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This season, when it comes to immune health:

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...................................................... Do all you can to support your immune health: Eat healthy Get your rest Take Solgar®


essentials for life’s journey Available at Independent Health Food Stores For your nearest Solgar stockist, visit The vitamin C in these products help support the normal function of your immune system. Food supplements should not be used instead of a varied balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Rude Health is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, the professional trade association which represents the majority of health stores in the Republic of Ireland. The IAHS ensures health food retailing is ethical, responsible, truthful and professional.



to the winter issue of Rude Health, the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores. In this issue we look forward to the fun of the festive season with tasty free-from recipes and natural hangover cures, but also deal with the big winter issues – how to improve your immunity and revive your energy levels. Plus there’s advice on the best natural party make-up, a look at how flower essences can help your emotions and tips for how to improve your health in the New Year. Don’t forget to fill in our reader survey and tell us what you think of the magazine. Enjoy, and look out for the spring issue in late February.



Rude news 4 Health news: The latest in health news and events 9 Reader Survey: Tell us what you think of Rude Health 12 Rude reviews: Health store staff test the products they sell 39 Rudimentaries: Improve your fertility with the best vitamins, minerals and herbs

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We welcome your feedback on Rude Health Magazine. Email and in-between issues visit us at

Someone asked me once where we got the name for our magazine, so I thought I’d mention its origins here. ‘Rude health’ is what we’re all about in your local health store, and we don’t mean to be impolite! We’re enthusiastic about optimum health and vitality; harnessing the power of natural foods to get the balance right within our bodies and minds. Someone is in rude health when they’re full to the brim with energy, liveliness and gusto. If you feel you need a bit of that this winter, call in and see what your local health store has to offer to keep you well throughout the season – and you’ll find a lot of helpful and inspiring information within these pages too.

Chairman The Irish Association of Health Stores

16 Celebrity health: Caroline Morahan talks about her healthy life 18 Rude looks: Festive make-up and hair the natural way

fáilte and hello

Odhran Kelly


22 Rude therapy: ‘Flower remedies are good for helping my emotions’ 28 Rude fit: New Year, new you – with our simple exercise and lifestyle advice 30 Feature: Immunity and how to strengthen it 36 Feature: Energy and vitality boosters

Rude food 40 Post-party detox foods and hangover help 42 Festive entertaining – with free-from recipes without meat, gluten or dairy

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To advertise call +44 1223 894200 � 2013 Published by JHN Productions Ltd. The Rude Health logo remains the property of the IAHS. Information in Rude Health Magazine is for information only and no part of it is a substitute for health diagnosis, care or treatment. The publishers cannot accept any responsibility for the advertisements in this publication. Produced on environmentally friendly chlorine-free paper derived from sustained forests. Please recycle. rude health magazine : 3

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Keeping moving – and staying young A study by researchers from McMaster University in Canada has discovered that exercising halted the ageing process in mice that were genetically engineered to age faster than normal. Mice were put on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day for five months and their condition was compared with sedentary but identical mice. The results revealed that the exercising mice had delayed the ageing process – with little or no hair loss, muscle atrophy and other conditions associated with ageing. Mark Tarnopolsky, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the School of Medicine in McMaster University, who was the lead author on the study said that the results have useful parallels for humans – and that even previously sedentary people can benefit in terms of energy and mobility from regular exercise.

RudeNews The latest news and research from the world of natural health

Book Cookability by Smita Srivastava “If you are the only one on a special diet and mention any dietary requirements, you are frequently met with a raised eyebrow from the waiter, then get a hastily arranged bland salad thrust under your nose,” says Keith Kenny, chef at La Banca in Lucan, Co Dublin. His wife Melanie is dairy and gluten intolerant and his experiences of eating out with her gave him the idea of putting together this book. He has also transformed the menu in his restaurant to cater for special diets and he thinks all good chefs should too. These recipes can be created at home, royalties go to the Irish Cancer Society. Published by Blackwater Press.

Who’s for 40 winks? Scientists have been trying to find out the purpose of sleep and how exactly it benefits the human body for centuries. Now a recent study has revealed that sleep has a detoxifying effect on the body. It allows the brain to flush out toxins accumulated while awake through the glymphatic system using cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which surrounds the brain and spinal cord. The study was published in Science and led by Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., D.M.Sc., co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. The study was funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) in the USA. 4

rude health magazine


Vegetables from the sea Ireland’s fertile seas and shores are a great source of sea vegetables such as red marine algae, also known as marine seaweed. This algae has been harvested for centuries and now you can buy it as an effective nutritional support for the immune system that enhances and aids the body’s natural defences. Sea vegetables contain 10 to 20 times the minerals of plants grown on land and give the body complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins, protein and enzymes. They also contain sulfated polysaccharides, thought to support the immune system by inducing the formation of antibodies.

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WEB: Just visit and enter your details and the Free Draw Code (such as RH-SOLGAR). EMAIL: Or email with the Free Draw Code (eg RH-SOLGAR) in the email subject box.

POST: Or post your name and address and Draw Code to: Rude

Health Reader Offers, JHN Productions, Unit 2, Three Hills Farm, Ashdon Road, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire CB21 4EN, UK. (Postal entries on postcards or sealed envelopes only please.)

Closing date: 18 February 2014

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Winter Magic aromatherapy oils

Flower remedies book

Natural immune support

Beta Glucans Immune Complex from Solgar combines six key immunesupportive nutrients with an antioxidant-rich berry blend to make a comprehensive formula for health and wellbeing shown to stimulate immune function and defend against foreign invaders, such as viruses and fungi. We have 20 bottles to give away worth €12.13 each. Free code: RH-SOLGAR



Julian Barnard’s colourful book The Essence Within, about the work of Dr Edward Bach, provides an inspiring guide to the world of Bach Flower Remedies. We have 10 copies of The Essence Within worth €18 each to give away, and in addition each winner can redeem a voucher for three Bach Flower Remedies of their choice worth €5 each. Free code: RH-BACH REMEDIES

Miracle enzyme supplement

Serrapeptase, or The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme™, provides a powerhouse of support for a whole host of health conditions, but you cannot get it from your everyday diet. Good Health Naturally 80,000iu serrapeptase capsules are delayed release, allowing for optimum performance. We have 6 pots, each containing 90 capsules to give away worth €20.85 each. Free code: RH-GOOD HEALTH


Atlantic Aromatics Winter Magic is a rich and lively, seasonal blend of pure essential oils. It includes cheerful Orange and warm Cinnamon creating a natural and uplifting aroma in your home or workplace. Especially pleasing on those chilly winter days. We have 20 5ml bottles worth €4.50 each to be won. Free code: RH-ATLANTIC

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Tropical hair and body products

Faith in Nature has introduced two new tropical flavours to their range of bath, body and hair products. New coconut is exploding with organic coconut, natural vitamin E and soothing aromas. New Pineapple & Lime is bursting with citrus flavours. We have 5 sets of products worth €17 each to give away. Each contains a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and foam bath. Free code: RH-FAITH IN NATURE


Available from your local health store, for more details rude health magazine


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news Herbal Helper

The Echinacea plant Earle Logan is a qualified nutritionist who works as a product trainer for A. Vogel Echinacea is a member of the daisy family and comes in nine varieties, three of which are used medicinally. But it is the Echinacea purpurea type that seems to attract the most attention. It is certainly the most researched one too. It all began with the North American Indian Sioux tribe and others who had used Echinacea purpurea for all manner of ills, including snake bites and everyday infections. A pioneering and very widely travelled Swiss herbalist called Alfred Vogel met the Sioux in the 1950s, returning with seeds from the very plants the Sioux put to such good use. The flowers are not used for medicinal reasons, but contained within the dramatic pink spines of the flower head are the seeds which fall in the autumn. The stems (or ‘herb’) are now known to contain antiviral qualitites, while the roots are used for the relief of cold and 'flu symptoms. The use is stated on products approved by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB). Some brand new research from Zurich University used a clever system to show that a combination of both root and stem could reduce the initial symptoms, such as headache, sore throat and stuffiness, which we associate with the 'flu and help our immune system keep on fighting over several days. This helps to explain why echinacea products containing both root and stem have been shown to shorten the length of an infection.


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Peter McVerry Trust Peter McVerry Trust is a charity set up by Fr Peter McVerry to reduce homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. Fr Peter McVerry has been working with Dublin’s young homeless for more than 30 years. After his ordination in 1974, Fr McVerry worked in Summerhill, in Dublin’s north inner-city, where he witnessed first hand the problems of homelessness and deprivation. Peter McVerry Trust provides low-threshold entry services, primarily to younger persons with complex needs, and offers pathways out of homelessness based on the principle of the Housing First model and within a framework that is based on equal opportunities, dignity and respect. This year Peter McVerry Trust marks its 30th Anniversary. They will hold a Christmas Carol Concert in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin on 7th December and charity Christmas cards will go on sale in November

Be kind to your liver this season By Fiona Moloney, Dip.NT. M.IANT, lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine The day after an overdose of alcohol and rich food you may crave fats and refined carbohydrates, such as pizza, cakes, sweets, biscuits, crisps etc. Ironically, this is the body’s way of letting you know it needs extra nutrients, protein and energy to help it to repair the damage and detoxify the body. Alcohol increases free radicals, causes inflammation, and damages cells, and chronic use or bingeing increases the risk of disease. Instead of going for a high saturated fat fry-up with lashings of butter, white bread and tomato sauce opt instead for a nutrient-dense diet, high in antioxidants and fluids to support the cells of the body in detoxifying and replenishing their stores. You will recover so much more quickly and prevent long-term damage.

Tips to support detoxification: n Before you go to bed drink 1 pint of water n When you get up drink 1 pint of warm water, with the juice of half a lemon n Make yourself a fresh fruit smoothie with seeds, add coconut or almond milk n Make a big pot of fresh vegetable soup with pearl barley or lentils n Choose wholegrains, fresh vegetables and fresh fish for dinner n Drink plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day By thinking about your body in this way it may help you to reduce the volume of alcohol and rich foods you have, so you won’t have quite so many New Year’s resolutions to make!

CNM trains students for careers in natural therapies. Visit or call 01 2353094.

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Book Good Food by John McKenna Retired medical doctor and scientist John McKenna is the author of Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics, and his new book Can You Trust What You Are Eating? Is a pertinent look at the ways in which the production of food has changed, and not for the better, in Ireland. Good Food examines cooking methods, food processing, farming methods and soil analysis as well as the genetic modification of seeds. John’s message is trust in nature, take control of your diet and move it away from packaged food to food that grows in the fields. Published by Gill and Macmillan.

CHANGING LIVES Welcome Ireland, to the widest and most effective range of serrapeptase formulations available

Serrapeptase is known as the ‘Miracle Enzyme’ and is the number 1 supplement that can’t be found in your everyday diet. Good Health Naturally serrapeptase is being used by thousands of customers worldwide, is the serrapeptase with the best results and has the largest number of testimonials. To understand more about serrapeptase and how it can help you, ask your local health food store or contact Good Health Naturally today!

Which serrapeptase?... x90 tabs/caps

Not all honeys are the same In recent months the UK Food and Environment Research Agency revealed that much of the honey labelled as manuka is not manuka honey at all, and this has understandably caused some concern to real manuka honey producers. Dr Ralf Schlothauer, head of research at New Zealand honey producer Comvita told Rude Health, “We are extremely concerned about the market being flooded with fake manuka honeys. Many people who buy manuka honey use it for its anti-inflammatory properties because they need help for their stomach. Our research reveals a lowering of inflammation with real manuka, but if that person were to use a counterfeit honey it would not have the anti-inflammatory properties of real manuka honey, and they would think that manuka honey doesn’t work.” The figures certainly don’t add up when you consider that almost all of the world’s manuka honey comes from New Zealand, where 1700 tons are produced every year, and yet 10,000 tons of ‘manuka’ honey is sold worldwide annually. “Bees put an enzyme in honey that on contact with oxygen creates a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide, that makes it sterile and anti-bacterial,” says Dr Ralf. “This is referred to as total activity, or peroxide activity – and labels usually say Active 10+ or 20+, but they are not manuka. “Only manuka honey, which is made by bees from the nectar of the Manuka bush native to New Zealand, has something additional called non-peroxide activity,” says Ralf. “Essentially, this honey is still anti-microbial when it is exposed to catalase, a substance created in wound fluid in human tissue. Non peroxide activity, also known as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is strictly measured and independent labs around the world rate its quality.” Consumers can ensure they are buying the real thing by looking for the UMF label.


SerraEnzyme®  The ‘original’ and first serrapeptase  The best-selling serrapeptase worldwide  80,000iu serrapeptase per capsule  Serrapeptase on its own  Delivers all the benefits of serrapeptase  Enteric coated or Delayed Release

Blockbuster x120 AllClear™ caps  Unique combination of 16 powerful nutrients  Cost much more if bought separately  For if you want more than just serrapeptase  Delivers all the benefits of serrapeptase plus extra support for your......

V suitable for vegetarians



Trade Enquiries: Call Wholesale Health Ltd 0044 1606 889 905, Tree Of Life (SerraEnzyme code 68013) or The Health Store (SerraEnzyme code 674077)

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Book Natural Beauty by Karen Gilbert

Helen O’Reilly with Michael McCarthy Labour TD

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at making your own moisturiser, foot balms, hand creams, skin serums, bath oils and fizzes and a whole host of other natural skin creations, then this is definitely the book for you. With step by step instructions and detailed photos of every stage of making these 35 skincare products, author Karen Gilbert gives great tips on techniques and equipment you will need and explains the roles of essential oils, infusions, flower waters, emollients, occlusives, humectants, emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives. Once you’ve read this book you will never want to buy a conventional skin product again. Foreword by Romy Fraser, founder of Neal’s Yard Remedies. Published by CICO Books

Lisa Caulfield with Bernadette Bohan

A round of applause, goes to…

Helen O’Reilly of For Goodness Sake, Dunmanway, Co Cork for the Highest Achiever in the Certificate in Healthfood Retailing exam, and Lisa Caulfield of Evergreen, Mainguard St, Galway for the Highest Achiever in the Diploma in Healthfood Retailing exam. The Andrew Cape Memorial Awards 2013 are run by the Irish Association of Health Stores for training achievement.

Stub it out The Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly, has put forward 60 recommendations to significantly reduce smoking in Ireland over the next 12 years. According to the Department of Health, the aim of the new policy is to de-normalise tobacco use in Irish society. The government is planning greater restrictions on the types of outlets where tobacco products can be sold, and looking at tax increases on tobacco. Dr Reilly said: “Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in Ireland.”

Ageing eyesight Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of registered blindness in Ireland affecting 1 in 10 people over the age of 50. As many as 224,000 people are affected by severe vision loss in Ireland, and a recent report launched by the National Coalition for Vision Health in Ireland said this number is expected to rise by 21% to 272,000 by 2020. The good news is that 75% of blindness can be prevented through early diagnosis and treatment. In the case of AMD, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and blood pressure control, quitting smoking, and having regular eye tests can all play a part in prevention. Des Kenny of the National Council


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Beware the invisible killer On average, six people in Ireland die each year from accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning according to figures from the HSE. When CO is inhaled into the body it combines with the blood, preventing it from absorbing oxygen – this can cause illness and even death. At a time of year when many people in Ireland are enjoying the benefits of a real fire, it’s worth remembering that all fossil fuels can produce CO when burned. You cannot see or smell CO, which can make it even more dangerous. Keep vents, flues and chimneys clear and have appliances serviced every year. For added protection install an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm.

for the Blind in Ireland (NCBI), said, “Because eyesight can start to deteriorate gradually in old age, too many older people put up with it, seeing the deterioration as just part of the ageing process. In so many instances that is not the case.”   

Look out for the new IAHS paper bags in your local healthstore

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New Yoga DVD

For anyone who is interested in yoga, a new documentary will be released at the end health of August. Filmed in a documentary 7. On average how often do you visit your local food store? style, Breath of the Gods is a fascinating ❏ Weekly1 ❏ look at the history and origins of 2 ❏ Fortnightly ❏ modern yoga with insightful interviews ❏ Monthly3 ❏ with yoga legends such as BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Some of the rare website? 8. How often do you visit the Rude Health Magazine black and white historical footage of Krishnamacharya, deemed by many to 1 ❏ ❏ Daily ❏ be the Father of Modern Yoga – doing yoga 2 ❏ ❏ 1-3 times a week ❏ himself, and teaching others – is truly amazing to see. ❏ ❏ 1-3 times a month3 ❏ You can buy Breath of the Gods for €34.99 from 4 ❏ ❏ Less than once a month ❏


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Johns Hopkins University School ofcolder Medicine recently weather bitespublished with a PHYT’S 10.  How often do you read Rude Health Magazine? the results of a study into healthy living habits in the American Luminescence Facial. Your skin will Journal of Epidemiology. Involving be 6,200 men and women  ❏ This is my first issue 1❏ nourished, firmed and revitalised ranging in age from 44 to 84, the participants wereextracts followedwhile for you with pure plant ❏ Occasionally2 ❏  an average of eight years. 3 relax and unwind for a full hour and a half. You’ll ❏ Regularly ❏  At the beginning of the study thebe participants coronary sure to see had and afeel the benefits for weeks. PHYT’S source ❏ Every issue4 ❏  calcium screening using a CT scan to check early signs their plantfor extracts fromof a mix of organically-grown herbs calcium deposits, which could increase their riskand of heart attack.oils, so they are especially kind and essential vegetable 11. What do you do with Rude Health Magazine after you have read it? During the study period they were re-assessed. to the skin. This treatment will be customised to the specific ❏ Keep it1 ❏ Pass it on2 ❏ Recycle it3 “Of all the lifestyle factors, we found that smoking avoidance requirements of your skin, so we know you’ll enjoy it. played the largest role in reducing the risk coronary heart Oneof reader, drawn at random from all the entries after the 12. O  n average how many people read your disease copy of Rude Magazine and Health mortality,” said? Dr. Roger Blumenthal, a cardiologist closing date, will win a Luminescence Facial worth €80, and and professor of medicine and author the study. “Smokers ❏ 11 ❏ twoofrunners up will each win PHYT'S products worth €50. See who adopted two or more of the four healthy behaviours forstill details of PHYT's beauty salons. ❏ 22 ❏ had lower survival rates after 7.6 years than non-smokers who 3 ❏3 ❏ were sedentary and obese.” ❏ 44 ❏ The researchers found that exercising regularly, adopting a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, fish, nuts and wholegrains, and 13. How important are the following pages to you? being a healthy weight helped to prevent the early build-up of WEB: Just visit and complete (1 = essential, 2 = important, 3 = of general interest, calcium deposits in the arteries. the Reader Survey online.

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4 = not very important, 5 = never read) FREEPOST: Pull out the reader survey and send it to: News 1 2 3 4 5 Rude Health Magazine Reader Survey 2013, Tried & Tested 1 2 3 4 5 JHN Productions Ltd, Reviews 1 2 3 4 5 FREEPOST RSCR-JYJG-TUJJ, Celebrity Health 1 2 3 4 5 Unit 2, Three Hills Farm, Ashdon Road, Bartlow, Cambridgeshire. Therapy 1 2 3 4 5 CB21 4EN. England Looks 1 2 3 4 5 Ask the experts 1 2 3 4 5 No stamp required. Closing date for prize draw entries is 18 February 2014 Feature 1 2 3 4 5 Thank you for your time. We really value your input and help! Please Food 1 2 3 4 5 In a report titled Sunscreen and Prevention of Skinbelow, Aging. complete the coupon tearAout these two pages, fold and post back to Annals us – free –ofusing the FREEPOST details above. To enter the Rude Health Randomized Trial published in the Internal Medicine, 14. What influences your decision to buy a particular product? Reader Survey Prize Draw and have the chance to win a luminescence facial researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research products,have pleasefound complete all your details below: and the University of Queenslandand in spa Australia ❏ Rude Health1 ❏ that people who use sunscreen every day can slow or even ❏ Retailer2 ❏ Name (including title):....................................................................................... ❏ Complementary health practitioner3 ❏ prevent skin ageing. Address:.............................................................................................................. We’ve been told for years that sunscreen can prevent ❏ Other4 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ............................................................................................................................ ageing, but this research now confirms it. ............................................................................................................................ The study involved 900 people with fair skin aged 25 to 55 15. Why do you like Rude Health Magazine? in Australia. Most wore sunscreen............................................................................................................................ some of the time, and two___________________________________________________________________________________________________ thirds wore hats in the sun. 50% of the study participants were ............................................................................................................................ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ told to continue with their normal habits, and 50% to wear Email:.................................................................................................................. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ sunscreen with a SPF 15 every day. Tel:....................................................................................................................... _ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Researchers made silicone casts of participants’ skin at the ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ start of the study and studied their skin at the end. They found ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ that those who used sunscreen every day hadThesmoother Terms & Conditions prize is subjectskin to availability and cannot be exchanged for goods, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ or towards the purchase of goods at any retail outlet. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. and their skin had aged less. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ must be taken as stated and Medical cannot be deferred. The decision of the judge is final and no The study was paid for by thePrizes National Health and

Sunscreen proven to prevent ageing

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NEW TROPICAL FLAVOURS FROM FAITH Faith in Nature have added two luxurious new tropical flavours to the range - fresh new Pineapple & Lime range bursting with citrus flavours and new Coconut range, a soothing aroma packed with organic coconut. Part of our award winning natural beauty collection, all our products have been created with natural ingredients to care for you and the environment.

Part of our award winning natural beauty collection, all our products have been created with natural ingredients to care for you and the environment.

Pineapple & Lime


available in Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel/Foam Bath, Hand Wash and Soap.

available in Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel/Foam Bath, Hand Wash and Soap.


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Tried & Tested How Irish Association of Health Store staff rate what they sell… This issue staff from Well and Good in Midleton, Co Cork tested natural cleaners, oils, hair colours and supplements


Left to right: Rob, Anne, Dearbhla and Melanie

Left to right: Gemma, Wendy, Jill and Alison

Jill says: “With three dogs and a baby frequently in the house, plus two 90-year olds, I am never without Citricidal for the inevitable clean-up chores and for wiping a counter down before baking. It contains grapefruit seed extract which is antibacterial and antifungal.”

2. COCONUT OIL Alison says: “Biona Organic Coconut Oil is my favourite can’t-live-without product at the moment. I use it for everything from cooking to skin and haircare! My most recent ‘invention’ is a lovely body scrub using coconut oil and epsom salts. I rub it over my body before soaking in a warm bath, allowing the magnesium from the salts to be absorbed. My skin feels amazing.”

3. FLAXSEED OIL Sue says: “Dry eyes have been an on-going problem for me, and I find Adora Irish Flaxseed Oil and Natural Health Practice Vitamin C a huge help.”

4. VITAMINS FOR GOOD SKIN Gemma says: “I was bothered for a long time with stressrelated acne which I now manage successfully. Quest Mega B Complex with Vitamin C and Quest Omega 3 and 6 are the supplements I use. Using Hauschka cleansing cream, cleansing toner and normalising day oil every day made a noticeable difference within two months, and within six months the problem had cleared and I’ve never looked back.”

5. NATURAL HAIR COLOUR Wendy says: “I would recommend Surya Brasil Cream Hair Colour for anyone with grey hair who wants a natural product. It is so conditioning, and my hair hasn’t felt this good since I started to dye it about 15 years ago.”

6. MAGNESIUM Jill says: ”Magnesium works for me, and many of our customers, to prevent leg cramps and it also helps to keep my blood pressure under control.”


rude health magazine


The staff from Blasta Wholefoods in Dungarvan, Co Waterford tested five foods, supplements and beauty products

1. Iron capsules Melanie says: “Terranova Easy Iron capsules gave me back my energy. My iron levels were low and I’ve tried many supplements, but this is the only one that worked for me. The ingredients added to the complex help with digestion and absorption and don’t leave you constipated.”

2. Gluten-free flour Dearbhla says: “Having been diagnosed as a coeliac as a baby I am quite used to having a restricted diet. I could never enjoy freshlybaked goods. That is until I came across Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour. Having tried lots of flours without great success, I’m delighted with the results from using this flour. Sweet and savoury cakes, buns and tarts all turn out great. It’s easy to use with great results.”

3. Organic coconut oil Anne says: “I’m a big fan of the creamy texture of RAW Health Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I’ve been making my own breakfast balls using a coconut oil base, and find that rather than melting the oil, if I use the RAW Coconut Oil I can cream it easily with a wooden spoon. I then mix in chopped nuts, raw cacao powder, ground cinnamon and agave syrup, roll the mixture into little balls and coat with dessicated coconut or cacao powder. I find that these will keep in the fridge for several days and one or two make a quick, convenient and surprisingly filling breakfast. To add variety I change the nuts I use, or add milled seeds and spirulina to make them even healthier.”

4. Niacin capsules Rob says: “My cholesterol was 6.7 and I was coming under increasing pressure from my GP to take statins. I looked at the various natural ways of reducing cholesterol and decided on 500mg of Solgar No-Flush Niacin daily, supported by a regime of improved diet and exercise. After six weeks my cholesterol was down to 5.6.”

5. Rose body oil Anne says: “I love Dr Hauschka’s Rose Body Oil. It sinks in really well, leaving the skin feeling very soft, but the key thing is the gorgeous smell – it’s so warm and feminine. It’s a real touch of luxury to pamper yourself with, and it also makes a great gift.”

14/11/2013 14:31

Omeg-A-Day: 78% Flax oil blend This 78% Flax oil blend contains a 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Made from the highest quality organic flaxseeds (linseeds) and cold pressed without the use of chemical or solvent extraction, bleaching or deodorising. • Unrefined and first cold pressing • Fish free, gluten free and naturally vegan • De-bittered flax oil with a delicious delicate flavour • Consume on its own or in dressings, smoothies and dips


Visit our website for the full range of Organic Cold Pressed Oils...

Natural Healing from the sea


Clear passage


Available from selected health stores across Ireland and in Dublin from Nourish, Health Matters and The Health Store For more information visit or email


High Fibre - Probiotic - Prebiotic.

14/11/2013 14:31



. . . e s e h t y r T ...fro m your loca l health food shop

Su ga r-fre e cts de nt a l prod u

contain lthy dental products all r that The Spry range of hea ene eet sw e Xylitol, a uniqu significant amounts of s, helping to ering to teeth and gum ge includes adh ia ter bac ts ven pre ran tal den ry Sp lthy. The keep the oral cavity hea hout fluoride, in wit e ast thp Too l ito Spry Peppermint Xyl dental floss rinse and Spry sponge a 113g tube, Spry Oral coated with xylitol.

Season alsyba kin g ma de ea

Try Doves Farm organic white and wholemeal plain and self-raising flours. Perfect for all your seasonal organic cake and pastry baking. Milled from 100% British organic soft wheat at their own mill in Wiltshire, Doves Farm pride themselves on the quality and value of their extensive range of organic and gluten free flours.

Vegeta ria n meat ba lls & hotdogs

Cra n be rry pro biotic for UT Is

UTIs are particularly freq uent in postmenopausal women when oestrogen levels fall. Cranberries contain spe cific antioxidant compounds called proant hocyanidins that prevent E. coli adhering to urin Kult Pro-Cyan is a scientifi ary cells. Biocally-developed cranberry, probiotic and vita min A formula that helps maintain norma l levels of bacteria in the gut. Freynes Whole sale Ltd 01 457 7128 or

granoVita specialise in creating tasty, healthy foods for those who wish to follow a vegetarian diet. These delicious and nutritious Vegetarian Hot Dogs and Mildly Spicy ‘Meat’ Balls in a tasty tomato sauce are a great way of spicing up your vegetarian meals and making quick and healthy meals for all of the family.

Colou r & Ca re Naturtint Reflex Non-Permanent Colorants from Nature’s Dream are gentle, temporary colours that wash from the hair in about 2-4 weeks, perfect for a party look without a commitment into 2014. Suitable for sensitive skin, Naturtint Reflex is free from ammonia, resorcinol, peroxide, PPD and is available in six fantastic shades.

14 rude health magazine


I m m u nity boost

eloped, advanced multiBio-Kult is a scientifically-dev bacterial cultures live 14 ing tain con strain probiotic of the stomach. ity acid proven to survive the high ated and can iger refr be to d nee not s doe Bio-Kult ies, toddlers, bab by ics, biot anti be taken alongside elling, by trav n whe children and when pregnant, . Freynes diet lthy hea a of part as and vegetarians io-k w.b ww or Wholesale Ltd 01 457 7128

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14/11/2013 14:31


celebrity health

t a e r g g n i k Loo Caroline style

celebrity health

Interview by Lucy Taylor. Photos courtesy of Littlewoods Ireland

Caroline Morahan is a Dubliner who has hosted numerous top Irish TV shows including The Fame Game, Off the Rails, The Podge and Rodge Show, Chance to Dance, The Afternoon Show among others and appeared on The Late Late Show and The Panel. In 2009, after playing the lead female role in musical I, Keano, Caroline realised that her true passion was acting and she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. In 2013 Caroline returned to the Olympia to play Collagen Murphy in Anglo The Musical and is working on a number of movies for release next year. She lives in Dublin and Los Angeles with her husband Daithí O’Caoimh and rescue pooch Kiki.


rude health magazine

PG16,17 CELEB.indd 16

13/11/2013 21:15


celebrity health

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape? My normal routine involves a lot of yoga. It’s good for my mind and body. I hike up steep canyon trails a couple of times a week with my dog. I don’t have the patience for mile after mile on a treadmill. I much prefer classes. I recently signed up for cardio barre classes – you use a ballet barre and do a series of muscle exercises at high speed. Sometimes I am really good and get to the gym multiple times a week, then other times I find I’ll slack off. I’ve never had a gym body with everything rock hard and perfectly toned. I like food a little too much! What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy? I do a weekly shop at our local farmers market where I get great fresh fruit and veg from small organic farms. I drink organic goats milk. I have to get my five a day of fresh fruit and vegetables or I just don’t feel well. I start most mornings with porrridge or a fresh juice. Our juicer never gets put in the cupboard, I use it all the time. I put everything into it – beetroot, oranges, kale, mint, ginger. Whatever I’ve come across at the market gets bunged in. I add two spoons of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend. I’ve been doing that for years. My mom introduced me to it and I noticed a huge difference to my hair and nails within a week of taking it. It also helps me with energy levels, sugar cravings and joint strength.

PG16,17 CELEB.indd 17

Do you take any natural supplements? Apart from Udo’s, I also take a couple of spoons of powdered super greens like spirulina, wheatgrass and kale. It’s good for keeping your blood in an alkaline, rather than an acid state – something I’ve only learned about in recent years. Do you ever worry about your health? I don’t really worry about my health. I worry about other things – that’s where yoga and meditation come in. My mum is a homeopath and acupuncturist so I have been exposed to ways to keep my body and mind in good working order. I’ve used homeopathy for everything from stage fright to food poisoning. It would be great if more people realised that their own body has the power to heal itself. How do you keep your skin and hair in great condition? I am one of those 2.5 litres a day people. Some people think they’ll get enough hydration from the foods they eat and the odd glass of water or two, but the skin is the very last organ to receive the water you consume, so if you’re not getting enough, it will tell on your face. I am also pretty

disciplined when it comes to sun protection. I slap factor 50 on my face, neck and decolletage every day and on the backs of my hands. Do you have any tips for Rude Health readers? Transcendental Meditation is great for quieting down the rat race that goes on in my mind and negative thoughts. Working as an actress is toughgoing as rejection is such a huge part of the process. Energy begets energy. If you’re feeling down, unfit or full of inertia, force yourself off the couch and go for a walk. It’s amazing how much better everything becomes after some exercise! If you feel like you’re falling off the wagon health wise, clothes can be a great way to get you back on track. An outfit you feel amazing in will inspire you to make better health choices. One of my favourite dresses is a fitted number from Littlewoods Ireland. If I have been overindulging, I simply can’t get the zip up! So it’s a great way to keep me on the straight and narrow. Don’t put off looking good to some distant event in the future or think “I won’t buy anything till I’ve lost 6 pounds.” The time to live is now!

rude health magazine


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Party looks

– the natural way Choose the chemical-free option this party season with natural and organic hair, nails and make-up. You will look great and be kind to your skin and the environment all at once


ude Health asked Michaela Maguire of Alchemist Earth in Limerick, Ireland’s Leading organic skincare store, for the main differences between natural and conventional cosmetics. “Natural cosmetics are composed of nature’s natural pigments,” says Michaela. “Natural lip glosses and sticks contain real plant ingredients which plump and condition the lips such as shea butter and coconut oil combined with natural peppermint extract for a sweet natural taste. They do not contain harmful preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes and fragrance. So natural make-up is less likely to cause a reaction in women with sensitive skin.” Can you get the same effect with natural products as you can with


rude health magazine

PG18-21 LOOK.indd 18

conventional products? “Definitely,” says Michaela. “The only notable difference is your body will not be polluted with thousands of harmful chemicals and your skin will thank you as people report a more youthful, luminous complexion when they switch to natural. The chemicals and preservatives in mainstream make-up actually age the skin prematurely.” Grainne Duffy, a professional make-up artist who has also studied nutritional therapy says, “There are more and more natural cosmetic brands surfacing now than ever before as people are becoming more aware of chemicals in their cosmetic products. It’s important to always read the labels and make sure they are certified organic as there are many brands marketed as natural but

still contain synthetic colours and preservatives.” Sundara O’Higgins runs Nourish in Donnybrook, is a reflexologist and has studied film make-up. “You can get pretty much anything you want in a natural version,” she says. “The main argument for the use of natural cosmetics is the plethora of studies that have shown unacceptable levels of toxins in many well-known brand lipsticks. It is estimated that an average user ingests 24mg of lipstick each day and more if they reapply.” According to Grainne Duffy, “Natural skincare products such as cleansers and moisturisers are amazing, with natural oils and extracts that really nourish and feed the skin. There are lots of very good quality, very pleasant and effective natural products 

13/11/2013 21:26

NEW Rosapene™ Night Cream works with your skin’s own natural process of regeneration while you rest. Enriched with our unique antioxidant rich Rosapene™ oil blend, this high-performance night recovery cream includes multi-vitamin goji berry extract, mineral-rich manuka honey and nourishing avocado oil. Wake up to a brighter, revitalised complexion.

PG18-21 LOOK.indd 19

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party looks - the natural way  continued from page 18

available in health stores.” eyes and liquid liners for a sharper Sundara O’Higgins says natural and more defined look. The shadow lipsticks, for example, are 100% safe. can be layered over the kohl pencils “This is important, as lip products are for a stronger colour payoff. There actually absorbed directly are plenty of nice glosses, lip into your body through colours and blushers to the mouth. Natural complete the look.” make-up combines Michaela Maguire high quality gave us a detailed oils, waxes breakdown of “Start using 10 and powders 0 festive make-up % natural rose hip oil whic with carefully trends for 2013: h is 80% fatty ac ids and plum selected “Lips are ps and hydrates th e skin as wel medicinal defined, with l as being one of the b est, yet sim plants. colours ranging plest products to combat the By using from berry/wine/ signs of premature mineral colour rose stains to ageing.” pigments it is dramatic plum. Michaela M aguire possible to obtain “Eyes are


quite varied looks from subtle to more dramatic.” So what are the party look trends coming up this winter? “Smokey eyes has to be the most popular party look I get asked to create,” says Grainne Duffy. “There are kohl liners available that are perfect for creating soft smokey effects on the


rude health magazine

PG18-21 LOOK.indd 20

accentuated with eye liner applied in feline flicks to the outer upper lids. Use violet to sheer bluey hues on lids, or opt for sultry smoky eyes smudged with natural eyeliner and mineral shadow and team with plumped nude lips using a natural lip gloss. “Skin should be dewy and luminous, so natural foundations are the perfect

complement as they are not heavy on the skin. “Nails should go festive red which exudes glamour, but other trends are dark neutrals ranging from midnight blues, amethysts, mossy and emerald greens, oxblood to more playful twotoned nails if you are feeling creative. Just remember that darker nails require more length in order to be ladylike. All of these shades are available from natural brands. “Hair should be nourished in advance of the party season with an organic Fairtrade argan oil, restoring shine and giving a glossy mane. You can also supplement with silicea (a natural mineral made by the body that is depleted with stress, ageing, or an unbalanced diet) to thicken hair and strengthen nails.“ According to Grainne Duffy, “Natural cosmetics are ideal for anybody with allergies or who suffer from skin conditions. By using organic natural skincare products you can help decrease the toxic load on your body and the environment.”

13/11/2013 21:26

Your daily dose of sunshine... guaranteed DLux oral sprays, for everyone who’s concerned about sunlight deprivation due to insufficient daily exposure. Vitamin D plays an important role in the development and maintenance of healthy bones, teeth and the immune system. Available in all good health stores in Ireland.

Beauty product of the year*

Best organic product

Beauty HOT

I00 Best natural skin secret

Weleda Skin Food


is a 100% natural, nourishing and hydrating treatment for the whole body. Made today as it was 80 years ago with organic pansy, rosemary, chamomile and calendula. It’s just what your skin has been waiting for. It’s naturally Weleda. Available from independent health stores... for more information contact The Natural Medicine Company 045865575

For more information please contact us at or call 0114 220 2229

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Flower power Bach Flower Advisor Del Eagle has trained with the well-known author and flower essence expert Julian Barnard at his centre near Abergavenny, South Wales. She has held workshops and private consultations, helping many individuals discover the subtle but powerful ways that flower essences work Bach Flower Essences are a very simple method of healing. They work in a gentle and subtle way to help us cope with the emotional states encountered in our daily lives. Anxiety, fear, guilt, insecurity and many other emotional issues can be greatly helped with this gentle method of healing. A flower essence or remedy is the energy of the flower captured in water. It is not a herbal tincture or a homeopathic remedy. The energy of the sun transfers the life force of the flower to the water, the water receives the life force of the flower. The essences, individually or in combination, act on the emotional levels, which Dr Edward Bach (1886-1936) considered to be the place where problems, either emotional or physical, originate. Each of the remedy states that Dr Bach described has a positive and a negative aspect – he saw the negative conditions as the true cause of illness and disease. The flowers embody the positive state – their natural


rude health magazine

PG22,23 THERAPIES.indd 22

vibrations help us to be happy and to return to health. Edward Bach was born in Birmingham in 1886. He trained as a doctor and bacteriologist, and developed an interest in investigating the role of chronic disease. His research led him to believe that there are clear personality types that relate to various patterns of ill-health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient. Bach gave up his successful medical practice in London to search for a simpler method of healing. Near Abergavenny in South Wales, he found his first three plants, Impatience, Mimulus and Clematis. He subsequently found 38 remedies in all from 1928-1935. He died at the age of 50 on 27 November 27 1936. Stock bottles of Bach flower essences are available in good health stores nationwide. It is important to ask your health store assistant, for a ‘stock bottle’, as some brands are not sold in this form, and may be already diluted.

Put two drops from your chosen stock bottle into a small glass of water, and sip frequently, at least four times per day. Two drops in a 30ml dropper bottle can be carried in a pocket or bag. Up to six remedies can be mixed together. Some health stores offer a pre-mixing service, which is less expensive for short-term use than buying a separate stock bottle of each remedy. However stock bottles are themselves extremely good value, lasting for a number of years. The original ‘Rescue Remedy’ (also known as Five Flower) contains Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis, and is the most wellknown of the remedies. It is useful for many stressful situations encountered in modern life. Visits to the dentist, fear of flying, job interviews, and of course exams are examples of times when people take Rescue Remedy. Pre-exam nerves are helped by combining four drops of Five Flower with two drops of

13/11/2013 21:29



Case confidential Flower essences are good for my mind ‘Anna’ is 31 and lives in Dublin

Larch (lack of confidence) in a glass of water sipped throughout the day. Five Flower remedy, Exam mixture, Stress and Sleep mixtures are currently also available in spray and pillule form from your local independent health store. The remedies in pillule form are especially useful for those who need to avoid alcohol. Five Flower Cream is really useful for minor skin irritations, nappy rash and soreness. The remedies can be used

internally, externally and for babies, small children, animals and even plants. Many pet owners have found them particularly useful for timid, injured or traumatised pets. These simple and gentle essences will help you to help yourself, to bring harmony, happiness and health.

I like using flower essences because they are good for helping me to recover from some difficult emotional experiences I had in the past with my parents. My past was difficult, but since I started using flower essences I am able to keep my emotions under control. I decided to look for something more natural to treat general hormone inbalance problems. In general I think it’s better to use natural ways to get your hormones into a more balanced state. I get bad PMS and it can make me irritable, sensitive and moody during that time in the month. So I take five drops of rock rose or cherry plum in 5ml of water three times a day until I feel better. I use rock rose because it’s helpful if you are lacking confidence and fearful. It gives natural support to people facing challenges in their life and boosts their courage and inner strength. Cherry plum is good for helping to keep the mind in a positive and calm state and promoting peace and balance. I also use milk thistle in a tincture because it cleans the liver and is linked to hormones in the body. And I take a reishi mushroom powder which is good for the immune system and hormone balance. I find that natural remedies such as these keep me more balanced Del Eagle can be contacted at

PG22,23 THERAPIES.indd 23

rude health magazine


13/11/2013 21:29


ask the experts

Rude Wonders your questions an

Q Certified Natural Health Professional and former consultant to the World Health Organisation Stuart Tomc is an authority on evidencebased dietary supplements, specialising in omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil.

Q Ellen Cox is an aromatherapist and a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. She lives in the west of Ireland, provides aromatherapy workshops, training and treatments in elderly care facilities.


SAD Now that winter is here I can’t wait for spring because it just makes me miserable and really hard to live with. Getting up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark just gets me down and my mood is not good. Do you think I might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? What can I do about it? Stuart Tomc answers: True SAD is something only your doctor can determine, but according to a survey conducted in 2007, SAD affects around 20% of Irish people. There are things you can do to support your mood during those winter months that are especially dreary in Ireland, including getting extra nutritional support from vitamin D and omega-3 essential fatty acids. As you may know, the vitamin D we convert from sunlight is in short supply during the colder months when we live primarily indoors. However, supplemental vitamin D easily makes up for this seasonal deficiency. Vitamin D is naturally found in cod liver oil (CLO), which is great for mood support thanks to the rich supply of the omega-3 DHA. I recommend an omega-3 supplement (CLO, fish oil, etc.) that comes with added vitamin D3 (1000 I.U.) to provide that one-two punch to combat winter blues. Both are great for brain and mood support.

Winter blues I suffer from the winter blues and find Ireland’s long winters quite hard to cope with. Can you suggest anything natural that I can use to help me through these difficult months? Ellen cox answers: I have a small army of essential oils constantly in use during the shorter days and longer nights of winter. The first line of defence are all of the citrus oils, I call them ‘sunshine in a bottle’! Think ‘fruit bowl’ - Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange and Mandarin, these essential oils never fail to energise and uplift. Early morning starts on pitch dark, cold rainy days can be easily improved with a couple of drops of these oils in the shower. Alternatively, for a more cheerful car journey, put 10 drops on the floor, under the front seats. Lime oil tends to be distilled and is often favoured by children with its delicate fruity aroma. Bergamot oil is from the fruit of a small Italian tree and has a rich fruity scent followed by a herbaceous, balsamic aroma. Research has shown pure essential oils to effectively inhibit airborne bacteria. So get out that burner or invest in an electric diffuser and enhance the winter season with pure essential oils.

If you would like a question answered by Rude Health’s guest experts, please email 24

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13/11/2013 21:33

OMEGA-3, VITAMIN D for kids and adults alike!

Awardg Winnien! Tast

Why Choose Nordic Naturals? ■ #1 Fish Oil in the United States† ■ 1000 I.U. vitamin D3 per serving ■ Triglyceride form for up to 70% better absorption

than ethyl ester omegas* ■ Third-party tested for guaranteed purity ■ Supports heart, brain, joint, and immune health

Committed to Delivering the World’s Safest, Most Effective Omega Oils ™ † Based on SPINS scan data

* Dyerberg J, et al. Bioavailability of marine n-3 fatty acid formulations. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2010 Sep;83(3):137–141.

PG24-27 Q&A.indd 25

13/11/2013 21:33


ask the experts

Rude Wonders your questions an swered

Q Michaela Maguire is proprietor of and a natural skincare expert

Q Anne Darcy is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and homeopath based in Golden, Co Tipperary; Castleknock, Co Dublin and Tralee, Co Kerry.

Winter skin Now that autumn has really set in my skin has started to feel dry and tight. I spend a lot of time indoors with the heating on, which probably doesn’t help. When I go out into the cold my face gets really red, especially my nose. Can you recommend something to help moisturise my skin and protect it from the elements? MICHAELA MAGUIRE answers: A red, blotchy skin usually occurs in autumn and winter during the harsh weather. This is due to the air drawing moisture out of your skin making it dehydrated, dry, tight and itchy. To avoid this you should take care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin twice daily, morning and night. A light day moisturiser should be used in the morning followed by a thicker protection cream at night. The oils in the cream will penetrate into your skin providing moisture, nourishing and hydrating your skin. Lavera offer a full range of organic and natural face care products suited to dry skin, such as lavera Wild Rose 24hr Revitalising Moisturiser, or a thicker moisturiser for night would be Rose Liposomes Cream.

Moods Sometimes I feel really down and I was wondering whether I might be missing anything in terms of vitamins and minerals? I eat a healthy diet, but is there anything else I could take to lift my mood? Anne Darcy answers: Your brain makes neurotransmitters that influence your mood. These chemical messengers are made from proteins that are in healthy food. The amino acid tryptophan is the raw material of serotonin, our happy, positive mood chemical. Certain minerals and vitamins are also needed to convert this amino acid, and a deficiency may result in low mood. In order for tryptophan to be metabolised correctly, vitamins B6, B12 and C as well as folic acid are required. Zinc, magnesium and iron are also needed. I sometimes use multivitamins to encourage the production of brain chemicals, and get great results from Solo Vitamin B Complex combined with their Zinc Citrate. Or I use the Multififty formula that contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If you would like a question answered by Rude Health’s guest experts, please email 26

rude health magazine

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13/11/2013 21:33

Buy online at or from Health Food Shops.

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NEW YEAR NEW You Making some simple changes to your lifestyle can really change your body for the better – and they won’t break the bank this January


f you’ve managed to get through the festive season without eating or drinking more than normal – well done! For the rest of us, January heralds the most popular time of year for going on a diet, joining a gym or starting a new exercise class. Unfortunately, sustaining the motivation to actually go to the gym, especially when it’s cold and dark, is another story. So how can you make healthy changes to your lifestyle that won’t break the bank, that are sustainable and lead to real results? It’s all in the mind – well there’s some truth to this. Getting your head around what you want to achieve can be half the battle. If you want to tone up or lose pounds, break it down into small achievable goals, and take one day at a time. If you suffer from cravings or make bad food choices, changing your habits can really help to get it under control. Never miss a meal and don’t starve yourself – your body sugar levels will drop and you will eat unhealthy food to compensate. If you’re feeling stressed put on your trainers and go for a walk rather


rude health magazine

PG28,29 FIT.indd 28

than reach for the biscuit tin. Never shop on an empty stomach – write a sensible list and stick to it.

can make delicious juices. The following are also good for juicing:

Look at your diet

Carrots – for tons of beta-carotene, good for stimulating the digestive system.

Are you choosing stodgy wintery foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar? The good news is that some foods actually burn fat such as coconuts, coconut oil, apples, spinach and celery. Root vegetables such as carrots, turnips and onions are all great for filling you up, as long as you go easy on the butter and oil. Lignans, phytoestrogens associated with lower body fat, are found in abundance in flax seed, sesame and sunflower seeds. Cider vinegar is becoming increasingly popular as we wake up to the powers of acetic acid which is good for weight loss. Juicing is your secret weapon in the battle of the bulge – low in calories but high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, a healthy juice stops you feeling hungry and gives your body everything it needs. Start the day with a green juice to really give your body the best start – green vegetables such as spinach, parsley, broccoli, celery etc combined with fruit such as apples

Celery – include the leaves too for chlorophyll. Kale –alkalizing and mineral-rich. Cabbage – think the cabbage diet. Good for cleansing the body. Spinach – good supply of calcium and chlorophyll. Tomato – good for purifying the body. Watercress – excellent cleanser for the body. Wheatgrass – sprinkle some into your juice for a vitamin boost. Fresh ginger – add some grated for real zing and a myriad of health benefits. Fruits such as apples, lemons and berries – all packed with antioxidants.

Get moving Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine – if you don’t like going

13/11/2013 21:38

Season's Greetings 87.5x125 Oct.2013_Layout 1 30/10/2013 11:36 Page 1

out in the dark to exercise, try walking to work, getting off the bus a stop earlier, taking the stairs instead of the lift or having a walk in daylight during your lunch hour. There’s also quite a lot you can do at home, but beware of distractions and plan accordingly. Various workouts are available on DVD from aerobics to pilates and yoga, but you can design your own workout – and save money too. While it’s OK to start with lifting cans of beans there’s nothing like the proper equipment to make you feel like you’re really at the gym. Experts recommend a set of hand weights, a mat for lying down exercises and a skipping rope. Think about how you could get the most out of your home. If you have space set up different exercises in different rooms – a mat in the lounge, a piece of wall for balancing exercises in the hall, star jumps and skipping in the bedroom, lunges or jogging on the spot in the kitchen. If you have stairs run up and down them between each room you visit for a real fat-burning boost. Try to do about 10 different exercises in your circuit. Playing loud music while doing your exercises is a good way to keep going. It helps to concentrate the mind and fight off distractions like what’s in the fridge or on TV. Make sure to reward yourself with a non-edible treat – run a deep bath and add yummy essential oils for a truly relaxing experience. Some gear is important to protect your body from the impact of exercising – for women a good sports bra will prevent breasts stretching, and trainers will protect feet from the impact of repeated movements.

Free apps to help you Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker This calorie counter uses a database of 1,700,000 foods to work out the calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, cholesterol etc you are eating. It gives you customised goals and exercises based on your age, level of activity and gender.

Simply Yoga This app contains three yoga routines – lasting 20, 40 and 60 minutes. A personal trainer takes you step by step through each pose. Simply choose which routine you want to do and follow at home.

My Diet Coach This app uses motivational arguments, guidelines, helpful reminders, notifications with your goal and your motivational photos to help keep you on track, resist food cravings, emotional eating, exercise laziness and other obstacles.

PG28,29 FIT.indd 29

Winter Magic

Seasonal blend of pure essential oils with Cinnamon, Frankincense and Orange



Orange Available in all good healthfood stores RSP €4.50

Season’s Greetings to all our Customers Atlantic Aromatics is an Independent Irish Co. Est.1984




Become a health practitioner with one of Ireland’s leading Natural Therapies colleges Earn a Recognised Diploma in:  Nutritional Therapy  Herbal Medicine  Acupuncture  Naturopathy

We also run a Certificate course Nutrition for Everyday Living and hold regular Health Seminars

Enrolling Now! Find out more at one of our regular Open Evenings For more details contact us on 01 235 3094 or email rude health magazine


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rude health


Beat the


Simple ways to boost your immunity and stay well all through the darker, colder months


t’s winter, everyone you know seems to be coughing and spluttering and you really could do without catching something – but how can you boost your immunity and give yourself some protection against the common cold and other nasties? Jill Bell of health store Well and Good in Midleton, Co Cork advises people to “come to your local health store for free advice on your particular situation because you may be experiencing a number of different health issues that we can advise you on.” Kate Cagney is a holistic massage therapist and general health advisor for New Vistas Healthcare who make homeopathic remedies. “The immune system is a sophisticated, inbuilt defence system that fights off foreign substances and harmful micro-organisms,” she says. “Avoid overeating, smoking and excessive alcohol as these contribute to reduced immunity. Look at outside factors that may be affecting your toxic build-up – chemicals 









Common sense tipss at bay, especially after using the bathroom and before

p bug n Wash your hands to kee cooking. nuts. from fruits, vegetables and h plenty of antioxidants n Eat a balanced diet wit the immune system. Antioxidants are good for e effect on sugar can have a negativ drinks as too much simple n Avoid sugary foods and nk lots of water. your immune system. Dri flaxseed, -3 fatty acids in oily fish, cooking such as the omega for fats lthy hea ose Cho n and krill oil. ss and this will help to control stre rcise five times a week as exe ate der mo in fit to n Try tem. enhance your immune sys t. tem is working at its bes to ensure your immune sys ht nig a p slee rs hou ht n Get eig system. l and boots the immune is good for stress contro this e aus bec pet a oke n Str d, allowed re active if a clove is crushe t,” says Jill Bell. “It is mo g.” kin coo of n “Add garlic to your die end then added to food at the to oxidise for 10 minutes


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uses for

Coconut Oil

The amazing properties of the coconut know no bounds…




Organic Raw Coconut Oil is fabulous to replace butter and olive oil in everyday recipes. Try it for yourself on your Sunday roast potatoes, or as part of this delicious Coconut Curry, rich in healthy fatty acids and a number of phytonutrient-rich spices. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Organic Raw Coconut Oil 1 can of coconut milk 1 tsp chopped garlic 2 pinches of sea salt 4 large potatoes, peeled and chopped ½ large cauliflower, chopped 2 large courgettes, chopped 2 tablespoons curry powder ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tsp ground nutmeg ½ tsp ground ginger Method: Combine curry powder, cumin, nutmeg and ginger in a bowl. Steam potatoes for twenty minutes; add cauliflower for the last five minutes. Heat coconut oil in a large saucepan. Add garlic and courgettes. Cook until courgettes soften a little. Add steamed potatoes and cauliflower to the saucepan. Add coconut milk. Stir in the spices and sea salt until spices are fully incorporated. Enjoy this rich and delicious coconut curry with rice or quinoa. Serves 4.


Sports nutrition Organic Raw Coconut Oil is becoming increasingly popular in sports nutrition, as a source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).


Stretch mark prevention

Organic Raw Coconut Oil can help with the appearance of stretch marks and can help prevent premature ageing of the skin. Coconut oil absorbs very readily into the skin and keeps it soft but not greasy. It can be used as an all-over body moisturiser.


Lip balm

Organic Raw Coconut Oil can be used as a skin moisturiser by people suffering from acne because coconut oil is naturally small in molecular structure which allows for easy absorption through the skin without blocking pores.

Protect your lips from winter chapping by rubbing a little Organic Raw Coconut Oil into them.


After shave

An ideal post-shave soothing balm. Organic Raw Coconut Oil is also a great natural skin moisturiser. Suitable for face, legs, armpits and sensitive areas.


Nappy balm Organic Raw Coconut Oil creates a water-repellent barrier. The natural moisturising properties of coconut oil are perfect for baby’s bottom.

Body scrub


Make-up remover

Organic Raw Coconut Oil is an excellent make-up remover because it moisturises at the same time. Powerful at removing stubborn eye make-up such as eyeliner and mascara.



Add a little sea salt and your favourite essential oil into some Organic Raw Coconut Oil and you have a natural body scrub that will exfoliate and moisturise at the same time.

Hair and scalp rejuvenation


Organic Raw Coconut Oil is wonderful to use as a hair conditioner as it softens the hair and conditions the scalp, leaving it smooth and frizz-free. Using the oil as a pre-wash conditioner can help combat dandruff. Coconut oil is famous for its ability to strengthen the structure of damaged, devitalised hair.

100% Organic Raw Coconut Oil Simply the freshest, most fragrant and delicious coconut oil

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beat the bugs  continued from page 30

from cleaning products, make-up and toiletries. Over-exposure to computers, mobile phones and televisions may increase your electromagnetic stress levels. The overuse of antibiotics and other drugs, as well as pesticides used in foods, may also be factors.” Jill Bell says your gut may be the key to healthy immunity. “Healthy gut bacteria are essential for a strong immune system in both adults and children,” she explains, “and these bacteria can be encouraged by eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut or fermented whey and by the use of probiotics. Health stores often see customers concerned that repeated use of antibiotics hasn’t solved a specific problem. In this case we explain that antibiotics often kill off good bacteria in the gut and inadvertently damage immunity. A good probiotic usually does the trick by redressing the balance of good to bad bacteria.” Hannah Dare at Organico in Bantry, West Cork agrees that probiotics play an important role. “We encourage people to take a probiotic”, she says “particularly for children. There are child-specific probiotics. An infant one comes in powder form and you add it to a drink.” For people with repeated sinus and chest infections neti pots can help. “A neti pot looks like a small plastic watering can,” says Hannah. “A saline solution made with sea salt or Himalayan rock salt is used to wash out your sinuses. It can be amazing at keeping out sinus infections. Salt therapy or using a salt pipe is also good for disinfecting and opening the air ways.” Therapies can also play a role in promoting immunity. “Homoeopathy works well for immunity issues and is gentle and safe to use,” according to Kate Cagney. “Liquescenses, basically homoeopathic tonics, can be used to strengthen and maintain your immune system. “Lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate lymphatic circulation,” she says, “helping to eliminate waste and improve the production and distribution of antibodies. It also stimulates the nervous system, encouraging relaxation and helping the reduction of stress, which is becoming a key factor in weakened immunity.” Jill Bell agrees that stress can be a trigger for poor immunity. “We recommend yoga and mindfulness,” she says.


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Natural help for immunity Take a good multivitamin to ensure you are getting everything you need and in particular vitamins C and B complex. An Irish echinacea, made by Dave Foley in The Natural Way in Letterkenny, may help adults to avoid catching a cold or short en its duration. ( Beta-glucans, derived from mushroom s, can boost a weakened immune syste m. Olive leaf extract – an antioxidant-rich immune supporter. Elderberry tincture – can give the imm une system a boost, antioxidant rich. Zinc – can help fight infection and short en the duration of a cold. Selenium – the antioxidants in selenium can help the body fight a cold. Manuka and local honey can be antibacter ial – if you are buying manuka honey look for the UMF logo to guarantee the real stuff with anti-inflammatory propertie s. Supplements that can help to relieve stres s: Rhodiola – can relieve anxiety. Siberian ginseng – can protect the adre nal glands to help them withstand stres s. Flower remedies such as cherry plum – can help you cope with emotions such as frustration. A new range of essences formulated for children called Confidence, Sleep Easy etc is available in health stores.

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50 reasons... According to European research, plant sterols have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. As plant sterols are structurally similar to human cholesterol, they help to limit cholesterol absorption in the gut without being absorbed themselves. Including Zerochol as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle is an effective way to lower cholesterol! Available in Health Food Stores and selected Pharmacies nationwide!

to choose MultiFifty™ Our extra high potency multivitamin is packed with 50 nutrients and 40mg Co-Enzyme Q10 to help energise and support your body.


together for better health Available from selected healthfood stores in Ireland. together for better health Please visit our website for details:


Vis ew t





Energy & Vitality




The Healing Hand of Nature


• Provides vitality & energy. • Powerful immunity booster. • Tastes delicious and refreshing. • Due to its liquid form it is 100% absorbed. • Recommended by doctors and nutritionists. • Suitable for all ages, no contra-indications known • The result of 10 years of research, experience and development. Provides vitality & energy • All ingredients are natural and free from pesticides, herbicides Powerful immune booster and heavy metals. From certified organic origin whenever possible. suitable for all ages • Preserver and sweetener free, no chemical additives!

Energy & Vitality

recommended by doctors & nutritionists Vistas Healthcare PreservativeNew & sweetener free |


ShIeldS you For lIFe


Vist ew






Phone: +353 61 33 44 55 Fax: +353 61 33 15 15 Email: New Vistas Healthcare Ltd., Plassey Park, Limerick.

Contains Beta GluCans + Vitamin D


The Healing Hand of Nature

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ask the experts


away Independent health store advice on the menopause


Looking for advice on natural health and wellbeing? Your local independent health stores can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This issue we speak to naturopathic herbalist Fiona Brewer, ND, Dip Herbs, whose natural health practice The Naturopathy Clinic is in Co Westmeath ( She also offers nutritional therapy and allergy testing in Nuts and Grains in Mullingar

he word menopause is one many women recoil from. We hear about hot flushes, weight gain, night sweats, low mood and depression, vaginal dryness, reduced libido, disturbed sleep... the list goes on. The good news is, this natural phase of life can be positive and empowering, and a huge opportunity to learn how best to take care of your health and wellbeing going forward. Naturopathic medicine provides the tools to do just that. Often women can begin to feel healthier and more vibrant than they have in years. Herbs can be a real ally at this time. Natural compounds


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found in certain herbs work with your body to achieve hormone balance. Hormones are not suppressed in any way and no side effects are posed. Importantly, herbs can deal with low mood, fatigue and lack of motivation. A herbalist will consult with you and put together a formula to help with your unique signs and symptoms. Hormones will, of course, need some help, but emphasis may also be on adrenal support, blood sugar balancing, liver cleansing, restoring good sleep, nourishing blood or relieving heavy bleeding at peri-menopause. Each woman is unique and looking at these unique and varied factors is the key to a return to vibrant health. To successfully negotiate

menopause, a nutrient-dense diet is vital. Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables daily ensures an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants, all of which will not only encourage hormone balance but also keep diseasepromoting inflammation at bay. Aim for seven to nine portions of fruit and vegetables per day: load the veggies onto the dinner plate, whizz up home-made smoothies combining fruit and green veggies such as spinach and kale, boil up home-made soups packed with vegetables. Phytoestrogens are an important addition to the diet at this time. You will find them in many fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, olives and plums, also flaxseeds and

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ask the experts

Who's who and what's what at Nuts & Grains

sunflower seeds which can be added to soups, smoothies and porridge. These seeds also provide healthy fats, which are vital for hormonal health. Other ways to ensure adequate intake of healthy fats are including oily fish, salmon, mackerel, sardines, chia seeds and avocados in your diet. Removing substances that can cause toxicity in your life, such as sugar, sweeteners, processed foods and fluoridated water can bring real benefits. Some women benefit from being tested and cutting out dairy, wheat and gluten. Usually with clients I create a detoxifying eating plan that will best suit their lifestyle and help with their particular health goals at the time.

Time out Modern life moves at a very fast pace. Around menopause women often describe a sense of craving some quiet time, freedom from demands, feeling

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overwhelmed by things that were not a problem before. Make it a priority to do something daily to create that time out. Find time for the things that nourish your soul. Menopause is a time to take stock of what you really want going forward; creating real opportunities for quiet time allows you to know what this is. Yoga is a fantastic way to maintain physical strength, keep joints limber and reduce stress levels. There are many styles of yoga so experiment and find one that suits you, for example Ashtanga is very physical, whereas Yin yoga is slower paced. Walking, particularly out in the fresh air, is very beneficial. Finding a form of exercise that suits you and that you enjoy is the key. By making a few simple changes, the menopause can be experienced as a time for selffulfilment and another interesting stage in your life.

Marion Moffatt is the owner of Nuts & Grains in Mullingar. “The shop was set up by my mother and my aunt in 1985 and I used to do some packing there after school. Later I went to college in Dublin, got a part time job in a health store and got the ‘bug’. I worked in natural health for many years in the UK and when I returned to Mullingar I bought the business. “Our ethos is to give customers a friendly, approachable environment, providing the lastest in quality wholefoods, nutrition and natural skincare. “We are on a side street – 70% of our customers are regulars but we are getting new customers all the time. The shop floor has food and grocery, good quality supplements, cosmetics, eco home and sports nutrition. “Triathlon is a big thing around Mullingar, and our sports nutrition section does well because we concentrate on the better quality supplements. Whey protein is popular with athletes and also beetroot juice in cartons. “There is a growing interest in gluten-free products, so our fresh gluten-free baking and seasonal organic vegetables are popular and people drop in every day to see what is new in. We stock great treats for people on special diets who cannot eat sugar, gluten or dairy. Our meat-free alternatives are popular and vegan treats such as chocolate spreads and mayonnaise do well. Wheat grass is huge and cider vinegar too. “Our eco home section offers a refill service which fits in well with the ethos of our health store and is of real benefit to our customers.”

Visit: Nuts & Grains, 4 Chapterhouse, 1 Friars Mill Rd, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Speak to: Marion Moffat and Fiona Brewer, nutritional therapist, herbalist and dietitian who does allergy testing in-store. Or buy: Online at rude health magazine


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Va va

! y t i l a t vi

Get your energy back with advice from the experts. Rude Health magazine finds out how


he human body is simply amazing – and if it is given all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it requires, it and you will feel great. One particular study published in the Journal of International Research shows that even mild deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can result in a general fatigue and lack of well-being, reduced resistance to infections, and impaired memory, concentration, attention and mood*. The study recommends that otherwise healthy people experiencing fatigue take a daily multivitamin for six weeks to see a real improvement. The study also found that people are often at risk of not getting enough vitamins and minerals due to demanding lifestyles. Rushed meals, imbalanced food choices, dieting, and excessive coffee, alcohol or smoking – even excessive exercise – can all contribute, and women in particular are at risk due to demanding lifestyles. Erica Murray of the Hopsack in Rathmines and a medical herbalist says, “You first need to ask why you are lacking in energy. If your diet is poor and you aren’t getting a regular supply of essential vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients, your body will eventually run out of steam and you will feel low in energy and vitality.” Rob Whinnett of Blasta Wholefoods in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, agrees: “Its amazing the number of people who expect to keep going on a very poor diet.” The tendency for busy people to reach for the quick fix energy drink when feeling low is a mistake,


rude health magazine


though, as these contain a potent mix of sugars, caffeine, artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives, none of which will help your overall energy levels. “You can’t replace a nutritious diet and a good night’s sleep with conventional energy foods and drinks. These will simply deplete your body of essential nutrients and worsen the situation,” says Erica. A much better option is to go for the kind of healthy bars and snacks sold in health stores as well as sugar-free drinks, such as coconut water, which will naturally rebalance

electrolytes after strenuous exercise. Dr. Audra Foster, doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, who works with Vitalah, makers of health supplements and natural energy drinks says that new developments in technology mean that you can now buy a supplement that, when added to water, makes a drink that provides, “a full panel of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids to support healthy energy levels without sugar, calories, caffeine, gluten, dairy or anything artificial or risky to your health. Take one for six weeks to really see a difference.” 

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va va vitality  continued from page 36

So what can we eat that will help us to feel more energetic? “Grains and cereals, nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables, good quality protein, and plenty of uncontaminated water (fluoride free) is a simple list of what we should all be taking most of the time. It is about building core health,” says Erica.

The natural choice If your diet is good, your doctor says you are healthy but you still feel tired, then supplementation may help. Multivitamin/mineral supplement – will help to balance the nutrients in your body, especially at times of stress. Iron – “The majority of menstruating women are deficient in iron, which can cause tiredness,” says Erica. Iron-rich foods include lean red meats, some seafood, beans, green vegetables and fortified wholegrains.

B vitamins – “B vitamins are essential during periods of stress as they support the nervous system. Since they can’t be stored in the body, supplementing them is a wise move at times like this,” says Erica. Vitamin B-rich foods include green vegetables such as asparagus and broccoli, eggs and brown rice. Magnesium – important for the metabolism of energy from foods and cell function. Foods rich in magnesium include green vegetables, nuts, pulses, fish and bananas. Spirulina – this green powerhouse will improve recovery after exercise and improve your general energy levels.

“Rhodiola can be supportive if you are feeling under pressure, while Passionflower can help when you feel a little anxious. There are a number of herbal products that can assist with insomnia – another stress factor that contributes to a feeling of being rundown – containing the herbs Melissa, Hops and Valerian for instance. Ginseng can be helpful if you need an extra boost, but it won’t substitute for a nutritious diet and can disturb sleep patterns if taken in excess. A health store assistant can advise you of what herbs might be appropriate in your situation.”

Herbs of wisdom

*(Huskisson E, et al. J Int Med Res 2007;35(3):277–89.)

“A range of herbs can be helpful when you experience a lack of energy, depending on the cause,” says Erica.

Did you know?

commonly referred to as erful form of vitamin B3 pow hly hig a is ry, immune 1 e ym NADH or co-enz body and brain. The memo supplying energy to the tion of duc pro per pro the on niacin. It is essential for system are dependent air rep A DN the n eve and system, fish, such as meat, poultry, and cellular energy. though it is found in foods gen, oxy and t ligh to ve The problem is that even siti ely sen substance that is extrem during digestion. NADH is a very unstable raded by stomach acids deg and n atio par pre d h chlorophyll has wit tion ula aps destroyed during foo enc cess involving micropro tion duc pro new a es. Now capsul incorporation in vegetarian made NADH available for

38 rude health magazine


Check with your professional healthcare practitioner before you take any new supplements or start a new diet.

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babies Improve your chances of getting pregnant by starting a healthy regime at least three months before you start trying for a baby. Take the advice of health store experts to reap the benefits of being baby ready and seeds as snacks.” Diet plays a profound effect Christine Bailey says, “maintaining on the fertility of the man a healthy body weight is also and woman,” says nutritionist important, as being excessively Christine Bailey MSc BANT CNHC, overweight or underweight may also an advisor to health supplement contribute to infertility in females.” pioneer BetterYou. “Proteins are needed for healthy eggs and sperm and also to make hormones and “I recommend that everyone who neurotransmitters for the brain. wants to improve their fertility The quality of the protein you eat take a quality multivitamin and is important so go for lean organic mineral formula appropriate protein and include it at for pregnancy as well as each meal. fish oil or krill oil,” says “Omega 3 fats Christine Bailey. are vital for many “Vitamin D is also functions in the important at this body related to Many people lo ok time – why not try in reproduction g to improve their fertility have an oral spray? and the found complem “Magnesium developing en ta ry therapies such is useful for as acupunctur foetus,” says e can help. Ask yo relaxing the body Christine. store to recom ur local health and relieving mend a therap “Essential fatty ist if you are intere stress,” says acids (EFAs) sted. Christine. “Ongoing are particularly chronic stress can important for the lead to disturbances in development of the the menstrual cycle, failing brain and body systems, to ovulate and infertility. During including the nervous system, pregnancy low levels of magnesium hormonal system and digestive tract. can be linked to increased risk Oily fish, nuts and seeds are a good of pre-eclampsia and premature source of EFAs.” labour.” Rosemarie Bennis, owner and Most of us know that folic acid is manager of Sonas Health Foods very important before conception in Newcastle West, Co Limerick and during the first trimester (three has this advice for couples trying months) of pregnancy. From the to get pregnant. “We would highly moment you start trying to conceive, recommend a Low GI diet and you should take a daily 400mcg advocate using xylitol instead supplement of folic acid. of sugar, using slow release “In addition antioxidant support carbohydrates and dried fruit, nuts

Natural help for fertility

Did you know?


is important such as vitamins C, E and selenium, to help maintain sperm and egg health,” says Christine. According to Rosemarie Bennis, “General nutritional supplements such as zinc, particularly for men, magnesium, chromium, B vitamins and antioxidants can be purchased separately in health stores. There are also excellent combination formulas that save multiple jars and expense. Ashling Ward, nutritional therapist at The Nutrition Clinic in Carlow, says, “new combination supplements have the advantage of up-to-date research and using key nutrients such as CoQ10, NAC (an antioxidant) and Alpha Lipoic Acid can make a big impact on fertility. “When I am recommending supplements to my clients, I always look for the ‘therapeutic dose’ of nutrients. Some of the most impressive are Arginine at 5,000mg, NAC at 1,200mg and a good quality fish oil high in EPA and DHA. These nutrients have been shown to improve sperm quantity and quality and help in the development of the female egg.”

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Overdoing it on a night out can make you feel terrible the next morning, but there are a number of foods and remedies you can take that will help your body to recover Drink plenty of water before and between drinks. Rehydrate, rehydrate and rehydrate afterwards,” says Mary Wedel of An Tobairin in Bandon, Co Cork of how best to handle the celebrating that goes hand and hand with the festive season, and indeed any time you are tempted to go out and over-indulge. “Alcohol is very greedy and robs your body of essential vitamins and minerals, most especially the watersoluble vitamin C and B vitamins,” she says. “Your body will find it all the more difficult to bounce back in their absence. So take a multivitamin, vitamin C and/or B vitamins before and after your night out.“ Mary also says that you can help to protect your liver from damage with milk thistle, and improve liver function with something bitter such as artichoke and dandelion, in tea or tincture form. “Good fats can help to prevent the absorption of alcohol,” says Mary. “If you can face a spoonful of olive oil

before a night out, it would help. A lovely ripe avocado, some seasoned olive oil and some dipping bread sounds more appetising to me.” If your digestive system is struggling to cope with the unfamiliar volume of fatty and sweet food try digestive enzymes. They will aid the breakdown of food groups and, perhaps, lessen the need for belt expansion late into the meal. Other foods that are good for helping to restore the body’s natural balance after overindulging include the following: Wheatgrass – helps to balance body pH and hydrates the cells, which has a detoxing effect. Bananas – the potassium in this sweet fruit will give you a boost and your stomach something solid to digest. Honey – natural sugars in this gooey miracle help the body to metabolise alcohol. Ginger – a natural way to ease nausea, so sip on a ginger herbal tea.

Coconut water – a natural source of potassium that your body needs. Make sure you buy one that has no added sugar. Kombucha – great for a delicate head, so have a glass when you wake up. It is full of probiotics, B vitamins and detoxes the body. Mary Wedel says, “After the event, tired, but overstimulated, belly full and head spinning, it won’t be difficult to fall asleep. Unfortunately, one of the things alcohol most effectively does is prevent REM or deep quality sleep. So don’t expect too much of yourself the following day. Skip the important meeting, give yourself a 40 wink opportunity, have a good breakfast. Eggs are a good option because they are rich in an amino acid called cysteine which helps to break down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde.”


Reflexology ca n be good for a headache, a hangover and ot her conditions. Massage the outer edge of yo ur right foot, between the m iddle of the foot and the little to e. This part of the foot is linke d to the liver. Get out the yoga mat – yoga is good for deto xing the body, particular ly if you add some twists into your routine w hich are good for headac hes.


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Recipes sponsored by

Christmas cocktail A delicious seasonal cocktail with a healthy hit Ingredients 1 15ml shot of Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots 1 measure of vodka 1 measure of cointreau 1 glass of still mineral water to assist with hydration Shake or blend all ingredients together Substitute the water for a glass of good red wine if you prefer and add some five spice before serving warm for an alternative comforting winter drink. This recipe was devised by nutritionist Rick Hay. Rick says: “This healthy version of a Christmas cocktail or mulled wine is delicious and the vitamins and minerals in the blueberry shots will aid detoxification and help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. Blueberries are antioxidant rich and help to support immune function and cellular health.”

Detox recovery cocktail Perfect for post-Christmas detoxing or before a party to help you get through the night. Ingredients 2 15ml shots of Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots One glass of 100% cold pressed apple juice


WITH GOODNESS Blueberries are believed to have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruit Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots – blueberry & cherry juice drink  reat tasting G Highly concentrated Over twice the concentration of other blueberry drinks Rich in Vits C, A, E, B complex & more!

Available from your local health store Trade enquiries welcome via Global by Nature, email or call 0044 (0)1730 813642 or via Independent Irish Health Foods

Shake or blend and serve over ice If you prefer, raspberry or blueberry juice can be used instead of apple juice This recipe was devised by nutritionist Rick Hay. Rick says: “Blueberries are antioxidant rich, so they help support immune function and boost energy. The addition of Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots gives a healthy twist to any cocktail or smoothie because it contains a highly concentrated blueberry boost. The Detox Cocktail can include added cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings, whilst apple juice will help soothe the gut and digestive system.“

Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots are available from your local independent health store. Visit for more details.

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rude health magazine


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acts Class

A healthy dip, starter and main perfect for festive entertaining Roasted tomato tarts Gluten-free tarts perfect for any seasonal get together

Serves 8 For the pastry 90g butter, chilled 190g gluten-free plain/all-purpose flour, sifted, plus extra for dusting 50g grated Parmesan cheese For the filling 60g cherry tomatoes on the vine 4–5 sprigs of fresh thyme 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1⁄2 tbsp caster/granulated sugar 200g creamy goats’ cheese or other soft creamy cheese sea salt and ground black pepper  To make the pastry, rub the butter into the flour using your fingertips, then mix in the grated Parmesan. Add a tablespoon of water and bring together to a soft dough with your hands, adding a further 1–2 tbsp water if the mixture is too dry. Wrap the pastry dough in plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour.  On a flour-dusted surface, roll out the pastry to 2–3 mm/ inch thick and use the pastry cutter to stamp out circles of pastry just larger than the size of your tart pans. Line the pans with the pastry, pressing it in firmly with your fingertips. Prick the bases and chill in the refrigerator for a further 30 minutes.  Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4.  Line the pastry cases with non-stick baking paper, fill with baking beans and bake them for 10–15 minutes until the pastry is golden brown. Leave to cool, but leave the oven on to cook the tomatoes.


 Assemble the tarts just before serving. Place a generous spoonful of the cheese in the base of each tart case, top with the roasted tomatoes and short sprigs of the roasted thyme, drizzle with the roasting juices and serve.  The tart cases will keep, unfilled, for up to 3 days in an airtight container. Recipe courtesy of The Savoury Gluten-free Baker by Hannah Miles, photography by William Reavell, published by Ryland Peters & Small.

Garlic-kefir cheese dip Yummy dip made from fermented kefir 1 garlic head ¾ cup Kefir cheese ¾ cup grated Pecorino-Romano or Parmesan-Reggiano cheese 3oz cream cheese 3tbsp olive oil, plus more for serving To serve Crackers and vegetable crudities  To make Kefir cheese pour kefir into a coffee filter in a strainer over a bowl, cover and leave in the fridge overnight. Use the cheese that is left in the filter. Or ask at your local health store.  Preheat the oven to 190°C/375°F/gas mark 5  Slice the top off the garlic head to expose the tops of the individual cloves. Wrap the garlic head in foil and roast it for one hour. When the garlic has cooled, separate the cloves and squeeze the garlic out. It will be very soft and will pop right out of the skin.  Place the garlic, cheese and olive oil in the work bowl of a food processor. Process until smooth, about 1 minute.

 Once cool, remove the baking paper and baking beans.

 Transfer the dip into a serving bowl and drizzle with a little more olive oil.

 Put the tomatoes in a roasting pan with the thyme sprigs and drizzle with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle over the sugar and season with salt and black pepper. Bake for 15–20 minutes until the tomatoes have softened and are starting to caramelise. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

 Can be kept covered in the fridge for up to a month.

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Recipe courtesy of Cultured Food for Life, by Donna Schwenk, published by Hay House.

14/11/2013 20:17

Watch out for these great brands during your next trip to the local health store Wedderspoon Experts agree it is a good idea to load up on whole foods that contain live enzymes. Organic Raw Unpasteurised Manuka Honey and other products (including lozenges and skincare) from Wedderspoon offer you this opportunity, on top of being considered one of nature's top superfoods. You can't go wrong with something that is as sweet as Manuka Honey and so good for YOU!

Preferred wholesaler to the independent trade

Kinvara Skincare Kinvara Skincare is an independent Irish manufacturer of really effective, organic skincare. Offering products made using pure plant extracts, vitamins and bioactives to support healthy, vital skin; their philosophy is that a few well chosen, multi-tasking products are all most of us need. They currently offer a capsule collection comprising a cleanser, moisturiser and serum. All three products have been getting very positive reviews and a growing celebrity following. Kinvara is a great choice for customers looking for an effective, Irish and organic solution to their skincare needs.

Bragg The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Motto: "You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do". All the way from Santa Barbara, California, Bragg products available include Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Sprinkle, Salad Dressings, Drinks and Books.

Badger Balms Badger is a small family-owned company nestled in rural New Hampshire. They blend organic plant extracts, exotic oils and butters and beeswax, and make healing balms, lip balms, and other personal care products that work and feel remarkably good. Badger is a total mind, body and spirit experience.

Smartshake Wherever you go, bring along your SmartShake. Its three compartments mean you can store several servings of your nutritional supplements. SmartShake is made from BPA and DEHP-free plastic and is 100% leak-proof.

Pukka Herbs Bringing you the finest quality herbs from around the globe, Pukka have been offering amazing herbal teas and supplements for over 10 years now. Meet Sebastian Pole – co-founder of Pukka – at this year’s Your Health Show, where he will be speaking on Saturday afternoon.

Harmony Cone Harmony’s Ear Candles are made with Certified Organic Cotton cloth and the highest quality food grade wax available. Dr. Harmony provides the largest variety of aromatherapy options, a USA patented safety tip, and burnline label for your safety.

Green Sprouts i play., Inc. founded in 1982, is based on values that prioritise protecting our earth and our children. Children grow and learn by playing, so our green sprouts® products encourage healthy and safe development through play.

Hope’s Relief Australia’s Number one natural product for eczema is now available in Ireland. Hope’s Relief is the most potent natural cream available and assists in relief from itching, dryness and symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

Green People Green People products are natural, gentle and suitable for all the family. Choose from the Organic Babies range for the little ones, Organic Children for the older ones, Organic Shampoos for all hair types, Organic Skincare for all skin types (even sensitive skin!), and Organic Sun Lotion that offers broad-spectrum UVA/B protection.

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Rudolf’s reward A sweet gluten-free treat for chocolate lovers Makes 12 cakes 125 g butter 6 tbsp golden syrup 85 g milk chocolate, chopped 40 g dark chocolate, chopped 90 g gluten-free rice crispies Topping 50 g milk chocolate buttons 20 g butter 20 g dark chocolate, chopped 12 whole natural colour glacé cherries  Put 12 pretty cake cases on a baking sheet  Put the butter, golden syrup, milk chocolate and dark chocolate in a saucepan and melt over a medium-low heat, stirring until smooth. The mixture should thicken slightly as you stir it.  Weigh out the rice crispies into a large mixing bowl. Pour the melted mixture over the rice crispies and stir well with a wooden spoon until all of the rice crispies are well coated.  Spoon the mixture into the 12 cake cases. Press the mixture gently into the case so that you have a reasonably solid little cake.  For the topping, sprinkle the milk chocolate buttons over the top of each cake, pushing them in slightly.

Root Veggie Barley Risotto A meat- and dairy-free hearty winter main Serves 3 475 ml water 92g barley 65g diced carrots 75g diced turnips, peeled 67g diced sweet potatoes or 70g winter squash 2 cloves garlic, minced ½ tsp dried oregano ½ tsp dried sage 56g minced greens (such as turnips, kale, etc.) ½ tsp lemon zest salt and pepper, to taste

 Melt the butter and dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of gently simmering water, stirring until smooth (or in a microwave). Pop a glacé cherry on each cake and drizzle the butter-and-chocolate mixture over the cakes with a metal spoon. Place in the fridge for 1 hour to set. Recipe courtesy of Honeybuns Gluten-Free Baking by Emma GossCustard, photography by Cristian Barnett. published by Pavilion.

 In the morning, add all the ingredients except for the greens, lemon zest and seasoning to the slow cooker and cook on low for 7 to 9 hours.  Thirty minutes before serving: add the greens and lemon zest. Right before serving, add salt and pepper to taste. Also add more oregano and/or sage if needed. Recipe courtesy of Vegan Slow Cooking For Two or Just for You by Kathy Hester, published by Fair Winds.

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health stores Your local

Rude Health magazine is distributed nationwide and is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, whose members are listed here. Carlow Alive and Well Health Store Unit 17, Carlow Shopping Centre Kennedy Avenue, Carlow Tel: (059) 913 1008 Email: The Health Store 49 Tullow St, Carlow Tel: 059 9140118 Email:

Cavan Back To Nature Upper Main Street, Cavan Town Tel: 0494361019 Email: Nice and Natural 47 Market St, Cootehill Tel: 049 5552190 Email:

Clare Carmel’s Health Store 10 Francis St, Ennis Tel: 065 6892649 Email: Ennis Health Store Unit 5, Dunnes Stores Mall, Ennis Tel: 065 6891319 Email:

Horan’s Health Store 55 Patrick St, Fermoy Tel: 025 42938 Email: Horan’s Health Store 9 Lower Cork St, Mitchelstown Tel: 025 86868 Email: Hudson’s Wholefoods Main St, Ballydehob Tel: 028 37565 Email:

The Olive Branch Spillers Lane, Clonakilty Tel: 023 35711 Email:


Liz’s Health Store 105 North Main St, Youghal Tel: 024 25741 Email:

An Tobairín 79 North Main St, Bandon Tel: 023 52985 Email:

Well and Good Broderick Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4633499 Email:

Loop De Loop Bank Place, Castletownbere Tel: 027 70770 Email:

For Goodness Sake Main St, Dunmanway Tel: 023 8855671 Email:

Organico 2 Glengarriff Road, Bantry Tel: 027 51391 Email:

Here’s Health 51 Patrick St, Cork Tel: 021 4278101 Email:

Quay Co-Op 24 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork Tel: 021 317753 Email:

Here’s Health Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork Tel: 021 4361737 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Ballincollig Tel: 021 4875033 Email:

Here’s Health Unit 7, Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton Rd Tel: 021 4348545 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Carrigaline Tel: 021 4376935 Email:

Open Sesame 29 Parnell St, Ennis Tel: 065 6821480 Email:


Donegal Food For Thought 15 Ardravan Square, Buncrana Tel: 074 9363550 Email: The Natural Way 13 Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Letterkenny Tel: 074 9125738 Email:


Health Nutz The Mill Shopping Centre, Clondalkin Tel: 01 4570303 Email: Nourish 16 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6703223 Email: Nourish 97a Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 Tel: 01 6349726 Email: Nourish Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Tel: 01 4935289 Email: Nourish 6 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8734098 Email:

Health Matters 8 Grafton St, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6710166 Email:

Nourish The GPO Arcade, off Henry Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8743290 Email:

Health Matters Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 4550323 Email:

Nourish Omni Park Shopping Centre, Santry, Dublin 9 Tel: (01) 8621 392 Email: rude health magazine


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listings Select Stores 1 Railway Road, Dalkey Tel: 01 2859611 Email:

The Health Store Unit 4, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit Tel: 091 773688 Email:

Healthy Habit Village Centre, Clane Tel: 045 902592 Email:

The Hopsack Unit 6A, The Swan Shopping Centre, Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6 Tel: (01) 4960399 Email:

The Health Store Bishop St, Tuam Tel: 093 26759 Email:

The Health Store McDonagh Junction, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7777690 Email:



Horan’s Health Store Manor West, Tralee Tel: 066 718l690 Email:

Horans The Square, Newcastle West Tel: 069 77784 Email:

Horan’s Health Store 5 Central Point, Park Rd, Killarney Tel: 064 662653 Email:

Eats of Eden Thomas St, Limerick Tel: 061 316693 Email:

The Health Store The Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords Tel: 01 8404438 Email:

Horan’s Health Store William St, Listowel Tel: 068 24356 Email:

Sonas Health Foods Lower Maiden St, Newcastle West Tel: (069) 78944 Email:

The Health Store Stillorgan Shopping Centre Tel: 01 2108608 Email:

Horan’s Health Store Beech Road, Killarney Tel: 064 22581 Email:


The Health Store Frascati Shopping Centre, Blackrock Tel: 01 2788855 Email:

Horan’s Health Store 1 Lower Rock St, Tralee Tel: 066 7119418 Email:

The Health Store Liffey Vallery Shopping Centre Tel: 01 6754450 Email:

Horan’s Health Store Clash (former AIB), Tralee Tel: 066 715901 Email:

Honeybee Healthfood Store Unit 2B, Silverbridge Shopping Centre, Claremorris Tel: 094 9377382 Email:

The Health Store Dundrum Town Centre Tel: 01 2051420 Email:

Re Nua Main St, Dingle Tel: 066 9151910 Email:

Slainte American St, Belmullet Tel: 097 81082 Email:

Mrs Bee’s Healthy Options 3 Clonattin Road, Gorey Tel: 053 9481460 Email:




Evergreen Healthfoods Mainguard St, Galway. Tel: 091 564215 Email:

Healthy Living Centre 54 Leinster St, Athy Tel: 059 8641535 Email:

Natural Choice 1 Parnell St, Carrickmacross Tel: 042 9662323 Email:

Rainbow Wholefoods Walkers Mall, North Main St, Wexford Tel: 053 9124624

Evergreen Healthfoods Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway Tel: 091 564550 Email:

Nature’s Options Main Street, Moorefield Rd, Newbridge Tel: 045 432439 Email:


The Health Store Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Tel: 01 8222036 Email: The Health Store The Square, Tallaght Tel: 01 4521181 Email:

Evergreen Healthfoods Westside Shopping Centre, Westside, Galway Tel: 091 581008 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods, Seapoint, Barna, Co Galway Tel: 091 867875 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods An Fuaran, Mountain Road, Moycullen Email: Healing Harvest Main St, Kinvara Tel: 091 637176 Email: Healthwise 4 Lower Abbeygate St, Galway Tel: 091 568761: Email: Open Sesame Unit 6 Market Hall, Gort, Tel: 091 632778 Email: 46

rude health magazine


The Healthy Habit Village Centre, Clane Tel: 045 902592 Email: The Healthy Way 2 Ralph Square, Leixlip Tel: 01 6244288 Email:

Kilkenny Food For Life, Green St, Callan Tel: 056 7725777 Email: The Good Earth 43 Kieran St, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7752664 Email: The Good Earth Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7790276 Email:

Golden Health Store, 4 Grafton Court, Main Street, Longford Tel: 043 3328500 Email:


Healthy Beings Elphin St, Strokestown Tel: 071 9634411 Email:

Waterford Blasta Wholefoods 54 Main St, Dungarvan Tel: 058 23901 Email: Full of Beans Unit 9, Georges Court Shopping Centre, Waterford Tel: 051 843653 Email: Full of Beans Unit 2, Ardkeen Shopping Centre, Dunmore Rd Tel: 051 844644 Email: Remedies 3 Sexton St, Abbeyside, Dungarvan Tel: (058) 45051 Email:

Westmeath Nuts & Grains Town Mall, Oliver Plunkett St, Mullingar Tel: 044 45988 Email:

Wexford Evolv Healthstore 2 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy Tel: 053 9236009 Email: Only Natural 1 Church Lane, Wexford Tel: 053 9123236 Email:

Wicklow Health Matters 25 Main St, Bray Tel: 01 2762669 Email:


Harvest Fare, Main Street, Blessington Tel: 045 891636 Email:

Tir na nOg, Grattan St, Sligo Tel: (071) 9162752 Email:

Nature’s Gold 1 Killincarrig Road, Greystones Tel: 01 2876301 Email:


The Health Store Bridgewater Centre, Arklow Tel: 0402 24893 Email:

Horan’s Health Store 29 Main St, Cashel Tel: 062 62848 Email: Solero Viva Ltd, 92 Main St, Carrick-on-Suir Tel: 051 600966 Email:

The Health Store The Boulevard, Quinsboro Rd, Bray Tel: 01 2861793 Email:

Vale of Health Abbey St, Tipperary Town Tel: 062 52075 Email:

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New Year, New You, New at your local health store!

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Rh winter 13 web  

Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), reflecting health trends, news and con...

Rh winter 13 web  

Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), reflecting health trends, news and con...