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Tips from the trainer: Chapter one: The Beginner's mindset, As a person begins or continues the workout phase of his or her life, there are very obvious mental blockers, that must be removed and mindsets that should be changed in order to accomplish fitness goals, fitness should never be viewed as a quick fix, but should approached in a way that the person looking for fitness realizes that it will take a certian period of time depending on goals and preserverence to achieve his or her goals there are no “quick fixes” for fitness. As we begin and continue our own fitness journeys, there are certain mindsets that need to be changed in order to be persistent in workouts. First, keeping our mindset self-focused, second, keeping our workout environment positive and lastly staying persistent. First, as people who live in a world of other humans it is very easy for us to focuses on and compare ourselves to other people who are in better shape than us. There are constantly people on the news, at our schools, in our workplaces and at our gyms who are in our minds much more fit than us and who we subconsciously are constantly comparing ourselves with. This is a very normal pitfall and almost always leads to discontentment and discouragement, something to always keep in mind, is that fitness is a literal but also very relative concept, a concept that is very specific to each of our bodies and as we go along our fitness journey's our focus must remain on the internal and external changes that are taking place in our own bodies in comparison to them when we first started. In other words lets keep our eyes on our progress compared to ourselves, not to anyone else, since body transformation does take time. I said all of this to tell you what I tell all of my clients, when you are working out, there will always be someone more fit and someone less fit, there will always be a buffer guy, and a leaner girl, so the only way to stay motivated is to stay focused on yourself, on your own improvements relative to your own body. If you are working out constantly, you will be improving, losing body fat, gaining muscle, and changing your measurements, just stay focused on your own fitness goals, and watch as you improve over time. Sometimes it is our own mindsets that defeat us, but also sometimes it's others' mindsets. Regardless of where you are in your wokrout phase, beginning, middle or end, remmebr that there are only two types of people within your wokrout journey, those who encourage your improvements and efforts and those who find the need to belittle you, your current fitness or the fitness you are striving for. Fist “The Bilittlers” many times the people who are attacking you are purely doing so because of there own fitness insecurities and are projecting the fears and thoguhts that they have about themselves onto you. Regardless of ryhme or reason, these people if unavoidable should be ignored, when it comes to fitness if you are wokring out you will be improving, that's just the way it works The second group of people, the encouragers are the type of people you should surround yourselves with, people who will encourage you in your fitness journey and build you up, if possible try and find a posative person who can workout with you sometimes so that you can encourage each other. Remember

Remember rule one of fitness, is that if you are working out, you will be improving, your consistency, your knowledge and your diet will help depict the level of improvement, but even if you only workout once a week for 5 minutes, you will be improving your level of fitness a little. Persistence is one of the big factors of a successful fitness seeker, I have seen many clients quit within the first few months of a workout program because of discouragement and because they were looking for the “quick fix� in order to get to the place that you dreamed of you need to stay consistent, and in order to stay consistent you need to stay motivated, three good things to remember are, first, consistently check on your progress, I would check in on your progress once every two weeks more often than this may be hurtful to your results as, fat takes a while to burn off and muscle takes a while to build. Second, set small goals, like being able to do a pushup, or a certain number of reps or weight (always make sure that your goal is realistic) and attainable one, finally try and include others in your fitness pursuits. Lastly, there are the people, who always seem to be flaunting their god-like bodies, whether it's on television or in person, there are always the deme-god’s of fitness, as I said previouslly if we focus too much on these people it can be very disconcerting, we need to determine what looks good for each of us and strive towards those goals, fitness is a very personal aspect of our lives and should be approached as such. Trainer in a book: -people spend millions -people can't afford -knowledge and motivational dvds


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