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School HOLIDAYS to the CLASSROOM HAPPY NEW YEAR! When To See A SPEECH Pathologist Preparing Your Child For The WORKFORCE 5 MINUTES WITH Henk & Roxanne Kelly-Kobes Volume 2

Coping With Back To School ANXIETY Will Learning MUSIC Make My Child SMARTER? BEDTIME Stories

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February 2018

ENROL NOW GLEN IRIS CHILDCARE & REGISTERED KINDERGARTEN Care and education for Children 6 Weeks to 6 Years Old Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 6.30 pm

330 WARRIGAL ROAD, GLEN IRIS PHONE : 9889 8396 W : E :

are committed to providing P We our children the highest quality child care and education play based learning P Our program provides a balance of experiences to enhance and enrich the individual child’s social, emotional, physical, creative, lingual and intellectual development NQS Rating : Meeting P Our National Quality Standards

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Welcome to our first issue in 2018! We hope you had a fantastic break and ready for the new year. In this issue, School Holidays To The Classroom and Coping With Back To School Anxiety have great tips to ease the stress with returning to school. If you have older children, you may be interested in Preparing Your Child For The Workforce. A few other interesting and informative articles you may like, so flip the pages and enjoy. In FIVE MINUTES WITH (page 22), we are pleased to feature Henk and Roxanne Kelly-Kobes from Dymocks Camberwell and Toroonga. Henk and Roxanne speaks with great passion about their bookstores as well as their excellent involvement with the community. Also check out their book review for this month Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. Your Child in Boroondara strives to be a valuable local resource connecting local businesses to local families and we have great pleasure putting together different businesses in each issue.Whether your child’s interest is in drama, music, soccer or martial arts, you can find out more in this issue. Also not forgetting various education centres and kids activities. If you are exploring childcare, kinder or schools, there are a number of reputable options you can consider. In Kids Corner, we have a fun science experiment that your child will love, thanks to Denise for her contribution. Save the date 25 February and join Craig Family Centre’s exciting Pop Up Playgroup at the Ashburton Festival, information on page 17. Ashburton Primary School is having their 90th Birthday Grand Fair on 18 February. Check out details and other community events on Page 26 and 27. If you have a community event you would like us to promote for free, let us know! We hope you enjoy this issue and don’t forget to connect with us on facebook and instagram @yourchildinboroondara.

Joyce Goh



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Is my eye pointing straight?

Dario Canale Optometrist B. Science, B. Optom, Post Grad Ocular Therapeutics

My eye hurts

Do I have a lazy eye?

Sometimes things go blurry

My eyes feel tired

I have a headache

Contact us to arrange a comprehensive eye appointment for your child.

196 High Street, Ashburton 3147

9885 1659

READING THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD After many years of practice in the area of paediatric optometry, I have realized that the requirements of a child's visual system - the way it functions, the demands placed upon it - differ from an adult in many ways. In early primary school, a child learns to read and write, so that they may utilize these skills to learn more effectively in the latter primary years. First we learn to read, then we read to learn. Reading well, reading efficiently, without undue strain, fatigue or blur, is not a given for many children. Eyes need to co-ordinate and focus, and the visual data needs then to be interpreted and processed by the brain. Children are our future. A thorough examination with a properly trained behavioural optometrist can ensure your child sees the world as best they can - nothing less is acceptable. Bookings for comprehensive eye examinations for children may be made with Dario, Optometrist.

Your Vision is Our Passion

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* Highly Established Drama School (history of over twenty years) * Separate Classes for Primary School kids (7 - 12 years old) Secondary School kids (12 - 17 years old) * The launching pad of many successful actors * Suitable for budding actors and recreational students * Builds confidence and self-esteem in all young people * Classes run in Kew

Visit our comprehensive website

Phone 0407 091 591

ENROLMENTS OPEN POSITIONS AVAILABLE PREP TO YEAR 6 A welcoming faith community and nurturing learning environment 116 Cotham Rd. Kew 3101 Tel: 9853 5859 Principal: Julie David Email: Website: Please phone our school to book a tour and meet our Principal, Mrs Julie David.

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Become Independent Thinkers Outstanding Academic Results Targeted Learning For All Students A Strong Social and Emotional Health and Wellbeing Program Small Class Sizes All Enrolments Welcome Boroondara and Manningham


School Tours Available

Ph:9859 6123 20 Highview Road, Balwyn North

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In this issue of FIVE MINUTES WITH, we speak with Henk & Roxanne Kelly-Kobes owners of Dymocks Bookstores Camberwell and Tooronga.They have had Camberwell store for nearly 18 years and Tooronga is in its second year.They love the book business and have passion for matching books with readers, especially children. What is the main reason for your success over so many years? We built up Camberwell over the first couple of years by increasing the range of books and service. Service comes in many ways. Range of books is important, as you can cater for most tastes of reading, both in fiction and non-fiction. Our main drive was on children and teenage ranges, as that is where it starts. Get them reading early and they will have passion for books forever (and not bored). What is so important about one on one service? We can better match readers with the books they will enjoy. If the customer enjoys the recommended book, then you will see them back again. Same with purchase of gifts for other, especially children, as they want to see that they enjoy the books. We also have recommendations on titles on the shelf, as many customers don't want help choosing. This at least gives us to a chance to explain the style of book it is. You also have a large school business? Yes, Roxanne has built up over 100 school accounts, with personal service to the librarians in the schools. Over time this also made us the store of choice for parents, as they have heard about us through the school. We also donate over $10,000 per annum in prizes and vouchers for schools & organizations like Rotary, to raise money at fetes or build skills programs. You are also very involved with the local community & Council? Yes we are. I am the president of the traders association and have been for 17 years. I am also part of the Camberwell Business club, which meets weekly with speakers. We work closely with Council to improve the Camberwell shopping precinct, like parking, safety and amenities. It is important for this interaction so that we get the attention from Council, State and Federal governments. We have a great relationship with all 3 levels. We also work with Rotary to deliver incentives for reading and speaking programs, over many years. We also sponsor Boorondara Literary Awards each year. Our Round-up program at the checkout has delivered 15 new Duck libraries for local pre-schools, which we keep delivering. We also sponsor 4 literary and art awards in the National Childrens Charity Network program each year. How long do think you will go on in the business? Roxanne & I are not planning to retire soon, as we have just signed another 10 year lease. We may never retire, as we love it too much, however we have over the past few years, passed on lots of responsibilities to our daughter, so that we can concentrate on the customers on the floor, which is where we like to be.

FIVE MINUTES WITH Henk & Roxanne Kelly Kobes



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evermoor:The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend in hardback $24.99 or paperback sale price $12.99 rrp $16.99

bookbyreview onga

berwell & Toro

Dymocks Cam

This is an amazing debut novel for fans of Harry Potter.The author Jessica Townsend is a young Australian woman with plenty of talent.We were all bowled over by her brilliant story and can't wait for the second installment to this exciting, charming and wonderfully imagined series. Morrigan Crow's curse means she's not only blamed for all bad luck, but she's also destined to die on her eleventh birthday. She bravely accepts her doom, but in a surprising twist of fate, before the clock strikes twelve on Eventide she is whisked away and taken to the secret city of Nevermoor. Highly recommended by all of us at Dymocks Camberwell and Tooronga

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Blow up a Balloon without using your mouth! by Denise Mitchell What happens when you add sodium bicarb. to vinegar? You make enough Carbon Dioxide to blow up a balloon! What to do * Place 2 teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate into a balloon (you may need to use a funnel to do this) * Pour 1/2 cup Vinegar into a small plastic bottle (I used an empty 250ml soft drink bottle) * Fit the balloon over the top of the bottle * Hold the balloon onto the bottle, and carefully lift up the balloon and shake the bicarb into the bottle * Watch as the balloon blows up by itself!

Even more exciting when you use a disposable glove

Denise Mitchell holds a Diploma of Children's Services, and a Diploma of Applied Chemistry and has successfully combined the two in her role as Childcare Manager at Kew NLC. She has been helping children to experiment for many years, and is passionate in introducing science to children in the preschool years in a practical, fun way using common household materials. She often conducts School Holiday programs, and both cooking and Science form an important part of the Shoestring Plus programs for 3-5 year olds held at Kew NLC on Weekday afternoons.


He you cyanKidbs ea Y ShareouyoruChild ‘STAR’. puzzles, frujokes, recipes, photos witnh facts or Kids in Bor other oondara.

email :


RKET MARKETS L SUNDAY MA CAMBERWEL30 am to 12.30 pm Every Sunday 6. ark Station Street, Marketplace carp Camberwell ET CRAFT MARK HAWTHORNto 3 pm 4 March 10 am stival at Glenferrie Fe RKET FARMERS MA BOROONDARAto 1 pm uary 8 am 17 Febr ASHBURTON LIBRARY Road, Reserve, Auburn on rs tte Pa 154 High Street, Ashburton Hawthorn East

LIBRARIES ASHBURTON LIBRARY 154 High Street, Ashburton BALWYN LIBRARY 230 Balwyn Road, Balwyn North CAMBERWELL LIBRARY 340 Camberwell Road, Camberwell


HAWTHORN LIBRARY 584 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

BALWYN LIBRARY 230 Balwyn Road, Balwyn North

KEW LIBRARY corner Cotham Road & Civic Drive, Kew Plenty of free and low cost activities at your local libraries. Website

CAMBERWELL LIBRARY 340 Camberwell Road, Camberwell



HAWTHORN LIBRARY 584 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn LIBRARY PlentyKEW of free and low cost activities at your corner Cotham Road & Civic Drive, Kew local libraries. Website



nt ity eve ommun c a ? e hav r free Do you ote fo m o r p e to .au ould lik your w oroond b in d il h yourc info@

26 26

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Facilitated Playgroups at Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre 2-12 Derby St., Kew 9853 3126

Our Playgroups are designed so that families can spend time together in a stimulating and beautiful environment. There are many experiences to share with your child, and it is also a good chance to meet other families from the local area. Playgroups are held on Fridays from 10am-12pm and on Wednesdays from 12.30pm-2.00pm. Cost: $5.50/family/visit Grandparents' playgroup is on Wednesdays from 11am-1pm. This begins in the outdoor area until the indoors becomes available at 12.00 pm Cost: $3.50/visit Play groups are open to all families on a casual basis, and are facilitated by Denise. NO NEED TO BOOK : (Just turn up on the day.)

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CAMBERWELL SUNDAY MARKET TOY LIBRARY KEW EveryPakington Sunday 6.30 am toKew 12.30 pm Street, 152

Marketplace carpark Station Street,

PIPER TOY LIBRARY PIED Camberwell 6 Lexia Street, Ashburton

HAWTHORN CRAFT MARKET 3 December 10 am to 3 pm Parkview Room 340 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell CREATIVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA 6 December 5 pm to 8 pm Town Hall Gallery 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

BOROONDARA FARMERS MARKET 16 December 30 December 8 am to 1 pm Patterson Reserve, Auburn Road, Hawthorn East



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N O I T A M R O F N UhaSndEyFpUhonLe nIumbers to keep on your fridge

EMERGENCY Ambulance Fire Police


HOSPITALS Austin - Heidelberg ...................................................... 9496 5000 Box Hill Hospital ........................................................... 9895 3333 Royal Children’s Hospital (Parkville) ........................ 9345 5522 CRISIS CENTRES Poisons ............................................................................ Kids Help Line ............................................................... Lifeline ............................................................................. Suicide Helpline (Vic) ................................................... Nurse-on-Call................................................................. Child Protection (After Hours) ................................. Domestic Violence Crisis Centre .............................. Sexual Assault Service (After Hours) ....................... Centres Against Sexual Assault .................................. Victims of Crime Helpline .......................................... LifeCircle - HOPELINE ................................................ SANDS Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support (Vic) .............. Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline .......

13 11 26 1800 551 800 13 11 14 1300 651 251 1300 606 024 13 12 78 1800 015 188 9349 1766 1800 806 272 1800 819 817 1300 364 673 1300 072 637 1800 686 268

POLICE STATIONS Boroondara Police ........................................................ 8851 1111 Burwood Police ............................................................. 9888 8377 Camberwell Police ........................................................ 9882 0688 COUNCIL Boroondara City Council ............................................ 9278 4444 If you provide a free service to our community and would like your phone number included on this page please email us 28 28

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Will Learning Music Make My Child Smarter? 20

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Preparing Your Child For The Workforce 24

Bedtime Stories 14 Book Store Dymocks Camberwell & Toroonga 32

Drama School Drama With A Difference 13

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School Holidays To The Classroom 8

Book Review 23 Kids Corner 25 What’s On? 26 Useful Information 28

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