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Happy Father’s Day

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Volume 8

Your Local Family Magazine

September 2020

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Welcome to Our September Online Magazine

Does anyone else think that this year is really confusing? The days and weeks seem to go on forever, with no end in sight ... but some how the months are flying by! I cannot believe that September and Spring are already here, and the School Holidays are just around the corner. What a challenge these School Holidays will be, finding new ways to keep the little ones entertained. Hopefully we may be allowed to visit the local playgrounds and parks. Hannah cannot wait to get back out and visit the local parks, she asking almost daily. (If not, we will be doing lots of walking and bike riding as we really need to get outside and enjoy all the beautiful spring sunshine.) With the release of the new children’s book series about Patch, (written for the Pat Cornin Foundation), Your Child Magazine’s is running a Book Competition to win one of the Patch books see page 8 for more details and page 6 for the book review. Kids Corner this month is celebrating Spring and Father’s Day. There are two puzzles to do, a Backyard Scavenger Hunt (to get us all outside and enjoying the beautiful weather) and a Father’s Day Quiz - all about your dad! Kids in the Kitchen finds Darcy and Dexter, cooking up some yummy treats - Scrabbled Eggs and Bacon for a Father’s Day Breaky and Chocolate Chip Cookies, cause ... we just can! With the kids underfoot all the time it is hard to find a nice quiet space for a quick cuppa and a chance to read, on page 36 we have something you can do with your Kids. All you need is a little imagination, a few toys from the play area and a break from remote learning. There is also a sweet story about a Little Turtle and his friends on page 22, that you could read together. Wishing all the Father’s, Grandfather’s and Step Father’s ... a very Happy Father’s Day,

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Be Wise -

Together We Can

The legacy of Coward Punch victim, Pat Cronin, has taken another important step to help educate young people in feeling empowered to 'Be Wise' and never use violence.

to get into the new school playground and how one child makes a wrong choice in pushing a playmate off the slide because he wanted to be first.

On 25 August, the Pat Cronin Foundation launched three inspirational and touching story books written for primary school-aged children that it hopes will be shared with every young student in Australia. Each book includes teacher notes and classroom activities.

The second book called The Four Square Challenge centres on children playing a ball game, which leads up to a challenge that takes an unexpected turn in the final practice game and leaves one girl learning an important lesson.

Matt Cronin, Pat's father and founding director of the Pat Cronin Foundation, said it is very important that from the earliest possible age, children are taught and learn to understand that physical aggression is never okay.

The third book called Footy Fever covers an important Aussie Rules football match in which Patch is captain of the Rockets and Maya is captain of the Sharks, both players in year 6. While everyone on the ground was well behaved, one player wanted to make a name for himself at all costs and soon learnt a valuable lesson about teamwork.

The three books are written by Maureen Hyland who taught at Pat's primary school and was inspired by Pat in creating the characters, colours and commentary. They feature wonderfully expressive illustrations by educational illustrator, Bruce Rankin.

The story books form a critical part of the Foundation's Be Wise Education program by introducing children to its important messages of 'Be wise, think carefully and act kindly'.

All profit from sales of the books will go to the Pat Cronin Foundation, which honours Pat by providing an optimistic voice to awareness, education and research about the Coward Punch. Each book includes a story around Patch, a boy who goes to Searchers Road Primary School, starting with him in early primary, mid primary and upper primary. Teacher notes and activities that are age specific are included at the back of each book and via a website link.

General manager of the Foundation, Geoff Smith, applauded Matt and Robyn Cronin who are determined that Pat's life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation of losing their son in such a senseless way.

The first book called The New Playground revolves around children desperately wanting

“Pat was a normal kid brought up in a normal family living in a normal suburb. If this tragedy

“The books were specifically written to help reinforce that we all need to Be Wise when interacting with others and we need to think carefully before we act,” said Matt Cronin.“ The sooner children learn our Be Wise message then the sooner we will achieve our mission to 'End the Coward Punch'. Cultural change starts at a young age.”

End the Coward Punch can happen to them, it can happen to anyone. “While we have an active secondary school program that informs students about Pat and his story, these story books are designed to reach out to primary school students to help them reflect on attitudes and behaviours around anger and aggression. The aim is for students to feel empowered to develop their own action plan to 'Be Wise' and to never use violence.”

Author's Note: A boy with little spikes of blonde hair, eyes that sparkled with curiosity and the cheekiest of smiles—that's the image of Pat that warms me; that breaks me; that inspires me. Pat was 5 years old when he started attending the school where I taught. I first met him in the playground, dressed in his blue and yellow uniform; this happy, caring, fun-filled little boy seemed ready to take every day of life in his stride—and he did.

The books can be purchased from and are priced at $20 each or $50 for the set of three. A 20 per cent discount applies for any schools.

While this story is fictional, I have drawn on my knowledge of Pat, his personality and his life, and included some features that reflect the young man being honoured in these books.

Background: On Saturday the 16th of April 2016, 19-year-old Pat Cronin went out for a quiet night. He was punched from behind whilst assisting a mate. Pat was later taken to hospital and two days later his family made the agonising decision to turn off his life support system.

Throughout the series of books, I have used the name Patch for the main character as this was one of Pat's nicknames. Another of Pat's nicknames, bestowed upon him by his football coach, is Skipper. The owl in the story, a creation of Pat's, has been honoured with the same nickname. The colours of the school and football uniforms were worn by Pat.

Quietly spoken and gentle natured but with a fierce determination, Pat was enormously popular and had a deep love for his family and friends. His death left a gaping hole in his family's lives and caused devastation amongst not only family but also his friends and the broader communities in which the Cronin’s have been involved.

Every word in these books is dedicated primarily to Pat, but also to his parents Matt and Robyn, his sister Emma and brother Lucas who have vowed to ensure Pat will always be remembered. Inspired by a beautiful image every day—what a privilege this has been for me. - Maureen Hyland (Author)

Matt and Robyn Cronin are determined that Pat's life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation we now face as a result of his senseless death. Since the Foundation was established in 2016, it has raised more than $1 million with funds directly being used to help people feel empowered to make change through wise decisions. Visit:

Download the picture of Skipper the Owl from our website: Answer the Question below, Colouring in is optional: Skipper the Owl’s message is to Be Wise, think carefully and act kindly. What is something you do to follow Skipper’s advice? Fill in your Name, Age and Contact Details Take a photo and email to: Competition Closes 28/9/2020



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Billy’s Junction will keep serving all your favourite meal with contact less delivery or takeaway.

Restaurant & CafĂŠ Shop 1 & 2, 1435 Plenty Road, Mernda Junction Shopping Centre Phone - 03 9715 2393 To advertise in Your Child in Whittlesea Call 0455 312 166


h a n n a H h t i w Hanging Taunton Park Taunton Drive, Bundoora

With the Spring sunshine around Hannah, rugged up against the cold and headed out to Taunton Park in Bundoora for a play. Taunton Park is a lovely neighbourhood playground with plenty to spark your child’s interests - with climbing equipment, a slide, spinner, swings, and play shop front window. The park has some beau ful old trees around which give it a cosy feel. There is a half basket ball court, a bbq, shelter, table and benches, sea ng to watch your child play, a drink tap, and a rubbish bin. However, this playground dose not have a toilet. Hannah’s Tip of the Month - Don’t forget to look out for the pre y Spring Flowers!


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We can’t wait to see you back on court soon!


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Who makes an ideal egg donor? People often wonder what sort of woman donates her eggs and what qualities you should look for. Donors are preferably: Ÿ

aged between 25-36 years. Women younger than this may not be able to fully appreciate the implications of donating. Older women are likely to have decreased fertility and therefore chance of success but may still be able to donate if they are fertile.


already mothers themselves. Women who are mothers have proven fertility and can perhaps better understand the consequences of donating.


It is also preferable, although not essential, if they have completed their family.


healthy - physically, mentally and in terms of lifestyle.


motivated by a desire to help others. It is not legal to pay


donors; however, they can of course be reimbursed for travel and medical expenses. Ÿ sensible and settled. It is advisable that their life is fairly stable and that they have a good support network. If someone is recovering from a recent break up or has started a new job, it may be difficult for them to cope with medical appointments and procedures. Ÿ

prepared to be identified to the child, as Victorian legislation requires this.

You may have preferences regarding your donor's appearance or cultural background. However, it is just as important that you share the same views as to how your arrangement will work and that you 'click' with her. Remember that your potential child will be genetically linked with your donor, so it is important that you get along.

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n e h c t i K e h t n i s Kid With Darcy Father’s day Breaky scrambled eggs & bacon

Ingredients 2 eggs, beaten a pinch or 2 of salt a couple of shakes of pepper 4 tbs milk 1 tbs bu er 1 rasher of bacon 1 slice of toast 1/4 tbs chopped parsley/chives (for garnish)

Method Step 1 - Mix eggs, salt, pepper and milk. Step 2 - Melt bu er in saucepan, add egg mixture. Step 3 - Allow to thicken over gentle hest, s rring con nuously. (Do not overcook.) Step 4 - Spray frying pan with oil and fry bacon, turning as it cooks, make toast. Step 5 - Plate up on a nice plate for dad and garnish with parsley or chives.

n e h c t i K e h t n i Kids With Dexter Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients 125g bu er 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 1 egg 1&3/4 cups self-raising our 1/4 tsp salt 150g milk chocolate

Method Step 1 - Preheat oven to 180C. Line backing trays with backing paper. Step 2 - In a mixing bowl, cream the bu er, sugar and vanilla. Step 3 - Add the egg, then the our and salt. Mix un l combined. Step 4 - S r in chocolate chips. Step 5 - Roll into teaspoon - sized balls and place on prepared trays. Leave enough room for the mixture to spread as it cooks. Bake for 8 - 12 minutes. Remove from oven when golden on top, leave on the tray for a few minutes before con nuing to cool on a wire rack.

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The Whi lesea Agricultural Society Inc. has, with much considera on, decided to cancel the 2020 Annual Whi lesea Show. The con nuing restric ons associated with COVID-19, especially the management of social-distancing and the possible risk to public health during large events were the major factors for this decision. The uncertainty of knowing when these restric ons would be li ed has made it very diďŹƒcult to forward plan for our annual show. We take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the show including our many


supporters, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, local community groups, stall holders, entertainers etc. We know that for some of these groups the Whi lesea Show provides a major contribu on to their fundraising and annual income and we are saddened that we are unable to assist by providing an event this year. We look forward to providing our 161st Whi lesea Show on the 6th & 7th of November in 2021.

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Kids Corner Bikes Colourful Gardens Grass Green Flowers November October Playing Puddles Rain Rainbows September Sunshine Vegetables Walking Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Whittlesea Contact us: Kids Corner PO Box 280 Doreen 3754 email: ph: 0455 312 166 0455 312and 166mention Your Child In Whittlesea27 26To advertise in Your Child in Whittlesea Call Shop Local

Kids Corner Spring

10 Differences to find CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL

Kids Corner 2 feathers a beautiful rock something fuzzy 2 kinds of leaves 4 stones a stick something round something you think is a treasure pine cone, gum nut or seed 5 flowers 6 blades of grass something that sparkles Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Whittlesea Contact us: Kids Corner PO Box 280 Doreen 3754 email: ph: 0455 312 166 0455 312and 166mention Your Child In Whittlesea27 26To advertise in Your Child in Whittlesea Call Shop Local

MY DAD My Dad is ________________years old His hair is_________________________ and his eyes are __________________ My Dad likes to wear _______________________________________________ He loves to eat ___________________________________________________ He is very good at _________________________________________________ He is not very good at______________________________________________ My Dad works hard at ______________________________________________ My Dad always tells me _____________________________________________ It makes my Dad happy when ________________________________________ If he could go on a holiday he would go to:______________________________ and he would take _________________________________________________ I really love it when he______________________________________________ If I could give my Dad anything it would be _____________________________ My favourite thing about my Dad is ___________________________________ I Love You Dad, From _______________________________________________

Happy Father’s Day 2020


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St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School “Engaging With Our Contemporary World” 2021 PREP ENROLMENTS OPEN “I think therefore I am.” (Rene Descartes - French Philosopher 1596 - 1650)

“Our class is like a persuasive piece of writing or a tug of war, sharing different perspectives, finding ways to agree, bouncing off each other, looking for answers, trying to persuade each other.” (Year Five Student) “I used to just look on the surface, here I am challenged to go beyond.” (Year Six Student)

Please explore our school website, take a virtual school tour (to experience our unique contemporary learning culture, based on the Cultures of Thinking through a Christian perspective) and access the Enrolment Information link on the Home Page. To secure a place for PREP 2021, please return the Enrolment form via email or post. Families will be contacted for an online interview via Zoom, Facetime etc.

80 Bassetts Road Doreen 3754 Phone: 9216 2000 or email: Website: Principal: Mr Phil Doherty