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Ziginy Shoes Sparkling New Collection Ziginy shoes are proud to present for Fall 2012 and we are quite glitters and sparkles reflected in our shoes showroom offered the new should look forward to next season.

their Black Label stunned as the eyes. The Ziginy line that women

Get ready for some heel-less high shoes, if you’re not familiar with it – it is a pair of high-shoes that Lady Gaga was seen wearing and Ziginy shoes are bringing them to women everywhere. It is definitely a trend that women should try on this year, the Ziginy Black Label Aries. This pair of shoes has glittering and sparking stars at the bottom of the shoes where the heel should be but is absent. The stars are sequined in crystals for added sparkle, the body of the shoe is in pink covered in little shimmering dots. You can definitely feel as if you are walking among the stars in this pair of attention catching shoes. Though you can’t wear them everyday, I’m sure there is this special occasion that you can wear this one in. You will definitely find glittering shoes in this collection that competes to outshine the stars above in the evening. They don’t just have a line of high-heeled shoes with or without heels, but they also showcase pairs of nice flats that bring the stars to earth. If you want a pair of shoes with heels, the Ziginy Black Label Imagine pair of pumps will definitely give you a surprise, its shiny fuchsia body is embellished with sequins that really is a fashion feat that most women will love. It is something to keep in your wardrobe for that one special wild occasion with girlfriends! The splindly silver heel supports the super high platform that will trend the seasons to come. Talking about flats, take a look at their Surprise model. A shiny golden flat pair of shoes embellished with small jewels that line up the body around creating a surprising pattern. The body fabric is very comfortable and is thin enough to keep your feet cool. This pair of flats looks unique to its own category and should definitely home your wardrobe if you want to look dashing almost every day. Another flat in the collection is the Janis model, a glitzy smoking pair of flats that perfect for evening walks in the park. Every step in this pair of shoes will definitely be shining!

Ziginy Shoes Sparkling New Collection  

Ziginy shoes are proud to present their Black Label for Fall 2012 and we are quite stunned as the glitters and sparkles reflected in our eye...