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Volume 8

#whatweneedtodo #what needto do ‘Above allwe else be Kind’ ‘Above all else be Kind’

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August 2020 October 2020

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Welcome to Our October Online Magazine

How exciting ...! The little ones are going back to school and kindergarten. Life is starting to feel normal again, a new normal. With the weather starting to warm up and restrictions easing exercising doesn’t seem so daunting ... I know, after the long indoor winter my children and I really need to start walking, running and playing outside again. However, when outside keep in mind the increase of snakes in the area. In this months magazine we have an important article What to do if you see a Snake, page 10. This years Book Week will run from 17th - 23rd October and the theme is ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.’ I wonder how many other parents will be enjoying some awesome adventures with their kiddly winks reading up a storm? Last month was the release of the new children’s book series about Patch, (written for the Pat Cornin Foundation), Your Child Magazine’s is running a Book Competition to win one of the Patch books - see page 7 for more details. The book review can be found on page 26. Kids Corner this month is celebrating all things Halloween. Unfortunately, there will be no Trick or Treating this year due to Covid 19 restrictions ... so, to keep your Little Ones busy we have included 5 fun packed Halloween themed pages. There are puzzles to do, colouring in and Riley is in the Kids Kitchen cooking up Spider Cookies and some yummy Spooky Biscuits that are made with Oreos. Why not dress up and have a little Halloween Tea Party. We have some Fantastic reads this month, so make a cuppa and sit back and enjoy. Keeping Your Child Healthy During Lockdown, page 6. Page 18, has a useful article for the whole family Eyesight Tips for Extended ‘ Zoom Meetings’ and A Guide to Weight Loss for Busy Parents can be found on page 30. Please take care, stay safe and when outside don’t forget to wear a mask,

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Skipper the Owl Book Competition For your Chance to


One of these Educational Books about Patch!

Skipper the Owl’s message is to: Be Wise, Think Carefully and Act Kindly Answer this question: What is something you do to follow Skippers advice? Email your answer to: Include your Name, Age and Phone Number Plus your Area Magazine Banyule & Nillumbik Casey & Cardinia Manningham Whittlesea

Keeping Your Child Healthy During Lockdown by Leon Mao here are some easy tips you can implement, including:

It is a strange time for us Victorians, especially for our youngest members in the community. School closed. Sports and extracurricular - Setting up virtual playdates with friends and activities cancelled. Even the shopping centre is family off-limits for some. - Being compassionate and actively listening to Whether you're a working parent or an elder your child's concerns sibling, playing an active role in our littlest ones' - Implementing a consistent daily routine lives is pivotal. Even the smallest gestures can make a huge impact! Below are three simple - Contacting the Kids Helpline for additional tips to keep your child healthy during the support online or by phone on 1800 551 800 lockdown. 3. Eating healthy 1. Daily exercise A massive temptation from being at home is the Physical activity is non-negotiable for everyone, ability to eat whatever you want. Being including our children. There are so many accessible to foods, such as lollies and chips, can benefits associated with daily exercise, be hugely detrimental to your child's overall including our mental wellbeing, stress health. Obesity. Anxiety. Reduced capacity to management, aerobic and musculoskeletal concentrate. All consequences associated with health. a poor diet. Global health experts have recommended at least 60 minutes of physical activity for most of those between the ages of 5 to 17. This can range from activities, such as gardening, running, or even planned exercise. Also taking an hourly daily walk with the family can be universally helpful

Getting the family involved in healthy food preparation encourages positive dietary choices. Incorporating a mixture of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy proteins (e.g. seafood, beans, etc.) can set the precedence to immediate health benefits and long-term behavioural changes.

2. Keeping your child socially connected

During these times, we must be hypervigilant about the youngest ones in our community. For During this lockdown, one of the most many, these few months have been and will be significant voids our kids will experience is their the hardest moments we have ever absence from school. Imagine having to experienced. By following these easy tips, you suddenly leave your friends and teachers, only can help boost your child's morale and health to be suddenly confined to the four walls of your substantially. room. Isolated and locked away from those nearest and dearest. Poor social connectedness can lead to longlasting mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. To mitigate these outcomes, 10 8

, Physiotherapist

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What to do if On the 22 nd of March 2017, the Australian Venom Research Unit published a finding which showed 550 Australians a year are admi ed to hospital for a snake bite. Findings from the study showed that between 2000 – 2016, the majority of snake bites occurred:

§ § § §

To males in their 40's. Around the home. A er 4pm With people bi en on the hand, finger, foot or ankle.

Risk taking behaviour (picking up or trying to handle a snake) was probably the reason these individuals were bi en. Vic ms were most likely to collapse or suffer a cardiac arrest with death occurring between 1 hour or up to 19 days later. Many of these men le behind families including li le children. It would be awful if these tragic deaths occurred because people tried to take ma ers into their own hands rather than call a licensed and experienced snake catcher. The simple message to understand is that snakes can kill you, and can do so very quickly if you try to engage them. Do not under any circumstance handle or try to kill any snake. So what is the right thing to do if you see a snake?


Follow these 9 simple steps to stay safe: 1. Evacuate the area from all children, animals and people. Make sure people are away from the snake. If no one is near the snake, it cannot bite you. 2. Immediately call your local snake catcher and advise the following: § That you have seen a snake or can see a snake. § Your address § If anyone was bi en. § Follow the snake catcher's instruc ons. 3. ONLY if safe to do so, keep a watch on the snake from a very safe distance while wai ng for the snake catcher to arrive. Keep calm and keep s ll. If the snake begins to approach you, con nue to back away. 4. Try to have someone put the light on and be wai ng out front to take the snake catcher to the loca on of the snake. This is only if there is more than 1 person at home. If there is only one person home, it is more important to watch the snake (from a safe distance) and wait there un l the snake catcher arrives. 5. Do NOT stamp on the ground or shout. The snake will not hear you and won't be able to no ce the 'vibra ons'. It may perceive your behaviour as a threat. 6. Do NOT throw objects at the snake or try to shoot it (yes, people have tried to discharge firearms at snakes on the ground). 7. Do NOT let anyone go near the snake, and especially do not touch or handle it. Follow us on


you see a Snake

by Mark (“Snake Hunter”) Pelley

and promote the chances of a successful 8. Do NOT try to kill the snake. It is removal from a licensed snake catcher. illegal in Victoria and such ac vi es carry heavy penal es and could get you killed/severely injured from a bite. 9. Don't assume a snake is gone just because you cannot see it. They hide very well and may be in a place where you cannot see them but the snake can see you. As you can see there is nothing complex about how to manage a snake if it enters your home or back yard. Keeping people and animals away from snakes is impera ve to avoid bites. If you follow these simple steps, you can avoid anyone being bi en

The Whi lesea Agricultural Society Inc. has, with much considera on, decided to cancel the 2020 Annual Whi lesea Show. The con nuing restric ons associated with COVID-19, especially the management of social-distancing and the possible risk to public health during large events were the major factors for this decision. The uncertainty of knowing when these restric ons would be li ed has made it very difficult to forward plan for our annual show. We take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the show including our many

Mark “The Snake Hunter” Pelley is a Melbourne based venomous snake catcher. He also works as a snake consultant teaching schools, communities and businesses how to keep safe from venomous snakes. To learn more about snakes, follow The Snake Hunter on Facebook @SnakeHunterAus.

supporters, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, local community groups, stall holders, entertainers etc. We know that for some of these groups the Whi lesea Show provides a major contribu on to their fundraising and annual income and we are saddened that we are unable to assist by providing an event this year. We look forward to providing our 161st Whi lesea Show on the 6th & 7th of November in 2021.

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h a n n a H h t i w Hanging Buttercross Park

Dalmeny Way, Doreen This month Hannah ventured out again in her gumboots for another rainy day adventure. With her coat on and a towel in hand for drying the play equipment. Bu ercross Park is a small hill top park with amazing views, the playground is perfect for younger children. There is a row of colourful Fairy Toadstools, a stone wall for climbing through, a coloured balls sculpture, a great sandpit and wooden hut, basket swing, swing set, a spinner and a wooden boat complete with steering wheel . The park has a grassy area for playing, undercover BBQ facili es, tables and chairs, rubbish bins and a drink fountain. However, the park does not have toilets. Hannah really enjoyed the freedom of the park - and playing make believe. It is a great park to let li le imagina ons take ight. On Hannah’s next visit to Bu ercross Park she will be taking along her fairy wings and pirate hat for more adventures!





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We can’t wait to see you back on court soon!


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Eyesight Tips for Extended 'Zoom Meetings'

by Sonya Wijaya

One of the most important ways to prevent spread of COVID-19 is to stay home (other than essen al work/ shopping and exercising) and maintain social distancing. This however has led to increased screen me (study, work, and social interac on) for us and our children. Many of us are si ng at home doing work from home and supervising our children doing their online schooling as well as supervising their digital social interac ons. The harmful blue and violet light from all these devices can disrupt the children's (and ours) normal circadian rhythm. Prolonged screen me and near work also lead to eyestrain and myopia (short-sightedness) which we have witnessed in the last 3 months.


It is crucial to refrain using digital devices in the last 2 hours before bed me. It is also important to take regular breaks every 20 minutes as well as keeping good working distance from screen. Average good UV exposure per day of 2 hours is recommended to reduce risk of myopia; and with current restric on in Stage 4 in Victoria we are allowed to have 1 hour exercising outside our home within 5 km. The rest of the 1 hour can be obtained by si ng outside while children have lunch or breaks from online study. Simple ps during Stage 4 lockdown for eye health:

ΠIncrease working distance and ensure regular breaks every 20 minutes Designate sleep me; pick a regular sleep 18

pa ern; most children should be in bed by 8 p and no screen me for up to 2 hours before be thus, in that case no screen me a er 6 pm Encourage extra exercises that they missed as they no longer run around with their friends at school as well as me outdoors within what is allowed with the new restric ons Create family devices plan; also create restric on in the whole family's digital me; such that children see that we are also doing the right thing so that compliance is easier Dedicate a free from screen day once a week; as their school days are packed with online ac vi es, take one weekend day off from screen and encourage sports or outdoor ac vi es that day (and me in the backyard or simply family me with no screen) Pick up a new hobby or skills; doing family arts together or simply doing puzzles or games in the family can be fun too. Sonya Wijaya (B. Optom./ PG. Spec. Cert. Cont. Lenses/ Ther. Endorsed) is an optometrist who practices in Optical In Sight (Doncaster East VIC)

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Just a Thought If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy stories. If you want them to be more brilliant, read them more fairy stories.

Albert Einstein

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Grandma’s Apple Crumble Ingredients: 800g cooked or tinned apples 1 cup flour 1/2 cup brown sugar 1tsp cinnamon 200g cold butter (grated) 1/2 rolled oats 1/2 cup coconut

Method: Preheat oven to 160C Place 800g cooked or tinned apples into a oven proof bowl. Mix together the flour, brown sugar and cinnamon. Grate cold butter into the dry mixture and rub in with fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs. Fold in 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1/2 cup coconut. Sprinkle over the apples. Bake for 45 minutes. Serve with cream, ice cream or custard.

Note: For a change you could add 1/2 cup of sultanas or frozen mixed berries to the apples. Don’t forget the pinch of


Cornish Pasties Ingredients: 1 med / large potato 1 small carrot 1 med onion 1 med parsnip 1 small turnip 1 small swede 250g mince steak 1tbs Worcestershire sauce Ground black pepper Shortcrust pastry sheets, thawed 1 egg beaten for glazing Method: Roughly chop vegetables, place in processor and pulse until vegetables are a small dice (not minced). Mix vegetables with mince, sauce and pepper. Using pasty cutter to cut four circles from each pastry sheet. Place pastry circle on top of cutter lightly moisten edges with water, spoon filling into pastry do not overfill, close pasty press, place on baking sheet prick with sharp fork three times, glaze tops with egg wash. Cook at 180 degrees until golden. Place on wire rack to cool. Serve with sauce, salt and pepper. Don’t forget the pinch of


Pasty & Wonton Cutters are available online to buy

Are you old enough to know better?

By Knight Perce Hirst

I'm red of hearing people complain about how old they are. It makes me wonder if wisdom really does come with age. Picasso thought it did. In his later years he wasn't allowed to be alone in an art gallery because he'd been discovered trying to improve one of his masterpieces.

Age used to be important to me. I could hardly wait to be six to go to school, thirteen to be a teenager, eighteen to be legal and twenty-one to be everything else. Now I'm at a point in my life when I think age is just a number - and like other numbers, I forget them. I remember my mother referring to the guys I dated as young men. Now I'm referring to men under thirty as young men too. I don't know when my perspec ve changed. Maybe it was the same me men under thirty started calling me mam. The longer I live, the shorter my memory gets. I go upstairs and forget why I went. Someone's name is on the p of my tongue and that's where it stays. There are more post-its around the house than there ever were school no ces. Thankfully, my husband understands. He puts his arm around me and says those three, li le words I need to hear - write it down.

The older I get, the faster me seems to pass. When I asked my grandmother if she thought this phenomenon was caused by a chemical change in the brain and if she experienced it too, she said she used to un l she stopped was ng me worrying about it.

Now I walk errands instead of run them. I don't try to keep up with the Joneses or try to climb the social ladder because I'm rung out. I don't The older I get, the more I forget - which could be mind standing in line because it gives me me to a symptom of SDS - Seventh Day Syndrome. If remember what else I was meant to buy. The God hadn't rested on the seventh day, he could only lines I worry about are worry lines; and if I have changed a few things. We could have been need to li my spirits, I use my love handles! born old and got younger every year. Instead of forge ng, we'd know more. In fact, we'd know KNIGHT PIERCE HIRST takes humorous looks at life. More than our parents - which is what we Take a minute to make yourself smile at thought anyway.


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Be Wise -

Together We Can

The legacy of Coward Punch victim, Pat Cronin, has taken another important step to help educate young people in feeling empowered to 'Be Wise' and never use violence.

to get into the new school playground and how one child makes a wrong choice in pushing a playmate off the slide because he wanted to be first.

On 25 August, the Pat Cronin Foundation launched three inspirational and touching story books written for primary school-aged children that it hopes will be shared with every young student in Australia. Each book includes teacher notes and classroom activities.

The second book called The Four Square Challenge centres on children playing a ball game, which leads up to a challenge that takes an unexpected turn in the final practice game and leaves one girl learning an important lesson.

Matt Cronin, Pat's father and founding director of the Pat Cronin Foundation, said it is very important that from the earliest possible age, children are taught and learn to understand that physical aggression is never okay.

The third book called Footy Fever covers an important Aussie Rules football match in which Patch is captain of the Rockets and Maya is captain of the Sharks, both players in year 6. While everyone on the ground was well behaved, one player wanted to make a name for himself at all costs and soon learnt a valuable lesson about teamwork.

The three books are written by Maureen Hyland who taught at Pat's primary school and was inspired by Pat in creating the characters, colours and commentary. They feature wonderfully expressive illustrations by educational illustrator, Bruce Rankin.

The story books form a critical part of the Foundation's Be Wise Education program by introducing children to its important messages of 'Be wise, think carefully and act kindly'.

All profit from sales of the books will go to the Pat Cronin Foundation, which honours Pat by providing an optimistic voice to awareness, education and research about the Coward Punch. Each book includes a story around Patch, a boy who goes to Searchers Road Primary School, starting with him in early primary, mid primary and upper primary. Teacher notes and activities that are age specific are included at the back of each book and via a website link.

General manager of the Foundation, Geoff Smith, applauded Matt and Robyn Cronin who are determined that Pat's life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation of losing their son in such a senseless way.

The first book called The New Playground revolves around children desperately wanting

“Pat was a normal kid brought up in a normal family living in a normal suburb. If this tragedy


“The books were specifically written to help reinforce that we all need to Be Wise when interacting with others and we need to think carefully before we act,” said Matt Cronin.“ The sooner children learn our Be Wise message then the sooner we will achieve our mission to 'End the Coward Punch'. Cultural change starts at a young age.”

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End the Coward Punch can happen to them, it can happen to anyone. “While we have an active secondary school program that informs students about Pat and his story, these story books are designed to reach out to primary school students to help them reflect on attitudes and behaviours around anger and aggression. The aim is for students to feel empowered to develop their own action plan to 'Be Wise' and to never use violence.”

Author's Note: A boy with little spikes of blonde hair, eyes that sparkled with curiosity and the cheekiest of smiles—that's the image of Pat that warms me; that breaks me; that inspires me. Pat was 5 years old when he started attending the school where I taught. I first met him in the playground, dressed in his blue and yellow uniform; this happy, caring, fun-filled little boy seemed ready to take every day of life in his stride—and he did.

The books can be purchased from and are priced at $20 each or $50 for the set of three. A 20 per cent discount applies for any schools.

While this story is fictional, I have drawn on my knowledge of Pat, his personality and his life, and included some features that reflect the young man being honoured in these books.

Background: On Saturday the 16th of April 2016, 19-year-old Pat Cronin went out for a quiet night. He was punched from behind whilst assisting a mate. Pat was later taken to hospital and two days later his family made the agonising decision to turn off his life support system.

Throughout the series of books, I have used the name Patch for the main character as this was one of Pat's nicknames. Another of Pat's nicknames, bestowed upon him by his football coach, is Skipper. The owl in the story, a creation of Pat's, has been honoured with the same nickname. The colours of the school and football uniforms were worn by Pat.

Quietly spoken and gentle natured but with a fierce determination, Pat was enormously popular and had a deep love for his family and friends. His death left a gaping hole in his family's lives and caused devastation amongst not only family but also his friends and the broader communities in which the Cronin’s have been involved.

Every word in these books is dedicated primarily to Pat, but also to his parents Matt and Robyn, his sister Emma and brother Lucas who have vowed to ensure Pat will always be remembered. Inspired by a beautiful image every day—what a privilege this has been for me. - Maureen Hyland (Author)

Matt and Robyn Cronin are determined that Pat's life be honoured and that no other family should face the devastation we now face as a result of his senseless death. Since the Foundation was established in 2016, it has raised more than $1 million with funds directly being used to help people feel empowered to make change through wise decisions. Visit:


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A Guide to Weight Loss

Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day? With errands to run, a house to manage, full- me or part- me work, and all this on broken nights of sleep.

breakfast each morning will be a breeze. With breakfast easily prepared, you'll have more me with the family. Don't Pick at Your Kid's Scraps

When it comes to managing your food intake, it's just another challenge. Being successful with weight loss when you are a busy parent can be very challenging. With easy prepara on and these weight loss ps, you'll have the opportunity to be on track, losing weight, and also enough energy throughout the day. Eat Breakfast: Get Your Smoothie On

Nibbling at your children's food during prepara on could to be an issue many of us have encountered. A bite of an apple, a few crackers, and a corner of a sandwich, next thing you know the extra kilojoules are consumed without realising it. Prepare a mini cooler bag ďŹ lled with raw veggies, fruits, and a small handful of nuts, for mes when you feel like a li le boost of energy. In addi on, when preparing children's meals minimise mindless ea ng.

When you wake up, break the fast by ea ng breakfast. A nutri ous breakfast is a must to burn kilojoules quickly. Tap into your natural metabolism with an early breakfast (around 7 am or 8 am) to kick-start your system. One of the Plan Ahead: Prep Your Own Meals easiest things you can prepare is a breakfast A busy schedule is one of the top reasons why smoothie. many people choose quick and convenient meals (takeaway and pre-package frozen With a blender, fresh fruits, vegetables and meals). Unfortunately this contributes to grains, this pick me up will be ready in a snap. unnecessary kilojoule intake and inevitable There are so many ingredients that can be weight gain. frozen for the week, so prepping your own 30

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for Busy Parents The key to managing your weight is planning your own meals for the week, fortnight or even for the month. Some of the benefits of meal prepara on includes: saving me and money, more control over your body intake, and, it can reduce the stress in last minute meal decisions and rushed prepara ons.

by Evelyn Vo

Losing weight when you're a busy parent doesn't necessarily have to be another chore. With careful prepara on and planning you'll be on yourway to losing those extra kilos.

Lower Your Levels of Stress If you find your weight isn't decreasing, lowering your levels of stress could help. High levels of stress can affect the amount of weight loss. It may be difficult to create me, although there are low-level stress ac vi es to try with your children (reading me, walking in the park or listening to music).

Evelyn Vo is a qualified nutritionist who practices at The Nutrition Space (Heidelberg and Melbourne CBD). She is passionate about helping her clients manage their weight in a sustainable manner to achieve long lasting results.

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by Irene Goonan Halloween is fun and can have some life lessons We have holidays that mark the passage of me, from the ac vi es. There may even be certain religious anniversaries and, of course, poten al benefits to try on and explore birthdays, but not anything that recognises the costumes or making a mask! Allow children to finality of earthly existence. understand that costumes are not real, should be fun- some are cute and silly, while some can It is these mature defences which are well taught in Halloween and taught to those most be yucky and scary. likely to benefit from its lessons in the long Through pretending to be someone or term. Children who are encouraged to meet something else, children can explore alternate with spooks and goblins, scream in entertained iden es. They do this by using their terror, and then laugh with relief, have a safe, imagina on, something that arguably does not contained environment to deal with the get enough exercise anymore in these mes of concepts of fear and death in a way that makes electronic devices. The benefits include the real world just a bit less threatening. Like adults who think things through before they act, development of social and emo onal skills, language skills, thinking skills and nurturing the this gives children an opportunity to play it through before they encounter the situa on in imagina on Imagina ve play helps children real life. learn to pay a en on, have self-control, and remember informa on be er to facilitate And- what about the advantages of being learning. outside instead of on electronic devices! .It's important for parents to remember that children do understand the dis nc on between So, we need to embrace Halloween and make it fantasy and reality—they just some mes have our own. Why not remind the world that we're s ll the best at celebra ng? trouble keeping it at the forefront of their consciousness. So, if they do lose track of it, and get a li le scared, all you have to do is remind them, just as adults might remind themselves that the scary movie they are watching isn't real. Or you can just let them go—let them be scared within reason—because a er all, some mes it's fun to be afraid on Halloween. It's about skeletons, ghosts, vampires, fear, trauma, and death. It is awesome and there are very good psychiatric reasons why we should observe it. Australia is one of the few na ons in the world that does not have a "Day of The Dead" holiday. 34

Irene Goonan- Cube Café/BarTunstall Square East Doncaster

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Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Whittlesea Contact us: Kids Corner PO Box 280 Doreen 3754 email: ph: 0439 732 977 To advertise advertise in in Your Your Child Child in in Whittlesea Whittlesea Call Call 0455 312and 166mention Your Child In Whittlesea 26To 3327 0439 732 977 Shop Local


Can you make it through the Haunted House?


Are you good are finding things? There are 10 differences to find. Can you find them all? To advertise in Your Child in Whittlesea Call 0439 732 977



Spider Cookies with Riley Ingredients 125g unsalted bu er (so ened) 3/4 cup brown sugar 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla essence 13/4 cup plain flour (si ed) 1/2 tsp Baling Powder 1/2 tsp Bi-Carb Soda 1 cup milk chocolate chips 3/4 cup Desicated Coconut 40 Maltesers 200g dark chocolate 40 lolly eyes

Method Step 1 - Preheat oven to 180C. Line oven trays with baking paper. Step 2 - Beat bu er, sugar, egg and vanilla essence in a bowl with an electric mixer un l combined. Step 3 - Slowly s r in si ed flour, baking powder and bi-carb. Add chocolate chips and coconut. Step 4 - Place 1 tablespoon dollops of mixture onto trays, each 5cm apart. Step 5 - Bake cookies for approx. 12-15 minutes. Allow to cool on trays. Step 6 - Use a bit of melted chocolate to glue on 2 Malteasers per cookie to form the spider’s body. Step 7 - Using a piping bag, create four lines of melted chocolate on each side of cookie to form the spider’s legs. Step 8 - S ck on lolly eyeballs with remaining melted chocolate. To advertise in Your Child in Casey & Cardinia call 1300 657 996



Biscuits To make:

* * * *

Oreo Biscuits Smarties or Skittles Coloured Tic-Tacs Licorice

* Chocolate Chips * Icing - For sticking the lollies on




1. Stick 2 Tic-Tacs on to an Oreo biscuit with icing to create eyes

1. Stick 2 Smarties or Skittles on to an Oreo biscuit with icing to create the eyes

1. Stick 2 Smarties or Skittles on to an Oreo biscuit with icing to create eyes

2. Separate an Oreo and carefully cut through each side to make 2 wings

2. Stick a Tic-Tac on to create the nose

2. Cut 8 small pieces of licorice and push between the sides of the biscuit to create the legs

3. Stick wings to the side of the biscuit with a dob of icing

3. Cut a piece of licorice and push in between the biscuit They’re not perfect but they sure to create the tail are fun to make (and eat!!)

Head to our Facebook page for entery to win a $50 voucher to spend at Preston Market


The Wizard

he young boy hurried a er the old wizard, listening as they rushed up the narrow street through town. What he was listening to was the words bubbling out of the old wizard. He was asking ques ons. Lots of ques ons. Ques ons about everything they walked past and some, seemingly, random ques ons about nothing in par cular. The old wizard was known as the Wizard of Wise and the young man was his new appren ce. He wanted to be a wizard one day – a good one – just like the Wizard of Wise. It took me, but the boy slowly became accustomed to the way the wizard worked, lived and taught. At first, it was very confusing because the Wizard of Wise seemed to know nothing. He was always asking ques ons. Why do you wear shoes? Why do you eat cereal for breakfast? Why is fire hot and ice cold? The old wizard would mu er these ques ons to himself as he worked in the Wise Wizard Shoppe and wandered along through town. The young appren ce was not sure if he was meant to answer the ques ons or if the old man was just babbling. Some of the ques ons were thought provoking. Some of them were completely ridiculous. Why do wagons have wheels? Why do fingers have nails?

day the Wizard of Wise was teaching a new lesson and repea ng the lesson through his many ques ons. On the many days about po ons he asked: Why is milk warm from the cow? Why is water cold from the well? Why is honey s cky? Why does oil burn? On the days about powders he asked: Why does dust se le? Why does chilli make me cry? Why are salt and sugar added to things?

Every day, while running the Wise Wizard Shoppe he asked: Why do people buy things? Why do some people look for low prices and A er the young man had lived alongside the old others for high prices? Why do people smile wizard for a few weeks, he realised that each when they make a purchase? Why do you keep following me?

of Wise Years later, the young man was an old man and taking on an appren ce of his own. He had become just like his teacher. He too was a Wizard of Wise. As he walked up the street through town with the boy toward the Wise Wizard's Shoppe, he was ra ling off ques ons under his breath and suddenly remembered his first day. He stopped, turned and smiled at the young appren ce.

by Dave Edgren that he had heard the old wizard ask many mes every day of his life. Poin ng his bony finger in the boy's face, with a crooked smile the new Wizard of Wise said, “Why is why be er than what or how?” Then he turned, in a flurry of wizard cloak and road dust, and con nued his journey, his learning and his ques ons.

The young man had been moving so quickly to keep up, he nearly walked straight into the wizard. The wizard, finally understanding his many years of training, realised the amazing importance of one seemingly random ques on

Dave Edgren is a storyteller, author & mentor. Dave writes from a primary school in Melbourne where he spends his days playing games with kids and talking about things that matter. Learn more about Dave :

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St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School “Engaging With Our Contemporary World” 2021 PREP ENROLMENTS OPEN “I think therefore I am.” (Rene Descartes - French Philosopher 1596 - 1650)

“Our class is like a persuasive piece of writing or a tug of war, sharing different perspectives, finding ways to agree, bouncing off each other, looking for answers, trying to persuade each other.” (Year Five Student) “I used to just look on the surface, here I am challenged to go beyond.” (Year Six Student)

Please explore our school website, take a virtual school tour (to experience our unique contemporary learning culture, based on the Cultures of Thinking through a Christian perspective) and access the Enrolment Information link on the Home Page. To secure a place for PREP 2021, please return the Enrolment form via email or post. Families will be contacted for an online interview via Zoom, Facetime etc.

80 Bassetts Road Doreen 3754 Phone: 9216 2000 or email: Website: Principal: Mr Phil Doherty