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Take Better Photos - Tips from local photographer Andrew Newson

Improve your well being - Health tips from Judy Bowen-Jones

Burnt Oak Train Crash - The Story of the Domden accident

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17th - Life in the Beale

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20th - Bugs and Beasties

touching on health issues, money matters, travel , anything really but we’ll be looking at these subjects from a local angle. We have already recruited a couple of local business people photographer Andy Newson and

13th - Valentines Night at the

Household Standen by Marilyn

24th - Plan your own vegetable patch 27th - Farmers Market MARCH 3rd - Greenfingers Quiz Night 11th - Comedy Night at the Crowborough Rugby club

health expert Judy Bowen-Jones. You can read

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How to take better photos


lot of us now-a-days tend to have quite good cameras, with a rising amount of people using a digital SLR. But it’s really surprising how many people have these cameras, but don’t really know how to use them, or at least don’t know how to get the best out of them. Also, perhaps surprisingly, is that learning how to use your camera better by getting familiar with it’s settings is not that hard. I offer tuition courses for people wanting to learn about their camera and photography in general and I’m finding that one 2 hour session is all a lot of people need to start taking better photographs straight away. I’m going to give you a few tips here for taking better photographs and hopefully they will be of use to you.

To flash or not to flash? Most cameras have an automatic setting, where the camera decides if it should flash depending on the level of light. Sometimes we’re using flash when we shouldn’t and not when we should! For example, when you see a sporting event and around the stadium you see lots of flash lights going off. What is the purpose of that? The flash on most cameras isn’t going to illuminate anything past

about 20ft, when the subject we are photographing is much further away. You’ll end up illuminating the back of someone’s head in front of you, this could be distracting from the subject you’re trying to capture. So just temporarily turn the flash off and you’ll find the shot will be better for it. By Andy Newson

M ak i ng M o ne y o n t he M ark e t s Would you like to earn a bit extra AND have a bit of fun at the same time? St Johns Investment Club was established in 2000 and holds regular meetings in the center of Crowborough. The aim of the club is to invest in shares while enjoying a good social environment and learning a bit about how the financial markets work at the same time. Members can invest from as little as £25 per month. The money goes into the club trading fund and is invested in shares as selected by the whole group. New members are also asked for an initial investment of £200 to start their personal share of the pot. Every other month there is a virtual share competition in which each member invests a virtual £1000 in a share of their own choice with the owner of the share showing the most profit after two months winning a bottle of wine. The highlight of the year is our annual dinner which takes place shortly after our AGM. For further information please contact Colin Chapman on 01892 654317 or send him an email to

Improve Your Wellbeing – Naturally


re you fed up? Lacking in energy? Sick of feeling cold? Finding it hard to concentrate at school or at work?

Then set aside 7-8 minutes once or twice a day – or whenever you need it - to perform the simple exercise shown on the next page. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel! This gentle patting

Makes us feel wide awake, ready for action & clearheaded

Lifts our spirits

Helps us feel full of vitality

exercise offers a number of health benefits: 

Improves circulation

Strengthens our tendons, bones and muscles

Enhances the function of our internal organs

In the next few issues we will explore other ways of enhancing our wellbeing including: managing stress naturally, protecting ourselves from the climate, living in harmony with the seasons and understanding the healing power of food.

By helping our body relax (by patting) we help our mind relax too. This exercise is a great example of something simple we can do improve our wellbeing and to help protect ourselves from illhealth. Our health is our responsibility. By introducing small lifestyle changes we can make a major difference to our health and how we feel.

Judy BowenJones Lic Ac, BSC Hons Ac, MBAcC

Judy Bowen-Jones practices classical Chinese acupuncture at The Holloway Acupuncture Clinic, Crowborough ( 01892 664939). She is a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council and also teaches and practices at the International College of Oriental Medicine, East Grinstead

Further information: www.acupunctureinsu

The Patting Exercise* The whole body is patted lightly with either palms or loose fists, over 8 main areas of the body. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and relax your whole body. Your knees should be slightly bent (soft not tense) and your feet facing forwards. If you can’t stand, do as much of the following as you can reasonably do safely and without making yourself uncomfortable. REMEMBER to breathe naturally during the exercise. Pat your Head Pat both sides of your head (not your face) with the palms or loose fists from the front of the head to the back. Pat to and fro about 20 times. Pat your Arms Pat up and down the front, back and sides of the left arm with the right palm or fist 10 times on each side. Then pat the right arm with the left palm or fist in the same way. Pat your Shoulders Pat the left shoulder with the right palm or fist and then the right shoulder with the left palm or fist. Pat them alternately 10 times each. Pat your Back Pat up and down the right side of your lower back with your left palm or fist, then the left side of the lower back with your right palm or fist 20 times each side. Pat your Chest Pat the left and right sides of the chest with the opposite palm or fist alternately (like Tarzan!....but more gently) ....and ladies, be mindful not to strike your breasts. Pat up and down (from top to bottom) 20 times on each side. Pat your Waist and Abdomen Using your waist as an axis, turn the upper body to the left, then to the right. As you turn, pat the left side of the waist with the right palm or fist and then the right side of the waist with the left palm or fist. Pat from top to bottom and move from the inside of the waist and abdomen outwards. Pat your Buttocks Pat the left buttocks with your left palm or fist and the right buttocks with the right palm or fist. Pat 20 times on each side. There’s lots of muscle on your you can pat quite firmly! Pat your Legs Using both hands on both legs (simultaneously), pat down the outsides of your legs with your palms or fists, starting at the top and working down to your ankles. You will need to bend down as you do this. From your ankles then pat the insides of your legs with your palms or fists and work up to the thighs. Repeat this 20 times. This last exercise can also be done seated on the floor with legs outstretched, patting one leg at a time with that knee bent. At the end of the exercise......shake your arms and legs, wipe imaginary water off your arms, torso and legs in a downward motion (to get rid of any negative energy). Clap your hands and smile! *Reference: Exercise adapted from: Hicks, A (2009). 77 ways to improve your wellbeing. How to use the ancient Chinese Wisdom to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. Spring Hill.

The Burnt Oak Train Crash Thankfully train crashes are few and far between in Crowborough but one such incident occurred on 5th April 1916.

A D Class Loco similar to the Domden


n the 5th April 1916 the 8am service left Tunbridge Wells for Brighton was running on time. At 8.21 the train - a D Class tank loco, 'Domden',

- pulled out of Crowborough station.

The train passed by some gangers busy working on the stretch of track just short of the Burnt Oak bridge on the South side of Crowborough tunnel. The driver, on sighting the gangers blew his whistle and they moved out of the way. One of the gangers was alarmed at the speed of the train and said to one of his colleagues "She'll be off the road". Just after the train passed the Burnt Oak overbridge, the fireman noticed the train starting to roll. This was quite usual for this type of engine when going around a curve on the line. Passing under the Burnt Oak bridge, John Paige noticed the engine had dropped on his side of the train and felt the train roll again. He was about to

turn off the steam when the train appeared to right itself. The rear wheels then fell of the rails and the driver turned to his mate and said "We're running on the chairs" meaning they had come off the rails. He immediately shut off the steam and applied the main brake. The whole of the train, with the exception of the rear carriage then derailed. The engine went on a few yards before rolling sideways and turning over. It was found lying upside down by the side of the track. The three front carriages were off the tracks completely, standing on their wheels while the rear 3 carriages were left standing upright. John Paige was thrown headfirst into a nearby hedge.

The fireman – P Savage – and 5 of the passengers were injured but none seriously. John Paige, the driver suffered serious injuries. At the enquiry to the accident there was some debate over the speed the train was going. The gangers suggested it was as fast as 50mph but the driver and the fireman said it was more like 25mph. It was decided that the gangers account of the speed of the train could not be accurate and that the fault lay with some weakness in the line caused by the unfinished work that was being carried out at the time. The engine was repaired after the Burnt Oak crash and eventually was withdrawn for scrap in July 1936.

Source: The railways archive. A copy of the official report can be found at

Thursday night is Quiz Night at the White Hart Pub. Starts 8pm. Come a along and have a laugh!!

Live Music at the Wheatsheaf in February

Crowborough Farmers' Market The Crowborough Farmers' Market offers locally produced food direct from the producer. Always held on the fourth Saturday of the month

5th—B-Sharp 13th—Wotstock 19th—Carly Cooper Band 27th—Steroid Blues Check the Wheatsheaf web site for further details

Public Services Information Listed below are some of the important numbers you might need

Doctors Surgeries

Public Transport

The Surgery, Beacon Road . 01892 652 233

National Rail Enquiries ......08457 484 950

Brook House Center, ........ 01892 652 850

Traveline ...........................0870 608 2608

Saxonbury House .............. 08444 773 045

Brighton & Hove Buses .....01273 886 200 Flight Enquiries .................0870 000 2468

Hospitals Crowborough Hospital ...... 01892 652 284

Council Services

Kent & Sussex Hospital ..... 01892 526 111

Crowborough Library ........01892 664 426

Domestic Emergencies

Crowborough Town Council .... 01892 652 907

National Grid, Gas .............. 0800 111 999 Electricity ......................... 0800 753 8866


Southern Water Services .. 0845 272 0845

Hospice in the Weald ........01892 820 500 St John Ambulance ...........01892 610 183

Helplines R.S.P.C.A ........................... 0870 5555 999


N.S.P.C.C. ........................... 0808 800 500

Non urgent enquiries ........0845 6070 999

Childline ................................... 0800 111

Crimestoppers ................... 0800 555 111

Citizens Advice Bureau ..... 01892 655 303 Samaritans ...................... 08457 90 90 90

Coffee Break Take time out to relax with our page of puzzles and teasers. If you get stuck you can find the answers in the Coffee Break section online, where you can also get a daily Crossword and daily Sudoku puzzle.

Sudoku 7


9 8

1 5 7





7 4 6 3 5 6


1 4

8 2 2

1 5


7 Farmer Brown


came to the Farm-

Take the letters in the

ers Market with

phrase below and mash

some melons. He sold half


of them plus a half melon




suitable for this month

Raise the Violin

and had one melon left. How many melons did he start with ?

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