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Hello & Welcome to Our November Magazine,


We are back in print! YAY! My name is Glenda, I am the stand in Editor for Kate at the A LITTLE moment as she has to attend to a urgent family crisis in the UK we HAPPY DANCE wish her and her family well. Welcome back to all businesses in Victoria, everybody will be in recovery mode including Your Child Magazines, so please be patient with staff when they have to do checking they are just doing what is required of them they are not doing it to upset anyone. YOURCHILDMAGAZINES.COM.AU

A reminder to take the time on Remembrance Day the 11th November at 11am for a minutes silence to remember our fallen in all wars. Especially as we think we have been going through a tough time, we must remember what they went through for our country and our freedom. Can you believe it's already November! Christmas is just around the corner and hopefully this year families will be able to celebrate together. With life being busy all the time it is important to remember to take time out for yourself. This month's magazine has some great articles to look at while you sit down for a quick cuppa. Hannah is in the Kitchen made some delicious homemade Pizza base, all ready to add your own toppings you can find it on page 27 and in Kids Corner this month we have a fun four pages of fun, Colouring, Find the difference, Rainbow Spaghetti and some Christmas Cooking.... ENJOY! And now that we can visit our friends and family ......AT LAST! I hope all the reunions are wonderful loving occasions. I really hope you enjoy this issue. Be sure to check out this month's advertisers for something fun to do, see or buy for you or someone you love and a new class or activity for your child.


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presents Terri! Written by Cathy Oliver and Illustrated by Jessica Callaway

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Pottery Classes SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS • Wheelwork • Hens Parties • Handbuilding • Sculpting • Pottery Birthday Parties • Beginners • Advanced • Children • Teens • Adults

T: 9439 8057 or 0417 054 035

Claydreamers Pottery Studio Eltham

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Sleep Health for Your Developing good sleep habits early can set your child up for lifetime of good health and mental wellbeing, but what happens when you have a poor sleeper in the family? Between the ages of around three to five, a child's sleep patterns begin to change as their brains undergo a very significant shift in the organisation and timing of their slumber. As time goes on, they will stop napping, which is a big change of gears. But needing daytime naps less and less as they grow older does not always mean that they'll arrive at bedtime willing or able to sleep.

Amazing things happen to our bodies when we're asleep which are crucial to our survival! The body works to repair muscles, organs and cells, while chemicals that strengthen the immune system circulate throughout the blood. Cortisol, the hormone tied to stress, decreases as we sleep and, for children, the level of growth hormone will increase. During sleep the neural pathways that allow us to create and maintain memory will communicate with one another to store information. Poor sleep means that these crucial processes are not occurring as they are 6

meant to, which can have significant consequences for any adult, let alone a small child. At this critical developmental stage in their lives, kindergarten aged children will need about 1013 hours of sleep nightly. Anything less than this can not only affect their mood and behaviour (parents will already know this from dealing with a cranky, teary child!) but can have a major impact on their learning ability, most significantly on their memory. At four years old, kindergarten programs focus

on school readiness. Number and letter patterns are learned, children acquire more vocabulary, their motor skills are challenged, as are their alertness and attention and ability to retain information. Their working memory is really starting to fire up as they build upon knowledge they've acquired. Continued bad sleep will inevitably impact a child's memory and their ability to retain and apply their knowledge… which can, in turn, affect their selfesteem. Poor sleep creates a domino effect that needs to be disrupted early.

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3 to 5 Year Old Top Tips for Sleep Health: 1. If you haven't already, start putting a consistent bedtime routine in place straight away! 2. Stick to bed times even on weekends and school holidays 3. Bedtime should have pleasant associations: hugs, a snuggly blanket, cosy pyjamas, a cuddly toy, dim lighting, projector or night lights, stories, soft music 4. Your child should spend at least the last hour of the day away from screens and bright lights… a night light or lamp can set a calming atmosphere for quiet activities5. Children sleep best in a cool (not cold) room where they can snuggle up 6. Make sure your child has eaten no less than two hours before bedtime and avoid sugary snacks in the later part of the day

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by Michelle Covelli 7. Warm milk before bed can help (but not after teeth brushing) 8. Ensure your child is receiving enough sunlight especially first thing in the day, exercise and nutritious food (but avoid overly physical activities at least two hours before bed) 9. Some children can feel scared or anxious at bedtime. Give them some power over their routine, such as choosing a story, choosing their pyjamas, choosing a toy. 10. A reward chart for a child who resists bedtime can be a real motivator: a tick or a star for every night as they settle into their routine can be rewarded after five consecutive nights (but keep recognizing the routine until it becomes second nature.) Michelle Covelli is the Director of Little Learners Early Education, South Morang www.Childcare Centre South Morang/Little Learners




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Thomastown Secondary College 80 Main St. Thomastown 3074 Monday’s 4.45 - 8.15pm

Doncaster Secondary College 123 Church Rd. Doncaster 3108 Wednesday’s 4.45 - 8.15pm


Thornbury High School 238 Collins St. Thornbury 3071 Friday’s 4.45 - 815pm


To enrol call 03 8300 0270 or visit Advertise NOW..... Call Kate 0497 788 856

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Part 2

Baby Bouncers by by Dr Carly Broadbent

This is a tricky one! Babies love that gentle bouncy restful motion to soothe them. Parents love a chance to put their baby down and have them still smiling. We think it is important to have a good balance with bouncer time. Bouncers have your baby in a semi-reclined position, where their spine is a little curled. As Osteopaths we find that excessive time spent in that curled forward position may lead to the muscles in the front of the neck, chest and abdomen shortening and weakening as they don't get to stretch out, meanwhile their back muscles are stretched and weakened. As this is a passive activity babies are not exercising their body or strengthening it. This is where balance needs to be considered. ......never allow your child to sleep in a bouncer due to their positioning.

Tummy time is such an important play time activity for their development! It is super important to provide your baby with time to stretch out, and to play in different positions such as on their tummies. This teaches them to manoeuvre themselves and strengthen and stretch all their different body parts. Tummy time is such an important play time activity for their development! Being on their tummy helps strengthen their pelvis, torso, neck and arms, getting them ready for next milestones like rolling, sitting and crawling. As a mum of three boys and an Osteopath my advice to all parents with bouncers, is to use them when you need to have a shower (make sure bub is in the bathroom so you can still supervise them), cook dinner or when you need both of your hands. 10-20 minutes maximum at a time and never allow your child to sleep in a bouncer due to their positioning. Dr Carly Broadbent Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (tertiary) B.Sc (Clin Sci).,M.H.Sc (Osteopath)., GradCertNeonatal&InfantPaedManThrpy.


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Miners Gold Café 1542 Main Road Research p: 9437 0007

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Teaching Children about Money The increased use of technology to pay for things has reduced the opportunity for children to see physical money exchanged for purchases. Young children often think adults are not paying at all! Children need experiences with actual cash, before moving to electronic transactions. Therefore money boxes and cash are still appropriate for teaching children about money. Many money habits are formed by age seven, and children learn a great deal by watching their parents' behaviours, so it's best to start teaching them the facts about money early. Money jars: A clear money jar is better than a bought money box, because it enables children to see their savings. Seeing money mount up encourages saving in both children and adults. Coins and their value: Help children sort coins into different denominations and discuss the shape, size, colour and the numbers printed of each denomination. Show the coin's relative value by, for example, lining four 5 cent coins beside one 20 cent coin, beside two 10 cent coins. Explain that each line has the same total value. (Count together by 5s, 10s). Play coin guessing games with multiple answers such as: Ÿ I have two different coloured coins. What coins might they be? Ÿ I have three different sized coins. What coins might they be? Ÿ I have three coins that added together make less than 50 cents. What coins might I have? 12

by Sue Gunningham Examine paper notes, ($5, $10, $20, $50) in the same way, looking at colour, design, images, numbers and relative values. Coins and notes: Play money guessing games with multiple answers such as: Ÿ I have three different coloured notes in my purse. What might be their total value? Ÿ I have to pay $12 for a game. What coins and notes might I give the shopkeeper? Ÿ I have three money notes that total less $50. What notes might I have? Ÿ I have only $17.55 in my purse. What notes and coins might be in my purse? (If needed, give your child some notes and coins to help them work out their answers). Purchasing power: Play 'guess the price' games using pictures cut from grocery or toy catalogues to help children learn to estimate cost. Ask children to sort grocery shopping items from most to least expensive. Make a set of 'Concentration Cards' with pairs of cards price on one side and image of the item on the other. Before going through the supermarket checkout ask your children to guess the total cost of the trolley of groceries. This will highlight the amount spent each pay-cycle just for groceries. Show children the actual cost of an item by helping them count out the required coins and notes and letting them pay sometimes. Compare and contrast the item bought, with another item costing about the same. Dr Sue Gunningham has been writing and delivering financial literacy programs since 2002. She believes money concepts are best learned in family conversations. Further details about her booklet for parents is available at:

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e Privat ns o i t Fu n c a r c h M M Feb & Sat Fri & :30 from 4


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High Fashion at the A while ago, we popped over to my folks for a visit and bumped into my brother who was cleaning out the garage. My dad’s garage is j a m m e d p a c ke d with a ton of random and useless junk. My brother was convincing our dad to part with four broken water pressure hoses, old luggage cases, unused speakers and a broken printer. With my goading, our dad reluctantly agreed to dispose of the speakers and the broken printer. The rest he claimed was part of his retirement plan – to sell at a trash and treasure market. My brother found two cardboard boxes with my name written on it. We rummaged through and found a bunch of my University papers. I’m not sentimental of stuff like graded exam papers and reading materials, so it went into the recycling bin. The other box, however, was another story. It contained the remnants of an ill-conceived fantasy of a naïve young adult. There were business stamps, never-used business cards, how-to-business booklets, and tools. When I was eighteen years old, I had this grand plan of becoming the next Faberge in beaded costume jewellery. I know, I know, what a stupid idea. I blame my mum. This is where the duty of a parent is to warn their kids when they’re about to make a monumental mistake. If your kid wants to be the next Tay Tay but their singing sounds like a strangled cat, it’s your job to tell them the truth. 14

If your kid wants to get rich selling jewellery at a flea market, you should tell them to reconsider. Especially when they want to spend a thousand dollars on beads and have no practical business plans in place. Anyway, the grand plan sucked and my jewellery sucked even harder. I had no aptitude for designing unique jewellery and no business acumen. Rummaging through the box, my brother and the children pulled out my business cards. There were two small boxes containing a hundred business cards that I had designed and printed for free at a cheap commercial printing store. “Oh my Gawd, why did you put company director?” teased my brother, pointing at the details on the business card. “It was my company and I was the director. Duh!” I replied, rolling my eyes. In my defense, at the time, I had envisioned a company and was going to be the director of said company. In the end, I was a still a director, just of myself. That is, I directed myself. Are you laughing at me? I bet you are. I was eighteen, OK?! That’s plenty an explanation. “For the exquisite look? Mummy likes being edgy with her words.” My husband joked at my tagline. Everyone had a good ol’ laugh at my expense. My husband couldn’t believe that I spent nearly a thousand dollars and only made twenty-five dollars in the entire venture. Thinking back, I actually feel sorry for the man who bought the necklace and earring set for his wife. I should have charged only ten bucks because the workmanship was shoddy at best.

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Flea Market I took the box home and renewed beading but not with the same intentions of grandeur. Twenty years later, a head full of grey and some wisdom under my belt, I resumed beading for different purposes. My daughter and I spent time making our designs, learning how to bead and packaging them for sale at the flea market. It’s been a great experience for mindfulness, bonding and harnessing creativity. My daughter brought some of her designs to school to show her teacher and friends. It was sweet to see her excited and proud of her work. She even boasted to her friends that I have a company in jewellery. It made me pleased and horrified at the same time. Hopefully, no one finds out that I’m a director of one and a seller of none.

by Kathy Ha Maybe these beads will sell like hotcakes at the flea market. Maybe the sales will excite the business woman in me and prompt the spending of another thousand dollars worth of beads. It could lead to big things. I could go places!

Nah, who am I kidding?! Let’s just sell these babies real cheap and be done. Call it a lesson learnt… twenty years late. Kathy Ha is a creative writer and storytelling enthusiast, sharing snippets of her journey through life and parenting on her blog, KN J Tales and Snippets. She aims to inspire, empower and ignite laughter, with every word that she writes.

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Christmas Trees 1st Craigieburn Scout Group will deliver a freshly cut Christmas Tree to your door. That’s one less thing, you have to worry about this Christmas Season. Online ordering:

Delivery dates: 27th & 28th November 4th & 5th December 11th & 12th December Any queries – email or call Greg 0419 886 907

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Fun with Freddy This month Freddy and I headed to Peppers Paddock Reserve playground In Wattle Glen to check out this fun and local playground. The existing apparatus is easy to use and, Freddy was so excited to see the trains pass by as he played and shouted out 'train' a few times! It's the second time we have visited a park with train views. We visited early evening, there were a few families having a picnic on the greenery and a bbq at the facilities. The playground caters for all age groups, Freddy (20 months old) was in to everything his favourite being the climbing frames, each with slides - one smaller for the littler ones, flower spinner, several swings and lots of nature play elements including a dry creek bed and mini bridge, steppingstones and balance logs. We took a rugby ball and kicked it round too. However, the showstopper is the lack of fencing and creek located down the bank, so a constant eye is required to keep the kiddies safe. Ample parking and a café down road make for an enjoyable early evening out with the kids.


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What’s On...


Friends of Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park Inc. Are planning to hold a Remembrance Day Service For Further Details 0428 576 718

on Sunday 7th November 2021, at 10.30am sharp 375 Kangaroo Ground - Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground Subject to Government Covid Guidelines They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. To adver se in Your in0497 Whi lesea Advertise NOW..... CallChild Kate0497 788 856Call 0439 732 977 Advertise NOW..... Call Kate 788 856

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USEFUL INFORMATION Emergency Numbers Ambulance Fire Police Hospitals


DIAL 000

Austin Hospital.......................................................... 9496 5000 Royal Children’s Hospital (Parkville).......................... 9345 5522

Crisis Centres Poisons.................................................................... Kids Help Line.......................................................... Lifeline..................................................................... Suicide Helpline - (Victoria only)............................. Nurse-on-Call.......................................................... Child Protection - (After Hours Service).................. Domestic Violence Crisis Centre............................. Sexual Assault Service (After Hours)....................... Centres Against Sexual Assault................................ Victims of Crime Helpline....................................... LifeCircle - HOPELINE.............................................. SANDS* Vic...*Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline Compassionate Friends Helpline

13 11 26 1800 551 800 13 11 14 1300 651 251 1300 606 024 13 12 78 1800 015 188 or 9373 0123 9349 1766 1800 806 272 1800 819 817 1300 364 673 13 000 SANDS/13 000 2673 1800 686 268 9888 4944

Your Local Police Station Diamond Creek ........................................................ 9438 8300 Eltham....................................................................... 9430 4500 Greensborough......................................................... 8432 8200 Heidelberg................................................................ 9450 8000 Hurstbridge............................................................... 9718 2111 West Heidelberg [Not 24hr Station]......................... 9457 5777

Other Banyule City Council Office....................................... 9490 4222 Nillumbik Shire Office............................................... 9433 3111 24 20

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Kids Corner

Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Banyule & Nillumbik email:

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Cooked spaghetti (or any type of pasta) Ziplock bags Food colouring Vegetable oil A large tub or container

What To Do:

1. Rinse cooked pasta with cold water then drain the excess water. 2. Divide pasta into various ziplock bags - one bag for each colour of pasta you wish to make. 3. Add a few drops of food colouring to each ziplock bag together with a few drops of vegetable oil. The oil helps to coat the pasta in colour and prevents the pasta from sticking together. 4. Seal the ziplock bags and shake the bags to mix the food colouring with the pasta. 5. Once each bag of pasta has been completely coloured, open the bags and let the pasta sit for 10 to 15 minutes for the colour to be fully absorbed into the pasta. 6. Rinse the pasta in cold water to remove any excess food colouring. Drain the excess water.

Thank you to Base Camp Kids for this months fun ac vity!

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7. Place the coloured pasta in a large tub and have fun playing! Can use hands, tongs, scoops, bowls, etc for slimey slippery sensory fun! 27


CORNER Spot the Difference

nd i F o t 10 Hey Kids you can be a ‘Your Child STAR’ share your jokes, recipes, puzzles, fun facts or photos with other Kids in Banyule & Nillumbik email:

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s g d i K kin Co o i m e T

PIZZA with Hannah

Ingredients 1 1/2 Cups Self Raising Flour (plus extra more for Kneading) 1 Cup Plain Greek Yoghurt Cooking Spray

Direc ons Preheat oven for 30 minutes on 250C Mix flour and Greek yoghurt together in a big mixing bowl. Transfer to a clean work bench, floured with self raising flour. Knead dough, (Approximately 8 - 20 minutes.) adding more flour as needed to keep dough from being too s cky. Make dough into a ball. Spray a 12 inch pizza tray with cooking spray and spread the dough to the edges of the tray. (Double or triple the recipe if making more than one pizza.)

Now its time to add your favourite pizza toppings!!!

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