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Rude Health is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, the professional trade association which represents the majority of health stores in the Republic of Ireland. The IAHS ensures health food retailing is ethical, responsible, truthful and professional.

welcome to this taster issue of Rude Health Magazine

to the Rude Health Show May I take this opportunity to welcome you to this year’s Rude Health Show! What you have in your hands is the latest addition to the Rude phenomenon – Rude Health Magazine! – created for you, our customers.

I am delighted to introduce to you this first issue of Rude Health magazine, which is dedicated to holistic health, organic living and complementary therapies in Ireland.

This little magazine is just a taste of things to come. We will have a full issue out in spring 2013. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to seeing you in your local IAHS store.

In this taster edition we tackle a health issue which many people will have experienced at one point in their lives – stress. And we also take a look at how hypnotherapy can assist with weight loss, by tapping into our subconscious to tackle the reasons why we overeat.

The best way to get us is now online via our new and improved website or get in touch with us on Facebook ( and twitter (@IrishAsocHealth). You can also find an easy-to-use listing and map on our website of all IAHS member stores.

I hope you enjoy this first issue. Do get in touch via our website: and let us know what you think! We’d love your feedback.

Odhran Kelly

Wishing you rude health,

y r r a P z i L

Chairman The Irish Association of Health Stores

Acting Editor



Rude News 4 The latest news and research from the world of holistic health


Rudimentaries 5 Nutritional therapist Irene Ní Fhlannúra offers some natural solutions for combating stress

Rude Awakenings


6 We take a look at how hypnotherapy can assist with weight loss ACTING Editor: Liz Parry


Managing Editor: Tracy McLoughlin

DESIGN & Production: Anthony Sihapanya

Publisher: Carlota Hudgell

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To advertise call +44 1223 894200 © 2012 Published by JHN Productions Ltd. The Rude Health logo remains the property of the IAHS. Information in Rude Health Magazine is for information only and no part of it is a substitute for health diagnosis, care or treatment. The publishers cannot accept any responsibility for the advertisements in this publication. Produced on environmentally friendly chlorine-free paper derived from sustained forests. Please recycle. rude health magazine : 3

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Echinacea ‘ban’ met with criticism A recommendation by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) that children under 12 should not be given products containing echinacea has been met with criticism. The ruling came after a review of data concerning the safety and effectiveness of the popular herb. The conclusion of the IMB was that the use of echinacea can be associated with rare side effects, such as allergic reactions, which could be severe in some cases. However, the decision has been challenged by the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), who argue that echinacea has been safely and effectively used by children in Ireland for almost 20 years. The IAHS says it has no knowledge of any adverse event in all that time. Jill Bell, President of the IAHS, commented: “There is no upto-date evidence to show that echinacea is unsafe for use in under-12s. This ban by the IMB is completely unjustified and will cause worry to many parents who want to protect their children’s health. Ironically it is bound to result in more infections and increased use of antibiotics.”

Under pressure If you have been meaning to get your blood pressure checked then there’s no better time than now. Throughout September the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) is running a campaign called Know your Blood Pressure: Get it checked, to raise importance of this health issue. The campaign aims to educate the public on what high and low blood pressure is, how to maintain healthy blood pressure and managing and controlling high blood pressure through lifestyle changes and medication if required. Look out for the IHF’s red mobile van where nurses will be offering free blood pressure checks at selected locations nationwide. For more details visit

RudeNews We bring you the latest news and research from the world of natural health

Calling all men! Men in County Mayo are being encouraged to take up exercise and improve their health and wellbeing as part of a free fitness programme. The Men on the Move initiative is offering free health checks, information on healthy eating and the opportunity to sign up to an activity programme.

The key to longevity? Following a healthy lifestyle into old age can add five years to women’s lives and six years to men’s, according to new research from Sweden. The study examined the longevity of a group of adults aged 75 and over, taking into account factors such as lifestyle behaviours, leisure activities and social networks. The group of over 1,800 people were studied for 18 years. In the follow-up period it was found that 92% of the participants died, but half of the survivors lived to be older than 90. The results showed that survivors were more likely to be women, be highly educated, have healthy lifestyle behaviours, have a better social network and participate in more leisure activities. The average survival of people with a low-risk profile (healthy lifestyle behaviours, participation in at least one leisure activity, and a rich or moderate social network) was 5.4 years longer than those with a high risk profile. The results were published in the British Medical Journal. 4 ::: rude health magazine


New findings on tooth decay There could soon be a time when you swap your usual minty toothpaste in favour of a coconut version, following a new discovery by Irish researchers. Scientists from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland have found that coconut oil can help to combat Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria which causes tooth decay. The research team discovered that coconut oil which had been modified with enzymes, in a process similar to digestion, stopped the growth of the bacteria. Lead researcher Dr Damien Brady commented: “Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives.” The findings were presented at the autumn conference of the Society for General Microbiology.

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Are you reaching




Stress is an increasing burden in our daily lives. Nutritional therapist Irene Ní Fhlannúra offers some tips for tackling the problem naturally


owadays increasing pressures and expectations are placed upon all sectors of society to do it all and have it all. As a result more and more people are struggling to cope with the demands that everyday life throws at them. Much of our stress today is perceived through our thought processes rather than a physical danger to our survival. Yet, as part of the stress response, our adrenal glands pump out stress hormones to prepare the body for a ‘fight or flight’ situation that never really manifests. Increasingly, this is having a devastating effect on our health. Popping a pill? One in every four prescriptions written in Ireland and the UK is for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. However, people are increasingly realising that a pill won’t solve the issue but will instead mask some of the symptoms. The problems still exist underneath and must be dealt with one way or another. Eating a balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, good quality protein, healthy fats as well as vitamins and minerals nourishes the body, providing it with the nutrients needed for health and vitality. Foods rich in B-vitamins are increasingly important during stressful times to nourish the adrenal glands, for energy and immunity. These are found across a wide range of natural


whole grains, pulses and vegetables and also from unprocessed proteinrich foods, such as fresh meat, fish and beans. The gut factor Often, with stress, the body will crave fast-releasing carbohydrates such as sugar, refined grains and junk food in an attempt to temporarily boost energy levels. These foods are stripped of the very nutrients the body requires, further exasperating the negative impact of the stress response. Stress can be devastating to the digestive system and the ability of our body to absorb and utilise nutrients from food. Supporting the digestive system with clean, unadulterated, fresh food will enhance the functioning of the entire gut which is central to our overall health and wellbeing. Suitable supplements The stress mechanism depletes the body of vitamins B and C so it is important to replenish our levels of these vital nutrients. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is particularly important to the adrenal glands (home of the stress hormones) and should be included in a B-complex formula. Herbal formulas specific to adrenal health include rhodiola and deglycyrrhized liquorice root extract. Nutritional supplements to optimise digestion such as herbal bitters, digestive enzymes and probiotics can help to restore the digestive problems associated with stress. Immuneboosting formulations including

Try these! n Herbal remedies like skullcap, valerian and cowslip are all good natural relaxants. n Flower remedies such as impatiens, elm and vervain can help to ease stress. n Vitamins A, B complex, C and E plus zinc and magnesium all help the body to cope with stress. Look out for them in supplement form. You’ll get sound nutritional advice in health shops which are members of the Irish Association of Health Stores. Visit www. for a store near you.

vitamins A, C, E, zinc and selenium can be of particular benefit for chronic stress which often leaves us vulnerable to illness and exhaustion. The happy hormones Therapies can help to switch off the mind as well as the stress mechanism. Yoga, meditation, qi gong, buteyko and breathing techniques are essential for successful stress management. Being physically active is a wonderful and natural way to deal with the excess energy brought about by raging stress hormones. Exercise, sport and physical activity not only liberates us from the effects of stress but also encourages the secretion of endorphins (happy hormones). Rest and good quality sleep is needed for repair and rejuvenation – a well-rested body and mind is always more likely to handle the daily grind than a tired, worn out body.

Irene Ní Fhlann�ra DipNT mNTOI is a nutritional therapist practising from R� Nua Nutrition Clinic & Healing Rooms in Co. Kerry. Call (086) 1662562 or visit

rude health magazine 5

07/09/2012 15:55

rude awakenings


y p a r e th o n p Hy ,,


helped me to

lose weight

Would you have thought of hypnotherapy to help with weight management? Orla woke up to the possibilities after diet regimes failed her...


ince giving up smoking, Orla Rainert, 45, from Dublin, found that she was gaining weight through overeating as she swapped one bad habit for another. Diets didn’t work for her, so she turned to hypnotherapy in a bid to lose the excess pounds. Here she explains why it has proved a success for her. “Since I gave up smoking there was a natural inclination to pick up more food because you find yourself grappling for another compulsion. I decided to try hypnotherapy because I needed to tackle the reasons why I was overeating. It has really worked for me as I have had four sessions so far at the Paul Goldin clinic and I have lost 3kg. As well as the hypnotherapy sessions I have a CD that I listen to at home. It’s like being in a deep state of relaxation and afterwards I feel really refreshed as though I’ve had a good night’s sleep. I’ve noticed a definite change in my mindset. I’m happier, I feel that I can make better food choices and I’m enjoying eating healthier food. I think I am very open to the power of suggestion and that my subconscious can receive messages very well. Whereas with dieting I would do well for a while but then fall off the wagon, I feel that hypnotherapy works in the long term as I’m changing my beliefs about food and eating. People have commented that I’ve lost weight and my husband has noticed a real change in me for the better. I feel so much more positive about myself.”

Katie-Jane Goldin is based at the Paul Goldin clinic in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. Call 01 280 2797 or visit


rude health magazine


DID you know? If you eat from a blue plate you are less likely to overeat, because the colour blue is seen as unappetising by the mind.

How does it work?

“Hypnotherapy is a ve of relaxation where ry deep state Hypnosis puts you yo the subconscious pa u can get into seat and teaches yo back in the driving rt of the mind and u change the way a things such as porti to have control over person thinks,” ex on sizes and know plains hypnotherapist Ka ing when your body ha tie-Jane Goldin. “A s had enough. Takin ll problems and issue ga look at the languag s, from weight loss e yo u use is also very to stress, stem from important. We fin negative habit patte d a lot of people us rn Through hypnosis ing phrases such as: ‘I we can show you ho s. want to try and los w to overcome those ha e we igh t’ or ‘I just can’t los bits. e weight’. We If you are doing some tea ch th em to sto thing over and over p using words such again it becomes a as ‘tr y’ and ‘can’t’ as habit this encourages a or comfort eating. Or , such as overeating ne ga tive mindset. , for example, you might have been tol It’s important to be d from an early age proactive and to finish your food, ‘w to want to achieve aste not want not’, your weight loss and that thought be go als. With a positive comes embedded in mindset and a your mind. Hypnos commitment to ch is can help to change anging, you can do these beliefs. anything you want .”

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your free guide to natural health Spring

2i0 1 3 ssue Holistic health tips to put a spring in your step

In association with the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS). Look out for your free copy at your local IAHS store – visit to find your nearest stockist.


Your experiences of complementary therapies Natural beauty advice to get glowing And much more... 07/09/2012 15:55


set out on their trailblazing mission in 1959 to provide a natural alternative to industrial products for wholesome Californians not convinced by the new, alien ingredients being used, or the skin irritations they caused. With their families and futures in mind, created natural but effective formulas to meet the needs of everyone. Nothing frilly, nothing fancy. The pioneering spirit of saw a local enterprise grow to a global household name. Their mission today still remains the same, only this time everyone’s invited.

Available in NEW Gift Sets at, independent health stores and pharmacies nationwide from October +44 (0)8450 725 825 •



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