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Volume 10

September 2017


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Hi & welcome to our September Issue And hello Spring - I've been looking forward to seeing you again! I don’t know about you but a little bit of sunshine and warmer weather really changes my whole mood and makes me want to get outside! It was on one of these days that our family headed to Diamond Creek to check out a great park that we feature in “Out and About”on page 10. We spent hours there playing on the equipment, playing basketball and adventuring around the bridge area. It’s also getting closer to another school break - our - and during the Spring Holidays is the Royal Melbourne Show. If you haven’t already noticed we’re running a competition for one lucky family to win a family pass - saving you $88!! (Yay) Just head to our Facebook page to enter. Whilst we are on the subject of giveaways we also have another book competition thanks to Robinsons Books in Greensborough (our monthly book reviewer) This month you could win copy of Anh Do’s new Weirdo 9 Spooky Weird. This is one of my boys favourite series and always has them giggling when they read them. Check out the reviews on page 23 on our “Book Corner” and find out how to enter. This month Colins Place Eltham have sent through a recipe for their delicious Fried Rice - I have been told it’s the best Fried Rice in Eltham! It's a great one that the whole family can enjoy and if you make up a big batch you can freeze for those nights when dinner is the last thing you can be bothered making (I have these moments often!) But if you prefer someone else doing the cooking then just pop into Colins Place for some yummy food! You can win a $50 voucher to spend at the café so make sure to jump on Facebook and enter. On a wet weather day Ollie and I played “Science” again and made some magic reactions with milk and food colourings. It was a tad mesmerising watching the reactions almost like fireworks and I love watching the enjoyment that Ollie gets out of these experiments. He is becoming somewhat of an expert now and will often go a grab a bowl and some ingredients and declare its science time! Although he is never as enthusiastic about the clean up - lol! Do you have a little mad Scientist at home too? We have another great article inside written by our local Snake Hunter Mark Pelley “Teaching Children About Snakes” - as Spring brings the warmer weather it will also start to awaken our local snakes so this is another great read and reminder. As always I hope you enjoy this months magazine and I wish you a great September.

Sam xo

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WIN WIN a FAMILY PASS to the Royal Melbourne Show 2017 worth $88 Go to our Facebook page for details and how to enter. Entries close 18th September. Good Luck!! @yourchildinbanyuleandnillumbik



Visit our Facebook page for your chance to win a copy of WeirDO by Anh Do thanks to Robinsons Bookshop Greensborough

Win a $50 voucher to spend at Colin’s Place Eltham

Go to our Facebook page for details and how to enter. Entries close 30th September. Good Luck!!

Go to our Facebook page for details and how to enter. Entries close 30th September. Good Luck!!



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Pottery Birthday Parties 2 Hour Guided Workshop Ages 7 and up 1 Set Sculpting Project Have a turn on the Potters Wheel Studio Located in Eltham

For all enquires call Brigette 0401-400-613 or 9439-8057 To advertise in Your Child in Banyule & Nillumbik call 0411 459 872


Teaching Children In October of 2016, Eli Campbell (then aged 2) was bitten 3 times by a coastal taipan in Queensland while collecting eggs for his mum. The young boy suffered from a cardiac arrest and was declared dead for 6 minutes. Paramedics were able to revive him and he was brought to hospital where young Eli was put into an induced coma. He was paralysed, with significant swelling on his brain, had brain damage, was unable to use his limbs, suffering from epileptic type seizers and doctors feared that if he survived, he would be blind.

fortunate enough to have received a “dry bite” (which does not occur often) and since that day, I have put in every effort to promote awareness of snakes in an attempt to prevent this from happening again (as much as possible). I receive criticisms from keyboard warriors who think they know better than to create awareness and teach children about snakes. But these “heroes of the internet” have never been at the cold face of catching a snake that has just bitten a pet or person while trying to keep everyone calm and coordinating with emergency services. While we can have positive stories like in the case of Brayden, the possible effects of a snake bite, as you can see from the story of young Eli, can be devastating and ongoing.

Some of the ways I promote an understanding about snakes is I go to kindergartens, schools or Coastal Taipan private groups to teach children about how to keep safe. I encourage parents and teachers to 5 months later, after several setbacks hundreds organise one of these events. The message I give to children is very simple and parents can of hours of rehabilitation, Eli was able to run, use this too: play, has developed his own language and has recovered better than doctors would have Very young children aged 3 – 7. believed. He is however now permanently Typically, I have found that very young children affected with impaired vision, ongoing brain like to approach a snake, and either stare or pick injury, epileptic seizures and damaged fine it up. Last season, there were at least 2 incidents motor skills. It is likely he will require some form where a 4 and 5 year old child picked up a tiger of care for the rest of his life. snake to show their mum. Luckily no one was All of this is the example of one incident with a bitten. Reinforcing the message to NOT touch a snake. snake and approach an adult is important to Another example of a snake bite was in give to children. Diamond Creek in early 2017 where Brayden I practice the below exercise with the children in Horn (14) was bitten inside the family home twice by a tiger snake on his foot and the same kindergartens and junior schools. You can use a snake bit his father on the leg also. Brayden was rubber toy snake. I teach the children: 8

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about Snakes 1. If you see a snake, take 5 steps back: “1, 2, 3 step back!” (We all take a physical backward step for each word or number). 2. Use a big voice to your parents or teacher: “There's a snake. There's a snake!” (This is one of the few times I ever encourage young children to shout – but in this circumstance it is ok) 3. Use a big voice to say: “Stay away from the snake!”4. Go to the adult immediately. 5. If bitten, immediately use a big voice: “A snake bit me!” and tell an adult. I know it might seem too simple, but practice this exercise with them repeatedly to reinforce the message to step from snakes and tell an adult. I have adopted this with children in this age range and found it to be very effective lesson after only 2 practice runs. Reinforce this on a few separate occasions, especially at summer. Children aged 8 – 12. Delivering the message of staying away from snakes in school to this age group is generally quite easy. My experience working with older primary school aged children has shown that they have an improved understanding of the danger associated with snakes. The important message to focus on is that: § All snakes endemic to Melbourne are venomous. § Snakes will only bite you if disturbed or injured. § Stay away and do not touch snakes or throw things at them. § If bitten by a snake, immediately seek parent/adult assistance. § Also if bitten, dial 000 and seek medical help.

by Mark (“Snake Hunter”) Pelley

Practice applying the snake bite pressure bandage with children of this age. Even if it is not done perfect, it can still help prevent the flow of venom. § Reinforce this a few times especially as the weather warms up. §

Delivering these simple messages to children of the appropriate age ranges can help them understand the dangers presented by

Tiger Snake Melbourne's venomous snakes and give a basic understand of how to behave if your child encounters a snake. Otherwise, one day it could be your child who picks up a tiger snake to show the family or otherwise tries to take matters into their own hands.

Applying a Pressure Bandage Mark “The Snake Hunter” Pelley is a Melbourne based venomous snake catcher. He also works as a snake consultant teaching schools, communities and businesses how to keep safe from venomous snakes. To learn more about snakes, follow The Snake Hunter on Facebook @SnakeHunterAus.

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Out and About

Rotary Centennial Park Diamond Street DIAMOND CREEK We live in a great part of Melbourne & I always look forward to checking out the parks & playgrounds that are available to all of us. Our family headed to Diamond Creek for an afternoon late lunch & park visit. We all happily played & enjoyed the space until the sun started to fade & the it became a little too cool. Located just off Main St is this fantastic space that has recently been upgraded. The main structure has an abundance of play options for big & little kids, that includes monkey bars, balancing disks, spider web, rope & rock wall, slides, bridges, a tunnel & shop window. There’s also an orbit spinner, geo climber, musical metal chimes, a hammock, a set of swings including a nest swing and a half court basketball area. If you have a spare $5 you can play on the colourful table tennis table getting balls and bat from the petrol station across the road.


The play space is fenced off along the road and has an undercover BBQ area, tables and bench seats and new clean toilets with baby change tables as well. The outdoor netball courts are located to the rear of the park and provides a smooth flat surface thats perfect for scooters, bikes or remote control cars. Ollie was highly impressed with the bridge crossing the Diamond Creek and he happily played along the grassed area making pretend fishing rods. This will definitely become another favourite for us and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we all did. Another bonus is there are plenty of cafes close by so grab a coffee and some treats to take with you!

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Find out what's on near you at www.schoolholidayrescue.com.au /schoolholidayrescue

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LOOKING FOR SOME CHILDRENS ACTIVITIES IN THE SEPTEMBER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS & BEYOND? CHILDREN'S DRAWING Learn diff. techniques applied to various subjects in a calm & creative atmosphere. BYO A3 sketch book & pencils.

CREATE A DISH Children will write the recipe, create the dish and enjoy the dish with the other children. Bring in your veggies & apron.

Wed 4th Oct 10–11:30am Tues 3rd Oct 10.30–12pm

$12 per child

7-12yrs $12 per child

8 -12yrs

SEWING SESSIONS Your child will learn to make a personalized bag or cushion, whilst learning basic sewing skills - Kit provided

CREATIVE WRITING TERM 4 7-10yrs Learn how to write more interesting stories, building condence & writing skills. Class is with Thurs 5th Oct 10-11.30am a Learning Specialist and $15 per child 7-12yrs Literacy Teacher.

LIMITED PLACES Bookings Essential

Wed 11/10–06/12 4–5pm

$90.00 (8 wks)

9458 1935 9458 1935 232 Lower Plenty Road Rosanna

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Family Holiday Mindset

by Marilou Coombe 2. Take mini breaks within the day – Have a nap What is your ideal family holiday or time out by yourself. And then do the same and what does it look like? for your partner. Give them the space to rejuvenate so that they can get on board with I always imagined having children who would be the kids. You will both handle them so much into travel like me.. Who may want to travel the better from a rested space. world and explore different cultures, learn new 3. Understand where your children are at – And languages, tantalize their taste buds with new food. I pictured children excited about being on plan accordingly! If your children are waking at a plane, getting all creative about flying up in the 5am and being so tired, is it wise to fit in so much air and disappearing into the clouds. I in a day? We ended up going to Seaworld one day and having a day at our resort the next envisioned adventure, excitement, everybody getting along and quite honestly kids crashing in playing with sand and splashing at the beach. the evening from all the day's activities so that We alternated our trips out so they fitted with our boys' energy and their behaviour. Nothing is us parents could have our own time! worse than dragging a tired screaming child Fast forward to our current holiday, it is far from thru a theme park! my imagined picture as it can possibly get. I 4. Throw routine out the window. At home, you started off being so exhausted and taking the boys out anywhere was becoming quite may certain rules of when is bed time, no naps, unpleasant. They are waking up as early as 5am this or that. You are on holidays. Make it so that fun, calm and flow is your priority and if it and dragging themselves throughout the day. doesn't fit into that bin it! And the first few days, everyone was very grumpy. Now let's plan that next holiday ;) Here are 4 simple ways I dealt with it all that may also help you if you are faced with a similar situation: 1. Be aware of your expectations and mindset –What head space are you in? Are you getting to bed early so you can deal with the 5am wake ups? As for me, the hardest part was getting over the picture I had in my head of how the holiday SHOULD play out, rather than just letting play out how it was. Once I shifted my perception, the whole situation changed. I now was focussed on what was happening and finding joy in that rather than expecting my kids to be a way I wanted them to be. 16

Marilou Coombe @ Orchestrate Parental Hub Family life coach www.mariloucoombe.com

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Melbourne Audio Visual Installation

Professional Reliable Experienced Satisfaction Guaranteed


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Andy: 0412 104 658

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0411 459 872

mavimelbourne.com.au mavimelbourne@hotmail.com


Introducing our Women's only fitness class – Bellatrix means Female Warrior & this class is designed to not only get you fit – but to help you develop an inner & outer strength you never knew you had.

We punch, kick, flip tyres, throw We also have a playroom for kids - so mums can train whilst kids balls around & lift weights, but are keep themselves busy too. all at our individual level of Come and trial a class Today capability. We train hard…but we We know you will love it! have fun doing it.

Free Offer 'Mother Lover Woman Warrior' Paperback Book with every Bellatrix pass Tues and Thurs 10 - 11am plus Tues 6 - 7pm

9/ 1625 Main Rd, Research ph: 0410 603 464 www.elthammartialarts.com

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In The Kitchen

Fried Rice Ingredients Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

750ml water 500g jasmine rice 200ml vegetable oil 2 eggs, lightly whisked 60g leg ham off the bone, diced 200g mixed colour capsicum, diced 1 brown onion, peeled & diced 150g frozen carrot, corn & peas, thawed 200g peeled cooked prawns 2 teaspoons light soy sauce pinch of white pepper & salt one piece of spring onion, chopped pinch of fried shallot for garnish

Method Step 1 Bring the water to the boil in a large saucepan. Add the rice and return to the boil. Reduce heat to very low. Cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook for 15 minutes or until the water is absorbed. Set aside, covered, for 10 minutes to stand. Step 2 Heat 2 tablespoon of the vegetable oil in a large deep

frying pan or wok. Add the egg and swirl slightly. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until just set. Transfer to a plate. Step 3 Wipe the pan clean. Heat remaining oil over high heat. Add the onion, capsicums, ham, and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add the rice, carrot corn, peas and prawns, and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Stir in egg, light soy sauce, sprinkle salt and black pepper. Stir-fry for a further 1 minutes, put the spring onion in and stir through. Step 4 Transfer the fried rice to a serving bowl, press it firm and flat, then flip over on the plate, sprinkle the fired shallot on rice, to serve with a side of soy sauce. This months recipe was supplied by: Colin’s Place Eltham 5/266 Bolton Street Eltham PH 8418-0079

To WIN a $50 voucher to spend at Colin’s Place Eltham head to our Facebook page

Commissions Prints From $69

Buy Art

Affordable Prints Circular Prints From $49

Prints are printed on quality Archival Cotton Rag 310gsm paper For all Enquiries 03 9858 2038 or 0413 577 668 Ani Ipradjian Artist aniipradjianart


WE OFFER YOU PRIVATE DINING Book out our space exclusively for your next get together, function or party!! Birthday Parties - Celebrations - BYO Licence - Catering Options - Playroom

5/266 Bolton Street, Eltham

PH: 8418 0079

* Minimum booking 10 pp - Call our Events Manager for more details

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Book Corner

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Kids Corner

There is only one way the monkey can get to the bunch of bananas!


What way is it: A B C Can you ď€ gure it out?

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What You Will Need: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Plate, bowl or tray Small jug or cup of milk Food Colouring Dishwashing liquid Cotton buds/tips

What To Do: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ


Pour milk into your bowl - just enough to cover the bottom Add a few drops of food colouring Dip cotton bud into dishwashing liquid aTouch photothe with us on Facebook of your cotton bud to the coloured Flubbery Rubbery fun milk - and watch the magic!!

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What’s On in Banyule & Nillumbik



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WOMEN’S BUSINESS Sunday 17 September 10AM - 1PM Bunjil Reserve 7 Bishop Road Panton Hill Come along to the Indigenous Food, Fibre and Medicine Garden at Bunjil Reserve and join Wurundjeri women Judy Nicolson, Brooke Wandin and Mandy Nicholson for some weaving of natural fibres and a discussion about the meaning of the Aboriginal term 'Women's Business'. Call 9433 3316 to book

trains fetes

bike community rides clubs



libraries walks

play groun


toys Diamond Creek Parkrun Every Saturday at 8am Marngrook Oval Main Hurstbridge Road Diamond Creek


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Handy Numbers Emergency Numbers Ambulance Fire Police


DIAL 000

Hospitals Austin Hospital.......................................................... 9496 5000 Royal Children’s Hospital (Parkville).......................... 9345 5522

Crisis Centres Poisons...................................................................... 13 11 26 Kids Help Line............................................................ 1800 551 800 Lifeline....................................................................... 13 11 14 Suicide Helpline - (Victoria only)............................... 1300 651 251 Nurse-on-Call............................................................ 1300 606 024 Child Protection - (After Hours Service).................... 13 12 78 Domestic Violence Crisis Centre............................... 1800 015 188 or 9928 9600 Sexual Assault Service (After Hours)......................... 9349 1766 Centres Against Sexual Assault................................. 1800 806 272 Victims of Crime Helpline......................................... 1800 819 817 LifeCircle - HOPELINE................................................ 1300 364 673 SANDS* Vic...*Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support 1300 072 673 Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpline 1800 686 268 Compassionate Friends Helpline 1800 641 091

Your Local Police Station Diamond Creek ........................................................ 9438 8300 Eltham....................................................................... 9430 4500 Greensborough......................................................... 8432 8200 Heidelberg................................................................ 9450 8000 Hurstbridge............................................................... 9718 2111 West Heidelberg [Not 24hr Station]......................... 9457 5777

Other Banyule City Council Office....................................... 9490 4222 Nillumbik Shire Office............................................... 9433 3111 If you provide a free essential service to our community and would like your phone number included on this page please call 0411 459 872


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Greensborough girl Sarah was born in 2007 with a suspected rare genetic disorder. As a result, Sarah has severe hypotonia and cannot walk, speak or even sit herself up. Sarah also has severe developmental disabilities in many areas, suffers from sleep apnea and epilepsy. For many years it was thought that Sarah's condition was a world first, a disorder that medical science did not even have a name for yet. The lack of an official diagnosis, and the rarity of genetic disorders, made it difficult to secure financial support. Thus, the HelpSarah.org Charitable Trust was registered to help provide for Sarah's needs. In 2015 Sarah was the first Australian to be diagnosed of Pura Syndrome, and now she is one of two Aussies, and 138 globally. HelpSarah.org continues to raise funds to plug the gaps in Sarah's NDIS funding, and also fund the push for research by Sarah's Mum, who volunteers extensively with Pura Foundation International, acting as a catalyst kick-start and co-ordinate ground-breaking research in Europe and the USA. As many of you will know, a motivated and talented Aussie mother can do amazing things on the world scene, especially when her daughter's life in at stake. It is hoped that research may unlock secrets that may stop her debilitating seizures and provide Sarah with the chance to walk, talk and gain a better quality of life. Results from this research will also benefit other children worldwide, and may help others with similar disorders. By helping Sarah, you in turn, can help many other children and their families globally for generations to come. The HelpSarah.org Charitable Trust has Tax Deductable Gift Recipient Status. Monetary donations over $2 are Tax Deductable. After her birth, Sarah was given only days to live. Thanks to the ongoing support of doctors at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital, Sarah's life expectancy is improving but still unknown. With intensive therapy and the right support now, it is possible Sarah could learn to walk, feed herself and speak. Please help give Sarah the chance to have a voice. You can make a difference to Sarah's life.

Neil Anderson Chairman (and Sarah's Dad) HelpSarah.org Charitable Trust

Mob: 0447 300 936


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