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By Delhi Jal Board 1. Opening of billing counter of DJB in Yojna Vihar 2. Construction of Underground Water Reservoirs and Buster Pump Stations at the cost of 36 Crores in Chitra Vihar, I.P Extension, Surajmal Vihar and Gazipur Village. Everyday 1586000 Gallons of water is distributed via these facilities and 2.5 Lac people are getting benefited by this. 3. At a cost of Rs.12.20 Crore old water lines were replaced by New one in major part of Vishwas Nagar Constituency. 4. Hand pumps and Sintex Tanks were provided in JJ Colonies and unauthorized colonies for water distribution. 5. Water Lines of every colony is now connected with Bhagirathi water treatment plant which provide Ganga water. All old lines are replaced with new lines and water issues are thing of Past.

Development work in Vishwas Nagar, Delhi  

Development work done by Shri Naseeb Singh in Vishwas Nagar assembly area, Delhi