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DENTAL IMPLANTS Smile Wider and Brighter

REPLACEMENT FOR A LOSS TEETH IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM. Dental technology gives a lot of options.

DENTAL IMPLANT FEELS LIKE A NATURAL TOOTH. The replacement is screwed into the jawbone permanently. You can forget about losing the tooth and have it replaced.


Materials used for dental implants are bio-compatible and nontoxic.


Used to hook the tooth replacement into the jaw bonds well with the real bone. This material is not rejected by the body, and it is used in all kinds of bone and joint implant, aside from the teeth.


They can eat and speak well without having to think about their missing tooth or a wobbly denture.



Considered “stand alone”. Meaning, they don’t affect the adjacent teeth, unlike dentures which need to be bridged to them.

As long as the patient looks after his or her oral health responsibly, maintain the correct habits of brushing and flossing, and observe the right diet, the dental implant can last many years more.

Smile Wider and Brighter With Dental Implants  

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