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C4 Summit brings NJ together

Members of the SGA and PTK at the C4 Summit NICHOLAS CIRILLO contributor

Only 20 percent of community college students complete their credentials in three years, according to a hand-out from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. The Student Government Association, along with the Alpha Kappa Kappa Chapter of PTK, held its second annual Community College Completion Corps Summit March 23, with the purpose of combating this issue. Eight community colleges from around New Jersey attended the summit, which focused on the importance of completing your associate degree before transferring to a 4-year university. Katie Smith, Senator on CCM’s SGA, was also Chair of the Summit Committee and said about 50 student leaders, all


members of either SGA or PTK at their respective colleges, attended the summit, which was held in the Davidson rooms in the Student Center. “The main goal of the summit is to inspire the other community colleges to take part in the C4 initiative by hosting their own ‘Signing Days’,” Smith said. “We wanted to give the student leaders from the other schools the tools and information necessary to go back to their respective community colleges and teach their peers about why earning an associate degree is essential.” Signing Day is where students and faculty sign a pledge acknowledging the importance of getting an associate degree. CCM’s Signing day was held the Wednesday before the summit. Around 100 students and faculty signed the pledge, Smith said.

During the course of event, presentations were given by SGA members Peter Peliotis and Heather Smith, as well as by CCM President Edward Yaw and Dr. Bette Simmons, vice president for Student Development and Enrollment Management at the college. “You never know what will happen, and having your associate degree prepares you for when life happens and does not go according to plan…cause it never does,” Smith said. As an SGA senator and a member of PTK, Smith wants students to realize that while it may seem impossible to balance school work, job(s) and a personal life, there are resources available on campus that will aid in achieving their goals. “Don’t walk around with your blinders on,” Smith said. Anthony Scandariato is president of the SGA, and was very pleased with the turn out and overall impact of the summit. This year’s attendance is about double the amount as it was last year, he stated. “The summit was very organized, ideas were exchanged very thoroughly and we received a lot of positive feedback,” Scandariato said. The attendees were pleased with the presentations. They found the summit to be incredibly valuable, according to feedback from the schools that attended, Dr. Simmons, and Don Phelps, Associate Director of Campus Life.

The most important read in college: the fine print contributor


A recent study by an organization called the Young Invincibles found that 65 percent of students did not understand the type of loan they had taken out or the terms of payment. The study surveyed 6,500 graduate-level and undergraduate students who had taken out student loans. The results are troubling to those worrying that loan repayment may continue to be a problem for recent college graduates who are having trouble finding jobs. Young students do not necessarily take the time to read language that is boring or difficult to understand. Loan documents are

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written in such a way that the organization is covered legally, and as a result, creating easy to understand language is not the priority. Therefore even if students grasp that they are borrowing a large amount of money, there is the reality that loans can be difficult to understand in general. Let’s assume a student takes out a $40,000 loan. Do they really know how that monthly payment will impact their day-today budget when they graduate? If they took out an even larger loan, would they really know the difference in terms of financing when they graduate? It is not uncommon for students to have a strong sense of optimism about their future. Perhaps some of this optimism stems from a general

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lack of experience, or a sense of denial. The college student may believe that they will get a highpaying job, pay off their loans in a few short years and then start acquiring all the material possessions that are part of the American Dream. Unfortunately, America is not in the best place right now to find a job quickly and pay off all of the debt acquired. Do college students really understand their loans? Are they just so clueless to the point where they believe they do not have to figure out all the fine print? Regardless of the reason, thousands of students are now realizing that they should have done a bit more reading of the fine print.

Today’s Headlines


Beats • Dance • Clean

DJ puts new spin on club scene EDDIE VILLABON Acting managing editor

Since November, DJ Kurt Habermann has been hosting New York City style club events in Northern New Jersey. Club Liberation, the name given to the events, consists of a roster of experienced DJs playing everything from House to Hip Hop at venue Vibe in Riverdale. It is everything a night out in the city can be described as with one exception– Club Liberation is a sober event. During these events, the bar doesn’t serve alcohol and partygoers are encouraged to attend completely sober, Habermann said. Habermann, who is currently in recovery himself, developed the idea in September and by the following November he was throwing his first party. Being a DJ for over 15 years, he wanted to create a place where he and others were free to enjoy the nightlife where it was “safe and free of the drama of drugs and alcohol.” Club Liberation is not sponsored by anyone or affiliated with any organizations nor is it specifically for individuals in recovery. Habermann describes it as a legitimate club experience for people who don’t need to drink and do drugs to enjoy themselves. He is the sole proprietor for the events and with a recent change of venue and focus on quality of talent DJing, he is confident that Club Liberation will soon grow in popularity. Currently, he is attempting to locate a venue in Miami to host events there and is hoping to host them across the nation. Although his main focus is Club Liberation, eventually Habermann would like to throw pool parties similar to Rehab and Wet Republic in Las Vegas. The main focus of Club Liberation is the music, Habermann

said. He and his team of DJs take it very seriously. He understands the stigma that can be attached to a sober party, for example, that it is viewed as overly righteous therefore somehow related to a church or fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous. Younger crowds tend to deem the idea as “corny” or boring. In fact, he said as of his last event the response was positive. “I never thought I’d be able to dance all night and have this much fun without alcohol.” partygoers said The general demographic in attendance was an equal amount of males and females between the ages of 20 and 35. Students under 21 are encouraged to attend Club Liberation events. Since there is no alcohol served, security does not check IDs at the door. Habermann also said the juice bar is fully stocked and excellent as far as providing refreshments that add to the atmosphere without containing alcohol. The only other skepticism that Club Liberation has been met with is the $20 cover charge. He said although it does seem steep at first, other clubs charge less to get in, but by the end of the night partygoers would have spent much more on overpriced drinks only to be wary of police and DUI. There is also the dreaded hangover most clubbers have to experience the following day. Habermann’s next event is this Saturday night at Vibe in Riverdale. Doors open at 10 p.m. For more information you can check out his Facebook page: Also, his previous events can be downloaded directly to a smartphone or itunes via podcast from inscision/.


This Saturday, Vibe will be full of sober partygoers

Tebowmania invades Big Apple

Superstar QB set to take off with Jets

‘21 Jump Street’ highlights a new kind of ‘cool’ Review of hit movie inside

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What would you do if you won the $500 million mega million jackpot? Rebecca McGuire 18 Undeclared “Travel the world.”

Ian Koscuiszka 20 Liberal Arts “Buy all of my friends cars and buy like six houses, and then buy a sports team.”

Katie Scoville 23 Education “I’d buy a house in a different country.”

James Milone 21 History “I would retire to some island.”


Hood up, man down HEATHER BERMUDEZ Contributor

For those that haven’t heard Trayvon Martin’s story, the 17-year-old African American teen was shot dead by a neighborhood watchman after an alleged altercation. Martin’s girlfriend said he was on the phone with her when he noticed someone following him. Neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, alleged he followed Martin due to his behaving suspiciously and then was assaulted by the teen. Zimmerman’s story has been met with skepticism due in part to the fact that he has a criminal record. In 2005 he was charged with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. He told police that he was attacked by Trayvon and had to shoot out of self-defense. According to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” someone is allowed to use deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to

Business manager

“I’d invest it, and get girls.”

Kevin Marhefka 19 International Studies “I’d rip my clothes off and run around naked screaming, ‘I won the lottery!’”

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himself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony. Therefore, Zimmerman was not arrested. There are so many other reasons that Florida police should have arrested him though. He has placed 46 calls to 911 over the last year in which he reported African-American people for hanging around his gated community, and also for children playing in the street. Martin’s girlfriend said her boyfriend told her he thought that someone was following him, Martin thought he lost Zimmerman, and then said, he is right behind me again. I'm not going to run, I'm going to walk fast. His girlfriend then claimed she heard another voice say, “What are you doing around here?” Martin answered, “Why are you following me?” The last thing she heard was the phone hit the ground. When asked about Martin the teen’s friends said he doesn’t like confrontation and they doubt he would ever want to fight a man that weighed 100 pounds

more than him. Since the incident there have been many riots and marches in honor of Trayvon. It has spread from Miami to Newark in order to get the Justice Department’s attention and bring justice. A petition for Zimmerman’s arrest has also been started and has received upwards of 1.2 million signatures. Even filmmakers like Spike Lee are supporting the fight for Zimmerman’s prosecution. This tragic story has been on Twitter and Facebook causing more and more people to be fired up about the current event. Twitter messages about the teen have been mentioned almost 600,000 times, according to PeopleBrowsr. Also, some protesters are wearing hoodies in their profile photos on facebook adding the caption, “Do I look suspicious?” Hopefully it is only a matter of time before justice will be served and the truth will come out about what truly happened that rainy night in Sanford, FL.

Silence speaks volumes JENNA SOPKO

Dujon Blondeo 19 Communications

April 4, 2012

As many of you don’t know, up to six students die on average per semester at CCM. You may ask yourself, why hasn’t our college notified us in some way? Did they host a memorial service? The answer is no. CCM does not have a policy in place to notify the community when a student passes away. Typically they choose not

to disclose this information, unless it’s considered a “significant death,” which means the death of a solider or a student who died in honor. Such as the first student who died in the Middle East, in which an e-mail was sent out and a bench was named in his honor. Before spring break, Becky Gendelman died on March 9. The cause of her death has not been disclosed by the college. Gendelman was a student in Mrs. Altieri’s Speech Fundamentals class in Fall 2011.

“She was bright, funny, and inquisitive, and she persevered even when she met challenges,” Altieri said. “I will miss seeing Becky’s smile around campus.” Altieri went on to say that Gendelman’s death is a true tragedy. If you knew Becky and would like to commemorate her death, or you think you might need grief counseling, CCM counseling service is available to you in Room SCC118 in the student’s center.

The Creative Corner T

he Creative Corner is a segment in The Youngtown Edition designed for CCM students to submit their creative works either for class or recreationally. This is a segment dedicated to the ideas of the student body. It is designed for CCM students to show off their creative side. Everyone is unique in their own way, whether or not you draw, write, or blog. If you enjoy writing short stories or poems on your own time, or even if you wrote a poem for class and want others to read it, send it in to the Creative Corner. The option to submit poems or stories anonymously also stands. Maybe you are a jock and you feel too embarrassed to share your poetry or stories with your friends but you still want to share it with the world; the best place to start is at your own school. Show CCM what you’ve got and get recognition in the newspaper. To send your piece of creativity to the Creative Corner all you have to do is attach the .doc file to an e-mail and send it to Someone will get back to you in a matter of days and let you know when your work will be featured in the school newspaper. The Creative Corner is for blogs, poems, stories, essays, drawings, and more. It’s what the student body makes it!

April 4, 2012


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The Hunger Games captivates a broad audience NECOLE GAMBINO AND DANA AHERN Contributors

Avid book readers know that film adaptations have a tendency to fall short of expectations, however, “The Hunger Games” does not fall into this category. The movie runs almost two and a half hours, keeping the audience captivated the entire time. It never drags and does not leave out any important information. The movie’s main focus is the gladiatorial “games,” which is a ceremony called the “reaping.” Twenty-four children ranging from ages 12 to 18 are chosen to be the boy and girl contestant from different downtrodden dystopian districts that are controlled by Roman like, evil, elite citizens of the Capitol during times of war. The Capitol hosts the worldwide, televised event as the 24 “tributes” slowly die one by one at each other’s hands until only one tribute is left alive. This movie was also expected to be as big as the Twilight saga and did not disappoint. According to studio estimates, “The Hunger Games” debuted at $155 million, just under “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” at $169.2 million and “The Dark Knight” at $158.4 million. Also, “The Hunger Games” opening surpassed all four of the Twilight movies.

The Hunger Games appeals to a broad audience in comparison to movies such as Twilight or Harry Potter. Like most movies that are based on books, the movie attracted an audience that was 61 percent female, according to Lionsgate. The age demographic was also split, ranging from 56 percent older than 25 years old and 44 percent younger than 25 years

old. It is not only mobs of young girls spending their parents’ money to go see this movie. Its appeal is more widely spread. For those who have read the trilogy, you should definitely see the movie. You will be pleasantly surprised at how true the film stays to the first novel. For those who have not read the books, the movie is filled with action, excellent acting, in-


teresting and modern concepts, and of course, a love story. Here are five reasons you should go see “The Hunger Games.” It takes place in post-apocalyptic North America where a new country has formed under an extremely powerful and tyrannical government. There are 12 districts, each of which is in charge of producing goods of

some sort. The government and the wealthiest members of the country reside in the Capitol. There is a lot of blood. Two “tributes” between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen from each district to compete in a fight to the death tournament known as The Hunger Games. They slaughter each other until there is a single victor who is then smothered in riches for the rest of his or her life. It is not like any other “young adult” series film adaptation. There are no vampires falling in love with humans. It is a scary look at how separated people become in the real world. Capitol citizens watch as children slaughter each other in a new form of reality television. The 12 districts watch as well, but only to pray that their children may be the victor. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, is a strong, intelligent and intense heroin who takes care of her family and who is outstanding with a bow. She is a strong female figure. She fights for her life in order to return home to her little sister who needs her. The all-star cast is outstanding. Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, and Elizabeth Banks provide big name appeal. The acting is excellent. Jennifer Lawrence does a superb job of embodying Katniss’ strife and fierceness.

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April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012


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In N.J., it’s cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere! BY DANA AHERN Contributor


Real cars, real roads, real fast BY DANA AHERN Contributor

An exciting, new motorsport is on the rise, which college students can attend for free. With many events taking place in nearby New York and Pennsylvania, rally car driving is quickly becoming the new sport for adrenaline junkies. If you have a free weekend this coming spring and are looking to get your adrenaline going there is a sporting event you may want to look into. It is known as rally car racing. Rally, for short, is the oldest form of auto racing. Drivers race production based cars on closed, public roads. In order to win an

event, the driver and team must have skill, speed and perseverance. Rally is the perfect sport for those who enjoy hiking and being outdoors. Spectators hike along gravel mountain roads and find the perfect spot to watch speeding cars fly by. Local college student Mark Piatkowski, describes rally as, “Real cars, real roads, real fast. I drive a modified Subaru 2.5rs that I built in my garage. It takes skill to drive on twisty roads that I have never seen before at a speed only attainable by the guidance of my co-driver who navigates turn by turn.” The majority of rally car drivers are eveyrday men and women who

have a love for skilled driving. Action sports figures like Travis Pastrana and Ken Block compete in local rallies for its extreme challenge. According to Piatkowski, rally is becoming more popular in America because of how different it is. “In typical racing, you see 10 corners 10,000 times,” he said. “In rally, you see 10,000 once.” Two popular events in the northeast are Rally New York, which takes place in the nearby Catskill Mountains in April and the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally which takes place in Pennsylvania in early June.

If you have a sweet tooth for delectable, trendy treats, you are in luck! New cupcake bakeries are opening all over northern New Jersey. The gourmet cupcake trend that began in New York and Los Angeles has spread to our neck of the woods. It all began about a decade ago when popular sitcom “Sex in the City” featured New York’s Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. Since then the Food Network and other channels have featured shows such as “Cupcake Wars.” This all fueled the fire behind America’s passion for the pretty little desserts. New Jersey jumped on the bandwagon and places started opening in Madison, Westfield, Hackensack, and Summit. As the craze continued to move west our area got lucky enough to have two of the highest rated cupcake shops in New Jersey, Ava’s Cupcake Shoppe and Sugar Mommy Cupcakes. Ava’s Cupcake Shoppe is Rockaway’s newest cupcake bakery and was a winner on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.” It is located on Wall Street in the heart of Rockaway Borough. Although it has only been around a few months, it has already established itself as one of the best cupcake shops in New Jersey. Ava’s offers many adventurous gourmet flavors such as bananas foster, pink champagne and pina colada. Their prices are reasonable and their cupcakes are a great size so you will not feel guilty after indulging in the savory snack. Like Ava says, “Life is sweet. Have a cupcake.” Right down the highway there is another local cupcake shop that has been around longer than Ava’s and has recently expanded to accommodate their increase in customers. Sugar Mommy Cupcakes in Denville has been compared to the best bakeries in New York. Their customers compliment their prices, cupcake size, creativity, and of course their flavor. The cake to icing ratio is said to be spot on and their presentation is always flawless. Sugar Mommy Cupcakes is located in the center of Denville on Broadway. If you have a sweet tooth and want to try a delectable treat try Ava’s Cupcake Shoppe in Rockaway or Sugar Mommy Cupcakes in Denville. You will not be disappointed.

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April 4, 2012


April 4, 2012

The Youngtown Edition Page 7

‘21 Jump Street’ highlights a new kind of ‘cool’ LAUREN BOZZI Entertainment editor

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are two of the most typecast Hollywood actors. Tatum, known for his athletic build and strong jaw line falls opposite to Hill, an actor typically known for his portrayal of the overweight, awkward nerd. However, with the recent release of the film “21 Jump Street,” the tables have been turned. The film opens in the year 2005 with the song “The Real Slim Shady” playing as the dorky Morton Schmidt (Hill) walks the halls of high school looking like an Eminem impersonator. He is ridiculed by Greg Jenko (Tatum), the stereotypical jock, when he asks the popular girl to the Prom. Cut to the present where the two men stand in the same line at a police academy - a coincidental happening that ends in a friendship. The two form a sort of giveand-take relationship using Morton’s smarts and Jenko’s strength to complement each other. Their first assignment is to go undercover in a local high school to find the supplier of a new drug. They enter with new identities and class schedules based on their given stereotypes. They go by Doug and Brad played by Hill and Tatum respectively. “21 Jump Street” is one of the first movies to draw attention to the generational changes that have become more prevalent. The

two men expect to assume the roles they had in high school, but they quickly learn that “cool” has taken on a new meaning. As soon as Doug and Brad pull into the high school parking lot, they are on the lookout for the popular kids. Brad is quickly approached by the environmentloving, yearbook designer, Eric— the popular guy. After taking part in an awkward conversation, Brad proves to be ignorant and stupid. Brad punches a kid for listening to “gay” music and the boy he punches turns out to actually be gay. There-

fore, Brad is immediately labeled as a homophobic idiot. Doug, on the other hand, is well-educated and worldly and instantly becomes part of the popular clique. The two are given the wrong schedules and the film takes the life-swap route seen in many popular comedies. Brad, now played by Hill, is the popular guy placed in simple classes like photography and drama. Meanwhile, Doug spends most of his time in the AP chemistry lab playing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The upcoming generation is repeatedly foreshadowed through-

out the film. When Brad calls a girl from school rather than texts her, she compares him to her grandmother. The most interesting cue and the premise of the entire film, however, is that although the smart, popular kids don’t use the new drug, they are the dealers. Eric, the leader of the crowd explains that he is “in it” for the money and would not risk his applications to Ivy league schools to do drugs. He is both scholarly and wealth-seeking--hence the drug dealer/honor roll persona he depicts. Whether his actions are moral or not, it is clear he will


find success in life. The movie undoubtedly hits the nail on the head with its quirky portrayal of social progress, but it also makes its mark in the Blockbuster comedy section. Tatum and Hill have remarkable on-screen chemistry. They create effortless hilarity throughout the film, and it is a pleasant surprise to watch them portray roles that would otherwise be adverse to their careers. The highlighted social cues in conjunction with laugh-out-loud humor make this film definitely one worth watching.

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April 4, 2012

Harmful combinations of Handed to the Thousands medication and alcohol

Staff writer Vonesa Aslani took the time to sit down with local band member Jon Dolan of Handed to the Thousands; four of the five members attend the college.


A typical week for me consists of working 47 hours a week, and keeping up with my classes. Most students here have similar schedules, managing work, school, and other activities. Having sleeping aids and anti-anxiety drugs available could make our week go by a little more smoothly. Taking prescription meds are always thought to be safe because the doctor tells us, but it doesn’t always work that way. We always look for ways to make our lives easier, but we are constantly putting ourselves at risk by not knowing what toxic substances we are putting in our bodies. Common prescription medications are for allergies, depression, muscle pain, and sleeping aids. Anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, sleeping pills, and antihistamines are the most toxic when mixed with alcohol. Combined Drug Intoxication or CDI, will occur by mixing drugs such as anti-anxiety and sleeping aids; drinking alcohol will only increase the risk involved. I briefly lived with someone who suffered from CDI. Their doctor prescribed Xanax to help with panic attacks and then a small dosage of Lexapro to deal with major depression. The effects of mixing these prescription medications with alcohol were quickly apparent. Her tolerance for alcohol deteriorated and she would become intoxicated after two drinks. CDI also affected her personality. She began to show signs of severe mood swings, going from cheerful and happy to angry and hostile at a moment’s notice.

Our other roommates brought it to her attention on different occasions and told her the medicine is making her worse than how she originally started. She never realized that by taking two different prescription drugs she could cause damage to herself by mixing those with alcohol. Consult a doctor to see if it’s safe to consume alcohol while on medication and what limitations you may have. Alcohol can make you sleepy, lightheaded or drowsy, and combining it with some medications will intensify those effects. Some medicines contain alcohol or ingredients that could have a harmful reaction to alcohol. Women face a greater risk than men when mixing alcohol with prescription meds. To safely take any type of over-the-counter drug you must always do research and stick with one pharmacy to refill a prescription. Always keep a list of all drugs that you’re currently taking for emergency purposes. Most importantly, remember that doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies generally do not share patient information. Besides the extremes of showing change in mood and a lower tolerance to alcohol there are other side effects such as vomiting, head aches, drowsiness, fainting, and loss of coordination. Long-term risks include liver damage, heart problems, internal bleeding, and impaired breathing. Forty deaths per day are from abuse of prescription painkillers. Overdosing on over-the-counter drugs kills more people than


Aslani: Have you guys gone on tour yet? If so where? Dolan: We have played out of state extensively. We do have plans for an east coast tour in the spring and summer hitting up New Hampshire, Massachusettes, Connecticut, Delaware, Baltimore and hopefully as far down as Florida in the summer. Aslani: Any upcoming events? Dolan: Our next show will be in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s looking to be close to sold out! overdosing on heroin and cocaine combined. Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Winehouse, and Louie Spicolli all died because of accidental overdoses of prescription medicine and CDI. Unintentional deaths involving medication are most often not from the medication themselves, but a lethal cocktail of medication and alcohol. Combined Drug Intake can also be referred to as Multiple Drug Intake (MDI). Brittany Murphy’s cause of death in 2009 was MDI. Before going into cardiac arrest, the actress was very ill and suffered from headaches and vomiting. No illegal drugs were found in Murphy’s system. The autopsy revealed a variety of prescription drugs. Her death at 32 should hit home with a lot of people. The over-the-counter medication found in Murphy’s home was to help treat a flu and respitory infection. Even though a doctor can prescribe a variety of medication, the individual is held accountable to do research and know what they are exposing his or her body to.

Aslani: Would you consider doing a show for CCM? Dolan: If it fit into our schedule, of course. We are trying to stay away from over-saturating New Jersey, though. Aslani: How many of you guys go to CCM? Dolan: All of us except Oliver Torres, who has taken time off to work. Aslani: Do you have a website for the band on the internet for interested listeners? (Facebook, Twitter, actual web page?) Dolan: We also have a Tumblr which can be found as a link on our Facebook bandpage. Aslani: Who plays what instrument within the band? Dolan: Drums- Nick Gallucio, Guitar- Ryan Miller, Guitar- Nick Kuzevski, Bass/vocal- Jon Dolan, Vocals- Oliver Torres Aslani: How did you guys meet? How did the band form? Dolan: I met Nick K. in 5th grade, and after he moved to Rockaway, which was far away back then, we kept in touch and stayed close. Eventually he told me that he was thinking about starting a band a few years later when we were in freshman year in high school, and I got involved. We played music together for a while, and a little over a year ago, after tons of tryouts and member changes, we obtained our current line up. Nick K, Jon, and Oliver are “original founding” members. Aslani: Where are you guys from? Dolan: We are based out of Rockaway, New Jersey, I guess you would say, although not all of us are from there. Ryan and Nick G. live in Sussex County, but attend CCM. Aslani: What are some hopes in the future with the band? Dolan: We are looking to continue reaching a broader audience and tour more extensively in 2012. We are finally at the age where we are able to take advantage of the opportunity we are given and intend to do so. Aslani: Who are your idols and why? Dolan: We all have different influences, but August Burns Red, Counterparts, For Today, and Underoath are some of the bands that we look up to the most. The passion that they put into their music is insane, and each has affected all of us through the music that they have made. Aslani: Are there any other hobbies or interests other than obviously playing music?

Dolan: We all have jobs outside of the band to help sustain it until we can take it on full-time. We enjoy Burritos. You can catch us at a local Qdoba, beach trips, and hanging out with our friends, to keep it short! Aslani: Are you studying music at CCM? Dolan: Nick Gallucio is currently studying music at CCM.

Aslani: Whats the origin of the band name? Dolan: Oliver was hanging out with some friends watching Zombie movies, and thought of a few names ironically enough in that time. He brought a list of names to us and we decided on Handed To The Thousands. I (Jon) wasn’t sure about it at first, but it has grown on me. After over 200 Tshirts, it’s a little late to change our name now, I think! Aslani: Do you have a record label or any music organizations? Dolan: We are an unsigned band. We are looking to change that, eventually, once we find the right fit. We have had tons of offers for management, but haven’t found a place that we have felt completely secure in signing a contract with just yet. All of our tour dates have been self booked, mainly by Jon. Aslani: Is anyone in the band multitalented with any of the instruments? Dolan: A few of us can play a few different instruments, but for the most part we stick to our instruments that we play in the band. Nick Gallucio is the most multi-talented person in the band. He’s pretty much a natural, and has perfect pitch. He is a talented pianist as well as drummer. Aslani: Where have you performed before? Which is most memorable and why? Dolan: We have played all over the east coast recently. Our home shows in Rockaway and northern Jersey have been very memorable, but the last time that we played at Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland, it was a close to sold out show. Having kids come up to us after we play asking us to sign our CD’s is unbelievable. Hearing fans tell us how we have inspired them musically and throughout life is something that I didn’t think I would ever experience, but it is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever encountered. It is why we do what we do. Aslani: What is your favorite song to perform? Dolan: Closure and A Lasting Reflection, Due to the constant sing alongs and positive feedback from the crowd. Aslani: Who is the song writer? Dolan: We all contribute to each song. Generally a song will start with an idea for a guitar part, and we will build upon it, but it can be different depending on the song. Aslani: What are the main themes or topics mostly focused on with the songs? Dolan: We are by no means a preachy band, but we do, however, promote a positive message in our music. Through daily struggles, our songs are there to tell our listeners that life will get better. Events, negative and positive alike, involving friends, family, relationships and faith have influenced our music heavily.

April 4, 2012

The Youngtown Edition Page 9

Page 10 The Youngtown Edition


April 4, 2012

Mystery gunman locks down entire town Prominent endorsements may have DAVID BAILEY Contributor

A phone call made to the Warren County Office of Public Safety put four schools into a lockdown Monday. About 9:45 a.m. a man claiming to have an assault rifle said he was in the woods surrounding Hackettstown High School. This call threw Hackettstown Police into a frenzy along with fifteen other agencies including the FBI and Warren Counties Tactical Response Team. Students were told to lie on the floor while authorities cleared the school and searched the surrounding areas. The lockdown of the high school, Willow Grove and Hatchery Hill Elementary, and Centenary College ended at around 2:00pm. Students were not told what was happening during the course of the lockdown. Many parents were getting frantic texts from their children trying to find out what

was going on. Police did not release many details about the phone call. Although the threat was deemed to be unfounded, authorities would not comment on the incident. After a four-hour search of the area around every school, including an aerial search by state police, police found no suspect or weapon. According to Warren County emergency management coordinator Frank Wheatley, three calls were placed by the man--one lasting 90 minutes. Authorities still could not track the suspect down. Students who could drive were permitted to leave the schools at 2 p.m., the rest of them were released at normal time. Authorities said they are still investigating the threat, but the students and faculty are not in imminent danger. Police patrol will be increased at the schools for the next week, but school officials say everything will proceed as scheduled.

Romney closer to the winner’s circle JOSEPH POHL Editor in chief


After receiving endorsements from former President George W. Bush Sr. and Senator Marco Rubio this week, the GOP primary battle might figuratively be over with Romney as the victor. Rubio is the latest prominent Republican to back Romney and his endorsement might prove to be the end of the other nominee’s chances. Rubio is a strong Florida Republican and his roots lie within the tea-party movement, which is an advantage for Romney. Romney has come off as a middle-of-thespectrum type candidate, but having Rubio will help Romney with the conservatives. Rubio believes Romney will even win the presidential election and

is definitely an upgrade to the current occupant of the office, according to However, the other GOP candidates are not backing down. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich show no signs of slowing down in this race and are hoping for the impossible. Santorum and Gingrich plan to beat the odds, which means they would have to win 75 percent of remaining convention delegates, according to telegragh. Santorum said half the country has not even voted yet. He feels it is unfair and even disturbing that people who belong to the Romney camp are considering the people who are voting for the other candidates as unimportant now, according to Santorum, who is a conservative Catholic and has won most of the rural and Catholic votes, blames the media for ruining his campaign. He even accused the New York Times for misrepresenting his views, according to telegraph. Gingrich on the other hand has taken a different approach than Santorum. Gingrich announced he was cutting some of his

staff and he appears to be enjoying living life on the outside looking in. In between speeches Gingrich has been visiting zoos, parks and museums as he moves along the states. This primary for Santorum and Gingrich is a race to the very end. Regardless of the other two candidates, Romney still possesses endorsements from the top Republican leaders such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. Having these men behind him and holding a commanding lead, Romney can focus on tackling issues that will be sure to come up in the presidential race— like Obamacare. Romney’s background is full of solid achievements. For instance, when Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts he eliminated a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes. By 2007, the state had $2 billion rainy day fund. This is a skill that could prove to be important in these economic times. With a Romney win, the presidential race between him and Barrack Obama should be an interesting one.

April 4, 2012


T HE S TUDENT V OICE On behalf of the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa, I’d like to say thank you to all the people that helped make the C4 Summit such a success. I think we really accomplished our goal of spreading the importance of community college completion and we had a lot of fun while doing it. And thank you to all of those who signed our C4 Signing Day banner. We now have it hung proudly in the Phi Theta Kappa office as a reminder of CCM’s students’ determination and commitment. We’re pleased with how the Summit went but we still have even more planned for the rest of the spring. April 13 is the deadline to have your petition signed if you wish to run for a position in the SGA so keep going doorto-door, kiss babies, visit NASCAR races, and do whatever else you need for a solid campaign. Voting will take place online from April 24-26. Next up will be the Autism Awareness walk at Horseshoe Lake in Roxbury on April 14. The walk will go from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and it will serve not only as a fundraiser for autism research, but also as a way to spread awareness and understanding of autism spectrum conditions. Following that will be the Second Annual Volleyball Tournament on April 21. Get a team of six to eight people together and come out for some fierce competition. They don’t even have to be CCM students. Get some coworkers, some friends, some

family, your landlord, your kindergarten drawing teacher – pretty much anyone you want who you think can throw down a mean game of volleyball. And don’t forget, on April 24 at the spring picnic, we will be filming our lipdub so come by and get on camera for a hilarious project about CCM. And of course, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail us at We check it all the time and love knowing what you think! -Peter Peliotis, Senator

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April 04, 2012

Tebowmania invades Big Apple Smart football or public relations move?

DANIEL CHARDON AND CHELSEA RYAN Sports editor and Copy editor

The Jets can’t go a single offseason without making a big splash. From signing Brett Farve and LaDainian Tomlinson to head coach Rex Ryan making “The Guarantee,” Gang Green stays on page six. General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and Ryan have outdone themselves this time. Trading for superstar football player Tim Tebow provides the “wow factor” they seek, but was this a football move or part of a PR strategy? Was trading for Tebow a knee jerk reaction by the Jets from being snubbed by Peyton Manning during his free agent parade? The likely answer to that is no considering soon after it became clear that Manning wasn’t going to the Jets they gave quarterback Mark Sanchez a two-year $40m extension. The next step is figuring out exactly how Tebow will fit in with not only his new team but his new city. How Tebow will mesh with the New York media is a lot easier to decipher than his role on the team. He is already one of the most popular NFL players and ranked No. 2 in jersey sales released in a list by He is a spokesperson for Nike, Jockey International and FRS Health Energy. Those are big time companies and he got those deals without working in a major media market. The marketing possibilities for Tebow in New York are endless. Heck, the guy has even been made into a Marvel comic book character. What happens off the field will be easy part. What goes on between end zones will be far more difficult to determine. Jets owner Woody Johnson, Tannen-

baum and Ryan have all at various times called Tebow a great “athlete” or “football player.” Those words leave a lot to desire in terms of thinking of Tebow as a NFL quarterback. The Jets already have a quarterback problem without Tebow in the fold. On more than one occasion this offseason Sanchez has had to defend himself from critical remarks from players on his own team. Now he has to keep looking over his shoulder know-

the Broncos to the AFC West title and beat the defending AFC champion Steelers in the playoffs, Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway still jettisoned Tebow at the first opportunity. There’s a good reason why, too. In his 11 starts last season, Tebow completed 46 percent of his passes and threw 12 touchdowns and six interceptions. Regardless, the numbers only tell half the story. Tebow looks like a

ing is like watching a preschooler trying to understand string theory. Tebow’s game makes Sanchez look like Joe Namath, which says a lot considering Sanchez is mediocre himself. Like any good mystery novel there is more to this story though. The Jet’s new offensive coordinator is Tony Sparano, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and the person who introduced the Wildcat to the NFL. The Wildcat is the name given to


Tebow smiling as he address the New York media during his first press conference as a Jet. ing that the first mistake he makes the fans will start clamoring for Tebow to replace him. If that were to happen it might be one of the cases for fans where you should be careful what you ask for. Although Tebow lead

County College of Morris

Golf Team Is Looking for Players Matches are on Monday’s Please see Jim Chegwidden (HPE125) Or call 973-328-5255 Email:

chicken without a head that just happens to play quarterback. A lot is made of his funky throwing motion or his sloppy mechanics but that’s the least of his problems. Watching him try to decode what the opposing defense is do-

plays run out of the option formation typically ran in college. Who ran the option offense to perfection at the University of Florida en route to winning a national championship and Heisman trophy? None other than Tim Tebow.

Ryan defended the team’s newest acquisition and the plans to run the Wildcat. “It’s 11-on-11 football,” he said, “meaning you’re going to have to defend the quarterback in the running game, which you really don’t have to defend in any other run -- and which is why I don’t think it really fizzled out. If you have a guy back there who can throw the football it makes it tough. Before Brad Smith left NY he ran the jets Wildcat plays and was a big part of their rushing attack and special teams plays. Without him the Jets suffered through statistically their worst rushing season under Ryan. Logic says that Tebow will replace Smith as the trigger man to the Jets Wildcat plays and add an extra dimension to their offense. It seems that Tebow’s legs will be more of an asset to the team than his arm. It will certainly be interesting how it all plays out during the season, but based on comments from coaches and team officials, Tebow’s running game is what they’re attracted to. That is what he brings to the Jets, an extra something that will either leave you crying in defeat or shouting in triumph. It’s hard to find someone in the NFL who is as polarizing as No. 15. Whether he’s throwing for a last minute touchdown to win the game, thanking his “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” or always making the politically correct statement, it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. It has been stated by Ryan and Tannenbaum that Tebow will be the primary backup QB along with running a package of plays designed especially for him. No one knows for sure exactly how this experiment will work out. All I know is training camp can’t get here fast enough.