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By Samia & Muhammed


• Social Media is an umbrella term that describes the assorted activities that offer a web-based stage for technology & social interactions. • Social Media includes: forums & online communities, Blogs & social networks, Multimedia sharing, Micro-blogging, Diggs‌

How Important is Social Media? Well….  The number of those using social networking sites has nearly doubled since 2008  52% of Facebook users and 33% of Twitter users engage with the platform daily  Facebook is most popular SNS (92%) followed by MySpace (29%), LinkedIn (18%), Twitter (13%), and other social network services (10%)  Facebook users are much more politically engaged than most people.  MySpace users are more likely to be open to opposing points of view--- "perspective taking" Pew Internet social networking study:

Social media & Social movements o What is a social movement? Use social media to:  Bring your activism online & spread the word  Engage a diverse audience around your cause  Encourage the audience to take action  Recruit new members and retain them  Educate and raise consciousness  Raise support (signatures to a petition, calls to politicians, presence to your event…)  Fundraise

But before you start have a plan!

Why do I need a social media strategy? • So you know what u are doing • What you are not doing • What results you're getting

Planning a Social Media Campaign Strategy • Audience– Know the people you address well! • Core Idea – build your campaign around a single, simple core idea. • Objectives – Have realistic, achievable & measurable objectives • Plan – Is the HOW & Blue Print … must be tied to objectives

Step 1: Know your AUDIENCE! Listen, Observe and Evaluate Why??? • Understand your audience motivation • How does your audience use social media • Identify key influencers and potential advocates & allies for your cause • Recognize potential crises and members’ issues • Determine a social engagement strategy

The Key Influencers Key people to extend our social media network. • Expert-Influencers: the heavyweights when it comes to influencing the decisions of those in their networks • Referent Influencers: highly active on social media and usually have a larger following

Core idea • Define your key message Ex: Amnesty International Message: “Ask Brazil, South Africa and India to help stop the bloodshed in Syria”

How to build a social network?

Goals & Objectives Your goals must be: • Tied to the core idea • Practical • Very specific • Measurable Ex. Building awareness, Event promotion, General public outreach…

Determine your strategy • Build awareness by following your audience • Gain followers and likes • Increase interactions • Develop a network of advocates and key influencers who can be leveraged to spread brand messages to target audiences

Measurement & assessment • • • •

Are you on track to meet your goals? What's more successful? What's not? Refine

Secret Recipe for creating a buzz… • • • • •

Listen & Monitor Engage Interact & Participate Be flexible Be Real!!! The more you participate in social media, the better the results

What did you learn today?

Social Media 101  

By Samia Taoulost and Muhammed Malik