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The Elections


hen the electorate is counted in the tens of thousands and the turnout at elections is around 65%, many people – particularly those in “safe” constituencies – may feel as though their vote counts for little, especially if they disagree with the policies of the party holding a monopoly on power....

In County Council elections, however, where the electorate is smaller and turnout much, much lower, only a few votes to the outcome. The next set of Local Government Elections to elect members to Pembrokeshire County Council and Town/ Community Councils is to be held on 3rd May, 2012. Members of local councils are elected every four years to one of the 60 electoral divisions within Pembrokeshire or one of the 80 Community Councils that serve the towns and communities within our County. County Councils deliver services that

are often the most noticeable to people, from education to rubbish collection, whilst Town/ Community Councils offer a variety of more local services. You can register to vote by visiting www.aboutmyvote. or by contacting the phoning 01437 775844 or emailing electoralservices@ You can register to vote any time up to and including 18th April 2012.

In Focus In 2008, long time Trades Union and Labour Party stalwart Danny Fellows won Milford East with 215 out of 528 votes cast. On the face of it, a victory with around 41% of the votes cast is a The turnout was, however, low: only 36.73% of the electorate voted. Councillor Fellows, as he became, won his seat with only around 15% of voters actually voting for him. Shortly after the election, Councillor Fellows joined the Independent Political Group and was made Chair of the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

So effective was Councillor Fellows‘s scrutiny that he resigned as Chair following the publication in August 2011 of a joint report by Estyn and the Care and Social Services Inspectorate that judged Pembrokeshire’s policies for safeguarding children purpose. Danny Fellows is not standing for re-election in 2012. The report concluded “…there has been a lack of oversight by at the most senior level within the authority.” To whom could that comment have possibly referred? It could not have referred to the Cabinet Member responsible, Cllr Huw George of Maenclochog. If it had referred to Cllr Huw George, who is standing for re-election, then he would not have been retained within the Cabinet with a full special responsibility allowance but reduced duties, the other half of his portfolio being handed to Cllr. Anne Hughes of Milford Haven. he above is in no way intended to lumber the Councillors named with responsibility for the whole of the debacle that engulfed Pembrokeshire County Council in relation to August’s critical report. As the report pointed out, responsibility for the scandal rested not only with elected whom it was stated, “senior local

elected members with the information necessary to ensure they are able to discharge their responsibilities for safeguarding”. In the classic BBC comedy “Yes Minister”, Sir Humphrey was proud of house-training have managed to do the same to County Councillors? If ignorance is bliss, perhaps the Council’s councillors stay happy.

Why Participation Matters The point being made above is not directed against individual councillors: the issue is increasing participation in local democracy and genuinely holding Councillors to account for failures on their watch. It is only by holding Councillors to account that we can end the culture that Estyn and CSSIW following, “… information that is shared with elected members, including cabinet and the overview and scrutiny committee


The Figures

This magazine is distributed in an area covered by 19 County Council seats; Seat Haverfordwest Castle Haverfordwest Garth Haverfordwest Prendergast Haverfordwest Portfield Haverfordwest Priory Johnston Merlin’s Hill Milford Central Milford East Milford Hakin Milford Hubberston Milford North Milford West Neyland East Neyland West Pembroke Dock Central Pembroke Dock Llanion Pembroke Dock Market Pembroke Dock Pennar

Councillor Tom Tudor

Affiliation Labour

2008 result 438 – 338

Turnout 49.25

Lyndon Leslie Frayling David Mark Edwards Peter Alan Stock David Michael Bryan Ken Rowlands Umelda Havard Anne Hughes Danny Fellows Mike Stoddart Viv Stoddart


282 – 131 – 76


Ind Ind Ind

650 – 207


Ind Ind Ind Ind Unaffiliated Unaffiliated

480 – 179 289 – 203 – 202 309 – 177 – 164 215 – 123 – 107 -64 432 – 253 – 80 276 – 178 – 128

36.75 43.3 42.73 36.73 41.56 36.53

Stanley Hudson Rhys Sinnett Simon Hancock Maureen Molyneux Kate Becton1

Conservative Plaid Cymru Labour Independent

472 – 329 – 44 353 – 160 -85 705 – 149 232 – 184 – 149 – 86

47.58 41.77 46.45 40.01


274 – 162


Sue Perkins


416- 236 – 211


Brian Hall


274 – 235 – 103


Tony Wilcox


669 – 327 – 89


required to unseat several councillors. Sitting Independent councillors with the endorsement of less than 20% of their electorate include Maureen Molyneux (Neyland West), Lyndon Frayling (Haverfordwest Garth), and Mary Havard (Merlin’s Hill); Anne Hughes was endorsed by 20.3% of her electorate and misses the arbitrary cut off at 20%.

...continued from page 4 has too frequently been more challenging aspects being omitted from published reports. risk to the transparency of communication and the robustness of decision-making. It has undermined the ability of elected members to challenge If this was one isolated incident of the Independent Political Group being complicit in failure and engaged whether by design or ignorance in ignoring the public interest, it would be bad enough. But it is not. Let’s look at the case of Haverfordwest Castle. A decision taken in secret, affecting a public building, without open consultation

or even consultation with the parties affected by the decision. The reason: the IPG says it was concerned would enter the public domain. With respect: hogwash. Haverfordwest Castle is a public building, the Council exercise ownership on our behalf; matters were not discussed because it was convenient to try and brush them under the carpet as a fait accompli. Right or wrong, and we genuinely have no view one way or the other, the decision should have been made subject to proper scrutiny. Weasel words by those involved do not conceal a shameful failure.

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Station Self Drive 01437 762222 by those you would not vote to remove. As we said above, you can register to vote up to and including 18th April. Take part and take a side. Many Councillors rely on inertia and recognition to continue to sit year-after-year-after-year. If Councillors do not actively collude in the idea that it doesn’t matter who is in charge, they do little to discourage it.

Candidate Focus in our distribution area

appear to exist in a cosy world where meetings are not minuted, discussions are unrecorded and decisions are made in secret, you can make a difference. You can vote. Vote to make a difference. Vote to end government by carveup. Vote, because without your vote nothing can change.

Councillors Rhys Sinnett (Plaid Cymru – Milford West), Mark Edwards (Independent – Haverfordwest Prendergast), Simon Hancock (Labour – Neyland East), and Tony Wilcox (Labour – Pennar) will be returned unopposed. This is Councillor Edwards’s second uncontested election in a row. Councillors Hancock and Wilcox had the highest personal vote at the 2008 elections, so perhaps their opponents have had enough for the time being. Councillor Sinnett was in a closer contest than others being returned unopposed. He replaced former Milford East Councillor Danny Fellows as Chair of the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Of course, if you are happy with the way that the Council spend your money – please, do what the ruling clique on Pembrokeshire County Council want you to do. Stay at home and vote for more of the same by not voting at all. But don’t complain at the waste, venality, incompetence and greed

If Cabinet portfolios remain unchanged after the election, he could be charged with the oversight and scrutiny of another Milford County Councillor, Anne Hughes of Milford Central. Perennial goad of County Council vested interests Mike Stoddart and his wife Viv

with achievement; steady as she goes with steady as she sinks. The Independent Political Group is not the cause of this but they are certainly its most obvious symptom. If you are infuriated by the fact that Pembrokeshire County

seek re-election in Hakin and Hubberston, as does Conservative Party head Stanley Hudson in Milford North. Haverfordwest Castle is a straight Labour/Conservative re-run between sitting Councillor Tom Tudor and Sarah Llewellyn. Councillor Tudor had a 100 vote plurality over his Conservative opponent in 2008. The interesting split in Merlin’s Bridge is a three-sided again, with Stephen Brown who stood third in 2008, challenging sitting Councillor Umelda Havard this time under the Labour Party banner. Chair of the Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee Peter Stock (Independent), who was unopposed in 2008, is challenged by Christine Whelton for the Conservatives. Despite her resignation after a drink driving conviction reported in the local press in December 2011, former Labour member Kate Becton is standing without party endorsement in Pembroke

Dock Central. Also in Pembroke Dock, the Market Ward is again being contested by veteran Councillor and colourful former Cabinet member Brian Hall. It was a close run thing for Councillor Hall last time out, and he will be hoping that his personal good stead again. In the Llanion Ward, Sue Perkins (Labour Group leader) is challenged by Peter Kraus. Neyland West Councillor Maureen Molyneux is another who will be counting on past performance being an indicator of future return. 48 votes separated 1st from 2nd in Neyland West in 2008, with one fewer candidates this time round, there are votes up for grabs in this seat. If all other things remain equal, this could be a close call. Cabinet member Ken Rowlands stands again in Johnston. Who was originally a labour candidate and then switched to the Independent Group days before the election and was suddenly given a cabinet post. Local concern over planning and highways issues in the village may focus opposition to Councillor Rowlands, but is


unlikely to result in the type of seismic shift that would remove him from his perch. Councillors wondering how to improve and do worse than copy Councillor Rowlands’ eager way with a quote, story and photograph.

Rewards Apart from the altruistic desire to serve, County Councillors obtained the beneath allowances in 2011/2012. In 2010/2011, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council, John Davies, trousered in excess of £46,000 pounds of OUR money for his vital work on OUR behalf. Work that no doubt required his undivided attention – you know what with the state of the Council’s education and child

welfare systems in which so much went wrong, both on his watch as leader and in his previous role as cabinet member responsible for them. Needless to say, proposals to cap or reduce allowances were

Measure enhances the role and responsibilities of members, notably around collaboration (both in terms of executive functions and scrutiny), the (potential) delegation of

by John Davies, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council’s IPG. “The panel’s proposals devalue the role of councillors in the run-up to the elections which will potentially have an impact on recruitment and retention. “This is particularly concerning given the panel proposes a reduction in salaries at the same time that the (Local Government)

e - BaseBasic Amount Allowance - Base Amount /Communications (Supplement & Office - IT/Communications support) & Office support)

12,973 500

12,973 500

sibilitySpecial Allowances Responsibility (S.R.A.s) Allowances (S.R.A.s) uncil Leader of the Council Deputy(x2) Leaders of the Council (x2) of the Council Cabinet Members s Chairman Overview and Scrutiny Committees erview and ScrutinyofCommittees Chairman ofWay Planning and Rights of Way Committee nning and Rights of Committee Chairman of Licensing Committee ensing Committee Leaders - 3 Equal Opposition Groups al Opposition Groups

29,513 15,493 14,756 8,854 8,854 5,902 2,951

29,513 15,493 14,756 8,854 8,854 5,902 2,951

Leader In of 2010/2011, Pembrokeshire Leader County of Pembrokeshire Council, John County Davies, Council, trousered John in Davies, trousered in

000 pounds excess of OUR of £46,000 moneypounds for his of vital OUR work money one Grove OUR for his behalf. vital Work work on Best OURPlace behalf. ‘Th is wildly to Work romantic, and the welcome

Stay in Wales

equiredthat his undivided no doubt required attentionhis – you undivided know what attention withand –the you state know of the what with the state of the generous relaxing.’ National Tourism Awards 2010

February 2010 ation and Council’s child welfare education systems and child in which welfare so Guardian, much systems went inwrong, which so both much went wrong, both

s leaderon and hisinwatch his previous as leader role and as in cabinet his previous member role responsible as cabinetfor member responsible for T: +44 (0)1834 860915 them. E:

y, proposals Needless to cap to say, or reduce proposals allowances to cap or were reduce met with allowances fierce were met with fierce

8 Coverage sponsored by

Station Self Drive 01437 762222 the rural voice on the Electricity Consumer Council and subsequently became a member of Energywatch Wales. John is also a former Deputy executive functions to members responsibilities on members scrutinise public services.” Our bold leader thundered against the change. “The draft annual report does not appear to have changes to members’ roles and responsibilities. Of particular concern is the panel’s proposal to cap the number of senior salaries (emphasis added).” Councillor Davies, who is a former director of the WJEC Examination Board, appears to collect public posts. His biography on S4C’s website – he is a member of the S4C Authority and got £8,600 for his role in that post 2010/2011 relates, “For nine years he was

Local Government Association for which he was spokesman for Education and Lifelong Learning for many years. Since 2008 he has been Principal Leader of all Local Authorities in Wales. Between 2004 and 2008 he was a member of the Welsh Assembly Government ministerial advisory panel for School Standards and Improvement and until 2008 represented Wales on the National Employers Organisation for School Teachers. He is a member of Dyfed Powys Police Authority” (NB attracting another c. £8,600 basic allowance + expenses). ” John is a member of the S4C Authority Content Committee and the Audit and Risk Management Committee.”

Hard-pressed local councillors struggling to get by on their allowances and expenses need look no further than Cllr Davies’ example on how to both maximise their income and manage their time between their various public responsibilities. Perhaps it is not too much to suggest that whoever leads the Council after the next election would do better to concentrate on their duties in Pembrokeshire rather than racking up titles, posts, and allowances elsewhere.

Please: turn out. Please: make sure your voice is heard. Silence endorses and rewards mediocrity and cronyism. YOU can make a difference by voting. Please: vote. Vote for Pembrokeshire.

Did You Know About The Puppets?

Based on an Old Grumpy Article Six weeks after the last Local Authority Elections, The Western Telegraph wrote an editorial called “Labour hoist by its own petard” where it described the Independent Political Group as “... a farcical ‘independent’ cabal or a cabinet of puppets presiding over the last supper of democracy”. Strong stuff! The article concludes: “What a sad state local government has slumped into: polarised by party politics and overshadowed by the ‘independent’ umbrella of the ruling oxymoron party”. What a pity this was written six week after the elections rather than six weeks before. As for the ‘oxymoron’ word, I always prefer ‘contradiction in terms’ in case some dictionaryless member of the IPG takes it as a personal insult.

Your Pembrokeshire Magazine is proud to remind voters of this fantastic reporting from the “Newspaper That Fights For Pembrokeshire” BEFORE you cast your vote and not AFTER the elections.


The Candidates Amroth: Tony Brinsden, Independent; Dily Jenkinson, Welsh Conservatives. Burton: David Wildman, Independent. Camrose: Jamie Adams, Independent. Carew: David James Neale. Cilgerran: John Cwmbetws Davies, Independent; Kett Seymour, Plaid Cymru Clydau: Roderick Gwilym Bowen, Plaid Cymru Crymych: Keith Lewis, Independent; Cristoffer Wyn Tomos, Plaid Cymru. Dinas Cross: Bob Kilmister, Liberal Democrat Focus Team. East Williamston: Nigel Birt-Llewellin Welsh Conservative Party; Jim Codd; Jacob John Williams, Independent. Fishguard North East: Richard Parry Davies, Welsh Conservative party; Myles Pepper, Independent. Fishguard North West: Pat Davies, Welsh Labour; Rhys Hughes, Plaid Cymru; Jenny Walter Jones, Welsh Conservative Party; Jackie Maddocks; Dai Williams, Liberal Democrat Focus Team.

Milford Haven Hakin: Mike Stoddart, Independent; Rhys Williams, Welsh Conservative Party. Milford Haven Hubberston: Alun Byrne, Welsh Labour; Vivien Mary Stoddart. Milford Haven North: John Williams Cole; Stanley Thomas Hudson, Welsh Conservatives. Milford Haven West: Rhys Sinett, Plaid Cymru. Narberth: Di Clements, Welsh Conservative Party; Wynne Edwin Evans; Sue Rees, Independent. Narberth Rural: Elwyn Morse, Independent; Rayner Peet, Welsh Conservative Party. Newport: James Llewellyn Davies, Independent; Paul Harries, Independent; Nikki Kilmister; Liberal Democrat Focus Team; Vicky Moller, Plaid Cymru; Tina Shevlin, independent. Neyland East: Simon Leslie Hancock, Welsh Labour. Neyland West: Dorothy Cox, Indpendent; Paul Nigel Miller, Welsh Labour; Maureen Molyneux.

Goodwick: Richard John Grosvenor, Liberal Democrat Focus Team; Moira Lewis, Plaid Cymru; Gwilym Price, Welsh Labour; James Jonathon Thickitt, Welsh Conservative Party.

Pembroke Dock Central: Kate Becton; Martin Cavaney, Independent; Chris Harries, Welsh Conservatives; Peter Fredrick Stanley Kraus; Alison Lee, Welsh Labour.

Haverfordwest Castle: Sarah Marie Llewellyn, Welsh Conservative Party; Thomas Baden Tudor, Welsh Labour.

Pembroke Dock Llanion: Peter Fredrick Stanley Kraus; Sue Perkins, Welsh Labour.

Haverfordwest Garth: Lyndon Leslie Frayling; Peter John Lies, Independent; John David Vaughan, Welsh Conservative Party; Wally Watson, Welsh Labour. Peter Stock, Independent; Christine Whelton, Welsh Conservative Party. Haverfordwest Prendergast: Mark Edwards. Haverfordwest Priory: David Michael Bryan, Independent; Byron Henry Fraying. Hundleton: Johnny Allen-Mirehouse, Independent; Margot Magdalena Bateman, Hundleton; David William, Welsh Labour. Johnston: Angela Beatrice Newman; Ken Rowlands Kilgetty: David John Pugh, Independent Lampeter Velfry: Jo Hammond, Welsh Conservative Party; David Simpson, Independent. Lamphey: Clive Collins; Jon Harvey, Welsh Conservative Party; Tessa Hodgson; Beth Power, Welsh Labour. Letterston: Tom Richards, Independent; Tasha Danielle Sexton, Welsh Conservative Party. Llangwm: Michael John, Independent; Damiana Morgans. Llanrhian: David Williams Mansel Rees. Maenclochog: John Rhys Davies, Plaid Cymru; Huw Meredydd George. Manobier: Malcolm Calver; Ray Hughes; Phillip Kidney; Eleanor Parker, Welsh Conservative; Norman Richard Parry, Independent; Pearl Tew, Independent; Tony Wales, Welsh Labour. Martletwy: Rob Lewis; Jules Thomas, Welsh Conservative Party. Merlins Bridge: Stephen Brown, Welsh Labour; Paul Davies, Independent. Umelda Havard. Milford Haven Central: Anne Hughes; Stephen Glanville Joseph, Plaid Cymru; Tony Miles, Independent. Milford Haven East: Dan Mills, Welsh Conservative Party; Guy Woodham, Welsh Labour.

This article and been published with kind permission of Old Grumpy

Party Animals?


henever I tackle one of the members of the Independent Political (sic) Group, they invariably deny ever signing up to join the party. However, surely even the self-deception merchants who make up the IPG must bow to the hard documentary evidence reproduced below....

Pembroke Dock Market: Brian John Hall; Peter Kraus; Andrew James Mcnaughton, Welsh Labour. Pembroke Dock Pennar: Tony Wilcox, Welsh Labour. Pembroke Monkton: Pearl Llewellyn; William Skyrme Rees. Pembroke St Mary North: Ceri Ann Bowles, Welsh Conservative Party; Arwyn Williams. Pembroke St Mary South: Daphne Margaret Jane Bush; Aaron Leigh Carey, Welsh Conservatives; Melanie Phillips. Pembroke St Michael: Aden Brinn, Welsh Conservative Party; Jonathan Anthony Robert Nutting. Penally: Jon Everett, Welsh Conservative; Graham Fry; Jonathan Spencer Preston, Plaid Cymru. Rudbaxton: Richard Nicholas Hancock, Welsh Conservative Party; Steve Yelland, Independent. Saundersfoot: Phil Baker; Rosemary Hayes, Welsh Conservative Party. Scleddau: Bethan Hughes, Plaid Cymru; Owen James, Welsh Conservative Party; Raymond Llewhelin Independent. Solva: Stephen John Bale, Indpendent; Lyn Margaret Jenkins, Independent; David Phillips; Mollie Roach, Welsh Labour. St Davids: John George; David Gareth Beechey Lloyd, Independent; Debra Murphy, Welsh Conservative Party; Alan Charles York, Welsh Labour. St Dogmaels: Adam Herriott, Plaid Cymru; Mike james, Independent. St Ishmaels: Adam Gent Welsh, Conservative Party; Moira Hawkins, Independent; Reg Owens, Independent. Tenby North: Fiona Birt-Llewellin, Welsh Conservative Party; Michael Williams, Plaid Cymru. Tenby South: Jennifer Mary Bradley; Michael Evans, Independent. The Havens: Peter John Morgan. Wiston: David Kenneth Howlett, Welsh Conservative Party.

to decipher, so I append a list of names for your convenience: John Allen-Mirehouse, Peter Stock, Mark Edwards, Martin Davies, Lyn Davies, Rosalie Lilwall, Sian James, Don Evans, Arwyn Williams, Anne Hughes, Rosemary Hayes, Steve Watkins, Robin Evans, Bill Roberts, David Wildman, Alwyn Luke, David Simpson, John George, Mike Evans, David Rees, John Davies, Jamie Adams, David Bryan , Islwyn Howells, David Neale, Bill Davies[decd. replaced by Elwyn Morse], John Murphy, Brian Hall, Leslie Raymond, Robert Lewis, Clive Collins,

Henry Jones, Jim Codd, Wyn Richards, Bill Hitchings, John Thomas [decd.replaced by Huw George] As a shining example of being honest with the electorate we need look no further than Cllr Anne Hughes, who told the electorate of Milford Central during the 2004 county council campaign that, if elected, she would be a “true independent”. In fact, so keen is she to get this message across that her election address repeated the words “true independent” no less than four times. As if to emphasise the point, Cllr Hughes told the voters: “I am standing as a true independent with no political allegiance to any party. I WILL NOT abide or be controlled by party policy.” (Cllr Hughes’ emphasis throughout). This resolve lasted precisely the three days between the votes being counted (Friday am 11 June 2004) and the secret meeting of the IPG held in county hall at 11 am on Monday 14 June. But perhaps the most spectacular example of an Independent Political Group member’s eagerness to conceal his true political colours from the electorate is Cllr Jim Codd, who, just before the 2004 election, placed the advert below in the Tenby Observer:

In fact, when he wrote that, Cllr Codd had been a member of the Independent Political Group for almost three years and he seems to have been in something of a hurry to sign up because the byelection at which he won his seat was held on 28 June 2001.

10 Coverage sponsored by

Station Self Drive 01437 762222


Sutton Baptist Chapel Hall. Roch Victoria Hall. St Dogmaels Memorial Hall. Broad Haven Village Hall. Nevern Church Hall. Walwyns Castle Village Hall. Bethel Chapel Vestry, Moylegrove. Room at Welcome Traveller Inn, Tiers Cross. Eglwyswrw Old School. The Institute, Johnston. Crymych Market Hall. Merlins Bridge Village Hall. Cilgerran Village Hall. Albany Hall, Hill Street, Haverfordwest. Newchapel Reading Room. St. Martins Church & Community Hall. Boncath Community Hall. Meadow Park Day Centre, Stokes Avenue, Clydau School. Prendergast. Newport Memorial Hall. St Thomas’ Church Hall, St Thomas’ Green. St Brynach Church, Dinas Cross. Picton Community Centre. Goodwick Scout Hall, The Parrog. Family Centre, Trafalgar Road. St Nicholas Village Hall. Bethesda Baptist School Room, Perrotts Jordanston YFC Hall. Avenue. Glandwr Vestry, Llanychaer. Portfield School Activity Centre, Jabes Chapel Vestry, Gwaun Valley. Uzmaston Church Hall. Puncheston School. Freystrop Village Hall. Mobile polling station, Car Park, Trecwn. Hook Sports Club. Letterston Memorial Hall. Llangwm Village Hall. Mathry Community Hall. Rosemarket Village Hall. Croesgoch Baptist Chapel Vestry. Burton Jubilee Hall, Houghton. Trefin Community Hall (Youth Hostel). St Clements Community Hall, St Davids City Hall (Main Hall). Mastlebridge Village Hall. Solva Memorial Hall. Murray Suite Town Hall, Milford Haven. Trefgarn Owen Chapel Vestry. St Katharines Parish Hall, Sandhurst Road, Former Hayscastle CP School. Milford Haven. Wolfscastle CP School. Orchard Family Centre, 15/16 Larch Road, Spittal Church Hall. Milford Haven. Ambleston Church Hall. North Road Baptist Church School Room, Llysyfran YFC Hall. Milford Haven. Maenclochog Community Hall. Main Hall Methodist Church, Priory Road, Bethel Baptist Chapel Vestry, Mynachlogddu. Milford Haven. Llandissilio Playing Field Hall. Room at Milford Haven Rugby Club, Hakin, Clunderwen Community Hall. Milford Haven . Clarbeston Road Memorial Hall. Hubberston & Hakin Community Centre Community Hall, Crundale. Hubberston New Church Hall. Camrose Baptist Vestry. Herbrandston Communiy Church Hall.

St Ishmaels Memorial Hall. Marloes Village Hall. Dale Coronation Hall. South

Llanddewi Velfrey Village Hall. Tavernspite Village Hall. Former Narberth CP School, Narberth. Llawhaden YFC Hall. The Rhos Community Hall. Room at Snooty Fox Inn, Martletwy. Templeton Church Hall. Amroth Parish Hall, Summerhill. Regency Hall, Saundersfoot, No.1 Station. Regency Hall, Saundersfoot, No.2 Station. New Hedges Village Hall. Further Education Centre, Greenhill Avenue, No 1 Station. Further Education Centre, Greenhill Avenue, No 2 Station. East Williamston Community Hall. Former Pentlepoir CP School. Jeffreyston Church Hall. St Florence Village Hall. Penally Village Hall. Manorbier Parish Hall. Emmanuel Gospel Church, Manorbier. Lamphey Village Hall. Cosheston Village Hall. Pater Hall, Pembroke Dock. Youth Centre, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock. Golden Grove School, Pembroke. Pembroke Town Hall. Monkton Church Hall, Pembroke. Pembroke Scout & Guide Hall, Woodbine Terrace, Pembroke. Stackpole VC School. Castlemartin Church Hall. Hundleton Sports Pavilion. Angle Village Hall.

Thursday 3rd May 2012



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We’re Going To Wembley!


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eve iggest

From Voting to Boating! Spring 2012 boaTing


embrokeshire Yacht Club invite the people of Pembrokeshire

with Sailing & Rowing at PYC.... Following a 15 year gap, we successfully re-launched our Regatta last year. Building on that success we are going bigger and better this year. Our main regatta, to be held on the 16th & 17th June, is a great way to introduce all non-members to Milford Haven’s yacht club. Our clubhouse will be open to all visitors to showcase the sail training, along with the opportunities available in the ever expanding rowing section of the club.

No matter what your age or ability PYC can get you on the water to experience all the haven has to offer! Our regatta is a public and family event. Along with the opportunity for you to come and try sailing and other water based activities, we will have representatives from RNLI Lifeguards, RNLI Lifeboat, Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts, Pembroke Activity Centre and other stands to be announced. There will be a BBQ, clubhouse food, entertainment and bars open, the only thing we can’t book is the weather! There will be fair rides, bouncy castles, face painting and much more. .


Spring Boating News....

If you would like a stand, to advertise in our regatta programme or to just get involved by volunteering then we would love to hear from you. There are a number of stereotypical views associated with a yacht club, but we want to break the myths and show you that we are a welcoming and accommodating organisation who’s goal is to encourage and facilitate water based activities. Our junior sail training commences on Tuesday 17th April, just contact or drop in to the club if you would like to discuss enrolment, we have programmes for both adults and children.

Single & Family Membership is only - £45.00 pa include: Discounted berthing at Milford Marina Comfortable and well appointed bar at Gellyswick Bay HQ - open 7 days a week. With our main lounge bar, children & youth room, committee room and bar meals available 3 nights a week (Spring & summer seasons). Discount at selected local chandlers Discounted bar prices Hot showers and changing facilities available at the clubhouse – anytime day or night! Boat Parking facilities Camping Extensive Social events throughout the year, too numerous to mention! We would like to thank all our members for their continued support and look forward to welcoming many new members this year at PYC Nicki Davies Rear Commodore

We are a members club but we welcome visitors, with membership that is open to anybody who wishes to enjoy

E – T – 01646 692799 W –

basis, then membership is worth consideration. To get involved with the PYC you can contact them over the phone on 01646 692799, visit them on the world wide web at or even email them on As you can see there are some great reasons to get involved with life on the waterway and PYC are a great way to meet likeminded mariners and dip a toe in the friendly and welcoming waters of the Cleddau!




Open daily from 4pm Monday - Friday W and all day Saturday & Sunday to see Look Forw eing ard you soon Sunday Lunch Served 12-6pm !

....In Your Pembrokeshire!


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White Water Rafting By Andy Chandler


hite Water Rafting! Are you as surprised as us that you can take part in this amazing, adrenalin fuelled hobby in West wales? Well, you can.... Jet and the guys at Adventure Beyond cater to those with a taste for action-packed pastimes and invited us to experiences the thrills and spills of rafting over the rapids up in Llandysul. So we got ourselves out of bed early and headed up into the mountains in search of one of the most unique Once we’d arrived in Llandysul, we quickly met with our group and our leader for the session; Jet. What came next was not one of my favourite things: Wetsuits. I’m fast becoming an old-hand at squeezing and sliding my frame into the wetsuits so only minimal heave-hoing was needed to ensure I was prepared for whatever lay ahead.

It was time to get into the Raft which sat in the river and very soon we were all paddled-up, safe and secure with an amazing looking stretch of tumbling, bubbling and frothing water laid out in front of us. It felt amazing. And the experience got much better than that, once we were tackling some small drops to get us started. We weren’t just thrown into the deep end, we were eased gently into dealing with drops that slowly increased in I was certain after one drop that we’d lose control and spill out into the stream but, aside from a faceful of cold gripped the paddle with all my life. We could hear Jet shouting instructions and did our best to comply, luckily Jet is clearly experienced at controlling not only the raft but also a raft full of nervous novices.

But safety is, of course, paramount and the preperations didn’t end there. Once we were at the top of the rapids we put on our helmets and lifejackets. My pulse was racing but Jet assured me it was ‘just in case’. Just as my nerves seemed strained it was time for the safety talk. The safety talk was indepth, but it wasn’t scaremongering at all. After the talk was over I was ready, nervous yes, but ready to experience the thrill of genuine White Water Rafting in West Wales.

Our time with Adventure Beyond was eye-opening and I don’t just mean the thrills of running the rapids. I was also amazed at how safe and secure I felt while dropping over the edge of waterfalls in a raft. Yes I was nervous, but I wasn’t ever scared as Jet is clearly an experienced professional who loves the rafting sessions too. White Water Rafting is NOT for everyone, it’s just for anyone who enjoys adrenalin fuelled days out in total safety.



Good Eating In Pembrokeshire with Gillian Wright

The Ocean, Broad Haven


have found a gem nestled into the coast in Broad Haven; the Ocean café, bar and restaurant. It has beautiful panoramic views of the coast from each of the different sections of the establishment, it is simply breath taking....

To start I had Garlic shells on prawns with a sweet chilli dressing and a salad, this had a wonderful taste and just the right size to get my appetite going in preparation for the main course, Luke chose soup of the day with a warm crusty roll, the soup was Tomato and Basil, he informed me his starter was delicious and once again just the right size to whet the appetite.

We were welcomed and then sat in the gorgeous main dining room which can seat up to 44 (including an exclusive area which seats eight for small parties called: The Captain’s Table). All the dishes have locally sourced ingredients and their head chef Roman works hard to keep the welldeserved reputation of the restaurant by cooking delicious homemade food.

For the main course I had the Chef`s homemade Chicken Curry Rice and Chunky chips Served with a Poppadum & Mango Chutney, the taste of the sauce was out of this world, the chicken itself was tender and cooked perfectly, Luke had Welsh Steak & Rhymney Ale Pie Served with Chunky Chips and Seasonal Vegetables, the steak melted




through but did not over power, the vegetables were cooked to perfection and the chips were a sublime addition to a perfectly well-rounded dish.

Looking For Delicious Home Cooked Food? SUNDAY LUNCH £6.95 ANY DESSERT £2! 2 Course Senior Citizen Meals Mon - Fri £6.95 Open 12-2pm for lunches from April 2nd

The Plough Inn Sageston, SA70 8SG

Call And Book Now:

01646 651088

Campsite Now Open!


The ocean have a specially created menu to celebrate Easter and a brand new menu for 2012, so check out their website for more information: so give them a call on: 01437 781882.

We were both full so had a short rest, looking through the desert menu we decided to share an Award Winning Chocolate Cup Filled with Tia Maria Mousse, the award was won at the Narberth Food Festival. This was by far the most amazing dessert we have tasted and we highly recommend it to anyone. The Ocean is split into three different areas a café for light snacks and refreshments, the bar and then the restaurant. This makes it perfect for families, meals out or a drink with friends.

With a dedicated car park at the rear, this is the perfect location for any event and I would recommend The Ocean wholeheartedly. I know I will be returning soon and I suggest you visit if you like great food, with amazing views and good prices. _________________________________

Do You Want Your Establishment Reviewed? Let your business speak for itself to a monthly audience of 27,000 readers. Get in contact NOW! Call Gillian on 01437 707070 or email

bar, cafe or restaurant, very well and really adds to the atmosphere. The café and restaurant are well priced for all pockets so it’s perfect for family days out or special occasions. The café is open from 9am each day, the restaurant is open from 5pm-9pm 7 days a week. The bar is fully stocked with Beers, Lagers and Ciders on tap, also available are a wide range of bottled Beers, to keep up with Premiership Football, Champions League, International and Club Rugby Union plus all other major Heineken European Cup. On Thursday nights they offer a quiz and on Saturday it’s the Deal Or No Deal inspired: Open The Box night.

Spring Lunch Offer 3 Courses £19, 2 Courses £15 A’ La Carte £45 Tasting Menu £65 (Evening only)


T: +44 (0)1834 860915 E:

A Great Place To Eat In Pembrokeshire!




Roman’s/Ramus Castle

itting in The Welcome Traveller in Tiers Cross you wouldn’t know that less than a mile away is a Castle that has perplexed and surprised locals and archeologists


At Tiers Cross, if you venture off the beaten track and journey down the single-track road to Walwyn’s Castle you’d be hard pressed to point the Castle out. But it’s there, it’s just hiding about 150 yards off the road to your left.

With another earthwork castle, Walwyn’s Castle, just down the road, you begin to build this mental image of a feudal, confrontational warring clans. A Pembrokeshire that might never have even existed! We, as a society, are taught nothing of our own local history and, due to consistently neglected historical sites, we can’t even learn about these sites on our own. I live in Tiers Cross and only discovered my proximity to the castle when I was nosing around Google Earth!

and enter the clearing where the castle’s earthworks still sit, you’re met with an imposing pentagon of high earth banks that is open on one side. Once you scale the earth banks you can clearly see why Mountains to the north and as far as Dale to the south, it would seem to be the perfect place to build a defensible encampment. Details on the history of the castle are sketchy at best, it was made a Grade II listed monument in 2004, locals say it was archeologically explored in the 1980’s and a Roman Torque was discovered which lead to the area being erroneously known as “Roman’s Castle”.

When my time at Roman’s Castle came to an end and I had to walk back to the car, I couldn’t help but feel slightly melancholy. The forgotten and forlorn places of Pembrokeshire need to be protected. If by reading this series of articles, we can inspire just one person to take a closer look at their heritage then we’ll consider it a job well done! By Andy Chandler Please feel free to contact me:

Having watched one-too-many episodes of Time Team, I know that the Roman’s didn’t build pentagonal shaped structure, but you wouldn’t know it unless you know the right people to ask or the right websites to look at. Once again a massive slice of our heritage is being forgotten because of a hesitance from CADW/PCC to adequately signpost, path and open up historical sites for members of the public to enjoy.


Discover A Hidden Treasure




ver the weekend of March 30th to April 1st Pembrokeshire hosted its

GhostWest Lite was centred on two historic locations, The Imperial Function Rooms in Milford Haven and Haverfordwest’s Minnie’s Nitespot....

Both have reports of ghostly activity, from staff and members of the public. Local ghost hunters were joined by top local Medium Karen Wilson as they took members of the public on an exploration of the ghostly goings on. On the Friday evening, the weekend got off to a fantastic start at The Imperial with a brief presentation by Andy Chandler, followed by An Audience with Karen Wilson. As Karen passed on messages from those on the ‘other side’ there were audible gasps of amazement from some.

Saturday was the busiest day, two investigations were scheduled; a daytime investigation at Minnie’s followed by a late night return visit to The Imperial. Ghost hunters from the County were joined by investigators from South Wales and a variety of methods and techniques were used and demonstrated. Traditional techniques such as the divination and modern electronic gadgets including night vision cameras were deployed in the investigation. In addition, several of the techniques used in TV ghosthunting shows such as Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters were demonstrated.


Steve Parsons

The investigation was a split into several parts and members of the public were shown more of the techniques that are used by ghost hunters; table tipping and the Ouija board were demonstrated and once again the skills of the Psychic Medium were demonstrated as Karen offered names and information about the previous occupants and incumbent. A new device called The Ghost Box was also shown; this uses radio waves and it is claimed to allow the direct voices of the departed to be heard. Several people were certainly perplexed and surprised when they received answers to their questions put to The Ghost Box. The evening ended on a high with a grand séance led by Karen involving all the participants. A tired group of investigators arrived back at Minnie’s nightspot early on Sunday afternoon to complete their investigations of this historic building built on the site of Haverfordwest Friary. More experiments and more questions but all too soon it was time to wrap up and take stock of the weekend. A whole heap of recordings and video for the team to sift through, a lot of positive feedback from those who came along and joined in.

After a brief respite and some food the intrepid ghost hunters arrived at The Imperial as darkness fell and expectations rose. Karen returned, this time in order to used her psychic skills to help the investigators discover more about the reported ghosts at this interesting building. Unrelated to the ghost hunting was the ‘discovery’ that a bell above the bar was engraved with the name of RMS Titanic and the date 1912. Nobody seemed to know why it was here or what (if any) was its connection with the ship but so close to the 100th anniversary it was something we would love to discover more about - if anyone has the answer?

Pembrokeshire GhostWest Lite was merely the warm-up for the real event, taking place in October. Pembrokeshire GhostWest will see local ghost hunters joined by no Medium and Psychic artist Brian Shepherd and a welcome return to Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe plus, of course, the popular and 3 times award winning Karen Wilson. ....With Your Pembrokeshire!



n the 12th of May 2012 over 600 riders The race has been supported and sponsored by local will be facing the phenomenal challenge business since the beginning and are proud of their links of riding the 100 miles from Cardiff to with local companies to facilitate the ride and support the


riders and the causes they donate too.

The bike ride takes place over a ten hour period and it’s main aim is to get people out on their bikes, they also raise money for charity, this is done using direct sponsorship from businesses using company logos and also sponsorship of the individuals involved.

For 2012 Carten 100 sponsorship will be for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) JDRF exists to is the worlds leading charitable funder of type1 diabetes research. The ride starts at Cathedral Road, Cardiff, and there is a new Finish Line in Kiln Park, with room for all bikes, with food and a bar available all afternoon as riders arrive. There is also an Exclusive deal with Kiln Park for caravan hire over the Carten 100 weekend to keep partners and kids happy! See the venue for more details.

This rapidly expanding event has gone from strength to strength, raising a whopping 49,010.87 for charity in 2011 and going from only 4 riders when it began in 2006 to over 300 last year. Carten 100 has raised money for a number of different charities including Ty Hafan and also the Neo natal unit at Withybush hospital.

:_iYel[h^eb_ZWo^ec[emd[hi^_f at Kiln Park Holiday Centre, Tenby £500* off

Prices from


the price of a new holiday home

Fantastic facilities include: š>[Wj[Z_dZeehWdZekjZeehfeebi šEkjZeehZWdY_d]mWj[hifbWi^Wh[W š9^_bZh[dÊifWZZb_d]Wh[W šIfehjiÓ[bZ šJ[dd_iYekhji šA_ZiÊYbkXi\ehWbbW][i šDWj_edWbFWhaHWd][hmWbai šCWi^WdZ8Whh[b0 Bekd][#8Wh#9W\ƒ šB_l[Bekd][ J[hciWdZYedZ_j_ediWffbo

<ehceh[_d\ehcWj_edehjeWhhWd][Wl_i_j YWbb0 0871 971 0885 l_i_j0 Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.


Although it is too late to enter the ride you can still join the riders in their celebrations afterwards at Kiln Park or later at the De Valance where the Tenby Blues have arranged a night of live music especially for the event. If you would like to donate to help support this event you about the events going on in Tenby after the ride.

Show your race number on the day and get a

10% discount!


From Cows To Caws! Pant Mawr with:

Celebrating 28 years of Welsh cheese making success

heeses Farmhouse C


ant Mawr Farmhouse Cheeses was established in 1983 when the Jennings family returned to Wales from the Middle East where they had been involved in setting up some of the

Yemen.... This family business is run by David, Cynthia and Jason Jennings at their small traditional Welsh hill farm located in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains at Rosebush in Pembrokeshire. Pant Mawr Cheeses have been developed using locally produced milk, they combine their selftaught skills and unique self-developed recipes to produce a range of mouth watering, traditional, hand made cheeses. and fruity, mead washed Drewi Sant and everything The Jennings family would like to invite you to the inbetween. Pant Mawr Cheeses website - The home of Real Welsh Farmhouse Cheese. The Jennings are proud to be able to offer the facility to buy their cheeses online securely, so subtley tangy Caws-Y-Graig (A Silver Award winner at check out what is available now: the 2003 World Cheese Awards) and the Smoked Caws-YCraig with a delicate Oak-smoked taste. The Jennings family should be proud of their achievements On the website you can learn a little more about the Pant and the success that their hardwork has given them. Not Mawr Farm, which is situated in the heart of the Preseli Mountains. There is also a new recipes section, which a long standing business with a great reputation built on contains dishes that use Pant Mawr Cheeses in a variety of hard graft, long hours and they have an award-winning different ways. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also of note that their cheese is suitable end product! Congrautlations on your 28th year of for vegetarians as they use vegetarian rennet. pembrokeshire cheese making and we all certainly wish you the best for the next 28 years! Add to that a farm shop where you can pop in and purchase any of their cheeses over the counter, along with a fantastic So why not call in, have a coffee and sample some of selection of other locally produced products as well as the breathtaking scenery of the Pembrokeshire countryside? years. Visit the Jennings at: PantMawr Farm, Rosebush The cheeses they create in the rolling hills of Pembrokeshire, Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire, SA66 7QU or call them on range from the light and creamy Caws Cerwyn to the tangy 01437 532 627.

is proud to support the Jennings family

We sell a wide range of Pantmawr Cheeses which are an important part of the 30 different cheeses we have on offer, and are lovely when added to our made to order fresh filled rolls!


Mind, Body S and Soul

uccess with The Cambridge Weight Plan transformed my life. I know how miserable and lonely it can be trying to lose weight. With the support of my Consultant I lost a lot of weight. Many others have used The Cambridge Weight Plan to lose those unwanted extra inches you can too.

Mind/Body BalanCe: Happiness

Developing balance of the connections between mind and body is often a kind

What is Cambridge Weight Plan? programmes, ranging from 415kcal to 1500kcal a day. All of the programmes are based on nutritionally-balanced meal replacements, combined with conventional food as you progress. What makes Cambridge Weight Plan different? One of the key factors in our consistent success since 1984 has been our Consultants. Because when it comes to weight-loss, you alone can do it....but you can’t do it alone. Please give me a call and I will explain in more detail how Cambridge and myself can offer that one-to-one personal approach lose. I look forward to hearing from you.Christine Evans

intelligence. As awareness deepens, bodily sensations provide feedback and guidance about every facet of your life-from nurturing relationships to enhancing effectiveness at work. By working on this info you can reduce stress, balance your health, and get the maximum innate possibility of health, creativity, and spiritual growth.


Hypno-Band practitioner. Hypno-Band® is the world leader in gastric band hypnotherapy and the original virtual gastric band method. The Hypno-Band is a safe, risk free and cheap alternative to gastric band surgery. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy the programme can help you change your eating habits forever! From his clinics in Carmarthen and Narberth, Mark has helped hundreds of clients overcome their problems and achieve their goals. “This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I went to Mark in the hope of changing my attitude to food as much as to lose weight, and succeeded on both counts. I feel that within a few short weeks I have made incredible changes which will be sustainable for the rest of my life” - Anna Cartwright.

Treatment of painful lesions, Corns and Calloused Skin

Biomechanical/walking assessments for

Nail Trimming

foot/knee & back pain using TOG GAIT analysis

Verrucae eradication

Nerve and circulation investigations

Nail surgery for ingrowing painful nails


Sports Injury Specialist For more information on treatment, treatment packages and bookings contact Therese on:


Look And Feel Great....



The Nest Bistro, Little Haven

took a drive to Little Haven early one evening, for such a small place you are spoilt for places to eat, however I would ask you to try The Nest Bistro which prides itself on locally sourced

Our main courses were served with a selection of vegetables cooked al dente also dauphinoise potatoes which we both loved; all plates and serving dishes were left clean.

well as for the appetite a stunning artistic display.

We had a short rest after our mains, after looking at the menu we both wanted to share the Welsh cheese board, and once again we were spoilt with selection and presentation, served on welsh slate with an assortment of crackers, butter and strawberries.

We were greeted warmly on our arrival and were seated in the window, the pace of the service was set by ourselves and throughout the evening we were never felt rushed. I started with garlic mushrooms served in a cream sauce served with toasted bread, it was delicious and the sauce complimented the mushrooms superbly. Luke chose green lipped New Zealand mussels topped with a spicy cheese topping, the taste of the mussels came through with the zing of spice and cheese a wonderful gastronomic mouthful, and this was served on a bed of salad.

For my main I had Noisettes of lamb with a black cherry and red wine Jus, with whole cherries on side of the dish. I asked for the my meal to be cooked medium and I was not disappointed, a superb taste and the lamb was tender and delicious. Luke ordered from the specials board this was sauce, this was served with a wild mushroom garnish, the bacon was a marriage made in heaven……a must for people who appreciate seafood.

Beverley Yeomans is the proprietor and resident chef, she has a passion for her food and craft that is seen within each and every dish, also with the pride she has when talking about her dishes and locally sourced ingredients. The kitchen itself is open to the public view, which is a refreshing change and also an education for any and all customers of her establishment. I wish Beverley and her staff every success, and with food to this astonishing standard I feel The Nest will have continued success and further triumph.

This voucher entitles the bearer to:

1 FREE Bottle of House selected Wine per table when dining from our Main or our daily Seafood Special menus Voucher valid until the end of season 2012 T&C’S: ‘PER TABLE SPECIFIES A MINIMUM OF 2 ADULTS DINING FROM THE MAIN OR SEAFOOD NOT TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. NO OTHER WINE ALTERNATIVE IS AVAILBLE


12 Grove Place Little Haven, Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire 01437 781 728 evening 07870 693 145 day


Luxury heated kennels with inside and outside covered runs, set in 200 acres


where the dogs are exercised twice daily. Very large free run grass outdoor exercise paddocks make your dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stay even

May 2012

Fri 4th 7:00pm: Medieval Music for May Day @ St Davids Bishopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Palace

A concert of medieval music to herald spring. Bring a picnic and something to sit on.

Tickets ÂŁ10 (conc ÂŁ8) Call 01437 720517 for more info Sat 12th & Sun 13th 10:00am - 4:30pm: Free Open Day @ Hilton Court To help celebrate the opening of our new Solar Tropical Dome, Hilton Court are offering FREE entry! with great activities for the kids, music and arts and craft stalls. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in for a great day ou

t at Hilton Court with the added bonus: itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free!

Tel:-01437 710262

dogs, large and small, all breeds in desperate need of loving homes.

Tel: 01348 840676 | Mob: 07768272745 |

Tues 15th 7:30pm: Simon Callaghan & Timothy West @ Torch Theatre

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At

British pianist Simon Callaghanâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s intelligent and compelling musicianship is quickly earning him a reputation as an exciting and versatile artist of the new programme will include works by Bach and Chopin after which he teams up with renowned actor Timothy West to present Strauss: Enoch Arden, based on a poem by Tennyson.

Tickets: ÂŁ15.50 01646 694192

Tech Squad IT 15 Victoria Place Haverfordwest Dyfed SA61 2JX 07531653685 Computer Repair and Web Design


resselly ombat aintball /&&%:06




more enjoyable. We currently have stray


We are very near Oakwood Park, from the Canaston Centre follow the Brown Tourist Signs into Cott Lane, turn right by The Snooty Fox

Open all year. Lessons and Woodland Treks for all the family. Accompanied half and full day rides available for experienced riders. All rides accompanied by friendly, competent escorts. Riding hats and boots supplied free of charge.

Sat 19th 10:30am: The Ramblers group walk @ Walton East/Llys-y-fran Enjoy British wildlife on a Ramblers group 8 mile walk. Meet in Spittal opposite the Pub. Dogs will not be permitted on this walk. Most walks are intended primarily for Ramblersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Association members. Nonmembers are welcome to join us as guests on two or three walks, though if you walk with a group regularly you will be expected to join the Ramblers

Contact: John - telephone: 01437 731103. Sun 20th 09:30am 12:30pm/ 1:30pm - 4:30pm Kayak & Coasteering Trips Join our guided trips from Stackpole Quay. All equipment provided. Your best wet day out. Cost tbc. Two trips per day

Contact 01646 661425 or stackpoleevents@ for more info.

Telephone: 01834 891398 Website: Email:

Wed 23rd 10:00am 4:00pm: The Grand Tour @ Broadhaven South car park Stretch your legs and uncover the incredible story of this special place. Five mile walk with a ranger taking in stunning sea cliffes, lakes, woodlands, and the site of the old Mansion House. Some uneven ground and moderate gradients. Binoculars recommended. Please wear suitable clothing and appropriate footwear.

Cost ÂŁ4. Email Stackpoleevents@ for more information. Sun 27th 10:30am 5:00pm: National Garden Scheme Open Day @ Picton Castle & Gardens Castle Tour, Garden & Gallery Adults: ÂŁ9.50 Senior Citizens (60 and over): ÂŁ9.00 Children (5 -15) ÂŁ5.00 Under 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s : free Garden & Gallery Adults ÂŁ6.50 Senior Citizens (60 and over).

Visit www.pictoncastle. for more info.

List Your Event For Free Call 01437 707070 Now!


The Kidz Klub! Colour In And Win With:

Percy the Parrot


Send Your Entries To: Tree Tops Competition, 11 Hamilton Terrace, Milford Haven SA73 3AL


Closing Date: 20/05/12



Movie Preview


20th Century Fox



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085 7

1 79 10 9



idley Scott is one of the greatest directors of our time. The man responisble for Blade Runner, Gladiator, Legend and Kingdom Of Heaven returns to the Alien franchise with a

Prometheus has grown to become something that is connected to the Alien universe but in an increasingly weaker way. It clearly showcases the Space-Jockey ship from Alien, but the main reason we want to see an Alien prequel; the Aliens, might not even appear! Instead of simplicity, Sir Scott appears to have woven a complicated tale about Human’s, Gods, Androids and space travel but seems to have ditched H.R. Giger’s legendary Xenomorph’s for a tale about the fear of humanity tracing it’s origins and meeting it’s God.

And dropping the Alien’s is a bold move and it could and doesn’t deliver Aliens. The cast boasts Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ star Noomi Rapace as members of crew on the starship Prometheus, which journeys through the universe appear). With the plot being kept underwraps, we don’t know what to expect when Prometheus hit’s the cinemas this Summer, all we know is that it’ll be amazing viewing and might have Aliens....but it might not. Argh!

Tears of a Phoenix Helen Noble


Book Review

for Jed, a convicted violent criminal, yet the start of a whole new existence. Desperate to _escape the shackles of his past , he opens his psyche to the people he meets in the prison system and delves into his psychological and spiritual heritage.... To be released into the outside world, Jed embarks on a journey of self-exploration, with the help of a prison

With Hidden Treasures

I was surprised by this book; I found myself immersed in the story and was aware of how well-researched it was. to read more! Helen is a local Pembrokeshire author who you can follow at

H dd


su e

1 Neptune House, Nelson Quay, Milford Marina, SA73 3BH

led to his current status as a prisoner, and travels into the history of his Ghanian homeland, meeting with his spiritual ancestors to seek the truths he believes will set him free. We follow alongside him, on his path as a son, a father, a own life.

Books . Toys . Gifts . Sweets Coffee . Jewellery T: 07894 742034

Staying In Is The New Going Out!















Vote for your favourite joke by emailing the business name and your contact details to: And you could win £25 to spend at the winning business!

! Y a D Y a M ! Y a D Y a M Dodge

rs! Howle Y i D y lida

Pembrokeshire ts r e p Ex



Bank H

Unit 3 Rocky Park, Greenhill Road, Tenby, SA70 7LH

Tel: 01834 843472 Mob: 07912964064 Quality Foam Cut To Size! Sofa Cushions - Beds - Dining Chairs - Caravans - Boats - Instrument Cases - Mobile Homes Horse Boxes etc.

f f o 10%

your first order over ÂŁ50 with this advert! valid until 29/05/12

We also have an Upholstery Service Competitive Rates! Great Service!

Call Steve on 01834 843472 Mobile: 07912 964064 Or call in at Rocky Park to discuss your requirements and get a FREE quotation!

Busy Bee



Call Now:

01646 601887 | 07967653478

82 Honeyborough Industrial Estate, Neyland, SA73 1SJ

Let Local Experts Help!


A Walk back in time to how sweet shops used to be! Nostalic & Retro Gifts Chobbles is also one of the largest suppliers of Steiff bears in West Wales The Strand, Saundersfood, Pembrokeshire, SA69 9ET 01834 810 210

Williams 4)&%4'&/$*/(  NN-PH$BCJOT -PEHF'SPNb





















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e l y t s e f i l w e n Imagineering a

Securahome are Wales’ Premier Conservatory, Door and Window manufacturer offering bespoke designs to suit all homes and tastes.

• 15% off our complete range. • Buy now pay 2013 or 6.9% APR by Barclays • FREE Thermal Nergy glass upgrade (u Value 1.1) • FREE planning service • 10 year warranty

Sunrooms & Porches

Concept Conservatory

One of the most stylish ways of extending your home. Ideal for that extra bedroom, music room, playroom or a home office you’ve always needed.

Concept conservatories are spectacular structures designed to capture your imagination, usually glazed in Pilkington’s actibe Blue Heat saving glass, what better way to capture the stars on a warm summer’s night!

Lifestyle Conservatory

Designer organgeries

Orangeries and sunrooms have today become one of the most aspiring and sort after extensions to the home, cutting edge styling bring you a look that normally lends itself to a property shown on Grand Designs.

Our traditional conservatories are designed using the latest thermal technology; these affordable rooms are one of the easiest ways to extend your home, all designed free using our latest 3D modelling programme.

Typical example - £10,000 borrowing less £1500 deposit, £8500 financable 180 payments of £75.05 per month. Total payable £13,509. APR 6.9%. Subject to status.


Open seven days a week / 9-5 Mon-Fri • 10.30-3.00 Sat/Sun

Your Pembrokeshire Issue 8: Local Election Special  

Get the local election lowdown with Pembrokeshire's must have monthly magazine!

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