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Be a Mentor to a Child “I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside….” - Whitney Houston

Nelson Mandela said: “Children are the rock on which our future will be built – the leaders of our country for good or ill – which is why the rich potential in each child must be developed into skills and the knowledge that our society needs to enable it to prosper”. Children learn from the world around them. They emulate the behaviour of the adults who share their lives. Nothing can be more precious than the gift to a child of moral values such as honesty, fairness, respect, compassion and responsibility. It is a privilege and a huge responsibility to know that we are creating the future. Children may gain an ethical foundation through the teamwork of parents, family, teachers and through interaction with other children. Every child also learns from cultures other than their own and may be influenced by traditions, histories, television and stories. A web of moral relationships may thus be woven into their lives and they in turn will become builders of integrity as they move through to adulthood. How often do you get home tired after a full day of pressure at work? Do you find that you have given so much of yourself to your work that you have little energy left for those who matter most to you, your family? Like most people, our family has friends of long standing. An attorney friend of ours finds the best way to relax and regain his composure after a day at the office is to change into comfortable old clothes and sit alone listening to his favourite music. Once he emerges his family can look forward to a relaxed evening together. Many people find that the best way to unwind from the pressure of work is to go straight from the office to some form of exercise. A run, a cycle or even a brisk walk will do the trick. Once you have recharged your batteries you can then give your full attention to your family, particularly your children. Have patience with your children especially when they are small. Try to make home life fun. Do not have too many rules but do implement the few rules you do have consistently to instil the correct values. Children grow so quickly that before you know it they will be leaving your home to live their own lives.

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