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How to Organize Awesome Events

By Samia & Muhammed

Define Successful! Successful events should achieve the following: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Meet pre-plan goals + build teamwork and confidence Attract a large quantity and sufficient quality of attendees Alter the discourse of the issue in your community Energize a base of supporters to increase their activity Recruit more people to the organization + expand coalition Change a policy in the community/campus

It’s just an event… think again! Attract, inspire, recruit new members & increase visibility Build your reputation as a serious group A successful event requires solid planning, preparation &

follow-up – doing well in each phase will ensure success



oMedia Duration phase Post-Event phase The different types

of events: TIPS…

Step 1: Pre-Plan Goals and Mission:

When planning an event it is important to define your goal. Why do you want to hold an event? What is the purpose of your event? Establishing a specific goal in the beginning stages of your planning will ensure a more focused and successful event. Assess your capacity & revise if necessary --- map group members’ social & economic capital. Who you want to target with your event: Choosing your target audience can help narrow your mission and goal. Event

Committee: Running an event alone can be very difficult, so it's important to recruit others to help. Delegate specific roles.

Secure the event venue & necessary permits Reach out to local groups and encourage participation Publicize your event :

oPost Your Event Online : Email Invitations, Mailchimp …, oSend event announcements out to listserves in your area. oOutreach in Your Community: Ask your school, house of worship, and any other organization you are a part of to help you publicize your event. oBulletin and Newsletter Announcements: Ask the groups you are a member of to place an event announcement in all of their bulletins and newsletters, both online and in print. oVerbal Announcements: Come to your group's meetings and events and ask to make an announcement about your event. o Post Flyers: Put flyers up at your group's office or building. You can also ask to set up a table with information about the genocide and about your events.

Got media coverage??? Get the media to cover your issue!

Step 2: Duration Phase Actively recruit

during the event. Display membership

materials Use a sign-in sheet to gather contact information Provide an action opportunity (ex. Signing a petition, Schedule of upcoming events, …)

Step 3:Post-Event Phase Follow-up with

attendees and potential group members within one week of the event Thank all those who participated After-event chill!

**** TIPS : Outreach to Other Groups  Appoint an Organizational Representative: Ask them to designate one person from their organization/campus to serve as their point-ofcontact for the event. Then invite that representative to be a part of the event committee and involve them in the planning process. Discuss your event with professors for extra-credit opportunities Create a coalition with other groups working on similar issues

Event Planning 101  

By Samia Taoulost and Muhammed Malik

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