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Dear friends, How are you all? Hope you all are enjoying your holidays. We are back again to give some company. In this issue, we have included tips of organising your book shelves. Then read the interesting travelogue to know about the beauty of our northern region. Take care, edi

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ing. Take care! Asfa Asim Lahore DHA Senior school of Girls

Hi edi, How are you and your team? I hope you are fine by the grace of Allah. I like your magazine and I am a regular reader of your magazine. Please increase the number of pages of your magazine and add new stuff. Kindly print my draw-

Dear edi, I hope you are fine. I’m sending this letter to you first time. Please add more stuff in your magazine and publish the poster of Goldburg. From, Omer Gufran Dear edi, How are you all? I am enjoying my vacations while reading this magazine. It

is very informative and the stories are very interesting. The cover story on the world of Google was wellwritten and it discussed in detail about the services of Google. Take care, Minahil Ahmed Hi Edi, How are you and your team? I am fine by the grace of God. This is my first letter to you. I hope you will publish it. I like your magazine very much. Please publish the posters of Beyblade, Pokemon and Spiderman. I will be thankful to you. Your Biggest Fan, Hamza Adam,

Words of wisdom Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.- Mary Anne Radmacher Mary Anne Radmacher is an author of motivational books and inspirational quotes, an artist, and a calligrapher. She conducts workshops on living a full, creative, balanced life, teaches Internet writing seminars, and works with individual clients. She has been writing since she was a child, and she uses her writing to explore symbols and find meaning. She is the author of Lean Forward into Your Life (Conari Press, 2007), and Live Boldly (Conari Press, 2008). Young Nation-July 16, 2011


The Rain

lust of intentional indif-

constantly waking

By Robert Creeley


Every thought of yours is

All night the sound had

Be wet

filled with doubt

come back again,

with a decent happiness.




you’re afraid it’ll come

and again falls Up, up and away



By Ilsa Naveed Khan

You try to calm yourself

What am I to myself

When I look up and see

but you fail

that must be remem-

the sky

Self composure breaks


lots of things go flying by

down and you wail

insisted upon


Anxiety eats you up alive

so often? Is it


that never the ease,


even the hardness,

through the trees

of rain falling

its not just birds that

will have for me

reach this height









In a sea of desperation and


look up there here comes


a kite

something not so insist-

I sometimes wish I had



am I to be locked in this

then i could see all sorts

final uneasiness.

of things

you dive You don’t sleep a wink at night You can’t seem to do anything right You can’t think of anything lest The result of your dreaded test That horrific morning you want to sleep You’d rather doze than

Love, if you love me, lie next to me.

The creeps of result

see what you reap

Be for me, like rain,

By Noor Afzal

But in any case you have

the getting out

Hair are standing, nerves

to go

of the tiredness, the fatu-

are breaking

With a feeling inside of

ousness, the semi-

Can’t go to sleep you’re

sinking low

Young Nation-July 16, 2011


Good friends, good books Cover Story

Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them” ~ Arnold Lobel, A famous American Author of Children’s books. One of the most pleasing sights for me is that of a well organized bookshelf. It is a common dream of many avid readers to own a house with one room in it, completely dedicated to books. A room full of books, that is organized to perfection brings with it warmth, relaxation and peace of mind. Merely organizing the contents of your study table or your wardrobe is a great stress buster and it un-clutters the mind. You must have experienced that just by shifting your room furniture to a better place in the room, gives you a sense of satisfaction and clears the mind right! Besides triggering a feeling of enhanced comfort, organized

Young Nation-July 16, 2011

bookshelves represent our personal values of discipline and self management. If you have a disorganized and sloppy bookshelf, try organising it and you will be surprised to see the psychological impact it will have on your mind. Your productivity will boost and you will spend less time, finding the required books (especially, if you have a room full of books, with many bookshelves). Don’t let clutter cause unnecessary stress in your life. It does affect your work and personal life. How to organize the books in your bookshelf, here are the tips: Get rid of all its possessions To arrange your bookshelf properly, firstly, empty the shelf completely. Since you are aiming at a complete overhaul of your bookshelf organisation, it is the most logical step to do so. You will be able to come up with interesting ideas to rearrange the books in racks. It will


give new life tto th the b bookshelf. k h lf Remove all other items kept on the bookshelf like keys, cups, trays, toy, random bills or any other thing that you had kept it there, just because you were too lazy to find the appropriate places for those items. Consider Shifting it to a New Location Once your bookshelf is empty, you must consider if its place needs to be changed. If you think that changing the place of the bookshelf will give the room a better look or will highlight the bookshelf more profoundly, don’t hesitate to change it. The case may be different if you have a wall mounted bookshelf. Clean it Thoroughly How many days have passed since you last dusted or cleaned your bookshelf? A bookshelf laden with dust is a classic example of laziness and poor book care. Now, it is the right time to clean it, when it is completely empty. Also, get

the dust off from all your books.. Propplace erly clean them and only then pla ace the books, back on the bookshelf. Yo You ou may like to color the bookshelf, so that it gets a new look. Consider all the optio options ons depending on the time available to yyou. ou. Sort Your Books Before putting all the books back in the shelf, do some brainstorming. It is one of the most helpful tips for organizin organizing ng your bookshelf in a better way. The size of your bookshelf vvs. s. the planning number of books you are plann ning to stack on it. If you have more book books ks than the space available in the bookshe bookshelf, elf, try to separate some books aside, that you have read or don’t need frequently. Don’t overburden the bookshelf as it will look congested and stuffed. Depending on the type of books, sort them in various groups like self help, fiction, non-fiction, academic books, autobiography etc. It is possible that you don’t have enough books to categorize them separately. In such a case, arrange books on other factors like thickness (size), color combination and shapes. By putting few sets of books in horizontal or vertical stacks, check which style looks the best. A harmony in the stacking style of the books, gives a uniformity to the structure, which looks pleasing to the eyes. Put Them Back Finally put your books back on the shelf. You may choose to keep your books on different racks, depending on your choice. I personally keep all the books I have read a couple of times on the top rack of my bookshelf, followed by those that are my favorite collection. In the middle rack, I keep my academically important books. Since I have to pick them occasionally, I prefer them to be in the middle racks. In the lower racks, I keep all books that are not so appealing to me but they have been a part and parcel of my book collection process. If there is a space left on your bookshelf, you have the best option to decorate it with fancy wallpapers, photo frames, designer trays, cups, trophies and many other things.

Young Nation-July 16, 2011


Bruno, the little, brown puppy wanted to play! He needed a friend. “Come play with me!” said Bruno to the white cow.

“No! No! No!” replied the white cow, shaking her head. “I have work to do. I have to give milk for Tinnu and Minnu. Milk for their family, too.

Go away. Ihave WORK to do! MOOOOOOOOO!” Bruno went to the brown cock. “Come play with me!” plead-

Tinnu & Minnu Story Time


Young Nation-July 16, 2011


ed Bruno to the brown cock. “No! No! No!” cackled the brown cock. “I have to wake up lazy Tinnu and Minnu. I have to make yellow hens lay the eggs for breakfast. I have to chase the chicks all day lon long. Go away. I have WORK tto do! COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO DLE-DOOOOOO!” Bruno w was sad. No one wanted to play! p He went to the big ox. “Come p play with me!” said B Bruno to the big ox. “No! No! No!” said the big ox. “I have to pull the plough in the

Young Nation-July 16, 2011

field. Ihave to carry fruit and vegetables to the market. Go away. I have WORK to do!” Bruno saw the big black owl sitting on the tree. “Come play with me!” said Bruno. “No! No! No!” hooted the owl. “I am tired after chasing away all rats from the field. All night I ate insects. I am sleepy and tired. Go away! I have WORK to do! Bruno ran to the furry squirrel. “Play with me!” cried the little puppy. “PLEASE play with me!” “No! No! No!” said the squirrel. “I have to find food. Go away. I am busy. Ihave WORK to do!” Bruno went to the little, grey rat. “Play with me!” said Bruno. “No! No! No!” said the little rat.” The cat is sitting on the tree. She wants to catch me. Go away! I have WORK to do! I have to RUN away from the cat!” Bruno saw the brown earthworm. “Play with me!” said the little puppy. “No! No! No!” replied earthworm. “I have to dig the mud. I have to go in-


and out, up and down and roundabout! Go away! I have WORK to do!” Bruno ran to a butterfly. “Play with me!” said Bruno. “No! No! No!” said beautiful butterfly. “I have to hop from flower toflower. I am busy. Go away! I have WORK to do!” Bruno went to a black fly. “Play with me!” said Bruno. “No! No! No!” buzzed the fly. “I have to sit on the garbage dump! Goaway. I have WORK to do!” Bruno went to Minnu’s mother. “Play with me!” barked Bruno. “Play with me!” “NO! No! No!” said Minnu’s mother. “I have to clean the house. I have to cook food. I have to wash the clothes and water the garden. Go away! Ihave WORK to do!” Bruno ran to Minnu.”BOWWOW! Play with me!” barked Bruno, wagging his tail. “No! No! No!” said Minnu. “I have homework to do. Go away! I have work to do!” “MINNU!” shouted her mother. “Where is Bruno? Send him to the kitchen.” Bruno ran to the kitchen. Mother was going to play with him! YIPPEEEEEE! “Bruno!” said mother. “Sit here. Don’t allow the cat into the kitchen. Sit!” Bruno sat. He was very, very happy! Finally, he had something to do!

Young Nation-April 30, 2011


Young Nation-April 30, 2011


By Saher Saqlain For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it. ~Ivan Panin ~ Traveling through clouds is just a dream and for me this dream turns into a reality every year. Blue sky covered with white clouds, huge mountains, green grass, fresh flowers with dew drops on them and the cool breeze has always attracted me. And if someone could find all of the above things in one, then it would not less than a paradise. Do you believe that heaven could be seen on earth? I do believe because I have seen it. People think that there is no such attraction over the mountains; perhaps they have this notion because they have been living over the mountains for long. No doubt that the life in northern areas is much difficult and hard, people have to suf-

fer hardships for the sake of survival but despite all these facts I was always ready and excited for spending my next set of years in Northern areas of Pakistan. It is my hunger and search of God that I always love to travel into nature. And this time my search took me to the place that inspired me a lot. Without a doubt I can say that ‘Kaghan Valley’ is a blessing of God for all the Pakistanis but we take it for granted. The Kaghan valley is located in the northern Pakistan northeast of Hazara (NWFP) now known as Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwah. The best place to visit in Kaghan valley is “Naran”. On the way to Naran from Lahore you pass through Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Abbotabad, Balakot, Kewai and Shugran (Which is also part of Kaghan Valley). Balakot is about 220 Km away from Islamabad and if you travel more 35 km then you reach Shugran. Shugran is a small good place to stay for a night on your way to Naran. It’s a kind nature packed island with beautiful landscape, lush green trees, colorful flowers, butterfly and all kinds of birds. The feeling that you are

surrounded by a chain of mountains is worth a million. But one cannot forget the nights at Shugran with full bloom moon accompanied by sparking stars. In short you can say that Shugran is a small piece of paradise on earth. The best time to visit Naran is in summer probably in between June to September as we have hot weather in our cities. The mountain scenery, the dales, lake, waterfalls, streams and glaciers are the main reason to visit Naran. Naran is best known for its walking tracks. The Kunhar River flows through the entire valley making it more beautiful and attractive. Makra Peak, Malka Parbat (Nanga Parbat), Lalazar and Lake Saif-ulMaluk are the unforgettable places. If you go Naran and couldn’t visit Lake Saif-ul-Maluk it means your trip goes useless or you can say incomplete. This lake is located about 14 km away from Naran situated in Mansehra district. But the road to the



Young Nation-July 16, 2011


lake is so thin that tourists like us can’t drive. So it’s better to advise your father or the elder person, who take you to trip, to take a ride on jeep along with a professional driver. And if you want to walk through the way then let me clear you that this will take more than two hours to reach your destination. Have you ever heard from your grandparents that fairies come down to this lake in full moon? I couldn’t get a chance to see a single fairy but the beauty of this lake is so powerful and attractive that it gives a feeling of heaven. Lake surrounded by the huge mountains is worth seeing. I am short of words to describe the endless beauty of this valley. But seriously one thing that inspired me other than the beauty is the sincerity and helping nature of the people living there. I remember that few kilometers before Kewai our car got punctured. The workshop was little far from that place.

Young Nation-July 16, 2011

We weree upset aboutt the inci-dent. In thee meanwhilee a bus crowd-ed with thee local peo-ed ple passed heyy through us, th they dr saw us. Thee driver and d stopped thee bus an ame to m am few people ccame myy alke al ked d to to h im. im father and talked him. know win ing g us Without knowing angg they helped us in chan changing the carr tires. And showed us the way to workshop. This was not en my father the end when was busy at workshop and I was sitting on a he shop some chair near the little girls coming from school camee to me and greeted me so well. At nt I realized that moment that what we see in reas is northern areas not but thiss is ua real beauty of that place.

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Young Nation-July 16, 2011


Young Nation-July 16, 2011


A bitter reality today is that our generation is hardly aware of what it means to live in a peaceful socie3ty. Peace in a society is not something that can be imposed. It has to create by the mutual will of all. It is not something we can hope to achieve if we maintain an indifferent attitude to our surroundings. Sadly, we continue to be selfishly engrossed in our matters until a tragedy that directly affects us, occurs. History testifies that a sleeping nation cannot change its fate. Standing up and speaking against injustice is what leads to a positive change, anywhere in the world. To change one’s destiny it is important to take an initiative rather than camouflage as part of the cloud. Therefore rise! Start making a change on an individual level primarily. Eliminate corruption amongst yourself and surroundings by refusing to use shortcuts, bribes and connections. If you see injustice and inequality around you, condemn and stop it with all your might. Even a small step or a little gesture contributes to the building of a re-invigorated nation.

Point of View By Noor Afzal

Achieving peace

Young Nation-July 16, 2011


Young Nation-July 16, 2011


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Young Nation-July 16,2011


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