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2012 NATIONAL SUMMIT Sponsorship Opportunities





About Young People For (YP4) In 2004, People For the American Way Foundation launched Young People For (YP4) as a strategic, long term leadership development initiative that works to identify, empower, and engage the newest generation of progressive leaders. We offer resources, guidance and a wide variety of ongoing opportunities for young leaders to connect with other progressive leaders and organizations, plan and execute projects of their choosing, and learn valuable leadership, communication, organizing, collaboration and advocacy skills.

2012 YP4 National Summit We will be joined by over 200 young progressives, partners, and movement leaders from across the country for 4 days of dynamic skills and issue trainings, networking, and strategy sessions. Fellows will learn powerful strategies for making social change from national progressive movement leaders; they will share strategies with each other; and build the foundation of a national network that will support them over the long term. The National Summit will be held at the Marriott Crystal Gateway in Arlington, VA. We are excited that you will be partnering with us as we continue identifying, engaging, and empowering the newest generation of progressive leaders. For information about National Summit sponsorship or tabling opportunities contact Joy Lawson at or 202.467.2315.





Tabling @ the Summit

2 tables (Saturday & Sunday)

1 table (Either Saturday or Sunday)

Ad in program book

Full page

Full page

Awards reception co-host

Tickets to opening awards reception

5 tickets

Org banner displayed during summit

Name recognition on summit materials


(Summit program book, Reception program, Summit signage)




1 table (Either Saturday or Sunday)

½ table (Either Saturday or Sunday)

½ table (Either Saturday or Sunday)

Half Page

Half Page

Quarter page

Quarter page

4 tickets

3 tickets

2 tickets

1 ticket

1 ticket

Summit program book, Summit signage

Summit program book, Summit signage

Summit program book

Summit program book

Summit program book

Summit Sessions The National Summit provides fellows with an opportunity to learn about a range of issues including:

   

Advocacy & Lobbying International & Human Rights LGBT Issues New Media

 Running for Elected Office  Workers Rights  and much more

Additionally, fellows also learn about professional development and skills trainings including fundraising, messaging, and how to find a progressive job just to name a few. Throughout the summit fellows will also have an opportunity to participate in fellow led open spaces that allow them to facilitate discussions and workshop sessions on additional issues they care about. Fellows will spend a majority of their time at the Summit learning how to translate their visions for social justice into actionable ‘Blueprints for Social Justice.’ The Blueprint is a unique opportunity to plan and execute an intentional, sustainable and community- driven project with the support of YP4 staff, alumni, and partners. By the time they leave the Summit, Fellows will have a draft of this plan to take back to their communities. YP4 will connect Fellows with staff, alumni, and partners to support their work throughout the spring semester.

YP4 Fellowship The heart of YP4 is the one year fellowship that equips college students with the skills and resources necessary to create self designed Blueprints for Social Justice projects that are implemented in their communities. The 2011 Class of YP4 fellows is comprised of a dynamic group of young leaders from over 70 campuses in 21 states. Fellows begin the fellowship by attending regional trainings that provide opportunities for them to more deeply connect them to local issues and regional organizations — for an intensive weekend of leadership development, skills and issue-based trainings. After the regional trainings, fellows are matched with a mentor, who will coach them through the Blueprint process, help them create a vision for their work, and support them as they implement their Blueprint. Fellows who successfully complete the coaching process are then invited to attend the National Summit in Arlington, VA.

Campus Type


Public 4-Year Institution

African American

Not ID’d

Private 4-Year Institution


Native American

Minority-Serving Institution


Mixed Origin/Multi-ethnic

Community College

Asian American/Pacific Islander

Middle Eastern

4% 3% 1%


1% 7%






Fellows By Issue Area Interest Native American Issues,Traditions, and Empowerment International Human Rights Economic Justice Progressive Alliance/Coalition Building

Regions 2



10 12

Civic Engagement


Campus Diversity


Civil Rights




Environmental Conservation & Justice



28% 20% 30%

15 19







Y P4 Alumni Network The YP4 Alumni Network was developed to ensure that the relationships and work completed during the YP4 Fellowship are sustained and supported over the long-term. The YP4 Alumni Network will build a community of young progressives committed to cultivating and supporting YP4 programs and fellows through mentorship, networking, advanced leadership trainings and much more. YP4 alumni will also be participating in the National Summit by serving as summit staff, trainers, and speakers. Additionally, alumni will be co- hosting the opening awards reception which will honor YP4 alumni, partners, and philanthropic supporters.

Front Line Leaders Academy The Front Line Leaders Academy (FLLA) is a premiere campaign leadership development program offered every year by Young People For (YP4) and the Young Elected Officials (YEO) Network to 20 dynamic young leaders from across the country. For eight months FLLA works with young, unknown leaders and provides trainings on a wide range of leadership development and political skills. Fellows selected into this elite academy are trained on how to be an effective candidate, campaign manager, finance director, communications director and field organizer. Fellows participate in a series of workshops and trainings led by current Young Elected Officials and campaign experts and the program culminates with a graduation project at the National Summit.

“YP4 rocks! I can honestly say that this was the first time I was truly able to talk about the issues that I care about and have everyone understand me. I look forward to working with the program and I think that we are truly that leaders that we have been waiting for – success is inevitable.” – 2010 Fellow “The work I do now would not be happening without the long-term investment of YP4. When I began the YP4 Fellowship in 2007, I had only a vague idea that I wanted to be involved in the progressive movement and I had no idea that being progressive could be my career. YP4 has equipped me with the tools to develop my long-term vision, collaborate with other people and step up as a progressive leader in my home state of South Dakota. Thanks to YP4, I’m now an executive director of a statewide organization and the youngest woman ever elected to the South Dakota State Senate.” – Senator Elect Angie Buhl, 2007 Fellow & 2008 FLLA Fellow “YP4 opened me up to an entire network of resources and support; a progressive movement. I learned that I was not alone in this struggle, but that there is a nationwide support system for people like myself who want to try to make the world a better place. This realization is humbling, encouraging, and incredibly motivating. YP4 has shown me that, while progress can be slow, it’s never impossible.” – Luke Squire, 2008 Fellow & 2010 FLLA Fellow


1101 15th St. NW, Suite 600  Washington, DC 20005

2012 National Summit Sponsorship Opportunities  

National Summit sponsorship opportunities for partners.