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Tools for the business side of ministry

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Risk Reducing Strategies for Child Sexual Abuse

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Compare Compensation Profiles for Church Workers

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risk management

Join the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

Reducing the Risk In today’s churches, child sexual abuse is a risk that demands a proactive solution. The solution is Reducing the Risk. Developed by Richard Hammar, Reducing the Risk is the leader in child abuse prevention training, providing easy and innovative training for ministry staff and volunteers. This turn-key program allows you to choose the training that is right for both your volunteers and your church’s budget. Whether you decide to train as a group with the engaging DVD, or one person at a time with our innovative online training at, the Reducing the Risk program comes complete with everything needed to strengthen your child protection policies. For more information visit


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risk management “Keeping children safe is my #1 concern.” David Staal, President Kids Hope USA

“The public will no longer accept church leaders’ excuses for doing nothing” Richard Hammar, J.D., LL M., CPA

Reducing the Risk training includes 10 engaging video segments from David Staal, Richard Hammar and our panel of experts. The video training segments include: 1. Child Protection as the Foundation of Your Ministry 2. A Victim’s Story 3. Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities – An Expert Roundtable 4. Testimony of a Sex Offender 5. Screening & Selection: Your First Line of Defense (with Richard Hammar) 6. Screening & Selection: The Candidate (a short film) 7. Legal Requirements: The Church’s Responsibility to Protect Kids (with Richard Hammar) 8. Supervising Scenarios: What Would You Do? 9. Responding to an Allegation 10. Taking the Next Steps For more information and to view the video trailer visit

Reducing the Risk 3rd Edition Kit

Includes 1 Training DVD, 1 Leader’s Guide, 10 Trainee Workbooks, and 10 Screening Forms & Records Files item #L320S | $149.95 (save 25%)

Reducing the Risk 3rd Edition Leader’s Starter Kit

Includes 1 Training DVD, 1 Leader’s Guide, 1 Trainee Workbook, and 1 Screening Forms & Records File item #L323S | $89.95 (save 15%) Order online | phone 800-222-1840


risk management

Inspection Checklists for Buildings, Programs, and Activities Want to make sure that your church facilities and programs are safe? Start by using these thorough safety and inspection checklists. Each booklet includes pre- and post-event followup tools for your staff to use as they review the grounds, buildings and activities. „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„

Building Maintenance & Accident Prevention......................... item #L631 Fire Prevention & Control. ................................................... item #L632 Reducing Risks Associated with Cold Weather....................... item #L633 Crime Prevention. .............................................................. item #L634 Safeguarding Facilities for Infants & Toddlers. ........................ item #L635 Safeguarding Playgrounds................................................... item #L636 Recreational Facilities & Equipment...................................... item #L637 Reducing Risks Associated with Natural Perils....................... item #L638 Recreational Activities......................................................... item #L639 Transportation & Travel. ...................................................... item #L640 Work Days & Construction Projects....................................... item #L641 Reducing Work-Related Injuries........................................... item #L642

Checklists are available individually ($12.95 each) or as a complete set in a binder.

Kit: All 12 Safety Checklists in 3-Ring Binder item


#L930 | $124.95

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risk management

Manage Your Ministry’s Risk Risk management doesn’t just mean protecting facilities, preventing lawsuits, and lowering costs for a church organization. Use the Risk Management Handbook for Churches and Schools to help develop and implement a risk management strategy that enhances the programs and protects the people of your ministry. With the Risk Management Handbook, you can: „„ Learn crisis management techniques „„ Develop and implement a risk management strategy „„ Safeguard your property for people of all ages „„ Reduce the risk of fire and other natural disaster damage „„ Safeguard against crime and vandalism „„ Implement effective internal controls to protect against embezzlement and theft „„ Reduce the potential for legal liability

Introducing SIMPLE




STEP - BY - STEP is an authoritative, one-stop-shop for all of your church safety needs, including safety assessments, topic overviews and detailed downloads on everything from financial security to food safety. Backed by our panel of respected safety experts, including Richard Hammar, David Staal, Michael Allison, Jack Crabtree, Mike McCarty, Vonna Laue and Kathleen Turpin, is the first and only resource your church will need to meet its safety needs.

Risk Management Handbook for Churches and Schools item

#L630 | $39.95

All 12 Safety Checklists in 3-Ring Binder and Coordinating Risk Management Handbook for Churches and Schools item

#L6930 | $149.90

(more than a 20% savings!)

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legal issues Keep Your Church within the Law The newly revised Pastor, Church & Law is the most comprehensive and practical legal reference for churches and clergy. Richard Hammar answers all your legal questions concerning the church including: employment laws, liability, property laws, government regulations, first amendment issues, and more.

Volume 1: Legal Issues for Pastors


Volume 2: Church Property & Administration


Volume 3: Employment Law


Volume 4: Liability & Church and State Issues


#L417 | $29.95

Richard Hammar uses court cases to help define and explain the legal distinction of ministerial status and its implications. This 431-page volume addresses clergy employment contracts, compensation, termination, legal privileges and conditions of ministers, and the legal authority of ministers on behalf of the church. Also, the more common theories of clergy legal liability are reviewed.

#L416 | $29.95

Dig deeper with Richard Hammar in the 525-page volume as he establishes the legal definition of the church, and the relationship between the law and the Church. Topics covered include: inspection of records, federal reporting requirements, selection and liability of directors and officers, incorporation, organization, zoning laws, and more.

#L415 | $29.95

Learn about employment laws and how they differ in application for churches in comparison to businesses. In this 319-page volume, Richard Hammar provides practical information and realistic examples on human resources topics including: hiring, discrimination, workers’ compensation, immigration, termination, Fair Labor Standards Act, medical leave, and more.

#L414 | $29.95

Learn which local, state, and federal laws and regulations apply to religious organizations and which ones do not. This 607-page volume addresses the church’s legal liability on: negligent employee selection, retention, and supervision, counseling, breach of fiduciary duty, ratification, and defamation. Finally, Richard Hammar discusses the religion clause of the first amendment.

Pastor, Church & Law 4th Edition Complete 4-Volume Set item


#L420S | $99.95 (Save over 15%)

Order online | phone 800-222-1840

legal issues

Train Your Board Members on Legal Issues Most church board members have had little or no training on the vital legal issues your church could face during their term. The 4-Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards is designed to train board members on legal issues in 8 convenient 30-minute sessions. Dr. James F. Cobble Jr. (Ed.D.) and Richard R. Hammar (J.D., LL.M., CPA) present your board with the legal background and understanding necessary to protect themselves, and your church, from harm. item

#L512 | $49.95 Order online | phone 800-222-1840


tax resources

Pre-Order Richard Hammar’s Tax Preparation Essentials Start preparing for next year’s tax season. The Church & Clergy Tax Guide is ready for pre-order now and will ship just in time for you to do your 2009 tax return. You’ll learn how to understand the tax laws and how they apply to you, how to correctly report your federal income taxes and social security taxes, understand relevant exemptions, and reduce your tax liability as much as possible. It’s designed to be a resource for ministers, bookkeepers, attorneys, CPAs and tax practitioners. Plus, unlike other tax publications that lose their shelf life on April 15th, you’ll find yourself referencing this book throughout the year for answers to your tax law questions.


Order online | phone 800-222-1840

tax resources Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches 2010 Tax Resources Audio CD

This audio CD covers all topics related to filing federal tax forms, including: W-2, W-3, 941, 1099, and 1096 forms. Plus it provides a review of church staff tax reporting status, help for setting up and maintaining a business expense plan for the coming year, and an update on housing allowance and parsonage for clergy. item

#L222 | $12.95

Clergy Filing Procedures 2010 Tax Resources Audio CD

This audio CD presents a step-by-step explanation of how to complete your tax forms. It includes rules for filing both as an employee and as self-employed. item

#L223 | $12.95

Update for Church Treasurers 2010 Tax Resources Audio CD

This audio CD summarizes the key legal and tax developments of the past year, plus alerts you to other pending changes. item

#L224 | $12.95

2010 Charitable Contributions Bulletin Inserts

Many donors are unaware of the tax deductions they can claim by properly reporting their charitable contributions. Help your members give more by answering their charitable giving and tax law questions. 100 copies of the insert per set. item

#L4063 | $12.95


Order now for January 2010 shipment.

2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book item #L110 | $39.95 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide in PDF format on CD item #L110C | $39.95 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book, plus the PDF format on CD item #L110S | $74.95 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book, plus 3 Tax Resources Audio CDs item #L932 | $74.95 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book, PDF format on CD, plus 3 Tax Resources Audio CDs item #L932S | $99.95 special offer

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employment NO MORE GUESSING!

Church Compensation Comparisons You Can Trust Have you ever wondered if your salary or your employees’ salaries are competitive when compared to other ministry organizations and churches? Now there’s a resource with solid answers to help you know for sure. Based on the results of a national research campaign The 2010–2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff provides compensation breakdowns according to church size, income budget, and geographical setting. Personal factors such as years employed, denomination, region, gender, and educational training are also taken into account.

Find a comprehensive analysis of compensation practices to help you determine: „„ Base Salary „„ Housing allowance & parsonage „„ Health insurance „„ Retirement „„ Life insurance „„ Continuing education „„ And much more! Compare compensation profiles for key church positions, including: „„ Senior Pastor „„ Solo Pastor „„ Associate Pastor „„ Administrative Pastor „„ Adult Ministry Director „„ Youth Pastor „„ Music/Choir/Worship Director „„ Children’s/Preschool Director „„ Administrator „„ Bookkeeper „„ Secretary „„ Custodian „„ Part-Time Musician/Vocalist

Order now for October 2009 shipment. The 2010–2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff item

#L4080 | $34.95

The 2010–2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff on CD in PDF format item

#L4080C | $34.95

special offer The 2010–2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff Book and CD item


#L4080S | $59.95

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employment Hire the Right People for Your Ministry The Selection and Screening Kit for MINISTERS

Selecting a new pastor is a challenging and important task for any congregation. This kit will help guide you through a successful application and interview process from start to finish. The kit includes one copy of the book Selecting and Screening Church Workers, 10 application forms, and 10 interview booklets. item

#L910 | $79.95

The Selection and Screening Kit for CHURCH EMPLOYEES

Ensure that your church finds and hires the right people for your open positions. Use this kit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of job candidates by running solid background checks, contacting both personal and professional references, and asking strong interview questions. The kit includes the Selecting and Screening Church Workers book and 10 Application Booklets for Church Employment. item

#L911 | $39.95

Did You Know?

A federal court ruled that churches must comply with the immigration reporting requirements even if compliance would violate their religious convictions.

–Adapted from Selecting & Screening Church Workers book (included in all 4 kits)

The Selection and Screening Kit for CHURCH VOLUNTEERS

Select your volunteer workers with care by making sure that they are first qualified for the job. This kit will help you collect the information you need to select your church volunteers wisely. The kit includes the Selecting and Screening Church Workers book and 10 Volunteer Service Booklets. item

#L912 | $39.95

The Employment Application SAMPLER KIT

Be prepared for all your future interviews with ministers, employees, and volunteers with this application sampler kit. The kit includes one copy of the Application Booklet for Ministers, Volunteers and Employment, plus the Selecting and Screening Church Workers book. item

#L913 | $22.95

Order online | phone 800-222-1840


special reports Quick & Easy Updates on Critical Issues that Concern the Church Can Church Members Examine Church Records?

This special report discusses how much legal authority church members have to inspect church records, including: financial records, membership lists, corporate documents, board and member meeting minutes, tax records and more. item

#L803 | $9.95

Are Your Church’s Board Members at Legal Risk? This special report summarizes several different theories of liability, along with a description of immunity laws that provide uncompensated officers and directors with limited protection in most states. item

#L804 | $9.95

Does Unrelated Business Income Tax Affect Your Church?

This special report explains the background and application of tax on the net income generated by tax-exempt organizations from unrelated business or trade that applies to churches. item

#L805 | $9.95

Find more special reports on other topics concerning the church at 12

Is Your Church Violating the Fair Labor Standards Act?

This special report familiarizes you with the requirements issued by the Department of Labor re-defining “exempt” vs. “non-exempt” employees, and how they apply specifically to churches. item

#L809 | $9.95

Purchasing Church Insurance: What Church Leaders Need to Know

This special report walks you through questions to help you decide whether or not your church needs insurance and what kind, optimal coverage amount, where to obtain coverage, and more. item #L810 | $9.95

Did You Know?

Contract Liability: If you sign a contract as a church board member, you may be personally liable on contracts that you sign without authority. As a board member you may be personally liable on contracts you are authorized to sign but that are signed in your own name without any reference to the church or to your representational capacity.

—From the Special Report: Are Your Church’s Board Members at Legal Risk? Item #L804

Order online | phone 800-222-1840

short Section term–Missions Heading Do Short-Term Missions Trips = Christian Tourism? If we’re honest, many of us would admit that this is often true, but it’s not what we want. We make plans for a life-changing trip, but after the trip we realize things are back to normal? So how do we turn a short-term trip into lasting change? Round Trip is a 5-session documentary DVD and curriculum to prepare your team for an effective, life-changing trip. You’ll cover the practical prep stuff, but you’ll go beyond that to equip your team emotionally and spiritually to get ready to go…and to return. Over 90 minutes of documentary video capturing the experiences of two short-term missions teams: one from North Carolina and the other from Kenya.

Free Shipping! Round Trip DVD and Curriculum item

#STMDVD | $29.95

Round Trip Participant’s Guide item

#STMPG | $9.95

*Recommended for each team member*

For bulk pricing and more details about Round Trip, visit Order online | phone 800-222-1840


office Weekly scripture verse

12 months at a glance

“I use the Planner constantly…It’s really our lifeline around here to keep us all on the same page.” —Cynthia

Daily appointment log

Daily notes and to do list

Office Tip

Extra Space for Notes and Messages

church office planner 2010 Establish and organize your church’s plans with the Church Office Planner 2010, designed exclusively for church offices. With an updated design for 2010, the Church Office Planner remains the reliable desk organizer, planning calendar, and appointment book that thousands of you have relied on year after year. Features include: „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„

12 month calendar for 2010 & 2011 2-year church calendar 2-year civil calendar Advance planner for 2011 Advent planner Baptismal Record Borrowed church property list

„„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„

Church key list Common lectionary Holy week planner Hospitalized members list Phone/e-mail directory Special dates and events planner

Church Office Planner 2010

Keep your church and your work organized! item


#M2010 | $19.95

Order online | phone 800-222-1840

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Reducing the Risk Kit Reducing the Risk Leader’s Starter Kit 12 Safety Checklists in 3-ring binder 12 Safety Checklists in 3-ring binder & Risk Management Handbook Risk Management Handbook for Churches and Schools Legal Issues for Pastors: Volume 1 of Pastor, Church & Law, 4th Edition Church Property & Administration: Volume 2 of Pastor, Church & Law 4th Edition Employment Law: Volume 3 of Pastor, Church & Law, 4th Edition Liability & Church and State Issues: Volume 4 of Pastor, Church & Law 4th Edition Pastor, Church & Law 4th Edition 4 Volume Set The 4-Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide on CD 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book & CD Set 2010 Church & Clergy Tax Guide book, CD, & 3 audio CDs Set 2010 Charitable Contributions Bulletin Inserts (100 inserts per set) The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff The Employment Application Sampler Kit Round Trip DVD and Curriculum Round Trip Participant Guide Church Office Planner 2010 Essential Guide to Church Finances

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new! — effectively manage your church finances

• Plan strategically • Implement internal controls • Communicate financial information • Assess performances • Prepare for audits item


#L520 | $49.95

Order online | phone 800-222-1840


Managing money is a complex task for any church. The Essential Guide to Church Finances will help you strategize, organize, measure, communicate, protect, and audit the numbers for your ministry. Find the information you need to:

Your Church Resources Summer 2009 Catalog  

Great resources from Richard Hammar!

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