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October 2016


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EditorsLetter Welcome to a new chapter in the life of Your Child in Whittlesea we are pleased to introduce our new editor Rachel Toal; Rachel will transition into the position over the next couple months with the help of Head Office, I know you will make her welcome, we certainly do. If you have any queries in the interim please feel free to give me call. We have some great reading this month starting with part two of Bedtime Stories on page 6, on page 8 a must read is Icy pole Parenting and with summer approaching some tips on Building water confidence in your older child on page 12. Stumped for what to feed the kids for breakfast then page 24 with Quick Breakfast may provide some welcome answers. The children have Halloween to look forward to on the 31st October we celebrate this festival, check out Kids Corner this month with a colouring in page and some scary spider cakes for them to make! Have some fun in the kitchen! Remember we welcome contributions from our readers and their children if you have something that may interest your local community please share it with us. Maybe you are a community group with an upcoming event that could be included in What’s On. I hope you enjoy our October edition, till next month,


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Bedtime Stories


From good readers to successful learners

by Asi Sharabi

Sitting with your child in a relaxed environment while reading to them has countless benefits as a parent. That special moment promotes 'bonding and helps to build a strong and honest relationship, laying the groundwork for the childs later social, communication and interpersonal skills.

Venotha Jeyarajah, Sydney mother of two and full-time tax accountant, believes books that put your child at the centre of the story will help spark their creativity. “I read to my boys every night and I have found that the best way to engage their attention is to provide them with stories where they are the main characters. Stories that can take them on a journey where they can experience an adventure that wouldn't normally be in an average storytelling book.”

Setting up children for success early on is a great parenting technique to ensure great educational development in the future. To read to your child is an important activity which helps build knowledge and the skills your child will use at school. From my experience, children whose parents spend time reading to them become good readers and good readers are usually successful learners”. Books that promote edutainment encourage stimulation of the mind, and help the two parts of the brain work together; the thinking side and the artistic side, and this can produce amazing results”. How edutainment can make a difference Edutainment is the best way for children to ally the best education and entertainment. Thanks to books, computer games, television programs, online material, children have an advantage in acquiring skills that might not have been available to us 30 years ago. Jeskara Gordon Psychologists says “when looking for a book to read to your child, look for something engaging, a story that can trigger their imagination while at the same time, prompting the child to expand on their creativity”. 6

The advantages of edutainment are clear; Gordon believes “to keep your child engaged while trying to educate them can sometimes be difficult. This is where edutainment is important, giving the child access to an enjoyable method of learning, inspiring the way they view education in the future”. § “It really promotes the importance of having

§ § § §

an active role and participating in each other's lives Choose the right book! Make sure it is a topic that is interesting and engaging for the child Get comfortable! Ensure you and your child are sitting comfortably Make funny / scary / silly voices! Interact with the child and keep him/her engaged Enjoy reading the story and cherish this special moment

Lost My Name is a marvellously unusual, award winning startup that plays in the intersection between storytelling and technology. Its mission is to give every grownup creative superpowers, to make magical, meaningful connections with a child. www.lostmy.name.com

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Icy Pole


ids love icy poles. It doesn't matter if it's a hot or cold day, if the canteen has icy poles, kids buy them. Have you ever wondered why? I have a theory.

Yes, they are cold and get sweeter as they melt. But they are also messy. My theory is this: Kids love icy poles because they last so long. A tiny icy pole can last most of recess, if managed correctly. Other snacks are gone in a couple of seconds. We all get angry. When we are ignored or disobeyed by our kids, we feel underappreciated and over-worked and it begins to wear on us. And then we get angry. We become 'mad as a hornet', 'barking mad', 'hopping mad', 'boiling mad'… Nobody ever says, “I'm as mad as an icy pole.” Why? Because icy poles are cool, long-lasting and sweet. Before it entered a child's grasp, every icy pole spent a long time in the freezer. Likewise, if we want to be icy pole parents, we need to spend some time – before the fact – getting ready for the angry times that will inevitably come our way. Here are some tips for being an icy pole parent. Get off the Maddercycle – I get mad at my child. That makes me mad at myself. Now I'm madder at my child for making me mad at myself. I hate being mad. So, now I'm madder because I got mad. I don't want to ride this beast anymore! Break the cycle by recognising it and getting off.


Embrace your Emotions – When you feel something, you can change it. Emotion creates desire. That's its purpose. Listen to your emotions and ask yourself, “What do I want to change?” Then create a strategy to make the change. Give ME a Break – Two meanings here: First, stop picking on yourself. We all make mistakes. Leave them in the past and move forward away from them. Second, go do something you love. Go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee, create something. Take a break just for ME. Heal your hurts – We all have unresolved anger from our present and past. Parenting will bring these things up and out. When they emerge, don't push them back under. Face and fix them.

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Parenting Prepare and Prevent – There are some situations that always make you boil. If you cannot send someone else, plan some strategies. Change the situation by mixing things up: What will you add or subtract? Create an exit strategy: How can you cut it short? Have a support person: Who can you ask for support? If you must go in, go in prepared. Communicate – We are not meant to do life alone. We are born into community and we get stronger as our communities grow. Without communication there is no community. Using our words to share our emotions builds relationships and resilience. The best way to

by Dave Edgren teach this to our children is to model it. Talk about everything. Talk about feelings. Talk about joys and hardships. Talking makes us human. So, before you get angry, choose a new metaphor – “I'm as mad as an icy pole.” You might always be a bit messy, but with preparation, you'll stay cool no matter how hot the day gets and grow sweeter with time.

Dave Edgren is a storyteller, author & mentor. Dave writes from a primary school in Melbourne where he spends his days playing games with kids and talking about things that matter. Learn more about Dave: valuesinstory.blogspot.com.au

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Easy Ways to Build Water I've spent years working with kids who suffer from fear of water. This anxiety manifests in myriad ways: crying, screaming, refusal to try, clinging to Mum or Dad, or ignoring me entirely. As a practiced swimming instructor, parents often ask me if they can work with their fearful child at home to avoid these issues during class time. Of course, the answer is "yes". In fact, I recommend parents start working with their children as early as possible, even before taking lessons, to establish happy memories with the water. If your child is water-shy, try these tips for boosting their confidence and maximizing productive lesson time. Make It Fun In all my time teaching kids to swim, I've come to learn that the most difficult fear for children to overcome is putting their eyes in the water. Most kids have no problem blowing bubbles from their mouth and nose, but when it comes to immersing their eyes, nearly every child experiences some hesitation. Getting past this is essential for learning to swim because holding the head up makes swimming an immensely tiresome effort. Thankfully, working through this is simple with the help of toys. Sinking toys provide the perfect solution for eyes-in practice. Start with easy-to-grab toys like dive sticks or rings. Not only do they have a large gripping surface, they also stand up in the water so your child won't have to reach down as far to snag them. Once your child feels comfortable with this move on to toys that sit lower to the bottom and items that are more difficult to pick up such as coins. These sinkers require your child to submerge farther and longer, allowing them to practice a steady, slow exhale. 12

Floating toys are equally as beneficial for building water confidence. Whether or not your child can swim on their own, reaching for toys that sit on top of the water provides essential arm extension practice. My floating toy of choice is a Ping-Pong ball because it has to be grabbed from overhead with arm out of the water. This is the exact movement kids will need to perform the front crawl when they're ready. But don't feel like you need to buy specialized toys for reaching/retrieval games. You can simply toss a couple pieces of fruit into the water. If you have access to a local pool or water park, take your child there to check out their wave pools, slides, and wading areas. These nonthreatening play-zones are the perfect introduction to water as a fun place, and there's really no "swimming" required. Make It Theirs Aside from purely recreational toys, I find that kids are inspired by having their own equipment. Giving your child their own swim gear allows them a sense of ownership over the water, making swimming easier to conquer. Luckily, kids swim gear is fairly cheap. Think about investing in a set of fins or a pair of goggles. Fins are a wonderful confidencebuilding tool because they amp up propulsion and make kids feel more than human. Also, fins correct poor habits like bicycle kicking and flailing the legs high out of the water. They do this simply by working better when used in the right position and providing less propulsion when used in the wrong position. Alternatively, goggles allow kids to feel more comfortable putting their face in the water.

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Confidence with Your Older Child by Lizzy Bullock

A student of mine, Piper, had some intense anxiety putting her eyes in the water as many kids do. She spent two summers blowing bubbles from the mouth and nose, but refused to lower her eyes into the pool and often broke into tears when she was asked to. I suggested that her mom try goggles, so she let Piper pick out an inexpensive pair adorned with Finding Nemo characters. During her next lesson, Piper put her face right in the water without a second thought. Involve Family and Friends Pool time spent with family and friends is an excellent way to arouse your child's swimming spirit. Even if they're frightened, I've found that lessons that include a sibling, cousin or other close friend or relative help to spur children onward. While private lessons may be essential for children who have difficulty focusing, most

kids are inspired by other students learning the same skills. Seeing a child perform these skills makes it easier for them to visualize themselves doing it. Also, if your children have a sibling rivalry, this can be beneficial in a learning environmentâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;motivating kids to try harder, despite their anxieties. Kids who suffer from fear of water need to have more positive experiences to motivate them to try new skills. A child who thinks of water as a scary place has no incentive to put their face in, push away from the side, or try to locomote on their own; a child who thinks of the pool as fun and exciting wants to try new things and explore the underwater environment, making learning to swim that much easier. Lizzy Bullock is a Red Cross certified swimming instructor (WSI) with a decade of experience helping children overcome fear and swim independently. Lizzy currently works as a swimming instructor and staff writer for <a href="https://www.aquagear.com/">AquaGear</a>, a swim school and online swim shop.

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What can I use

oes bribery work as a method of behavioural change? First, let's look at the definition of bribery. Bribery is when an incentive is offered after an inappropriate behaviour has started. Let's think about this scenario: Susie is at the shopping centre and with her child James and he asks “mum, can I have a lolly?” Susie responds with “no, you've had enough sugar today” and James proceeds to fall to the ground yelling and screaming about wanting a lolly and how Susie is the worst mum in the world. In order to stop the embarrassment Susie responds with “if you get up and stop yelling, I will buy you a lolly.” James immediately stops, stands up and starts walking toward the lolly aisle wondering which lolly he will choose. Susie walks away embarrassed, hoping people stop staring. The immediate result of this example is that J a m e s h a s sto p p e d ye l l i n g a n d t h e embarrassment for Susie has subsided. What is the lesson that James has taken from this situation? He has learnt that getting upset and making a scene works in terms of getting him what he wants. Next time Susie says “no” to something, James is likely to display the same behaviour as past experience has taught him that it works. Although bribery works 'in the moment' we can see from the example above that it is not ideal in terms of longer term teaching. So what other options does Susie have? Behavioural Contracts are more positive and proactive and can support the teaching of skills. A behavioural contract is set up before any inappropriate behaviour is seen. Usually, they are targeted towards situations where the likelihood of a challenging behaviour being seen 14

is high and you want to teach the child the appropriate alternative. The idea of the 'contract' is that there is a behavioural expectation placed on the child and they are rewarded when they display the appropriate behaviour. In the case of Susie and James, Susie could have set up the behavioural contract as they were driving to, or walking into the supermarket. The most effective behavioural contracts are specific in their expectations and easy for the child to understand. For example; if Susie asked James to be a “good shopper” with her, she needs to be specific as to what this entails. It could include things such as: not asking for a lolly, walking next to mum/holding mum's hand, etc. These are the behavioural expectations that Susie has for James. The next step is to set up the reward with James. If he can be a 'good shopper' then he can earn a reward. This could be an item (lolly/book, etc.); an experience (going to the park/café with mum) or a privilege (choosing dinner one night/picking the family movie to watch on Sunday). The only rule of thumb is that it has to be motivating for your child. Remember also, that if the child does

not display the appropriate behaviour, they do not earn the reward. We do however; want the child to be successful so for this reason we want the expectation to be realistic and achievable. Behavioural contracts can be used in a number of different situations and can be easily set up with the 'if/then' rule. Just remember to set it up beforehand to ensure that it is a behavioural contract and not bribery!

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instead of bribery?

by Cara Small

Tips for setting up a successful behavioural contract to enable behaviour change: Ÿ

Be specific and realistic regarding your expectations Ÿ

Include a reward which is motiving for your child Ÿ

Set it up with your child beforehand when you expect they may misbehave

Cara Small is a Psychologist at Step by Step Psychology in Blackburn. She enjoys working with children and their families, and has a particular interest in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Spring into action with your camera

by Melisa Savickas


ow that the sun has well and truly come out after a cold winter, kids want to go outside and get some fresh air! Take your kids to the playground for some active play and revitalise your mind as well. Take along your camera or mobile phone and get ready to record some fun photos of your laughing and running kids exploring their local playground. Melisa’s 5 basic tips for success

Œ Preparation – Dress your children in clean clothes in bright colours to stand out from the equipment.  Timing – Go to the park when the sun in out and warm – spring can still be pretty fresh and cool in the wind! Bring a warm jacket and hat too – just incase. Ž Location – Try the park down your street or be adventurous and drive to that park you’ve seen a thousand times but never managed to stop with the kids – they will love a new place to play!  Position – Sit on the ground or chip bark right in front of your child and point your lens at them – photos taken at eye level to a child are more engaging and show the world from their point of view.  Background – Move your body to a spot where you can avoid other kids in your line of sight and take a good photo of your child. Also look out for other play equipment appearing to ‘stick out of’ your child’s head in the background – not such a great look! Getting the perfect photo You need to be patient and take lots of photos to make sure you are focusing on your child’s face. It’s very tricky to get the perfect expression and 18

focus on small children’s faces as they are very quick to move around. Most compact cameras and phone cameras don’t have super-fast shutter speed and can suffer from a delay in the time from when you take the photo and the actual recording of the image. This is really frustrating and can be improved in some cases by having a higher quality memory card (faster write speed) in your camera. If you take lots of photos, you can delete the ones that don’t work and keep the good ones. Try to let your little people play as they wish and you do all of the work running after them, to try to record their cute and innocent activities without pushing them to ‘Smile!’… Relax and let the sunny day lead the way. Melisa Savickas is a family and child Photographer and mother to 2 year old twins. Photograph by www.melisasavickas.com

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s On in Whittlesea

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Diwali - The festival of Lights Sat 15th October 10:30am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9.30pm Buttercross Park, Mernda Village Dr Diwali - the festival of lights a celebration of multiculturalism in the City of Whittlesea http://www.whittleseadiwali.org.au/

THE WILDERNESS CAMP ELLIMATTA FUN RUN 94 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd, Kinglake, Victoria 3763 9th October 9am-12pm For more information and to register, please visit the event website EllimattaYouth.org.au/fun-run/ 20

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Rockin' @ Redleap

Free Kids Mornings! Westfield Plenty Valley Little ones can be entertained every Tuesday during term time from 10am - 1pm.

Sunday, 23 October 2016 12.00pm - 3.00pm Redleap Reserve, Redleap Avenue, Mill Park Join us in celebrating Children's Week at this fun, free event featuring: 路interactive stage performances 路face painting 路art workshops 路storytelling

Find our Kids Morning events Centre court, near Aldi. Tues 4 Oct | Mike the Knight Appearance Tues 11 Oct | Glasses Craft Workshop

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Tues 18 Oct | Lego Fun


Little Turtle Tells a Story Every day at school, Little Turtle watched his friends zoom past. He would try to say “Good morning” to his friends, but they moved so fast he never finished the word “Good” before they were gone and he was left to finish the “morning” all by himself. Little Rabbit would thump thump thump toward Little Turtle, causing a dust storm to billow behind him. Little Turtle would get ready, open his mouth and slowly say, “Good” just as one fast foot slapped the ground in front of him. Little Bird would flit flit flit her wings as she dipped and dove through the air. Little Turtle would look up, open his mouth and start to slowly say, “Good” just in time to get a blast of air up his nose from Little Bird's wings. Little Fox would swish swish swish his tail as he dodged left and right. When Little Turtle saw the swishing tail in the distance, he would step into Fox's path and slowly say, “Good” just in time to see Little Fox swish and dodge right around him. The teacher saw this happen every day and encouraged the other students to play with Little Turtle.

and-tell because he was so quiet, small and slow. It took forever for him to show his special item and tell the story to the class. But today was different. Little Turtle brought out a pot of tea and some small tea cups. He slowly set the tea cups on the desks of Little Rabbit, Little Bird and Little Fox. Then he poured steaming hot tea into the tea cups from a beautiful old porcelain tea pot. Once he had finished pouring, he returned to the front of the classroom, poured himself a cup, and slowly said, “Please enjoy your tea.” The students quickly grabbed their tea cups. “It's too hot!” They all said as they set their cups back down. Little Turtle smiled a slow happy kind of smile and said, “I'd like to tell you a story.” Little Rabbit blew on his tea. “When your tea is finished,” Little Turtle said, “the story will be finished.” Little Bird fluttered her wings above her tea cup. “Once, there was a little turtle,” Little Turtle said.

“He's too quiet,” Little Rabbit said. “He's too small,” Little Bird said.

Little Fox swished his tail over his tea. “He's too slow,” Little Fox said. Day after day, the teacher would ask them to play with Little Turtle and they would say the same things about him. One day it was Little Turtle's turn for show-and-tell. The other students hated it when Little Turtle had show22

“And he had the very best of friends,” Little Turtle said. Little Rabbit sipped his tea, “Yum!” He whispered.

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by Dave Edgren

“His friends were a rabbit, a bird and a fox,” Little Turtle said.

Then Little Turtle lifted his own tea cup and took a long slow sip.

“Just like us!” Little bird said as she pecked at her tea.

Nobody seemed to mind.

“Every day the turtle loved to watch his friends play,” Little Turtle said. Little Fox was holding his tea cup in his hands and resting it on his tummy as he listened to Little Turtle. He took a small sip. “Delicious!” he whispered. “But he didn't play with them,” Little Turtle said, “or even get to say 'Good morning,' to them.” “Because he's too quiet?” Little Rabbit asked, whispering into his tea. “Because he's too small?” Little Bird tweeted, sitting on the edge of her tea cup. “Because he's too slow?” Little Fox questioned, still holding his full tea cup. “Because,” Little Turtle said, “his friends were too fast.”

“Wouldn't it be nice,” Little Turtle asked in a quiet small slow voice that everyone heard perfectly, “if we all just slowed down, once in a while?” His friends all smiled and nodded as they took quiet small slow sips from their tea cups. Finally, the teacher spoke. “Perhaps, Little Turtle could bring a pot of tea again tomorrow?” “Yes!” all the students said. “And,” Fox added, “tell us another story!” Everyone sipped their tea. “I would love that,” Little Turtle said. “You're the best friends, ever!” Dave Edgren is a storyteller, author & mentor. Dave writes from a primary school in Melbourne where he spends his days playing games with kids and talking about things that matter. Learn more about Dave: valuesinstory.blogspot.com.au

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Quick Breakfasts with Vegetables by Simone Emery Do you worry about your kids' Fruit and Veg intake? You aren't alone, 78% of children don't get their recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, we leave the vegetable intake for the day behind and then end up relying solely on dinner time to get those pesky vegetables in. For your child, dinner may not be when they are most responsive or hungry. Is breakfast the one meal your kids always eat? Well, why not try fruit and vegies for breakfast (even on weekdays)? Here are my top 5 ideas for quick ways to get vegies and fruit eaten at breakfast while your kids are fresh and interested in eating. Breakfast is also a really important step in setting them up for a successful day.

Apple Wedges & Dip Slice up an apple and serve that with yoghurt for the children to dip the apple into. For some extra boost – add some bran, dried coconut and chopped fruit to the yoghurt. To make it more “fun” serve the yoghurt “dip” in egg cups. Mushroom Cups Take the stalk out of mushrooms and fill them with avocado or creamed corn. They don't need to be cooked. But if the kids prefer them cooked, try sprinkling on some multi-grain breadcrumbs and putting them under the grill for a couple of minutes (until the breadcrumbs are browned).

Vegie Spread on Toast Use left-over steamed sweet potato as a spread on wholegrain toast. This can also work for other left over baked/steamed vegies like carrot, parsnip, potato and zucchini. Breakfast Pizza

Mushroom Cups with Avocado

Quick Vegie Eggs

Thinly slice tomato. Place the slices along with fresh basil leaves onto English muffins. Top these with cheese and pop under the grill to melt and voila - breakfast pizza.

In a microwave safe ramekin, mix together one egg, a dash of milk and a small handful of vegies left-over from dinner last night. (For some extra flavour, try some sprigs of fresh herbs and some grated cheese.) Microwave on high for 1 minute and that's it! These recipes shouldn't take too long and some of them will save you money by using up some left-overs creatively. Be adventurous and break out of the breakfast rut with something new, healthy and time appropriate. Your kids won't thank you for it but they might enjoy eating it!

Pizza Muffins


Simone Emery is from Play with Food (www.playwithfood.com.au)

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Kids Corner Halloween Spider Cakes Ingredients 500g ( 1 Pkt) chocolate cake mix Pkt Black Liquorice Straps 500g Chocolate icing (Add food colouring for different coloured spiders) 48 Lollies (Smarties or M&M’s)

Method Prepare patty cakes according to package directions. Let cool completely. Cut liquorice into 3 inch sections. Working with one or two cakes at a time, so the icing doesn't set before decorating, ice the patty cakes with the coloured icing. Insert liquorice pieces into the outer edges of the cupcakes to make the legs of the spider, 4 legs on each side place two smarties as eyes. Repeat with remaining cakes. Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Whittlesea Contact us: Kids Corner PO Box 661 Eltham email: info@yourchildinwhittlesea.com.au ph: 9717 6650 26

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Halloween Colour-In

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