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Dear friends, Teen period is very important in our lives. Problems and issues of all types arise in this period. To give you an idea and what you can do to stand up against the problems, read the cover story section. For more information and fun with our weekly activities, go inside! Best wishes, edi

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Dino talk

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Young Nation-January 22,2011


A new day By Shafaq Mansoor Nami A new day has begun It’s time to have fun Don’t linger in the pool Because it’s time for school Time to do English and Maths And measure some lengths Next come Science and Social studies Now is the time to do some activities Last of all come Islamiat and Urdu Then another school day is through At home, we all start to play And at night we prepare for the next day Leisure By Raja Shahrukh Ullah Khan Life is full of duties Can’t look at the nature

beauties Can’t travel without car Like to eat chocolate bar How boring life is? Look to poors Want to go to world tour No time for others no time for ever our brothers We are being evil Going near to devil Running through the rain By M. Tahleel Haider Running through the rain Some are fond of sunshine; Well - so am I But I like the rain too, Falling from the sky For when merry April Trips over hill and plain Isn’t it delightful? Running through rain…? Allah By Zaineb Sajid God is great, God is one. We are Muslims

Young Nation-January 22,2011


Here we come Aslam-o-Alakum, we say May Allah bless us always Who made the sun and sky so blue Who made the stars and planets too. Allah is one! Allah is one! Allah has made the stars and the moon and the sun. Allah, the Creator the Almighty One. Shooting Star By Hamza Ahmed When will you come? I am waiting for you. I have been waiting for you since nine years. You will come like a broken star from the sky. And will fall on the ground faster than an aeroplane. I think it has fallen and i didn’t see it, and if it is true, I will be sad


Cover Story


years… By Hafsa Khalid

Teenage is an age of growth and exploration. Teenage time is when we want to fly high in the sky as a free bird and don’t want anybody’s interruption; we are our own judges in our courts. We want to explore and rule the world. Teenage problems are several. Just like a child who learns to walk steadily or speak a full sentence, teenage also has those pauses which can have an effect on self image. As we grow we develop tendencies in the form of likes and dislikes. Teen follow imperfect principles and make rash changes and are unwilling to acknowledge errors. Teenage is the stage when you are young, you feel like you are invincible, totally carefree and independent. This is the stage of building our personality, stage of our soul and mind developing. This is the time when you actually need the support of a true admirer and that admirer can be your parents or older people who can guide you best through their experience. A close contact should be maintained with parents and older peo-

ple; they can help you better than others. Here are some problems regarding teens and solutions to their problems.

Addiction Teenage is a time of change that can be both exciting and stressful. In this age everything seems fascinating and

Young Nation-January 22,2011


being in a growing age we want to discover and explore the world. But teenagers usually get addicted to some bad habits which not only harm them but their families too. Smoking is very common addiction in teenagers. Teenagers feel proud in smoking and they found it the only way to

video games. Video games make teens lazy and they have quit playing out door games. Where as out door games make you healthy, your bones strong and refresh your mind. It’s better if we ponder on our habits and get addicted to books and good habits.

Inferiority Complex Inferiority complex in teenagers is due to family and friends rejection or exceedingly high expectations are the main cause. It also develops when comparisons with others are made or criticism. Teens suffering from inferiority complex feel as if we are a failure and throughout their life their minds are occupied with this negative feeling which causes many other problems. Strong support is needed. If you are unable to achieve good marks, you must not loose hope and try hard next time. Never compare yourself with anyone this is the root cause of developing inferiority complex. Always have strong faith on your self and be strong. Share your worries, problems and interest patiently with your parents. Hard work and strong faith on ourselves can overcome all our fears, complexes and drawbacks.

Health Problems escape from their tensions. They are unaware of the fact that it leads to the serious health damage. In this regard we must see our elder’s views what they think of such a person who smokes or how people react when someone’s smoking on a public place. Teens are also addicted to

From the very beginning we are grown up in a hygienic atmosphere but from schools, friends and also from parents we inherit health problems. In this age we undergo and experience different changes not in our life but in our body too. With these changes some teens have to suffer from

Young Nation-January 22,2011


acne problem which is very common among teens. There can be various causes why acne forms. Acne is basically caused from bacteria. It can be worsened if the pimples are squeezed or scrubbed too hard. You need to drink lots of water and do cleansing daily. Beside such problems teens have some emotional problems which affect them. Emotional problems cause over eating, excessive sleepiness and it leads to some other problems too. Enhancing social skills, problem solving skills and self confidence can help prevent emotional problems.

Behaviour Problems Adolescent is usually seen as a difficult age. Behaviour problems can be determined as physical and emotional development and what is socially and culturally acceptable in their surrounding. Behaviour problems mostly occur when our demands are not fulfilled. We must adopt the changes in ourselves according to our atmosphere and surroundings keeping in mind. In teenage, we all need to feel that we are gaining the capabilities and help manage our lives. Small steps towards independence can help us to build not only our actual abilities, but confidence and self esteem, as well. Behaviour problem causes anxiety and anger in teens. They both appear due to worries, fears, and inner restlessness. Teens may react violently in this condition. In such situation you must take interest in other social activities. Try to solve out your worries by discussing and not keeping them in your mind or heart.

By Rabia Tufail

She came out of the car, dressed in dull and almost colourless clothes. Her face looked weak and withered with wrinkles defining her oldness, but her manner was as enthusiastic as a young child in a playground. I sighed in frustration and thought to myself “how long would it take her to get inside the house, a day or so?”, and laughed at my pathetic joke. “Ufff!” I said and stamped my foot firmly on the ground so that it was loud enough for my mom to hear “Mom! I’m going inside, I can’t wait okay?” And I rushed inside before my mom could re-

spond. I slammed my bedroom door behind me and catapulted on my bed with the headphones blasting my ears off. Then I dozed off into a content sleep unaware of my surroundings. When I woke up it was 8pm and the stars had come out to shine. I carelessly pulled off my head phones and scratched my ears instinctively, they were itching badly. My head was swirling when I stood up, from all the consistent loud music. I opened the door and headed downstairs for some food. I found my mother in the kitchen “Hey mom got anything to eat?” My mom replied with a

Young Nation-January 22,2011


thick stare which made me say “What? What did I do?” She was holding a jar and with a loud thump she put it down on the slab. “Asma, you’re grandmother just flew across the world to see you for the first time and you just refused to even greet her?” “I didn’t refuse to see her”, I said defensively “I was just tired and bored so I went to sleep, is that wrong? And you could’ve woken me up!” “Don’t argue with me, go and apologize to your grandmother, she’s in the living room” she ordered me and gave me her usual

death stares. I went in the living room and there she was sitting on the arm chair and looking like as if she was waiting for me. I tried to put on the best smile I could put on. “Asslamaliakum dadi, how are you?” I held my hand towards her waiting for her to shake it but instead she grabbed it and pulled me towards her. She then hugged me and kissed my forehead as if she had been longing to do so. Then her smile grew wider and she looked as if her life’s dream had come to reality after hugging me. “Walakiumaslam forget about me how are you?” she said breathlessly “Here sit down besides me.” “I’m fine dadi, just woke up”, I replied hesitantly and scratched my chin. “Oh yes, your mother told me, she was going to wake you up but I said to let you complete your sleep” she said and squeezed my cheeks. ‘That didn’t feel so bad’ I thought and remembered all the warnings my friends had given me about the ‘cheek squeezing’ that grandparents often applied on children. In fact I liked it; I liked every thing my grandmother did to me for the past few minutes, the hugging, the kissing, and the constant smiling. “Umm so I have to go complete my homework dadi” I said in an impatient voice. “Oh why don’t you do it over here, we can talk and you can do your home work” she suggested but I refused “I can concentrate better in my room dadi” and I hurried off to my bedroom leaving a disappointed soul behind. ‘I can talk to her tomorrow when I’m free’ I thought to myself and felt satisfied with that idea. Next morning I flustered over my hair trying to tie it the right way. Just when I was on the verge of losing my temper my grandmother arrived and said “What are you doing? You make a ponytail for school?” “Umm…yes” I replied. “Well that will damage your hair darling, here let me make a nice braid for you”, she said and held her hands out, for me to hand her the brush. In desperation, I gave her the brush and she worked on my hair. In a minute she was

done and I realized how beautifully she had done it. My hair looked as long as ever! Just then the school bus parked outside our house and honked for me to come quickly. I ran downstairs and forgot to thank her or say good bye. At school everyone complimented me about my hair. The day went good. When I arrived home my mom was in the kitchen and so was my grandmother. I greeted them and ran upstairs to get fresh for lunch. When I got to the dining table, the smell was different. Something was also different about the food when I tasted it, it was oily greasy but the most delicious thing I had ever tasted! ‘Mom could’ve never made this, its actually making my stomach explode’ I thought and shook my head in delight. “Who made this?” was the question that I was about to say but my dad said it first. “I did”, my grandmother replied and gave a huge smile. “This is brilliant”, I said and kept on eating gleefully. At night I was about to go to my friend’s house when my grandmother spotted me and said “Oh I see you are ready to go somewhere, can I come with you?” She asked and her eyes twinkled with desire just like a ten-year old boy’s eyes when he sees a new bicycle in a toy shop. “I’m going to my friends’ house dadi what will you do over there?” I answered with a fake smile. “Oh you can introduce me to your friends and afterwards we could go for a walk in the park”. “But dadi you’ll get bored over there and besides who goes to a park at night?” I said. “Okay then go and have fun.” She said and smiled but not the usual happy smile she used to flash. The next day I came home from school grumpily. I had a bad day at school my test didn’t go so well. “Mom! I’m hungry!” I shouted angrily. I started throwing all my possessions in my room which made a lot of noise. “What is it honey?” A voice came from behind me. I turned around and saw a sweet angelic face of my grandmother. “Nothing just trouble at school” I replied as if I

Young Nation-January 22,2011


cared what she said in reply. “Oh tell me all about it”, she said and sat down on my bed. “I’ll try to fix it and if I can’t, God surely can if we ask Him to”. Then I told her what happened and she comforted me by consoling me and said she’ll remember me in her prayers like she always does and everything will be alright. Her technique of lifting up my spirits worked and then the next second I was happily playing with my friends. Time had gone by and I still hadn’t spent time with my grandmother, ‘tomorrow’ I promised to myself. But I wasn’t lenient towards it and days went by. I still hadn’t given time to my lovely grandmother who had always given time to me, even in her prayers. Till one day when I came home and was shocked to find the arm chair empty. With out her in it, the chair was dark and depressing but with her in it the chair had bright glow around it. I searched the whole house but couldn’t find her until I went into my parent’s house and saw everyone gathered over there around the bed on which my grandmother lay on. My mom was weeping consistently and my dad was whispering something to the doctor. Then I felt as if the shield around me had broken, the angel that guarded me had left me, the angel had died. My grandmother had died. I realized how much she meant to me after she had left me. Why couldn’t I realize that before, so that I had cared about her, so that I could’ve spent the wasted hours with her? I had misused my time and my opportunity. Human nature had once again shown itself. We never realize what something’s worth after it’s gone.

fACTFILE By Daud Junaid

Siamese cat Appearance

The Siamese cat is easily recognizable by its distinctive colouring and almond shape brilliant blue eyes. They are a very sleek cat with coloured points on their ears, face, tail and feet. The Siamese cat is a small to medium sized slender and elegant cat with a long body, neck and tail with a long wedge shaped head. The breed standard of the Modern Siamese Cat indicates an elegant, slim, stylish, flexible and well muscled body. Its head is triangular shaped, with a thin snout. The eyes are almond-shaped and oblique, the ears large and thin. It has a long neck, body and tail. The hair is short, glossy, fine, soft, tight and adhered to the body. The Siamese is characterized by its typical pointed colour scheme.

Siamese Cats

The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats known to man, originating g from Asia. It’s oriental al heritage is very interesting, ng, and the name ‘Siamese’ comes from Siam, which is now known as Thailand. According to some legends, the Siamese was once considered sacred, and kept in temples by priests, and peo-

ple of extreme importance. Although there have been many theories about the origin g of the Siamese cat,, it is now quite certain that it was a well loved variety in the ancient Siamese city of Ayudha. Ayudha was founded in 1350 and was Siam’s capital until fire destroyed the city during the Burmese invasion in 1767.

Young Nation-January 22,2011


In the National Library, in the present day capital of Bangkok, there are manuscripts p from Ayudha y that provide a record of native cats, describing them as having black tails, feet and ears with a white body and blue eyes which reflect a reddish glow at night because it is part albino. The Siamese cat’s eyes are a

Siamese Personality

Siamese cats are a very intelligent, lively, entertaining cat. They can be very demanding and become totally involved in their owner’s life. Siamese do not like to be ignored and always have to be the centre of attention. They usually regard themselves as people rather than cats. You will never be bored if you own a Siamese cat. Siamese cats have a strong personality and are usually very talkative, often with a loud voice. The Siamese voice is quite legendry and they use it well to communicate with humans. Their meow has been compared to the cries of a human baby. They enjoy being with people and have a great need for human companionship. Siamese cats are sometimes described as extroverts. Often they bond strongly to a single person. Siamese cats are extremely affectionate and make a wonderful, entertaining and totally dominating pet. They are very loyal and loving. These cats are typically active and playful, even ass adults. They are a high energy cats who are always on the go. o. Whatever activity you are engaged in you can be suree that yyour Siamese cat will be always there helping you out.

Siamese Point Colours

The point colours are the colour of the face, ears, tail and feet. Siamese point colours can be Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn, Red, Cream, Apricot or Caramel. The points can also be Tortie (Tortoiseshell) and Tabby (or Lynx)

brilliant sapphire blue. The original Siame Siamese cats in Siam lived in temples t where they y were closely guarded to keep the breed pure. So highly we were they regarded that there ownership is said to have been restricted to members of the Royal family. Only if a man was promoted to a knight or nobleman could

Life Span:

The Siamese cat will usually live up to 13 or 14 years of age, but it is not unknown for Siamese cats to reach the grand old age of 20.

he possess that cat with, as they believed, “special powers.” Many Siamese cats from Thailand had a kink in their tails but over the years this trait has been considered to be a flaw and breeders have largely eradicated it, although it persists among street cats in Thailand. Many early

Young Nation-January 22,2011


Siamese were cross-eyed to compensate for the abnormal uncrossed wiring of the optic chiasm, which is produced by the same albino allele that produces coloured points. Like the kinked tails, the crossed eyes have been seen as a fault and through selective breeding; the trait is far less common today.

By Faraz Imran Butt

Dino talk !

Dinosaurs were reptiles of many amazing shapes and sizes that lived long ago. They had just the same needs as the animals you know today — to hunt, feed, breed and escape their enemies. Dinosaurs ruled the World for millions of years. They appeared about 225 million years ago and died out 65 million years ago. There were three periods in dinosaur history: Triassic, when the first dinosaur appeared; Jurassic and Cretaceous, when the dinosaurs dominated the land. Dinosaurs lived everywhere on Earth, but the planet was completely different at that time. The seas, plants, animals and continents, Laurasia and Gondwana, were all different. And there were no people! Insects, small mammals and many modern forms of life lived in the shadows of the dinosaurs, as well as other reptiles. Pterosaurs soared through the air, while ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs swam in the seas . There was life on Earth for over 3,000 million years before the dinosaurs. Mammal like reptile was living on the land lust before the dinosaurs appeared. Some Sci-

entists think Logosuchus (which means rabbit crocodile)was the ancestor of all dinosaurs. Scientist called paleontologist examine dinosaur bones and piece them together They also study fossilized footprints, nests and eggs, dungs, and even tooth marks on bones. In the Jurassic age, giant plant eaters called sauropods became the largest animals to walk on earth. One of them, Ultrasauros, may had been up to 100 feet long and about 60 feet high, whick is as long as an six story building. Compsognathus was the smallest dinosaur, it was a size of turkey and weighed about six pounds. It hunted insects and lizards. Heterodontosauras and Lesothosauraus, both plant eating dinosaurs, were just as small. The heaviest dinosaur was Ultrasauros, it weighed as much as fifty tons, but scientists have recently found a bigger dinosaur in Argentina. A gigantic Argentiortosaurus may had weighed as much as 100 tons. Most sauropods were smaller, weighing between 30 or 80 tons. If we want to know which dinosaur is a plant eater and which

Young Nation-January 22,2011


is a meat eater we could look at its fossil that how big are its teeth and claws. Meat eaters and plant eaters developed different special features, such as hands that grasp and grinding or shearing teeth. Plant eaters teeth were not too sharp to cut and tear meat, they had spoon shaped teeth for cutting through plants. Diplodocids had pencil shaped teeth . They could strip branches bare in seconds by raking leaves through their teeth. Meat eaters such as Allosaurus had long, curved, dagger like teeth to kill and tear prey. They had powerful jaws in their large heads and strong claws to grip their victims. Allosaurus could eat you up in two gulps. The enemies of Stegosaurus would have to watch out for the bony spickes at its tail. Many plant eating dinosaurs developed spikes, horns or claws to protect themselves from other dinosaur’s attack. Some small plant eaters relied on running away to defend themselves. They would have good hearing and sharp eye sight. Dryosaurus could run at about 25 mph.

Diary of a Whimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth Author: Jeff Kinney Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth is an absolute delight, sure to please the many fans of this mega-successful series. The novel is written in the graphic novel + cartoon format of diary entries just like the previous titles in this series. To add to the series’ authenticity, author/illustrator Jeff Kinney lines the pages with pen and ink sketches—a winning combination. Like the other books in the series, The Ugly Truth features middle-school student, Greg Heffley. And in this book, as in previous ones, our hero records the daily events involving him, his friends, his parents, and his younger and older brothers both at school and at home. A new school year is about to start, and Greg is worried. He has just had a fight with his best friend, Rowley; this is doubly upsetting because Greg doesn’t have any other candidates for friendship—and everyone knows that middle school requires at least one person to get your back and save you from obscurity. Once school begins, however, Greg finds that his broken friendship is the least of his problems. This is a year of change, and Greg isn’t sure that growing up is all that great. He covets facial hair and even envies the blazing zit on Rowley’s forehead because it’s a sign that Rowley is becoming a man. Soon Greg finds himself bringing home a permission slip to attend a very confusing Facts of Life class, in which the girls and boys are separated. This seminal event gets Greg to thinking about parties. Add to the mix a dreaded visit to his 95-year-old Gammie who is scheduled this year to give him “The Talk.” Could life get any worse? Evidently: Yes. A trip to a new dentist results in Greg having to wear the most embarrassing thing ever: headgear to correct an overbite. And just when he thinks his plate cannot get any fuller, Greg’s mom decides to go back to school. This means that every family member has special new chores. When Dad and the boys try to fix dinner, the result is disaster. Hiring a maid to help doesn’t work out, either. Life is disturbing for Greg. This hilarious book totally captures the essence and angst of what it means to be a middle schooler. Readers will relate to the perfectly selected details surrounding the further development of the main character—in a book that stands alone while serving as a worthy addition to the series. The quick pacing and humour yield a very enjoyable read. And the illustrations add just the right amount of wry commentary to make for a fun read for those who have already survived that particular abyss that is middle school.

Young Nation-January 22,2011


Young Nation-January 22,2011


Young Nation-January 22,2011


Daniyal Majeed

ArtIst’s Corner

Harris Abbassi


Krona- Shafaq

NOTE: Kindly send us your

Bilal Ahmad Mirza

drawings on white paper.

Young Nation-January 22,2011


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