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September 2018


appy Father’s Day to all great dads and father figures! We hope you have a fabulous day with loved ones.

This month, we have a Royal Melbourne Show family pass worth $80 to give away, details on our facebook page @yourchildinboroondara. Oeteo Australia has a fantastic bundle offer on their unique and innovative Easyeo rompers in September. Congratulations to winners of our July issue colouring contest : Monica and Mona (tie for 1st place) and Layla who have won Lido cinema passes, courtesy of Lido cinemas. If you are looking for unique activities for your child this school holidays, Base Camp Kids and Harmony Beads offer creative and fun workshops. Windmill has an extensive range of toys and equipment that will keep your child entertained. For some great shopping, Camberwell Shopping has something for everyone with over 400 stores. School holidays are good times to have your child’s eyes checked at these childfriendly optometrists Ashburton Eyecare (Ashburton), In2Eyes (Surrey Hills) and The Optometrist (Glen Iris). For school enrolments, you can book a school tour to find out more at Belle Vue Primary (Balwyn North) and Erasmus Primary (Hawthorn). Contact Ruyton Girls (Kew) for more information on Early Learning, Junior School and playgroups. Ace Learning Centre, Lively Learning and Think Smart offer quality school readiness programs and tuition. If your child loves music, find out more at Latitude Music Studios and Charteris Music Schools. This month’s Five Minutes With features Dr Medhat Ramsy, Principal Dentist at Willmere Dental. In Ask A Vet With Dr Suze, the focus is on fleas in this issue. Check out three great book reviews featuring dads by Dymocks Camberwell &Tooronga and you can get them in store. With the cold season taking a back seat, enjoy colourful Spring and our September issue!

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Become Independent Thinkers




Outstanding Academic Results Targeted Learning For All Students A Strong Social and Emotional Health and Wellbeing Program Small Class Sizes All Enrolments Welcome Boroondara and Manningham School Tours Available

Ph:9859 6123 20 Highview Road, Balwyn North



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ASK A VET with Dr Suze I treated my dog for fleas a couple of weeks ago so why am I still seeing fleas? Flea infestations, depending on the severity can take up to 8-12 weeks to clear! Treatment requires the regular, correct delivery of a registered flea product applied at a frequency recommended by the manufacturer. The key to understanding why things don't always go to plan requires a basic understanding the flea lifecycle. The adult flea, an insect you can see with the naked eye, makes up only 5% of the total flea population. The remaining 95% of the population is made up of eggs, larvae and pupae which can be found but not seen, in your pet's environment e.g. bedding, carpet and in the soil. Adult fleas, live breed and feed on your pet, a single female flea can produce up to 50 eggs a day and live for up to 100 days so populations can escalate quickly! It takes on average 21 days for an adult flea to develop from a flea egg. Fleas prefer warm, moist weather which is why they tend to be more noticeable in the warmer months. The juvenile life stages can remain dormant in an environment for at least six months, sometimes longer, so all year flea treatment is recommended. If a regular preventative flea treatment has not been appropriately applied, the fleas you are seeing may well be the dormant juvenile environmental stages hatching out because of the warmer weather. Flea products work by targeting one or more stages of the flea lifecycle leading to the reduction and eventual elimination of the household flea population. Continued application of your current flea product will in time eliminate the adult fleas and the environmental 95%. It is vital to treat all the animals in the household… including the cat! This removes any “reservoir hosts”. Splitting doses is also not recommended as this can reduce the efficacy of your flea treatment.

Can humans get fleas from pets? No. They prefer the thinner skin of dogs and cats over people but they may bite around the ankles in the case of a heavy infestation. Animal fact: Fleas can jump 20cm into the air, that's 150 time their own height! Dr. Susanna Gamage BVSc MRCVS has over a decade of international veterinary experience and is the founding director of Dr. Suze - My Visiting Vet. If you have general pet question you would like answered by Dr. Suze please email Please note the information in this article is of a general nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional healthcare advice. If you have specific concerns about your pet, you should always seek advice directly from your veterinary healthcare practitioner. 20 14 Shop Local and mention Your Child in Boroondara

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In this issue of FIVE MINUTES WITH, we are pleased to feature Dr Medhat Ramzy, Principal Dentist at Willsmere Dental. Dr Medhat Ramzy has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. After working as the principal dentist at a practice in Brunswick, Dr Ramzy founded Willsmere Dental in 2017 so that he could be closer to home and work with his wife and children. q How did you obtain your Dental Education? I earned a B.D. and M.S. from Cairo University, graduating in 1980, and received a diploma in conservative dentistry (A.D.E.C) in Melbourne in 1984. I furthered my education by taking numerous professional development courses over the years. I have developed an interest in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and am licenced to provide FastbracesÂŽ. I am also licenced from the AADFA (Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics) for antiwrinkle and dermal fillers. q What is your favourite side of dentistry? While it also can be considered a science, dentistry has an artistic aspect to that I find compelling. I have a passion for being creative and particularly enjoy cosmetic dentistry and seeing the incredible transformations in patients' confidence. I enjoy seeing satisfied patients and makes dentistry worthwhile. q What are some highlights in your career? I think one of the biggest highlights has been building Willsmere Dental with my family. It's lovely to be able to work together and attend to the dental needs of our valued patients. I work with my wife Dr Mona (Dentist), son Dr Anthony (Dentist) and daughter Monica who is the Oral Health Therapist. We often discuss cases so we can provide the care that results in the best outcome for each patient. My other highlight would be helping aspiring dentists as it is tremendously gratifying for me. One of my former patients' who was under my care since she was 9 years old always loved dentistry. During one of her sister's appointments, I gave her a surgical mask and gloves and had her stand next to her sister while she was having her teeth cleaned. Fast forward to the present, and that glove-wearing girl achieved her dream by getting into dental school. She is now a second-year dental school student who is working with me during holidays. q What interests do you have outside of work? Outside the practice, I enjoy creating art, especially drawing and painting. I display my artistic side in the kitchen and my signature dish would be Chicken Parmigiana. I speak English, Arabic and French which allows me to interact with many patients. I like to be active and play indoor soccer on the weekends. I love the English Premier League but I will watch any soccer game! I am a keen supporter of the Essendon Football Club. To advertise in Your Child in Boroondara call 0418 811 338

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igh Five to the Boys: A Celebration of Ace Australian Men

Hardback $29.99 Australia has some seriously ace men who have broken new ground, stood up for what they believed in, achieved incredible things and defied stereotypes.You'll find some of them inside this book - from astronaut Andy Thomas to YouTube maths teacher Eddie Woo, sportsman Johnathan Thurston and dancer David McAllister.


ith My Daddy: A Book of Love and Family by Jo Witek

Hardback$21.99 No matter what I am feeling, calm or angry, brave or scared, I know one thing for sure. I love my dad, and my dad loves me. A loving celebration of time with Dad.


innie-the-Pooh Dads are... A book about all the ways dads are special

Hardback $16.99 When Christopher Robin tells Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet that he is spending the day with his dad, they want to hear all about what dads are like. Join Piglet and Pooh as they learn about all of the wonderful things that dads are in this beautiful collection of excerpts from classic Winnie-the-Pooh tales.

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Dymocks Camberwell & Tooronga

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JuLY issue Colouring Contest Well done to all & congratulations to MONA & MONICA (7-11 : tie for 1st place) Each won 1 adult 1 child LIDO cinema passes LAYLA (6 & under) Won 2 adults 2 children LIDO cinemas passes courtesy of LIDO Cinemas

Rashi 10

monica 10

alana 6

sachini 10

alana 6


mona 8



Denise Mitchell holds a Diploma of Children's Services, and a Diploma of Applied Chemistry and has successfully combined the two in her role as Childcare Manager at KewNLC. She has been helping children to experiment for many years, and is passionate in introducing science to children in the preschool years in a practical, fun way using common household materials. She often conducts School Holiday programs, and both cooking and Science form an important part of the Shoestring Plus programs for 3-5 year olds held at KewNLC on Weekday afternoons.

What you need * Playdough or sand to make * a mountain for your volcano * Small container or cup to * hold the bicarb soda * Vinegar * Sodium Bicarb * Tomato Sauce * Detergent

What to do We will explore the reaction between vinegar and Bicarb soda in an interesting way 1.Place bicarb and a squirt of tomato sauce in a small container embedded in a 'volcano' 2. Then pour vinegar and a squirt of dish washing detergent into the container and watch the reaction The tomato sauce gets the reaction started as it is acidic, but also viscous to add longevity to the reaction. The detergent increases the time that the bubbles last

N U F E C SCIEDeNnise Mitchell with

At WeiWu Taekwondo, we take pride in delivering high quality training and service in Taekwondo education.

2 Free Trials All ages 3+

Focussing on selfdefence, ďŹ tness and discipline in a family friendly, safe and positive environment, we empower our students with valuable life skills.

MITCHAM | LALOR | MILL PARK 0438 088 666

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PARKSIDE POP UPS, 7pm-8pm, $20 The successful Parkside Pop Ups run every third Tuesday of the month and are an affordable way to gain some insight into a variety of topics. 18 September Backyard Beekeeping. Meet the bees, learn about their behaviour and what is involved in keeping bees in suburban Melbourne. For bookings and further information please contact us on: p: 9819 2629 e: a: 32 Henry Street, Hawthorn w:

Children's Week Event Henny Penny Hatching Monday 16 October to Friday 2 November 9am-3pm (excludes weekends) Watch eggs hatch and chicks emerging from their shell.

Play Groups Craig Family Centre 7 Samarinda Avenue, Ashburton, 3147 Craig Family Centre is now running Playgroupsfor 0-6 year olds. Join other families in your local community to socialise and play in our indoor and outdoor play spaces. Parents, Grandparents and carers are all welcome to attend. Sessions: Monday: 10.00am -12.00pm Tuesday: 9.30am – 11.30am Wednesdays: 9.30am – 11.30am Thursday: 9.30am – 11.30am Friday: 9.30am – 11.30am Bookings and enquiries: Phone: 98857789 Email:


Childcare at Balwyn Community Centre Childcare at Balwyn Community Centre provides a warm, nurturing environment for your child to thrive! Our stimulating program fosters a love of learning, a sense of self and feelings of security. We offer occasional care in two, three and five hour blocks. Our 'Lunchtime Special' is a popular option where your child will be looked after between 12pm – 2pm for just $24. With limited spots available, don't miss out! To enrol your child you can drop by the office or call 9836 7942. For more information visit our website.

Children Art Is your child creative? If they have a big imagination and love to learn new things, enrol them in Afterschool Art at BCC! Afterschool Art is a fantastic way to nurture your child's talents and curiosity. In this one-hour class they'll learn new skills and explore different ways to express what they're thinking. This class is held on Tuesdays, 4:15pm – 5:45pm.You can enrol online or call the office to secure a spot for your child. 412 Whitehorse Road Surrey Hills Ph 9836 7942

412 Whitehorse Road Surrey Hills

Boroondara Group Come along and chat with mothers who have 'been there'. Connect with trained breastfeeding volunteers. It doesn't matter how old your baby/child is, whether you are breastfeeding or not, or even if you are not yet a member – you are always welcome. September Get-togethers: Tue 4 September 10am-Noon: The Craig Centre, Ashburton

Fun is affordable with the Kew Toy Library! The Kew Toy Library lends jumping castles, roller coasters, kick brick sets, mini golf courses and a lot more party toys with very small fees for members' and non-members' parties. For enquiries please contact us via email at . The Kew Toy Library is located at 152 Pakington Street, Kew. Open hours Wednesday 2.30pm-4.30pm and 7.00pm-9.00pm, Friday 10.30am-12.30pm, Saturday 9.30am-2.00pm.

Thu 13 September 9.30am-11.30am: Hawthorn Library Mon 17 September 10am-Noon: Balwyn Library Local Breastfeeding Education Classfor expectant parents: Sunday 11 November in Hawthorn Contact for more info

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N O I T A M R O F N I L U F E S Uhandy phone numbers to keep on your fridge EMERGENCY Ambulance Fire Police


HOSPITALS Austin - Heidelberg ...................................................... 9496 5000 Box Hill Hospital ........................................................... 9895 3333 Royal Children’s Hospital (Parkville) ........................ 9345 5522 CRISIS CENTRES Poisons ............................................................................ Kids Help Line ............................................................... Lifeline ............................................................................. Suicide Helpline (Vic) ................................................... Nurse-on-Call................................................................. Child Protection (After Hours) ................................. Domestic Violence Crisis Centre .............................. Sexual Assault Service (After Hours) ....................... Centres Against Sexual Assault .................................. Victims of Crime Helpline .......................................... LifeCircle - HOPELINE ................................................ SANDS Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support (Vic) .............. Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline .......

13 11 26 1800 551 800 13 11 14 1300 651 251 1300 606 024 13 12 78 1800 015 188 9349 1766 1800 806 272 1800 819 817 1300 364 673 1300 072 637 1800 686 268

POLICE STATIONS Boroondara Police ........................................................ 8851 1111 Burwood Police ............................................................. 9888 8377 Camberwell Police ........................................................ 9882 0688 COUNCIL Boroondara City Council ............................................ 9278 4444 If you provide a free service to our community and would like your phone number included on this page please email us 28

A R A D N O O R O B N I D L I H C YOUR local businesses to local families Bably Led Weaning 6

Fun With Maths At Home 14

Ask A Vet With Dr Suze 18

Let’s Talk About Bullying 8

Mindfullness - A Skill For Managing In The 21st Century 20

Five Minutes With 21

Itchy And Scratchy 10 Using Technology To Strengthen Community And Build Resilience 12

Superfoods - Myths or Miracles 22




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Baby Apparel & Gifts Oeteo Australia 7

OCTOBER 2018 ISSUE Book by : 17 SEPTEMBER CONTACT US 0418 811 338 info@ 1/8 Page from $75 1/4 Page from $140 1/2 Page from $210 Full Page from $285

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