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Natural health at your fingertips – supported by Health Stores Ireland MAY / JUNE 2018

Don’t stress it! Control your stressors with our top tips Health store advice on dementia prevention Sensitive saviours Natural solutions for sensitive skin

Vogue Williams




What are functional foods? and what can they do for you? Wonder woman coping with the different health stages in a woman’s life Vegan recipes delicious savoury and sweet creations

“On making healthy choices’’

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Connect with Nature™

New Zealand Available from health stores and independent pharmacies nationwide.

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RUDE NEWS 4 Health news: The latest in health news and events 10 Rude reviews: health store staff test the products they sell 18 Rudimentaries: coping with stress the natural way 40 Rudimentaries: diabetes and how to protect yourself

to the May/June issue of Rude Health, the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores. We chat to Vogue Williams about her healthy habits, plus there’s the latest advice on coping with stress. We also have informative features on women’s health issues, dealing with diabetes and the top exercises to improve your body. Plus reviews, delicious recipes, great competitions and our Vitality show preview. We would also love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook. Enjoy, and look out for the July/August issue in late June.


Lucy Taylor | Editor

We welcome your feedback on Rude Health Magazine. Email and in-between issues visit us at

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16 COVER STORY: Celebrity health: Vogue Williams on her busy exercise schedule 22 Fit: the top five exercises for improving your overall health and wellbeing




26 Rude looks: Cleansing, moisturising and personal care for sensitive skin 36 Feature: women’s health – coping with each health stage in your life

RUDE FOOD 46 Functional foods and how you can eat them 50 Delicious and easy vegan recipes


ASK THE EXPERTS 30 Health Q&A: Our experts answer your questions 42 Health store help: Independent health store advice on brain health and dementia prevention


Rude Health is distributed to Irish health stores nationwide, by Distribution enquiries to The IAHS is proudly supported by our Association Partners

The official magazine of Health Stores Ireland.

The team: EDITOR Lucy Taylor

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To advertise call +44 1223 894200 � 2018 Published by JFN Productions Ltd. The Rude Health logo remains the property of Health Stores Ireland. Information in Rude Health Magazine is for information only and no part of it is a substitute for health diagnosis, care or treatment. The publishers cannot accept any responsibility for the advertisements in this publication. Produced on environmentally friendly chlorine-free paper derived from sustained forests. Please recycle. rude health magazine


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rude | news


The latest news and research from the world of natural health Have your say Join the debate


Green shoots, healthy eats I hope you are experiencing a muchneeded increase in temperatures and you are finding the stretch in the evenings revitalising and invigorating. If you are already a committed gardener, you might be delighting in the first shoots of new growth. If you haven’t turned a sod or filled a container for some time and you are considering doing so, I highly recommend that you do. It’s never too late to start. You can pick up a bag of organic compost from your local independent garden centre. You may already have the contents of a compost bin in your garden waiting to be put to some use. There are few things more satisfying than taking the well-rotted compost, perhaps mixing with some dry organic bagged growing material, filling a few containers and sprinkling over some salad seeds and reaping leaves of fresh, green, aromatic bounty in just a few weeks. Try easy to grow plants like mustard, cress or rocket. These are great for blending into a wholefood diet. Pick up a packet of chickpeas, green lentils or quinoa from your local health store. Cook with a little vegetable stock and add a generous amount of your home grown chopped greens as it cools with a dash of nice quality olive oil. Simple and nutritious dishes that incorporate your home-grown crops are easy and delicious. Many health food shops are now stocking the Irish Seed Savers range. These offer wonderful heritage varieties of your favourite plants. Check out Fiann O’Nualláin, www.thehoslisticgardner. com, for great ideas about bringing mind, body and spirit to your gardening. Vivienne Campbell,, has wonderful advice and ideas about combining selective plant growing and foraging to bring fresh plants to your table, that can offer restorative and healing additions to your diet. Both Fiann and Vivienne will be joining with independent health food stores to bring a sustainable element to at the RDS in September. Tickets, including early bird offers, will be available soon. Contact your local independent health store or click on the website to keep updated. If you can’t get down to growing your own remember that many health food shops stock an increasing range or locally grown fresh vegetables. Find out their vegetable delivery days and stock up with the best and freshest foods you can buy. Your local health store will be happy to advise you with recipe ideas, store cupboard essentials, healthy and fortifying seasonings and accompanying staples to bring a joyous wholefood experience to your table. You can trust in us.

Mary Wedel rude health magazine

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What do you think of Rude Health? We are delighted to announce the results of our third Rude Health magazine readers survey. Thanks again for responding to our annual survey, we really appreciate your feedback. Some of the things you said about the magazine:

“It is very informative about new local products and also about latest health trends and nutrition and food information.”

Live your life in...

Natural health at

MAY / JUNE 2018

your fingertips –

supported by Health Stores






Don’t stress it! Control your stressors with our top tips


What are functional foods? and what can they do for you?

Health store advice on dementia prevention

Wonder woman coping with the different health stages in a woman’s life

Sensitive saviours Natural solutions for sensitive skin

Vogue Williams

Vegan recipes delicious savoury and sweet creations

“The way that it is “On making healthy choices’’ written – the layman can relate to it, all the various articles. There are wonderful health tips and the way in which it is put together it is not in your face. PG 1 COVER MAY/JUNE

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20/04/2018 12:19

“It contains a lot of very interesting articles and interviews as well as very helpful advice on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues. Has an attractive and clean layout.” “I like that it has a lot of Irish content – and is not just advertising like other free magazines.” “The layout is nice and bite-size – perfect for busy people.”

Chairperson The Irish Association of Health Stores

The IAHS is proudly supported by our Association Partners



And the lucky winner of Irelands Eye knitwear worth €250 is Gillian McDaid.

20/04/2018 12:25

rude | giveaways

WIN! These fantastic natural health products



Created from the anthocyaninrich purple skins of New Zealand blackcurrants, CurraNZ is a natural blackcurrant extract scientifically proven to support sports performance and recovery. Other benefits include accelerated fat-burning during exercise, increased brain health and immunity. Take two capsules a day for performance benefits or one a day for general wellbeing. We have 10 packs of CurraNZ worth €25 each to be won. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-CURRANZ



A.Vogel Menopause Support is a unique formulation obtained using an extract of soya beans and provides 50mg of bioavailable phytoestrogenic soy isoflavones per day. It also contains magnesium, hibiscus and vervain. Can be used to help you through all stages of the menopause. We have 20 A.Vogel Menopause Support (60 tablets) worth €16.95 each to be won. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-AVOGEL


Macánta L-Theanine and L-Ornithine Complex gives you a powerful combination of l-theanine, lemon balm and chamomile, combined with B vitamins, hops and ornithine. This complex has been formulated to relax, de-stress, and calm the body. Available exclusively from health stores, we have 5 bottles to give away worth €16.95 each. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-MACANTA



Bee Energised energy and focus supplements have been formulated by nutritionists and combine organic bee pollen and seven other nutrients with proven benefits for helping energy and focus. Vegetarian society Approved. We have two sets of Bee Energised supplement and a bee notebook worth €20 each to be won. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-BEE




Turmeric has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory herbal remedy in ayurvedic medicine. Organic Traditions offer premium quality superfoods from around the globe. Organic Traditions Turmeric Powder is certified organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO and raw. We have 5 packs of Organic Traditions Turmeric Powder to be won worth €5.99 each. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-KINETIC


Commonly known in India as the toothbrush tree, neem supports healthy gums and teeth. Made with organic supercritical extracts of neem leaf and bark, Theraneem Neem Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss supports healthy teeth and gums and has a bright, refreshing flavour. We have 2 sets to be won which include mint and cinnamon flavours worth €30 each. Free code: RH-MAY-JUNE-NEEM

How to enter WEB:

Just visit and enter your details and the Free Draw Code (such as RH-MAY-JUNE-BEE).


Or email with the Free Draw Code (eg RH-MAY-JUNE-BEE). in the email subject box.

POST: Or post your name and address and Draw Code to: Rude Health Reader Offers, JFN Productions, Unit G2 Blois Meadow Business Centre, Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, CB9 7BN, UK. (Postal entries on postcards or sealed envelopes only please.) Closing date: 20 June 2018

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rude health magazine


20/04/2018 12:25

rude | news

A low fat or a low carb diet for weight-loss? Naturopath Gemma Hurditch answers for College of Naturopathic Medicine There is hot debate on whether a low-fat or a low-carb eating regime is the best way to trim down. Mainstream health organisations traditionally recommend the low-fat route, whilst popular culture is embracing the low-carb trend; so which is best? As a naturopath I would offer a third alternative: low-processed. Problems caused by carbohydrates are usually when they are eaten in processed form – white bread, bakery items, sugary snacks. If instead we get the majority of our carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and legumes with a moderate amount of minimally processed grains, such as brown rice or quinoa we are satisfied, nourished and our calories are in check. The same goes with fats; swap the processed versions, for example, sunflower oil, and eat sunflower seeds and sunflower sprouts instead. Eating processed foods usually means that we can consume excess calories but insufficient nutrients. Foods including fats should be enjoyed in their natural organic form – nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and grass fed meats. For weight loss to be permanent it must be achievable and maintainable. Counting calories is rarely so, but focusing on low-processed definitely is, and your health will benefit as well as your waistline!   CNM trains students for careers in natural therapies. Check out the website for details of talks and seminars in your area. Visit or call 01 6725036


Asparagus, aubergines, butterhead lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, courgette, mushrooms, peppers, runner beans and tomatoes. Basil, mint, parsley, sage and thyme. Berries are coming into season with the first native being strawberries and rhubarb doing well too.


rude health magazine

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HealthFest for Ireland’s teens Organised by the National Dairy Council and safefood, HealthFest is a free event for transition year students at the National Sports Campus in Dublin on Thursday 26 April. The full day seminar is designed to educate young people about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in a practical, engaging and fun environment. This year’s Healthfest will have interactive sessions with experts including leading fitness expert Karl Henry, Irish dietitian Orla Walsh, chef Adrian Martin who will demonstrate some of his favourite dishes and special guest speaker, Eoghan McDermott of 2FM who will speak about the importance of looking after mental health and wellbeing. Diet and nutrition will be a big focus on the day, giving young people the tools and skills to understand the importance of eating well with a healthy balanced diet. During the teenage years this is even more important to support the phase of rapid growth and development.

Dublin welcomes WellFest 2018 WellFest takes place at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8 on 12-13 May with headline names Davina McCall and ‘Lean in 15’ famed Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, plus personal trainers, nutritionists and authors. There will be a dedicated mental fitness stage, curated by performance psychologist Gerry Hussey. Popular areas such as WellKids, WellFood and WellTalk will be returning to expanded spaces, along with the largest WellVillage market to date. Weekend and day tickets for the festival are on sale now on

20/04/2018 12:25

rude | news

BOOK REVIEWS The Eczema Detox by Karen Fischer A guide to cutting your total chemical load, love your liver, and create healthy, clear skin from the inside out. The book contains three effective programs to suit a range of ages, from babies to adults, and clears skin rashes including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and more insight on the 12 best and worst foods for eczema, excellent questionnaires, and 50 delicious low-chemical recipes. Exisle

Glow by Kate O’Brien A four-week programme to radiant skin – over 60 easy, skin-nourishing, plant-based recipes along with a targeted step-by-step skincare routine that separates skincare fact from fiction. Discover what works for your skin, whatever your age, from face oils, scrubs and serums to moisturisers, skin acids and an optimum sleep plan that will take years off your face. Gill

Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley Meat eater Gaz Oakley didn’t always feel well so he decided to try his hand at becoming a vegan. As a trained chef he didn’t find it so hard to make delicious vegan alternatives such as Kentucky Fried Chick'n and Fillet ‘Steak’ Wellington. His book has 100 vegan recipes which anyone can make and Gaz makes sure they are colourful and flavourful. An essential for any vegan bookshelf. Quadrille



The product is really amazing!

Nothing gave me this feeling of clean and soft skin at the same time! Love to use it.


Your Best Skin Gently slough off old dulling skin cells to reveal fresher, younger looking skin with Kinvara’s NEW Vitamin C enriched exfoliator. This innovative superfine powder contains 5 Vitamins, 2 seaweeds and NO preservatives, emulsifiers or microbeads. It washes off completely leaving no annoying grains behind. Clean beauty at its best. Use it regularly to freshen up tired skin and optomise your follow on products.

Its gentle, Its effective, Its smart.

Savage Salads by Davide Del Gatto and Kristina Gustafsson The Savage Salads team, a London-based culinary duo, believes that salads should taste amazing, look beautiful, and leave you full. Their recipes prove that salads can be much more than a simple side dish; these salads are enticing, wholesome, filling, and packed with protein. With over 50 salad recipes as well as 20 dressings and dips, Savage Salads has something for everyone, from the quinoa enthusiast to the dedicated carnivore. Frances Lincoln/Quarto

Veggie Burger Atelier by Nina Olssen A one-stop guide to making the most flavourful, beautiful, and delicious meatfree burgers you've ever experienced. Olsson shares her secret to the anatomy of the perfect veggie burger with a focus on texture, flavour, firmness and juiciness. You will also learn substitutions that will let you veganise your burgers, or make them gluten-free. Quarry Books/Quarto

Mindful Thoughts for City Dwellers by Lucy Anna Scott Enriching, inventive, ever-evolving and social, cities are rich with ingredients for sparkling spiritual health. From noticing urban nature to embracing noise as sound, author Lucy Anna Scott shows us how to find a home for the head, and the heart, in the metropolis – humanity’s greatest invention. Leaping Hare Press

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rude health magazine


20/04/2018 12:25

rude | news

Berries can help you get through the day

New sleep tool for young people in Ireland

New research conducted in conjunction with British Summer Fruits has found that consuming mixed berries in the morning could sustain or improve cognitive function for up to six hours after consumption. The research involved testing 40 adults who had consumed either mixed berries, or a placebo, for cognitive function, accuracy and mood at two, four and six hours after consumption. Findings from the trial found that adults who drank a polyphenol-rich berry drink sustained cognitive function throughout the day.

The Sleep Programme is a new practical tool which aims to address poor sleep habits among young people in Ireland. It provides teachers and youth workers with the tools to support young adults to improve or maintain their sleep routine. The programme addresses areas such as stress, diet, physical activity, drug and alcohol use in young people and encourages changes to poor sleep hygiene. The resource was funded by the National Youth Council of Ireland’s (NYCI) Connected Communities programme. ‘The Sleep Programme’ is available for download from, and

How to give yourself a boost to avoid the slump:

Save your lungs from cleaning damage

Exercise – even light exercise causes a slight bump in cortisol and body temperature, making you more awake.

Research by Bergen University in Norway published in the American Thoracic Society's Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has found that cleaning sprays can be as harmful to your lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Try these less harmful options for cleaning instead from Awair who make popular air quality monitors: Cleaning the carpet – Look into alternatives to dry cleaning and carpet spot removers. Pure castile soap is an effective spot remover. Getting rid of smells – Try to avoid products that list ‘fragrance’ in their ingredients. If you want to freshen up your home, opt for essential oils or opening windows. Cleaning the bathroom – Baking soda and vinegar are highly effective at disinfecting surfaces while leaving shine. Vodka has also been recommended for polishing metals and mirrors. Unclogging the drain – A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can effectively unclog a drain. After the bubbles disappear, run hot water through the drain.

Get plenty of sleep at night – if you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to experience an afternoon energy dip. Choose lunch wisely – opt for high protein and low fat options. Fat takes a lot of resources to absorb. Protein on the other hand is easily digested and will keep your body supplied with energy for hours. Get out in the sun – sunlight can make you more alert. Eat mixed berries in the morning – berries can help improve cognitive function and accuracy for up to six hours after consumption.

Avoid sugar and caffeine – they provide your body with temporary energy, but cause a big dip in energy later on in the day.

Irish beauty winners Kinvara Skincare has won six top awards at the UK Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018. Their 24hr Rosehip Face Serum was winner in the Best Daily Serum category and Kinvara Skincare also scooped four Editor’s Choice Awards for Eye Wow Eye Serum, Elemental Exfoliating Powder, Omega Rich Hand and Nail Cream and Hyaluronic Youth Boost. The Absolute Cleansing Oil was also awarded Finalist in the Best Cleansing Oil category.

Washing windows – Create your own safe cleaner using ½ cup vinegar, 2 cups of water, and 1 tbsp castile soap. Add a few drops of essential oil for a fresh scent.


rude health magazine

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20/04/2018 12:25

Health events

Become a CNM Natural Chef

April HealthFest 26 April, National Sports Campus in Dublin For transition year students

College of Naturopathic Medicine


Study part-time

Wellfest 12-13 May, The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin 8


Cork Vegfest 12 May, Cork City Hall A celebration of vegan food and lifestyle. Full of local food stalls, cruelty-free cosmetics, expert diet and nutrition talks. Tickets on sale on Eventbrite.

June / July VHI women’s mini marathon Bank Holiday Monday, 4 June Celebrating more than 30 years, this year’s event will see over 35,000 women walk, jog or run through Dublin city. Register at Dr. Gabor Maté 30 June – 1 July Devere Hall, University College Cork Health and Healing through Mind-Body Unity workshop with expert on addiction, mental health, childhood development, stress and health, Dr. Gabor Maté.

Diploma Course includes:  Food fundamentals  Natural Chef techniques  Food for Health  Therapeutic menu and recipe writing  Building a culinary career CNM is Ireland’s leading college for natural therapies Attend an Open Evening to find out more!

01672 5036


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.95 Y 9 1 € X O B T E H C A 12 S & FRIDA AY, WEDNESDAY


rude health magazine


20/04/2018 12:25

rude reviews

Tried & Tested How Health Stores Ireland staff rate what they sell

This issue owner and chiropractor Grainne Gilmartin, massage therapist Coeurine Murray, nutritionist Doris Rabe, acupuncturist Shane McMunn, psychotherapist Jacinta Kelly and shop assistants Leah McVeigh and Outi Kater from Raw Health Foods and Sligo Wellness Centre review vitamin D, eco cleaning products, black seed oil, cherry concentrate and a brain support

Brain support Coeurine says: “Eskimo Brain 369 helps me with concentration and those busy days when I might be feeling forgetful. It’s a great brain booster.”

This issue store manager Polly Morgan, assistant manager Lisa Caulfield and sales assistants Mairead Noonan and Aoife Redpath from Evergreen in Eyre Square in Galway review cherry kefir, a bone broth, scrub bar, multivitamin and magnesium supplement.

Bone broth

Vitamin D spray Grainne says: “I love the Better You Vitamin DLux3000 D3 spray. It gives you a nice high dosage and is very convenient for keeping in your bag.”



Cherry supplements From left to right: Lisa, Polly and Aoife

Lisa says: “Sadie’s Kitchen Comforting Chicken Bone Broth is cooked slowly, resulting in a delicious, nutrient-dense drink. I like to take some every day and find that in times of infection, it can thin mucous and clear nasal passages. I drink it on its own, but it can also be a good base for a soup or stew.”

Mushroom powder Polly says: “I’m excited to see mushrooms becoming more popular in health food stores. I’m taking Lion’s Mane powder from Organic Mushroom Nutrition every day in a hot drink. I feel more alert yet calm at the same time.”

Multivitamin Polly says: “Solo Nutrition Multififty is a seriously strong multivitamin containing 50 nutrients. It also contains an impressive 50mg of CoEnzyme Q10 in each capsule. It’s a one a day formula which I find handy when I’m on the go. I find it great for energy and blood sugar balance.”

Scrub bar Mairead says: “Nia Firming Scrub Bar is a lovely poppy seed, cocoa butter and coconut oil exfoliator that scrubs deep down into your pores. The coconut oil heals as it moisturises. It’s Irish made, plant based and it smells great.”




Doris says: “Viridian Cherry Night is an amazing supplement to help with sleep. Whether you cannot fall asleep at night or you wake up in the middle of the night, this supplement will help you fall back into a restful sleep.”


Leah says: “Black seed oil for psoriasis is the best treatment I have used in years. I took a double dose of the oil for two months and my skin improved hugely. Perfect in one absorbable supplement for us older ladies.”

Echinacea Outi says: “Irish Botanica Echinacea oral liquid with full spectrum extract of E. purpurea root is just amazing and I use it for the whole family to help with cold symptoms.”

Lilly’s Eco Clean Shane says: “I use all the Lilly’s Eco products around my home and find they work equally well if not better than any other cleaning agents. It‘s great to be able to avoid using those toxins at home.”

Revive Active Jacinta says: “I stopped taking my Revive Active Joint Complex and the pain came back in my thumbs, so I went straight back onto it. I can’t believe the difference it makes.”

Chickweed balm

Lisa says: “MAG365 is one of my favourite products because I find it useful for so many things. It’s great for all symptoms of PMS and gives relief from tummy cramps. It is also helpful for stress and anxiety and even sleep problems. It tastes great too!”

Customer Mary says: “My skin was in bad condition after medical treatment, so I tried using Viridian Chickweed Organic Balm. It took less than a week for my skin to be back to normal and I am now always getting compliments on my radiant skin.”

Cherry Kefir

Cherry concentrate

Aoife says: “Bio Dairy Morello Cherry Kefir is such a nice way for me to get some of my daily probiotics. I find my digestion and skin improving after taking this for a few days in a row. It’s a great recommendation for kids too.”

Customer Philip says: “I am a big fan of Active Edge Cherry Active and this drink is great for many things, but mostly it is a powerful antioxidant and aids sleep. Time, persistence and patience is very important when using this product.”

PG10,11 TRIED & TESTED.indd 10



Black Seed Oil

Magnesium support

rude health magazine


20/04/2018 12:25

AloeDent Target












PG10,11 TRIED & TESTED.indd 11

20/04/2018 12:25

rude | reviews


... from your local health food shop!

Extensively researched strains Natures Aid Pro-Cognitiv® provides a guaranteed 10 billion bacteria per capsule of four extensively researched strains: L.acidophilus, L.casei, B.bifidum and L.rhamnosus. It also contains magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12, to contribute to normal psychological function. The addition of pantothenic acid helps to support normal mental performance and the synthesis of some neurotransmitters while folic acid supports normal homocysteine metabolism. Priced at €24.95 for 60 capsules.

New natural roll-on deodorant Salt of the Earth’s Pure Aura: Lavender & Vanilla natural deodorant spray is now available as a roll on! With a new formula, which includes nourishing magnesium oil, Pure Aura is 100% natural and offers effective protection from body odour. Infused with a sweet lavender and vanilla scent, Pure Aura won’t block your pores like traditional antiperspirants, but inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria. No nasty chemicals, no white marks! Approved by the Vegetarian and Vegan Societies.

Natural xylitol range Xylotreat is an exciting range of products all sweetened with natural Xylitol sweetener. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar and yet has 40% fewer calories than sugar, and no aftertaste. It is suitable for use in any calorie-controlled diet, is suitable for diabetics and is tooth friendly. Xylotreat products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contain all-natural ingredients. The new range includes table top sweeteners, sauce and chutney condiments, jam and marmalade preserves.

Women’s organic multivitamin Garden of Life mykind Organics Women’s Once Daily has been designed for women seeking the convenience of a one-a-day certified organic multivitamin to support the demands of a busy lifestyle. This bespoke formula is made from over 30 powdered fruits, vegetables and herbs and is completely devoid of artificial colours or preservatives. It has been formulated to support overall health and wellbeing but more specifically to meet women’s energy, metabolism, heart health and beauty needs.

Deep sea fish oil A delicious blend Turmerlicious is a range of instant turmeric lattes made from a delicious blend of coconut, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and a hint of black pepper. Available in four fabulous flavours (vanilla, ginger, choco and chilli choc) these turmeric lattes are so simple and easy to make. Just add hot water to make a delicious, soothing hot drink which is dairy-, gluten- and caffeine-free! Priced at €8.50 for 200g. 12

rude health magazine

PG12-15 SHOWCASES.indd 12

Nature’s Answer Liquid Omega 3 is a deep sea fish oil providing 1,150mg of omega-3, 650mg of EPA and 450mg of DHA per serving. It is formulated with QuikSorb, Nature’s Answer’s exclusive blend of herbs known to enhance delivery of nutrients to the body. The product provides molecularly-distilled, nitrogen-flushed fish body oil, harvested in the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic. Nature’s Answer have produced high quality natural products for vital, healthy lifestyles since 1972.

20/04/2018 12:26

rude | reviews

Natural neem toothpaste Neem has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for oral healthcare. Commonly known in India as “the toothbrush tree”, neem twigs are frequently used to clean the teeth. Modern science has validated the traditional uses of neem, supporting healthy gums, and ongoing research confirms its efficacy. Made with organic supercritical extracts of neem leaf, neem bark and more, this mint toothpaste from TheraNeem Naturals supports healthy teeth and gums and has a bright, refreshing flavour.

Packing a protein punch Wilde Nuts Original Granola is the perfect protein to kickstart your morning. It’s raw, organic and grain-free. Sweetened naturally, and packed full of nutritious nuts and seeds, what more could you want from a granola? Eaten for breakfast, or as a snack, this granola is sure to please. Priced at €6.99 for 350g.

Brain food for children Snack happy! Clearspring has launched a new range of Wholegrain Organic Brown Rice Cakes featuring three delicious flavours: Quinoa & Chia, Buckwheat & Amaranth and 7 Super Seeds. Based on a unique production process that makes the rice cakes extra crispy and light and a simple 100% wholegrain recipe of brown rice and ancient grains, these rice cakes are lightly seasoned with sea salt. They contain no artificial additives, are high in fibre and protein, gluten-free and only 25-26 calories per cake. Enjoy them straight from the pack or with spreads and toppings.

CBD oil uHemp are the largest full plant CBD (cannabidiol) extract producer in the EU and the first official vegan certified CBD producer in the world. Since 1999 they have produced the highest quality CBD extract from organically grown Cannabis sativa L within the EU for private corporations. The crops are grown under government licence to GMP specification. uHemp are the world’s oldest white label CBD manufacturer. They produce CBD to exact specification under the strict supervision of PhD scientists. uHemp’s most popular CBD Hemp Oil Extract is priced at €24.

PG12-15 SHOWCASES.indd 13

Children need omega-3 for every stage of their development. It boosts their brains, strengthens their immune systems and lifts their mood. Without these important fats, it can become difficult for children to concentrate, learn new information and balance their moods properly. Eskimo-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ is a new product which provides a whopping 254mg omega-3 DHA, choline and biotin in one tasty chewable. They are sugar-free and come in a delicious orange flavour. Be warned … you will need to hide the pack as they taste so good! RRP: €14.50.

Live cultures OptiBac Probiotics ‘For women’ contains two extensively researched live cultures: L. rhamnosus GR-1® & L. reuteri RC-14®. These two strains of friendly bacteria have been proven to reach the intimate area alive and have been taken in clinical trials by thousands of women around the world.

Soothing and softening Allergenics is a range of cosmetic emollient products suitable for those prone to dry, itchy skin conditions to help moisturise, soothe and protect sensitive skin. The main ingredient in the range is naturally sourced aloe vera, which offers soothing, moisturising and hydrating properties. Allergenics cream provides a unique soothing, softening and protective action against external irritants. rude health magazine


20/04/2018 12:26

Deliciously good

rude | reviews


... from your local health food shop!

Brighter skin from within High strength Woman Pure Evening Primrose Oil contains 11% omega-6 GLA*, harvested from the exclusively grown Efamol Rigel® plant and known for alleviating skin sensitivity and inflammation. Give your skin a boost from within with the high dose of essential fatty acids it deserves and leave it plump, bright and glowing. Trust in Efamol, who have led the field in scientific research for over 30 years to create its carefully formulated range of health supplements. *Gamma Linolenic Acid. Food supplements are not intended to replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Holistically soothing formulation In independent laboratory studies, Antipodes Grace Gentle Cleanser has been dermatologically approved for sensitive skin. A holistically soothing formulation, it features Vinanza Oxifend to reduce redness and calm inflammation. Nutrient-rich avocado oil and marigold bloom gently yet effectively cleanse, freshen and soften the skin. The product is suitable for removing make-up, fragrance-free and certified organic by BioGro. 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin and 79.5% of the ingredients are from organic cultivation. Certified vegetarian by the UK Vegetarian Society.

CherryActive concentrate is a premium quality nutritional supplement designed for the modern lifestyle. It is chosen by consumers who are serious about maintaining good health and appreciate the benefits of the highest quality products. CherryActive concentrate contains 100% natural ingredients and is packed full of antioxidant-rich Montmorency cherries – no added preservatives, sugars, colours or flavours. Just add to water, smoothies or natural yogurt for #theactiveedge

Organic turmeric powder Organic Traditions Turmeric Powder is certified organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO and raw. Turmeric is a rhizome that is part of the ginger family. Its Chinese name literally means “yellow ginger.” As one of nature’s most revered botanicals, it has been used for centuries as a food preservative, a colouring agent, a culinary flavour and as an important anti-inflammatory herbal remedy in Ayurvedic medicine.

Daily B-complex Energise your life with Garden of Life mykind Organics B-Complex. This once daily formula provides 100% daily value and more of all the B vitamins to bump up your energy as well as support metabolism and stress response. It contains 300mcg of biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails and supports a healthy heart with 400mcg (100% daily value) of folate. Made from real organic powdered fruits, vegetables and herbs, it is certified USDA organic, non-GMO verified and made from over 25 real, nutritious foods.

Choose the best omega 3 Paradox brings together the best of the Arctic and Mediterranean diets – 100% pure and natural with proven increased stability keeping the oil fresh and more effective than ordinary fish oil products. Paradox’s unique formulation provides high strength EPA and DHA with powerful polyphenol antioxidants, vitamin D3 and E for the maintenance of heart health, brain function, vision, bones and the immune system as well as skin, hair and nails. If you take only one supplement, take Paradox!


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Aloe vera range Aloe Pura’s range of aloe vera skincare, suncare and haircare products is produced from pure 99.9% bio-active organic aloe vera inner gel, independently certified by the International Aloe Science Council, capturing the maximum nutritional activity of the aloe vera barbadensis plant.

20/04/2018 12:26

Pure Castile Soap with 18 in 1 uses! Fairtrade, Ethical, Vegan, Pure, Natural Use as a bodywash, shampoo, for shaving, cleaning your pets, household cleaning and even a bug spray for plants!

Available in all leading health food stores and some select pharmacies nationwide For more information or details of stockists visit Trade Enquiries welcome

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rude | celebrity


Dubliner Vogue Williams is a model, TV and radio personality who has participated in Australian Dancing with the Stars, Stepping Out and Bear Grylls: Mission Survive on ITV and presented her own four-part TV series called Vogue Williams – On the Edge, where she investigated issues such as drugs, social anxiety, gender dysmorphia and the obsessiveness for 'the body beautiful'. She presents Houseparty on SPIN 1038.

WHAT SORT OF EXERCISE DO YOU DO TO KEEP IN SHAPE? I have a dog who I walk about 5km every day. I do training five days a week – I like to vary it and mix it up so my body doesn’t get used to it. I might do circuit training, a spin class, boxing - I go to a lot of classes. I have personal trainers in Dublin and London. I love going to the gym and really love walking my dog. WHAT SORT OF FOODS DO YOU EAT TO STAY HEALTHY? For breakfast I might have avocado and egg on brown bread, or porridge, bananas and almond butter. I also like granola with fruit. Lunch is always on the go, so I might go for a sandwich or salad box. Dinner might be chilli con carne, steak, fish and vegetables or a stir fry. I eat out at least twice a week and don’t like to limit or restrict myself. For snacks I eat lots of fruit, and I make protein shakes with almond milk, peanut butter, banana and protein powder. I have never been a big alcohol drinker and never crave a glass of wine. I did dry January and February. I don’t drink coffee or need a caffeine hit, but I do like tea. DO YOU TAKE ANY NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS OR DRINKS? I take vitamin C and cod liver oil every morning. I also take two tablets of blackcurrant extract CurraNZ an hour


rude health magazine

PG16,17 CELEB.indd 16

before I train they give me great energy and really help with recovery. It’s is such a superfood. What’s amazing is that 1 capsule has the same nutritional value as 85 blackcurrants! DO YOU BUY FOOD IN HEALTH STORES? I love to wander round health stores and you can get great deals on the nuts and seeds I use to make protein balls. I buy kilo tubs of almond butter, which I get through really quickly. I buy desiccated coconut to stir into porridge – it’s hard to get in other shops. I really like the natural lip balms, creams and nice things for your hair which are all sold in health stores. DO YOU EVER WORRY ABOUT YOUR HEALTH? I am quite a healthy person. I like going to the gym and want to be internally healthy as well as look good. There is a history of stroke in my family so I am aware of that. I try to live healthily and don’t smoke.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR RUDE HEALTH READERS? Being fit and healthy is all about educating ourselves and learning how to make healthier choices. My main tip would be consistency when you train – you should start at three times per week but aim for four if you can. Going to the gym once a week will not make much difference to your body. If I am struggling with energy I don’t drink coffee – the CurraNZ really helps me to get up and go.

20/04/2018 12:27

Š Photographs: CurraNZ

rude | celebrity

Vogue Williams is an ambassador for CurraNZ, a natural blackcurrant extract that supports health, sports performance and recovery. Visit

PG16,17 CELEB.indd 17

rude health magazine


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How to

stress less Managing stress in all parts of your life with diet, nutrition and lifestyle tips


he main causes of stress are lack of exercise, poor diet, eating on the go, lack of sleep, pressure at work and home, not enough ‘down’ time and too much time on electronic devices,” says Helena Murphy of health store Loop de Loop in Castletownbere, Co Cork. “Stress now comes in many guises that span our emotional, physical, psychological and metal wellbeing,” says nutritional therapist Susie Perry-Debice who works for Abundance and Health. “Nowadays we tend to carry our own unique list of causes, stressors or triggers which can include relationship dynamics, family and social commitments, working environment, financial worries, digital toxicity, physical issues and of course poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits and even sleep deprivation.” “Stress can be any unsolved problem a person experiences – from dealing with a daily list of things which need to be done, a challenging task at work, a social occasion or an ongoing sense of difficulty with a partner, parent or child,” says Matt Ronan of Evolv health store in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.

Stress and your body “The immune system is the front line of defence for good health,” says Ellen Cox of essential oil company Atlantic Aromatics. “When we are stressed it is one of the first systems in the body to be affected, weakening our ability to fight off everyday infections. “The body has a very structured way in which it handles stress,” says Susie Perry-Debice, “admittedly this response is still tailor-made for our flight-or-fight caveman ancestors and is in much need of a 21st century upgrade! The adrenal glands respond to stress by producing the hormones cortisol and adrenalin. Unfortunately, there’s no sliding scale when it comes to the stress response – it’s an all-in kind of situation. We essentially handle a modern-day stressful situation in the same way as our ancestors handled a lifethreatening situation. Once the situation has passed the stress response fades. The problem in modern life is that we are constantly being exposed to a variety of stressful situations, and long-term exposure to stress has very serious health implications – poor immune function, poor digestion, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, depression and weight issues.” 18

rude health magazine

PG18-21 STRESS.indd 18

Stress and vitamins B and C “During the stress response the adrenal glands use vast amounts of B-vitamins and vitamin C – since both of these nutrients are water-soluble they cannot be stored in decent amounts in the body. During times of prolonged stress these nutrients can become easily depleted. Taking a daily supply of liposomal C and liposomal B-complex helps to offset the negative effects of stress, keeping the body in a better state of health and better able to cope in stressful situations.” Susie Perry-Debice

20/04/2018 12:28

Choose life. Choose Solaray.


U D O ’ S C H O I C E® R R R R

Simple Natural Ethical Affordable


Formulated for Urgent Care • Recolonise and Fortify • Urgent Response • Digestive Function • Immune System Support

Our Mycrobiome offer high-potency, conditionspecific friendly bacteria in vegan, gluten-free, Non GMO formulas delivering up to 24 targeted strains at clinically researched potencies. Each Delayed Release capsule delivers the fragile bacterial organisms past harmful stomach acid and quickly releases them in the alkaline environment of the lower GI tract.

Available at health food stores.

Loved by Irish Families for Quality & Strength for Over 20 Years

Available From Health Food Stores Nationwide 97222-SolarayAdvert-portrait-Mycrobiome.indd 1 PG18-21 STRESS.indd 19

15/02/2018 14:39:37 20/04/2018 12:28


“All of the B vitamins, particularly B5, and also vitamin C are burnt up rapidly in a body which is under stress, regardless of whether it is emotional, psychological or physical,” says Matt Ronan. “Extra cortisol floods into the body in order to facilitate increased energy to help in meeting the challenge. This is fine on a shortterm basis, but when it goes beyond that vital body tasks such as the proper performance of the immune and digestive systems are impaired, normal repair of muscles and joints from everyday usage are neglected and other health issues emerge too.” “Stress can have an awful impact on the body, from the body’s ability to fight disease, depression, weight gain or loss, adrenal fatigue, impaired immune system and mental health problems,” agrees Helena Murphy.

Stress relief “Take time each day to switch off for five minutes – sit in peace and quiet, meditate or read a book,” says Helena Murphy. “Have time without electronic devices – leave the phone, TV and laptop off. Exercise for half an hour a day – walk somewhere instead of driving, get some fresh air. Aim for eight hours sleep every night. Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet and don’t skip meals. Drink more water and herbal teas instead of black tea or coffee. Adding supplements like B vitamins and vitamin C to your diet can really help. Rhodiola supports the adrenal glands.” “One simple trick to dampening down the stress response is to re-engage with your inner calm,” says Susie Perry-Debice. “As soon as you feel stress rise, take a moment, take a breath, turn your attention inwards 20

rude health magazine

PG18-21 STRESS.indd 20

and find your stillness. This sends a new signal throughout the nervous system and brain indicating that there is no need to launch the fight-orflight response, giving you a chance to recalibrate the adrenal glands. This enables you to shift away from being highly reactive (like a ticking timebomb) and move towards being able to assess your situation, gather your composure and respond appropriately.” “When stress hits it really takes discipline to resist the temptation to get by on quick insubstantial foods and to indulge in tea and coffee as a means to keep us going when our energy levels flag,” says Matt Ronan. “This inevitably leads to much faster burnout and longer lasting depletion of our general health. Therefore it is imperative that we eat good wholesome food and continue to engage in activities like running, swimming, yoga or going for a walk. Some of the supplements which can help us with supporting a system under stress are vitamin C and B complex taken twice per day along with the herbs ashwagandha or rhodiola.” “One Austrian study found that lavender and orange oils reduced anxiety and improved mood in a dental waiting room,” says Ellen Cox. “I recommend applying an essential oil blend to the body daily with lavender, tea tree and ravensara. Dilute your oils in a carrier such as aloe vera gel and a vegetable oil. In 50ml of carrier add 2550 drops of essential oils for an adult. Apply regularly to the tummy, adrenals, feet and knees. The digestive system is also affected by stress – loss of appetite and nausea can be some of the first symptoms. Apply an essential oil blend to the tummy daily. I suggest camomile, fennel, ginger and peppermint. To help the hormone (endocrine) system I suggest roman camomile, frankincense, lavender, neroli (excellent where anxiety is present), rose otto (particularly balancing), sandalwood and vetivert (grounding).”

Foods that help you cope with stress Berries – packed with antioxidants which combat damaging freeradicals released by stress in the body. Cashew nuts – a great source of zinc which can help reduce anxiety. Other good sources of zinc are chicken and beef. Green leafy vegetables – contain folate, which produces dopamine, a chemical that helps you to keep calm. Try eating more spinach, cabbage and broccoli. Salmon – packed with omega-3 fatty acids that have antiinflammatory properties which in turn can help your body cope with stress hormones. Seeds – such as flax, pumpkin and sunflower all contain magnesium, the stress-fighting mineral. Turkey – contains the amino acid tryptophan that makes you sleepy and helps produce the feel-good hormone serotonin. Other good sources are nuts, seeds, tofu, fish, oats, lentils, eggs and beans. Yogurt – a good probiotic yogurt gives you the benefit of live native bacteria to settle your digestive system, as well as calcium and protein.

20/04/2018 12:28

Unwax &

Unwind EAR CONE Our Ear Cone arose from the rediscovery of a traditional ear hygiene method - so offers a gentle technique with ancient origins. Enhanced with innovative safety and comfort devices, the Otosan Ear Cone is a natural, practical, safe and effective device, which helps to eliminate impurities and excess earwax from the ear and promotes a sensation of total relaxation. Our Ear Cones contain beeswax with Propolis for natural antibacterial properties. Discover more of Otosan’s health remedies at health food stores nationwide. Distributed in Ireland by: Burgage, Blessington, Co. Wicklow email:

Otosan Rude Health.indd 1

PG18-21 STRESS.indd 21

Tel: 045-865575

26/03/2018 13:09

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rude | fit


Take We ask fitness experts for their top five exercises for improving your overall health and wellbeing

Tom Dalton of TD Fitness

When more muscles engage in one movement, more calories are able to burn in your workout in a shorter amount of time. That’s why all of my chosen exercises are compound movements – they work multiple muscles at once, so they require the most effort from your entire body.

1. Lunges: legs, core and stability When people say the word ‘lunge’ at the gym, it’s usually met with groans. It may not be your favourite exercise, but if there’s one move that can really jump-start your health efforts and target your legs and butt, it’s the lunge. 2. Squats: back, legs, core Squats obviously help to build your leg muscles, but they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building. So squats can actually help you improve both your upper and lower body strength.



rude health magazine

PG22-25 FIT.indd 22


20/04/2018 12:28

rude | fit

3 3. Deadlifts: back, glutes, hamstrings Deadlifts are easily one of the best moves out there. In one fell swoop, a deadlift works your butt, core, legs, back, and upper body – truly the definition of a total-body move.


4. Renegade row: back, shoulders, core Multitasking moves not only save time, they also challenge the body in new ways. Add some rowing action to your plank to target not only your arms and back, but your core and glutes, too.

5 5. Dumbbell push press: legs, shoulders, core This is a multi-joint exercise that increases strength and power throughout the entire body, with an emphasis on the shoulders and triceps. The use of dumbbells improves balance and stability on each side. Photographs courtesy of Thomas Arnold.

PG22-25 FIT.indd 23

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20/04/2018 12:28

rude | fit

Alan Williams of Alan Williams Coaching 1. Resistance training Resistance training includes lifting weights, using resistance bands, or just using your own body weight – the best piece of equipment you own. It has benefits for everybody, regardless of age, sex or activity levels. For those working towards fitness goals, lean muscle will make you stronger, increase muscular endurance and make you a better athlete. For those looking to lose weight or get a little leaner, gaining some muscle will lead to you burning fat more efficiently. By engaging in resistance training you reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis. For ideas on bodyweight resistance training include exercises such as push ups, squats, lunges and planks. 2. Cycling All forms of cardio training will benefit you, but the reason I’ve gone for cycling is because it’s a great option for anybody with joint or knee problems. It’s low impact, which means you can work up a sweat and get a good workout in, without aggravating those joint issues. Getting on a bike is a great option in terms of improving your cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, building muscular endurance, preventing illness and disease. 3. Walking For those needing to improve their health – but at a low fitness level – walking is the perfect option. Do what you can manage today and build it up gradually, week on week. We all live such busy lives but sometimes we forget to take the time to unwind. That’s where walking comes in. Leave the phone at home and spend some time in nature, you’ll feel like a different person afterwards. While I love walking in my downtime, I would often incorporate boxing and weight lifting into my training which, although more intense, also makes me feel great afterwards. 4. Pilates Such a large portion of the population suffer from back pain and don’t know where to turn. Pilates is a great starting point. It’s fantastic for increasing your core strength. Building the strength in those muscles can make an amazing difference to relieving back pain. And if you’re an athlete the benefits of a strong core are endless. In addition pilates will improve your flexibility and mobility. It’s also easy on the joints. 5. Meditation If we’re looking at overall health and wellbeing, we’ve got to look at exercises for the brain, not just the body. Meditation is one of the best things we can do to quieten the mind when life is getting busy. Making it a daily habit can have enormous benefits. Meditation will help you reduce stress and control anxiety; it can make you more selfaware and decrease blood pressure. It helps you lengthen your attention span, in an age where that seems to be getting shorter and shorter.


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20/04/2018 12:28

The Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant sticks are stylish, fun and made using only certified natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients. Six aromas suitable for both men and women, the innovative dry formula uses arrowroot and sodium bicarbonate to help keep the under arms dry and odour-free. With organic shea butter and coconut. No aluminium No alcohol No parabens No animal testing No synthetic aromas Certified natural and organic by NaTrue and vegan by the Vegan Society

Available from health shops, independent pharmacies and online.

PG22-25 FIT.indd 25

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rude | looks

Sensitive saviours Cleansing, moisturising and personal care for sensitive skin


hoosing products for sensitive skin can often be a case of knowing what ingredients to avoid as much as what to go for. “Sodium lauryl sulfate is the main offender, it is a petroleum-based chemical added to personal care products to make them foam,” says Niamh Larkin of health store Evergreen in Mainguard St, Galway. “unless you are very familiar with a brand and its ethos, always read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, do a quick internet search to see if it’s just a fancy name for coconut oil, or something more sinister. Another great way to avoid questionable ingredients is to shop local – many small Irish natural skincare brands specialise in chemical-free skincare.” “Avoiding synthetic fragrances which can cause inflammation and weaken the inner layers of the skin will help a lot,” says Rowan Green who works with organic beauty and skincare company Pravera. “There isn’t actually a need for perfume in skincare, so opt for fragrance-free formulas.” “Specific ingredients to actively avoid include the following,” says Dr Joanne Reilly, founder and owner of Kinvara Skincare. “SLS/SLES used in cleansers, scrubs, washes and most shampoos; propylene glycol used as a humectant to help retain moisture, methylisothiazolinone used in cosmetics as a preservative to extend shelf life, parabens which mimic properties of some female hormones and the preservative phenoxyethanol. Reputable established brands operate to best international practice and if they’re claiming to be natural their ingredients


rude health magazine

PG26-29 LOOK.indd 26

should be EcoCert approved. In Ireland we’re lucky to have highly trained health store professionals who should be able to help or contact the brand if you have a specific query.”

Sensitive saviours “If you have sensitive skin opt for products with calming ingredients that will soothe, nourish and reduce redness and inflammation,” says Rowan Green. “Green tea extract is a gentle antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits. Sunflower oil is high in vitamin E and will help to repair moisture lost.” “For very sensitive skin I would avoid anything with fragrance, including essential oils, and instead opt for something very gentle or formulated for baby,” says Niamh Larkin. “Look for ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera, calendula and shea butter.” “If you have sensitive skin get into the habit of patch-testing any new products,” says Dr Joanne Reilly. “Apply a small amount of product in the crook of your elbow or behind your ear, wait 24 hours and monitor for any sign of redness or irritation.”

20/04/2018 12:29

rude | looks

Clever cleansing “For cleansing sensitive skin avoid soap at all costs,” says Rowan Green. “Opting for a face wash with a creamy formula will be much gentler. Avoid really hot water as it strips the skin of its natural oils, promoting dryness – use lukewarm water instead.” “Use the most gentle, basic cleanser available to you,” says Niamh Larkin. “Avoid products with harsh foaming agents, and exfoliants that can overstimulate sensitive skin. Almond oil makes a great facial cleanser, it’s extremely gentle and removes make-up easily.” “Oils are nature’s answer when it comes to cleansing your skin without stripping it of its own precious skin oils,” says Dr Joanne Reilly. “Be mindful of your product’s pH – it shouldn’t be too low (acidic) or too high (basic) as it could interfere with your skin’s own protective acid mantle.”

Major moisturising “If pure shea butter is too heavy for your skin, look for something natural with minimal ingredients,” says Niamh Larkin. “If your skin isn’t too sensitive for essential oils, try a moisturiser containing lavender or rose, which helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin prone to redness.” “When choosing a moisturiser consider counting the number of ingredients it contains,” says Rowan Green. “Less is more – fewer ingredients mean fewer potential interactions with fragile skin.”

Personal care products “Go for very gentle soap bars or liquid castile soap with mild to no fragrance, depending in your level of sensitivity,” says Niamh Larkin. “Use a moisturising body balm or lotion after showering to keep the skin soft. Always ask for advice if you’re not sure.”

Final word

“Look at how many products you’re putting on your skin each day,” says Rowan Green. “If it’s more than four, consider cutting back. Can you go without make-up on some days? Simplify to help your skin recover.” “Keep it simple,” says Niamh Larkin. “If you find your skin reacts to most ingredients then opt for something with only one ingredient (eg shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil) or try your hand at creating your own cosmetics – this way you have full control over the quality and quantity of the ingredients.”

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20/04/2018 12:29

GREEN PEOPLE SUN CARE AWARD WINNING NATURAL SPF PROTECTION Green People’s award-winning formulations contain a synergistic blend of natural antioxidants, skin vitamins and anti-inflammatory actives to help support the skin’s immune system, prevent premature ageing and protect against irritation. With a choice of SPF15 or SPF30, these sun lotions are made with over 80% organic ingredients, offering broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. SPF – HOW HIGH IS HIGH ENOUGH? Did you know SPF50 only filters out 1% more UVB light than SPF30? An SPF30 sun lotion, when applied properly, protects you against 97% of UVB rays. An SPF50 protects you against 98% of UVB, a marginal 1% difference.

HOW MARINE-FRIENDLY IS YOUR SUN LOTION? 25% of sun cream is washed off during a 20 minute dip in the sea. Potentially damaging chemicals found in many mainstream lotions have a dramatic effect on aquatic life, and 10% of the world’s coral reefs are under threat from sunscreen induced coral bleaching. You won’t find oestrogen mimicking chemicals in any of Green People’s sun lotions.


A 30p donation from every Scent-Free Sun Lotion sold goes to support The Marine Conservation Society. (Registered Charity Number 1004005, England and Wales and SC037480, Scotland)







A natural non-greasy and water repellent sun lotion suitable for young, delicate skin and those prone to eczema, dermatitis and other skin irritations. Offering broadspectrum UVA/UVB protection. Edelweiss contains high levels of antioxidants to protect cells from UV induced damage.

Made without essential oils, this water repellent organic sun lotion offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with antioxidants and skin vitamins A, C & E (Green Tea, Olive, Avocado and Rosemary) to help protect against cell damage.

Enjoy a natural, non-greasy facial sun cream. This UVA/UVB high protection cream boosts skin defence antioxidants and vitamins A, C & E (Green Tea, Olive, Avocado and Rosemary) which help guard against long term cell damage and support the skin’s immune system.

30 scent-free



filters out 97% of UVB rays


20/04/2018 04/04/2018 12:29 14:47


THE POWER OF ANTIOXIDANTS IN SUN CARE To guard against free radical damage we include a number of antioxidant ingredients in our organic sun lotions, Green Tea, Chamomile, Edelweiss, Rosemary and Avocado. These natural powerhouses support the skin’s immune system and protect against cell damage that causes premature ageing. • Edelweiss is a plant that lives at high altitudes where Ultra Violet light levels are particularly strong. Edelweiss Extract contains high levels of antioxidants shown to extend skin cell life when exposed to free radical activity. • Rosemary extract is rich in strong antioxidants which help inhibit the action of free radicals and protect the skin from the visible effects of premature ageing. Rosemary with its natural anti-inflammatory properties is ideal for sensitive, irritated skin. • Avocado contains a wide range of nutrients including 11 vitamins and 14 minerals. The vitamins A, D, and E act as powerful antioxidants, when applied topically, useful for healing sun-damaged skin. • Green Tea extract is a rich source of antioxidants with powerful activity against free radical damage responsible for many aspects of premature ageing.


Why water repellent not waterproof? Natural Beeswax and Berry wax provide water repellence in our sun lotions without blocking pores, enabling you to enjoy a refreshing swim and giving little ones the freedom to splash about whilst still being protected from the harmful effects of the sun. Waterproof sun lotions are best avoided as they contain pore-clogging petrochemicals and silicones – much like wrapping your skin in cling-film.


Prickly heat or sensitive skin? The chemical compounds commonly found in sun lotions combined with sun exposure can make a trip to the beach a nightmare for those suffering from prickly heat or sensitive skin Our gentle sun lotions are eczema-friendly and suitable for prickly heat suffers and skin allergies. We don’t use parabens, poreclogging silicones and mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or skin-dying alcohol.


Want a long-lasting tan? The moisturising properties of Aloe Vera and the soothing Myrrh resin help you to keep a golden glow for longer. They also mean our organic sun lotions are easy to apply and reapply onto the skin, rubbing in quickly to offer peace-of-mind protection.







Speed up the tanning process by 25% and reduce the tan-fading rate by almost 50%. A natural sun lotion which promotes a natural glow quickly and safely. An extract from the Carob tree naturally stimulates melanin. This is not a self tan; it builds up your skin’s own melanin levels.

Cooling and moisture-binding after sun rescue to help maintain your tan and minimise peeling. Rich in Aloe Vera and Calendula, also suitable as a refreshing everyday body lotion. Light yet nourishing, freshly scented with fairly traded organic Peppermint oil.

Create a natural tan appearance without exposure to sunlight in two to three hours. This quick-drying and non-greasy lotion leaves the skin soft and is lightly scented with natural essential oils leaving pleasant natural aroma on the skin.

15 tan 25% faster NATURE & SCIENCE IN BALANCE 14:47


PG26-29 LOOK.indd 29 GP_RudeHealth_DPS.indd 3



non-greasy 20/04/2018 04/04/2018 12:29 14:47

rude | experts

Expert health Your questions answered

Exam support

Dr Daniel Jones works with Revive Active Products


I am going back to college as an adult student this autumn and want to make sure I can keep up with the other students. I am concerned because I haven’t done anything like this in a long time and will have to sit exams. Can you suggest anything to help my work as well as it can?

Jenny* from Co Sligo DR DANIEL JONES ANSWERS: The brain absorbs, processes, stores and recalls information for later use. Research has shown the brain’s ability to accomplish this is dependent on the capability to rewire itself, generating what is known as synapses or connections. Without the ability to rewire itself and create these important synaptic connections, the brain’s capacity to remember and recall information is compromised. Unfortunately, as we age this process becomes less efficient and less effective, leading to deteriorating memory, but through nutrition we can support this natural process to promote healthy memory function. The generation of synaptic connections is a process fuelled by nutrition. The three most important nutritional factors, according to Professor Wurtman of MIT Cambridge, are omega-3 fatty acid DHA - which helps to make the synapses in the brain; choline – which promotes the production of the important brain signal acetylcholine; and uridine –deficiency has been linked with deteriorating cognitive conditions. Research shows that when DHA, uridine and choline are taken together in the proper amounts the brain becomes increasingly more efficient at building connections and memories. Absorbing, processing, storing and recalling information on request becomes more efficient and the brain is able to function to its optimum level. These findings could be particularly useful for you – I would recommend supplementing your diet during the period of exam preparation and study when you need your brain to be operating at its best. *Not her real name

Dementia advice

Jenny Logan DNMed is a nutritionist and technical training manager with Natures Aid



JENNY LOGAN ANSWERS: One thing we can all do to look after our brain health is to look at ways to reduce levels of a substance called homocysteine. The body makes homocysteine and it is needed to produce useful substances; including: SAMe – which helps us feel happy; and glutathione – which protects cells against damage. The problem is, converting homocysteine into useful chemicals relies on having adequate B6, B12 and folic acid in the body. If these nutrients are low, homocysteine starts to build up – this is bad news for the brain. It is thought that raised homocysteine levels are one of the main causes of ‘brain shrinkage’, and dementia. The good news is that keeping homocysteine levels down is quite easy. Trials have shown that daily supplementation with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid will reduce homocysteine and protect against ‘brain shrinkage’. Specific good bacteria could also be helpful – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium bifidum have been shown to help increase absorption and utilisation of B12 and folic acid, keeping homocysteine levels under control. I would suggest that keeping those bacteria and B vitamins topped up with a daily supplement could be one of the best ways to keep your brain as healthy as possible. *Not her real name

rude health magazine

PG30,31 Q&A.indd 30

My mum has dementia, it is a horrible disease. I would like to know if there is anything I can take to look after my brain and memory, to try and prevent the same thing happening to me? Mary* from Dublin

20/04/2018 12:29

Sore knees

Olive Curran is a qualified nutritional therapist and Chairperson for the Irish Health Trade Association


I love to run, but I get sore knees afterwards. Is there anything you can recommend that might help? I don’t like taking painkillers. Do you have any advice? Suzanne* from Limerick OLIVE CURRAN ANSWERS: The knee is particularly vulnerable to pain and damage, since it has to take your body’s full weight when you do things such as running or jumping. If you do a lot of sport, you run a higher risk of damaging your knees. Inflammation is a common cause of knee pain after running, therefore you should follow an anti-inflammatory diet plan which comprises fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, oily fish, raw nuts or seeds, beans, legumes, healthy fats, lean protein and wholegrains. Try to avoid inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, alcohol, cakes, pastries, deep fried foods or pizza. Getting the right balance of fats in the diet is vital to managing inflammation.I would recommend 2-3 portions of oily fish weekly (salmon, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, tuna) or taking a high quality omega-3 fish oil such as Eskimo-3 daily. Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) are well known for their benefits for joint health. Ginger helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness. Curcumin helps to maintain joint flexibility. Curcumin and ginger work synergistically as they reduce different inflammatory markers, thereby having a complete antiinflammatory effect. Zincuflex Joint Support combines ginger and curcumin in a one-a-day complex. Exercise is a vital part of managing pain. Focus on stretching, range-of motion exercises and gradual progressive strength training. A physical or occupational therapist can help you develop an exercise program that’s right for you. As running is your passion, make sure to warm up thoroughly. Running and working out on cold muscles can exacerbate joint pain. After a running session, you should soak in a relaxing bath containing Epsom salts rich in magnesium. This is a great way to relax muscles and speed up recovery. *Not her real name

The most effective way to supplement vitamin D. Superior absorption to tablets – guaranteed!* Bypasses the digestive system Easy and convenient to use 3-month supply Also available for newborns and juniors

Available in all good health stores and online at *Satia et al, Nutrition Journal 2015

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Vitality Expo! Dublin’s RDS 8-9 September


itality Expo 2018 is Ireland’s brand new consumer and trade natural health exhibition where you can learn about exciting new products and remedies, meet natural health suppliers, discover the latest natural health trends, and obtain tips and expert advice from the many well-known figures within the natural health industry in Ireland and beyond. Vitality Expo is not just a show – it’s a festival with a Vitality Stage where inspirational Irish and international speakers including Alison Canavan, Patrick Holford and Dr Marilyn Glenville will deliver engaging and interactive talks. There will be the Food and Cookery Stage bringing you the best of wholefood cookery with Marie Power, Henrietta Norton, Oliver McCabe and Susan Jane White to name a few. Get into the zone at the Outdoor Entertainment Area with live music along with yoga and pilates sessions and a kids’ area where they can practice some moves too! And The Village where you can sample tasty delights from over 100 artisan and local health food producers in the Irish marketplace. So for cutting edge nutrition, innovative brands, inspirational speakers, great food, family fun and entertainment come along to Vitality Expo! Check out for more info


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Heart power in a capsule As you grow older, your heart gradually loses its power. But did you know that this can be corrected with a natural compound called coenzyme Q10?


recent medical study called ‘The effect of coenzyme Q10 on morbidity and mortality in chronic heart failure’ undertaken by researchers in Copenhagen, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Italy, India and Australia has revealed some astounding results. Cardiologists were astonished when they saw the outcome of the Q-Symbio study. When physically compromised heart failure patients with chest pain and breathing difficulty received a daily supplement of coenzyme Q10 (Bio-Quinone Q10) their risk of dying of heart failure dropped by 43% (normally, half of the patients die within five years of their diagnosis), heart muscle strength increased tremendously, and so did quality of life. Increased energy and well-being While heart failure patients are challenged, physically speaking, it is quite normal for the heart to lose power with increasing age. As a result of this gradual loss of heart muscle strength, our energy levels decrease, and we are no longer as able-bodied as we used to be. The good news is that with the discovery of coenzyme Q10, we can actually reverse the process to some extent. By taking daily supplements of coenzyme Q10, you can boost the energy turnover in all cells, not just those in the heart muscle. Healthier and stronger Originally discovered by American scientists more than 60 years ago, coenzyme Q10 has been subject to massive exploration. It has been known all along that it plays an important role in heart health, but it was not until the results of the Q-Symbio study of heart failure patients was published, that science fully understood how powerful this compound really is. It actually saves lives.

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Rejuvenating the body What makes it so interesting is that it is essential to all humans. We cannot survive without coenzyme Q10. The body can synthesise it, and we get a certain amount from the food we eat. Our endogenous Q10 production peaks in our early 20s, gradually decreasing from that point onward. Diseases like heart failure put an even larger dent in cellular levels of the compound. Now, with help from supplements, we can compensate for this loss, regardless of whether it is the age-related loss of coenzyme Q10 or a more severe loss caused by disease. It may not be the fountain of youth as such, but is certainly gives people the opportunity to restore some of the energy and strength they have lost as part of growing older.

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WIN! €300 hotel break & Eskimo-3 hamper when you nominate your favourite store for the Pat Curran Award for Excellence in Customer Service


at Curran was a real hero of the Irish natural health world and many were truly saddened at his passing in 2014. Pat, along with his wife Phil set up PPC Ltd, which distributes the well-known Irish brand Eskimo-3 omega-3 oils, over 20 years ago and was well liked by customers and colleagues alike. Pat was incredibly passionate about customer service and treating people with respect. He had that personal touch and always remembered to enquire about a birthday, a son/daughter away at college or a sick relative. He was a man of integrity, kindness and generosity who always put the needs of others before his own. In order to celebrate Pat’s life and acknowledge the rich legacy he has left behind, PPC and Pat’s family – wife Phil, daughters Olive and Hazel and son-in-law Michael – have launched the Pat Curran Award for Excellence in Customer Service. When you register your vote, you will be entered into a draw to win a €300 hotel break gift card from along with a big hamper full of Eskimo-3 goodies. There will be 3 runner-up prizes of Eskimo-3 Hampers. Winners may choose either children’s or adults’ products. Vote for your Favourite Health Store Staff Member The member of staff who is the overall winner will receive a €500 cash prize and their store will also receive €500 which they can give to a charity of their choice. The objective of this worthwhile award is to celebrate excellence in independent health food shops throughout Ireland.

Getting voting! Log onto and follow the instructions on how to vote. You will need to nominate a store and staff member and give them marks for product portfolio, their knowledge, how friendly and helpful they are, whether they give great advice, their store layout and grade them for innovation. Closing date August 27th 2018.


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5 features that identify an effective Q10 preparation

Scientifically documented effect

A cheap Q10 preparation may turn out to be expensive, if it has no effect. You will have wasted your money. However, if the effect can be documented with scientific research that is published in an esteemed science journal, you are guaranteed an effective and safe product.

Same quality as a medical drug Nutritional supplements are manufactured in compliance with food regulations. Contrary to medical drugs, supplements are not requested to document their effect. If a Q10 preparation is manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical standards, the raw materials and manufacturing process are carefully monitored. Everything must be documented, just as it is the case with medicine.

Data to show absorption after ingestion of the product

Absorption AUC(%) compared to that for BioActive Q10 Gold


mg/Liter x Hours (%)


1 BioActive Q10 Gold






3 other Q10 products

natural energy source that can be used by anyone. studies Q10Q10 is isaanatural energy source that can However, be used show that elderly people, high-intensity athletes and heart patients can benefit by anyone. studies show that elderly from a higherHowever, intake of this nutrient than the average population. people, high-intensity athletes and heart patients can benefit from a higher intake of this nutrient than the average population.

Free from unabsorbable Q10 crystals Many Q10 preparations contain insoluble and unabsorbable Q10 crystals in oil. Such crystals can only dissolve when exposed to temperatures that are way above our body temperature. Pharma Nord has taken out a patent on a method that converts the crystals into “snowflakes” that dissolve rapidly at body temperature in the stomach. This guarantees effective absorption.

BioActive Q10 Gold from Pharma Nord is a safe choice. The preparation has been used in over 100 scientific studies, 25 of which are double-blind and placebo-controlled. It contains patented Q10 “snowflakes”, which the body absorbs fast. All manufacturing takes place at Pharma Nord’s pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and is controlled by the Danish food and pharmaceutical authorities.

Pharmaceutical grade Q10 raw material When manufacturing Q10 preparations by medical standards, it requires the use of a pharmaceutical grade Q10 raw material. This guarantees that the raw material has an adequately high and uniform quality and is devoid of impurities.


In order for a Q10 product to work, the body must be able to absorb the active compound upon ingestion. Documentation must therefore be available to show the blood content of Q10 before and after ingestion of the product.

Sign up to our newsletter and check out our product range at To contact us please call 01 899 1650 or email PG32-35 SHOW DPS.indd 35

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Wonder woman A woman’s body goes through many stages in life and faces varied health issues– Rude Health magazine looks at how best to cope with each age in your life

TEENS AND 20s “Many young women live fast in their 20s, with busy study, work and social lives,” says Elaine Melican, nutritional therapist and manager at Open Sesame in Ennis, co Clare. “So it’s no surprise that lower energy, immunity and mood are a common complaint. Hormonal issues such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) have also started to become more common.” For Emer Bourke at The Natural Way in Clarinbridge, co Galway, “PMT, PCOS, skin, hair and nails, and weight loss are the big issues for this age group.” “Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, as well as acne and other skin issues are common in young women,” says Naomi Osun, nutritional advisor at OptiBac probiotics. “With increased self-consciousness during adolescence these issues can be quite disheartening. In addition to having a healthy diet, looking after gut health is important, and probiotic supplements have been shown to be quite helpful with many health issues. Look for products that contain strains that have been researched for your specific health issue.”

Health hacks in your 20s n Agnus castus – for breakout skin and haywire hormones n Magnesium – for cramping and a healthy immune system n Vitamin B6 and omega 3, 6 and 9 – for PMS n Omega fish oils, L-theanine and rhodiola – to help concentration and energy levels during exam time n Milk thistle – to give the liver a helping hand 36

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30s “In her 30s a woman’s priories change, weekends are no longer about big nights out and there are new sources of stress, such as work, getting on the property ladder and starting a family,” says Elaine Melican. “Fertility issues become more apparent in our 30s.” “Fertility concerns, endometriosis, post-partum depression and general reproductive health issues can be an issue in this age group,” says Naomi Osun. “These health problems can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and depression for women. Probiotic strains such as Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell-52 and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07 can help digestive health issues, like bloating and IBS.”

Health hacks in your 30s n A good fertility support which includes high dose fish oil, and a range of minerals and vitamins to support fertility n Add superfoods such as Irish seaweed and spirulina to both partners’ diets n Acupuncture can help with conception n A multivitamin with folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids, the essential building blocks for the development and growth of the baby’s brain cells

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40s “With work and family commitments, a lady in her 40s can often forget about her own health, and ongoing low-level stress can have a negative effect on her health,” says Elaine Melican. “Many digestive or hormonal issues can be linked to stress, and while many of us look to reduce the obvious symptoms we would be much better off dealing with the root cause.” “Women tend to be the caretakers of others’ emotional and physical needs and frequently neglect their own,” says Emer Bourke. “Take care of yourself first and foremost so you can continue to care for the ones you love. Managing stress levels through better self-care is critical, especially through the 40s and 50s when women are frequently squeezed between meeting the needs of children and caring for older parents as well as running a home and working outside out of it.” “Certain strains of bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus Rosell -52 and Bifidobacterium longum Rosell-71 have been shown to help improve mood and anxiety by helping to increase the levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin,” says Naomi Osun.

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Health hacks in your 40s n Vitamin B complex with high B6, a magnesium supplement, good quality essential fatty acids and agnus castus tincture – for PMS n Siberian ginseng – for energy n Melissa Dream – if you are having trouble sleeping n A multivitamin – if burning the candle at both ends n Vitamin B12 – for energy n Omega 3 fatty acids – help regulate hormones, lubricate joints and keep the brain strong

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60s plus

50s “A time of change, menopause takes over for many women in their 50s,” says Elaine Melican. “There are a wide range of symptoms and it affects every woman differently. Unfortunately there are also other areas of the body that give us difficulty as we age including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor bone and joint health.” “Stress, family health, thyroid issues, bone health, sleep, anxiety and weight gain are the main issues for women in their 50s,” says Emer Bourke. “The menopause can cause digestive health issues such as bloating, depression and anxiety, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other intimate health issues,” says Naomi Osun. “The decline in oestrogen can also have a direct effect on bone health as bone density decreases during and after menopause. It’s important to stay active and exercise as often as possible as this can help improve bone health. Exercising and staying active can also help reduce the risk of developing heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer.”

Health hacks in your 50s n Sage and vitamin E – for hot flashes and sweating n A herbal support – to balance hormones is important at this stage in life n Herbal teas such as lemon balm – to relax the overburdened mind and body n Regular exercise – to keep the heart healthy


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“As she enters her golden years a woman may not show her years on the outside, but what is going on in the body can be a different story,” says Elaine Melican. “Health concerns for women of this age are high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and degenerative diseases may have progressed, leading to arthritis or osteoporosis.” “Joint health, memory issues and sleep disorders are common complaints in this age group,” says Emer Bourke. “A healthy and varied diet should provide the nutrients needed for healthy body function,” says Naomi Osun. “So increase your intake of foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and oily fish and reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet. High fat and sugar diets can be detrimental for the health, so try reducing these as well.”

Health hacks in your 60s n Turmeric - useful for inflamed joints n Amino acids such as arginine and CoQ10 – for heart health n A joint support complex – to keep your bones strong n Lecithin – to keep bad cholesterol in check n A diet rich in fish oil – to lubricate joints and keep the brain strong n Keep moving – daily exercise is good for your heart

Lifestyle tips for any age Mediation, yoga, massage, going for a walk – whatever you enjoy doing to clear your head and reduce your stress. n Weight bearing exercise – such as kettle bells can be beneficial for good bone health and flexibility in our later years n Balance your blood sugar levels – to help reduce weight, increase energy levels, balance hormones and protect many of the body’s major organs n Eat little and often, reduce refined carbohydrates, increase protein and reduce caffeine n Plenty of water, good fibre such as flaxseed or psyllium husks, and probiotic foods such as kefir or kombucha – to help optimise the bowels By Elaine Melican, nutritional therapist and manager at Open Sesame in Ennis

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Herbal help for female health Hormones play a massive part throughout women’s lives, with both PMS and menopause leading to health issues that can be alleviated with some herbal help PMS

PMS is a combination of around 150 recognised symptoms experienced in the run up to a menstrual period, including: n Irritability n Mood swings n Breast tenderness n Bloating n Menstrual cramps Some women feel like they have had a week ‘stolen’ from them each month due to the symptoms of PMS. One thing’s for sure – your period shouldn’t be causing you this much grief. The good news is that almost anything you do to improve your diet, lifestyle or general health will impact favourably on your PMS. Try our top tips for PMS: n Reduce your intake of caffeine and/or refined sugar n Try to do a little more exercise n Replace highly processed or ‘fast’ foods with healthier alternatives and lots of fruit and veg n Many women who are experiencing some of the most common symptoms of PMS choose to take A.Vogel Agnus castus oral drops, a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of minor symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, exclusively based on long-standing use. *Always read the leaflet


On the other hand, if it’s the menopause causing hormonal havoc, try these tips: n Stress, for some women is a prevalent and troubling symptom throughout the menopause and can have a detrimental impact upon their everyday lives. Take

some time out for yourself to do the things you like to do and to relax. Practice breathing techniques, or take up yoga or another gentle, meditative exercise that promotes deep relaxation. n Eat your evening meal as early as possible and make it light – have a bigger lunch to compensate. Avoid caffeine after lunch and alcohol in the evening, and steer clear of salty or sugary snacks before bed. These are all triggers for hotter, sweatier nights. n For the famous, but socially embarrassing and uncomfortable hot flushes and night sweats, why not try A.Vogel Menoforce Sage tablets? Menoforce is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of menopausal hot flushes and excessive perspiration exclusively based on long-standing use. Made using extracts of fresh, organically grown sage, Menoforce comes in a convenient once a day dosage, and can be used by women who are on HRT. Always read the leaflet. Agnus castus oral drops 50ml €10.99 Menoforce Sage Tablets 30 tabs €16.25, 90 tabs €41.99

Both are available from health stores nationwide. For further information, call 1890 930 070 or visit *Don’t take Agnus castus if you are on hormonal contraceptives or other hormonal medication or are pregnant or breast-feeding. If you are being treated for any condition of the endocrine system, you should consult your GP or specialist before using any herbal remedies.

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Dealing with

diabetes If you’re at risk of developing diabetes there are steps you can take to protect yourself


iabetes – we are all tested for it, especially as we get older. But how can we ensure we take every step to prevent it and give ourselves the best chance of a healthy life as we age? “We are often asked about specific foods, their sugar levels and so on by customers who generally know what they should and should not be eating,” says Sian Morgan/Eustace from health store Healing Harvest in Kinvara, Co Galway. “Sometimes friends or relatives of someone with diabetes will come into the shop looking for help with recipe ideas. People are becoming more aware of factors increasing the risk of developing diabetes, such as familial tendencies and increased fat around the middle of the body. So we tend to see customers who are showing slightly elevated blood sugar and have other risk factors, or if they have been diagnosed as having prediabetes.”

Health store help “In the case of type 1 diabetes, the client would certainly be on insulin and this would limit suggestions that we can make in a health store,” says Sian Morgan. “However, in the case of type 2 diabetes, I would advise the customer to do a lot of research, particularly around diets which limit carbohydrates in refined and unrefined forms. I would also suggest that, should the customer decide to make changes to their diet, they should contact a nutritional therapist to help them devise and stick to a new way of eating.” “Usually the most important thing is


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to effect dietary changes,” says John Halpin at The Health Store in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. “Most people know that they have a diet that is too high in sugary or processed foods.”

Making changes “Some research has shown that low calorie diets can be helpful, but the reality seems to be that people find them hard to stick to as they are always hungry,” says Sian Morgan. “A low carbohydrate diet can help reduce blood sugar levels – because you can eat plenty of good quality fats and proteins you feel full and are less likely to give up, particularly when you start seeing good results in blood tests too. As well as reducing carbs, the baseline is always to revert to a whole food diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, good fats, good quality proteins and any carbohydrate that is taken in a wholegrain form such as wholegrain pasta, wholemeal bread and brown rice.” “Cutting out sweets, soft drinks, convenience foods and ready-made meals, which often have added sugar, and replacing with wholegrain options such as porridge oats for sugary breakfast cereals, fresh vegetables for dinner rather than something out of a packet will make a difference,” says John Halpin. “Some protein with each meal can also help stabilise blood sugar levels.”

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A little extra help “Supplements that can be used to help stabilise blood sugar levels,” says John Halpin, “include chromium, cinnamon and alpha lipoic acid.” Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) – an antioxidant that protects against cell damage caused by free radicals. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also known to improve the efficiency of insulin, which will help with lowering blood sugar levels. ALA is found in liver, spinach, broccoli, and potatoes. Chromium – a metal and an essential trace mineral, chromium is thought to help reduce blood sugar levels and can lead to improved glucose tolerance. You can find sources in meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, spices and whole-wheat and rye breads. Cinnamon – when taken unsweetened in the diet, for example on porridge or in coffee. It can improve blood sugar levels in some people. Supplements come in capsule form. Magnesium – a metal that is essential for healthy bones, muscle function and normal blood pressure. Low levels of magnesium in the body is linked to greater insulin insensitivity. Good food sources of magnesium include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, halibut, tuna, spinach and oats. Omega-3 fatty acids – promote healthier gut bacteria which in turn reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Look for foods such as fish, some vegetable oils (canola and soybean) walnuts, and wheat germ. Omega-3 supplements are available as capsules or oils. All material on this page is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction.

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Health store help

Looking for advice on natural wellbeing? Your local independent health stores can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This issue we speak to Liz O’Byrne, a nutritional therapist who works with the Aloe Tree in Ennistymon and holds clinics in Ennistymon and Lahinch, Co Clare

Independent health store advice on brain health and dementia prevention


ementia is an umbrella term given to different diseases that affect the various parts of the brain which are normally used for learning, memory and language. A healthy lifestyle reduces risk – diet, exercise and stress management play huge roles here. Researchers predict that Alzheimers will affect 106 million people by 2050. The societal impacts and how people’s lives are affected is of huge concern. Alzheimer’s is one disease that comes under the umbrella term dementia. Research has shown that to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s we should focus on controlling insulin and blood sugar levels. Genetic predisposition can also be a risk factor as can elevated homocysteine levels. To keep blood sugars balanced, we need to eat according to a set of guidelines: Follow a low GL diet, eating foods that have a low glycaemic load – a measure of how much it raises blood sugar levels. Eat regularly to maintain balanced blood sugar. Eat within one hour of waking and every three to four hours (three main meals and only snack if necessary). Combine a good quality source of protein with each meal/snack as protein can lessen the effect of sugar/carbohydrate on blood sugars. Fibre has a similar effect. Eating a wholefood carbohydrate along with some protein is ideal. Think a piece of whole fruit (carbohydrate with fibre), a small


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VITAMIN C CONTRIBUTES TO: Normal function of the immune system Normal collagen formation Normal function of the nervous system Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

FEEL THE POWER OF ALTRIENT VITAMIN C *2014 double-blind placebo controlled study Princeton Consumer Research Ltd. UK

Distributed by: Made by LivOn Labs, leaders in liposomals


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rude | expert advice

Store Profile Low GL foods n Porridge, muesli n Pasta, barley, bulgar wheat n Sweet potato, butter beans, peas, lentils n Fruit, non-starchy vegetables and carrots Medium GL foods n Wholewheat, rye and pitta bread n Quick oats n Brown, wild or basmati rice, couscous High GL food n White bread or bagels n Corn flakes, bran flakes n Shortgrain white rice, rice pasta n Rice cakes, popcorn, crackers handful of nuts (protein) or an oatcake (wholegrain carbohydrate) and some hummus (protein). Avoid sugar, juices and dried fruits. Instead eat the whole fruit as fibre lessens the effects of the naturally-occurring sugar in the fruit. Consider incorporating intermittent fasting into your life as this allows blood sugars to come right down and gives the pancreas a rest, so that it doesn’t need to pump out insulin. For example, having your last meal at 6pm and breakfast the following day at 8am is a 14-hour fast. Eating plenty of healthy fat is also essential. Think oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds and ghee. If you don’t eat two portions of oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring) per week, consider supplementing with a good quality fish oil. The other supplement that is essential for brain health is vitamin D. Recommended daily dose is 400ui for an adult. The relationship between the gut and brain is well documented. Taking probiotics after illnesses or after taking a course of antibiotics is vital. If you have digestive issues, take steps to resolve them. Get help from an appropriate practitioner if necessary. Plenty of studies have shown that regular exercise can help prevent and even slow down the progression of brain diseases like dementia. Ongoing/chronic stress can be detrimental to health, especially brain health. Stress management techniques need to be incorporated into the daily lives of adults and children to help prevent diseases of the brain and many other chronic conditions. If you suspect that you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of dementia seek help from your GP. Symptoms include memory loss, changes in behaviour or mood, language problems and disorientation. The HSE has a dedicated website


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Who’s who and what’s what at

The Aloe Tree

The Aloe Tree on Ennistymon’s main street opened its doors in August 2014 and is run by owner-manager Tessa O’Connor. “In August 2017 we moved to a bigger premises nearer to the square in Ennistymon, so we have a better location now. Our new building has tall arched windows and stone walls inside, so there is plenty of character. We had fun renovating it working with the character and using lots of found materials. My three-year old son and I found rusty buckets in the ditch by our house and turned them into lampshades! It used to be a restaurant, so there is a full working kitchen which is great and we’re excited to expand into using soon. “We offer a zero-waste policy option and our other pride is on supporting local businesses. We like to stock interesting ingredients that you can’t find elsewhere such as middle eastern spices. We sell lots of foods loose including coffee beans and dried goods like lentils and oats, as well as a whole range of shampoos, conditioners and laundry detergents. It’s satisfying to see customers bring in their own containers such as bags, jars or bottles and leave using no packaging at all – which is great. Our scoop and weigh is really popular. “We would be more of a foodie than a supplementy store – we choose the specific suppplements in the top ranges that customers have requested or we have recommended rather than just stocking a complete range. Everything is based on customer feedback. If a customers asks for something we will stock it. Our customers come from all walks of life and we try hard to cater for everyone. “In the Ennistymon area there are lots of local producers and we would stock local skincare ranges, soaps, seaweed bath, chocolate, teas and honey. We have organic vegetables delivered twice a week, raw milk once a week and sourdough bread twice a week. Freshly made raw and vegan desserts are available every day, which people like with their coffee. “Our fridge holds vegan options such as cheeses and spreads, our chilled section has salads and greens and the freezer has ready meals. One thing we’re proud of is our kombucha on tap – we nitro infuse it so it comes out with a head and looks like you are drinking a pint of beer! Cold brew nitro coffee is also in the pipeline. My partner Hein built a seating area from found materials which is really popular and customers can sit at one big communal table. A customer favourite is the immune-boosting ‘hot ginger latte’ – fresh juiced ginger with steamed oat milk. A dirty ginger latte has a shot of coffee added. “We held a few pop-up restaurant nights last year and plan to do some more. Local musicians like to play in the corner beside the big windows and twice a year we like to throw a tasting party where we bring in all of our local suppliers – it can be great fun. What is it they say? love where you work and you never work a day in your life.”

VISIT: The Aloe Tree, Main Street, Ennistymon, Co Clare SPEAK TO: Owner-manager Tessa O’Connor and staff Poppy Wilson, nutritional therapist; Jenny Keane, nutritional therapist; Jenny Quinlan, studying flower essences; Nadine Healy, studying herbalism.

20/04/2018 12:33



a h w fr

fo p

p jo


G p

G to a M 1 d 5

Are sore joints holding you back? Flexible is possible with ZinCuFlex!

Whether you are a professional

months caused a decrease in

just venturing to complete your

to the group given a placebo. Altman et al (2001) found that among 247 patients with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee with moderate to-severe pain, those taking ginger extract for six

and joint pain in the 12- to 48hour time frame after a vigorous workout can serve as a major frustration. ®

is a new health food

for joint health. Combining the power of Ginger, Curcumin and ® may help to protect joints and help maintain joint mobility.

reduction in knee pain on standing, compared with those taking a placebo. The Power of Curcumin Curcumin is the active component of the yellow spice turmeric, with numerous health

BACK RUNNING AND FEELING GREAT “I’ve been using ZinCuFlex for the last 2 years. Being an avid runner, I was disappointed when I was told to stop running in order to mind my joints. A friend recommended that I try ZinCuFlex. I was so impressed. It works… you running again and I feel great. I would happily recommend ZinCuFlex to anyone with joint problems, knee issues or sports injuries.” Alison Murphy, Dublin

Ginger – a Spice renowned for Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) are well known Ginger is an extract which helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness. The Mozaffari et al. (2016) study on 120 patients with osteoarthritis, demonstrated that use of 500mg ginger a day for three

FEATURES A unique combination of Ginger, Curcumin

65x better absorption compared to ordinary curcumin, making it more bioavailable and therefore more effective.

Curcumin is the active

Positive Feedback: We regularly get feedback that people are back enjoying their hobbies again, due to while taking ZinCuFlex. Galway native Carol Fahy had a great experience.. “Having spent weeks with bad joint swelling and at times unable to open my hands, I tried ZinCuFlex. Within a couple of weeks, the stiffness had reduced. joint mobility had improved and I was able to get back living again, enjoying my hobbies gardening and knitting.”

help protect joints and maintain joint mobility. Ginger may help reduce

Highly bioavailable so that greater levels of active curcumin can be released to support joint, brain and immune health.

The positive feedback we have been receiving from customers is backed up by research as a study of 200 ZinCuFlex users in Denmark found that 90% reported

the body. Curcumin contributes to joint health as curcumin helps to protect joints and helps to

in joint mobility, with many feeling the difference within 14 days.

While curcumin offers great

Whatever your Passion… Get Moving with ZinCuFlex!

a patented process “NPT501TM” that combines curcumin with

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Exam Stress? From the purest of the seas, the purest Omega-3!

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“Winning th e Award in bo Rude Health th 2016 & 2017, is a testam ent to the quality and proves that Eskim o Brain 3.6.9 is love d and trus ted by health stor es and consumers alike.”

Find out more

Winner: Rude Health Magazine “Tried & Tested” Award in 2017.


Available in health food stores, pharmacies and online.

PG42-45 HELP2.indd 33

20/04/2018 12:33

rude | food

Form and function

Just what are functional foods, how can they promote health and how can we ensure we eat enough of them?


ot all of us will know what functional foods are, but any food that has added probiotics, plant stanols or sterols, omega-3 fatty acids or folic acids are considered functional foods. These may be spreads, bread, milk, breakfast cereals or eggs. “The International Life Sciences Institute defines functional foods as ‘foods that, by virtue of the presence of physiologically-active components, provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition’,” says nutritional therapist Sinéad Dundon of The Tummy Tamer. “Functional foods are regarded as high in benefits for human health.” “The big plus of functional foods lies in their extra range of nutrients, phytochemicals, fatty acids, useful bacteria and so on which gives added value and makes them even more desirable than eating them for their taste alone,” says Jill Bell of health store Well and Good in Midleton, co Cork. “Take oats as an example. You can buy any number of breakfast cereals dosed with sugar and salt and labelled as having added vitamins. These are fortified foods, but they are not naturally functional. Compare these with oats – high in soluble fibre which is good for the bowel, rich in beta glucan which can help reduce LDL cholesterol, and because they are slow


to digest they make us feel fuller for longer and can help reduce blood sugar levels. They are also naturally high in B vitamins as well as iron, magnesium and other minerals, and they also taste good in muesli or as porridge, and don’t cost the earth.”

How do functional foods differ from superfoods? “There is some debate about the label ‘superfoods’,” says Jill Bell. “That term is often just a marketing label applied to foods which aren’t a basic part of our diets, which have useful health 46

rude health magazine

PG46-49 FOOD.indd 46

properties, but tend to be imported from faraway places with the added cost of air miles. Personally I would definitely class oats as a superfood in its true meaning, along with apple cider vinegar, kale, avocadoes, lentils, walnuts, green tea, kefir, sprouted wheat flour and a myriad of other foods available in health food shops.” “Functional foods can overlap with superfoods as certain foods can be powerhouses of complex nutrients,” says Sinéad Dundon. “Superfoods can contain high levels of phytochemicals from plants traditionally known for their

20/04/2018 12:34

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@jasonnaturalcare 20/04/2018 12:34

rude | food

disease-fighting properties. Functional foods can be modified or fortified artificially as there are few guidelines regulating the area. Some yogurt-based drinks are functional foods for lowering cholesterol levels, but they don’t have the extra benefits provided by kefir.”

Popular everyday functional foods “I see functional foods as being part of the regular diet of anyone who cooks from fresh and avoids processed and sugary foods, so it doesn’t need to be a special effort,” says Jill Bell. “Cacao is a good example, with its high antioxidant content and great flavour. A more recent addition is ready-made bone broth which is popular for its laboursaving properties. Different forms of sauerkraut and kimchi, kombucha and kefir, rich in readily absorbed bacteria for gut health, have become very popular. Fermented foods will continue to be a mainstay in our chillers. Another fermented product which is a true golden oldie is raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar. Its alkalising and antibacterial properties can help with digestive issues, sore throats, skin problems and more.”

Foods with function “I have a number of favourite functional foods,” says Sinéad Dundon. “Sea vegetables such as kelp, nori, carrageen and dilisk provide iodine, B12 and calcium in concentrated quantities. Activated nuts and seeds are good because soaking foods removes phytic acid which blocks digestion and tricks the seeds and nuts into starting to germinate and grow. This newly developing plant form provides bio-available nutrients as they are unlocked from the seed. Kefir made using raw unpasteurised cows or goats milk or almond and rice milk or even water; can transform the raw ingredients into a drink with huge probiotic benefits. Kombucha has been used for hundreds of years with many health claims. Chocolate with a high cocoa content has huge health and wellbeing benefits far beyond its nutritional profile.”


rude health magazine

PG46-49 FOOD.indd 48

TOP 10 FUNCTIONAL FOODS 1. Apple cider vinegar – has alkalising and antibacterial properties. 2. Fatty fish – salmon, tuna, trout – contain omega-3 fatty acids which work to reduce coronary heart disease. 3. Green tea – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties due to polyphenol content. 4. Kefir – in drink form, good for stimulating the immune system and lowering cholesterol. 5. Leafy green vegetables – such as kale, spinach, broccoli. Packed with phytochemicals such as carotenoids. 6. Live native bacteria, or probiotics – often found in yogurts. Support gastrointestinal health and may boost immunity. 7. Nuts – contain monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. May reduce the risk of heart disease. 8. Oats – in porridge, granola, oat bread. Help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. 9. Omega-3 eggs – hens given feed containing omega-3. Help lower cholesterol. 10. Tomatoes – and tomato products. Antioxidants in tomatoes make them great for reducing cholesterol and inflammation and improving digestion.

20/04/2018 12:34

Celebration Cake! 2¾ cup almond milk, unsweetened 1½2 tsp apple cider vinegar ¾ cup true cacao powder 1 cup plain gluten free flour ¾ tsp baking soda 1½2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp sea salt 3 eggs (at room temperature) ¾ cup true coconut palm sugar 4½2 tbsp true coconut oil, melted ¾ tsp vanilla extract 1½2 cup true smooth almond butter For the icing: 4 ripe avocados 4 tbsp maple syrup or runny honey ¾ cup true cacao powder

Method: 1. Preheat oven to 180°C / 350°F / Gas mark 4. 2. Grease and line four 8” round cake tins. 3. In a small bowl combine the almond milk and vinegar. Allow to stand for a few minutes. 4. In a medium bowl, whisk together the cocoa powder, flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and coconut palm sugar. 5. Make a well in the dry ingredients. Add the eggs, vanilla extract, coconut oil and milk/vinegar mixture. Whisk together until fully incorporated. 6. Divide the batter between the 4 cake tins, smoothing it with a spatula. 7. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until a toothpick comes out of the cake mixture clean. 8. Cool the cakes in the tins for 10 minutes before removing them to a wire rack and allowing them to fully cool. 9. To make the icing, place the peeled and cored avocados, cacao powder and maple syrup in a food processor. Blitz until the mixture is smooth and all the ingredients are well blended.

10. To assemble the cake, place the first layer on the serving plate, flat side up. Spread a layer of the chocolate icing on top of the first layer, followed by a layer of smooth almond butter. Continue this until the layers are completed. 11. Ice the top of the layered cake (and sides if you wish) with the remaining icing. 12. Decorate with fresh fruit and chocolate shards. 13. Enjoy!

Proudly celebrating ten years of distribution to independent health stores throughout Ireland. fl

AVA RE O ILABL T S LTH E AT YO UR LOCAL INDEPENDENT HEA For more info on these and other great products, visit

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rude | recipes

Vegan delights Cooking up a vegan feast doesn’t have to be difficult – just check out these delicious recipes The Mexican

n Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Makes 4 burgers For the burger 200g chickpeas 90g red kidney beans 80g black beans 200g sweetcorn 2 spring onions (scallions), finely chopped 1 small red chilli, finely chopped handful of coriander (cilantro) 1tbsp chipotle paste 5tbsp buckwheat flour zest and juice of ½ lime 1tbsp Cajun spice 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil a little coconut oil for frying For the tomato salsa 2 ripe tomatoes, finely sliced handful of fresh coriander (cilantro) ½ red onion, sliced into fine rings 1 fresh jalapeno chilli, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, crushed juice of 1 lime To serve gluten-free buns gluten-free nachos

n To make the burgers, simply add all the ingredients to a blender. Pulse until the mixture starts to combine. n You may have to scrape down the sides of the blender a couple of times but don’t over-blend the mix or it will turn into a paste. Keep some texture in those burgers! n Once blended, form the mixture into 4 burger patties with your hands. I find it easier to divide it into 4 evenly sized balls, then press and shape them into a burger shape on the work surface. Place the burgers onto the baking tray. n Preheat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and add a little coconut oil. Fry the burgers, a couple at a time, until golden on each side (for approximately 2 minutes per side). Place the burgers back on the tray, then straight into the oven to cook through for 12 minutes. n Meanwhile, prepare the tomato salsa (mix all the ingredients together in a bowl) and the burger garnishes. n Once the burgers are out of the oven, stack up your Mexican burger with a dollop of salsa and some nacho crisps. Recipe courtesy of Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley, Quadrille

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Available in all good health stores, or visit 50

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rude | recipes

Apple tart with almond crust Serves 8 250g ground almonds ¼tsp bicarbonate of soda 3-4tbsp brown rice syrup 3-4tbsp almond butter 4-5 medium red organic apples, cored and thinly sliced 1tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp coconut sugar n Preheat the oven to 170°C. n In a large bowl, mix the ground almonds, bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of salt. Add 3tbsp rice syrup and 3tbsp almond butter and mix together with a fork (or pulse in a food processor) until it looks clumpy but comes together when squeezed. If it’s too dry, add another tablespoon each of rice syrup and almond butter. n Press the mixture into a lined 22cm tart tin with a removable base, ensuring it is distributed evenly. The crust will be firmer if it is well pressed. n In a large bowl, mix the apple slices with the cinnamon and coconut sugar, being careful not to break the slices. To make the apple rose, arrange the slices in the tart base from the outside in, overlapping the slices in a spiral, packing them tightly. n Place the tart in the oven and bake for 40–45 minutes until golden brown. Leave to cool and serve. Recipe taken from Vegan in 7 by Rita Serano. Published by Kyle Books. Photography by Laura Edwards.


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rude | recipes

A.Vogel Recipe

Coconut stew, rice and peas with fried plantain Serves 5 1tbsp coconut oil 2 red onions, cut into chunks 3-cm piece of fresh ginger, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped 3tsp jerk seasoning pinch sea salt and pepper 1 medium butternut squash, peeled and cubed 2 Maris Piper potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 medium aubergine, cubed 1 courgette, cubed 1 red pepper, cubed 1 x 400ml can coconut milk 295ml vegetable stock 2tbsp tomato puree juice of ½ lime 165g canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed 75g toasted cashew nuts handful of spinach 100g peeled and cubed mango For the rice and peas 1 x 400g can kidney beans, liquid reserved 1 x 400ml can coconut milk 400ml vegetable stock 3tbsp fresh thyme leaves pinch sea salt and black pepper 450g long grain rice, rinsed For the fried plantain 2 medium plantains, peeled and cut into 1cm discs 2tbsp coconut oil


rude health magazine


n First make the curry: heat a large, lidded saucepan over a low heat and add the coconut oil. Once the pan is hot, add the onion, ginger, garlic and chilli. Sweat for a couple of minutes while stirring. Add the jerk seasoning and a pinch of salt and pepper, and cook for 2 minutes more. n Now add the squash, potatoes, aubergine, courgette and pepper, and saute for 4-5 minutes until the vegetables have softened slightly. n Pour in the coconut milk, stock, tomato puree and lime. Pop the lid on and simmer for 15–20 minutes, stirring every now and then. n While the stew is cooking, prepare the rice and peas. Pour the contents of the can of beans into a medium saucepan with the coconut milk and stock. Add the thyme and seasoning. Bring to the boil, then stir in the rice. Allow to boil for a couple of minutes before popping the lid on, turning the heat down and leaving it to simmer for 15 minutes, or until the rice has absorbed all the liquid and is fluffy. n After the stew has simmered for 15 minutes, check the squash and potatoes are cooked. If not, continue to cook for a few more minutes. When they are cooked, stir in the chickpeas, toasted cashews, spinach and mango. Simmer for 3 more minutes then turn off the heat. n Just before you’re ready to serve, fry the plantain. Melt the coconut oil in a large, non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Fry the plantain slices on both sides, until they’re caramelised and golden. Serve plenty of rice and peas, stew and plantain in large bowls, with a wedge of lime and fresh coriander sprinkled on top. Recipe courtesy of Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley, Quadrille

Spicy Lentil and Watercress Soup Ingredients

n 50g red split lentils n ½ small onion, diced n 1 small carrot, roughly chopped n Organic vegetable bouillon made up to make 500ml of stock n 1 bay leaf n ½ tsp of mild curry powder n ¼ tsp of dried thyme n 50g just chopped watercress n Herbamare and some freshly ground black pepper to season Method 1. Combine the lentils, onion, carrot, stock, bay leaf, curry powder and thyme in a pan, bring to the boil, then simmer for 30 minutes. 2. Remove the bay leaf, add 2/3 of the chopped watercress and blend. 3. Top with the remaining watercress, serve and enjoy. Fancy some more easy to make, tasty recipes? Join the Biotta 7 Day Juice Boost; a free feel-good, nutritiously complete plan.

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More than 80 years of experience, for a future worth living - from the beginning

Baby food in precious Demeter or organic quality

For a balanced diet

Strict organic guidelines Important note: Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for your baby. If you want to use infant formula, please ask your paediatrician, nutritional and breastfeeding counsellor or hospital healthcare experts for advice.

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Find your local

HEALTH STORE Rude Health is the official magazine of the Irish Association of Health Stores, the professional trade association representing most health stores in the Republic of Ireland. To find your local store see our listings below Carlow Alive and Well Health Store Unit 17, Carlow Shopping Centre Kennedy Avenue, Carlow Tel: (059) 913 1008 Email:

Cavan Back To Nature Upper Main Street, Cavan Town Tel: 0494361019 Email: Nice and Natural 47 Market St, Cootehill Tel: 049 5552190 Email:


Horans Healthstore Lr Cork St, Mitchelstown Tel: 025 86868 Email: Horans Healthstore Patrick St, Fermoy Tel: 025 42938 Email: Hudsons Wholefoods Main Street, Ballydehob Tel: 028 37565 Email: Loop De Loop Bank Place, Castletownbere Tel: 027 70770 Email:

The Aloe Tree Main St, Ennistymon Tel: 065-7071837 Email:

Natural Choice Paul Street Shopping Centre, Paul Street, Cork Tel: (021) 4251714 Email:

Carmel’s Health Store 10 Francis St, Ennis Tel: 065 6892649 Email:

Organico 2 Glengarriff Road, Bantry Tel: 027 51391 Email:

Open Sesame 29 Parnell St, Ennis Tel: 065 6821480 Email:

Cork An Tobairín 79 South Main St, Bandon Tel: 023-8852985 Email: For Goodness Sake Main St, Dunmanway Tel: 023 8855671 Email: For Goodness Sake North Street, Skibbereen Tel: 023 8855671 Email:


Health Matters 8 Grafton St, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6710166 Email:

Nourish 95 Sandymount Road, Dublin 4 Tel: (01) 5476 741 Email:

Quay Co-Op 24 Sullivan’s Quay, Cork Tel: 021 317753 Email:

Health Matters Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin Cross, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 4550323 Email:

Restore 67 Camden St, Dublin 2 Tel: (01) 4959847 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Ballincollig Tel: 021 4875033 Email:

Health Nutz The Mill Shopping Centre, Clondalkin Tel: 01 4570303 Email:

Quay Co-Op Main St, Carrigaline Tel: 021 4317026 Email:

Nature’s Gold Avoca, Rathcoole Tel: 01 4580882 Email:

The Olive Branch Spillers Lane, Clonakilty Tel: 023 8835711 Email:

Nourish 16 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6703223 Email:

Well and Good Broderick Street, Midleton Tel: 021 4633499 Email:

Nourish 97a Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 Tel: 01 6349726 Email:

Here’s Health 51 Patrick St, Cork Tel: 021 4278101 Email:


Here’s Health Douglas Court Shopping Centre, Cork Tel: 021 4361737 Email:

Food For Thought 51 Upper Main St, Buncrana Tel: 074 9363550 Email:

Here’s Health Mahon Shopping Centre, Cork Tel: 021 4614481 Email:

Simple Simon The Diamond, Donegal Town Tel: 074-9723690 Email:

Here’s Health Unit 7, Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton Rd Tel: 021 4348545 Email:

The Natural Way 13 Letterkenny Shopping Centre, Letterkenny Tel: 074 9125738 Email:

Nourish The GPO Arcade, off Henry Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8743290 Email:


Nourish Omni Park Shopping Centre, Santry, Dublin 9 Tel: (01) 8621 392 Email:

Horans Healthstore 80 Pearse Street, Nenagh. Co Tipperary Tel: 0858002985 / 06741258 Email:


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Down to Earth South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 6719702 Email:

Nourish Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 Tel: 01 4935289 Email: Nourish 6 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1 Tel: 01 8734098 Email:

Select Stores 1 Railway Road, Dalkey Tel: 01 2859611 Email: Whole Health Centre Ballybrack Shopping Centre, Ballybrack Tel: 01 2369746 Email: The Hopsack Unit 6A, The Swan Shopping Centre, Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6 Tel: (01) 4960399 Email: The Health Store Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Tel: 01 8222036 Email: The Health Store The Square, Tallaght Tel: 01 4521181 Email: The Health Store The Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords Tel: 01 8404438 Email: The Health Store Stillorgan Shopping Centre Tel: 01 2108608 Email: The Health Store Frascati Shopping Centre, Blackrock Tel: 01 2788855 Email: The Health Store Liffey Vallery Shopping Centre Tel: 01 6754450 Email:

20/04/2018 12:35

rude | listings The Health Store Dundrum Town Centre Tel: 01 2051420 Email:

Horans Healthstore Central Point, Park Road, Killarney Tel: 064 662653 Email:


Horans Healthstore Clash, Tralee Tel: 066 715901 Email:

Evergreen Healthfoods Mainguard St, Galway. Tel: 091 564215 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Eyre Square Shopping Centre, Galway Tel: 091 568843 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road, Galway Tel: 091 568843 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Westside Shopping Centre, Westside, Galway Tel: 091 581008 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods, Seapoint, Barna, Co Galway Tel: 091 867875 Email: Evergreen Healthfoods An Fuaran, Mountain Road, Moycullen Email: Evergreen Healthfoods Oranmore Town Centre. beside Tesco Tel: 091 787070 Email: Healing Harvest Main St, Kinvara Tel: 091 637176 Email: Healthwise 4 Lower Abbeygate St, Galway Tel: 091 568761 Email: Licorice Health Foods Unit 2, Patrick Street, Portumna Tel: 0909 75 9977 Email: Open Sesame Unit 6 Market Hall, Gort, Tel: 091 632778 Email: The Health Store Unit 4, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit Tel: 091 773688 Email: The Natural Way Main Street, Clarinbridge. Tel: (091) 776 800 Email: Well Bean Main St, Clifden Tel: 095 21862 Email:

Kerry Aquarian Health 23 Main Street, Cahersiveen Tel: 066 9481733 Email: Horans Healthstore Lr Rock St, Tralee Tel: 066 7119418 Email: Horans Healthstore Beech Road, Killarney Tel: 064 22581 Email: Horans Healthstore William St, Listowel Tel: 068 24356 Email:


Horans Healthstore Manor West, Tralee Tel: 066 7181690 Email: Milltown Organics Castlemaine Road, Milltown Tel: 066 976 7869 Email:

Kildare Healthy Living Centre 2 Duke St, Athy Tel: 059 8641535 Email: Nature’s Options Main Street, Moorefield Rd, Newbridge Tel: 045 432439 Email: The Healthy Way 2 Ralph Square, Leixlip Tel: 01 6244288 Email:

Kilkenny Food For Life, Green St, Callan Tel: 056 7725777 Email:

Von’s Health Store Northtown Shopping Centre, Ennis Road, Limerick Tel: 061 322569 Email:

Longford Golden Health Store, 4 Grafton Court, Main Street, Longford Tel: 043 3328500 Email:

Mayo Slainte American St, Belmullet Tel: 097 81082 Email:


Nature’s Gold Avoca Dunboyne, Piercetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath Tel: (01) 802 6190 Email:

Nuts & Grains Chapterhouse, Friars Mill Road Mullingar Tel: 044 45988 Email:



Natural Choice 1 Parnell St, Carrickmacross Tel: 042 9662323 Email:

Evolv Healthstore 2 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy Tel: 053 9236009 Email:


In A Nutshell 8 South St, New Ross Tel: 051 422777 Email:

Healthy Beings Elphin St, Strokestown Tel: 071 9634411 Email:



Tir na nOg, Grattan St, Sligo Tel: (071) 9162752 Email:

The Fruit ’n Nut Place Lyster House, Portlaoise Tel: 057 8622239 Email:

Raw 3 Quay Street, Sligo, Tel: 0719153828 Email:



Horans Healthstore The Square, Newcastle West Tel: 069 77784 Email: Horans Healthstore 48 Roches St, Limerick City Tel: 061 405311 Email: Horans Healthstore 73 William Street, Limerick Tel: 061 319405 Email: Sonas Health Foods 9 The Square, Newcastle West Tel: (069) 78944 Email:

Full of Beans Unit 2, Ardkeen Shopping Centre, Dunmore Rd Tel: 051 844644 Email:


The Good Earth Newpark Shopping Centre, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7790276 Email:

Eats of Eden Thomas St, Limerick Tel: 061 316693 Email:

Full of Beans Unit 9, Georges Court Shopping Centre, Waterford Tel: 051 843653 Email:

Remedies 3 Sexton St, Abbeyside, Dungarvan Tel: (058) 45051 Email:

Tattie Hoaker Goff Street, Roscommon town Tel: 090 6630492 Email:

Dargans Healthfoods Cestletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick Tel: 061 339506 Email:

Blasta Wholefoods 54 Main St, Dungarvan Tel: 058 23901 Email:

Ylang Ylang Healthstore Westport Tel: 098 28802

The Good Earth 43 Kieran St, Kilkenny Tel: 056 7752664 Email:

Adare Health Foods Station Road, Adare Tel: 061 395 064 Email: adarehealthfoodsandwellness@


Healthy Vision Main Street, Roscrea Tel: 086 8477423 Email: Horans Healthstore Main St, Cashel Tel: 062 62848 Email: Horans Healthstore 71 O’Connell St, Clonmel Tel: 052 6187387 Email: Horans Healthstore 80 Pearse Street, Nenagh. Co Tipperary Tel: 0858002985 / 06741258 Email: Nadur Abbey Lane, Nenagh Tel: 067 34626 Email: Solero Viva Ltd, 92 Main St, Carrick-on-Suir Tel: 051 600966 Email: The Honey Pot 14 Abbey Street, Clonmel Tel: 052 6121457 Email:

Natural Health Store North Main Street, Wexford Tel: 053 9121613 Email: Only Natural 1 Church Lane, Wexford Tel: 053 9123236 Email: Mrs Bee’s Healthy Options 3 Clonattin Road, Gorey Tel: 053 9481460 Email: Rainbow Wholefoods Walkers Mall, North Main St, Wexford Tel: 053 9124624 Wholesome Rafter St, Gorey Tel: 053 9484270 Email:

Wicklow Health At Hand 5 Lower Main St, Arklow Tel: 0402 41869 Email: Health Matters 25 Main St, Bray Tel: 01 2762669 Email: Harvest Fare, Main Street, Blessington Tel: 045 891636 Email: Nature’s Gold 1 Killincarrig Road, Greystones Tel: 01 2876301 Email: The Health Store Bridgewater Centre, Arklow Tel: 0402 24893 Email: The Health Store The Boulevard, Quinsboro Rd, Bray Tel: 01 2861793 Email:

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Rh may jun18 web  

Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), reflecting health trends, news and con...

Rh may jun18 web  

Rude Health Magazine is the official consumer title of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), reflecting health trends, news and con...