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“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” -Ralph Ellison

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay


As with most things, Valentine’s Day has both positive and negative aspects to it. LAUREN BOZZI Entertainment editor

Love is in the air with the quick approach of everybody’s favorite (or least favorite) holiday--Valentine’s Day. What may seem like a horribly commercialized holiday to some, has others quickly planning for a romantic evening out on the town. Regardless of your opinion of this holiday, it is inevitable that you will in fact have an opinion. “I like Valentine’s Day because even if you are single, you can still buy a whole bunch of the yummy heart boxes filled with chocolate,” said Nicolette Tsipouras, a sophomore at County College of Morris. “That’s why I like Valentine’s Day and the month of February.” Dr. Jones, the Assistant Chairperson of English and Philosophy at CCM, had an entirely different opinion of the holiday. “I think most would agree that Valentine’s Day, like most holidays, is primarily a commercial opportunity,” Jones said. “Its original historical meaning is of little significance to a popular culture flooded with messages of financial exchange fueled by expectations and obligations.” “There is, I suppose, a subtle

darkness to it when you consider that it manufactures an artificial need,” said Jones. “Can we measure or even define love scientifically? In some sense, a belief in love is as absurd as a belief in the tooth-fairy.” Jenna LoBrace, a sophomore at CCM, feels that Valentine’s day still has it’s sparkle. “As I’ve gotten older I’ve become accustomed to the fact that Valentine’s Day exists,” said LoBrace. “It’s not that I’m against it, but I’ve never had someone I cared about to spend it with.” “However, I think it’s a day to drop everything and spend it with your loved one--it’s a special day for people who are really in love,” LoBrace continued. “With that said, Valentine’s Day definitely sucks without someone special to spend it with.” Kyle Kendelski, a freshman at CCM, felt that word love was tainted by this holiday. “Valentines day to me is just another excuse to have sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and what better way to blandish him or her to do so than to buy them flowers, candies, diamonds, etc,” Kendelski said. “To me, it is a day when people make love something more shallow than it’s supposed to be.”

Professor of Biology at County College of Morris, Helen Mastrobuoni, felt that a single day could not express the love shared in a relationship. “I think too much emphasis is placed on the single day which cannot equate to the many days in between that show true commitment,” Mastrobuoni said. She wears a square, gold pendant everyday, which was a gift from her husband, symbolizing the love and commitment her and her husband share. “It is a representation of the post-it notes that have been left for me every day when my husband left for work in the city,” said Mastrobuoni. “It says have a good day and is signed with his signature in a smiley face. That does mean more than candy and flowers on a single day.” It is clear that though not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day the same way--if at all--it is nearly impossible to ignore this widely accepted, highly commercialized holiday. That being said, there is something in it for everyone; from candy to relationships, it is a day that continues to stir conversation in our country. What will you do this Valentine’s Day?

Charles Perkalis creates art on life’s terms EDDIE VILLABON Acting managing editor

Artists take their own perspective on life and create works that admirers can interpret. But how does an artist depict a threedimensional world when he has never actually seen the world with both eyes? Charles Perkalis was born blind in one eye, but has still managed to create paintings and works of art with extraordinary depth in all senses of the word. He recently lost his art studio and has been forced to work with materials he has not previously used. Perkalis’ newest exhibit “Portraits” is a compilation of paintings featuring influential males from history drawn from the bust up. Unable to use oil paints, Perkalis ventured into unfamiliar territory and utilized acrylics in black and white. Currently a short hall on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center is home to “Portraits”. The collection of writers, musicians, and other recognizable figures stare back from the walls and convey a message of “been through it all”. It is a message that not only defines the struggles of the subjects, but the life of the artist. Perkalis is all about the art-no gimmicks. He does not have a


A piece of artwork from the collection “Portraits” website displaying his art. There is no Youtube or Facebook pleading for subscriptions or “likes” and comments. Only an artist that has endured whatever life has thrown at him represents the work. Regardless of the fact that he has never seen in stereo, Charles Perkalis has been able to create work that resonates from wall to wall of his exhibits. He is an artist that is prepared to create with any tool available to him and will seize the opportunity no matter how short-lived. “Portraits” will be featured in the Learning Resource Center at County College of Morris until at least Feb. 16.

The Youngtown Edition asked members of the student body to show off their tattoos. EDDIE VILLABON

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Ryan Marr’s tattoo of a modified Marilyn Monroe

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Perkalis at the Portraits Exhibit

Springsteen comes home The “Wrecking Ball” tour comes to New Jersey in the spring. Page 3.


Legacy of a leader

Joe Paterno’s legacy at Penn State shouldn’t be overshadowed by the controversy that ended his career. Page 4.

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Show Us Your Tatts! BY VONESA ASLANI & EDDIE VILLABON James Colbert 20 Business Right shoulder The angel is in memory of his Great Grandmother that passed away at the age of 103 this summer. It is his guardian angel. Megan Amadori 18 Math Left shoulder Being an Athiest she believes in the idea of Karma more than God. The Shamrock celebrates her Irish heritage. Victoria 18 Business Administration Right wrist She got it in August as motivation to be peaceful. Ryan Marr 25 Aviation Right bicep Since half of the tattoo is just the skull it represents old school beauty and mortality at the same time. Jessenia Aguirre 20 Exercise Science Left shoulder Got it at the age of 16 behind her parents back after they told her she couldn’t get one Ashley Santos 20 Liberal Arts Back of neck She would constantly see the number 22 everywhere. After doing some research on numerology she discovered that 22 was her personal number.

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February 8, 2012

GOP versus environment JOSEPH POHL

Acting editor-in-chief

Is global warming real? The Republican Party doesn’t think so. The Republican Party and the environmentalists have been at odds for a long time over such issues as global warming and the effectiveness of the EPA, and it does not appear this mentality will change in the 2012 presidential race. The GOP candidates have been vocal about their skepticism during the presidential campaign so far about these specific issues. When Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, he talked about the enforcement of stricter limits on carbon emissions in 2005 to help with global warming but now he states that it was a mistake, according to the Huffington Post. Newt Gingrich said in 2008 that he supported tougher environmental regulation early in his career and he even appeared in a TV spot in 2008 claiming action needed to be taken on the issue of global warming. However, in the current presidential race, Gingrich is calling for the restrictions on offshore drilling to be lifted and is labeling the EPA as a “job killer,” according to the Huffington Post. Ron Paul, another GOP presidential candidate, has been reported as saying that the science on man-made global warming is a “hoax.” A recent study conducted by NASA disagrees heavily with Paul’s statement. According to USA Today, this new study finds that greenhouse gases created by human activities are the leading cause of global warming. NASA researchers have updated recent calculations of Earth’s energy imbalance. They’ve also had access to better measurements of ocean water temperatures, making this study a major improvement from past studies. Earth’s energy imbalance is measured by the amount of solar energy absorbed by Earth’s surface compared to the amount of energy that is released back into space as heat. NASA researchers have found that despite low solar activity from 2005 to 2010, the Earth continued to absorb more energy than it released back into space, according to USA Today. This study shows that the sun is not the only thing heating up the planet. Carbon emissions, which are causing the energy imbalance, are still currently on the rise and expected to keep on rising.

So what’s next? Keep on believing that global warming is not happening or realize that it is and start coming up with solutions. Recently, the California Air Resources Board approved new rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring auto manufacturers to put many more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road by 2025. The goal is to have 1.4 million electric, plug-in and hydrogen cars by 2025, according to In Louisiana, scientists are laying the groundwork for a new carbon storage industry, which will help with global warming and help rebuild wetlands along the coastlines. The plants and soils that are created from these coastal restoration projects will help remove some of the carbon emissions from the atmosphere and store them as nutrients, according to The cost of wind and solar power has fallen over the past couple years due to subsidies and better technology, which is another step towards helping the environment. The two industries can now be competitive with fossil fuel industries, according to the New York Times. Not only will these renewable energy industries help with global warming, but will support 78,000 jobs this year if they continue to receive government assistance, according to a recent study by Navigant Consulting. The fossil fuel industries have been receiving tax breaks and subsidies for decades from the government, so why not give the same to renewable energy industries that actually help the environment? Plus they can last indefinitely—unlike fossil fuels. So why do the GOP candidates say global warming is a hoax and that it is a mistake to move forward with correcting it? Because of lobbying. Fossil fuel industries pour millions of dollars into presidential campaigns, so that the presidential candidates will side with these industries and this way everybody makes money. The problem with that is the real issues are then ignored—like environmental issues—and for some politicians money becomes more important than protecting the people. Is that politics at its worst or is that the fossil fuel industry at its smartest? Whatever the case is, people everywhere in the United States are affected.

The Creative Corner I remember the days we were happy Both of us smiled all the time I always said one day at a time Tomorrow was always in mind That was our credenceI always thought of the future Anything was possible for us Our love was severed in so many ways You took a part of me that I didn’t have I had to say goodbye to tomorrow - Anonymous

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February 8, 2012


BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION The Black Student Union seeks singers, dancers, performing artists, poets, creative writers or other artists for its first annual Black History Month Celebration to be held in late February 2012. The focus will be a celebration of African American arts and will feature music, singing, dancing, poetry, dramatic performances, etc. Anyone who is interested in participating should contact Janelle Moss at moss.

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The Youngtown Edition Page 3

“Jersey Shore” loses appeal

LAUREN BOZZI Entertainment editor

In 2009 when the MTV show “Jersey Shore” premiered, it was an immediate success. Whether you loved it, or loved to hate it, the show was definitely impossible to ignore-- especially as a resident of New Jersey. The cast has traveled from New Jersey to Miami, to Italy and back. We have watched Ron and Sam fight like adolescent teenagers, as well as witness Snooki’s belligerent drunk antics land her in jail. Through the good times and the bad, we have been witness to what may have been the most horribly entertaining show of all time. It might be safe to say that

we’ve seen it all, but then MTV made a fifth season. It’s quite possible that the producers at MTV have never heard the phrase: “quit while you’re ahead”. If they had, they could have ended the show on a good note. Instead, they decided to make a fifth season, which appears to be exactly the same as every other season, except less interesting. The big drama of the season appears to be tons of fights--how original--and that Vinny wants to go home--how many times have we seen that? It may sound harsh, but this season of “Jersey Shore” is like “The Hangover 2,” it should not have been made. Of course people will still watch Jersey Shore, but they will, without question, be disappointed. Miami took us to a new

part of the country, Italy took us to a new country all together, and this season takes us right back to where we started, but without the authenticity we saw in the first season. For those upset that this (hopefully) is the last season of “Jersey Shore”, don’t put away the self-tanner and house music yet. Lucky for those still intrigued with the cast, there are two spinoffs set to premier this year. One show about Snooki and JWoww’s life after the shore, and the other about Pauly D’s travels around the country for his job as a DJ. Who knows, maybe they’ll even make a show about Ron and Sam’s unbelievably unhealthy relationship! We can only hope.

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MTV’s current “Jersey Shore” cast inside the Seaside Heights home they share during taping.

Springsteen and the almost “wrecked” tour


Bruce Springsteen has recently released dates for his “Wrecking Ball“ tour, and the “boss” is coming home. Springsteen will be performing at the Izod Center, Madison Square Garden, and for the first time at the Prudential Center. Springsteen will be in Newark on May 2, and will revisit the Izod Center on April 3 and April 4. Actually scoring tickets to one of the boss’ shows may be harder than expected. Thousands of hopefuls were prevented from purchasing tickets. Ticketmaster claimed their website was jammed by scalpers. The attack on Ticketmaster in-

terfered with sales for Springsteen shows at the Izod Center and Prudential Center. Tickets that were originally retailed for $98 are priced as high as $6,000 on websites such as Ticket Triangle and eBay. This problem was acknowledged by Springsteen on his Facebook page and Ticketmaster and both are working on a solution. This will be the first time Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be touring without their beloved saxophonist Clarence Clemons. In June 2011 Clemons died after suffering complications from a stroke. The band’s guitarist, Nils Lofgren, has verified the E Street Band will have a saxophonist accompany them on tour.


Bruce Springsteen, “the boss”, gets into a live performance with the E Street Band

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February 8, 2012

Measure of a man

DANIEL CHARDON Sports editor

Joe Paterno is regarded as a titan in the world of college football. “JoePa,” as he was known by supporters, succumbed to his fight with lung cancer and died Jan. 22. Recently Paterno was in the news due to his dismissal from Penn State. This resulted because of his failure to report the sexual abuse of a child that he did not commit, but was aware of. A lot of his past benevolence was shadowed by the controversy that surrounded him. Paterno left the NCAA a record holder for most career victories at 409 and most winning seasons within a career, 38. He also coached Penn State to two national championships and five undefeated seasons. Paterno guided Penn State to 24 bowl wins. After joining the Big Ten Conference, Penn State won the conference

championship three times under JoePa. While his resume on the field is hall-of-fame worthy, his resume off it is also impressive. For over six decades JoePa did more than coach the football team, he helped to develop his players into adults. As for Paterno, being great in life was more important than being great on the football field and that was a lesson he imparted on his players. “You could have become a good football player at many places but you wouldn't have become the man you are if you didn't go to Penn State,'' former Penn State Running Back Mike Guman said. Other former players have expressed the same sentiment. “We came to Penn State as young kids and when we left there we were men and the reason for that was Joe Paterno,'' Lydell Mitch-

No need for Valentine’s Day to be so boring EDDIE VILLABON Managing editor   

Valentine's Day is only a week away and while roses, chocolate, and dinners are all really nice ideas, they are also a bit cliché. If you are looking for more personal or exciting ideas, you need to think outside the box.        For those that want to excite their inner child and do not want to travel too far, there is Sports 'n Games Funplex in East Hanover. A hidden gem on the westbound side of Route 10, Funplex is usually the destination for middle school field trips. Regardless, if you have a significant other who loves laser tag and go-kart races, this should be the go-to for Valentine's Day. Since there is also a cafeteria, about $50 will get you a night of racing, shooting, and dinner. Plus, you don't have to deal with making reservations for dinner three weeks in advance only to sit across from a couple displaying too much PDA while you try to enjoy your chicken parm.        If you are more the romantic type that wants an intimate night out, yet different from the usual, The Melting Pot, also on Route 10, in Whippany is perfect. Unlike regular restaurants where you just order your food and sit across from each other trying to make small talk and not look funny buttering your bread, The Melting Pot is more of an interactive date.   The entire menu is fondue style. That means you have a tabletop stove that you use to enjoy your appetizers, entrees, and even deserts. Every single course involves you and your date dipping your food into a pot on your table as a means to dip it in cheese or chocolate, appetizer and desert, or cooking style, entree. This makes

for way more interaction, plus the food is delicious. They even serve lobster and filet mignon! It does tend to be a bit pricey and you do need to make reservations, but the food and experience are definitely worth your while.. Don't worry though, if you are strapped for cash, it is possible just to come for desert.      For those of you without a date this year, there is a solution for you on the Internet. Aside from the hours you would have to spend browsing profiles on Facebook and, only to end up with a weirdo, there are websites like allows for initial communication to occur briefly online, but for the rest of the interaction to actually go on where it matters, in the real world! The idea is really quite simple: someone posts their picture with a statement beginning with «how about we» and concluding it with whatever kind of date they want to go on, for example “how about we go to a drive-in movie”. If someone comes across the post and is intrigued by the idea, and/or the poster's attractiveness, they can respond to it by agreeing on the date. If the poster is satisfied with the response, they can then setup the date. If that isn't simple enough, the website allows for sign-in using Facebook so there's no need for registration and a new profile. Whether you choose to be poster, responder, or both, is up to the user.       Regardless of if you choose to celebrate this weekend or on Tuesday, Valentine's Day is for lovers. So make sure you if you don't particularly love the one you are with, you at least love what you are doing.

ell, former star running back at Penn State, said. Paterno was highly regarded not only for his contributions on the field, but also for his contributions to Penn State academics. He and his wife donated over $4 million to the university. Such donations have helped open the Penn State All-Sports Museum in 2002 and the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center the following year. Paterno and his wife also helped raise over $13 million dollars for the expansion of Penn State’s library, the Pattee Library. In honor of their aid the university named the expansion Paterno Library in their honor. JoePa always believed that his players should hold their academic career in the same regard as their athletic career. It has been stated that no coach did more to ensure that his players excelled in the classroom as well as the gridiron.



Joe Paterno coached Penn State to two National Championships and five undefeted seasons. For everything that Joe Paterno has accomplished throughout his career it seems that in light of recent events that his legacy is

somewhat tarnished. The Penn State scandal is an that shook the university. Joe Paterno did not commit these atrocities first hand, although he himself admitted that he did not do enough after he was alerted of the crimes that Jerry Sandusky committed. He will still be remembered for his positive achievements though. In an era when coaches last fewer than five years what Joe Paterno has accomplished some may be believe to be legendary. “Few people are responsible for building something that will last forever,” Mike Krzyzweski, Duke University basketball coach, said. “...Coach Paterno was first and foremost an educator, whose immeasurable contributions to Penn State, the coaching profession and the entirety of college sports, will be felt permanently. That is the legacy of a great leader.”

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