably collected, and we consumers have a responsibility to be more aware of where the herbs we buy come from − if the survival as well as the quality of many medicinal plants are not to be threatened by our demand for them. April 2011

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Herbal teas you can trust – for their taste, ethics & wellbeing effect! Herbal teas are not all the same. The quality and amount of herbs used in different teas varies, so the taste and health benefits vary too. If you want a tea you can trust, made with consistently high levels of pharmacopoeial grade herbs to help everyday health concerns, try Traditional Medicinals® teas. The company has 30 years of passion, knowledge and commitment to making excellent organic herbal teas. It’s the US best-selling herbal brand for good reason. These traditional formulations are backed by clinical research and quality testing – so you get consistent taste, quality and health-giving herbs from cup to cup. And, unlike many low cost herbal teabags, Traditional Medicinals teas are free from artificial or natural colours and added flavours. Traditional Medicinals are also ethical. Soil Association organic certified, and soon to be fairtrade registered, this employee-owned company uses only sustainably sourced organic herbs, which is important for herbs such as Slippery Elm – its long-term survival is threatened in the wild but pharmacopoeial

grade slippery elm bark is grown and harvested sustainably in Missouri for Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat tea.

Did you know? US clinical studies found Smooth Move® Tea is helpful for chronic constipation for elderly adults; that Throat Coat® provides rapid, temporary relief for sore throat pain and that Organic Echinacea (Aid)™ is effective for relieving cold or flu symptoms.

The commitment to sustainability goes right down to the all-natural teabags – made with unbleached manila hemp fibre and cotton string; the tea cartons made from recycled paperboard; and electricity offset with solar and wind power. Choose from these tasty and efficacious teas:

❀ Organic Echinacea Aid Cold season tea

❀ Organic Ginger Aid® Digestive tea

❀ Organic Mother’s Helper® Nursing tea

❀ Organic Dandelion Root Digestive tea

❀ Organic Smooth Move® For overnight regularity

❀ Organic Throat Coat® Slippery Elm & Liquorice Tea

Available at your local Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Retailer; call 01782 567121 or visit to find a stockist near you. * Traditional Medicinals herbal teas for the UK are being registered under the EU Directive for Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products. After that, the herbal tea labels will be able to give you more information on their health use and will carry a Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) number. 30

| your healthy living

April 2011

Fight hay fever naturally New Era® Combination H uses homeopathic quantities of the mineral salts that are naturally found in the body, called ‘biochemic tissue salts’ to combat the symptoms of hay fever. It works in harmony with your body, without side effects such as drowsiness. And, because it’s in the form of tiny tablets that dissolve on the tongue, it’s easy for anyone to take. To treat your hay fever gently, safely and naturally, choose New Era Combination H. Suitable for the whole family. Always read the label.

The all-natural Nasal Spray for hay fever and sinus relief Xlear® Nasal Spray is the revolutionary all-natural way to soothe and moisturise your sinuses – and especially helpful for the hay fever season. How does Xlear Nasal Spray work? The key ingredient is xylitol, a natural sugar derived from the fibrous part of plants – but unlike other sugars, xylitol has significant proven health benefits. When exposed to xylitol, bacteria lose their ability to stick and multiply, so they are easily washed away, along with pollutants and irritants. Clinically proven to be effective, Xlear Nasal Spray contains a significant, effective amount of xylitol, plus purified water and salt. This combination creates a hyper-osmotic solution to help retain moisture without resorting to chemical antihistamines.

Because Xlear is clinically proven to be helpful, ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctors, pediatricians, dentists and other healthcare practitioners in over 20 countries are actively recommending Xlear Nasal Spray to their patients.

Xlear Nasal Spray has no after-taste, is safe for children and available in a metered pump spray or economical squeeze bottle. Ask about Xlear Nasal Spray and other Xlear Xylitol products at your local independent health store or visit April 2011

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This issue’s in-store adviser is nutritional therapist Jenny Logan, owner of Morecambe Health Foods

Here to help Independent health store advice on minimising symptoms of hay fever and eczema allergies Dietary factors To reduce allergic responses, you firstly need to reduce histamine-rich foods in the diet. This includes items such as cheese, coffee, red wine, chocolate and beer as they all aggravate the histamine response and can make hayfever symptoms worse. Additionally, you should look at reducing inflammatory responses and ensure the diet contains enough essential fatty acids; a good balance of fish oils plus Omega 3 and 6 fats. Fish oils are most effective at reducing the inflammatory response caused by eczema and can work wonders on nourishing the skin from the inside. For eczema sufferers, the diet can cause problems and is often linked with intolerance or an allergy to dairy foods, so we would often suggest removing dairy foods if problems are persisting. Dietary changes can have a big impact on minimising symptoms. If you look at the underlying cause of the sensitivity, detoxify the body and reduce inflammatory responses and inflammatory foods, then you can control the symptoms much better and make life much more liveable as an allergy sufferer.

Naturopathic approach We have found that the long-term best treatment for allergy sufferers is to consider their symptoms naturopathically, particularly looking at liver and bowel health. If the liver and bowel are not functioning properly, toxins can build up which can aggravate inflammatory responses. We also use this


| your healthy living

approach with sufferers of allergic rhinitis and sinus problems. We always see the skin as a reflection of the health of the internal body, so naturopathy would view skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis as the body trying to clear toxins out of the system through the skin, and this is what causes the health of the skin to break down. With eczema, people always want to apply items onto their skin, thinking it is the best way forward, when actually it is what goes in that nourishes and changes the skin’s quality. One topical treatment we do recommend though, which gets lovely results, is Amphora Burdock & Chickweed Cream, which is natural, anti-inflammatory and very soothing.

Supplement help To improve liver and bowel health, we commonly recommend Higher Nature’s Liver Support product, which is often given in combination with something to improve bowel health, such as a good probiotic to help to improve the immune system. From there you can look more specifically at respiratory symptoms. One of our favourite hay fever supplements is Natures Aid Quercetin Formula, which helps to reduce the histamine reaction, while reducing inflammation. We also like New Era Combination H, which is a homeopathically prepared remedy that is safe for both adults and children.

Morecambe Health Foods

orecambe Health Foods is a family-run • Mindependent health store which prides itself on the in-depth expert advice and free consultations offered to all customers. Help sheets are also available both in-store and via email for common conditions. highly popular first-class mail order • Aservice is available over the telephone by calling 01524 413733, where advice can be sought on making the right purchases for your condition. Fan of Your Healthy Living because: • “The magazine is all about informing and educating the consumer and this is something we strongly believe in. The more informed and educated the consumer is, the better the health choices they can make.”

Interview by Julie Penfold

April 2011

:::: ::::


Good allergy buy: Natures Aid Quercetin Formula How so? Sensitivity to allergens can predispose the individual to breathing difficulties, wider sensitivities and skin irritation. The key to reducing the severity of such reactions lies in minimising allergen levels in the bloodstream and buffering the response to them What helps? To support individuals affected, Natures Aid have formulated Quercetin Formula, which contains Quercetin, MSM, Ester C®, Liquorice, Pine Bark and Vitamin B5 How much? £8.70 for 30 and £20.45 for 90 Vegetarian Capsules Available where? Independent Health Food Stores. For your nearest stockist email or visit

Sensitive skin? Choose Purity, a hero line of effective and affordable organic skincare – all under £10 – and ideal for sensitive skin Pure as it’s name? Absolutely! Purity has an organic certification from Ecocert and you can trust the ingredients, which are pure and simple and let your skin’s own natural processes work optimally. There are seven products in the range, all fragrance free and effective on sensitive skin Fans? Yes, Purity is award winning and has a large fan base including skincare professionals, make-up artists and celebs, plus many testimonials from people whose skin health has improved after using the range Available from: Independent retailers or

Looking for yummy treats? Try new Goody Good Stuff gummy sweets in 8 different varieties Free from? Yes, these all natural alternatives to traditional gummy sweets are meat and allergen free, based on Goody Good Stuff’s unique vegetable based gelling agent, which is combined with natural fruit and vegetable extracts to create truly delicious allergen free treats How much? From 99p to £1.49 for 100g Available from: Health stores, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods Market, Amazon and Booths Supermarkets. See or email April 2011


Great Buys at your Health Store

for allergies & sensitivities

HATE HAYFEVER? You’ll love award winning HayMaxTM! Why? It’s just won four more awards and gets recommended by doctors and on national TV, radio and press How’s it work? This organic, drug-free nose balm stops pollen before it gets in. Simple! Less pollen – less sneezing and itchy eyes, and NO drowsy side effects. And one pot lasts ages How much? £6.99 for pocket/handbag size pot Available from: Independent Health Food Stores and Pharmacies. Visit or call 01525 406600

Must try: Green People Gentle Cleanse – 2 in 1 – Make Up Remover & Cleanser Why so good? Certified Organic Gentle Cleanse for clean, healthy and soft skin; formulated to balance, nourish and moisturise. Rich in skin actives, the anti-ageing properties, plus the beautiful aroma from fairly traded Rose Geranium Oil make this a ‘must have’ hero product. A brilliant make up remover and suitable for sensitive skin How much? £15.95 for 200ml Available? From and independent health stores; tel 01403 740350

The eyes have it! With NATorigin’s multi-award winning NATorigin Pencil Eyeliner and NATorigin Mascara A must have? Yes for anyone concerned about intolerance to chemical ingredients or the environment. Allergy UK & Vegetarian Society approved, this 100% natural Pencil Eyeliner and 98.5% natural Lengthening Mascara both won accolades at the 2010 Pure Beauty Awards How much? Mascara £13.50; Pencil Eyeliner £7.05 and available in four gorgeous colours Where do I buy? At Independent health stores and; call 0333 700 6724 for info your healthy living

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Gut health – what you never knew Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a medical doctor with two postgraduate degrees: Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology and Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition. She has a clinic in Cambridge and is the author of Gut & Psychology Syndrome, now in its second edition. Gut problems are on the increase. The natural and beneficial flora in a healthy gut keep pathogens at bay, but antibiotics wipe out the gut’s beneficial bacteria, causing pathogens such as candida; the contraceptive pill and other drugs prescribed on a longterm basis also have an effect. Many women on the contraceptive pill for many years, unfortunately finish up with quite abnormal gut flora.

Diet is a big problem. Junk food

Science has discovered that about 90% of all cells and all genetic material in the human body belongs to the gut flora. Our bodies are just a shell, we’re only 10%. Gut flora is a huge part of our human physiology and we ignore this at our peril. Having healthy gut flora is critical as without it no organ in the body can be healthy. Everything is affected.

You can maintain good gut health by eating well. Eat healthy, wholesome, freshly prepared food, cooked at home. No processed foods. Eat live fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, home-brewed beer, kimchi and sauerkraut, as these are probiotic foods teeming with beneficial bacteria. Fermented foods are very important to consume on a daily basis. For the time-poor I would also suggest taking a daily probiotic capsule or sachet. Continued over ➜

and diets full of processed carbohydrates feed pathogens at the expense of the beneficial flora, so pathogens proliferate and cause nutritional deficiencies. This is why we now have generations of adults, children and older people who have abnormal gut flora. When the immune system is not fed properly, it becomes compromised. The malnourished gut lining becomes damaged, leaky and porous. Foods are processed in a partially digested form, and on finding the food in the bloodstream when it is absorbed, the immune system considers it as a foreign body and starts to attack.

People then develop allergies, food intolerances and various reactions to food. The problem is due to the gut lining being damaged, not the food itself. IBS is the most common gut problem I see at my clinic. The abnormalities in the gut flora are usually caused by a combination of medication, stress and an unhealthy diet, which all present themselves together in the same person; such is our modern life. 34

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April 2011

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for a healthy gut

Want pâté your tummy will love? Try Fresh Soya Pâté from Le Sojami Tell me more! Fresh Soya Pâté is a dairy and egg-free pâté available in two flavours. Certified organic and made with a patented process for the lacto-fermentation of soya milk. Suitable for vegans, preservative-free, no added flavourings and naturally gluten-free Anything else? Yes! these pâtés are also free from palm oil and cholesterol, are rich in protein and omega 3 and low in calories! They have a unique mouth-watering taste and contain probiotic bacteria which are proven to have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora How much? From £2.28 for 125g Where do I buy? From independent health food shops. Visit or email

Do Read: Gut & Psychology Syndrome, the best just gets better in this second expanded edition from Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride What’s new? Following the worldwide success of the first edition with over 50,000 copies sold to date, this second edition adds over 140 pages of new vital information and guidance. It is estimated that over 100,000 people worldwide are following the GAPS Protocol with more joining everyday. This could be the book that gives you your life back! Available from: Independent Health and Book stores, or call 0207 323 2382. Cover Price £17.95 (406pp) Have you heard about: Lepicol from The Healthy Bowels Company Ltd – it helps regulate the bowels in a natural way How so? Lepicol has a unique combination of gentle fibre and probiotics which help to bring about bowel stability in a comfortable, natural way. This is because the gentle fibre provides a protective environment for the good bacteria to flourish Suitable for? Because of the way it works, Lepicol is suitable for both sluggish and sensitive bowels How much? From £2.28 for 125g Where from? Independent health food stores nationwide. Visit or call freephone 0500 127 249

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Gut health – what you never knew Peter Cartwright MSc MA, is a Human Microbiota Specialist at Probiotics International Ltd. Author of Probiotics for Crohn’s and Colitis, Peter’s latest book is Probiotic Allies. He regularly gives microflora lectures to doctors worldwide. Each person’s intestines contain about 50 trillion microscopic creatures, mostly bacteria. This vast number of bacteria consists of around 250 different species. A full picture of what they do has not yet been discovered, but it is known that as a group, these bacteria, known as microflora, provide substantial benefits to the human host. One part of the gut microflora that is clearly beneficial is probiotics. These probiotic species may already be living in a person’s intestine, or may be taken as a food or food supplement.

Good bacteria in your gut protect against harmful germs and pathogens invading via the digestive tract. They do this by secreting acid, such as lactate and acetate, which discourages pathogen growth, or substances such as short chain fatty acids, which may strengthen the layer of epithelial cells on the gut wall surface and consequently reduce the crossing over of harmful germs into the bloodstream.

The immune system is greatly strengthened by the gut microflora and the probiotic members. In infants, these resident microbes stimulate the immune tissues in the intestine so that they develop fully. Microflora also brings the immune system into a more alert state so that it can respond more efficiently to any threats, such as toxins.


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When choosing a probiotic product my advice would be to look up the website of the product you are interested in. The companies that give plenty of scientific information are more likely to be producing a good product. There are quite a number of factors that distinguish different strains and species of probiotic microbes and it is not easy to compare different products. The main type of probiotic product is the freeze-dried powder, usually found in capsules. These products have much longer shelf-lives than milk-based products, and the number of bacterial cells in each capsule is usually recorded on the packet.

Milk-based probiotic products are mostly types of yoghurt. Choosing a live yoghurt rather than a pasteurised set yoghurt is best because the live probiotic microbes will continue to be active in your intestines. Two bacteria create yoghurt from milk – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The better yoghurts will also have other probiotic species added in.

Probiotics can be beneficial to IBS sufferers as the quality of products has improved and recent studies are showing benefits. IBS sufferers have reported improvements in all symptoms, including reduced bloating and flatulence.

I’m passionate about... macrobiotics Nicola McCarthy, co-owner of The Macrobiotic Shop and Café, East Sussex What’s macrobiotics all about? Macrobiotics isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The diet is based on whole foods and seasonal cooking, with the aim being to strike a balance in physical and mental health, as well as thinking about what we eat and how it impacts on the environment around us. Why do you love it? Since eating this way I feel healthier, happy, younger and more alive... I suffered with arthritis and allergies amongst other things for many years but after just two weeks of changing my food my joint pain and allergies had disappeared! After that I just wanted to learn more about macrobiotics. And you’ve opened the first macrobiotic high street store? We started Macrobiotic Shop Internet Shop out of a desire to enable more people to practice macrobiotics in the UK and abroad by stocking hard-to-find ingredients. We opened a retail Macrobiotic Shop & Cafe in Forest Row, East Sussex as an addition to the internet shop. We only opened a few weeks ago, so it’s all very new and very exciting! Everything we sell is dairy and sugar free, vegan and mostly organic. We stock many unusual grains and beans, lots of unusual macrobiotic ingredients and home-baked cakes and cookies. We also serve a hot macrobiotic lunch which goes down well with the locals! What don’t people understand about macrobiotic eating? Not many people know what macrobiotic means. It’s funny, I have been asked ‘Is it a yoghurt?’ or, ‘Oh, that’s mini meals isn’t it?’ and someone even said they thought it was a religion! Most people think that macrobiotics is just eating boring brown rice and chewing well! I can assure anyone that it is far from that! I eat a much more varied and interesting diet now that ever before. My husband and I give cooking classes and lectures here in Forest Row as many people are wanting to know more. Can a macrobiotic diet help specific health issues in your experience? Yes! I am living proof of that... I have met many people, some of whose lives have literally been saved by eating this way. It really is amazing to think that just by changing your diet you can change your health and really your life! After all, we are all made of the food we eat!


April 2011

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April 2011

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Herbal Helper

Post menopause is the time to treat yourself well June Crisp, herbal expert at Bio-Health The female cycle is awesome and reaching the end of it, post menopause, leaves some women exhausted and depressed, whilst others may feel as though they have won the lottery. All the female trials, from puberty to childbearing and rearing, start to tail off late forties and early fifties, but are swiftly followed by the onset of the menopause with irregular periods and mood changes. It is around this time that the sisterhood becomes close enough to swap horror stories about the worst of all fates, HOT FLUSHES and Jekyll and Hyde personality swings. Many of us ask what else can possibly happen?

Some feel flat, some feel fat, some want to regain a zest to start again without periods, babies and hot sweats. Doing that is not difficult, because going on the big female roller coaster means women can do anything they set their mind on. Post menopause has to be the easiest phase in the female cycle. St. John’s Wort is a herb known to lift low mood and smooth midlife’s problems and Valerian a plant associated with sleep and relaxation, both good standbys in late and post menopause. Fresh air, exercise, interests and friends are the tonics needed. Laugh as often as possible and most of all, treat yourself well. Make sure the diet is good, full of nutritious food. It may help to take a balanced Kelp with Multi-vitamin complex to keep hair strong, additional

B vitamins for healthy skin, and low level vitamin E for energy. Quality Evening Primrose Oil capsules are great for general health and wellbeing, Chamomile flower capsules are marvellous to calm troubled thoughts and Digestive tablets containing Golden Seal will help most windy bloatedness. So ladies, to have all the hurdles behind one has to be a winning ticket. Make it the best time in a your life even if it requires a degree of selfishness. Go on and spoil yourself, because you, we, older women everywhere know that we really are not only worth it, but we have earned it as well. Hyperidrine (St.John’s Wort) and Valdrian (Valerian) are both licensed additive free products, available in all good health food stores.

Creating your own Happiness Sally Stubbs says start by observing the unconscious… We are so lucky to have such great neuro science research that clinically proves that being cheerful, happy and optimistic literally creates a healthier body. But what is this sometimes elusive experience we call happiness? Happiness is an inner state! Our inner state, either ‘up’ or ‘down’ or calm, relies on a number of our behaviours, which are mostly driven by our thoughts and beliefs. The great thing is we can choose to change our thoughts and our beliefs, no matter what is going on around us. We can choose to be cheerful or happy or upbeat. Try this: pause a moment and ask yourself on a scale of 0-10 ‘How happy am I right now?’ (10 is really happy and 0 is really ‘down’ or stressed or worried). If you’re maybe at 8 or 9, ask yourself: ‘How 38

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am I creating that up state?’ And the same if you’re down the scale at 1 or 2, ask: ‘How am I creating that state?’ Either way, you are now, maybe for the first time, beginning to discover that you are mostly creating your own state, through your own learnt responses of thoughts and beliefs. Where do our beliefs come from? Simplistically they come from our environment and our experiences. You can think of examples of your own beliefs but let me give an example: Belief: Unconsciously I believe my new partner will abandon me. My last two relationships did not work out, my partner left me. I really want my new relationship to work. But after a few weeks my behaviour is not quite right. I can’t help it. They are late home, or they’re going out with their mates. I become moody; I start to ask too many questions! My new partner is lovely but I

know they are getting bored with me. Help! They are going to leave me. The problem is I have a very different unconscious belief. I have a learnt response to these beliefs. I feel I can’t help responding the way I do. The secret to changing our behaviours is to observe our old patterns of thoughts and beliefs as they are arising, and when these kinds of beliefs are not supporting a happy life for our self, choosing to change them.

If Life Gives You Lemons: A 10-Second Guide to Happiness by Sally Stubbs, (pub. Gibson Square Books, £9.99) or visit April 2011

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Raw and Healthy © Ivy Press Limited 2011

Ice Cream Sundae for dairy free kids – and adults! It might seem a little labour intensive to create ice cream sundaes, but it’ll be worth it! This recipe is free from dairy, gluten and processed sugars too! It works well for a party as you can keep the separate flavours of ice cream in bowls in the freezer until they’re needed. You’ll need a power blender and bain-marie or dehydrator.


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April 2011


SERVES 4 Dark Chocolate Ice Cream 2 handfuls fresh or frozen fruit for each glass, such as blueberries and raspberries 2 tbsp your favourite nuts per glass, broken into pieces, such as pecan nuts 4 tbsp raw agave nectar per glass dark chocolate ice cream 250g/9oz raw cashew nuts 70g/21⁄2oz raw cacao powder


 The day before, make the Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. Process the cashew nuts in your power blender on full power, using the plunger, until they form a fine flour. Use a butter knife or chopstick to scrape the milled nuts away from the base and side of the blender jug if they have stuck.


250ml/9fl oz fresh filtered water 1 tbsp raw coconut oil 140g/5oz raw agave nectar 10 drops vanilla essential oil

Apricot and Banana Ice Cream


To make the Apricot and Banana Ice Cream, add the ingredients to your power blender jug and blend thoroughly on full power, using the plunger, until smooth and creamy.


Spoon the mixture into a bowl and place in the freezer, uncovered, while you make the Cashew Nut Cream.


 To make the cream, if your coconut oil has hardened and turned white, melt it gently in a bain-marie or dehydrator. Process the cashew nuts in your power blender on full power, using the plunger, until they form a fine powder. Use a butter knife or chopstick to scrape the milled nuts away from the base and side of the blender jug if they have stuck.

2 tsp raw almonds 4 tbsp fresh filtered water 4 bananas, peeled, chopped and frozen overnight ½ avocado, peeled 6 ready-to-eat unsulphured dried apricots

Cashew nut cream 2 tbsp raw coconut oil 75g/23⁄4oz raw cashew nuts 3 tbsp Xylitol crystals (healthy sugar) 3 drops vanilla essential oil 5 tbsp fresh filtered water Pinch of pink crystal salt

April 2011

 Add all the remaining ingredients for the chocolate ice cream to your power blender and blend thoroughly on full speed, using the plunger, until smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and place in the freezer overnight.

6 7 8

 Add all the other ingredients to the milled nuts in the blender jug and blend on full power, using the plunger, until you have a smooth, creamy texture.

 Take 4 large ice cream sundae glasses and place a layer of fruit in the base of each.


 Cover the fruit with a spoonful of cream and then sprinkle with some of the broken nut pieces. Take both flavours of ice cream out of the freezer and scoop each one into the glasses, making layers on top of the fruit, cream and nuts. Drizzle the agave nectar down the inside the glasses between the layers of ice cream. Eat straight away before they melt.

Recipe from Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes by Jessica Fenton, Leaping Hare Press, pub. April 2011, £8.99. Visit

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Recipe sponsored by

Gluten-free Simnel cake It’s not often you can enjoy a home-made cake that’s free from dairy, eggs, casein, gluten, soya and wheat.

Simnel cake

Try this traditional Easter celebration recipe – a spicy fruit cake with a marzipan layer baked into the middle. The 11 marzipan balls that decorate the top are said to represent the true disciples of Jesus.

300g Icing Sugar

Made with delicious Doves Farm gluten free flour and baking ingredients.

125ml Sunflower Oil

Makes 8 300g Ground Almonds 2 Lemons Rind & Juice 1 Eating Apple 150g Brown Sugar 75 ml Water 3ml Grated Nutmeg 3ml Ground Cinnamon


M ak health e this all the ier honey by substituti for the ng icin and lem on juic g sugar e, mak ‘real m ing arz flavou ipan’ – the r is fan tastic!

5 tsp Doves Farm Xanthan Gum 1 tsp Doves Farm Baking Powder 175g Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour or Rice Flour 200g Currants 100g Mixed Glace Peel 15ml Apricot Jam


 Mix together the almonds, icing sugar, lemon rind and lemon juice and form into two balls of dough. Cover and set these aside.

2 3 4 5 6

 Grate the whole apple into a bowl, add the brown sugar and oil then beat vigorously.

Add the water, nutmeg, cinnamon, xanthan gum and baking powder, beating vigorously again. Mix in the flour, currants and peel.

 Press half the mixture into a greased and lined 20cm/8” round deep springform tin.


 Take one ball of the almond paste, roll or pat it into a 22cm/9” circle and place it on top of the cake mixture.

 Spread the remaining cake mixture on top of the almond paste. Bake in a pre-heated oven 160ºC/ Fan 140º/300ºF/Gas Mk3 for 1¾/2 hours.

8 9 10 11

 Allow the cake to cool then run a knife around the cake edges and turn it out from its tin. Brush the top of the cold cake with the apricot jam. Take the second ball of almond paste and break  off enough to make 11 marble sized pieces.

 Roll out the remaining almond dough into a circle 20cm/8” round using the spring form tin base as a guide.

12 13 42

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Place the almond dough circle on top of the  apricot jam. Press the 11 balls of almond paste onto the top of  the cake, moistening the base of each slightly if they do not stick.

April 2011


April 2011

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