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Bio Meridian testing provides information regarding stress levels of organ systems which cause disease. Immediate results provide the frame work for an individualized protocol for rebalancing the body, thus restoring health. Common Conditions helped: Allergies Depression Anxiety PMS Hypertension Hypo/Hyperthyroidism Adrenal Fatigue Immune Function Skin Conditions...

Bio Meridian Scan

Bio Scan technology can also provides immediate response to supplements and Bach remedies by administering a frequency of the element during your visit.


Mineral imbalances are caused by: ~Stress ~medications ~pollution ~nutritional supplements ~diet




Weight Management Weight gain has many components. Fat weight is due to the inability of the body to burn excess stored energy. Often times low thyroid function is the culprit. Excess water weight can be attributed to increase adrenal function due to stress. At Your Healing Place we approach weight loss based on individual assessments. No two programs are alike. Weight loss formulas are based on the cause of the weight problem. The results - a well balanced individual with an understanding of what works for them. Understanding leads to compliance with the program, compliance leads to success~ weight management! 4 Steps to Success   1. Hair Analysis   2. Detoxification   3. Supplementation   4. Lifestyle coaching 6








Lead exposure is one of the most common preventable poisonings of childhood. Data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shows that 6% of all children ages 1-2 years and 11% of black (non-Hispanic) children ages 1-5 years have blood lead levels in the toxic range. Lead is a potent poison that can affect individuals at any age. Children with developing bodies are especially vulnerable because their rapidly developing nervous systems are particularly sensitive to the effects of lead. 14




The Practice in Action!  

Overview of our practice model.

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