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10 COVER STORY: Anna Daly on her new retreats

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38 Food: following a plant-based diet

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32 Expert Q&As: our experts answer your questions

34 Health store help: independent health store advice on looking after your home the eco way

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to the May/June issue of Rude Health, the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores. This issue we talk to TV presenter Anna Daly about her new retreats. We have great advice for following a plant-based diet, we look at the best ways to look after your bones and joints plus what you need in a natural medicine cabinet. Enjoy our delicious vegan Vietnamese recipes, check out our health store advice on keeping an eco home and dive into our women’s health special. Remember your local health store is open and willing to offer you great advice. We would love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook. Enjoy, and look out for the July/August 2024 issue in late June.

Lucy Taylor | Editor

We welcome your feedback on Rude Health Magazine. Email and in-between issues visit us at

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Rude News

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Spring has arrived

The grand stretch in the evenings is finally back and while your last issue of Rude Health magazine featured tips on Powering into Spring, we can now really put them into practice with the chance to get outdoors more and utilise those extra daylight hours after work.

Hay fever supplements naturally come to the fore around this time of year, along with natural sun creams and the allimportant aloe vera after-sun. It can be easy to overlook the importance of protecting our skin, especially when we can regard a period of sunshine here as a miracle, but we need to bí cúramach! Things like citronella-based insect repellents also invariably pick up more interest as the midgies (the bane of many a camping trip of my youth) start to remind us that they haven’t gone away.

This time of year sees an uptick in the influx of tourists to our shores – many of whom end up pleasantly surprised by the vibrancy and diversity of options offered by the independent health food trade in Ireland, with a diversity of range and store-type that you just don’t get with the massive chains. We definitely punch above our weight in Health Stores Ireland!

Sometimes we’ve had visitors visibly shocked to see what a range of products they have access to in any one of the many health food stores we have in this country. Our Health Stores Ireland Touring Map was a big hit with tourists and a great tool for showcasing what our industry has to offer. We are also on the cusp of launching our new look website which should be a dynamic way to link consumers up with their nearest health food store – we’re all happy to greet you.

Last issue I spoke of our trade event in Shannon, and as I write this many retailers are gearing up for the Natural & Organic Products Expo in London in mid-April. No doubt we will be coming back with fresh ideas and product lines and eager to share them with you, our loyal customers.

The Irish Association of Health Stores

The IAHS is proudly supported by our Association Partners

Kids love growing

As part of the ‘SuperValu Let’s GROW’ and GIY (Grow it Yourself) spring school planting campaign we have these top tips for growing food with kids:

• Kids love sowing seeds (or indeed anything that involves getting their hands dirty). Bigger seeds like those from peas, beans, squashes, pumpkins and courgettes are easier for younger children to handle.

• Give kids some autonomy in the veg patch. Give them a dedicated raised bed or part of a bed for them to experiment with. Let them grow what they want to grow.

• Encourage them to grow fruit and vegetables that are fast growing so that they see a quick return. Radishes are a good example. Runner beans and sunflowers will get tall quickly. Get them to measure themselves against the plants each week.

• Encourage them to sample crops out in the veg patch. They will love grazing on sweet carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and peas, and it will help develop their palate.

• The top GIY activities for kids are sowing seeds, digging and watering. Basically, the messier the job, the more they will love it.

What’s in season in May and June?

Asparagus, aubergines, butterhead lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, courgette, mushrooms, peppers, runner beans and tomatoes. Basil, mint, parsley, sage and thyme.

Berries are coming into season with the first native being strawberries and rhubarb doing well too.

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Sensational Salads by

Over 70 vibrant and nutritious salads for every occasion, from sides to substantial main plates. Taking inspiration from around the world from Mediterranean olive-rich recipes to Asian-inspired noodle salads, this collection of wholesome recipes will encourage even the most prolific salad avoider. Ryland Peters & Small

Mindfulness Meditations by

Start paying attention to the moments that make up the everyday and, step by step, begin to change your life for the better. 60 short and simple meditations will cultivate the skills you need to improve your relationships, be more contented and fulfilled, enjoy better emotional and physical health, and manage stress. These exercises can be used by everybody, anywhere, and at any time. This practical guide demonstrates how to cultivate a mindful attitude that will transform your everyday life. Cico Books

Health Nut by

Jess Damuck’s feel-good recipes make eating healthy an easy habit to make and keep. Being a health nut is delicious, rewarding and supremely satisfying, without any feeling of deprivation. It’s all about perfecting the basics and then getting creative to play up natural flavours while listening to your cravings. Health Nut is playful, accessible and irresistible. With recipes special enough to serve at dinner parties but doable enough to make on weeknights. Abrams Books

Plant Feasts by

This is a cookbook like no other, offering easy, plant-based recipes as a gateway to nature, community and self-discovery. Enjoy glutenfree, immune-boosting recipes. Bring friends, family, communities and strangers together with dishes to share. Cook as an act of self-care, with wildflowers, banging sauces and vibrant colours. Nourish

Sleep Anxiety Fatigue Menopause Science Proven

Pure Magnesium & Trace Minerals without any hidden or unnecessary additives. Take as drops in water
100% Irish Products, Science & Technology Available from health stores nationwide For more info and details on your nearest Health Store visit Oriel Marine Extracts, Port Oriel, Clogherhead, County Louth, Ireland. ORGANIC PROCESS SUSTAINABLE 100% NATURAL PROTECTED SOURCE T EDDE G TON G PATENTED GFSI to ISO 22000/1 ORIEL MAGNESIUM, NOTHING ADDED BUT NATURE.

MS Ireland May 50K Fitness Challenge

MS Ireland is calling on participants of all ages and abilities to take up the month-long challenge in the run up to World MS Day on 30th May. The May 50K is a global fitness and fundraising challenge to raise money for MS research worldwide and help fund a variety of different information, support, advocacy and services on a national and regional level including the National MS Care Centre, Ireland’s only national respite and therapy centre for people with MS in Ireland.

Simply walk, roll or run 50 kilometres during the month of May in return for sponsorship. Take part on your own, create a family team or get your workplace involved. It’s a virtual event and can be done anywhere. Clock those kilometres on the way into work, around your garden, in the supermarket or around the office as it all counts.

All fundraising is done through the website where people can log their KM’s, hook up to their fitness devices and blog their way through the month.

Vitamin D – crucial for the body

Vitamin D is crucial for building and maintaining strong bones, however more recent research links it to a host of other health benefits, suggesting that this nutrient deserves much more attention than it has been given until now.

The sun is our primary source of vitamin D, but unfortunately for us in Ireland the sun sits too low in the sky to enable vitamin D synthesis from October to April – and we don’t always get sunny summers. As a result, most of us have inadequate levels of the vitamin in our body during the winter when we need it most.

And it seems we are not alone 2022 review study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, where researchers looked at data from nearly eight million people from 81 countries, pointed to the widespread global problems with vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency.

In 2012, a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology pointed out that people with low vitamin D levels were 164% more likely to die of hypertension, coronary artery disease, or diabetes than those who had plenty of vitamin D in their blood.

How much do we need?

American and Norwegian scientists found that people living in a sunny climate (in this case Florida) are theoretically able to get enough sunshine all year round to cover their basic need for vitamin D. In contrast, those living in areas with limited amounts of sunshine (in this case Boston) are not able to get enough vitamin D from sunlight in the winter period. Their research is published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has set a safe upper intake level for vitamin D at 100 micrograms per day.

Wellfest 11-12 May IMMA, Kilmainham, Dublin

Cork Vegfest 4-5 May, Cork City Hall

Vegan food, talks from leading experts on plant-based diet and nutrition, sessions on climate emergency, sustainability and food demos.

Sunsmart skin cancer awareness From May Irish Cancer Society

World Asthma Day 7 May

VHI women’s mini marathon Sunday 2 June Register at

The Menopause Journal by Aimée Benbow

The essential guide to track, target and thrive during your menopause by nutritionist Aimée Benbow. This practical 90-day tool will help you identify and understand your symptoms, track the impact of your diet and lifestyle, avoid wasteful treatments, and get results! This book includes an informative chapter on menopausal symptoms and their causes, dietary advice and lifestyle tips, followed by a journal space to track and target your specific symptoms. With daily journalling, you will get to grips with your physical and emotional symptoms, understand how your diet and lifestyle choices impact on your symptoms and be prepared for appointments with doctors and nutritionists. This will ensure you get the right advice to pin down a daily routine and experience your menopause, your way. Leeds & London Partnership Publication. Available in independent health stores.

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Zest Active Berry Burst flavour, is a super supplement with 25 active ingredients including vitamins C, D and B12, zinc, magnesium and folic acid specifically formulated to support your energy, the immune system, muscle and brain function. It is the same super supplement as Zest Active Orange flavour, just in a new berry flavour. Three winners can win a month’s supply with a shaker worth over €34 each.




The regenerative G5® Joint Care Cream helps maintain joint health while actively supporting bone density and cartilage repair. Infused with proprietary molecule MMST, it actively contributes to the renewal of connective tissues. Use with LLRG5’s MMST G5® nutritional supplement for better results. Cruelty free, vegan friendly, pH neutral and made in Ireland. We have 15 x 500ml jars to give away, each worth €63.75.




Instant Glow Rosehip Oil will give you that summer glow with all the nourishment! While not exactly make-up, its pearly pigments dissipate into skin and leave a dewy, instantglowy finish without looking too oily or sparkly. Have a good skin day every day with the nourishing benefits of clinically proven Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and effortless, everyday illumination. We have three to give away to Rude Health readers worth €34.95 each.




Over €1900 worth of fantastic health products to be given away this month. Enter the free draws today!


Embrace the power of turmeric, with new and improved ZinuFlex. A unique combination of active turmeric, ginger and boswellia in micellar form for superior absorption, packed with health benefits in a one-a-day formula. ZinuFlex provides highly bioavailable full-spectrum turmeric (rich in curcumin), ginger and boswellia along with bone-boosting nutrients vitamin D3 and manganese, which help to reduce inflammation, reduce morning stiffness, and keep the body’s joints flexible. We have 10 boxes to be won worth €40 each



Together’s organic mushroom blend brings five unique functional mushrooms into one formula. With cognitive enhancement from lion’s mane, adaptogenic properties of reishi, immune-supporting features of chaga and shiitake, and cardiovascular benefits of maitake, this complex ensures comprehensive support. 5 readers can win a month’s supply of Together Mushroom 5 worth €32 each.




Discover personal care that cares for you and the planet! The Natracare range includes period care, incontinence, maternity essentials and wipes. Crafted with natural, organic ingredients, gentle on sensitive skin. A pioneer in sustainable personal care since 1989, Natracare is proudly certified compostable. One lucky reader can claim €30 towards Natracare’s range.




Macánta’s brand new Joint Complex with UC-II® is a unique, targeted joint formulation combining some of the most trusted joint health ingredients with an undenatured type II collagen. This high strength onea-day formulation includes a 40mg recommended dose of UC-II® with curcumin, ginger, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and more. We have 5 to be won worth €39.95 each.


WEB: Just visit and enter your details and the Free Draw Code (such as RH-MAY-JUN-LLRG).

EMAIL: Or email with the Free Draw Code (eg RH-MAY-JUN-LLRG) in the email subject box.

Prizes are for personal use only and not for re-sale. For full terms and conditions visit

Closing date: 30 June 2024

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Tried & Tested

How Health Stores Ireland staff rate what they sell

This issue nutritional sales advisors Angela Naughton, Aoife Duffy, Catherine Hogan, Ewelina Tyralik, Johanna Heavin and Martina Mulvihill from Golden Health Store in Longford review bone broth, curcumin capsules, a probiotic complex and collagen complex.

Collagen complex

Angela says: “I have been taking Biocare Collagen Complex for the past six months and find a great improvement in my skin. I also do lots of marathons and hiking and this product helps greatly with post-exercise recovery and I have noticed reduced stiffness in my muscles afterwards. It contains a high potency nutrient of vitamin C and zinc, high quality type 1 marine collagen identical to the collagen in the human body and hyaluronic acid.”

Probiotic supplement

Aoife says: “For the last few months, I’ve been taking Optibac Everyday Probiotics. After trying out multiple probiotics these are by far my favourite ones. They have helped so much with my bloating and are great for helping with digestive issues. It’s a great product!”

Bone broth

Ewelina says: “Planet Paleo Chocolate Bone Broth is my favourite protein supplement. It has just a few ingredients without any sweeteners or unnecessary additives. It tastes great as a hot drink and is a source of complex amino acids. After using it, I have noticed a significant improvement in my joints. My hair and nails are stronger and look healthier too.”

Multivitamin drink

Johanna says: “I take Source of Life Gold Liquid multivitamin drink when I feel the need for a good pick-me-up! This tonic has all the vitamins and minerals to help my immune system, and is especially good during or after an illness. This is also very pleasant to take with its tropical fruit flavour.”

Curcumin capsules

Martina says: “I take Coyne Health Bio Curcumin capsules any time my knee is sore. It works really well for aches and pains, even just taking one per day. It is a great product.”

Probiotic complex

Catherine says: “It’s hard to choose a favourite from TerraNova—all of their supplements are so thoughtfully formulated, free from any sort of fillers or binders, and built with a magnifood blend to aid absorption and efficacy. My absolute is TerraNova Probiotic Complex. It has prebiotics included, a freezedried superfood blend, and a brilliant combination of strains and strengths to maintain and support everyday digestive health and wellbeing.”

This issue Owner Shell Gavin and nutritional therapist

Virginia Ziulu from Wild Poppy on Main Street, Clan, Co Kildare review anti-histamines, magnesium, a multivitamin drink and echinacea

Open Mon-Wed 10am-5.30pm, Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm

Echinacea throat spray

Virginia says: “Echinacea is a very effective and scientifically proven herb used to treat an array of viral infections. A.Vogel Echinaforce Throat Spray has one of the highest safety standards and it is suitable for all ages. The addition of sage in this blend also helps to provide further antiviral and antibacterial properties.”

Multivitamin drink

Shell says: “Terranova’s multi award-winning Life Drink powder is an essential part of my diet. Packed with fresh freeze-dried botanicals and concentrated wholefoods, Life Drink provides a staggering array of naturally occurring phytonutrients, micronutrients, balanced protein, enzymes, microflora, essential fatty acids and fibre. An ideal nutritional foundation to start your day, and also perfect for that three o’clock slump.”

Nervous support

Virginia says: “Viridian l-theanine and lemon balm is a great supplement to support the nervous system, and a modern lifestyle. As l-theanine and lemon balm has been shown to promote relaxation and better sleep, this is a great product for women throughout perimenopause and menopause, as they can start experiencing less stress resilience and poor sleep.”

Magnesium supplement

Shell says: “I’m a huge magnesium advocate, there are so many benefits to taking a good quality magnesium supplement. As magnesium plays a key role in everything from exercise performance, to heart health and brain function. Viridian’s High Potency Magnesium is a best seller at Wild Poppy. Delivering an effective high strength and bioavailable dose, with 100% active ingredients with no additives, binders or fillers. A great product and a great price too.”


Virginia says: “Quercetin and nettle are both very powerful natural anti-histamines that help with seasonal allergies and also reduce histamine sensitivity and the hormonal rollercoaster during peri-menopause. Terranova Quercetin and Nettle is a safe and long term approach for sinusitis and rhinitis and it also helps to support the immune response.”


Virginia says: “Essential minerals are vital for the human body, especially to support cell function, energy levels, hormone and digestive function. Viridian-Sports Electrolyte Fix is a great product when playing sports due to the greater loss of minerals through sweat. Added to water daily, electrolytes can also help ease symptoms of low energy, a sluggish digestive system and aid hormonal balance.”

rude reviews
8 rude health magazine

BLISS” “Enjoying

Anna Daly is an award-winning TV presenter who woke up the nation on Ireland’s flagship TV breakfast show, ‘Ireland AM’ for 12 years. Anna continues to work these days with the national broadcaster,  RTÉ1, anchoring ‘Future Island’, a live nightly programme shown across a week, dubbed ‘Tomorrow’s world for today’ and ‘Hospital Live’ a live TV event set in the heart of Ireland’s busiest general hospital St James’s.

Anna has even contributed to Good Morning America when she was asked to give the Irish take on some entertainment stories for US audiences.

She launched her ethical clothing brand Little Bliss in 2021 and it continues to gain loyal fans for its colourful aesthetic and sustainable ethos.

She lives in Dublin with her husband and three sons.


After years working in TV I launched a passion project fashion brand Little Bliss – it bridges the gap between dressed-up outfits for being on TV, and gym gear. I noticed that my wardrobe had a big gap. Recently I launched a new Little Bliss venture with Powerscourt Springs  – our first ever Bliss Escape, and I have plans for more. I’m really designing the escape for women like myself who are

balancing minding children, parents and work and with little time for themselves.

I start off the escape, introduce wellness experts such as yoga teachers and meditation guides, and then I just enjoy it like everyone else. I’m also choosing the most luxurious locations because if we’re going to carve out that precious time for ourselves, we should be enjoying it somewhere beautiful!

At the end those who go on the retreat get a really nice goodie bag – the value of which is probably the same price as the ticket so it represents some serious value!!


I go to a gym in Greystones and do one spin and one boxercise class every week. In between I might do a YouTube yoga session at home, or go for a walk. It really depends on how busy I am with work and family. Recently I did the sunrise yoga with Maura in Sandycove with a friend of mine, we loved it.


I don’t have a menu for the week on the wall like some families, and tend to make it up day by day. For breakfast I might have porridge or toast and coffee.

10 rude health magazine rude | celebrity

For lunch I like lots of different foods. I was recently inspired by a salad I had in Powerscourt springs – beetroot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avocado and rocket leaves with a dressing –tasty and filling.

For dinner I make one dinner that suits everyone – it might be a pot of chilli, a stir fry, a big lasagne or shepherd’s pie. The boys who are aged 7, 10 and 12 will eat most things thankfully!

My biggest downfall is tea and biscuits or dark chocolate at night time – the evening is my reward time. I try to have fruit available all the time and offer the kids yogurt or fruit if they want a snack. And I often have rice cakes as a snack too. I drink herbal teas too. I do have to train myself not to pick at things though, especially in the evenings when the house goes quiet!


Yes, I flit between multivitamins and vitamin D, but am a bit hit and miss. I regularly take a collagen supplement from Dr Doireann O’Leary’s Supplements made Simple. I actually got to know her through work and her products are great. It’s a tropical flavour sachet which has added vitamin C and is hugely beneficial for skin, nails and hair.


I have interviewed a lot of people over the years with conditions and syndromes for breakfast TV and ‘Hospital Live’. This can certainly make you more conscious of potential issues, and I have promised myself a full body NCT this year. It’s funny we do it for cars, but not our bodies.


I have become more aware of the quality of sleep I am getting – in the past I didn’t prioritise sleep, but since wearing a Whoop on my arm I log into my phone and the app tells me how much REM sleep I have had. If I haven’t had enough deep sleep I might have an early night.

You can watch out for Anna on TV but also you can view her ethical clothing collection at Her Bliss Escape dates will be released soon. Be quick though, it sells out fast!

Image: Anna Groniecka

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... from your local health food shop!

Premium quality everyday staples

Discover Clearspring’s Demeter & Organic Bio Kitchen range of premium quality everyday staples. Sustainably produced, and naturally full of flavour, the range includes Demeter Organic Baked Beans, Sauerkraut, French Beans and Sweet Corn amongst many delicious everyday favourites. The entire range is free from all artificial flavours, additives and refined sugar – just natural goodness.

Bioadvanced menopause support

Don’t let menopause stop you from living your best life! Get back to being you with BioAdvanced Menopause Support from NaturesPlus. This special blend of herbs and nutrients is designed to ease menopausal symptoms, fight fatigue and support bone health. It contains a synergistic blend of botanicals including sage, red clover, ashwagandha, dong quai, maca, damiana, sea buckthorn berry and flaxseed lignans. Additional support is provided by natural calcium and magnesium, active B6 (P5P), D3 and K2. Priced at €26.95.

The power of mushrooms

Explore the natural power of mushrooms with Together Health’s expertly crafted range of organic 100% fruiting body mushroom extract supplements. A unique balance of hundreds of beneficial compounds to ensure key bioactive elements remain potent. Free from additives, they are designed for maximum effectiveness, offering benefits from immune system strengthening to cognitive support and anti-inflammatory effects.

Hot flushes? Night sweats?

Feeling the heat? Sage has a long history of use for treating common and troublesome menopausal flushes and sweats. A.Vogel Menoforce® Sage Tablets is a once-a-day traditional herbal medicinal product with extracts of fresh sage leaves. It is used for the relief of menopausal hot flushes and excessive perspiration, exclusively based on longstanding use. Always read the leaflet.

Support for all stages of menopause

Looking for nutritional support throughout all stages of the menopause? A.Vogel Menopause Support is a herbal food supplement with a unique formulation of soy isoflavones, magnesium and hibiscus. Magnesium is known to help with tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Menopause Support provides 50mg of phytoestrogenic soy isoflavones, based on the recommended daily intake of two tablets. You may use this alongside HRT prescribed by your doctor. It is GM-free and suitable for vegans.

For menopause, sleep and hormonal imbalance

Oriel MenoSea Deep Sea Liquid Magnesium is scientifically proven to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream in 30 minutes. This product supports hormonal imbalance, agitated legs, anxiety and stress. It also helps with focus and a good night’s sleep. 100% Irish, natural, pure, organic and with no taste in water. It’s so concentrated and bioavailable that you need just 1ml in water per day. Feel the difference faster.

Help for high cholesterol

Zerochol Cardio+ is a new food supplement with plant sterols, red yeast rice, CoQ10 and vitamin B1, which is clinically proven to lower LDL cholesterol and maintain healthy heart function. It is highly effective due to the double action of plant sterols and monacolin K, both with EFSA-approved health claims for lowering LDL cholesterol. Just two tablets taken daily with your main meal makes Zerochol Cardio+ a natural and easy way to lower your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy and happy!

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rude | reviews

CBD with optimum bioavailability

The products in the Active+ Water Soluble CBD range from The Hemp Company have increased bioavailability compared to other full-spectrum oils, making them some of the most effective CBD products on the Irish market. The best time to take CBD supplements is after a high-fat healthy snack as this helps to increase absorption rates and will optimise the intake of cannabinoids from the CBD. It also helps to include foods such as hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in your daily diet. The CBD oils in the Active+ Water Soluble range are priced between €28.95 and €84.95 and are distributed in Ireland by Independent Irish Health Foods.

Natural relief for hay fever

HayMax Organic Drug-Free Allergen Barrier Balm is the original prevention for hay fever sufferers. It’s proven to trap over a third of pollen and 80% said it works. Suitable for children as well as pregnant and breast-feeding women. Over 60 awards. Look out for HayMax Triple Tins – 3 pots for the price of 2.

Plastic-free washing-up

Ditch plastic washing-up sponges & brushes for a plastic-free washing-up routine with LoofCo. Their bestselling biodegradable loofah Washing-Up Pads and recyclable coir fibre Washing-Up Brushes teamed with an award-winning Washing-Up Soap Bar, make it easy and affordable. With LoofCo, you will cut out the microplastics washed into the environment when using a conventional plastic sponge.

Nourishing bone broth

Spear and Arrow Bone Broth is 100% natural concentrated jelly. Handmade in small batches from Irish and British grass-fed cattle, just one pouch provides 15 servings, so is excellent value for money. Nourishing and low in fat, it is also high in collagen, gelatine and protein. The two key broths are available in plain and botanicals. Now available from independent health stores in Ireland.

Improve brain fog and energy

Award-winning Bee Energised Energy & Focus is helpful for fatigue, fogginess, fitness and sports training, menopause, Long Covid, exam stress and more!

It is formulated by nutritionists and combines the highest quality ingredients with proven benefits. The supplement contains organic bee pollen, rosemary extract and ginseng, among other ingredients, and is free from fillers or excipients.

Natural support for stress

Try Sun Eleuthero from Sun Chlorella, also known as Siberian ginseng. This natural remedy has been used in Asian culture for over 2,000 years for its ability to revitalise the body and help with physical and emotional stress. Available from Horans health stores and independent health food stores.

rude | reviews rude health magazine 13


Make yourself look and feel great using natural exfoliators, body scrubs, moisturisers, nail care and make-up. By Niamh Larkin, beauty specialist at health store Evergreen in Mainguard St, Galway


Natural exfoliators are made using plant-derived ingredients to scrub the skin without over-stimulating it. Whether used to scrub the body or the face, we want to avoid removing any skin that is not yet ready to come off. This can create skin sensitivity and redness which can be difficult to undo. Using gentle exfoliating methods such as soft, circular motions and natural, plastic-free products will polish the skin rather than stripping it.



I’m a big fan of home-made body

bonus of complete control of the ingredient list. When making a scrub at home, you decide how abrasive you want it to be. These can also be made in tiny batches so you can have a different fragrance, consistency and benefit each time you use it.

A simple recipe for a body scrub is a base of sweet almond or coconut oil with Epsom or coarse Himalayan salt added to your desired consistency. Then a few drops of your favourite essential oil to add fragrance. This can be doctored to make a facial scrub by using an ingredient that’s not as severe as salt – it could be milled seeds, oats or finely ground nuts, depending on what you have to hand.

Body scrubs are great for softening the skin, deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage as well as prepping the skin for fake tan or indeed removing it. Different essential oils will have varying aroma-therapeutic advantages, so consider this when adding your smells. Ginger, marjoram and black pepper are warming oils – great for winter scrubs or for after physical activity. Lemon, lime and grapefruit are all uplifting oils which awaken the senses, so would be more suited to morning rituals than evening.

14 rude health magazine rude | looks


Always follow your bath, shower, sauna or scrub with a rich moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best. Body oils are fantastic for use on wet skin, just ensure to check the ingredients list before you buy and avoid products containing mineral oil (parrafen, petroleum, parrafin liquidum). Mineral oil will block pores as well as preventing the other ingredients from penetrating the skin. Look for a moisturiser that best suits your own skin type – this goes for facial moisturisers as well as body.

Lighter creams and oils will work better for oily skin types while rich, nourishing varieties will benefit dry or dehydrated skin.


Look after your nails by frequently applying a natural nail and cuticle balm or oil. This should be massaged into each nail bed individually, as often as required. Tea-tree and neem are good ingredients to look out for to help strengthen nails that may be prone to breaking or peeling. Anybody who wears false, gel or acrylic nails would benefit from this type of nail care any time the nails are removed. This will prevent the nails weakening or developing fungal infections.


Natural, mineral make up is more widely available now than ever before. Natural makeup will contain gentle, beneficial ingredients that allow the skin to breathe while still providing lasting coverage and pigmentation. Natural eye liners and mascaras are great for anybody with sensitive eyes. Eyeshadows containing natural and organic ingredients are also available from a number of reputable natural brands. BB creams and tinted moisturisers are great for someone who wants light coverage but a natural look. These are great because more often than not they also contain SPF which protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays.


For naturally nourished and beautifully moisturised skin, choose from one of these skin loving body oil blends, says Ellen Cox of Irish essential oil company Atlantic Aromatics: Detox: a lively blend of six pure essential oils (juniperberry organic, geranium bourbon organic, grapefruit, ho wood, orange and lime) with stimulating properties.

All of these body oils are made using cold pressed, unrefined sweet almond oil. They are made by Atlantic Aromatics, in Ireland, in small batches to ensure freshness. They are free from alcohol and preservatives. They are not tested on animals. Available in all good health stores countrywide, you’ll find Epsom salts there too!

organic, high altitude certified lavender pure essential oil. Mix one of the above bottles (100ml) with 10 tablespoons of Epsom salts. Use in the shower, on dry skin and rinse off or after showering on damp skin for an instant glow. Store in a glass kilner jar or bio-degradable plastic food pot. Makes enough for 8-10 scrubs.

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Collagen Complexion

Ultimate Beauty, Free From Cruelty

Collagen Pro Factors is a precise formulation of amino acids and vitamin C, which supports the normal production of collagen, to promote healthy skin and joints. No animal testing, no animal ingredients, no compromise.

Never GMO Palm Oil Free Ag Coll PRO FACTORS
We Independent Health Food Stores - Learn More: | @ViridianNutrition


Nutrition for healthy joints, bones and natural pain relief

Smake life truly uncomfortable, and can be caused by a number of factors including age, diet and lifestyle. Making lifestyle changes, taking natural supplements and adapting your diet can all make a big difference to the pain and discomfort you experience.


The modern diet can be lacking in nutrients and include too many sugars – this can increase inflammation in the body which leads to bone and joint issues, but there are options we can choose to help our bodies. “Oily fish like sardines and mackerel eaten three to four times a week are a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils EPA and DHA,” says Gerald Colfer from health store Only Natural in Wexford. “There are also some wonderful fish oil supplements in health stores.”

Make sure you have enough alkaline foods such as fruit; vegetables; oils –

and seeds; cereals – millet and quinoa; fermented soya such as tempeh; green powders such as spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella. Try to reduce refined sugars, processed foods, corn, grains, animal products, caffeine and alcohol. Introduce green tea, white tea, Rooibos tea and herbal teas.

“Dietary choices are incredibly important to support bone integrity,” says Alice Bradshaw DN Med, head of nutrition education at Terranova Nutrition. “Protein and calcium along with vitamins D, K and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the key nutrients to emphasise in a diet focused on building and maintaining better bones.”

“What we eat plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones and joints throughout our life,” says Eleanor Faulkner, BSc, a nutrition advisor at Viridian Nutrition. “Eating a balanced diet containing a variety of colourful and nutrient-dense foods will help to provide the body with key nutrients

healthy bones. Adding foods to the diet containing calcium, vitamins D and K2 will help as these are essential for bone growth. Calcium is found in abundance in milk, yoghurt and nuts and vitamin D is mostly obtained from sun exposure on our skin during the spring and summer months. In the diet, vitamin D can be found in small amounts in fish like salmon and tuna and fortified foods

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Ditch the plastic, drink the


Our shots are freshly pressed using only the finest ingredients, ensuring they are bursting with flavour and nutrients. Unlike many shots they contain over 99% pure juice with a natural preservative. Not only are our shots healthier for you, but they are also better for the environment. By choosing glass bottles with aluminium lids, we are helping to reduce plastic waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

So why settle for less when you can enjoy a premium juice that is both healthy and eco-friendly?

C oming Soon 99 % Pure Juice
Available from Independent Health Food Stores.


“Turmeric and ginger have a long history of use for helping joints. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils or vegetarian friendly sources like flaxseeds are associated with healthy joint mobility.”

“One of the most important factors for controlling inflammation is having a diet that supports healthy blood sugar balance,” says Alice Bradshaw. “Processed, refined carbohydrates (including sugar, grain-based products, etc) are rapidly broken down in the body into sugars, which disrupt blood sugar levels and promote excessive insulin production and contribute to chronic inflammation. Individual food intolerances and allergies may also exacerbate inflammation within the body; the most common of which are dairy, grains, gluten and soy.”

“Avoid foods that trigger inflammation and consuming products that may potentially decrease bone density,” says Eleanor Faulkner. “These are often found in processed foods, sugar and trans fats. Instead consider plant-based ingredients such as turmeric which has been used for centuries to treat and maintain good joint health; it contains the active compound curcumin, which has strong anti-inflammatory actions. Boswellia, ginger and white willow can also reduce general inflammation and are all available in supplement form.”


“Ask yourself if your diet is rich in wholefoods and antiinflammatory compounds,” says Gerald Colfer. “Are you exercising enough? Do you stretch? Are you drinking plenty of water? It always helps to address the obvious issues like diet, weight and lifestyle factors, but after that has been done the use of appropriate supplements can be considered.

“Glucosamine and chondroitin form part of the cartilage which is what stops your bones from rubbing against each other. Without it pain and inflammation ensue. Glucosamine sulfate is a supplement commonly taken to improve joint pain. When taken long-term, it may slow down the narrowing of your joint space, a sure sign of osteoarthritis. Chondroitin helps to build cartilage and is often combined with glucosamine.”

“Calcium is central to bone health and supplements are often paired with magnesium, a mineral which is involved in bone formation and the strengthening of bones,” says Alice Bradshaw. “Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption. Vitamin K2 directs calcium to the bones and teeth. Zinc, manganese, boron, vitamin C and silica also play important roles in supporting the formation and stability of bone tissue.


“As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is the glue that holds your body together,” says Eleanor Faulkner. “This critical protein gives structure and support to connective tissues including your skin, bones, ligaments, tendons and the cartilage that protects your joints. Some studies suggest that collagen supplements may help to improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce overall joint pain.

“Collagen is made up of amino acids which can be sourced via a fermentation process made from non-GMO corn, providing necessary cofactors for the body to make collagen. A vegan collagen supplement consists of 18 amino-acids found in type 1 human collagen.”


“Daily habits and general lifestyle will influence your joint health,” says Eleanor Faulkner. “Doing regular weight-bearing exercises will help the absorption of calcium into the bones and will help to strengthen the muscles around the joints to keep them healthy. Gentle exercise like walking and aerobics can help the bones and joints along with higher impact exercises such as skipping. Maintaining a healthy weight will ensure there is no unnecessary excess load on the joints, and avoiding lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking alcohol will help to reduce inflammation.”

“Managing stress is perhaps the most powerful intervention for dealing with inflammatory health conditions,” says Alice Bradshaw. “Incorporating helpful tools such as breathwork, or meditation as well as maintaining positive work and personal relationships are all important stressmanagement strategies.”

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Powered by Nature, Backed by Science

Women’s health guide

Natural advice for the most common health issues women face


“The symptoms of PMS can vary from woman to woman,” says nutritional therapist Liz O’Byrne who works with health store the Aloe Tree in Ennistymon, Co Clare. “These include depression, anxiety, insomnia, water retention and breast tenderness as well as ‘mood swings’. As well as following a healthy balanced diet containing adequate quality protein, wholegrains, lots of fruit and vegetables and healthful fats, there are specific nutrients that have been shown to help alleviate these symptoms.

“Some women with PMS have been shown to reduce symptoms using a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 can be found in chickpeas, tuna and salmon. Magnesium can be found in leafy green vegetables as well as almonds and peanuts. Calcium has also been shown to alleviate bloating and fatigue caused by PMS. Calcium can be found in dairy products, sardines, seeds and leafy green vegetables.

“Essential fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory and can help ease symptoms. These are found in oily fish such as tuna and salmon as well as linseeds, flaxseeds and chia seeds. Taking regular exercise, getting adequate sleep and managing stress levels can benefit.”

Other helpers:

Agnus castus for breakout skin and haywire hormones, can help with heavy periods.

Evening primrose oil helps to stabilise hormones.

Nettle or dandelion tea for water retention and bloating.

Vitamin B6 and omega-3, -6 and -9 for PMS.


“Urinary tract infections (UTIs) tend to be more common in women,” says Liz O’Byrne. “Pelvic floor exercises may help with incontinence. Urinary tract infections can be painful and lead to symptoms such as needing to urinate frequently, pain whilst urinating, sudden urge to urinate and urine

appearing cloudy and strong smelling. Drinking lots of water (to ‘flush out’ bacteria causing infection) and avoiding alcohol and caffeine can help. Also sugar-free cranberry juice and vitamin C have been known to help kidney infections. D-mannose is also very helpful as it can inhibit bacteria from adhering to the urothelium.”

Other helpers:

Citricidal (grapefruit extract) has strong antifungal and antibacterial actions.

Coconut, oregano and olive oil are fungal fighting foods.

Echinacea will support your immune system to avoid getting UTIs. Probiotics will also help to replace the good bacteria and rebalance gut flora.


“Stress affects many health issues, including fertility,” says Jill Bell. “A good ‘clean’ diet is important for both partners aiming to conceive, with adequate zinc and vitamin E

22 rude health magazine Rudimentaries

as well as folic acid. Complementary therapies, particularly acupuncture, can be very helpful, and there are several effective food supplement complexes specific to fertility.”

“There are so many things that can cause fertility issues for women, but hormone imbalances are a common cause,” says Liz O’Byrne. “Most conditions may be helped (along with other interventions) by making improvements to diet and lifestyle.” Other helpers:

Acupuncture can help with conception.

A good fertility support with high dose fish oil, and a range of minerals and vitamins to support fertility. Add superfoods such as Irish seaweed and spirulina to both partners’ diets.


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“Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affects the digestive system causing symptoms such as cramping, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation,” says Liz O’Byrne. “IBS can sometimes occur for no obvious reason but people often find they have ‘trigger foods’. Common trigger foods are alcohol, caffeine, spicy or fatty foods and stress. Most people are aware of their trigger foods and manage their diets by avoiding them. Some people benefit by eating more fibre and some benefit by keeping fibre to a minimum. Keeping a food diary is a great way of monitoring what foods are causing symptoms.

“Some people find that following a low fodmap diet greatly reduces symptoms. A low fodmap diet involves avoiding certain foods known to be triggers such as onions, garlic, apples and milk. Fennel, peppermint, aloe vera, chamomile and ginger can be helpful to relax the muscles of the gut and alleviate symptoms. Stress is more difficult to manage as stress can come and go in our lives but finding an activity or hobby that you enjoy doing can help us manage stress.”

Other helpers:

B vitamins, magnesium and herbs like oats and passionflower can help if it is stress related.

Charcoal capsules and fennel tea are good for excessive gas.

Digestive enzymes help to break the food down easier and take pressure off the bowel.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid which will help to repair the bowel wall.

Probiotic strains like Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 can help digestive health issues.


“Thyroid disease is more common in women than men and the issues are mostly autoimmune in nature,” says Liz O’Byrne. “Symptoms of thyroid issues are fatigue, constipation, weight gain and goitre. Although diet may help to alleviate these symptoms (wholegrains and fruit and vegetables for constipation and weight gain), you may need to take medical advice. Nutrients we need for a healthy thyroid include iodine, selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin A. However, it’s always best to consult a healthcare expert before taking individual nutrients. There are lots of thyroid support supplement ‘blends’ of nutrients that may be helpful which not only contain the above nutrients, but they also contain some useful herbs such as the adaptogenic herb liquorice root.”

Other helpers:

Iodine supplements like kelp and tyrosine can help in thyroid hormone production. Iodine-rich foods are seafood, eggs and potatoes.

Kelp powder can be sprinkled onto your food or you can get kelp in tablet form.


Oestrogen levels which protect bones can decrease, causing osteoporosis in women. Try to eat foods rich in calcium such as milk, cheese and yogurts, fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna which are all rich in vitamin D, and vitamin K-rich foods such as dark green vegetables like kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Other helpers:

Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are bone supporting supplements.

Turmeric is useful for inflamed joints. See page 18 for a more in depth look at bones and joints.


“Menopause is the time that marks the end of your menstrual cycle,” says Liz O’Byrne. “Some women can experience hot flushes, difficulty sleeping and sometimes heart palpitations. As well as following a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise, there are some herbs that are known to help alleviate the symptoms that come with menopause. Black cohosh can help with hot flushes. Valerian or chamomile might help with sleep issues. Ginseng is known for its mood boosting qualities and may help improve quality of life during this time. Evening Primrose oil is well known for its role in balancing female hormones and helping alleviate symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes. Red clover contains isoflavones that are ‘oestrogen mimickers’ and can help ease symptoms as oestrogen levels go down. A nice blend of multiple herbs aimed at menopausal women would be a great option.”

“We recommend sage for hot flushes, soy isoflavones, or magnesium which can be useful at any stage of a woman’s life to support the muscular and nervous systems,” says Jill Bell.


“There are many reasons why a woman’s hair can thin such as stress, thyroid disease, alopecia and hormones,” says Liz O’Byrne. “Stress can cause the follicles to go into a resting phase as a result of the body going into ‘survival mode’, and therefore the hair strands fall out. A thyroid imbalance can affect the hair follicles. Reduced oestrogen in the body can lead to hair loss. So this is why perimenopausal women and menopausal women can experience hair thinning. Anaemia and a B12 deficiency can be other causes of hair loss.

“To encourage hair growth it’s always important to eat a balanced diet with plenty of good quality protein and healthful fats. Exercise is also very helpful as it helps to increase blood circulation which will encourage new growth. And of course addressing stress in your life and reducing it if possible.”

Other helpers:

Biotin is a B vitamin used to help with hair growth. Foods such as egg yolks, nuts and seeds, salmon and avocados contain biotin.

Sulphur containing foods such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions and garlic help support liver function.

Liver cleansing with herbs like milk thistle can help.

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Palm oil free · Vegan
*Vitamin B12 and Iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Palm oil free · Vegan
*Vitamin B12 and Iron contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

medicine cabinet YOUR NATURAL

The natural helpers to keep in your medicine cabinet to help common ailments such as heartburn and reflux to cuts, bruises, headaches and flatulence


Heartburn and reflux are very unpleasant and can cause great discomfort,” says Sian Eustace from health store Healing Harvest in Kinvara, Co Galway. “Some relief can be found using peppermint, whether in tea, oil or capsules. Centaury herb can be very helpful for acid indigestion and heartburn in a herbal tincture. Slippery elm or aloe vera juice can reduce inflammation and line or repair the mucous membrane.”

“For heartburn, digestive enzymes can be used to help break down your food,” says Bernadette Cass from

Fruit ‘N Nut Health Store in Portlaoise.

“Aloe vera juice can also help. If you can drink freshly made potato or cabbage juice this would alleviate heartburn. It has to be fresh though! Manuka honey is good to soothe your stomach, one teaspoon of it three times a day will heal up irritation. Try not to exercise shortly after and avoid lying down after eating.”

“Acid reflux happens when the sphincter or valve between stomach and oesophagus doesn’t close properly, allowing highly acidic stomach contents to rise up the oesophagus, sometimes as far as the mouth,” says

Jill Bell of health store Well and Good in Midleton, Co Cork. “It’s very common and very unpleasant. If reflux occurs regularly more than twice a week it should be checked by a health professional. Keep an eye on liquid intake at mealtimes as too much can dilute digestive enzymes, and bear in mind that as we age stomach acid levels tend to fall. Bitter herbs such as dandelion, yarrow and centaurium promote the production of digestive gastric juices. Some find a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ in a glass of water taken before eating supports digestion.”

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me, Revive Active is an absolute necessity. I know it works and I find it fantastic for my immunity. My two girls are the same, they take Junior Revive every morning.”


Higgins, Galway

We specialise in treating the cause of illness, whilst managing symptoms and quality of life


Super Supplements created using premium ingredients, working in synergy to provide multiple benefits

We’re a collaborative clinic founded in Galway in 1999 by Dr Dilis Clare, GP & Medical Herbalist. We specialise in treating mild to moderate health conditions. Our expert team of Practitioners includes Medical Herbalists, Nutritionists and Dr Clare herself. Not local? No problem! We also provide online appointments to suit our patient’s needs.

NEW - Dr Clare Clinic Health Programs

Why pick a program?

• They’re designed to deal with a specific range of symptoms that may have been diagnosed by a clinician

• Each program package is designed to reduce your costs AND offer an opportunity to pay by instalments

• You’ll be seen on average 4 times with various recommendations

• Custom made for you - Plan ahead with your clinician and benefit from the support of a clinical team with a range of expertise

Health Checkup Program

1 month plan includes:

• Full hospital blood panels & Omega Index Test

• Vitamin D Test on the day

• 1 Herbalist Appointment

• 1 month herbal medicine prescription included

• 1 Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Appointment

Cost €400

Better Skin Program

2 month plan includes:

• 1 Appointment with The Skin Specialist Bernie Fahy

• 1 Herbalist Appointment

• 1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Appointment

• 2 weekly follow up calls

Cost €425

• 2 month prescription included

Dr Clare Clinic
91 583260 or email
*Source: Euromonitor Passport report on Consumer Health National Statistics. Date: September 2023 | Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Available from Health Food Stores and


“Herbal teas can help when you’re feeling very windy,” says Bernadette Cass. “Yarrow, ginger and fennel tea are good. If you have fennel seeds you could chew these too. Remember to drink water away from meal times. Charcoal is effective at absorbing excess gas and can be taken as a capsule or powder.”

“Adding a small strip of kombu seaweed whilst cooking beans and pulses can help to make them more digestible,” says Sian Eustace. ‘This means there is less flatulence to begin with.”


“Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, I find it’s best as an essential oil which should be diluted and the area washed with this mixture,” says Bernadette Cass. “If it’s washed and dried then you could apply a tea tree cream. Colloidal silver is also useful to spray on a cut or wound. For bruises take arnica internally, vitamin C and zinc. Eat fresh pineapple, the benefit of the enzyme bromelain will also speed up the healing of the bruise. Any natural anti-inflammatory would be good to take too, like turmeric.”

“If you suffer a bang have a glass of water or cup of sweetened tea, Rescue Remedy and homeopathic arnica for shock and pain relief, and

a spray of colloidal silver to deal with any potential infection in the wound before it is covered,” says Jill Bell. “Sterile manuka honey has powerful skin-granulating properties once healing has started and a wound isn’t oozing. As a rule of thumb, bruising which doesn’t reduce in three days should be checked by a health professional.”

“The three remedies I think of for these first aid situations are arnica, calendula and hypericum (aka St John’s Wort),” says Sian Eustace. “These can be taken internally in homeopathic form, or used externally in creams. Calendula is particularly good for cuts and grazes as it speeds knitting of the wound. Arnica is top for bruises but the cream shouldn’t be applied to open wounds.”


“There are several brands of essential oils who make rollerball blends for applying to the temples,” says Sian Eustace. “Feverfew tincture would be something to think about.”

“Drink enough water or make yourself ginger tea,” says Bernadette Cass. “Use diluted peppermint oil around your temples and the nape of the neck. Take magnesium on a regular basis if you suffer from headaches or migraines. The best form for this complaint seems to be magnesium bisglycinate. Apply a warm compress to your forehead and fill a basin of warm water for your feet. CBD oil can be used internally for pain-like headaches.”

“It’s often difficult to differentiate between symptoms of people suffering from frequent headaches and others with migraine, though severe migraine is unmistakable,” says Jill Bell. “Not drinking enough water and certain foods can trigger headaches, particularly foods high in histamine such as red wine. Also fermented foods such as aged cheese and cured meats, caffeine, citrus fruits and MSG. A food diary can help with detective work, or an appointment with a nutritionist to have a food intolerance test.

“Headaches can sometimes be caused by the drop in oestrogen levels before a period which a herbalist could advise on. Supplements to reduce headaches include vitamin B2, and magnesium which helps to dilate blood vessels. Health stores stock turmeric and devil’s claw herbs which have anti-inflammatory properties. Supplementing with l-carnitine and co-enzyme Q10 can help some migraine sufferers. Cayenne pepper, in solution or as a tincture, can stimulate body healing and recovery, and for some people it can also alleviate the pain and frequency of migraine and cluster headaches.”

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RSP €7.50 An Independent Irish Company Est. 1984. Available in Health Stores Countrywide & CELEBRATING 40YEARS May Chang Summer Blend A unique blend of pure essential oils Energising Cheerful Refreshing Uplifting Discover a Healthier You Explore Our New Online Destination for Wellness –



“As a gel, cream or massage oil arnica has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties,” says Jill Bell. “Homeopathic pilules are excellent for treating shock, pain and bruising.”


“The dried petals of calendula –marigold – are used in soothing ointments, creams and tinctures to treat bruises, cuts and minor infections,” says Jill Bell. “Fresh orange marigold petals add a touch of sunshine to a salad.”

Epsom salts

“Epsom salts are wonderful for sore feet and aching muscles,” says Sian Eustace. “They can be used in a foot bath or a regular bath. Soaking skin with a splinter in warm water with Epsom salts can help to draw the splinter out.”

“Dissolved in bath water or foot baths, Epsom salts release magnesium to relax tired and aching muscles,” says Jill Bell.

Manuka honey

“Manuka honey is antibacterial so can be really useful to fight off infections,” says Sian Eustace. “Take it straight from the spoon for sore throats or tickly coughs. Sterile manuka in tubes is available to use as an ointment for stubborn wounds which are slow to heal.”

“Genuine Manuka honey is certified because of its antibiotic activity,” says Jill Bell. “Different strengths are used according to a person’s need, from maintaining well-being to killing off antibioticresistant bacteria.”


“Silica can be used in gel form to help with tummy upsets or in capsules to help strengthen skin, hair and nails,” says Sian Eustace.

“In our body silica supports the health of hair, skin, nails, bone matrix and connective tissue,” says Jill Bell. “As a gel or liquid, it is used internally to ease digestive issues.”

Tea tree

“Tea tree oil or cream is a must for the first aid kit as it is antiseptic and antifungal,” says Sian Eustace. “Use oil diluted in water to clean cuts or direct onto a fungal nail infection.”


“Understanding the connection between our gut and brain is increasingly understood as the secret to long term good physical and mental health,” says Marc McDonald from The Hemp Company Dublin. “The hemp plant is a nutritious and easily digestible food. It contains all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and -6, which are essential for brain health. Rich in antioxidants, hemp products can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body and mind by neutralising harmful free radicals.

“The healthful ratio of omega-3s in hemp seeds and their omega-3 to omega-6 ratio work together to help reduce inflammation which is linked to pain. Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly alpha linolenic acid (ALA). Hemp hearts are the raw seed with the hull removed, giving them more protein and EFAs. Hemp protein powder is produced by grinding and sifting the de-fatted cake created after coldpressing hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is rich in EFAs, vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals.”


“Hay fever season is well and truly upon us,” says Dr. Paula Gaynor, nutritionist and co-founder of Irish health supplement brand Somega. “Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, hay fever affects people who are allergic to grass, tree or plant pollen. It occurs when the immune system misidentifies pollen as a threat and directs an inflammatory response against it. This leads to the classic symptoms including a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, sinus pressure and pain, and itchy red eyes.

“Fortunately, there are natural remedies available to help deal with hay fever, with one of the best known being quercetin. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. As a natural antihistamine, it reduces the release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators that contribute to allergy symptoms. Research shows that Quercetin supplementation causes a significant improvement in allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing and nasal discharge, and also improves quality of life in people with hay fever.

“Quercetin supplements are poorly absorbed. Liposomal quercetin is designed for better absorption and comes in a liquid format suitable for adults and children.”

Key Benefits

Joint & Bone Health

Skin Health

Heart Health

Key Features

� Vegan-friendly

� Ph Neutral

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Designed, Developed and Made in Ireland by LLR-G5 P. +353 94 902 8830 E. W. Contact us to become a stockist Joint Care. Skincare. Health.

Active Ingredient MMST

Our active molecule MMST (Organic Silicon) includes a sheer expanse of benefits. MMST works beyond joint care by actively contributing to the well-being of connective tissue, skin ailments, skin hydration and elasticity.

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Meaghan Esser is a registered holistic nutritionist and the managing director at ITL Health

Aching limbs

QI am 53 and really starting to feel the effects of menopause - the hot flashes and broken sleep are bad enough, but I am also experiencing stiff arms and legs and sometimes I think my bones actually ache. Can you recommend anything I could take to boost my bone health?

Aisling* from Co Kerry

MEAGHAN ESSER ANSWERS: Above all, the importance of magnesium during the perimenopause/ menopause years cannot be overstated. It’s a vital mineral not only for stress relief and anxiety reduction but also for promoting better sleep, muscle relaxation and potentially reducing hot flashes by up to 50%! As bone density decreases during this life stage, magnesium’s role in bone health becomes equally crucial. Incorporate plenty of magnesium-rich foods into your daily diet to maintain strong bones, such as leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

However, optimising bone health necessitates a holistic approach beyond magnesium and calcium. Complementary nutrients play pivotal roles. Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption, contributing to bone mineralisation and reducing fracture risk. Sources include sunlight exposure, fish and fortified foods like milk. Vitamin K2 regulates calcium levels and supports bone metabolism, found in dietary sources like sauerkraut, egg yolks and hard cheeses. Zinc is crucial for bone tissue formation and muscle strength, sourced from lean meats, wholegrains and nuts.

Meeting your daily requirements for these musculoskeletal-boosting nutrients can be challenging. MAG365 BF+ Calcium addresses this by offering essential nutrients tailored for perimenopausal and menopausal women, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, zinc and more, in a highly absorbable, convenient formula.

*Not their real names.

Mark McCarty has worked in the natural health industry for over 36 years, both in manufacturing on herbal medicines and in formulating products for common health conditions.

Health booster

QI’m in my 50s and looking to give my health a boost. I have heard that silica can be of benefit to a mature body and was wondering if you could enlighten me on how it might help me. I have stiff joints, IBS and bad heart health runs through my family? Joanne* from Wexford

MARK MCCARTY ANSWERS: Silica also known as silicon dioxide is the second most abundant mineral on earth but is often ignored. In nature silica is what gives plants their strength and flexibility and it’s why bamboo contains a high concentration of silica.

In humans silica plays a role in strengthening bone, cartilage and is crucial in the production of collagen which keeps wrinkles at bay. It is also a great way to treat cold sores as it binds with the virus secretions reducing the spread and speeding up the healing process.

Silica also has a different side to it when it’s produced in a different molecular size. Small particles of silica can pass through the digestive system and support bone, joint, skin and nails, but if you make the particles larger they act as a powerful sponge which can absorb pathogens and gases. This is why it is used to treat a wide range of digestive issues including IBS. To increase your silica consumption eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits, lentils and interestingly, beer! As with most minerals the body tends to require supplementation as we age as natural stores are depleted.

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Menopause support Q

I’m my late 40s and starting to feel the health effects of my age. I think it must be associated with menopause. I am experiencing weight gain and keep waking up in the night with hot flashes. Can you suggest anything

natural that I could take to help with this? Heather* from Dublin

ADRIENNE BENJAMIN ANSWERS: As we age our bodies undergo many changes and it can be useful to understand more about how we function and what we can do to support these natural shifts. Our digestive system is central to bodily function and our gut microbiome comprises the trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive tract and perform a wide variety of important tasks, impacting all systems in our body.

Many menopause-related issues have been linked to our gut microbiome and studies are also now linking specific symptoms. Some of these discoveries include:

• The gut is the main way the body removes excess hormones and if it’s not functioning well, this can impact liver function and detoxification, leading to hormone imbalances.

• Our gut bacteria directly interact with our endocrine system, our body’s hormone system.

• Low oestrogen levels and related menopausal symptoms may be linked to a reduction of Lactobacillus bacteria, the key strains found in the female genito-urinary tract.

• Gut bacteria are involved in metabolism and influence weight and energy balance, as well as impacting cortisol (the stress hormone), potentially contributing to weight gain.

• Our microbes influence mood and sleep and research has shown a clear link between the microbiome and the brain through the gut-brain axis.

• Whilst more research is needed to understand the specific ways the bacteria work, supporting our gut microbiome and digestion with probiotics and digestive enzymes could help to improve menopause-related symptoms and outcomes, with Lactobacillus species in particular providing support for the vaginal microbiome.

• For everyday use alongside meals

• 25 billion friendly bacteria per two capsules

• Contains a full spectrum of digestive enzymes and calcium1 to support digestion 1Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes

from Independent health stores and Pharmacies

Digestive Enzymes Comprehensive
support for digestion
07734908367 Available rude | experts
Adrienne Benjamin is a nutritionist at ProVen Probiotics

Health store help

Looking for advice on natural health and wellbeing? Your local independent health stores can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This issue we speak to Ingrid McCann and Janette Lambe from Bee Healthy

Independent health store advice on eco-friendly household solutions

Bee Healthy is our little haven in the centre of Monaghan town where wellbeing meets environmental consciousness. Our dedication to continued learning is something we take pride in, as it allows us to impart valuable knowledge to our customers.

Our ethos extends beyond human health; it encompasses our interconnectedness with the natural world, the animal kingdom, and the delicate eco-system. By thoughtfully sourcing products, we prioritise organic ingredients that are free from unnecessary binders and fillers. The choice of organic and vegan supplements reflects our commitment to Mother Earth and our stance against cruelty to animals.

The deliberate choice of wooden shelving over metal or plastic reflects our sustainable mindset. Not only is wood more environmentally friendly, but it also fills the shop with its rich, earthy scent — something our customers regularly comment on!

Something we have observed is how people have grown so accustomed to the powerful fragrances of synthetic laundry detergents, soaps, air fresheners, candles, washing up liquids and cosmetics. This isn’t surprising, considering that our sense of smell is a remarkable gift — it can uplift, relax, refresh or invigorate us. However, there exists a misconception that natural cleaning products lack the same olfactory impact as their chemical counterparts. Let’s dispel that notion!

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Store Profile

Who’s who and what’s what at Bee

Healthy in Monaghan

Our customers frequently express delight at the pleasant scents that permeate our shop. This delightful smell experience is all thanks to the marriage of the scent of timber with the array of natural products gracing our shelves.

Bee Healthy was opened by owner Ingrid McCann in December 2020. Since then this small shop has gone from strength to strength. It has evolved into a community hub and is a vibrant place where locals gather and get good natural health advice from staff who are all qualified practitioners.

“We get lots of people coming in looking for advice,” says Janette Lambe. “As qualified practitioners, our team of two herbalists and a homeopath embodies a commitment to holistic health. I give talks around the community and make up herbal tea blends which we sell in the shop. Ingrid has a homeopathic dispensary where customers can get a remedy made up for them on the shop floor. Margaret gives lectures and offers foraging walks to anyone interested in wild-crafting food from nature.

“Our shop is located on the busiest shopping street in Monaghan and is the town’s only independent health food shop. We were recently shortlisted for best small business in the Monaghan Town Business Awards.

“We sell everything — a full range of supplements, dried foods, cleaning products, cosmetics and herbal teas. We sell incense, sage sticks and scented candles, and this attracts loads of teenagers.

“We have a very broad and diverse customer base, from mums who come in with their kids to men taking an interest in their health too.

“We endeavour to ensure a steady supply of homebaking essentials like organic flour, baking soda, nuts, and seeds — all the building blocks for creating your own wholesome groceries. So whether you’re kneading bread, blending nut butter, or experimenting with homemade granola, Bee Healthy supports your journey toward selfsufficiency.

“Our shelves are stocked with practical tools for selfreliance. We offer recipe books that guide you through making your own cheese from scratch, brewing herbal teas and creating nourishing meals from simple and sustainable ingredients.

“Our nut milk bags cater to plant-based milk enthusiasts who prefer crafting their own creamy blends at home. We also encourage people to grow their own food. We have a range of books on food growing for the Irish climate.”

VISIT: 88 Glaslough, Monaghan

SPEAK TO: Owner manager Ingrid McCann and staff members Janette Lambe, Margaret Palmer. Charlotte Batsaikhan part-time, trained in homeopathy

PHONE: 047 83634

OPEN: Mon-Fri 9.15am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm

From natural cosmetics and household cleaning items to essential oils and the sweet aroma of our extensive dried fruit section, our shop exudes a wholesome fragrance. We’re proud to offer a wide range of soy wax candles scented with essential oils and an assortment of natural incense. These are perfect examples of how you can make your home smell delightful without compromising your health or the environment.

For our shop’s cleaning needs, we keep it simple yet effective. A basic combination of vinegar and frankincense essential oil does wonders for cleaning the shop floor, toilet and countertops. Pure and eco-friendly!

Our commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle extends beyond cleaning products and cosmetics however. We encourage our customers to maintain clean homes by keeping their food wholesome too. Natural living goes hand in hand with natural eating. It warms our hearts to see more and more people seeking ingredients for home baking.

This shift toward self-reliance suggests that we’re gradually reducing our reliance on others and our negative impact on the planet. As we become more self-sufficient, we contribute to a healthier Earth. Together, let’s nurture our well-being while treading lightly on the Earth.

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Simple, Ethical, Effective Europe's first Fair Trade washing brand 100% Vegan Eco-Cert Certified For a cleaner, brighter world The Natural Medicine Company Tel: 045 865575 Email: - Distributed in Ireland by:


How to get enough protein from meat and dairy-free alternatives to ensure you’re having a balanced diet

Protein is crucial for a healthy body – we need it for many different functions such as growth, digestion, energy and vitality, mood and behaviour, performance and recovery and a healthy immune system, plus assisting the digestion, absorption and metabolism of foods.

“Protein literally means ‘primary substance’, an accurate description since all the tissues of the body are built and repaired with protein,” says Hannah Dare of health store and cafe Organico in Bantry, Co Cork. “The antibodies of the immune system, most hormones, the haemoglobin of red blood cells, and all enzymes have protein as a basic component.”


“In Organico, we have coconut, almond, rice, soy and oat yogurts, and a huge range of cheeses for all dishes, from pizza to pasta to vegan gorgonzola,” says Hannah Dare.


“Oats, spelt and kamut all contain very good amounts of protein,” says Hannah Dare. “Eaten in their whole form, these grains are slow release carbohydrates as well, so are good for blood sugar balancing. Spelt and kamut are both older types of wheat and contain more nutrients than the overdeveloped durum wheat. Both can be used instead of arborio rice in a risotto.”

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“Hemp is a complete source of protein as the seeds contain all nine essential amino acids. It is a rare plant-based food source as it provides a complete profile of the crucial building blocks for protein,” says Suzan Turan of health store The Aquarian in Cahersiveen in Co Kerry. “If you are choosing a vegan or vegetarian diet, add hemp seeds, oil and protein, predominantly from the husk, to give yourself a great source of omega fats, minerals as well as fibre. Hemp protein is easily digestible and contains rich healthy fats.”


“Legumes and pulses, such as beans, lentils and peas, are one of the best sources of plant-based protein, but a lot of people have difficulties digesting them,” says Hannah Dare. “I always cook beans with seaweeds. I throw a stick of dried kombu into the pot at the start and fish it out just before serving. Another way of improving the digestibility of pulses is to sprout them before you cook them.”

“I would suggest soaking pulses and legumes overnight at least,” says Suzan Turan. “Discard the water and simmer for 30-40 minutes until soft. Add some bay leaves and cumin or cardamom pods while simmering which also contribute to a reduction in bloatedness.”


“Nuts and seeds are rich in protein and fat, and are incredibly healthy when eaten in small amounts,” says Hannah Dare. “Amaranth and quinoa, which are seeds but cook like grains, contain as much protein per serving as meat. Amaranth is particularly good for people who need extra nutrition such as breastfeeding mothers and children.”

“Nuts are rich in healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals,” agrees Suzan Turan. “I suggest soaking them and consuming what fits into the palm of your hand twice a day. Seeds are the less calorie dense as well as less allergy related choice.”

Nut butters, spreads, dips or pates made from beans and lentils are a great protein source.


“Tofu can be a nutritious part of a balanced diet,” says Suzan Turan “It is made from soy beans and a good plant-based source of protein. The quality of tofu is important both nutritionally as well as ethically. It is rather tasteless but can be made more flavoursome by marinating in tamari sauce prior to frying or stir frying. It has a somewhat egg-like texture, so can fit into many meals instead of meat.”

“Tofu is an excellent source of protein, but I’m much happier eating the fermented one,” says Hannah Dare. “Fermentation helps to make soy beans digestible, which is important if you are going to rely on tofu as your main


Swap for

source of protein. Tempeh and miso are other sources of fermented soy protein.”


You may be concerned that a vegetarian diet might mean you miss out on some nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12 which helps with iron absorption. Egg yolk, dried fruits, beetroot, sweet potatoes, peas, molasses, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, wholegrains, nutritional yeast flakes and spirulina are high in iron. B12 is harder to find in non-meat foods, and if a veggie is feeling more tired than normal, a supplement might be in order.

Meat or fish burgers homemade veggie quinoa, mashed bean or sweet potato burgers

Dairy milk nut/oat/rice/soya milk

Dairy cheese soya cheese

Butter nut butter such as almond or peanut

Roast meats nut roast, quorn roast

Mince meat quorn mince, lentils or shredded cauliflower

Dairy ice cream coconut or soya ice cream

Cooked chicken grilled halloumi cheese

Fish seaweed

Ask for advice from your local health store and read labels to ensure foods do not contain artificial colourings, flavourings and sweeteners or high levels of salt and sugar.

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Enjoy these delicious plantbased recipes from new book

Vegan Vietnamese: Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes to Enjoy Every Day by Helen Le.

Published by Rockpoint

Stir-fried noodles

You can also use udon, soba, glass, or rice noodles for this recipe

Serves 4


1tbsp sugar

1tbsp soy sauce, plus 3tbsp for serving

1tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce

1tbsp ketchup

1tbsp chilli sauce

½tsp vegetable or mushroom stock powder

60ml filtered water


60ml plus 3tbsp vegetable oil, divided

400g firm tofu

600g dried or 1.2kg fresh ramen noodles

1tbsp thinly sliced leek (white part only)

30g dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked and sliced

100g carrot, peeled and shredded

20g garlic chives (or Chinese chives), sliced thinly

100g white or green cabbage, shredded

50g roughly chopped Chinese celery (optional)

100g mung bean sprouts

1 bird’s eye chili pepper, sliced, for garnish soy sauce, for serving

In a small bowl, whisk together all sauce ingredients until solids are dissolved. Set aside. Heat 60ml of the vegetable oil in a small skillet over medium-low heat. When hot, add the tofu and cook until golden brown on all sides (10-15 mins). Transfer to a cooling rack or paper towel lined plate to drain. When cool, cut into 1cm thick slices.

Fill a large saucepan halfway with water and bring to a boil over high heat. Blanch fresh ramen noodles until loosened. For dried ramen follow the recommended cooking time on the package, and then drain through a colander.

Rinse several times with cold tap water to eliminate excess starch, and then drain well and set aside.

In a large skillet or wok, heat the remaining 3tbsp oil over medium-low heat. When hot, add leek and cook and stir until lightly golden. Add mushrooms, tofu, carrot, and 2tbsp of the prepared sauce. Cook and stir until mushrooms are tender.

Add noodles to the skillet and stir well, adding more sauce gradually, adjusting the amount to taste.

Add chives, cabbage, celery and mung beans sprouts and stir well. Cook until wilted. Transfer to plates, garnish with chilli pepper slices, and serve hot with a side of soy sauce.

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Corn spring rolls

Makes 20 spring rolls

2 glutinous or sweet corncobs, or sweetcorn

28g dried wood ear, or other, mushrooms, soaked and finely chopped

1tbsp chopped cilantro

200g tofu, finely crumbled with a fork

28g leek (white part only), finely chopped 1tsp sugar, plus 1tbsp for soaking rice paper wrappers

½tsp salt

1tsp vegetable or mushroom stock powder pinch of freshly ground black pepper

20 rice paper or spring roll wrappers (15cm)

1tbsp lime juice, for soaking rice paper

480ml water, to soften rice paper vegetable oil, for deep-frying

120ml vegan fish dipping sauce, for serving

Using a knife shave corn kernels off cobs into a bowl and set aside.

Five Colour Salad

Serves 4

4tbsp vegetable oil, divided

400g firm tofu

100g leek, white part only, thinly sliced

1 cube store-bought chao (fermented tofu)

1tbsp fermented soybean sauce

1tbsp chilli sauce

2tsp sugar

1tbsp lime juice

1tbsp sesame or olive oil

1 bird’s eye chili pepper, minced, plus more sliced for garnish

90g cucumber, seeds removed and thinly sliced

90g carrot, peeled and shredded

90g red cabbage, shredded

28g mint

3tbsp roasted peanuts, crushed

2tbsp toasted sesame seeds

In a medium skillet, heat 1tbsp of vegetable oil over medium heat. When hot, add tofu and cook until golden brown on all sides (about 10 minutes). Place tofu on paper towel-lined plate to drain.

Cut tofu into thin strips and set aside. In a clean skillet, heat remaining 3tbsp of vegetable oil, and then cook and stir sliced leek until golden brown (about 2 minutes).

Using a slotted spoon, transfer leek to a paper towel-lined plate to drain.

In a small bowl, mash the chao into a smooth paste, and then add fermented soybean and chilli sauces, sugar, lime juice, sesame oil, and minced chili pepper, and stir well.

Arrange cucumber, carrot, cabbage and mint on a platter. Top with tofu, and then sprinkle with fried leek, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Drizzle dressing on top, garnish with chilli slices, and toss well before serving.

In a large bowl, combine mushrooms, cilantro, tofu, leek, 1tsp of sugar, salt, stock powder and pepper. Mix well and set aside for 15 minutes.

Prepare rice paper wrappers for rolling with the lime juice, water and 1tbsp of sugar.

To assemble the rolls, scoop 1tbsp of filling on one end of a wrapper, and then spread until it covers about 10cm, leaving some room on the sides. Lift that end of the wrapper and fold it over the filling. Push the covered filling back a bit, and then fold in both sides. Continue to roll tightly to the other end. Repeat with the remaining wrappers and filling. Cut a piece of parchment paper to line the bottom of a medium saucepan or skillet. Fill the bottom of the saucepan with 5cm of oil and heat to 180°C. (You can check the temperature with a cooking thermometer or insert one end of a chopstick in the oil; if bubbles appear around it, the oil is ready for deep-frying.)

Drop rolls in the pan, seam sides down so that they remain sealed when they touch the hot oil. Deepfry in batches until golden brown (5-8 minutes). When done, use a slotted spoon to transfer rolls to a cooling rack or paper towel-lined plate to drain. Serve warm with vegan fish dipping sauce.

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Rude Health is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, the professional trade association representing most health stores in the Republic of Ireland. To find your local store see our listings below

Horans Healthstore

Lr Cork St, Mitchelstown

Tel: 0858008832


Horans Healthstore

Patrick St, Fermoy

Tel: 0858008833


Hudsons Wholefoods

Main Street, Ballydehob

Tel: 028 37565


Loop De Loop

Bank Place, Castletownbere Tel: 027 70770



2 Glengarriff Road, Bantry Tel: 027 51391


Quay Co-Op

24 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork Tel: 021 317753


Quay Co-Op

Main St, Ballincollig Tel: 021 4875033


Quay Co-Op

Main St, Carrigaline Tel: 021 4317026



Alive and Well Health Store

Unit 17, Carlow Shopping Centre

Kennedy Avenue, Carlow

Tel: (059) 913 1008



Back To Nature

Upper Main Street, Cavan Town

Tel: 0494361019


Nice and Natural

47 Market St, Cootehill

Tel: 049 5552190



The Aloe Tree

Main St, Ennistymon

Tel: 065-7071837


Celestial Times

56 Moore Street, Kilrush, V15 HC85


Ennis Health Store

Unit 13, Ennis Shopping Centre, Ennis, Co. Clare

Tel: 065 684 9730


Open Sesame

29 Parnell St, Ennis

Tel: 065 6821480


The Health Connection

Walnut House, Turnpike Rd, Ennis Tel: 065 686 6597



An Tobairín

79 South Main St, Bandon Tel: 023-8852985


Capabu Foods

The Square, Millstreet Tel: 029 71764


For Goodness Sake

Main St, Dunmanway Tel: 023 8855671


For Goodness Sake

North Street, Skibbereen Tel: 023 8855671


Goodness Me

138 North Main Street, Youghal Tel: 024 25741


Here’s Health

51 Patrick St, Cork Tel: 021 4278101


Here’s Health

Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork Tel: 021 4361737


Here’s Health

Unit 7, Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton Rd Tel: 021 4348545



Roaring Waters Health Store

47 Main Street, Schull Tel: 028 27834


The Health Hub Store Time Square, Ballincollig Tel: 021 4810110


The Olive Branch Spiller’s Lane, Clonakilty Tel: 023 8835711


Well and Good Broderick Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4633499



Food For Thought

51 Upper Main St, Buncrana Tel: 074 9363550


Simple Simon

The Diamond, Donegal Town Tel: 074-9723690


The Health Shop

14 The Diamond, Carndonagh, Co Donegal Tel: 0863219878


The Natural Way 13 Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Letterkenny Tel: 074 9125738


The Wellness Pantry Unit 2, Edenbay, Bundoran, F94 DT7E



Down to Earth

South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6719702


Health Matters

8 Grafton St, Dublin 2

Tel: 01 6710166


Health Matters

Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 4550323


Health Matters

The Mill Shopping Centre, Clondalkin

Tel: 01 4570303


Horans Healthstore

74 Lower George Street, Dun Laoghaire Tel: 0858591761


Nature’s Cures

26 Church Street, Skerries, Co. Dublin Tel: 01 849 1215


Nature’s Gold

Avoca, Rathcoole Tel: 01 4580882


The Health Store

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Tel: 01 8222036


The Green Door Pantry

Bluebell Business Park, Dublin, D12 XCY2

Tel: (01) 426 4742


The Health Store

Frascati Shopping Centre, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Tel: 01 278 8855


The Health Store

Henry Street

Tel: 01 685 9431


The Health Store

The Square, Tallaght Tel: 01 4521181


The Health Store

The Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords Tel: 01 8404438


The Health Store

Stillorgan Shopping Centre

Tel: 01 2108608


The Health Store

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

Tel: 01 6754450


The Health Store

Dundrum Town Centre

Tel: 01 2051420


The Hopsack

Unit 6A, The Swan Shopping Centre, Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6

Tel: (01) 4960399


Whole Health Centre

Ballybrack Shopping Centre, Ballybrack Tel: 01 2369746


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Your vaginal microbiome matters

Specific support for all ages and life stages

Awareness around the gut microbiome has hit the mainstream. But the gut isn’t the only system with a microbiome; research into the vaginal microbiome has begun to reveal the incredible intricacies of this unique, localised microbiome and the impact it can have on a woman’s health.

Vaginal microbiome 101

The vagina can be thought of as a dynamic and finely tuned ecosystem which plays host to a community of microorganisms known as the vaginal microbiome. Optimal vaginal health depends on supporting and maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiome as these microorganisms help to maintain a healthy vaginal environment in many different ways. However, it’s possible (and common) for the vaginal microbiome to become unbalanced — in the microbiome world, this is called dysbiosis.

Vaginal dysbiosis

Vaginal dysbiosis is essentially a vaginal microbiome that is out of balance. It occurs when the delicate balance of live microorganisms that reside in the vagina is thrown off, and this can leave women vulnerable to unconformable vaginal infections and poor vaginal health.

Common manifestations of vaginal dysbiosis include vaginal thrush (caused by an overgrowth of a common vaginal yeast called candida) and bacterial vaginosis (caused by an overgrowth of specific bacteria, such as Gardnerella vaginalis).

Common medications such as antifungals and antibiotics often provide short-term relief, but can fail to prevent recurrence of these uncomfortable infections due to their inability to correct the causes of underlying vaginal dysbiosis.

These issues are common, with research showing:

Vaginal thrush affects 75% of all women at least once in their lifetime

Bacterial vaginosis affects 75% of all women at least once in their lifetime

15% of all women who get vaginal thrush develop recurrent infections, experiencing at least 3–4 infections per year

1 in 4 women treated for bacterial vaginosis relapse within one month

This is why a treatment approach that addresses the underlying imbalance in the vaginal microbiome has shown to be effective.

Restoring balance in the vaginal microbiome

Lactobacillus is the main group of bacteria that is naturally present in the healthy vagina. This species plays the important role of keeping levels of harmful bacteria in the vaginal environment under control. And when Lactobacillus levels are disrupted in some way, such as due to antibiotic use or inappropriate hygiene practices, this is when vaginal dysbiosis can take place and an overgrowth of harmful organisms can occur.

By contrast, a balanced vaginal microbiome with normal levels of Lactobacilli has been shown to protect women from microorganisms that can cause vulvovaginal infections, ultimately leading to longer-term vaginal health.

Ask your local health food store about Biome Her™

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Dr Clare Apothecary

9 Sea Road, Galway. Tel: 091 583260


Evergreen Healthfoods, Gateway Retail Park, Knocknacarra, Galway

Tel: 091 421 000


Evergreen Healthfoods

Mainguard St, Galway.

Tel: 091 564215


Evergreen Healthfoods

Eyre Square Shopping Centre, Galway Tel: 091 568843


Evergreen Healthfoods

Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway

Tel: 091 568843


Evergreen Healthfoods

Westside Shopping Centre, Westside, Galway

Tel: 091 581008


Evergreen Healthfoods, Seapoint, Barna, Co Galway Tel: 091 867875


Evergreen Healthfoods

An Fuaran, Mountain Road, Moycullen


Evergreen Healthfoods

Oranmore Town Centre. beside Tesco Tel: 091 787070


Healing Harvest

Main St, Kinvara

Tel: 091 637176


Licorice Health Foods

Unit 2, Patrick Street, Portumna Tel: 0909 75 9977


Open Sesame Unit 6 Market Hall, Gort, Tel: 091 632778


The Health Store

Unit 4, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit Tel: 091 773688


The Natural Way

Main Street, Clarinbridge. Tel: (091) 776 800



Anam Cara Health Store

69 New Street, Killarney, V93 EF2D Tel: 089 222 9675


Aquarian Health

23 Main Street, Cahersiveen

Tel: 066 9481733


Grá Health Dingle

Main Street, Dingle

Tel: 066 915 1910


Horans Healthstore

Lr Rock St, Tralee

Tel: 0858008837


Horans Healthstore

The Square, Tralee

Tel: 0852542471


Horans Healthstore

Beech Road, Killarney

Tel: 0858008834


Horans Healthstore

William St, Listowel

Tel: 0858008835


Horans Healthstore

Central Point, Park Road, Killarney

Tel: 0858008814


Horans Healthstore

Clash, Tralee

Tel: 0858008836


Horans Healthstore

Manor West, Tralee

Tel: 0858508683


Milltown Organics

Castlemaine Road, Milltown Tel: 066 976 7869


The Pantry

18 Henry St, Kenmare, V93 YX48 Tel: 064 664 2233



Healthy Living Centre

2 Duke St, Athy Tel: 059 8641535


The Health Store

Whitewater shopping centre, Newbridge Tel: 045 434 250


Wild Poppy Main Street, Clane, Co Kildare Tel: 0868554261



Food For Life, Green St, Callan Tel: 056 7725777


Food for Life

43 Kieran St, Kilkenny Tel: 056776168


The Good Earth

Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7790276


Natural Health Store

24 Market Cross, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7764538



The Fruit ’n Nut Place

Lyster House, Portlaoise Tel: 057 8622239



Oasis Health Store

The Market Yard, St George’s Terrace, Carrick-on-Shannon, N41 F382



Eats of Eden

Thomas St, Limerick Tel: 061 316693


Horans Healthstore

The Square, Newcastle West Tel: 0858643669


Horans Healthstore

73 William Street, Limerick Tel: 0858067409


Nature’s Hand Castletroy

Castletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick Tel: 061 339506


Sonas Health Foods

9 The Square, Newcastle West

Tel: (069) 78944


Nature’s Hand

Unit 28, Crescent Shopping Centre, Dooradoyle Road, Limerick

Tel: 061-228 888



Golden Health Store, 4 Grafton Court, Main Street, Longford

Tel: 043 3328500




American St, Belmullet

Tel: 097 81082



Nature’s Gold

Avoca Dunboyne, Piercetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath

Tel: (01) 802 6190



Bee Healthy

88 Glaslough Street,Monaghan Tel: 047 83634


Natural Choice

1 Parnell St, Carrickmacross Tel: 042 9662323



Licorice Health Foods

Main Street, Birr Tel: 057 9121619



Healthy Beings

Elphin St, Strokestown

Tel: 071 9634411


Au Naturel

Goff Street, Roscommon Town, F42 EK20

Tel: 090 6630492



Horans Healthstore

O’Connell Street, Sligo

Tel: 0858001320


Tír na nÓg Organics

16 Grattan St, Knappagh Beg, Sligo F91 RX31

Tel: 0719162752


Sligo Wellness

1 Wine Street, Sligo

Tel: 071 9153828



Healthy Haven 19 Liberty Square, Thurles Tel: 0504 58659


Healthy Vision

Main Street, Roscrea Tel: 086 8477423


Horans Healthstore

80 Pearse Street, Nenagh. Tel: 0858002985


Horans Healthstore

Main St, Cashel

Tel: 0858008821


Horans Healthstore

71 O’Connell St, Clonmel Tel: 0858088725


Solero Viva Health Store

6-7 Main Street, Carrick-on-Suir Tel: 051 600966


The Honey Pot 14 Abbey Street, Clonmel Tel: 052 6121457



Blasta Wholefoods

54 Main St, Dungarvan Tel: 058 23901


Full of Beans

Unit 9, Georges Court Shopping Centre, Waterford Tel: 051 843653


Full of Beans

Unit 2, Ardkeen Shopping Centre, Dunmore Rd Tel: 051 844644


Lismore Health Store

East Main Street, Lismore Tel: 089 449 3451



3 Sexton St, Abbeyside, Dungarvan Tel: (058) 45051



Au Naturel Health Foods

3 Payne’s Lane, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 V328

Tel: 0906 487993


Nuts & Grains

Chapterhouse, Friars Mill Road

Mullingar Tel: 044 9345988



Bizzy Bees

Main Steet, Newtownbarry, Bunclody Tel: 0862207683


Evolv Healthstore

2 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy Tel: 053 9236009


In A Nutshell

8 South St, New Ross Tel: 051 422777


Natural Health Store

24 North Main Street, Wexford Tel: 053 9121613


Only Natural

1 Church Lane, Wexford Tel: 053 9123236


Mrs Bee’s Healthy Options

3 Clonattin Road, Gorey Tel: 053 9481460



Rafter St, Gorey Tel: 053 9484270



Health Matters

25 Main St, Bray Tel: 01 2762669


Harvest Fare,

Main Street, Blessington Tel: 045 891636


Nature’s Gold

1 Killincarrig Road, Greystones Tel: 01 2876301


Refresh Health

Prospect house, Church street, Wicklow Town A67 X935


The Health Store

Bridgewater Centre, Arklow Tel: 0402 24893


The Health Store

The Boulevard, Quinsboro Rd, Bray Tel: 01 2861793


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Are you looking for a vitamin D supplement that is bioavailable and effective?

Get the proven benefits of sun exposure

Without worrying about your skin

As you know, it is important to protect your skin when the sun is most powerful. Still, sun exposure is necessary in order for our skin to synthesize vitamin D, which contributes to a normal immune defense.

If we avoid the sun or somehow prevent the UV rays from reaching our skin, it will reduce our ability to make vitamin D. It is difficult to get your full requirement of Vitamin D from diet alone. Therefore, to maintain a reasonable amount of vitamin D in your system it may be a good idea to consider taking a supplement like BioActive D-Pearls.

BioActive D-Pearls are small, soft gelatin capsules with 38, or 75 micrograms of vitamin D in each. This makes it easy for you to choose the right dose for the time of year and for your personal level of sun exposure.

• the vitamin D in BioActive D-Pearls is dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil for better absorption

• small capsules that are easy to swallow – or chew

Find us on social media:

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Buy from, your local pharmacy or health food shop.

Fermentation can transform certain valuable plant compounds in supplements into more bioavailable and active forms. However, most available fermented ingredients are made with an unstandardised fermentation medium, which may have significant limitations in achieving consistency & predictability in the content of transformation compounds.

Not just fermented... SCIENTIFICALLY fermented.
But now there’s a better way.

The pioneering company, Fermedics, practices scientifically standardised fermentation, where each ingredient is fermented with a specific microbial strain and controlled conditions that have been determined to achieve the most consistent and predictable transformation, as well as enhanced bioavailability and activity.

This is why Terranova has chosen Fermedics as our exclusive supplier of fermented botanicals

Our 14 Fermented Products



Black Garlic Chaga


Ginger Jiaogulan


Mushroom Complex




Turmeric & Kombucha

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