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ISSUE Message from the Editor -

Your Dawlish So.........

Friday 7th December 2012 Bandstand, The Lawn From 5.00pm

Dawlish Town Council Supported by Christians Together in Dawlish

Bring on thePiazza at Meet at the ‘Magic 5.00pm for of a Christmas’ Torch Lit Procession to the 2012 Christmas Market Bandstand Who turns on the

Strand Regeneration What do we want?

Your Dawlish introduction “Real quality gives a feeling of satisfaction…..” Writes Councillor Terry Lowther

Town Centre Manager

Christmas Lights?

(Bring your own torches, no flames)

A Visit from Santa Page 10

It’s business as usual!

Singers from Westcliff School

Identity yet to be revealed


Front Cover Photograph: Bob Wills

Christmas Lights Switch On

Who are we?

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People in property since 1790

Estate agents Letting agents FORCE and SONS Estate Agents Business agents would like to wish Valuers and auctineers

A Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

9 Queen Street, Dawlish EX7 9HB T 01626 862057 F 01626 888124

Estate agents Letting agents Business agents Valuers and auctineers to all our Clients, Colleagues, Regent Street, Teignmouth TQ14 8SN Estate agents Customers and Street, Dawlish EX7 Friends. 9HB 01626 772671 Letting agents 9T Queen 01626 862057 Business agents F 01626 888124 01626 779906 Valuers and auctineers

5 T F 9 Queen Street, Dawlish EX7 9HB T 01626 862057 F 01626 888124

5 Regent Street, Teignmouth TQ14 8SN T 01626 772671 F 01626 779906

5 Regent Street, Teignmouth TQ14 8SN T 01626 772671 F 01626 779906

People in property since 1790

People in property since 1790

Estate agents Letting agents Business agents Valuers and auctineers

9 Queen Street, Dawlish EX7 9HB T 01626 862057 F 01626 888124 5 Regent Street, Teignmouth TQ14 8SN T 01626 772671 F 01626 779906

People in property since 1790

Hello! - from the Editor Well… how do I begin?


o say that I am both proud and privileged to be involved with this project is something of an understatement! All we ask is to encourage feedback from all of you and simply oversee what we want to include. I say ‘oversee’ quite literally, as it is my intention to simply help assemble the publication with the help of my colleagues, whose vision and design expertise has made, what we think you will agree is – a quality magazine! First and foremost, a massive THANK YOU must be extended to the organisations and businesses for being part of this ‘Christmas’ issue of ‘Your

Dawlish’. This edition is limited in pages, but what we wanted to do is give an example of what ‘Your Dawlish’ will look like. We have also undertaken the task of running a ‘website’ – www. alongside the magazine publication, which will ‘interact, integrate and compliment’ the monthly magazine. If you are of the opinion that “yeah…it’s all been done before”, then we want to challenge that opinion… and we will! Your feedback, comments and suggestions will always be welcome, helping us go some way to give you the reader what

you really want to read and see. Enjoy….and here’s to our full launch (March) in the New Year and many more editions.

On behalf of the Your Dawlish team, it only leaves me to wish you all a ‘Very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year’!

The Editor

Profiles Who we are...

Jim Hill – Print & Contact Jim Hill has been at the forefront of a huge percentage of what has been printed in Dawlish and beyond for over 43 years. His experience within the industry is second to none. Jim has involved himself in many projects within the town over many years, and is renowned for his tireless work in raising money for local charities and organisations.

Rob Coleman – Editor & Website What qualifications does Rob bring to the title ‘editor’? Like Jim, having been ‘born and bred’ in Dawlish and a family history attached to the town, Rob has involved himself in numerous projects over the years, including being one of the co-founders and inaugural chairman of Dawlish United Youth & Mini Soccer Club. Rob also helped co-ordinate this year’s Dawlish Diamond Jubilee week, so he feels suitably ‘qualified’ to oversee the contributions we want to encourage from everyone!

Kelvin James – Graphic & Website Design

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07515 417 669

Kelvin is a graphic designer who has gained recognition with award winning designs for a local council public service magazine, as well as the planning and design of numerous projects for clients including HSBC, Financial Times, Exeter Chiefs, Marine Conservation Society, Dartmoor National Park and other significant projects. He is also a website designer and has placed online many businesses that are now enjoying the benefits of internet exposure from his talent for making their websites ‘eyecatching’.

Marilyn Adams – Sales & Editorial We are delighted that Marilyn has shown the same enthusiasm for this magazine that Jim, Rob and Kelvin have. Marilyn brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts bringing over 20 years of experience to the fore. Marilyn is definitely seen as an important part of what we want to do and encourage! Whilst Your Dawlish endeavours to ensure the information within this publication is correct, Your Dawlish makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy, completeness or truth of any material contained within this publication. Your Dawlish cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions of any content supplied by advertisers, individuals or organisations supplying editorial for the magazine, neither can Your Dawlish be held responsible for any loss or damage caused as a result. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of its publisher or editor. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without prior written consent from Your Dawlish for any purpose. Please refer to our full terms and conditions available on request.




Tuesday to Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 12noon


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Please contact Paula or Ian on 01626 852555 FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION VALUATION Paula and Ian Dixon

Tel: 01626 852555 • Email: •

Dawlish Chamber of Trade and the Strand



awlish Chamber of Trade is a well-respected organisation of local traders and business people. We meet on a regular basis to discuss topical matters of concern to the well-being of the town.

certain amount of disruption, but Devon County Council have pledged to keep the road open to traffic during the majority of the work. Access to shops, businesses and homes will be maintained at all times. Business will not be affected!

At the moment, we are heavily involved in the final stages of planning the finer points of The Strand Regeneration Scheme.

The Chamber of Trade, in conjunction with The Town Council, will be responsible for keeping residents informed of progress. We also have to persuade residents and visitors to keep using the shops during the upheaval. This will be vital to help keep the shops in business and take the town forward when the work is completed.

There have been many ‘round the table’ discussions and public consultations on whether to pedestrianise The Strand or not, to restrict traffic at certain times or to keep the status quo. There have also been discussions on whether to remove the wall between The Strand and The Lawn or not and many other variables discussed as well. Other important matters including street lighting, planting tubs, seating, road and path surfaces, designing the margin between The Strand and The Lawn have all had to be discussed and agreed. With so many parties with differing views being involved in the process, reaching decisions hasn’t always been easy. Hundreds of hours of meetings between Devon County Council (who have provided the majority of the funding), Teignbridge District Council (who are responsible for The Lawn), Dawlish Town Council (who are responsible for the town), The Chamber of Trade (whose members stand to gain most from the improvements) and a number of other interest groups have taken place over a 2 year period to arrive at the final design. We all know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, but we hope that we have come up with a scheme which will prove to be a vast improvement on the current road layout. Work on the regeneration is due to start at the beginning of January. There is bound to be a

We will be working closely with Your Dawlish, the Dawlish Gazette, Dawlish Post and social media to keep the town informed and to persuade people to help keep the town alive. The work is scheduled for completion by early May 2013 and looks set to transform the Strand as a shopping centre. It is hoped that more local people will want to use the Strand and new businesses will want to open up. We are also looking to make Dawlish a destination of choice for day- trippers from further afield, as well as revitalise the holiday industry. We all know that holiday patterns have changed drastically in recent years, but we feel that Dawlish still has a role to play in catering for visitors who want a few days or a week away in the Westcountry. The town is an ideal base for anyone wishing to explore the area, with easy access to Torbay, Exeter, Dartmoor and the South Hams. We live on a lovely stretch of coastline and need to let visitors know what a lovely place Dawlish is. Teignbridge District Council are currently formulating plans to make The Lawn area a more user-friendly place to spend time with new

“Access to shops, businesses and homes will be maintained at all times. Business will not be affected!” writes David Force, Chairman - Chamber of Trade landscaping, a play area and a much improved bandstand all being considered. Dawlish has a once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse the spiral of decline which has affected the town during the last 10 years. We can only hope that the ‘Regeneration Scheme’ has the desired effect and will kick-start the process. As well as all of the above, there has just been appointed by Teignbridge a Town Centre Manager for Dawlish and Teignmouth. This person will be working closely with organisations in both towns to work out ways of marketing both towns more effectively to increase the number of visitors. We have to learn to make more use of our assets and work together for the mutual benefit of the shops and businesses in both towns. Many towns are competing for visitors. We have to work hard to get our fair share. Time will tell if we have been successful. As I have always said, doing nothing is not an option. What we do, we have to do well. The support of the people of Dawlish will be a vital part of the process. Please don’t let us down!! David Force, Chairman, Dawlish Chamber of Trade 07974 407 449 or 01626 862 057

New Strand Layout 5

Your Dawlish. Your M Our much larger magazine will aim to include:


ith continued support from the town, we hope to make ‘Your Dawlish’ YOUR magazine – an initially FREE monthly full-colour gloss A4 issue, delivered to your door-step with the aim of encouraging participation, integration and viewpoints from residents and businesses alike, to supply as much information on what makes our town of Dawlish bring out the very best, the bizarre and the ‘indifferent’! We look forward to your reaction with whatever may tease the mind!


hy... (I hear some voices ask) their any need to duplicate information that is already available through other channels? Quite simply – Your Dawlish has not been set up to compete, conflict or duplicate any information from any other source! Where there is an ‘overlap’ of information then the only benefactor would be the reader. All we want to concentrate on is what we deliver to our readership, and mould the magazine according to what you the reader would like to see!


e have also undertaken the task of running a ‘website’ – alongside the magazine publication, which will ‘interact, integrate and compliment’ the monthly magazine. If you are of the opinion that “yeah…it’s all been done before”, then we want to challenge that opinion…and we will! ‘Your Dawlish’ coupled with www. is a monthly publication and website of ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ is useful to know for the townsfolk of Dawlish and beyond ... PLUS ... articles, puzzles, current affairs and much more…..AND it’s initially FREE!

CONTACT DETAILS Editor Enquiries Sales & Marketing Art & Design

Dawlish history serialisation on We will be including a every month. the history of Dawlish al stories to ion If you have any addit history, n’s tow the g tell concernin and we will us to ite wr or ail em simply ge. sta e include the item at som

Email: editor@yourdawli

Green fingers We want to dedicate a space for monthly gardening tip s, tricks and what‘s happening season ally. If you would like to contribute regularly then contact us! Contribu tions welcome from everyone including professionals.

Health matters lowing or If you are one of the fol n let us know the ic top s thi related to contribute! what you would like to Club), ind (Bl Age Concern, Baps pport Su t ien Pat ry Barton Surge re, Ca tis hri Art sh wli Da , Group p, Dawlish shi low Dawlish Disabled Fel lance, bu Am n’s Joh St. Stroke Club, , GP, tal spi Ho ity un mm Co Dawlish hy alt He ss, MIU, Exercise & Fitne ans, tici Die , ers tch Wa Eating, Weight e yon and an Smoking – giving up ! ed who we haven’t mention

What’s cookin’ We want recipes from rea ders and businesses alike. It would be nice to also include different cui sines, healthy eating, cooking tips, diff erent gadgets and equipment – in fac t, anything that we will all find interestin g. If there are any wine or real ale ‘bu ffs’ out there, then contact us and we will happily share your expertise an d knowledge.

Picture competition* Every month we want to run a picture competition. Send to us by email your picture of a Dawli sh landscape and if your picture is sel ected as a winner by our indepen dent panel, it will be featured as the front page cover picture in the following month’s edition of ‘Your Dawlish’!


T u a a f o t

Runners-up pictures can be viewed in our picture gallery on the website:

Youth corner rage the We would like to encou town the of youth and children item of or ry sto rt to submit a sho the ich wh er art qu h eac interest ilst we Wh st. town will find of intere l print wil we m, ite ry can’t print eve sting ere int st mo the of a selection the in em views, short story or po the of n itio ed ’s following month winner will magazine. The overall receive a prize!


W th m co c m c o h t c

Tea-break quickies Share with us your puzzl es, lateral thinking, jokes, funny sto ries, useful tips or anything else biz arre! This is your chance to get involv ed!

Sports clubs encouraged Every section of sport is rts section. to participate in our spo e your tur It would be nice to fea d club as an e gu lea particular sport, to have nce cha r you It’s . ng we go alo tables e gu lea included latest results, know! uld sho n tow and news that the to promote Remember, if you want d get the your club or league an ed, simply ne exposure you always contact. in be l wil we email us and


r Magazine. t is coming Tell us of any event tha it! We will e lud inc l wil we up and wider m also include events fro ow or we kn us let r he afield if you eit is your is Th . ow kn to nt wa feel you r event you opportunity to advertise y! nit mu com to all of the local

Local attractions We will encourage con tributions from local attractions telling you of what is open and what is happ ening.

Band & gig guide Now we all know that Da wlish is blessed with many talen ted musicians. We also know that there are weekly gig venues that feature local bands, karaoke and D J’s! Let us know if you want to be featured – we will do our research and have input too.

Organisations n in the If you are an organisatio d let us help an us t tac con n town the vice and ser promote your valuable nity. mu com the contribution to

Focus on portant issues We want to include im ay life. This ryd that relate to our eve ng, town usi ho on e may be a featur s, finance, ue iss al leg , ng lici council, po , on igi community projects, rel lcome we l wil We . etc minority groups es, riti tho au all m fro s contribution esses that organisations and busin w or point vie e have an authoritativ want to you if us ct to make. Conta n. contribute to this sectio

Citizen’s recognition award Citizen’s recognition aw ard We would like you to sug gest a person or organisation as a nominee to receive our half-year ly ‘Citizen’s Recognition Award’. Th is is to recognise the ‘unsung’ heroes of the town and will be ad judicated by individuals’ and repres entatives of organisations within the town. The winner will be presen ted with a Citizen’s Recognition Award Certificate and will be fea tured in a full editorial about the ir work and why they were chosen .

Senior citizens As much as we encourag e contributions from the youth of the town, it would be nice to also include our senior citizens corne r. Short stories, poems, the fun ny or bizarre facts are welcome.

Letters e a ‘Letters’ It would be nice to includ dback fee r you section inspired by like to uld wo you ic top on whatever feature. Simply write to us at: Your Dawlish, 2 High Street, Dawlish, EX7 9HP Or send us an email at: uk

Advertising Part of our commitmen t at Your Dawlish is to try and en sure that our distribution reaches ou t to virtually every household in Dawli sh, Dawlish Warren, Cockwood and Holcombe. That’s approximately 6,5 00 households covering a population of in excess of 13,000 peop le. We are also distributing copies of the magazine to the Hospi tal, Doctor’s Surgery, Opticians, Denta l Practices, Hotels and any other pla ce where the magazine may be ‘brow sed’ whilst waiting! If you are a bu siness, what more cost effective way is there to market your services?

DIY feature s in the Let us put our DIY expert or write ail em d an t tes the to town m that’s ble pro to us with whatever ’t can We . you at niggling away all the ve ha l wil we t tha e guarante get an answers, but if we can’t nly tai cer l wil answer then we ! ves ati ern suggest alt Write to: ‘The Handy Man’ Your Dawlish, 2 High Street, Dawlish, EX7 9HP Or email us at: uk

Our messa


*By entering and sending your images in to the competition you agree to give permission to Your Dawlish to use your photographs for any purpose without risk of copyright infringement. The photograph must be your own. Images should be sent as high resolution jpg’s to along with your name, address and age.

What’s on guide

We want the mag azine to be fully with YOU! All w interactive e want to do is en courage your feed anything and ev back on erything which will help ‘shape’ the future editions in term s of content! We want this mag azine to be your ‘voice’, ‘eyes’ and so help us achiev ‘ears’, e something that will be of interest everyone! We do not intend to ev to er have more th split between ed an a 50/50 itorial and adve rtising, which w make the magaz ill ine a far more in teresting read of everything that is included.


Selling or letting? Time for a change. We were tremendously impressed by the service we had from Pearson Ranger throughout. At times you all had a hand in moving things along (and displayed great team work), you were all unfailing courteous and on the ball and to a very great extent you made the sale happen. Coupled with an expert view of the current property market and ability to get us a sale at the asking price we couldn’t have asked for more. So we are two very happy customers! Best wishes Maggie & Graham

specialists in selling and letting

T: 01626 86 22 22

Your Dawlish by Councillor Terry Lowther, Dawlish Town Council


t’s a great pleasure to be asked to write an editorial to welcome this new magazine, “Your Dawlish”. One of the most important duties of a Town Council – and one we take very seriously in Dawlish – is to keep in touch with the community and the more methods there are of doing so, the better. It’s particularly encouraging to hear that one of the new magazine’s ambitions is to be a “quality” product. That’s a characteristic which is very difficult to define. We all know what it is, but it means different things to different people. It’s something to do with the way we feel. “Quality” is often taken to mean “expensive”, but that’s not necessarily true, we all have seen (and sometimes bought) expensive trinkets which turn out to be rubbish. And there’s nothing more disheartening than to feel cheated. Nor does it just mean “good value for money”, because that implies some sort of compromise – ‘it could be better, but it’s OK at that price’. Real quality gives a feeling of satisfaction, which has very little to do with price, but a lot to do with value. A Prime Minister was once described as ‘knowing the cost of everything, but the value of nothing’ – a damning description. So, “Your Dawlish” aims to be something to be valued - because of its content, its appearance, its acceptability. It’s to be welcomed, kept and shared.

That also applies to the town – to “our Dawlish” In his editorial, David Force, Chairman of the Dawlish Chamber of Trade, talks of the effort that has gone in to regenerating the town – and that’s quite true. The three layers of local government, Devon County, Teignbridge District and Dawlish Town, have come together with community bodies, like the Chamber, more than ever before over the last couple of years in an attempt to breathe new life into a town that many said was dying. That was going a bit far, but certainly, Dawlish has been going through a bad patch. The shopkeepers in particular are suffering and our miserable summer hasn’t helped. But, hopefully, we’re turning the corner! Early in the New Year, money will be spent on remodelling the Strand and its interface with the Lawn so as to improve the shopping experience. More will be spent elsewhere in Dawlish as time goes on. That is to say, money will be spent in “our Dawlish” - let’s remember the town doesn’t belong to any particular group. Not just to the traders or to the visitors or to the residents’ young and old, it belongs to all of us and it’s important that we are all happy with the results. As David Force says, “it’s impossible to please everybody, but we must try to please as many as possible”. We all need to ask ourselves “what sort of town do we want”. Do we want to see a

radical change to a different sort of place? Do we want to preserve the best and improve the rest? Or do we want something in between? Dawlish was a Regency town and then a Victorian town, but it was always a seaside town – with a twist. The railway robbed the town of a seafront promenade, but created the Lawn and the Brook, which, between them, make the town unique. Where should the money be spent? Surely, we should invest in that unique quality. The focal point of Dawlish is its centre where the main thoroughfares look inwards to that open space which

represents Dawlish more than anything else. If the town has a heart, that’s where it is – and a little TLC is overdue. We need to improve the ‘quality’ of ‘our Dawlish’ – to make it a place to be valued for the facilities it contains, for the way it looks and for the welcome it offers to residents and visitors alike. The work begins next year as the start of a better Dawlish and it will be good to see it develop through the pages of this new magazine. Dawlish Town Council sends “Your Dawlish” all good wishes.

Town Centre Manager appointed A s has been well documented, a new role has been created for a Town Centre Manager covering Dawlish and Teignmouth.

At the time of going to press, Your Dawlish understands that the final dotting of the I’s and crossing of the T’s is underway, and until this process has been completed and a contract of employment issued and signed, we are not able to share with you who the appointed person is and what experience they will bring to the role. The job role is to promote the physical, social and economic wellbeing of Dawlish and this will be done through working


in liaison with the following groups: • Local business community • General public • Representatives of organisations and agencies • Town, District and County Councils The job description would include trying to identify ways of improving the business environment and enhancing our visitor and residents experience. We want to offer some of our editorial space to the new incumbent when we launch fully in March. This feature will hopefully introduce you all to our new Town Centre Manager.


Bring on the ‘Magic of Christmas’ Christmas Market Christmas Lights ‘Switch On’ The annual Christmas Market is being held this year on Sunday, 9th December. The event will see the Strand closed for the whole day,

The annual Christmas Lights ‘Switch On’ will take place on Friday, 7th December 2012 at the Bandstand on the Lawn from 5.00pm. The event, fronted by Dawlish Town Council, is supported by Christians Together in Dawlish. Anyone wishing to give their support and ‘feel the festive spirit’ should meet at the Piazza at 5.00pm for a Torch Lit Procession to the Bandstand (bring your own torches, no flames).

opening the road to a huge one day Christmas Market full of stalls and stands for everyone to enjoy! Let us hope that the weather is kinder than it has been for many events held throughout the year.

This event will include singers from Westcliff School, the story of Christmas and free refreshments. The lights will be switched on at 6.00pm by the Mayor Councillor Pauline Bloomfield. Oh, and by the way kids’, although this is now getting a very busy time, a visit from Santa might just happen……so make sure Mum & Dad or Grandma & Grandad take you down so you don’t miss anything!

Vicki & Scott welcome you to

Dawlish Carnival’s

Christmas Market

Sunday 9th December 2012 at 10am - 4pm for further information visit

w w w. dawlis hcarnival. co . uk


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t. 01626 866111 m. 07595 217531/2

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Your Dawlish Preview - December 2012  

Welcome to the Your Dawlish preview edition. This is an overview of things to come when the magazine has it's full launch in March 2013.

Your Dawlish Preview - December 2012  

Welcome to the Your Dawlish preview edition. This is an overview of things to come when the magazine has it's full launch in March 2013.