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Better with age Natural solutions for common mature health issues ‘THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE SOLVED MY BACK PROBLEMS FOREVER’

Super drinks how to make delicious teas, smoothies and spritzers New year, new detox Natural ways to a new you

Radiant winter skin The natural way

Lisa Cannon

‘Powerlifting changed my body for the better’


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HAIR GROWTH WOMAN Drug-free, safe, and scientifically proven

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to the January/February issue of Rude Health, the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores. In this issue we chat to TV3 star Lisa Cannon about how powerlifting changed her body and how she keeps fit with a busy schedule. There’s a look into how to keep your skin looking radiant all winter, tips for starting that New Year detox, how to choose the best gym for you and recipes for making delicious healthy drinks at home. Plus there’s lots more. Enjoy, and look out for the March/April issue in late February

FEATURES 12 COVER STORY: Celebrity health: TV3’s Lisa Cannon on how power lifting changed her body and made her healthier 20 Rude looks: keep your skin radiant right through the winter 29 Feature: natural help for common older age health issues 36 Rude fit: how to choose the best gym for you 40 Rude therapy: ‘The Alexander Technique really helped my back pain’

RUDE FOOD 43 Recipes: suggestions for how to make delicious teas, smoothies and spritzers for a quick morning pick-me-up


ASK THE EXPERTS 16 Rude wonders: Our guest experts answer your questions 38 Ask away: everything you need to know about baby essentials from independent health stores

Lucy Taylor | Editor

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All health stores are not the same Why it pays to shop independent! The Irish Association of Health Stores has been representing independent Irish health stores for 26 years and in our official magazine, Rude Health, we’d like to make you aware of what makes our member stores different. What is the Irish Association of Health Stores? The IAHS is the professional trade association, which represents the independent health store in the Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1986, the Association operates under a written constitution and member stores adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, and Customer Care Protocol. What makes an IAHS store different? Our stores are renowned for offering a tailored service to consumers, providing comprehensive advice on holistic ways to optimise health. Our Code of Ethics covers standards of training and the quality of products we stock. Our store staff offer information about products on their shelves and are happy to answer queries on health, diet and lifestyle. IAHS shops are unique in the retail sector in the emphasis they place on training. To copper-fasten the safety aspect our member stores operate a Customer Care Protocol. In the words of one customer who enjoys shopping in an IAHS store: “The staff… are always friendly and extraordinarily helpful. No matter how busy it gets you are guaranteed excellent customer service… The staff … demonstrate an encyclopedic knowledge of their products and their uses and benefits… They offer to help in a way that demonstrates a genuine interest, rather than because it’s something they’re told to do or because they’re trying to make a sale… There is a real sense of community in everything that the store offers, from the fresh local produce to engaging and rewarding their customers.” You won’t receive service like this in a supermarket! Our members are identified to the public by the current year’s logo on their door. They work hard to keep their satisfied customers coming back for more, welcome you to experience shopping in their stores and wish all their loyal customers a happy New Year brimming with good health. Check out your nearest store on page 53 and our website

Kevin Connolly

Chairperson The Irish Association of Health Stores

The IAHS is proudly supported by our Association Partners


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Better labelling of allergens Great news for people who have coeliac disease and need to avoid foods containing gluten and for others with sensitivities to certain foods. The new EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation, which came into force in December 2014, now requires food businesses to provide information on ingredients which are allergens. This means that restaurants, cafés, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars will all need to inform customers if any cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, rye and oats), crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk, nuts, celery (and celeriac), mustard, sesame, sulphur dioxide, lupin and molluscs are included in the ingredients in the food they serve. If the food is not packaged, this can be communicated to customers in writing on menus or verbally through explanations by staff.

HEALTH EVENT 7-8 April 2015 Wise Traditions Ireland conference in Thomond Park, Limerick with speakers Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions; Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome; David Wetzel founder of Green Pasture; Darina Allen of Ballymaloe Cookery School; Joe Fitmaurice baker in Cloughjordan Eco Village and Elisabeth Ryan of Raw Milk Ireland. Check out

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These fantastic natural health products



Medicinal music

WEB: Just visit and enter your details and the Free Draw Code (such as RH-JAN/FEB SOLO).

According to a recent news report in The Telegraph and Irish Independent, The Alphamusic of revolutionary musician John Levine can have the same effect as antidepressants, stop insomnia and cure anxiety. We have two sets of Peace volume 1 and Orange Grove worth approx. €50 per set to be won. Free code: RH-JAN/FEB-JOHNLEVINE

EMAIL: Or email with the Free Draw Code (eg RH-JAN/FEB SOLO) in the email subject box.

POST: Or post your name and address and Draw Code to: Rude Health

Reader Offers, JHN Productions, Unit 2, Three Hills Farm, Ashdon Road, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire CB21 4EN, UK. (Postal entries on postcards or sealed envelopes only please.)

Closing date: 20th February 2014


Solo Nutrition MultiFifty™ with Coenzyme Q-10 is a very high potency one-a-day formula containing essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, noncitrus bioflavonoids and chelated minerals. It also has non-constipating iron, amino acids and 50mg coenzyme Q-10 which scientists believe converts food into energy and helps to control blood sugar levels. Now containing a higher level of coenzyme Q10 as well as with alpha lipoic acid and quercetin. We have a year's supply worth €160 to be won. Free code: RH-JAN/FEB-SOLO

A year’s supply of vitamin D

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Atlantic Aromatics Detox Massage Oil is made using pure essential oils of juniperberry, geranium, orange and lime. It is a lively and cleansing combination blended in a cold pressed unrefined sweet almond oil, free from alcohol and preservatives and made in Ireland. We have 20 bottles worth €10.35 each to be won. Free code: RH-JAN/FEB-ATLANTIC

Top natural products

Choose your preferred prize from over 100 Good Health products including SerraEnzyme 250,000iu serrapeptase, the world's strongest serrapeptase; MaxiFocus, with 24 super nutrients, including lutein, zeaxanthin and riboflavin for the maintenance of normal vision; and UB8Q10, eight times better than ordinary CoEnzymeQ10. We have 5 vouchers for the products of your choice worth €50 each to be won. Free code: RH-JAN/FEB-GOODHEALTH

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news Rude Health’s


Olive oil a heart winner A recent study led by Dr Bill Mullen of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at Glasgow University has revealed that consuming olive oil could cut the risk of heart issues after about six weeks. Scientists measured how taking about four teaspoons of olive oil per day in a group of 69 men and women who didn’t normally take the oil reduced scores for coronary artery disease (CAD) when using a CAD scoring system. Olive oil contains healthy polyunsaturates with omega 6 fats. The report was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Too much sugar is stressful We know that consuming too much sugar can lead to weight gain but a new study has revealed that it can lead to depression and stress too. The study led by lead author Constance Harrell of Emory University in Atlanta, US involved teenage and adult rats being given a normal diet or one high in fructose, a form of sugar. After 10 weeks the rats were put into stressful situations and the scientists measured their reaction. They found that the rats on the fructose diet showed more stressful behaviour. The scientists found that too much sugar stimulates pathways in the brain which in turn affect its response to stress, and if developed in teenage years can lead to increased susceptibility to stress. Stress carries its own heath risks – increased risk of heart issues, immune system suppression and elevated blood pressure.

Books The Herb and Flower Cookbook, Pip McCormac Part gardening book and part cookery book, this beautiful production takes the idea of cooking with flowers and herbs and makes it easy for everyone. Author Pip McCormac started off with a pot of basil from a supermarket and gradually extended his herb knowledge to over 30 herbs and edible plants. He gives the reader advice on growing the plants and then how to cook with them. Yum. Quadrille

Slim With Tina: The Easy Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off By Tina Murphy Tina Murphy is the Irish woman behind the Run with Tina and Slim with Tina courses she runs in Dublin, Cork and online. In this book she shows you how to see food and your health in a new way so that you can lose weight easily, without actually needing to go on a diet. Included are 50 simple tasty recipes, plenty of lifestyle advice, a beginners’ exercise program and an eating plan. Mercier Press

How to control your blood sugar levels and your weight This free book is essential for anyone who needs help controlling their blood sugar – it helps you to understand the role of chromium and insulin and how supplements can help to prevent blood sugar fluctuation. There’s a good look at research studies into chromium and chromium yeast too. To get your free copy click on to and follow the instructions.


rude health magazine

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BirdWatch Ireland BirdWatch Ireland is an organisation focused on the conservation of birds and biodiversity in Ireland that aims to promote nature conservation among policymakers and the wider public. Their work includes: n Supporting the conservation of Ireland's birds and their habitats. n Researching and monitoring projects to track how populations of Ireland's birds are faring over time including the garden bird survey, countryside bird survey, swift surveys and seabird monitoring programme. n Maintaining a growing network of bird reserves around the country, all located in areas of conservation importance to birds including rocky islands, saltmarshes, lakes, woods and semiimproved grasslands.

Get great looking skin this winter By Nutritional Therapist Wendy Moxley, Graduate of CNM The winter’s harsh cold winds and central heating can play havoc with our skin. As the temperature drops so too does the humidity, pulling moisture from our skin, leaving it dull, grey and dry. However, it’s not just the environment that affects our skin but what’s on our plates. Free radicals from exhaust fumes, excess sunlight, smoking and processed foods result in a chemical reaction damaging our cells' membranes causing ageing and dull, lifeless skin. Increase your antioxidant level to counteract free radical damage by consuming more fruit, especially berries, vegetables of all types and colours and beans (kidney, pinto, black). These foods are super sources of skin-loving vitamins C, E and beta carotene. Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy, plump cell membranes. The best-known essential fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6, which must be in balance for good health and good skin. Many people lack omega 3s. Oily fish, walnuts, and flax and chia seeds are among the best sources. Tea, coffee and alcohol all dehydrate the body, leaching moisture from your skin and slowing down the digestion process. What goes in must come out! We need plenty of water to aid this process and to keep our skin healthy and vibrant. We are inclined to drink less in winter so try warming herbal teas with ginger, cleansing lemon juice in warm water as well as fresh clean water. Cleansing and moisturising are imperative to glowing skin, but many skincare products contain harsh chemicals including petroleum and alcohol which further dry out the skin. Choose products with natural and nourishing ingredients and an oil base rather than a water base for more effective moisturisation. CNM trains students for careers in natural therapies. Visit or call 01 2353084

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Now you can TRY IT… to see whether it can change yours

WIN! Win a Spa Break for 2 worth €570 with the Rude Health Awards competition In the last issue of Rude Health we introduced our first-ever Rude Health Awards and asked you to vote for your favourites. We also offered a fabulous competition to Win a Spa Break for 2 at Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa in West Cork worth €570. It's not too late to submit your votes and be in with a chance of winning the following: n Two nights’ accommodation in a deluxe room with ocean view balcony or terrace. n Complete access to the heated Seawater Therapy Pool, Sauna, Hammam and Relaxation Areas. n Choice of Seawater Treatment in the awardwinning spa. n Full Irish Buffet Breakfast in the Gulfstream Restaurant. n Dinner on one night in the Gulfstream Restaurant. For a chance to win this fantastic prize simply visit then register your details, vote and click on your favourite products. You can enter via email at awards@rudehealthmagazine. ie. Just write RUDE HEALTH AWARDS in the subject line and give us the names of your favourite products, along with your name, address and daytime phone number. Or you can vote by post. Write the names of your favourite products, along with your name, address and daytime phone number on a postcard or sealed envelope and post to: Rude Health Awards 2014, Unit 2, Three Hills Farm, Ashdon Road, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire CB21 4EN. Voting closes on 28 January 2015. An overall winner, runner up and three highly commended products will be announced in the March/April 2015 issue of Rude Health.

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The world’s strongest serrapeptase is now available in a TRIAL SIZE (x30) • 250,000iu’s serrapeptase per capsule • Maximum strength serrapeptase • Maximum strength serrapeptase for bigger and better results • Also known as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, over 30 years of use • Backed by Robert Redfern, serrapeptase expert • Delayed Release capsule for optimum performance • Phthalate free • Good Health Naturally serrapeptase, manufactured under strict guidelines, set by the U.S FDA’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ • Suitable for Vegetarians • Try this if you want to establish whether serrapeptase can help you OR if you need more serrapeptase for greater results TRIAL SIZE SERRAENZYME 250,000iu IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM YOUR LOCAL HEALTH STORE Facebook “f ” Logo

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If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, try something different by Sarah Green, BSc NT, DIp NT, mBANT, CNHC Reg. Registered Nutritional Therapist For many the new year provides the impetus necessary to start a new health kick - to get fitter, healthier and to lose weight. The trouble is that for many, the psychology of giving foods up just leads to more cravings than ever. A pattern of yo-yo dieting emerges as you lose and gain, lose and gain. The truth is, ‘if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting’. So what should you do to kick start a new you in a way that’s sustainable, in a way that will benefit your health and give you the weight loss you seek? Well the first thing to do is try something different. Understand that being overweight is NOT as simple as calories in, exceeding our calories out. If we were machines being fueled in a lab, without any hormonal, metabolic or physiological response then that might be applicable. But we aren’t. We are all unique, so we all have a different response to the foods we eat, whether it’s a hormonal response (in the case of blood sugar balance) or an inflammatory one (in the case of food intolerance or allergy). We are all different. Then you need to know that on top of our own individuality, there’s the type (or quality) of calories we consume. It’s clear that 500 calories of coke will have a different health effect than 500 calories of broccoli, so why do we hold to the myth that to control our weight we need to count calories? Calorie-controlled diets which allow you to continue to eat rubbish as long as you don’t eat too many calories, do not work long term. So how do you go about making the right choices to



rude health magazine

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reduce your risk of these diseases and lose weight in a sustainable way? Stop banning things from your life. Start by increasing your vitality by eating a broader variety of foods. By including new foods (especially an array of colourful vegetables) with every meal, you will have less room for the foods you are trying to reduce. Make a point of eating quality calories at every meal, so you have less room for the empty ones which deplete your health. If you get side-tracked by a chocolate bar (or two) just pick up at the next meal with a good dose of non-starchy vegetables. This is what you should include (and avoid) in your day! 5 handfuls of whole fresh colourful vegetables 3 handfuls of green leafy vegetables 1-2 portions of indigenous fruit (apples, pears, berries) and fresh pomegranate 3 palm-sized portions of protein 4 tbsp of good fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconut) 1-2 tbsp of whole grains 6-8 (300ml) glasses of water Avoid: ● Products marked ‘low fat’ - they’re full of sugar ● Breakfast cereals, breakfast biscuits, cereal bars, pasta and bread are processed and sugary even if they are wholegrain ● Shopping when you’re hungry n For support and personalised detailed diet and lifestyle advice find your local Registered Nutritional Therapist at

Matcha is a finely milled green tea powder made from the highest quality shade-grown Japanese tea leaves. Clearspring matcha is grown on a single tea estate high in the hills around Kyoto, an area renowned for producing the best Japanese teas. The finest, smallest shade-grown leaves at the top of the tea bush are handpicked, dried and then ground in stone mortars. This creates a unique light smoothness that is perfect for drinking in hot water as a smooth green tea. It can also be added to smoothies, cakes and ice cream, giving a distinctive subtle flavour and wonderful vivid green colour to your recipe.

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Authentic & Organic Fine Foods

Organic Coconut Speciality Range




CHANGE CAREER Train to become a…  Nutritional Therapist  Herbalist Attend a  Acupuncturist FREE CNM ! Open Evening  Naturopath We also offer a Short Course in Nutrition for Everyday Living CNM colleges in Dublin, Cork & Galway and in the UK, South Africa, USA.

✔ No Additives, Preservatives or Thickeners ✔ Dairy Free ✔ Very Versatile

Part time studies

01 235 3094

From Ireland’s No. 1 award winning supplement company Revive Active Products comes Ubiquinol CoQ10 - 100mg

The 1978 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Peter Mitchell for research into Coenzyme Q10 and its cellular energy producing mechanism.

Freephone: IRL 1800 910 000 UK 0800 901 2152

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UBIQUINOL COQ10 the science of nature

rude health magazine


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How Irish Association of Health Store staff rate what they sell… This issue owner/ managers Rachel and Hannah Dare, assistant manager Fleur Hindley, assistant manager Elizabeth Ewing and nutritional therapist Christine Meadows from Organico in Bantry, Co Cork review a digestive aid, organic spirulina, a garlic supplement and natural skin toner

This issue shop assistants Annie Harte and Caroline Coffey and manager Sundara O’Higgins from Nourish in Donnybrook Dublin 4 review matcha and reishi tea, healthy chocolate, lemon myrtle oil and magnesium


Annie says: “‘I love Vanoffe chocolate bars. They’re a delicious healthy option instead of the average dairy/sugary chocolates. They’re made with low GI coconut palm sugar, raw cacao which is rich in B vitamins and antioxidants and raw lucuma powder which tastes naturally sweet. They are high in fibre and a source of phosphorus and can help to stabilise blood sugar and curb cravings.”


Rachel says: “My top product this year has to be Revive Active. It kept us and all our building team going through a very difficult time while we renovated our café – we couldn’t have survived without it! It’s a fantastic energy boost, as well as being excellent for the heart and circulation. And it’s made in Ireland.”



Hannah says: “I am using Nature’s Plus GI Natural for my digestion and to treat a range of symptoms from bloating to gas to more severe IBS symptoms. It contains L-Glutamine to heal the digestive tract, enzymes for improving digestion and preand probiotics as well as some trace minerals. Our customers have found it so good I thought it must be worth trying.”

Caroline says: “Clearspring Matcha tea is high in antioxidants and contains L-Theanine which helps to calm and focus the mind. I definitely feel it gives me more focus and energy and it was particularly helpful in keeping me calm as my college thesis deadline approached.”



Sundara says: “I enjoy Four Sigma Instant Reishi tea. With purported benefits ranging from reduced stress, improved immunity and better sleep quality it’s definitely a tea worth trying. It contains 1000mg of strong red reishi extract which has a lovely earthy flavour and this is combined with a delicious warming blend of star anise, licorice and mint blended with an extra hint of sweetness from the stevia. Simply add water.”

Christine says: “My favourite product of all time is Spirulina. It’s a natural multivitamin, full of iron and chlorophyll. It’s a very good boost for people who don’t eat well and great for sports recovery. We have recently started stocking Sara’s Choice Spirulina which is organic and great value. If you find the powder hard to take try mixing it with pineapple juice, or just take tablets. The positive effects outweigh the taste.”



Caroline says: “Magnesium comes in both supplement and topical forms – the powder is brilliant for easing tired aching muscles and I always have a brilliant sleep when I take it. I often get tension in my shoulders and find a magnesium spray gives me great relief.”

Fleur says: “The Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Serum is my favourite skincare product at the moment. I put it on after a shower after exercise, when the blood vessels are all open, and it soaks in beautifully. Alcohol-based toners can dry out the skin, whereas a serum feeds and moisturises.”



Sundara says: “Studies have shown that lemon myrtle oil has 30% more antibacterial activity than tea tree. With a strong and uplifting lemon scent this versatile oil can be burned in an oil burner to invigorate and revitalise, added to water in a spray bottle for a room spray. We burn Bio Nature 100% Lemon Myrtle Oil all the time in the shop and customers come in to ask what the lovely scent is.”

Liz says: “One of my most used products is Kyolic Garlic by Quest. It is an aged garlic supplement that is great to take when you feel you may have lowered immunity (eg a sore throat coming on). It’s also a brilliant blood cleanser and is fantastic for cardiac support. I find it especially good for menopausal women.”

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MATCHA GREEN TEA LATTES Matcha Green Tea infused with Organic Superfoods to create a deliciously creamy Matcha Latte.


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celebrity health

΄ D E S O P X E

celebrity health

HEALTH Interview by Lucy Taylor.

Lisa Cannon is a showbiz reporter for Ireland’s primetime entertainment show Xposé (weekdays 6-7pm, TV3) and is the chief movie critic for Ireland AM. She also judged the desserts made by judges Biddy White Lennon and Paul Kelly on TV3’s The Great Irish Bake Off Christmas Special.


WHAT SORT OF EXERCISE DO YOU DO TO KEEP IN SHAPE? Last year I did some powerlifting for a TV3 documentary called Presenter to Powerlifter – it filmed me over eight weeks and I competed in the Irish Powerlifting Championships. There was some heavy competition and extreme results. I was on a diet of mixed carbohydrates and protein – a real cavewoman diet. It was very hard – no chocolate, no alcohol, which became very dull after a while. ARE YOU STILL POWERLIFTING? Recently I decided to go back and do it again but this time it’s not for a film crew but about getting back into shape for me. I usually do about 45 minutes every three days one-toone with an instructor, which is quick and very effective. I might go to the gym at 7am or 9pm to fit it around work. I find powerlifting is good


rude health magazine

PG12,13 CELEBb.indd 12

for legs, core strength and my state of mind – it helps to get frustrations out. When I can see the weights increasing I really feel like I am achieving something. It is also good for burning body fat. Now I see my powerlifting as more of a maintenance thing because I am not going in for competitions. WHAT SORT OF FOODS DO YOU EAT TO STAY HEALTHY? I am a massive foodie and love food. I am tired a lot of the time from the long hours and the change in the Xposé format to an hour, so sometimes I go for convenience foods which I know are not good for me. I relapsed a bit after the powerlifting programme ended because I had been too strict with myself. When you can’t fit into your jeans you say ‘enough is enough’. Now I have got back into cooking my chicken breasts and taking cashew nuts and protein bars into work. Finding the time is the hard bit – I work six or seven days per week and have been on 12 flights in the last three weeks.

19/12/2014 10:15


celebrity health

“Powerlifting is good for legs, core strength and my state of mind. I really feel like I am achieving something.”

HOW DO YOU RELAX WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THE PUBIC EYE? I like to go for a walk with my fiancé and my dog, watch movies and catch up with friends. I find that exercise is good for relaxing. HEALTH TIPS These tips are important, and I need to work on them myself: n Try to look after your stress levels before they start to dominate you. n Cooking from scratch is healthier than buying the easy alternative. n Take a few minutes for yourself, even if it’s just having a cuppa. n Everything in moderation. n Try to get enough rest – if you’re rested you feel able to cope with anything. It’s good for your body and your moods.

PG12,13 CELEBb.indd 13

rude health magazine


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A new addition to your family?


Try these...

Bio-Kult Infantis is an advanced multistrain formula for babies, toddlers and young children. Each easy-to-use sachet contains seven protected strains of live bacteria, vitamin D3 to contribute to the normal function of the immune system, Preplex and DHA and EPA which are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

High fibre formula Safest organic spirulina

Lepicol is a multi-fibre source product containing gentle psyllium husk which contributes to maintaining normal bowel transit, as well as inulin. Together, these two ingredients can help ensure your recommended daily intake of fibre. The third key ingredient of Lepicol is five strains of live bacteria.

Since her launch in 2007 Sara’s byword has been ‘only the best available for a great price’ whether it’s her unique organic 3root Maca, her guaranteed highest vitamin C content Camu Camu or her Organic Spirulina. As her brand was born out of her own health issues, she knows how important quality and safety is. This spirulina is the only one in the British Isles that’s independently tested heavy metal and radiation safe.

A greener packed lunch

If You Care FSC certified, long sandwich bags are designed for keeping larger rolls fresh for lunch. These totally chlorinefree bags keep food fresh through special surface preparation of the paper, avoiding any coatings. The bags happily compost with your own kitchen or garden waste.

Music therapy

According to a recent news report in The Telegraph and Irish Independent, the Alphamusic of revolutionary musician John Levine can have the same effect as antidepressants and can stop insomnia and cure anxiety. Read the full article and find out more at


rude health magazine

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19/12/2014 10:41

Time for a greener you

Preferred wholesaler to the independent trade An organic daily blend of 11 super-rich green foods including Nettle, Kale Sprouts and Wheat Grass Juice.

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ask the experts

RudeWonders Odour control Eileen Durward is menopause expert for A. Vogel


What causes intimate odour during the menopause, and what can I do to minimise this?

EILEEN DURWARD ANSWERS: While there is a lot of information available about some of the more common symptoms of the menopause, there is one taboo rarely discussed – intimate body odour. Falling oestrogen during the menopause can affect the production of mucus in the vagina, causing dryness, irritation and sometimes infection. The lack of mucus, which is slightly acidic to deter infection, can also affect the balance of friendly bacteria in the vagina; both of these factors can result in a different odour. There are a number of different natural steps you can take to minimise this smell. If you are not on any hormonal contraception or HRT you could try a fermented soya supplement to gently raise and balance oestrogen levels, thereby increasing vaginal mucus. You could also take a daily sea buckthorn oil supplement to counter dryness. A probiotic can be helpful, especially in the weeks following antibiotic use, which often affects the vaginal balance of friendly bacteria. Dehydration can be a factor, so remember to drink plenty of water every day. Shower gels and soaps often contain chemicals which irritate your sensitive, intimate areas – swap to organic and natural alternatives. To avoid possible fungal infections and chafing in the groin area, make sure you wear cotton underwear which will allow your skin to breathe and reduce sweating. Finally, consider using a natural deodorant, like Crystal Spring’s Salt of the Earth Crystal Deodorant Spray. Containing skin-soothing aloe vera to ease irritation and anti-bacterial honeysuckle extract, this deodorant works by leaving a thin layer of odour-inhibiting mineral salts on the skin which provide long-lasting protection but importantly do not stop the skin from breathing.   

Energy boost Dr Audra Foster is a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine focusing on general medicine and women’s health. Her treatment modalities include botanicals, homeopathics, nutraceuticals, bioidentical hormones, and other forms of alternative medicine


I find that I don’t have enough energy to exercise at the gym after a day at work and I’m trying a new calorie-controlled diet that doesn’t help the matter. Can you recommend something for energy, that doesn’t contain loads of sugar or caffeine? DR AUDRA FOSTER ANSWERS: Review your diet to ensure you have enough calories and nutrients for your lifestyle. It’s very important to stay hydrated throughout the day also, by consuming a full range of adequate electrolytes and plenty of water. Lacking in either will result in dehydration and fatigue, making the trip to the gym unappealing. Adequate vitamins, especially the B vitamins, are also essential for healthy energy levels. An antioxidant is great for detox along with electrolytes, for clearing the toxins out of our cells. Oxylent is a 5-in-1 multivitamin drink that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes. It also contains zero calories, sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates, dairy, gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours or anything artificial.

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Do you know what's in YOUR Multivitamin & Energy Drink? WHAT IT CONTAINS...

-Vitamins -Minerals -Antioxidants -Amino Acids -Electrolytes -Stevia


-Sugar -Caffeine -Calories -Carbohydrates -Dairy -Gluten -Soy ners -Artificial Sweete g! -Artificial Anythin

Suitable for

Vegetarians Diabetics Coeliacs Distributed in Ireland & the UK by Ambermed Ltd, Croom, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Tel: +353 61 397533 email For more information visit

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RudeWonders Winter hair Michaela Maguire is proprietor of and a natural skincare expert


During the winter I tend to pamper myself more and have long relaxing baths. Can you recommend a natural hair treatment that would help to deep condition my dry coloured hair? I find that hair dyes leave my hair very dry and rough.

MICHAELA MAGUIRE ANSWERS: Over-processing the hair by colouring, excessive use of heated styling tools and using the wrong haircare products can all cause damage to the hair, making it look dull, brittle and even cause breakage. It’s important to establish a good haircare routine with the correct products for your hair and reduce the use of hair dyes and heated styling tools. Hair conditioners and treatments work like moisturisers on the face. They hydrate and nourish, making hair healthier, shinier and resilient to damage. When hair has a healthy moisture level it is shiny, has body and is easily managed. Dry, colour-treated hair lacks moisture and requires extra nourishment with a weekly hair treatment such as a hair oil. Add a pea-sized amount of organic argan or almond oil in with your conditioner, massage into the hair and leave on for two to three minutes. Using natural and organic haircare products for dry, colour-treated hair that contain moisturising, nourishing and strengthening natural plant extracts such as mango, rose or green tea will make hair shinier, healthier and more manageable and also the fragrances are gorgeous. Also try colouring your hair with a 100% plant-based herbal hair colour. They colour the hair but also nourish and moisturise without the use of chemicals, synthetic colours or boosters so your hair will look and feel gorgeous, soft and shiny.

New Year detox Natalie Lamb Dip NT is a nutritional therapist and a member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). She works as a Technical Advisor to Probiotics International, manufacturers of Bio-Kult and Lepicol.

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I love Christmas but always find I feel sluggish afterwards and that it’s hard to get up and go in the early weeks of January. I was thinking of trying a detox this year and wondering whether it’s possible to find some natural help with this? NATALIE LAMB ANSWERS: After the busy Christmas period January is always a popular time to cleanse the body. The theory behind cleansing is to release any toxic build-up in our blood, body cells and adipose fat. It is therefore imperative that all our elimination systems are working well or these toxins will get stuck in the body, potentially causing symptoms such as jittery nerves, nausea, tiredness or acne. The body’s main elimination organs are the kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph and bowels. Maintaining regular healthy bowel movements is essential to remove waste substances and toxins from the body. The consumption of high fibre foods such as vegetables absorb the waste products, providing bulk to stools, while adequate water intake helps the stool mass to stay soft and easy to pass. Vegetable juicing and drinking hot water with lemon is believed to support liver function. Toxins produced from gut pathogens can put extra pressure on the liver, so helping to rebalance the gut flora with a good multi-strain probiotic is advisable. The consumption of good quality organic wholefoods is recommended to reduce further environmental toxin exposure. Adequate protein intake is believed necessary to support the liver’s natural detoxification process. For those who don’t consume enough fibre in their diet or are undertaking a fast, psyllium husk is a gentle fibre supplement known to absorb much more water than other fibres and improve gut transit. Having a balanced gut flora is also important to ensure healthy regular bowel movements. Probiotic intake has been shown to increase bowel movements by up to 50%. Prebiotics selectively feed beneficial bacteria in the gut to help their growth. Lepicol is a 3 in 1 combination of gentle psyllium husk fibre which helps to normalise bowel transit, five probiotic strains to help rebalance gut flora and inulin acting as a prebiotic.

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Winter skincare made easy During the winter skin can suffer from being covered up, constantly being in heated environments and low humidity. Here’s how to keep your complexion looking radiant thoughout the colder months ALL DRIED OUT Natural skincare expert Michaela Maguire of Alchemist Earth in Limerick: “Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, increase the amount of essential fats in your diet and apply a 100% natural rosehip seed oil directly on to cleansed skin prior to your moisturiser for an added nutrient boost and deeper moisture penetration. Try an oil-based cleanser too, this melts off make-up but leaves a film of protection on dry, sensitive skin. Skin should feel clean and smooth, but not at all tight.” Joanne Reilly PhD of natural skincare brand Kinvara Skincare: “The best advice for dry skin is to look for a gentle cleanser, as we find this is the stage most people get wrong. Inappropriate cleansers with foamers, alcohol and other strong ingredients can strip dry skin and customers then feel they need to reach for a thick, dense moisturiser. Avoid that imbalance by using a cleanser loaded with plant oils.”


ingredients than a product of pure synthetic Joanne Reilly: “natural is better you can’t and plex com extracts are highly – the reason is that natural plant k at the Loo ry. rato labo a in s hesising part replicate that complexity by synt Anything nts. edie ingr the of e som e gnis reco product label and see if you can end the at not middle of the label and natural sounding should be in the this as to n ptio exce an are oils (essential where it means it is in tiny amounts d there goo is ral natu le whi And ). unts ll amo they can only be used in very sma g givin als mic nts are grown without che is no doubt that organic ingredie them a greater purity.” are skincare products means that you Michaela Maguire: “Using natural of s sand thou with organ – the skin – not polluting your body’s largest at accelerate the ageing process and best at ch whi als harmful chemic means ucts prod ral natu % 100 g Usin . worst contain known carcinogens full of as natural plant oils and butters are you are actually feeding your skin the en ngth stre and e anc enh minerals that naturally-occurring vitamins and damage to daily ng enti prev ple, sup it s keep hydro lipid film on the skin which glowing and the result is a more youthful, collagen fibres. Skin is nourished complexion.”

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Basis Sensitiv

Mild protective care for the whole family.

Natural. Effective. Beautiful. Basis Sensitiv – the classic lavera range that has been providing mild protective care for the whole family for over 25 years. Natural care with specially developed formulas including organic oils and extracts to pamper and care for the whole family. Lavera: natural and effective concepts for beautiful skin. Available from good Health shops, independent Pharmacies or online at

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WINTER SKINCARE MADE EASY  continued from page 22



Michaela Maguire: “With the shorter days use the time to go to bed earlier and introduce some extra pampering into your cleansing routine such as facial massage using 100% natural organic almond oil, and apply a hydrating facial mask 2-3 times per week. Wash your face with lukewarm water – too hot and you risk breaking capillaries. Follow by splashing your face with cooler water after washing, pat dry and smooth on a richer based moisturiser for an extra layer of protection and hydration. If skin is extra dry apply 100% pure aloe vera gel once the moisturiser has soaked in.” Joanne Reilly: “If you don’t already, then winter is a great time to introduce a quality serum into your skincare routine. You only need a drop or two under your regular face cream to extend your product’s versatility and give you enough moisturisation to cover the demands of winter. A rosehip face serum is a good night treatment.”

Joanne Reilly: ”Winter lips can benefit from gentle exfoliation in w order to remove dead skin and allo . Mix well k wor to ick lipst or balm r you or equal parts of a good quality olive then ar, sug er cast and rapeseed oil gently massage onto your lips.” erable Michaela Maguire: “Lips are vuln ral natu a so ds win h hars in g to chappin as well lip balm helps hydrate lips as keeping them youthful and full. Use d with bees wax or shea butter combine cold inst aga t figh to e lysin and ey hon harsher sores. Hands are exposed to the ond alm e nsiv inte an use elements so sturiser moi d han ting -las long ased oil-b – and invest in some gloves.”


Michaela Maguire: “A diet containing a high percentage of organic fruit and veg is essentia l for glowing, luminous skin. Fruit and vegetable s also contain lots of wa ter as well as powerfu l age-busting antioxidan ts. Wholegrains and alli um veggies contain selen ium, a mineral that giv es skin its elasticity. Eat quino a, brown rice, onions, leeks and garlic to ward off viruses and protect ski n from becoming tight and dry .”

BATH TIME Michaela Maguire: “Try adding a few cups of whole milk or oatmeal to your bathwater – an ancient remedy to soothe extra dry skin. The proteins, fats, and vitamins in milk can help soothe rough skin. Follow by applying a rich body lotion within three minutes of stepping out of the bath or shower. Use an oil-based salt or sugar scrub for speedy, effective exfoliation that leaves skin hydrated and buffed as well as baby soft.”


protein body’s production of collagen, a Vitamin C – can help boost the plement. sup a as and vegetables, or take that maintains skin. Plentiful in fruit ing skin plumped and hydrated, Omega oils – play a role in keep oil, e out. Found in oily fish, nuts, olive moisturising your skin from the insid supplement form. flax, sardines and avocados or in vitamin D that people with higher levels of Vitamin D – research has shown in D. vitam of ls people with lower leve may actually age more slowly than thus 0 times its own weight in water, Hyaluronic acid (HA) – holds 1,00 s, ing it there. The result is a luminou hold attracting water to the skin and es. stor lth hea in e plements availabl plumped complexion. Various sup

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health news

It’s official: This is how you make your sugar cravings disappear Did you know that it is much easier to say no to sweets if you have stable blood sugar levels? Experts now agree that a good way to control your blood sugar is by taking a supplement of organic chromium yeast. Do you have a constant craving for sugar? Are you surprised to find yourself opening a bag of sweets right after you have eaten dinner? If so, here is what to do: Take a supplement of organic chromium yeast. It helps you keep your blood sugar levels within their normal range. That is officially recognised by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), which is the highest authority for assessing the effect and safety of nutritional supplements. In case you didn’t know, blood sugar fluctuations are the main cause of such cravings so this is the right place to start.

chromium used. Formerly widespread chromium sources like chromium piccolinate and chromium chloride have very low bioavailability, whereas organic chromium yeast is easily absorbed in the body. In fact, EFSA have officially acknowledged that organic chromium yeast is absorbed up to 10 times better than other forms of chromium that are normally used in supplements.

Easier to lose weight One of the really useful things that follow in the wake of stable blood sugar levels is that you have a much easier time losing weight and preventing weight gain. Once you are able to stay off the sweets, you no longer burden your body with those unnecessary calories that normally cause you to put on weight. Chromium yeast is not a slimming preparation as such, but because it helps you avoid those cravings for sweets it makes it substantially easier for you to stick with a normal, healthy diet – and THAT is bound to help you lose weight. A much more potent type of chromium Chromium has been known for many years but science has discovered that the body’s ability to absorb chromium varies, depending on the type of

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health news

The brain and nervous system need sugar and chromium– constantly! Do you find it difficult to walk past a bakery, say no to sweets, or control your intake of chocolate and stimulants? Are you really plagued by it late in the afternoon or right after you have eaten? Do you constantly gorge on empty calories – only to be filled with regret time after time? Are you tired of your sugar cravings and unaccountable mood swings? Chances are your blood sugar is unstable, causing your brain to panic when your blood sugar levels plummet. By Pernille Lund


our brain is particularly dependent on stable blood sugar, as it normally only uses glucose as fuel. Did you know that your brain can consume over half of your carbohydrate intake? Which, by the way, is why the brain contains a relatively large portion of the body’s chromium reserves. Because our brain requires that much energy, it is important that we feed it with a constant flow of glucose from healthy food choices. But if we lack chromium, our insulin is unable to channel sufficient amounts of glucose

into the cells. This causes us to “short-circuit” from time to time. When the brain misses its vital fuel, our “reptile brain” takes control of things and initiates primate instincts. Our will power is disabled as we start an autonomous search for quick “sugar fixes” that can replenish our blood sugar. This causes our blood sugar to rise rapidly, offering immediate relief. However, our blood sugar drops again soon after. In the long run, these oscillations may create a vicious cycle that places a burden on the pancreas and our entire metabolic system.

The brain is highly energy consuming and requires a constant supply of glucose. If the brain lacks this vital fuel, our will power is put out of action as we start looking for a quick “energy fix”. That is why stable blood sugar is so important if you do not want to be tempted by empty (and fattening) calories.

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Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and the early stage of type 2 diabetes As time goes by unstable blood sugar may lead to insulin resistance where insulin loses some or all of its ability to channel glucose into the cells. Even if you have just eaten you will feel tired and hungry together with all the other accompanying symptoms. This happens because your cells do not have enough energy. At the same time, excess calories are removed from the bloodstream and deposited in the form of fat. Insulin resistance is part of what is known as metabolic syndrome, which is also characterised by too much of the dangerous visceral fat, an apple-shaped body, hypertension, and elevated lipid levels (cholesterol and triglyceride) in the blood. Metabolic syndrome is an early stage of type 2 diabetes. Both conditions are spreading with epidemic proportions throughout the Western world, which is why prevention is important. The best mode for prevention is controlling blood sugar levels.

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health news

Chromium sources

Mainly brewer’s yeast, cocoa beans, apricots, seeds, black pepper, thyme and other spices, almonds, beans, nuts, fish, shellfish, and meat.

Other good advice for controlling blood sugar levels •   Make sure to eat three, healthy main meals a day, possibly including low GL (Glyceamic Load) snacks •   Have fibre rich foods such as vegetables with every meal •   Eat protein and healthy fats with every meal. The best fats include olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado and oily fish. •   Avoid or limit your intake of sugar, white flour, chips, juice, caffeine, and alcohol •   Exercise regularly to increase insulin sensitivity

Diabetes and its early stages are spreading like wildfire • The total number of people living with diabetes in Ireland is estimated to be 225,840. •  Around 80% of diagnosed diabetics have type 2 diabetes related to diet and lifestyle •  The number of diabetics has doubled in the past 10 years

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health news Chromium’s role in diabetes and obesity Diabetes and obesity are spreading rapidly and are associated with numerous human and economic consequences. Numerous studies have revealed that chromium supplementation helps to control blood sugar and weight, while reducing LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) levels and reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Conditions that may be improved with help from chromium supplementation • Blood sugar control (combined with healthy eating and exercise) • Management of weight and waist circumferance • Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome • Regulation of lipid metabolism • Diabetes type 2 and possibly even type 1 • Pregnancy – including prevention of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and gestational diabetes. Test your blood sugar If you think you have problems with your blood sugar it is important to identify fluctuations throughout the course of the day. Your blood sugar values may be normal without necessarily revealing insulin resistance. It is a good idea to learn more about your blood sugar pattern and energy metabolism by making your own observations. Sources: 1) Henriksen, Jan, Erik. Det Metaboliske Syndrom. 2) J. Racek et al: Influence of chromiumenriched yeast on blood glucose and insulin variables, blood lipids, and markers of oxidative stress in subjects with type 2 diabetes. Biological Trace Element Research. 2006 3) Oscar Christensen: Lavt blodsukker – symptomer og behandling. Sund og Rask 1987

The vicious cycle Increased intake of sugar and stimulants triggers insulin excretion in the body. The more insulin that is released, the more chromium that is needed. This becomes a viscous cycle and leads to higher blood sugar spikes and lower blood sugar drops.

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Questionnaire Do you have problems with your blood sugar and the glucose uptake in your cells? XX (= Very much so) X (= To a lesser extent) or - (not at all). Please mark your individual assessment of the following symptoms. Food and drink Large consumption of sweet foods like sugar, soft drinks, chocolate, sweets and cereals Large consumption of white bread, crackers, pastries, bagels, chips, and similar foods Large consumption of caffeine (coffee), regular tea, fizzy drinks and sports beverages Great desire for the above but without actually giving in to the temptation Alcoholism or a tendency to drink too much Very dependent on tobacco/nicotine Hungry right after a meal One or several of the symptoms listed below can be helped with a cup of coffee, some candy, alcohol, or smoking, which provides an instant but short burst of energy. Symptoms Fatigue and lack of energy Concentration problems Unaccounted for mood swings A feeling of despair and possibly even depression Nausea or fainting Headaches or migraines Inner turmoil, irritability, and a short temper Tense muscles or cramps Palpitations Impaired immune function Weight gain Increased abdominal fat Or do you suffer from: Impaired immune health? Weight gain? Metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, apple-shaped body, elevated cholesterol, hypertension)? The listed diet habits in the scheme may be a direct sign of low blood sugar or insulin resistance. The more symptoms that apply, the worse the condition. The other symptoms may occur when the brain, heart, muscle, and immune cells lack energy. In the long run it may lead to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Please be aware that the symptoms may have several other causes. Many people with the above listed symptoms and poor quality of life actually only have one problem: The poor uptake of sugar in their cells.

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health news

Chromium helps sugar into the cell Most of the food we eat contains sugar (glucose), which our cells convert into energy. When we consume sugar, the body starts producing insulin, a hormone that is needed to help glucose get into the cells. In a normal healthy individual, insulin levels rise in response to glucose intake. This helps glucose enter the cells, insulin and blood sugar levels can then return to normal. However, if too little insulin is produced or if the body fails to respond properly to its own insulin, glucose piles up in the bloodstream instead of reaching the cells. Your brain and muscle cells will lack energy and you will feel an urge to eat something sweet to compensate for this loss.

Once your blood sugar stays in the normal range, you are far less likely to consume sweets and sugary foods, simply because you no longer have a craving for it

Unlocks the cell from the inside Another factor that can disturb the mechanism is a lack of chromium. Insulin and chromium function as a team that transports sugar into the cells. Chromium goes to work inside the cell where it “unlocks” the cell’s glucose channel, thereby allowing insulin to move sugar into the cell. If you have too little chromium in your body, the insulin you produce will not be able to carry out its job properly. This is where a supplement of organic chromium yeast comes in handy.

Control your blood sugar levels Find out how a little nutrient can make such a big difference. With the book “How to control your blood sugar levels and your weight”, you’ll understand how easy it is to avoid sweets, stabilise your blood sugar and make the right choice when choosing a chromium food supplement.


Get your free copy of “How to control your blood sugar levels and your weight” at or call 01 63 054 70

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Perfect weight management trick:

Now my blood sugar is stable “I have always had a problem with unstable blood sugar levels and I know that was the cause of my weight gain. Since taking this chromium supplement I’ve noticed a big difference.” says Helena, a 35-year old nutritionist. Now, her blood sugar is stable and she feels much better. “Two weeks after I took my first chromium tablet, I noticed the difference. I was no longer experiencing the highs and lows associated with unstable blood sugar,” says nutritionist Helena Sobral. She heard about chromium at a nutrition congress and decided to try it to stabilise her blood sugar. “It has really made a difference. Now, I feel much better and I have managed to lose 9 pounds just by being able to stay off the sweets,” she tells.

Up to 10 times better absorption % 100 90 80

Bio-availability in % compared with Chromium Pharma Nord (ChromoPrecise) Chromium Pharma Nord (ChromoPrecise)

Great relief

Ever since Helena was a teenager, she was known for her sweet tooth. She also knows that her weight goes up when she is unable to control her cravings. “Sweets are a sin but it is difficult to fight the feeling when you get a craving for something sweet like ice cream, cookies and chocolate in particular. I’d always get the urge for something sweet after lunch but now I don’t have any problems with it,” Helena confesses.

Much better control

“It is so much easier for me to control myself now. I just don’t feel the need to eat sugar. I can keep my chocolate in the fridge for ages without even thinking about it,” Helena says. She has used chromium for two years now and always carries it with her in her handbag, just in case.

Easier to stick with a healthy diet

Another thing that she has noticed is that it is so much easier to stick with a healthy diet now. “Fatty foods have never been the problem, it has always been the sweets. But now that I have managed to remove them from my life I find that it is much easier to eat a normal, balanced diet,” Helena tells.

Chromium Picolinate Chromium Chloride

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0




Organic ChromoPrecise yeast has higher bio-availability. According to EFSA* it gets absorbed up to 10 times better than synthetic chromium sources like chromium picolinate and chromium chloride.

“I have lost 9 pounds as a result of being able to stay off the sweets,” says Helena Sobral, a nutritionist who has cured her sugar cravings with the help of a chromium supplement.

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appro v effected

yeast –

Stable blood sugar contributes to good health. It also controls your appetite, preventing you from snacking on food that makes you gain weight. If you take Chromium Pharma Nord you will find it easier to maintain normal blood sugar levels. The unique chromium yeast (ChromoPrecise) is EU’s only organic chromium yeast for blood sugar control.

– orga

The key to stable blood sugar - and a healthy body weight



*The European Food Safety Association is EU’s “watchdog” for food safety issues

ThE Only OrgAniC ChrOmium yEAsT ApprOvED By Eu fOr iTs ABiliTy TO COnTriBuTE TO nOrmAl BlOOD sugAr vAluEs.

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Getting older does come with its own challenges but there are numerous ways in which your local health store can help you to live a healthier life. See what’s on offer for common older age health issues TUMMY TROUBLES

Kevin Connolly: “Constipation, absorption and acid reflux can all be big issues as we get older as the bowels tend to get a little more sluggish as we age. So we should look at good quality fibres such as chia seeds, flax seeds and a good variety of vegetables in the diet to help keep regular while not upsetting the system.” Nancy Flexman: “Indigestion and reflux are often caused by low stomach acid, rather than too much. If symptoms occur about an hour after eating, low stomach acid is likely to be the problem. Try sipping an acid drink such as cider vinegar or lemon juice in water with meals containing protein. Digestive enzymes containing betaine hydrochloride (stomach acid) can be helpful. Acid-blocking medications also impair digestion and keep you from absorbing minerals and other nutrients properly.” Kevin Connolly: “Digestive enzymes help the body to break down food, taking the pressure off the digestive system. This helps the body absorb more vitamins and minerals from the foods that you eat too.” Help is also available from: n Garlic - for a cleansing and antibacterial action on the gut. n Yoghurt - restores natural bacteria. n Digestive aids - which combine aloe vera juice with herbs such as chamomile, slippery elm and papaya. n Centaurium bitter herb for acid reflux - available in tincture form. n Camomile tea – drink after a meal for heartburn and acid reflux. n Magnesium - for the relaxation of intestinal muscles.

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CMYK / .ai

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rude health magazine


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BETTER WITH AGE  continued from page 29


Kevin Connolly: “Anyone with eye health issues should go to a qualified optician. That said, we often have customers using eye supplements to help prevent Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Lutein and zeaxanthin in supplements help prevent oxidation around the eye.” Nancy Flexman: “For macular degeneration combination supplements provide a variety of nutrients that have been found to be helpful for the eyes, including lutein, zinc, vitamin A and bilberry or blueberry extracts.” Help is also available from: n Vitamin A – a vital nutrient for eyes. In dairy products, fish oils and egg yolks. n Carrots - a rich source of beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A. n Zeaxanthin and lutein – from leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and watercress. n Bilberry – contains antioxidant vitamins A and C that help to prevent damage to the eyes. Available as tablets, sometimes with lutein and zeaxanthin. n Flaxseed oil – good if you have dry or itchy eyes. Available as capsules and a liquid. n Omega 3 fish oil – good for general eye health and clear eyesight. Available in capsules. n Selenium - benefits the eyes. In small amounts in brazil nuts, eggs, garlic, and brown rice, seafood and yeast or take a supplement.

BONES AND JOINTS “As we age the destruction of cartilage within joint surpasses the body’s ability to repair it,” says Daniel Jones BSc PhD Director of R&D, Revive Active. “This leads to increased friction and bone rubbing which translate into pain, inflammation and reduced mobility. A multifaceted approach should be employed to focus on pain, mobility and cartilage loss. First, MSM acts as an inflammatory and antioxidant to help reduce the pain and inflammation within joint tissue. Second, hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber to help reduce pressure and friction in the joint. Third, the body should be supplied with collagen, the building blocks for cartilage, especially in conjunction with nutrients like glucosamine.” According to Kevin Connolly, Healthy Living Centre, Athy, Co Kildare, “You are what you eat. Staying away from the family of aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes and looking at alkalising your diet will help your arthritis a lot. Fresh fish will help reduce inflammation and keep the joints supple. We are selling a lot of turmeric capsules as it is anti inflammatory and pain relieving. Light exercise is very important.” Nancy Flexman, owner of Eats of Eden in Limerick: “if you have joint pain, drink water. Dehydration contributes to inflammation and pain of many types. Reduce sugars and starches in your diet and increase vegetables. A supplement for bone health should include calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2 and boron and vitamin D. Take at least 2-3000iu of vitamin D per day. Get your vitamin D levels tested and supplement until you get your level in the high normal range. Glucosamine can be helpful for joints.” Help is also available from: n Omega-3 fatty acids - essential nutrients for bone health and strength. Some high-quality omega-3 products are fortified with vitamin D for bone health. Available as liquids, soft gels, and gummy formulations. n Vitamin B12 - keeps homocysteine levels down, an amino acid linked to bone fracture. n Magnesium and zinc - both vital for bone health Ask your local health store for a bone-friendly supplement as there are a variety on the market.

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Ener-G Products from General Dietary Gluten Free Wheat Free Milk Free

Soya Free Nut Free Egg Free At General Dietary our aim is to provide a wide range of Free-From foods that are wholesome, nutritious, delicious, and risk free. We are constantly responding to the demand for special diets with research and innovation, providing products that are convenient and easy to use. No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours Fortified with vitamins & minerals Suitable for vegetarians & vegans Long shelf life 020 3044 2933 @generaldietary

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BETTER WITH AGE  continued from page 30

PROSTATE PROBLEMS Prostate issues become a problem for an increasing number of men in their 60s. Any man with frequent urination, painful urination, blood in urine, inability to urinate, pain in their back, hips, thighs or pelvis should see a doctor straight away. According to Nancy Flexman: “Eat foods rich in beta-sitosterol such as pecans, avocados, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, rice bran, wheat germ, soybean products and dandelion coffee. Also eat tomatoes and other vegetables rich in lycopene. Exercise and avoidance of long periods of sitting are important. Remedies containing nettle root, zinc, lycopene, pumpkin seed and sea buckthorn can help.”

HAPPY HEART The Irish Heart Foundation says that the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke are smoking, high blood pressure (hypertension), raised cholesterol, physical inactivity, overweight and obesity. We should all: eat more fruit and vegetables and wholegrain foods; eat less fatty foods; eat oily fish twice a week; if you smoke, try to stop; be a healthy weight, watch the portion sizes; be more physically active, at least 30 minutes five days a week; say ‘when’ sooner, drink less alcohol; learn to relax and have a regular blood pressure and cholesterol check. Kevin Connolly: “A quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a little hot water, first thing in the morning helps clear the arteries and regulates blood pressure. Hawthorn tea is a good tea to drink for the heart muscle.” Nancy Flexman: “Take a good medium-strength multivitamin and extra essential fatty acids in the form of a marine oil or plant oil supplement. Garlic is excellent as a food and a supplement can help to lower mildly elevated blood pressure. Beetroot and beetroot juice are also helpful with blood pressure.” Help is also available from:

Help is also available from: n Dandelion herbal teas may help to support the urinary tract. n Goldenrod – has important antiinflammatory, anti-spasmodic and antiseptic actions. n Birch leaves and Horsetail –can help to strengthen the urinary system. n Cantharis – very effective at easing the burning sensation when urinating. n Magnesium – a mineral that can help muscles to completely empty the bladder. n Acidophilus – a probiotic that helps to keep unfriendly bacteria at bay. Available in chewable tablets.

n CoQ10 – may be of benefit to heart health. Ask in your local health store. n Fish oils – if you don’t eat much fish, take a supplement of fish oil with omega 3 to cut down on unhealthy fats called triglycerides. n Green tea – a relaxing drink thought to be helpful in controlling cholesterol. n Garlic – cook with it, eat it raw or take a supplement to help arteries to stay clear. n Sterols and stanols – found in nuts and grains, these compounds help control cholesterol levels. Also available as supplements. n Fibre – if you don’t get enough fibre from fruit, vegetables and grains consider a supplement to ensure your body gets 25-30g per day.

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Check with your professional healthcare practitioner before you take any new supplements or start a new diet. CMYK / .ai



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Hands up who has ever joined a gym in the New Year in a bid to work off the pounds accumulated while eating mince pies in front of the fire? Many of us have had the best intentions once the festive season is over, but the problem is keeping it up when it’s much more tempting to stay in. Choosing a gym that suits your lifestyle will really help you to stick with your exercise program and get trim and fit for spring. Rude Health magazine asked for advice on picking the best gym for you from the experts.

GET READY Carl Cautley of Fitness Together in Ranelagh, Dublin 6: “Before you even start looking for a gym, write down your health and fitness goals for the year. This focuses the mind and will help when discussing your needs with a health and fitness professional. Now ask yourself: how much time will I commit to exercise every week, what days and what time of day? Once these objectives are clear, you can start looking.” LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Tom Dalton of Tom Dalton Fitness in Blackrock, Dublin: “Location is the single most important element in your

36 rude health magazine

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Just how can you ensure you pick the best gym for you? we find out

decision. A gym can have every bell and whistle in the world, but if it’s too far away there’s a good chance you won’t go. Make sure the gym is either close to your house or job.” Carl Cautley: “Convenience is going to be a big thing. The gym should be either close to home or close to work. If it’s close to work, do they have shower facilities you can use early in the morning? Also, do they have parking?” WHAT’S YOUR BUDGET? Tom Dalton: “Gyms operate in different ways, but you will probably have to sign a contract and pay a certain amount each month. The nicer the gym and the nicer the membership, the more you’ll pay. Check what classes or extras they offer, are classes and all facilites included?” Carl Cautley: “Generally, if the price is low the gym is going to be very busy with an open plan set up. The more expensive, the more private and personal the service offering will be.”

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SHOP AROUND Carl Cautley: “If you are new to the gym, they can seem very intimating. Tour the facilities around the times you propose going. Do you like what you see? Could you work out here comfortably? Are the staff friendly? Is the gym clean and tidy with a fresh smell? If not, try somewhere else. Shop around before you decide.” Tom Dalton: “Visit the gym during the times and days you’ll be working out – is it crowded? Are there people standing in line for machines? What about group fitness classes – are they crowded as well? Double-check to make sure the gym is available for the times and days you want to work out. Another good idea is to ask a current member for their honest opinion of the gym.” WILL YOU NEED HELP? Carl Cautley: “Are you a beginner or experienced gym goer? If you are a beginner, you are going to need plenty of help, particularly at the start. Here is where your goals come into it. Present them to the fitness professional and see what they propose to help you reach your goals. Does it sound good and realistic? Personal training is a great option but not all is the same. Gyms will offer the service in addition to your membership. Alternatively, you could join a private personal training studio.”

Bio-Kult Infantis is a scientifically developed, advanced formula for babies, toddlers and young children.


THE PRESS-UP The simple press-up is one of the best upper body exercises that can be done anywhere. It works the pectoralis major (chest), deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (back of arms). The key is to find the right adaption for you. Here is a list going from simplest to the most progressive. 1 Push against a wall. 2 Push against a bench. 3 On floor in box position. 4 On floor off knees. 5 Full press-up. 6 Full press-up with dumb-bell pull. It’s very important to keep the body rigid and only engage the muscles mentioned above.

Ask your healthcare professional or health store advisor for more information or buy online.

By Carl Cautley, Fitness Together.

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ask the experts

ASK AWAY Independent health store advice on natural babycare Looking for advice on natural health and wellbeing? Your local independent health stores can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This issue we speak to Sian Eustace, a homeopath who owns Healing Harvest in Kinvara, Co Galway.


he discerning customer does not have to look far to realise that the choice in organic and natural child and babycare products is ever growing. Covering fields as diverse as clothing to first weaning foods, supplements and skincare, there are more and more ranges available month on month in health stores around the country. We like to think of it as forward thinking – protecting the health of our children today which may reduce the burden on medical care in the future. Natural and organic products for babies and children are here to stay and there is a huge variety from which to choose. Nappies are one of the mainstay products within the babycare market. Disposable nappies are a huge issue in terms of landfill waste and there are many alternatives within the health store environment. The most sustainable type is the cloth nappy

38 rude health magazine

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and, even within this bracket, there are many alternatives. These are a far cry from the terry squares and nappy pins of our grandmothers’ days and are made for ease of use. There are also cloth nappy libraries around the country to facilitate mums who would like to find out more before choosing a particular style of nappy. An alternative to the cloth nappy is the eco-disposable. Typically these use biodegradable materials and do not contain the gels which are a key component of the high street brands. Eco disposables are unbleached and do not contain any plastic layers. For many mums these provide a happy medium, balancing ease of use with good eco credentials. Organic baby foods account for a large section of many health foods stores these days. From sachets and jars of purées to cereals and finger foods, the needs of even the most fussy toddler can be met. Again, ease of use seems to be

a large consideration, in balance with a striving for the most pure of ingredients. The last few years have seen the rise of squeezy sachet organic baby foods. These can be squeezed out and warmed for the smallest of customers or handed to a hungry toddler to be sucked directly from the pack – a lifesaver for the stressed parent around town! Having said this, health stores sell all the ingredients needed for the most natural of wholefood baby diets, including pulses, wholegrains, dried fruits and low salt stock options. Natural and organic skincare is also a burgeoning area for the health store retailer. Many adult brands have brought out specific baby and childcare ranges on top of the brands who only deal with this market. Creams for faces, bottoms and all in between can be found with the purest of ingredients, and you do not have to look far to find shampoos, body oils,

19/12/2014 10:52


ask the experts

Who's who and what's what in Healing Harvest

bubble baths and more. Parents are becoming more and more au fait with the ingredients to avoid and are reading labels with a hawk-like gaze, particularly when it comes to the skin of their young ones. This is also becoming more prevalent due to the rise in allergic skin conditions which preclude the use of other products. Such allergies are also leading many parents to use eco laundry products, many of which can be refilled in-store. Whilst clothing is not on the shelves of many health stores, there are some organic shops which do carry a few lines and there are several companies, particularly it seems in Scandinavia, who are making beautiful clothes in organic, and often fair trade, cotton. Again, parents who might not shell out for organic textiles for themselves, appear to be prepared to do so when it comes to their children. Not only do these fabrics protect the skin of their little ones, they are protecting the environment into which the children are growing. So if you are looking for something to sustain your little eco companion, there is a natural or organic product for you. Pop into your local health store and see what is available. The staff will be happy to advise you and point you in the right direction. Here’s to the healthiest generation yet.

PG38,39 ASK AWAY.indd 39

Sian Eustace had been working in the Hopsack in Rathmines and was just qualified as a homeopath when she moved to Kinvara, Co Galway nearly eight years ago. “There wasn’t much call for my line of work here so I decided to set up a health store and Healing Harvest was born,” she explains. “Now I have two great members of staff – Claire O’Donnell is a reflexologist and does baby massage; she is very good on paleo diets. Aoife Hughes is studying to be a homeopath; she is a coeliac and very knowledgable about it. “Many of our customers are people who bake and cook from scratch and come in looking for costeffective raw ingredients – mainly women aged 30-60. They buy flour, sugar, dried fruit, local organic eggs and other baking foods. “We also sell supplements, skincare products, organic babycare and do refills for eco-cleaning products and also shampoos and conditioners. “Our customers tend to live close to the land, we are on the edge of the Burren, and are conscious of what is going into the land and water system. They are very green minded. “We have a small fridge and freezer and dairy-free ice-cream has been massive for us. Paleo diet foods do very well too.”

Visit: Healing Harvest, Main St, Kinvara, Co Galway Try: Healing Harvest are offering 10% off eco disposable nappies for anyone who mentions this article.

SPEAK TO: Claire about paleo diets, Aoife about coeliac foods and Sian about homeopathy.

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Perfect Posture Richard Brennan has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1989. He is the director of Ireland’s only Alexander Teacher Training College in Galway and is the author of seven books on the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique was devised over 100 years ago by Frederick Alexander, an Australian actor who kept losing his voice while performing. Alexander was determined to find a solution to this curious problem and discovered that the underlying cause of his problem was poor posture causing an over-tensing of the muscular system. Throughout our life many of us develop a wide range of detrimental habits, which manifest in later life as back pain, neck problems, arthritis, breathing problems, repetitive strain injury, headaches, hypertension, sciatica, insomnia and even depression. The aim of learning The Alexander Technique is to become aware of these harmful habits and learn new ways of sitting, standing and moving that will put less stress on our body. The Alexander Technique can also help us to become more aware of balance, posture and co-ordination while performing our everyday actions. As children, our posture and ease of movement are a joy to watch, but as we start to tense our muscles in reaction to many of life’s worries and concerns, our posture deteriorates. Hunched shoulders, stiff necks and slumped bodies can directly cause ill-health. We often have four or five times more muscular tension in our

40 rude health magazine

PG40,41 THERAPIES.indd 40

bodies than is really necessary. In fact, without realising it, many of us make our whole life much harder for ourselves than it really needs to be. The Technique is usually taught on a one-to-one basis and the Alexander teacher will help you to be aware and let go of unwanted muscle tension that is at the root of many problems. This will be done with verbal instructions and with help from his, or her, hands. There is no manipulation, medication or any need to remove any clothing apart from your shoes. Many people who practice the Technique experience a general feeling of lightness throughout their bodies and even describe the sensation as ‘walking on air’ or ‘moving with no effort’. People often say that they feel much calmer and happier even after just a few Alexander lessons. This often results in less overall tension and a greater ability to cope with life in general. It is important to realise that the whole process of re-evaluating the way in which you move does take time, as you are dealing with unconscious habits that have often been present since childhood. Many people who have taken lessons say that the Technique has not only helped them to be free from pain, but they say that they look and feel years younger.

19/12/2014 10:59



Case confidential The Alexander Technique really helped my back pain Rosemary* from Waterford I had suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years and tried a number of different things, but nothing really lasted. My pain would come back again if I did gardening, sat at a computer for any length of time, washed my hair in the shower or even stood holding a glass of wine at a party. I started to think about posture and how that might help. From searching on the internet I found out about the Alexander Technique and how it teaches your body and mind to get better. I had two sessions in Dublin and was amazed to find that my back pain was gone. I also did what the teacher said and lay on my back every day with my head on a book and my knees facing the ceiling. I was so happy with it that I went every week for 18 months. I discovered that the Alexander Technique is a therapy through education – it teaches you to undo bad habits but you do need to be willing to change. During the session you work on getting up and down from a chair – lots of us put unnecessary work into this. When lying on the table the therapist helps you to release your neck and shoulders and free all your joints. I found that the Technique stops things from getting you down and I found other things became easier too, like my work and personal relationships n For more information please contact Alexander Technique Ireland or The Irish Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique * Not her real name. Image posed by models.

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19/12/2014 10:59

rude health


New year detox It’s the time of year when many people think of cleaning up their act and trying a detox. Rude Health magazine finds out the best way to do it DETOX BENEFITS Fiona Moran, nutritional therapist DIP IHS studied with the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin and runs classes focusing on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods: “There are many benefits of detoxing, from improving gut function and sleep patterns, boosting energy levels and immune function, lowering blood pressure and helping skin conditions. Detoxing gives the body a much-needed break from being bombarded with toxins that may be stored in joints causing pain and inflammation and fat cells around the middle.” Alison Cullen is Nutritional Health Advisor for Crystal Spring: “Our bodies are equipped with many organs and processes that enable us to expel toxins, but sometimes the amount of toxins we’re exposed to swamps the system. The body has a couple of ‘emergency exits’ to use if the main exits are blocked or sluggish – it can push toxins out through the skin, the mucous membranes and, in women, menstrual blood. Improving the efficiency of your main elimination routes can free you from quite a long list of unpleasant symptoms.” Judita Wignall, a holistic health counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in the US, and author of new book Raw and Simple Detox (Quarry Books) says: “Eating antioxidant-rich raw foods can help neutralise free radicals that cause damage within the body, like in the arteries, joints and eyes.”

CUT IT OUT Alison Cullen: “What not to eat: fried fatty foods; white bread, white pasta, white rice; sugar in all forms; salt traps – crisps and other salted snacks, readymade meals, cheese. Eat these instead: nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds; wholemeal bread and pasta and brown rice; dried fruit; salads and fresh vegetables.” NATURAL HELP Fiona Moran: “Natural detox products that help the body to detox include herbs like milk thistle to support the liver and chlorella to help bind to any mercury in the liver. I use natural skincare products and deodorants with no parabens or chemicals. I also like to skin brush as this stimulates the lymphatic system aiding detoxification.” Judita Wignall’s top 10 detox foods are: n Cucumbers – help the kidneys excrete waste. n Avocados – help support the liver and nervous system. n Cilantro – culinary herb that helps to reduce heavy metals. n Apples – glucaric aid helps the body get rid of toxins in the liver.

HOW FAR TO GO Alison Cullen: “The first thing to do is to ensure your bowel is working well – at least once, preferably twice daily. Once this is achieved and you’re drinking plenty of still, plain water every day, the effects of cleaning up your diet for a week or two will not be nearly as painful. The less extreme the detox, the longer you will maintain it. A week or two is ideal, so keep it moderate.”

n Chia seeds – hydrophilic colloids help in healing of digestive problems.

Fiona Moran: “There are many levels of detoxing, most people do a three-day or seven-day. My advice is to be gentle with yourself if you are new to detoxing, every person is different and should consider their history, conditions and lifestyle. Caution is needed with some people as a detox can make a person feel pretty unwell and if there is candida or a sluggish bowel care should be taken. A nutritional therapist can best advise each individual client on the best approach for them.”

n Garlic – healing herb with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.


rude health magazine


n Lemon – helps detoxify the liver. n Ginger – anti-inflammatory and digestive aid. n Turmeric – powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound.

Check with your professional healthcare practitioner before you take any new supplements or start a new diet.

19/12/2014 10:59



Drinking it in Check out these easy recipes for delicious teas, smoothies and spritzers for a quick morning pick-me-up all in a glass Peanut Butter Oat Smoothie Serves 2 135g old-fashioned rolled oats 360ml almond milk 1 banana 4tbsp peanut butter 2tbsp agave syrup 170g ice chips  Soak the oats in the almond milk, cover and chill in the fridge for 20 minutes, until the oats are soft. When the oats are ready, put all of the ingredients in a food processor and blend to a smooth consistency. Serve immediately. Recipe courtesy of For the Love of Oats by Amy Ruth Finegold, photography by Clare Winfield. Ryland Peters & Small

Blueberry Oat Smoothie Serves 2 35g old-fashioned rolled oats 360ml almond milk 130g frozen mixed berries 120g plain yogurt 2tbsp honey 75g ice chips  Soak the oats in the almond milk, cover and chill in the fridge for 20 minutes, until the oats are soft.  When the oats are ready, put all of the ingredients in a food processor and blend to a smooth consistency. Serve immediately. Recipe courtesy of For the Love of Oats by Amy Ruth Finegold, photography by Clare Winfield. Ryland Peters & Small


Apple Cucumber Ginger Juice Serves 1 2 large green apples 1 large cucumber 1-inch piece ginger  Put all the ingredients in the juicer. Juice and drink. Tips: Add 1 lemon with rind for a vitamin C boost. This is a juice for cleansing and supporting the gall bladder. Recipe courtesy of The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray, Hay House.

19/12/2014 10:59


food Almond & Vanilla Protein Smoothie Serves 2 1 banana, peeled 1tbsp almond butter or another nut butter of your choice 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder 200ml milk or rice milk  Place the banana in a blender with the almond butter, vanilla protein powder and milk and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a tall glass and serve.

Blueberry & Vanilla Protein Smoothie Serves 2 2 bananas, peeled a large handful of blueberries 1 scoop of vanilla or banana protein powder 300ml milk or rice milk 2tbsp Greek or natural yoghurt 1tbsp ground linseed  Place the bananas in a blender with the blueberries, vanilla protein powder, milk, yoghurt and linseed and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into a tall glass and serve. Recipes courtesy of Food For The Fast Lane by Derval O’Rourke, Gill and Macmillan

Dill and Cucumber Gin Makes 1 litre 1 litre gin half cucumber, chopped into short batons 4-5 dill fronds tonic or cloudy lemonade, for serving

Lemony Goodness Sprinter Spritzer This benefits digestion, boosts the immune system and has alkalising properties. Besides all that, it’s such a refreshing way to kickstart the day. 500ml water, boiled and cooled juice of ½ lemon Recipes courtesy of Food For The Fast Lane by Derval O’Rourke, Gill and Macmillan 44 rude health magazine


Ginger Tea Serves 2 4 cups water 2-inch piece of ginger, diced  In a saucepan, boil water and ginger for 7 minutes. Strain as you pour into teacups. Drink warm. Recipe courtesy of The Earth Diet by Liana Werner-Gray, Hay House.

 Pour the gin into a container large enough for you to be able to add the other ingredients. Throw in the cucumber and dill, cover and leave in the fridge overnight.  Use the infusion as the base for a gin and tonic, or with cloudy lemonade for a long, cool drink. The infused gin will keep in the fridge for up to 1 week. Feel free to leave the cucumber and gin floating happily in it. Recipe courtesy of The Herb & Flower Cookbook by Pip McCormac, photography by Yuki Sugiura. Quadrille

19/12/2014 11:00

Rude Health is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, the professional trade association which represents the majority of health stores in the Republic of Ireland. The IAHS ensures health food retailing is ethical, responsible, truthful and professional.



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Rude Health magazine is distributed nationwide and is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, whose members are listed here. Carlow Alive and Well Health Store Unit 17, Carlow Shopping Centre Kennedy Avenue, Carlow Tel: (059) 913 1008 Email: The Health Store 49 Tullow St, Carlow Tel: 059 9140118 Email:

Cavan Back To Nature Upper Main Street, Cavan Town Tel: 0494361019 Email: Nice and Natural 47 Market St, Cootehill Tel: 049 5552190 Email:

Clare Carmel’s Health Store 10 Francis St, Ennis Tel: 065 6892649 Email: Open Sesame 29 Parnell St, Ennis Tel: 065 6821480 Email:



MEMBER 2015 This store is committed to ethical standards to ensure you receive the highest quality products, health advice and customer service

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Horans Healthstore Patrick St, Fermoy Tel: 025 42938 Email: Hudson’s Wholefoods Main St, Ballydehob Tel: 028 37565 Email:


Loop De Loop Bank Place, Castletownbere Tel: 027 70770 Email:

An Tobairín 79 South Main St, Bandon Tel: 023 52985 Email:

Organico 2 Glengarriff Road, Bantry Tel: 027 51391 Email:

For Goodness Sake Main St, Dunmanway Tel: 023 8855671 Email:

Quay Co-Op 24 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork Tel: 021 317753 Email:

Here’s Health 51 Patrick St, Cork Tel: 021 4278101 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Ballincollig Tel: 021 4875033 Email:

Here’s Health Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork Tel: 021 4361737 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Carrigaline Tel: 021 4376935 Email:

Here’s Health Unit 7, Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton Rd Tel: 021 4348545 Email: Horans Healthstore Lr Cork St, Mitchelstown Tel: 025 86868 Email:


Donegal Food For Thought 15 Ardravan Square, Buncrana Tel: 074 9363550 Email: The Natural Way 13 Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Letterkenny Tel: 074 9125738 Email:

Dublin Down to Earth South Great Georges Street Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6719702 Email:

Nourish 16 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6703223 Email: Nourish 97a Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 Tel: 01 6349726 Email: Nourish Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Tel: 01 4935289 Email: Nourish 6 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8734098 Email:

Health Matters 8 Grafton St, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6710166 Email:

Nourish The GPO Arcade, off Henry Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8743290 Email:

The Olive Branch Spillers Lane, Clonakilty Tel: 023 8835711 Email:

Health Matters Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 4550323 Email:

Nourish Omni Park Shopping Centre, Santry, Dublin 9 Tel: (01) 8621 392 Email:

Well and Good Broderick Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4633499 Email:

Health Nutz The Mill Shopping Centre, Clondalkin Tel: 01 4570303 Email:

Select Stores 1 Railway Road, Dalkey Tel: 01 2859611 Email:

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listings The Hopsack Unit 6A, The Swan Shopping Centre, Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6 Tel: (01) 4960399 Email: The Health Store Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Tel: 01 8222036 Email: The Health Store The Square, Tallaght Tel: 01 4521181 Email:

The Health Store Unit 4, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit Tel: 091 773688 Email:

Dargans Healthfoods Cestletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick Tel: 061 339506 Email:

The Health Store Main St, Longhrea Tel: 091 884022 Email:

Eats of Eden Thomas St, Limerick Tel: 061 316693 Email:

The Health Store Bishop St, Tuam Tel: 093 26759 Email:

Horans Healthstore The Square, Newcastle West Tel: 069 77784 Email:


Sonas Health Foods Lower Maiden St, Newcastle West Tel: (069) 78944 Email:

The Health Store The Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords Tel: 01 8404438 Email:

Horans Healthstore Lr Rock St, Tralee Tel: 066 7119418 Email:

The Health Store Stillorgan Shopping Centre Tel: 01 2108608 Email:

Horans Healthstore Beech Road, Killarney Tel: 064 22581 Email:

Golden Health Store, 4 Grafton Court, Main Street, Longford Tel: 043 3328500 Email:

The Health Store Frascati Shopping Centre, Blackrock Tel: 01 2788855 Email:

Horans Healthstore William St, Listowel Tel: 068 24356 Email:


The Health Store Liffey Vallery Shopping Centre Tel: 01 6754450 Email:

Horans Healthstore Central Point, Park Road, Killarney Tel: 064 662653 Email:

The Health Store Dundrum Town Centre Tel: 01 2051420 Email:

Horans Healthstore Clash, Tralee Tel: 066 715901 Email:


Horans Healthstore Manor West, Tralee Tel: 066 7181690 Email:

Natural Choice 1 Parnell St, Carrickmacross Tel: 042 9662323 Email:



Evergreen Healthfoods Mainguard St, Galway. Tel: 091 564215 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway Tel: 091 564550 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Westside Shopping Centre, Westside, Galway Tel: 091 581008 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods, Seapoint, Barna, Co Galway Tel: 091 867875 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods An Fuaran, Mountain Road, Moycullen Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Oranmore Town Centre. beside Tesco Tel: 091 787070 Email: Healing Harvest Main St, Kinvara Tel: 091 637176 Email: Healthwise 4 Lower Abbeygate St, Galway Tel: 091 568761: Email: Open Sesame Unit 6 Market Hall, Gort, Tel: 091 632778 Email:


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Honeybee Healthfood Store Unit 2B, Silverbridge Shopping Centre, Claremorris Tel: 094 9377382 Email: Slainte American St, Belmullet Tel: 097 81082 Email:


Healthy Living Centre 54 Leinster St, Athy Tel: 059 8641535 Email:

Healthy Beings Elphin St, Strokestown Tel: 071 9634411 Email:

Nature’s Options Main Street, Moorefield Rd, Newbridge Tel: 045 432439 Email:

Tattie Hoaker Goff Street, Roscommon town Tel: 090 6630492 Email:

The Healthy Habit Village Centre, Clane Tel: 045 902592 Email:


The Healthy Way 2 Ralph Square, Leixlip Tel: 01 6244288 Email:

Kilkenny Food For Life, Green St, Callan Tel: 056 7725777 Email: The Good Earth 43 Kieran St, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7752664 Email: The Good Earth Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7790276 Email:


Tir na nOg, Grattan St, Sligo Tel: (071) 9162752 Email:

Waterford Blasta Wholefoods 54 Main St, Dungarvan Tel: 058 23901 Email: Full of Beans Unit 9, Georges Court Shopping Centre, Waterford Tel: 051 843653 Email: Full of Beans Unit 2, Ardkeen Shopping Centre, Dunmore Rd Tel: 051 844644 Email: Remedies 3 Sexton St, Abbeyside, Dungarvan Tel: (058) 45051 Email:

Westmeath Nuts & Grains Chapterhouse, Friars Mill Road Mullingar Tel: 044 45988 Email:

Wexford Evolv Healthstore 2 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy Tel: 053 9236009 Email: Natural Health Store North Main Street, Wexford Tel: 053 9121613 Email: Only Natural 1 Church Lane, Wexford Tel: 053 9123236 Email: Mrs Bee’s Healthy Options 3 Clonattin Road, Gorey Tel: 053 9481460 Email: Rainbow Wholefoods Walkers Mall, North Main St, Wexford Tel: 053 9124624 Wholesome Rafter St, Gorey Tel: 053 9484270 Email:



Health Matters 25 Main St, Bray Tel: 01 2762669 Email:

Horans Healthstore Main St, Cashel Tel: 062 62848 Email:

Harvest Fare, Main Street, Blessington Tel: 045 891636 Email:

Nadur Abbey Lane, Nenagh Tel: 067 34626 Email:

Nature’s Gold 1 Killincarrig Road, Greystones Tel: 01 2876301 Email:

Solero Viva Ltd, 92 Main St, Carrick-on-Suir Tel: 051 600966 Email:

The Health Store Bridgewater Centre, Arklow Tel: 0402 24893 Email:

Vale Of Health Abbey St, Tipperary town Tel: 062 52075 Email:

The Health Store The Boulevard, Quinsboro Rd, Bray Tel: 01 2861793 Email:

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IGENNUS The Igennus core range comprises pure EPA omega-3 isolates derived from pharmaceutical-grade anchovy fish oil, based around the therapeutic and unique properties of EPA in health and disease. Various EPA-based products are available for adults and children, including a pro-EPA plant-derived alternative for vegetarians and vegans. The range includes complementary supplements, providing nutrients that are synergistic with EPA in several key areas of health. Igennus products are expertly formulated from the highest quality, natural raw ingredients at therapeutic doses to provide demonstrable improvements to health.

Preferred wholesaler to the independent trade CHEEKI STAINLESS STEEL Cheeki is a leading brand of stainless steel reusable products designed to save our planet from plastic pollution and offer a healthier alternative. The year-round range includes water bottles, shakers, insulated flasks, coffee cups and food jars.

PUKKA New Pukka Organic Wellbeing are the very best nature has to offer. They are organic and made using the finest herbs sourced from partners around the world. To make it easier for customers to find what they need, Pukka have created ‘families’ for Pukka Organic Wellbeing. These families correspond to particular needs such as cleansing, women’s, digestif, everyday and seasonal. Each family has its own colour so customers can see other related supplements in the family.

GREEN PEOPLE Green People products are natural, gentle and suitable for all the family. Choose from the Organic Babies range for the little ones, Organic Children for the older ones, Organic Shampoos for all hair types, Organic Skincare for all skin types (even sensitive skin!), and Organic Sun Lotion that offers broadspectrum UVA/B protection.

BRAGG The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Motto: "You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do". All the way from Santa Barbara, California, Bragg products available include Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Sprinkle, Salad Dressings, Drinks and Books.

HARMONY CONE Harmony’s Ear Candles are made with Certified Organic Cotton cloth and the highest quality food grade wax available. Dr. Harmony provides the largest variety of aromatherapy options, a USA patented safety tip, and burnline label for your safety.

For more info on these and other great products, visit rude health magazine



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• Advanced digestive complex helps encourage more efficient and thorough digestion

Available at Independent Health Food Stores. For your nearest Solgar stockist, visit

Solgar® is a registered trademark of Solgar. Food supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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Ireland's favourite natural health read, Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS...

Rhm janfeb15 web  

Ireland's favourite natural health read, Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS...