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Discovery Center

2010-2011 Exhibits

Joshua’s Journey - Scholastic’s award-winning Dear America brand has come to life. Focusing on a small slice of American history known as the trail drive era, this exhibit introduces guests to life on the Chisholm Trail through the eyes of Joshua Loper, a 16 year-old cowboy. Bounce- This exhibit collection allows visitors to explore and celebrate the science, mathematics, and aesthetic of “the ball”. Kinderstudio - New Preschoolers Gallery. Young children engage with the world and speak about it in many different ways. Through touch, song, paint, sculpture and full-body motion. This permanent exhibit provides opportunities for children to act on stage, try on costumes that they make for themselves, investigate natural and man-made materials and, by-the-way, learn. KinderStudio is an area of handson science exploration and artistic expression for small children and their favorite grown-ups to explore together. Zula Patrol Space Theater Show- From the far reaches of outer space, from the bright orange planet Zula, comes the Zula Patrol! These stalwart heroes are on an expedition collecting samples of weather for scientist Multo’s research; using their loyal pet Gorga’s ability to collect and bottle all kinds of weather. But when the Zula gang inadvertently hurts Gorga’s feelings, he decides to leave Zula. The ZPers go after him and in the process learn all about weather, both terrestrial and interplanetary.



Ultrasound Imaging Packages 2D Ultrasound Image * 18 plus weeks gestation is recommended with gender determination upon request.


* Stork Vision® requests that expectant mothers have a full bladder when coming for their 2D Baby Ultrasound Package.


* 27 – 33 weeks gestation is recommended as the optimal time to have your 3D baby ultrasound performed for a singleton (one baby) pregnancy. 24 – 26 weeks gestation is recommended as the optimal time when expecting twins or multiples. * Stork Vision® requests that expectant mothers make an extra effort to hydrate for three (3) days prior to coming in for your 3D appointment. Hydration can help significantly with the clarity of your baby images.

Ultrasound Imaging Packages 2D Ultrasound Image * 27 – 33 weeks gestation is recommended as the optimal time to have your 4D baby ultrasound performed for a singleton (one baby) pregnancy. 24 – 26 weeks gestation is recommended as the optimal time when expecting twins or multiples.

Ultrasound Imaging Packages 3D Ultrasound Image


u Platin

Two Visit Ultrasound Imaging Pkgs. Platinum Two Ultrasound Images

* Stork Vision® requests that expect mothers make an extra effort to hydrate for three (3) days prior to coming in for your 4D appointment. Hydration can help significantly with the clarity of your baby images.

$15 off

Any Package

Must present coupon to redeem.

* A complete 2D Ultrasound Package is performed at 18 plus weeks during the first visit, while a complete 4D Ultrasound is performed at 27 – 33 weeks gestation during the second visit. Twins or multiples should have the 4D Ultrasound Package performed at 24 – 26 weeks gestation. * Stork Vision® requests that expectant mothers come in with a full bladder for their 2D ultrasound appointment while really making a effort to hydrate for three (3) days prior to coming for their 4D Ultrasound appointment.

We uphold the highest standards by staffing our facility with ARDMS registered or registry eligible Sonographers.

2600 Paramount Suite G-1 806.331.6871 Visit our website at




Giving an allowance... What you should know



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5405 Ama. Blvd. E.


Why an allowance? To learn to ride a bike, you need a bike. And to learn to manage money, you need … a little money. By practicing with their own money, children get to try out concepts – saving for a rainy day, prioritizing goals, and delayed gratification – that might otherwise seem abstract or irrelevant. Allowances give kids room to make mistakes in a low-risk environment – sort of like learning to drive in an empty parking lot. If your 8-year-old can’t go to the movies with a friend’s family because he burned through all his allowance buying action figures, he may be more likely to plan ahead when he gets next week’s allowance. Think of it this way: Teach your child the pitfalls of impulse buying early on, and he’s less likely to arrive on your doorstep years from now with a duffel bag full of dirty laundry and a mountain of credit card debt. What’s a good age to start? Around age 5 or 6 is typical. But some parents start in the preschool years, while others wait until age 10 or older. There’s no magic starting time, says Kristan

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Leatherman, coauthor of Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats? Love and Logic Solutions to Teaching Kids about Money. “The best time is when your child begins to understand that money can buy him things he wants.” So if your child tends to shrug at money, losing it before it can find its way to his dusty piggy bank, hold off until you see signs that he enjoys saving it or thinking about how he might use it. How much is reasonable? Consider your family’s financial resources, the cost of daily living in your area, and your own comfort level. “I’ve seen it all over the place,” says credit union market manager Mark Hodowanic. “While there might be some general rules of thumb, it’s up to your family to decide what’s best.” Many families like to use a formula corresponding to age, such as 50 cents or a dollar per week for each year of a child’s life ($3.50 or $7 for a 7-year-old, $4 or $8 for an 8-year-old). A formula has certain advantages over a flat amount, says Leatherman. “The kids get an automatic raise on their birthdays, so it takes away the question of when to increase the allowance,” she explains. “And it cuts out sibling arguments, because the younger kid can understand why the older kid gets more.”

Where adults can become kids again!

34th & Coulter

(Next to Chop Chop)

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Kidz Ice Cream Cones

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1111 C. East Amarillo Blvd. 806-371-0226

PORTRAITS BY Y Specializing in Childr en’s Por traits

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351.1331 • 3211 S.W. 6TH




Babies Palace

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While many families give allowance weekly, others do it biweekly or monthly. The important thing is consistency. Set up a system to help you remember, so you have the right change and to avoid nagging reminders from your child. On the other hand, don’t feel stuck – if your current arrangement simply isn’t working, you can always sit down with your child and come up with a different plan. Do I get some say in what the allowance is spent on? Expanding Infant and his Toddler Program “What if my kidOur wants to spend allowance on fireworks or a pellet gun?” you may be thinking. Don’t worry – allowances can come with some oversight. But instead of making a list of banned items, Leatherman suggests setting up general guidelines like, “You can spend your allowance however you like, as long as it doesn’t cause a problem.” This gives you plenty of wiggle room. If your 6-year-old wants to buy a week’s supply of cavity-causing sugar bunnies, simply cite the “cause a problem” clause. Is it okay to let my child borrow against his allowance? “Mom, will you get me this toy?” your child begs with puppy dog eyes. “I’ll promise I’ll pay you back as soon as we get home.” What should you do? As long as you’re comfortable with the toy and the price, making the short-term loan can be a good lesson for your child. But have some safeguards in place.


“First, have your child sign the receipt,” says Leatherman, in case he develops sudden amnesia about the agreement. “And don’t give him the toy until he gives you the money.” If upon arriving home, he discovers he doesn’t have enough to pay for it, keep the toy until he earns or saves up the money. If the money never comes your way, feel free to get creative: The next time you hand over his allowance, include a “bill” for the toy. Is it smart to tie my child’s allowance to chores? While many parents tie allowance to chores, Leatherman recommends against it. “Depending on your child’s mood, allowance may not be enough to motivate him,” she says. In which case, you’re stuck with undone chores. Also, when children get paid for chores, they don’t fully experience what being a family member, a team member, is all about. It’s important to teach them that all family members have responsibilities to the group. And that’s nonnegotiable. Though they may gripe about doing the dishes, the need to contribute in a meaningful way is fundamental.


A Baby Story New Year’s Special

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One $200 4D Session Includes: • Ultrasound session with • VHS tape of your session registered sonographer • DVD of your session • Photos of your baby • 2 Color photos • CD of your photos

Other Packages Also Available For More Information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Diane: 806-679-3835 or Gayla: 806-683-0092 6907 John David Circle, Amarillo, Texas Locally Owned & In Business Since 2002.

Give Your Kids Responsibility & Freedom and Yourself Peace of Mind!

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Making reading fun...

Reading can be a blast — a wild, laugh-a-minute, occasionally rambunctious party between two covers. Here’s how to have some fun with books: Throw a book exchange party. Invite your child’s friends over, and ask them (or their parents) to bring five books they want to trade. Then let the bargaining begin! It’s the best way to refresh your collection without spending cash. Tip: Offer gift bags for toting home “new” books. Heard of audio books? Make your own! Read a book with your child into an audio recorder. Let your child add sound effects (using pots and pans, any musical instrument, utensils, anything that makes noise) or read a couple of lines of the book. If it’s a favorite your child has memorized, let him read part or all of the book into the recorder. Let your child play the recording back and read along. Let your child “buy” her own books. Make your own “book dollars” out of construction paper, and give them to your child for chores or good deeds at home. When your child earns ten or 15, go to the bookstore and let her spend the equivalent money on books. Arrange a holiday book grab-bag. Try a classroom holiday gift exchange with books only. Each child


Morning classes for children ages 3-5. Positive atmosphere for a young child’s first school experiences.

St. Paul Children’s Day Out Year-round quality care for infants through age 5 Tuesday thru Friday half or full days.



4317 I-40 West | Amarillo, TX State Licensed



brings a new book to wrap and contribute to the gift pile. Number all the gifts, and then ask children to pick numbers out of a hat for their gifts. You can add to the fun by asking all the other parents to give the teacher a children’s book as a holiday gift rather than a ceramic apple for her desk. With a new book from every child, she’ll be well stocked for the rest of the year. Serve a meal from a book. Use food coloring to make green eggs and ham, bake a pineapple-upside down cake like the one described in Emily’s First 100 Days of School, or try to re-create parts of the Grinch’s Christmas feast. Have a book-and-a-movie sleepover. Read a book, then see the movie on video as you cuddle in your sleeping bags together. Some ideas: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Stuart Little, Harry Potter. Serve movie snacks, of course — popcorn and chocolate (especially if you’re watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Make your own bookmarks. Cut a long rectangular strip out of white cardboard, punch a hole in the top, and let your child decorate each side with markers and stickers. Then let your child choose a ribbon to pull through the hole as a tassel. Write a menu. Help your child write a menu for a

Serving Amarillo Since 1999

“It All Starts With A Good Nights Sleep”

INCLUDES BUNKIE BOARDS Each Piece. Any Size Sets Only!

Financing Avilable W.A.C.



ECONO 2004 TWIN OVER TWIN Layaway Available Mon-Sat 9-6


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ABC Essentials

Giving Your Child An Edge In Life!

weekend dinner, with descriptions of each dish. Tell your child to use “describing words” (adjectives): “green, fresh” salad; “hot” chicken; “cold, sweet” ice cream. When it’s time for dinner, turn the dining room into a pretend restaurant. Let your child be the server and pass out the menus, take orders, and deliver the food. Tip: You might want to give your child some takeout menus to use as examples. Write a book. Let your child become an author. Make a blank book out of plain white or light-colored paper. Staple the pages together, or punch holes down the left side and tie the pages together. Then let the fun begin. Help your child come up with a story, or write down the story as your child dictates. Don’t forget the “about the author” page!

Mommy-and-Me EEducational Play Groups Now Enrolling Ages 0-6. N Private Sessions and Bi Birthday Parties Available.

806.517.7748 8 0 ab

Write a book of “my favorite things.” Put together ten pages (or 20, depending on your child’s age), and ask your child to think of that many favorite things. Write one thing on each page. Draw a picture to go with it, or find a picture in a catalog or magazine, cut it out, and glue it to the page. Play dress-up and act out a book. Invite your child’s friends over to play the other characters. Have a reading picnic. Take your favorite eats and your favorite books to the park. Build a reading fort in the bedroom. Use broom or mop sticks, blankets, and chairs to make the fort.

At Sports Clips... Guys Win!

Bring Your Son In For A Jr. Varsity Haircut

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Crawl inside with a flashlight and lots of books, and read in the dark.


Early Childhood Intervention

Frame a book. Make a color copy of your child’s favorite picture in a book — or favorite book cover — and frame it for the bedroom. Let your child pick the frame, or pick a plain white one and let your child decorate it. What you’ll need: access to a color copier — try a local office supply store or chain such as Kinko’s, an 8.5 x 11” plain frame with wide rim for decorating (if the book is smaller than a standard sheet of paper, cut down the color copy and put it in a smaller frame), and materials to decorate the frame, such as permanent markers, glue, ribbon, feathers, stickers — anything goes!

Texas Panhandle Mental Health Mental Retardation Serving Potter-Randall Counties

Serving Texas Families Who Have Babies & Toddlers Birth to 3 Years with Disabilities & Delays An Affilliate of Texas Early Childhood Intervention

Offering Imagine Tomorrow® Computer Classes for Kids 3 to 7 For sample class...

We Do Birthday Parties!

Sewing Classes for Adults and Kids, Save money sewing Do your own repairs and simple alterations, Make gifts, clothing and things for your home. Pre-registration required for all classes.

4231 Ridgecrest Circle, Ste C – Amarillo Phone: 806-683-1922 or 331-6380






KIDS EAT FREE EVERYDAY! Kids 12 and under with adult entree purchase. 4-8pm. Drink not included.

JASON’S DELI- 34th & Coulter • 353-4440

TUESDAYS- KID’S EAT FREE with adult meal after 4pm

RED ROBIN 8720 I-40 W • 806-359-9800 Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm • Fri & Sat 11am-11pm KIDS EAT FREE EVERYDAY! with each adult meal purchased



NACHO’S- 3333 S. Coulter • 322-1140

SATURDAYS- KID’S EAT FREE with adult meal.

TUES & SAT.- KID’S EAT FREE! Children 10 & under, with purchase of adult meal.

CHOP-CHOP JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE 3300 S. Coulter • 806-457-0700


THURSDAYS- One child under 12 eats EATS FREE with each adult meal purchased

MONDAYS- KID’S EAT FREE! With the purchase of an adult buffet and 2 drinks at regular price. 12 & Under. Limit 2 kids per adult. 5pm - close. 2 & under FREE.

HOME PLATE DINER5600 S. Bell 806-359-4444

SATURDAYS- One FREE KID’S MEAL with purchase of one adult meal.

BEEF O'BRADY'S 7306 SW 34th • 806-358-0997

WEDNESDAYS (4pm-8pm)- One FREE KID’S MEAL with adult purchase.12 Years & Under.

APPLEBEE’S 2820 S. Soncy & 5603 Ama. Blvd. W

WEDNESDAYS- Kids Eat for 99¢!

LIN’S GRAND BUFFET 8440 I-40 W • 806-350-5688 KIDS EAT FREE EVERYDAY! 3 years and under.


WEDNESDAYS- Kidz Ice Cream Cone for only 99¢


SUN-THURS- 4pm-8pm, Kids under 10 EAT FREE one child per adult.

BLUE SKY 4201 I-40 West 806-355-8100 TUESDAYS- after 5pm Kid’s meals $1.39 with purchase of adult meal

activities... HOME DEPOT

Kid’s Workshop 1st Saturday of each month from 9am-12pm, all ages. Call 457-0410 for more information.


Kid’s Workshop 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am-11am, all ages. Call 353-2003 for more information.

KALEIDOSCOOPS 6010 SW 34th • 806-359-4551

WEDNESDAYS- Junior Ice Cream Cone for only 99¢

LOGAN’S ROADHOUSE 8310 I-40 West • 806-467-8015 MONDAYS & TUESDAYS Kid’s meals only $2.99


FREE Bowling at Western Bowl. Go to


Sign up online for Free bowling at Eastridge Lanes

Submit Your FREE or Discounted Services For Children At No Charge! Email to: While the majority of the listings are places where kids eat free some of the restaurants charge a small amount – in most occasions $.99 so they are not actually “free” but a very good deal nonetheless. You will also find that some of the restaurants where kids eat free have certain restrictions whether it be limited hours on a certain day, the number of kids eating free per purchasing adult or age restrictions. Please call the restaurant location you plan on attending to get your free kids meal before you pack the kids in the car to go. Some of the individual restaurants may choose to opt out of the promotion or have slight differences. And please let us know if any of these special offers expire or have changed.




This Month’s Winners:

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Got A Cutie You Want To Enter In Our Cutest Kidz CContest? on e t?? ontest?

Submit Pictures of Your Cutie...Infants up to 10 Years Old

For A Chance To Win A $150 Gift Certificate from Portraits by Tracy or Spoil U Photography! Winning photos will be based on funniest, cutest, most unique!

Please Email Photo to: Please include child’s first name and age (we will not publish their last name). By sending in photo, you are giving permission for photo & child’s first name to be published in the Kidz Digest and any contest marketing information. If your child’s entry did not win this month or is not featured on this page they may be eligible for re-entry for the next month...because it is so darn hard to decide! If your child is published you may pick up your winning gift certificate at: 1612 S. Washington, just 2 blocks North of I-40

KIDZ DIGEST | Amarillo, TX | Jan 2011  

Description; A glossy digest distributed in American Classifieds and individual business location once a month, that is dedicated to health,...

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